Zhenzhen - an Interlude
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, DomSub, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, First,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joe meets his third mate, youngest of all the angels, and finds her intoxicatingly adorable. And her constant companionship shows she finds him equally attractive. Time in Paris reaches its end, with performances by angels and friends. Simon continues his attacks but ends up losing ground against Nick. Please read the other Tales first to understand characters, plot and conventions.

Cleopatra's death ending her Tale occurred even earlier than expected. We had over two hours before the 10 o'clock meeting of Xo's youngest angel.

Chanda approached me. "Xo thinks this a good thing," she told me. "He thinks we should meet in a more relaxed setting, in a café fairly near her apartment."

"Will Gia join us there?"

"He hasn't informed her of this."

"Hmm," I responded, uneasy and suspicious. I looked to Nick who shrugged.

"Helen's a bit blurry right now," he said.

"Fuck," I growled, seeing the same worry in my wife's eyes as I felt.

"Let's all go," said Nick. "If the puny prick thinks this is some chance to divide and conquer again, that will certainly fuck up his plans."

"I should remain," said Naomi. "I could only fuck up your counter response."

"Do you feel his presence?" asked Betty.

"Not yet."

"You think he's gotten subtle?" asked Helena.

"Maybe. But I think I could detect him wandering in my brain. Besides, if it's not current, I can stash things away from him."

"You will never be a sacrificial lamb," Nick practically roared. "Come with me. You too Salomé. We'll meet the rest of you at the café," he said, and we nodded.

After they left, the angels, Lindy and I conferred. "What do you think he's up to?" Lindy asked.

"I'd be there with Joe," said Helena, "so with the rest being Simon's, I'd be the last with Joe's offspring inside her."

"And me being there, perhaps he's making a play for Xo," Chanda nodded, "with this young angel being a hostage as well."

"That would be fucking arrogant," I said, and we all sighed, Simon being arrogance personified. "Why the fuck have I been seeding Simon's women?" I murmured.

"Are they?" Rosa responded. "Of course Eva is."

Neither my wife nor I wanted to hear that, but we grimaced and nodded.

"But Helen's minions?" the sweet and brilliant Latina continued.

"But they're descendants of Paris aren't they?" Lindy pointed out.

"Wasn't Paris Helen's brother?" Miwa reminded her.

"With both Eternal Wanderers' blood," Lindy nodded. "But the mothers..."

"All they had to do was look like Helen," Miwa pointed out. "They could have been anyone's bloodline."

"Or neither or both," said Rosa.

"And Helen being Helen, it could have been any of those," Betty nodded.

"Angelique acts, or used to act like only Helen owned her," said Lindy. "I don't know what her agenda might be, but it seems more and more like her own even more than Helen's these days."

"How does she respond to Helen now?" asked Rosa.

"Doting and respectful as ever," Lindy admitted sadly, bowing her head. Lifting it she said, "Both her and Consuela can't seem to get enough of stud boy here though."

Betty sighed. "Again we have no clue about the agenda, how Helen and her clones and the whole Quadruplet Quartet has to do with Simon and his agenda."

"Or how easily it converged with Nick's and whatever my being in San Francisco as a playwright had to do with things."

"Or me as well," Lindy added. "I mean with both Eva and the Quatre Q. That's the most obvious convergence."

"True," I said. We chuckled lightly about a silly competition so easily thwarted.

"Except of course," Miwa reminded us, "that Joe's remarkable ability as a stud seems to be taking center stage, perhaps more for Simon, but Grandfather is obviously interested."

"Both of them," said Rosa. "Perhaps Simon fixates on you, Joe, but I can't imagine it being pure coincidence that you became enamored with Lindy and that Lindy is such an extraordinary dancer and choreographer as well as a writer. Nick brought you into the fold, but you brought in Lindy."

"You mean I was compelled to be attracted to Lindy?" I asked.

"And me to you?" Lindy returned.

We contemplated that, gazing at each other. Though Lindy may not be the typical beauty or have the contemporary impossible model's or centerfold's body that would immediately snag a man's eye, and of course if she had I'd never even consider winning her over, figuring her out of my league, she did that thing that had stirred my heart from the beginning, tilting her head and grinning so adorably.

"I don't think I needed compelling," I said.

