Ty Pranger
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A retired Army man returns to his home town wondering what to do with the remainder of his life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual  

Riding in an airport shuttle from the airport heading to his now inherited home, Ty Pranger thought after twenty two years in the Army that civilian life was going to be a big change for him. Ty had joined the service after college and didn’t intend to stay that long but he found that he enjoyed the military life and his duty assignment. Because of liking what he did, he extended his enlistment. An Army recruiter initially had talked him into joining saying that Ty’s Criminal Justice degree was what they were looking for at the Criminal Investigation Command or CID as it was known.

Ty had a successful military career as an investigator and progressed to the top rank of Chief Warrant Officer. He investigated some fairly large and complex cases. His last case involved the filing of charges against a popular three star General who thought he was God’s gift to women. The General took a fancy to a female Captain who told the General no but he wouldn’t accept what she said and kept trying to bed her. She sent a letter to the CID telling them what was happening and asked for help.

The case was assigned to Ty who met with the Captain and concluded that the General had good taste in women but had a lousy way of pursuing the women he fancied. After listening to the Captain, Ty asked her if she would wear a wire in order to capture the General’s comments. She did and recorded some of his juicy comments as “How he wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy till he gave her so much pleasure that she couldn’t see straight.”

The investigation was presented to JAG and they had no choice but to file charges. When confronted with the tapes the General agreed to plead guilty to avoid the embarrassment of a trial with the tapes becoming public. His sentence was the loss of two stars and his immediate retirement from the service.

While Ty had done a good job in investigating the General, a problem arose in that the General was well liked and some people thought he was given a raw deal. The existence of the recordings were never made public and because of that the General’s reputation wasn’t tarnished. Ty could feel the resentment against him now from many in the service and started to wonder if it was worth extending his enlistment. Besides having that concern he received a shock when he was told that his mother, a widow had passed away. He had returned home for the small funeral and in coming back to his military post Ty pondered his options as to what he was going to do.

His mother had left Ty with a house, a car and close to fourteen hundred acres of excellent farmland in southern Illinois. Ty’s dad was a believer in the value of land and purchased as much as he could.

These two incidents made him decide that it was time to retire from the service. He was now heading back where he was born and raised to start his post-Army life. If he would stay there or relocate to somewhere else he didn’t know but this was where he was going to start of his new civilian life.

Ty had everything he needed at his old home since it was fully furnished and his mother’s car was only two years old. The farmland was leased out to a corporate farmer which eliminated that as a concern. All Ty needed to do was a little food shopping and he was set to start living here.

To do what, was a question he constantly asked himself. The funds he had coming in from the land and his pension were more than enough to support a reasonable life style but Ty was not ready to become a couch potato. He thought about what he could do and what he was qualified to do. Applying to become a police officer either locally or with the State Police was a possibility but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to work full time. Being a patrol officer was not appealing but being a detective was what he would want to do if he did join the police force. Becoming a detective immediately was a long shot at best if he decided on a police career as detectives usually were promoted from the ranks.

For now he thought he would approach the attorneys in town since there were enough of them as this was where the county courthouse was located. He would offer his services as an investigator. Doing investigating was something he knew he was good at doing and something he was qualified to do.

Ty visited the attorneys’ offices that were located in the vicinity of the courthouse. Most of the attorneys were nice and listened to him but gave him a myriad of responses from not using investigators, to using them very infrequently or that they already have someone who does that.

It wasn’t till he walked into the offices of Jennings and Karr that he felt welcome. Ray Jennings who was about ten years older than Ty remembered Ty when he was a halfback on the high school football team. He warmly greeted Ty saying he had wondered what had happened to him. Ty gave him a condensed version of his college and military life. He told Ray what he was planning on doing now and asked Ray to consider using him if he ever needed an investigator.

Ray took some time and explained that his law practice is normally insurance defense work with a little plaintiff’s work thrown in when there weren’t conflicts with the clients they represented.

Ray said, “The cases we get from insurance companies now-a-days are poorly investigated. Most insurance companies have gotten away from using outside adjustors and rely on the telephone to do any investigation. If there is no question as to who is at fault for the accident and suit is filed we are able to use discovery to try and mitigate the damages. On the questionable liability cases we could have used an investigator so much time had gone by that chances are slim anything would turn up.”

Ray asked his secretary to see if Denise Karr his law partner could come into his office.

