The 5th SS Panzer Division
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - War is Hell. Stalin killed many more people than Hitler did and those Brits and Yanks had a 'jolly' time too. History though is written by the victors. The 5th SS Panzer Division was real and not the SS used in concentration camps; at least not until 1945. Apologies to those lost in WW II. I loved both German and Jewess mates and have heard both sides of what went on. In many ways, the War of Northern Aggression or Japanese Interment seemed as bad.

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The 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking" was a German Waffen SS division recruited from foreign volunteers particularly from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. These SS were soldiers, not degenerate concentration camp guards.

Command of the division was given to SS-Brigadeführer Felix Steiner, the former commander of the Verfügungstruppe Deutschland Regiment, who in 1942 as Gruppenführer and Generalleutnant of Waffen SS Commander SS-Pz.Gren.Div Wiking went on to be awarded the knights Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, Germany's highest military honour.

In early August 1941, a Brandenburg detachment of 62 Baltic and Sudeten Germans led by Baron Adrian von Fölkersam penetrated farther into enemy territory than any other Brandenburg unit had to date. Nicknamed "the wild bunch," they undertook to secure the oil fields at Maikop. Using Red Army trucks and the uniforms of the NKVD, the Russian secret police, Fölkersam infiltrated the Soviet lines. The Brandenburgers immediately ran into a large group of Red Army deserters, and Fölkersam saw an opportunity to use them. By persuading them to return to the Soviet cause, he was able to join with them and move almost at will through the Russian lines.

Pretending to be a Major Truchin from Stalingrad, Fölkersam explained his role in recovering the deserters to the general in charge of Maikop's defenses. The Russian general believed Fölkersam and gave him a personal tour of the city's defenses the next day. By August 8, the German army was only 12 miles away, so the Brandenburger's made their move. Using grenades to simulate an artillery attack, the Brandenburger's knocked out the communications center of the city. Fölkersam then went to the Russian defenders and told them that a withdrawal was taking place. Having seen Fölkersam with their commander and lacking any communications to rebut or confirm his statement, the Soviets began to evacuate Maikop. The German army entered the city without a fight on August 9, 1942.

What they found was a city in ruin. Before leaving, much of the city was put to the torch, Stalin's orders to ensure a scorched earth policy. The German's had not expected to find so many bodies of women, children and old men. One of the Grenadier's told him that the Russians treated the Poles and Ukraine the same. They used the women and girls for sport and killed everyone they could. Maikop was one of those cities that had a mixed population and was prized only for it's oil, not for the people.

It was a few days later that the same Grenadier, Klaus Bauer, entered the Baron's tent holding the hand of a 11 or 12-year old girl. She was in rags and looked more like a corpse than a living person. "Herr Baron, we found her in the ruins of one of the buildings. She has not said anything, she seems to be in shock. I don't know what to do with her so I brought her to you. Should I kill her or give her to the troops."

"Nein Klaus, we are not barbarians to make war of women and children. If the Russians did this to her then she is not our enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Take her someplace, wash, cloth and let her rest. See where she might be wanted when we leave this place."

"Herr Baron, not every soldier here is like us. Already the regular German soldiers are, ... are making sport or killing the few survivors here. This was the only place I knew would be safe for her."

"Make room for her here then, a cot, blankets, food and some privacy to wash. Have another women or girl brought here to assist. Should anyone say anything or ask, say they are both mine. If you have any problems use my name. Better yet, take a squad of our men with you. Schnell!"

"Jawhol Herr Baron."

Before she was put to bed, both her and another girl, also apparently homeless, were washed, clothed and properly feed. No mean feat in wartime but for the man who had taken an entire city without any casualties, there was not much the soldiers would not do for him.

For several days he would speak his thoughts to them, casually naming various things in the tent in both Russian and German. On the third day, after what seemed like a hundred times asking their names, he got an answer.

"I am Louise sir, and this is Zinnia. Thank you for rescuing us."

The two blond haired, blue eyed little girls could have passed for Nordic children. Probably Ukraine or Polish. Still it was no reason for the Russians to do what they did and just abandon them. He would not, could not, force that upon them again.

"Children, we are in a war. I do not know where we will be going, like all good Germans I will go wherever ordered to. If you can put up with this, I need some help to keep this place in-order and your knowledge of several languages will be useful. We are like actors. You must accept your various roles and act the part if you wish to remain with me. I do not know how this will all end but I will do my best to protect you and see to it that you shall eventually have a life to enjoy someplace. At any rate, it will be preferable to what you will be leaving behind here."

Louise was 14, Zinnia 13. Washed, rested and now eating regularly made all the difference in their appearance. It would be untrue to say that when he looked at them now it was not as little girls but as young women. The Baron shook his head, cursing Klaus and what he had now caused him to feel again.

New orders came. The Brandenburger's were to deploy in Belgium, begin assimilating French and English culture, language and customs. There next assignment, more complex that Maikop had been, would challenge anyone.

Louise and Zinnia were with him and growing up. It was amazing what changes a year had made. The 15 and 14-year olds were now as fluent in French and English as any of the men. There had been two trips to Berlin and the Baron took them with him. Any who saw or met them would swear they were German girls and their speech was accented in that unique Prussian way. They too were changing, not just in a physical sense, but mentally they were now part and parcel to the Baron's way of life. One might say that they loved him and perhaps more than just as a father figure. In another way, the Panzer Division had watched them grow up, remain devoted to the Baron and each day perform many of the same tasks they did. That they were now under the protection of the entire division would not be an exaggeration.

On that first trip to Berlin, both girls were provided papers, German citizenship and joined the division as privates, under the guise that they could infiltrate as locals far easier than some of the men. They would be paid, the monies banked.

There was an incident during one training mission into France. German Gestapo has stooped the team pretending to be French farmers. The girls were to be considered' spoils' of war and were being taken away for supposed 'questioning'.

Before they were to go, they were forced to watch the males in their team lined up, forced to knell down and prepare for execution, the Gestapo way, a 9mm Kurt round to the head. Shots rang out from all around it seemed. French Partisans had rescued them from the other 'Germans'. After several exchanges and farewells, the faux-French were on their way. They had struck gold, the cover was accepted and the inclusion of the girls set a new precedent for future infiltration missions. Little concern was voiced for the missing Gestapo.

Berlin was informed of the tremendous success of this training exercise and several female members were to begin training to join up. A 'real' mission was soon to be developed.

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