"Me neither," said Lindy. "He's tall and lean and impossibly cute. How could I resist?"

Shrugs passed through the collection of angels.

"We should go," said Betty. She went blank. "Go fetch Natasha," she said to me.

"Good idea," I replied, though I didn't know why it was.

"She's rooming with Naomi, isn't she?" asked Betty.

The idea became clearer. "Fucker," I mumbled, heading out the door with my wife.

Helena kissed me and told me, "I'll bring you your clothes there," and headed to our suite while I headed to the elevator.

When Tash let me in, she looked like she'd been concentrating hard. "Been writing?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she smiled.

"Going well then?"


"Can you take a break? We're gathering at a café, and Naomi's on an errand with Nick. She'll meet you there."


"Why don't you get dressed? Helena's coming down with my clothes. I guess we're in a hurry or something. I can read some of your writing if you don't want me watching."

"I don't mind," she smiled, peeling off her t shirt and warmups. Only her panties kept her from being naked, and those came off too. She winked at me. "I know you're curious. Can I take a quick shower?"

"Sure," I smiled and sat at her desk, watching her sweet, petite ass sway as she disappeared into the bathroom, and getting a smirk and a wink at the last second, before bringing my eyes to the handwritten pages and the typed pages. She had told me she liked the old ways of composing. She felt it tightened her writing, made it more disciplined, and forced her to rewrite three times at least: from handwritten to typewritten to finishing on the computer. I decide to read her first draft for some reason, to see the original, unedited flow perhaps. Her writing, and I mean the actual pen marks on the pages, though tight and small, were easily read, much more than my scrawl.

I figured I'd start from the beginning, but glancing at what seemed to be midway through what she had been copying onto the typewriter made it somehow unnecessary. Almost entirely dialogue, I remembered Naomi saying her lover hadn't decided whether to make it a play, a series of stories, or a novel. At least with what little I read, it would make a remarkable play.

Just like her earlier play, which I knew well and admired, she displayed a knack for combining cunning with charm. But this had such a higher level of both that it made the festival play anemic in comparison. Even without knowing anything about what happened before, I sensed subtext and word play that even Shakespeare would admire. Though the dark perversity of it, and the malevolence, would have probably bothered him.

The thing is, I knew these characters. At this juncture, there was an autobiographical character, a character who could only be Naomi, a Nick character and a Betty character. Missing, though discussed, with no little trepidation confused with some sort of irresistible seduction, could only have been Simon.

The reading ended with my wife arriving. I dressed in what she brought me, a bit distracted.

"What's wrong?" she asked me.

"I just need to ask Tash something."

Helena accepted the delay.

When Tash exited the steamy bathroom naked, and my wife and I admired her as she hid her tall, slim body in black: panties, tight t-shirt and tight jeans, I asked her where she got her idea.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"I think it's brilliant, Tash."

"Thanks. You're the first to read it. I think it's pretty good, too."

I chuckled. "It's far beyond pretty good."

"Thanks. It ... it's a dream I had actually. A quite disturbing dream. Maybe even a fever dream because I kind of was sick at the time. So real, though surreal ... I guess literally, all at once. I mean nightmares seem real when they're happening, but something makes them too ... impossible I guess to be really happening. Or they occur somewhere you have never been, or haven't been for a while, familiar but wrong, you know? This one had the aspects of the impossible, but seemed possible somehow, and the setting was ... well ... San Francisco where I dreamed it. So I couldn't separate from it, couldn't make the surreal real and escape. And it lingered like a bad memory you so much want gone, forgotten, so you can move on, you know?"

"Has it reoccurred?" my wife asked.

"No, thank God. But it disturbed me for some reason. I guess I'm trying to write it out of my system."

"Is it helping?" Helena asked.

"Unh-hunh," the pretty Goth half-smiled making her reply less than convincing, but she finished with, "Kind of. I mean it helps but it hasn't stopped really bothering me, just lessens the bothering while I kind of embrace it, make it useful, you know?"

Not wanting to downgrade her earlier play, which I didn't think she deserved, I held back from saying how much better her writing had become from this purging. I simply said, "Not only useful, but inspiring."

"I think so too," she grinned, hopping up to me and kissing my lips. "Thanks for the compliments."