Denise walked into the office and Ray introduced her to Ty. Ty was impressed with Denise as she was a very beautiful lady somewhere in the middle thirties age wise. She didn’t have on her suit jacket which enabled Ty to see that the white blouse she was wearing highlighted her nice size breasts. The tight gray skirt showed that she had a very nice figure. Her medium length auburn hair along with a pretty face and her slim five foot six inch height rounded out a very nice feminine package.

Ray went a little overboard in the introducing Ty to Denise and vice versa. Just in seeing her Ty thought her looks alone would favorably influence the men in a jury.

Ty left Ray’s office with a good feeling and could only wonder if they would use his services as an investigator.

In shopping at the Walmart for some food supplies Ty was surprised to hear, “Ty Pranger as I live and breathe.”

He looked and then looked again at the lady who had said his name. He recognized her as Megan Hartley who he dated briefly in high school and had taken her to his senior prom. After the prom he wasn’t sure if she had taken or he had given to her but the end result was that he was no longer a virgin. He was excited that it happened and he often wondered if Megan could say that she too lost her virginity that night. In looking at her now he could see that she hadn’t change that much. Maybe her hair was shorter and a lighter color hair and while she may have filled out a little but she still looked good.

They walked to each other and gave a hug which caused her ample breasts to press against his chest and bring back some memories.

Ty said, “Long time no see, how are you doing?”

“I am doing fine, but what are you doing here?”

“I have retired from the Army and with mom passing away last month I decided to come back here. Not sure how long I will stay or what I will do but it’s a start. How about you, single or married?”

Laughing Megan said, “I am single for the third time. I still haven’t found the right man.”

They went to the in-store McDonalds and had a cup of coffee catching up on old times. Megan did most of the talking telling Ty about some of the people they had known and what had happen to them or what they were doing now.

While she was talking Ty had the thought that she still had a hell of a body and wondered what kind of lover she was now that she had gone through three husbands. Besides the husbands he wondered how many other men she bedded. It was very possible she must have had varied sexual experiences if how she acted in high school was any indication. He thought given the opportunity he wouldn’t hesitate to sample her charms if just to see what kind of a lover she had become.

They left the store with Megan saying she would phone Ty and invite him over for dinner. The invitation he thought as the way she looked at him when she said it gave him the thought that it would be for more than just dinner.

The next day Ty received a phone call from Ray. Ray said he had a case going to trial next week involving a plaintiff who said he received low back injury when he was rear ended and still hadn’t recovered from his injury. The injury was questionable since it was a very minor impact between the automobiles but the medical bills and the lost time from work were substantial. The insurance company had authorized twenty thousand dollars to settle the case but Ray was reluctant to offer that amount as he thought the plaintiff was not injured to the extent he claimed he was. If he was injured at all was still up in the air as far as Ray was concerned. Ty was asked by Ray to do a disability check to see if he could come up with anything to discredit the injuries this man was claiming.

In driving through town Ty passed by the police station and noticed a sign out front that said Kurt Kindle was the Police Chief. When Ty was a junior on the high school football team a Kurt Kindle was a senior and the quarterback. Ty wondered if that Kurt and the Police Chief were one in the same.

Ty had nothing but time on his hands which caused him to park his car to see if the Police Chief was the Kurt Kindle he once knew. In entering the police station Ty asked the officer at the front desk if the Chief was about forty five years of age. Ty was told that he was about that age. Ty asked the officer to tell the Chief that a Ty Pranger was here to see him.

Kurt walked out from his office and warmly greeted Ty saying, “You old son of a bitch, the last time I saw you I was giving you the ball to run that halfback delay. How are you doing? Come on into my office and tell me all about yourself.”

Taking a seat in his office Ty said, “I see where you have done well and are now the Police Chief.”

“I started out on patrol and got lucky and played the politics which put me in this Chief’s position three years ago. We have a good police force with some fine people. We do need to beef up in some areas and that is my current challenge. But enough about me, tell me about what you have been doing since high school.”

“I went to State on a football ride but they thought I should be a defensive back which I wasn’t enthused in doing. My knee went out on me one year and the other knee the following year so I didn’t play much. I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and enlisted in the Army. With my degree they put me in the CID and I became an investigator. Made it to Chief Warrant Officer and enjoyed doing what I was doing. After the case with the three star General harassing the Captain I could feel the resentment as the full story never came out to what this General was saying or doing to this woman. I decided to retire and come back here to live. I don’t know if you know but my mother had passed away last month.”

“Yes I heard that and my condolences. That was you investigating the General? It was all over the news”


“You know Ty with your background I could use an experienced detective here.”