"They're honest," I replied.

"I know," and she kissed me again. And to my wife, she said, "He's a mensch."

"My mensch, but you can borrow him," Helena replied.

I think it surprised Helena when Tash kissed her, lingering a tad longer than mine, not that I minded.

"Only if you join us," Tash said, and then reminded us, "I thought we were in a hurry."

"Let's go," I announced. The ladies walked hand in hand behind me.

We entered the second buzz clone driven limousine, the first having already left. Being the stragglers, the driver took off immediately afterwards. Betty and Alexandra accompanied us. Since Tash still had a bit of a crush on Betty, she shyly sat across from us, which also allowed her to gaze surreptitiously at the blonde bombshell. With Helena sitting beside her, that placed me beside Betty.

"The two best warriors after Salomé," I whispered into the gorgeous blonde's perfect ear.

She nodded and smiled. "I doubt we need to worry."

"Why's that?" I asked her.

"Too much too soon after his last couple of failures?" she shrugged. "It also makes Simon that much more susceptible. He has his band of angels surrounding him at the Pereire Manse, and this would separate them as much as you meeting with Xo's angel separates us. Maybe more so."

"Maybe he's joining them. That would definitely put us, I mean my wife and even Chanda, at the disadvantage."

"Maybe," Betty responded contemplatively. "You know what worries me? What Grandfather said about Helen. A cloudy brain? Not distracted or hiding, but cloudy?"

"More Nazi chemistry," I nodded. "What Simon attempted with me."

"Like that horrid poison he tried on us, angels susceptible. I wonder what poor angel of his got tested for this."

"I bet the Spanish looking one," I frowned. "Fucker."

"Probably," Betty grimaced, ready to spit out the foul thought, even if she represented Simon's ideal woman more than any of them, even Dagmar.

As our conversation continued, quietly but not quite a whisper, I noticed Helena distracting Tash with their own conversation, and an enthusiastic one at that. My lovely wife smiled and winked at me. It made me think why Tash hadn't been included in our secrets yet. I put it aside for later.

"Naomi," Betty exclaimed, albeit quietly, a moment later. "Grandfather figured it out."

The name attracted Tash's attention, but my wife brought her back into conversation immediately.

"He would have changed her, like he tried changing me, and Tash as well, being with her," I whispered. "Turning them unaware into his lackeys."

"I hope Brianna will be alright," she murmured.


"An actress. A strong minion of Grandfather's. She looks a lot like Naomi."

"Shit," I said.

Not long after, we arrived at our destination, a café trying unsuccessfully to bring the old Paris into the modern one. It looked too new, though it tried to look old, and lacked intimacy, being rather large. Unfortunately for its owners, and fortunately for us, very few customers other than those associated with eternal wanderers could be found. We headed to the back of the place, where a couple tables had been secured. I noticed Lindy hadn't joined us for some reason.

Two occupants amazed me. One didn't surprise me as much as the other. The woman, looking more like a teenager than a fully-fledged lady, had to be the cutest thing I ever saw, utterly adorable. Small in stature, which I could tell even with her seated, especially with the tall man sitting beside her, she had large, soulful eyes. Cheekbones also looked on the large side, and when they lifted with her smile, two wonderful dimples formed beside her bee-stung lips, on the thick side but narrow. And the button nose sealed the deal.

The surprise sat next to her, a lean and elegant Chinese man and one of the most beautiful men I ever saw. He definitely gave Simon a run for his money, even if, racially, they couldn't have been more different. What surprised me was my preconception that Xo would be a fat laughing Buddha or something, which he was anything but. No broad smile, but an enigmatic one, full of confidence and wisdom. I knew immediately it had to be Xo.

"I'm Joe too," I smiled and offered him my hand to shake.

He chuckled softly and shook my hand. "This is Zhenzhen," he gestured to the adorable creature, "my most precious gem."

"A pleasure," I bowed to her. She blushed. Fucking adorable.

"And to my left is her sister," he continued. I barely noticed the woman, though lovely in herself, and reaching a maturity I hazarded to guess, in her upper thirties. Oriental women had to be the hardest to guess their years of life, but she had that confidence mixed with a touch of sadness that suggested she neared middle age. "Ambassador Tang."