“Thanks but for now I am not sure what I want to do. I am trying to do some work as an investigator for the attorneys here in the area but for how long I don’t know. By the way do you know anything about a man named Bryant Newton? My first assignment is to see if I can dig up anything on his current health.”

“If that is the Newton who lives on Paris Lane I know that he has been involve in some disputes with his neighbor. It was a few years back that we had to send a car out there because of a dispute he was having with his neighbor over some hanging tree limbs which resulted in fisticuffs between them. If you are looking for dirt you may want and talk to the neighbor.”

Ty thanked Kurt and said he would keep his job offer in mind. While he was at the police station he completed a concealed carry application, had the finger printing done and along with a check for the fee and a copy of his DD214 mailed in the application. Ty felt a little naked walking around without carrying his handgun.

Ty called on the neighbor Kurt had mentioned and he could immediately see there was no love lost between him and Bryant Newton. The neighbor said from what he could see there was nothing about Bryant looking to be disabled. He said he often sees him in his back yard hitting whiffle balls with his golf club. Ty asked where Newton golfs at and the neighbor said he wasn’t sure but thought Bryant Newton was a member of the Oakhills Country Club.

Ty drove out to the Oakhills Country Club. At the club he met Terri Jenks who was the assistant club manager. Once Ty had said he was thinking of joining the club Terri gave him a long spiel on what the club had to offer. Ty had thought he would just use his joining as a ruse to get information but after listening to her and hearing the reasonableness of the costs Ty thought he would join. He asked Terri for an application and also if he could read the club’s monthly newsletters. In the newsletters he found various golf tournaments results and saw the name of Bryant Newton listed a number of times and one picture of him swinging the golf club. He made copies of these newsletters.

Stopping by Ray’s office he gave Ray the copies he had made. Ray now had something to use and said he was going to try and come up with a way to use Bryant’s golfing to indicate the man was a liar when he said he still was injured and would question if Newton had ever been injured.

Ray asked Ty what his bill was for doing this investigation and Ty said he hadn’t thought of it. When Ty told Ray he had spent about five hours in doing this investigation, Ray said at two hundred dollars an hour that came out to one thousand dollars and asked Ty to send him a bill for that amount. Ty was a little surprised at the amount but he didn’t say anything.

Back at his home he noticed that he had a phone message from Megan. He returned her call to hear that she was inviting him over to dinner tonight and he accepted her invitation. He thought it could be an interesting night.

Pressing her doorbell button and carrying a bottle of wine he was impressed when she opened the door. She was wearing an A-line dress with a V neckline which showed the sides of her breasts. Her makeup was done just right and he could smell the perfume she had applied. She looked very nice and he told her that she did.

Drinking wine while they ate the meal which featured lasagna made for a nice time. They continued to talk about what had happened to people they knew. There were a number of people that just seemed to have vanished and a few unfortunately that had passed away.

After the meal they cleaned up and then sat on the living room couch. The sitting didn’t last long and neither of them was sure who started it but they were soon all over each other kissing and groping. Ty wasn’t surprised when Megan’s hand went for his package and then started to pull his zipper down. Ty was an equal opportunity zipper puller because he pulled down the zipper on her dress. When Megan bent to give him head he unclasped her bra that freed her breasts which to him seemed to have grown in size.

That she was now of her own volition giving him head was a change from what her attitude was to do that when they were in high school. Another change was in her aggressiveness and the language she used.

“Let’s go into the bedroom where you can fuck me. I have been thinking about your big cock all day.”

When she used that language Ty thought this was no longer the shy girl who he had in the backseat of his car on prom night.

In the bedroom at her immediate urging he mounted her and has he was penetrating her she said, “So good... , so damn good.”

He started moving his hips and so did she with her heels braced on the bed. Her hands were moving all over his body. It didn’t take long for both of them to achieve their orgasms. They rested and then Megan who was now big on giving head was doing it again. Soon his love tool was stiff enough for Megan to mount him. This time she was on top but lowered her torso enough so he could nibble on the nipples of her breasts. In making love this way allowed Megan to really move her hips. Ty could only delay so long before he gave her another deposit of his warm sperm.

After they rested for a while Ty said he should be going as his car on her driveway would cause the neighbors to talk if it stayed there much longer. She thanked him for thinking of that and said she had a nice time. Maybe they could go out next week was an invitation she extended to Ty.

Ty said he would call her but at the same time he wondered if he really would. It was one last kiss at the front door with a solid grope of her butt which turned into him fingering her clit to give her another climax. She seemed to be one satisfied lady as Ty left her to go as knew that he was a satisfied man.

On the way home his thoughts were on the change in Megan from how she was in high school to how she acted now. When he thought of why she had changed he just concluded that Megan simply liked having sex and he couldn’t fault her for that.

Ty didn’t receive any assignments until Thursday. The call he received was from Denise Karr who said she had an assignment for him.

“Before you get into that, did Ray have his trial?”

“Yes, it was over yesterday.”

“How did it turn out?”

“On cross-examination after Mr. Newton had told about this constant pain he was having and how it affected his lifestyle. Ray asked him if he golfed. He said he did but because of the pain he could no longer do it. Ray demonstrated the moves in a golf swing from taking the club back and following through. Newton said he could no longer do that. When asked if he was a member of a country club you could see that Newton became nervous. There was some objection to introducing the club’s newsletters into evidence but that was overcome when Ray said if necessary he would bring the club’s golf pro in to testify as to the newsletters accuracy. That ended the objections and Newton quietly confirmed that was him as the three time winner of his class in golf tournaments over the past few months. All that was left were the closing arguments. The jury didn’t like being lied to and in twenty two minutes returned a verdict of not guilty. Newton’s attorney said they are going to appeal the verdict but I doubt it.”

“Glad to hear it was a good outcome, what can I do for you?”

“I have a case that is coming to trial in two months and I need something to defeat the claim that a lady who is the plaintiff is so injured in the accident that she cannot bend down.”

“Was she hurt in the accident?”

“Yes, I don’t doubt that she was. Her husband was killed in the accident. We have offered the policy limits on the husband’s death claim, but her attorney says she feels what we have offered on her claim is not enough.”

“Give me the information and I will see what I can do.”

Early next morning Ty drove out to the lady’s home armed with his video camera. He had hoped that she was a newspaper subscriber and she was because he saw the morning paper was still on her driveway. Ty exited his car and went to the driveway and dropped six fifty cent coins in the general vicinity of the paper. He then went back in his car and waited.

About forty five minutes later out from the house came a lady dressed to go to work and she bent down to pick up the paper. She noticed the coins and bent to pick them all up. Ty was recording her bending down with his video camera and it looked like when she picked up the last coin she looked up and saw Ty doing this. He waived at her as he drove away and headed for the law offices.

Denise was in and was surprised to see Ty there so early. He gave her the SD card that had recorded the lady bending down and relayed that she saw him recording her movements. He thought that the case maybe could now be settled since that allegation of not being able to bend down had been eliminated.

Denise thanked him for his fast work and asked what his bill was for doing this.

“It’s three hours of work at two hundred per hour and a dinner.”

It seemed like Denise was taken back a little to hear Ty asking her out especially the way he did it.

She now was a little flustered as she said, “You want to go out to dinner with me?”

“Yes I do. I don’t see you wearing a ring nor do I see any pictures of men on your desk or are there any love bites on your neck. Because of those things it would seem to me that you don’t have a significant other. That is why I am asking you to go out to dinner with me. Now before I dazzle you and overly impress you and have you thinking too much about my deductive powers of reasoning with you not being involved with anyone, I will confess that I asked Ray and he said to his knowledge you weren’t seeing anyone.”

Denise hesitated then she started laughing.

She said, “With that line alone how can I refuse. Yes I will go out to dinner with you. You strike me as an interesting man and someone who gets what he wants.”

Ty didn’t follow up on that straight line that she fed him and just asked her on Saturday where and what time should he pick her up.

He left the office anticipating a pleasant time Saturday evening. Denise besides being very attractive also seemed to be a nice person.

Maybe with a little hesitantly Ty pressed the doorbell button at Denise’s condo. She opened the door with a smile on her face and greeted Ty. She was wearing a black dress that had a square neckline and was two inches above her knees. This was a different look to her from the power business suits he had seen her in at the office and in some way he thought it made her look vulnerable. Why he thought that he wasn’t sure. Maybe a better word he was looking for in describing how she looked was ‘womanly.’

They left her condo and went to the Flame Restaurant which was one of the finer restaurants in the area. Denise’s dress sliding up to her mid-thigh made for an interesting drive.

Ty had nice meal and time at the restaurant with Denise. She told Ty about herself and things he didn’t know. She said she had never been married but came close right after college. Her boyfriend at the time had proposed but she could see that he was never going to grow up and was always looking for a party which caused her to turn down his proposal. Ray had watched her play volleyball in high school and then on the University’s team and offered her an intern job between semesters and a full time position after she graduated from law school. He was a great teacher and after some successful trials offered her a partnership. She said Ray was like a second father to her.