"Call me Ling," the serious woman replied as she studied my body and ended up gazing at my face. I didn't see approval on her face, but she seemed to have cultivated that inscrutable thing Chinese have, fairly or unfairly, been accused of bearing, probably by Caucasians. Though I did get the slightest hint of disapproval. We shook hands across the table.

"May I sit beside you, Zhenzhen?" I asked the youngest angel. Her blush continued when she nodded. My wife sat across the table from me, and I introduced her to the Chinese contingent.

"Your ... wife?" asked Zhenzhen, her first words, heavily accented, shy and sweet.

"Don't worry," Helena chuckled. "I enjoy my husband's conquests almost as much as he does."

I cringed a little at this bold statement towards what appeared to be a delicate flower, but Zhenzhen's cute giggle and her verbal response of, "Oh my," removed my concern.

"She's a sexy creature, isn't she?" I said to the young cutie.

"Very," the teenager breathed.

Beside me, Xo laughed. "Perfect," he said.

I looked at him, and that anger at what I considered his repellant self-righteousness surged inside me. I took a breath before I asked him, "She's a virgin?"

"Does that not interest you?" he responded.

"Not especially. How can she still be a virgin?"

"She has been very busy training her mind," he explained, tapping the side of his forehead. "This has been what she needed."

"Not only that," I replied. "I know how lusty young angels can get."

"She must learn discipline, though I have rewarded her, the carrot rather than the stick as you Americans say."

"Not much of a carrot," the sweet angel actually smirked. "Rather more like a succulent plum," she winked at my wife.

"Zhenzhen," Xo roared.

She retreated into herself, but I caught the most subtle of winks towards my wife. "Sorry Master," she said.

"You become bold," he sighed.

"I have become horny," she daringly rejoined.

"Ah so," he shook his head, but a slight smile emerged. "You are not so fearful."

"Not so much," she smiled at Helena.

"But," I said, "Angels are famous for their rather thick hymen. Have you ever been penetrated, Zhenzhen?"

"What is he talking about, Master?" she asked.

"Fuck!" I allowed to explode from my mouth. "I thought you educated her."

"And I thought you were good at seduction," he frowned.

"You mean, she gets to be completely surprised by feeling as if a knife penetrated her cunt?"

"Joe," Helena interrupted, on the edge of scolding me.

"No, Helena," I said. "This is just another example of this ... eternal wanderer's supreme indifference to any hardship of his angels if it endangers his intentions." I so wanted to call him an asshole, but thought best not to anger a creature who could probably end my life with a flick of his pinky finger. At least not too much. "You understand your ... master wishes me to impregnate you as I have done with both Nick's and Simon's youngest angels."

"Yes," she said shyly. "And I am honored to be the first of his angels to do so." She said the last as if repeating from rote memory.

"Is that so?" I asked Xo. "You never, as Nick did and I'm almost certain Simon did, find out the consequences of impregnating an angel? You never succumbed to the temptation, however incestuous, of fucking a gorgeous, horny angel, who wanted you as desperately as you wanted her, especially before her menarche arrived? Perhaps you waited, as Nick did, to succumb later when she just couldn't stop her obsession for you. Relentlessness can be persuasive, especially considering how brilliant these angels all are. I know you regard wisdom above all other things except perhaps serenity. That you embrace both, and in fact could be regarded as epitomizing both makes you susceptible to something neither contain, self-righteousness. But be that as it may, does your wisdom condone speaking the truth, or does it make you wise enough to avoid it when it suits your purpose?"

"What is he talking about, Master?" asked Zhenzhen for the second time.

I could see his sadness penetrate his anger. "This has no consequence to you, Zhenzhen."

"Doesn't it?" I asked him.

"I can feel the vitality of your wife's embryo."

"That's only half of it, and you know it," I pointed out.

"I apologize," he said before, in a blur, a steak knife provided by the waitress (who had interrupted us at one point to take our orders, and another to place the steak knife) went from his hand into the fleshiest part of Helena's naked shoulder.

"Ouch. Fuck," she exclaimed, pulling it out. We watched as the bleeding stopped almost immediately, and the wound disappeared as if it had never been there. I somehow had enough clarity of mind to glance at Tash, sitting at the second table far enough from us not to hear our conversation. She did, however, manage to catch the proof of immortality. Her awe couldn't have been more obvious.

"Nice one, asshole," I growled.

"I'm fine," said my wife, "And it does prove what we thought."

"Maybe," I responded. "We have to see if that changes after you give birth. But," I gestured my head towards the second table, "it clued Tash into the same thing as well."

Helena shrugged. "It's about fucking time."

"You have someone here who does not know of our existence?" asked Xo in a tone full of condescension.

"Probably not anymore," I shrugged.

"Master..." Zhenzhen started.

"You have nothing to fear, sweet Zhenzhen," he placated.


"Whatever consequences Joe might suggest, you do as I command."

"Yes Master," she bowed her head. "I am sorry."

The asshole just nodded.

Things at the second table became chaotic. I imagined the angels tried to delay any explanations, and Tash suggested what they could do with that delay. It didn't get any better when Nick arrived assisting Naomi as she swayed and gasped in his arm, her eyes wide and cloudy. The tall, gorgeous, sexy Jewess looked utterly wasted in a way that suggested hallucinogens.

"Naomi!" Tash shouted. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," her lover responded, her words slurred as if her mouth could not be controlled. "Absolutely nothing. You look absolutely radiant, my love."

Nick helped his angel into a seat beside Tash. Naomi clawed through her small purse, pulling out a small square of paper and then a napkin wrapped around a square object. Unwrapping it revealed what looked like a heaven cake, Amsterdam's version of a hash brownie. I figured that's exactly what it was.

"Come join me," said Naomi. "It's absolutely wonderful."

"Absolutely," Tash smirked and shrugged.

"Place the paper on your tongue and let it dissolve. Then eat the cake," Naomi explained with remarkable ease.

"I know about blotter acid," said Tash, popping it into her mouth.

After going blank, as did the rest of Nick's angels, Helena explained, "Simon will not be able to hurt her or use her as a spy. The LSD interrupts her synapsis, and her brain is too jumbled to allow his intrusion. The cannabis intensifies things while soothing somehow at the same time."

"But what about Tash's baby?" I asked her.

Another blank face ended with her assuring me, "It will not affect Nick's child detrimentally."

I couldn't help chuckling, "You mean it could actually help?"

Her shrug made me think Nick probably really didn't know one way or another. He looked concerned, but his attention didn't dwell on Naomi or Tash. Instead it looked inward. He sat at the last remaining seat, across the table from Xo.

"You must be Xo," he said.

"Nick," Xo nodded. "You look..."

"I know, like a man tapping at the door of mortality. Almost skull and bones already. You and Simon seem to have reached the apex of your racial beauty, and yet my appearance, I believe, speaks to the truth."

"A more obvious version perhaps," Xo nodded. "But I have heard you have not been like us in your transformations."

"True. I have been most all races, often in a mix, like when I was yours with a mix of India, like some Southeast Asians and Indonesians. Unlike you, I haven't worked towards racial perfection, which in your achievement and Simon's, have reached their ultimate form, n'est ce pas? I may look more like I've reached the end of the road, but in your way, you have too."

"Perhaps. But your look, it can't help spread your seed."

"Au contraire, my brother." He shifted his attention to Ling, who gazed at him with utter fascination. "You must be Ambassador Tang. It is an honor to meet you."

"Call me Ling," she purred. "And the pleasure's all mine. Why are you insulting this fascinating man, Grandfather?"

Xo chuckled. "Point taken."

"It seems women have a thing for rugged young men with evil intent," Nick smirked, "and a knowing, seductive smile. Are you married, beautiful Ling?"

"I left him in China for his whores," she muttered. "Grandfather thought him important. He is, I suppose, but not important for me as a woman."


"So far, but he hasn't exactly tried all that hard. Of course when he did try, I wasn't ready for a baby. When I was, he wasn't. He gets bored easily, and truth be told, he's a bore as well, and not nearly the lover he thinks he is."

"Are you still ready?"


"The child will look like you mostly."

"I don't care."

"How do you see Nick?" I asked Zhenzhen quietly.

"Old. Almost skeletal," she answered in kind.