She asked Ty about himself and he told her about college, his Criminal Justice degree and his time in the service. He mentioned some of the investigations he had been involved in to include the last one with the General that brought about his retirement. Where he was going to go now or what he was going to do was still to be decided.

It seemed that both of them were reluctant to leave the restaurant but they did. At the parking lot for her condo Denise thanked Ty for a very nice time and said they should do this again sometime. Ty jumped right on that and said how about next Saturday which had Denise reply. “Okay.”

Ray next week gave Ty an assignment to see if a plaintiff was as injured as she said she was. Ty checked with her neighbors and watched her go food shopping and thought she still was hurting. Ty reported that to Ray who said he was going to need to increase the settlement evaluation he gave to the insurance company.

Saturday’s dinner date with Denise was as nice as the week before. Ty knew he enjoyed being in Denise’s company and it looked to him that she enjoyed being with him. When they were back at her condo there was no invitation for Ty to come up to her condo and he didn’t expect there to be one. It just seemed that her style and classiness would curtail any quick roll in the hay with Ty. That was fine with him because if it ever did happen he wanted it to be because she wanted it to happen.

Ty thought that if he was just looking for sex he could go out with Megan as that seemed to be a given as to how the evening would end. But if he did that Megan would think that maybe there was something developing between them which there wasn’t as far as Ty was concerned. What they had in common had long ended with their current conversations being centered on what happened to so and so. That was not a basis for a meaningful long-term relationship.

Denise phoned Ty and said she wanted him to go with her as she needed to talk to a woman they were defending who was reluctant to appear at a trial which was scheduled for next week. The woman lived in a neighborhood that wasn’t the safest which is why Denise needed Ty to go with her.

Ty drove Denise to the woman’s home. After they entered the home he observed Denise turn on a portable recorder and tell the woman of her obligation to appear at the trial. If she didn’t appear and there was a verdict against her the insurance company could deny paying the verdict since the woman had violated the insurance policy provision of assisting and cooperating. Ty also observed that Denise wore another of her power suits which must have been tailored as it showed the fine curve of her butt as she was sitting. It was a very nice butt he thought.

The meeting ended with the woman saying she would change her mind and would show up for the trial but had no way now to get to the courthouse. Denise said Ty would pick her up and bring her back home.

In leaving the house they saw three youths probably around twenty years of age by Ty’s car. One of them was sitting on a fender and another one was leaning against it. Ty walked up to the car and asked them to move away from the car as they wanted to leave.

The youth leaning against the car produced what looked like a five inch switchblade knife and moving the knife around in his hand said, “We have been protecting your car in this bad neighborhood. We think you should reward us for doing that by giving us some money.””

Ty just parted the jacket he was wearing to show this youth that he was carrying his Smith and Wesson 9 mm pistol. Putting his hand on the butt of the pistol said, “I want to thank you for doing that but I don’t plan on paying you any money. I would suggest you get your ass off my car and move along.”

Seeing the pistol and the determined look on Ty’s face, the youths said they were just leaving and they all walked hurriedly away.

On the drive back to the office Denise he could see was a little shaken up by this confrontation at the car. Ty asked Denise why she had recorded that conversation with her client.

“That was for my protection should she not show up for the trial and have a verdict come in against her. She might try and sue me for being an ineffective counsel. If she did the tape would defeat her claim. If the insurance company would deny paying the claim if she didn’t show that is a matter between them and her. They would need to advise her of her duty to show up for trial. I couldn’t give the recording I made to the insurance company since she is my client and I would breech my attorney relationship with her if I did.”

Back at the office she asked Ty what the bill for this bodyguard service was and heard him say, “Just dinner, I would never charge a fee where your safety is a concern.”

That remark caused Denise to pause for a while but then with a nice smile on her face she thanked him.

The following week Ty did do the ferrying of this woman to the courthouse for the trial. Denise received a not guilty on this open intersection accident with her client having the directional right of way and side front damage to her car which was a total. Denise had filed a counter claim for car damage and the favorable verdict resulted in the woman getting the funds to purchase another car. Ty was impressed in watching Denise in the courtroom. She was all business that Ray said she was when she was on trial.

Ty was a little bored in that there weren’t many requests for his investigative services. He was wondering what he should do when as luck would have it he received a phone call from Kurt Kindle the Police Chief.

Kurt said, “Ty I need some help. My lead detective Jerry Keaton had a stroke and it is doubtful he will ever return to duty. He was training Cory Lamphere as to the duties of a detective but Cory is too green to be productive. How about you joining the force as Detective 2nd Grade.”