We ate and chatted. Mostly Helena and I chatted with Zhenzhen. She turned out to be charming and witty, and I think my wife and I both started falling in love with her. Chanda joined us after we ate, learning about the Eternal Wanderer whom she had not known about until recently, despite being of his blood to some degree. Helena and I enjoyed that conversation as well, even when Xo added his slightly different or more in depth information which I thought had an air of condescension, but realized that conclusion had more to do with Zhenzhen's apparent slave-like passivity when receiving it. At one point I had a revelation. Her devotion to him had much more to do with deep respect and love, and he shared the same attitude towards her. He may have demanded obedience. Nick essentially didn't while still gaining his angels' complete devotion, except for Helen of course. But Xo's came from a different culture, one that respects age and wisdom and especially one's teacher or master, Sensei for the Japanese for instance. He expected her obeisance, and she expected it, too. It was essential to their relationship. Necessary. Not master and slave, but master and pupil, the young knowing the old has the answers, at least the important ones, and who would know more than an eternal wanderer even older than Nick? Definitely cultural, and wasn't it Western Culture's loss having youth rebel against their elders, and even be supported in that rebellion? Of course, it might also stifle creativity and the heedless, energetic, wild, daring activities of youngsters, who will not appreciate their mortality, at least in the deleterious consequences of an aging body and mind, for decades. Who knows? But it makes me wonder about the cliché, "Youth is wasted on the young". Why haven't the old fuckers that whine about it done something about it?

When Xo wasn't putting his two cents or thousand dollars in, he and Nick chatted, including Ling in the conversations. Too thrilled by Nick's presence, as well as being brilliant, she couldn't possibly be left out.

Her need for him actually encouraged the end of the evening at the café. She spoke to Xo in Mandarin, making him laugh. "It seems," he translated, "my granddaughter wishes for a more intimate setting."

This provoked finally revealing the elephant in the closet. "Perhaps we could continue this at a hotel," Nick suggested.

"Nonsense," Xo argued. "Neither Ling nor Zhenzhen would be comfortable."


"I know. Simon has once again become troublesome for you."

"Perhaps for you as well. He is a bit of a megalomaniac."

Xo laughed. "I am not worried about his ridiculous desire to rule the world. The best he could do in regards to me is to find an ally. And believe me, I'm not interested. Asia is not interested. And with you I believe Africa is not interested, or much of the Americas or the Middle East or the Mediterranean, though he thinks he has influence in those places."

"I'm afraid it's no laughing matter, Xo. Of course the megalomania is ridiculous, but things are getting very specific against me and mine."

"I noticed Gia has become incommunicado," Xo nodded.

"Helen as well," said Nick. "And I believe I may have lost a most important minion."

"How unfortunate."

"Hopefully she's just unconscious. What about the ambassador's place?"

"The guard have noticed more frequent and more curious than usual passersby. What do they call that in American? Casing the joint? But I have Mei there."

"Your oldest?"

"Yes. And your oldest is there as well."


"She's quite something."

"So is Mei. Okay. Let's go."

As they began heading out, Nick asked Xo, "If you can get into Gia's mind, can you do anything to stop her?"

"You think she's back to trying to assassinate you?"

"I wouldn't put it past Simon. He already sacrificed his supposed favorite with barely a twinge of regret. His Chinese angel? She may have been useful, but..."

"He really is a piece of work."

"Always has been."

When they exited the café, they paused before entering their limos. Three awaited us. "You want to join me?" Xo asked Nick.

"No. I'm heading back to the hotel to find out what happened and to confront Gia if she's there. Than I'm checking out and finding another hotel for us."

"What about Ling?"

"Oh shit. Sorry Ling. I've got a lot on my mind."

"So ... you don't want... ," the strong Chinese woman looked on the verge of tears.

"Of course I do." He leaned down and kissed her. She practically climbed his body embracing him. I noticed the shocked look of her Chinese limo driver before he turned his head away, his hand still holding the door open for her. Nick, ever powerful, climbed into her limo with her still in his arms. Xo entered the limo after, and another Chinese man I hadn't seen followed him in.

I sprinted up to the door before the chauffeur closed it. "Uhm Nick," I started.

"Zhenzhen will accompany you," Xo interrupted.

"That's good," I replied, "but Nick ... I could use some of your essence."

"Betty always has a stash," he said between kisses.