Ty thought about that for a minute and then said, “I will but I am not sure how long I will stay on the force. It will be at least till I think Cory is trained but after that I don’t know. There are a few things going on in my personal life that are presently up in the air.”

Kurt thanked Ty and told him to come on down to the station Monday morning to do some paper work and get started.

That evening he went out to dinner with Denise. He broke the news to her that she was dinning with the newest Detective 2nd Grade on the police force. She told him that he would do a fine job and they were lucky to have him.

After dinner he drove her back to her condo and was surprised when she asked him to come into her condo. He did and wondered if anything was going to happen between them. If something was to happen he was going to let her take the lead as he didn’t want to do anything to spoil the relationship he had with her. He just liked being in her company.

They were sitting on the sofa having a cup of coffee when Denise said, “Will you do something for me?”

“Sure, what do you want?”

“Since you aren’t going to ask me, let me ask you,” and she said with some exasperation in her voice, “Will you please kiss me?”

He didn’t expect her to say that but he moved to take her in his arms which she fit so nicely into and gave her a kiss. He discovered that her lips were very soft and her tongue was very active. He was content to just spend the night kissing her. They did do a lot of kissing and it became more intense when she took his hand and placed it on her breast. It was such a nice handful that he was content just to cup it and to continue kissing her.

After a long time of kissing and fondling her breast Denise said, “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?”

Ty’s remark of, “Are you sure?”

That caused her to respond, “Oh yes I am.”

In the bedroom there was no rush to undress. They took their sweet time in between kisses, unbuttoning buttons and pulling down zippers. When Denise stepped out of her dress Ty put his hands into the back of her panties to fondle the globes of her ass. That elicited a moan from her.

Reclining on the bed they continued the kissing. He fondled her breasts and after a while his hand moved down and dipped into her moist pussy. With his finger lubricated he caressed her clit which caused her to moan and move her hips. He moved down to nibble on her nipples and after a while he continued down to where he could lick her clit. She started telling Ty that what he was doing to her was giving her feelings that she had never had before.

After some time she asked him to move up and make love to her. He did and his shaft entering her wet warmth between her wide spread thighs caused her to say, “Oh yes, oh Ty that feels so good, so right.”

He moved his hips slowly wanting to make it last as long as he could and at the same time watch the expressions on Denise’s face as she experienced pleasure. It was a beautiful thing to see as she had one and then another orgasm which he shortly followed with him having one.

The rested and they cuddled as they exchanged some short kisses.

Ty said, “That was great, I knew you would be an excellent lover. There is something about you that told me that. Whether it’s your looks, your intelligence, your personality I just don’t know but I think it’s the whole package. You are one hell of a woman.”

“It’s nice to hear you say those things, but don’t sell yourself short. You have things that attracted me to you. You are a good looking guy and you keep me on my toes with some of your comments. When you said you would take care of my safety that told me you cared for me and made me want to make love with you.”

Ty said, “Now that we have gotten all that out of the way how about if I ravish you again.”

Giggling she said, “My hand tells me you are up for it so go ahead and do it as I really want you to.”

Ty did as he said he was going to do. It was great for him being in the saddle with his shaft in her and her arms around him. She was kissing and nibbling on him encouraging him to continue to do what he was doing.

After they both had climaxed again they cuddled. Ty said, “What is Ray going to say when he sees those love bites I put on your neck?”


After a pause he said, “No I didn’t but I was tempted.”

“Oh Ty, you are always surprising me by what you say.”

With their arms around the other they quietly fell asleep.

In the morning they showered together and he had her giggling as his slippery soapy hands were washing her and at the same time tickling her. She playfully grabbed his testicles and told him to stop that and he did. After drying off they went back to the bed and made love again. It was a great way to start the day.

Later over coffee Denise asked him why he left it up to her to make the first move.

“I think too much of you to do something that would offend you. I wasn’t sure what your feelings were for me so I wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize our relationship. I was hoping you would make the first move and I am glad that you did. From now on however you are not going to have any worries as to who will be making the first move.”

It was one last nice kiss at her front door with her accepting a date with him next Saturday and he was on his way.

As Ty was driving home he wasn’t that sure what his relationship with Denise would lead to. He knew where he wanted it to go and thought maybe Denise had similar thoughts along that line. He knew that she was all he had ever wanted in a woman. With Denise and now a new job as a police detective he could only wonder what the future held in store for him.

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