The door closed and when I turned, the third limo began driving away. I went to the middle one and found Zhenzhen cuddled against my wife.

"I need snake essence," I said to her.

"Betty handed me some," she smiled.

I climbed in and sat between Zhenzhen and Chanda. "Where are they headed?" I asked.

"To the hotel. They're going to check on Briana and check out of the hotel."

"Simon will know where we are."

"Not necessarily. We won't be inviting his angels or minions there."

"What about Naomi?"

Helena sighed. "He's sending her home with Tash. To Boston where she'll be safe and secure."

I nodded. "She seems to be the target after all."

"We'll see at Ambassador Tang's."

"And us mortals?"

"Lindy should be fine at the old hotel. Your friends as well. We'll pick them up when we head to the Chateau for rehearsal."

"You think it's safe?"

"It's been so far, and Salomé should balance Helen, since we don't know where that bitch's head is at."

"And Eva?"

Helena sniffled. "I don't know."

"Fucking Simon," I growled quietly.

We arrived at the posh residence of the Ambassador, a four story apartment building. As we began pulling up to the sidewalk, as swift as an eye blink, Gia, rushing out of nowhere towards Nick, found herself pinned to the ground by a much smaller woman, all sinewy flesh, and that infamous blade held steady at her throat. We heard Mandarin exchanged between Xo and Mei, the probable bodyguard.

"He told her not to kill her," said Chanda.

"You know Mandarin?" I asked her.

"I guess I felt compelled to learn it," she shrugged.

"Eva!" Helena yelled.

Our lover stood a few feet from the fancy apartment building's entrance, Salomé standing in front of her with a familiar looking blade in her hand. I felt both relief and fear when my wife ran into Gia's arms and they both sobbed. I approached hand in hand with Zhenzhen.

"Simon sent me to observe," Eva sniffled.

"He didn't give you anything?" I asked her.

"Why would he? I have no confusion of masters. Just confused about loving the enemy I guess. I did remind him if he hurt you, I'd abort the baby. Speaking of babies, who's the babe?"

We chuckled, and after a lingering kiss, my two favorite lovers separated. Nodding at Salomé, I watched her head towards Nick before introducing Xo's angel.

"God you're adorable," said Eva. "I see no problem having Joe want to fill you full of baby batter, unless you don't let me into the fun."

"I heard tell of California blondes," the cutie grinned shyly. "So sexy. So exotic. Can I touch?"

"You can touch me anywhere you want, cutie."

"Pale hair like wheat and skin like apricots," Zhenzhen murmured as she sent small, delicate fingers through Eva's hair and across her face, "and what they call hard bodies. Hard and soft and such nice, full breasts and curvy waist and firm, full bottom."

"You saying I have a big butt?" Eva teased.

"Then what would mine be?" Helena fake pouted.

"Oh, you are yummy. Both of you."

"And she hasn't even tasted us yet," Eva smirked. "You like girls?"

"Only so far."

"So you're a..."

"Virgin, yes. I think I will enjoy not being one."

Eva flashed worried eyes at me.

"I know," I sighed. "But at least I have some Snake Essence."

"That'll help."

"I am nervous," Zhenzhen admitted. "But I do not fear pain."

"Even if it hurts like a bitch?" asked Eva.

"You mean a lot? Yes. Master trained me. He showed me how sudden it is and how quick it disappears. Best to move past it to vanquish threats."


"Xo," I said. "I think he's more of a teacher than anything else, but she is completely devoted to him."

"Of course."

"So he hurt you?" asked Helena.

"He teaches me."

"Well, I think you have exactly the right attitude, cutie," Eva grinned. "And believe me, once it stops stinging like a motherfucker, once you get past that, it's all wonderful, especially with stud here and his two wanton sluts."

"Speak for yourself, wench," Helena smirked.

"Yeah, and you don't find babes for your husband, like cutie here and the poor assassin that Xo's bitch just shoved into the ground, to be delicious dessert after he skewers them on his magnificent hot shaft?"

"Well maybe," Helena admitted with a sexy smirk. "Except I like them for appetizers as well."

My two angels giggled, and the youngest angel blushed adorably, saying, "I wish to be your appetizer."

"To your room then, post haste," Eva ordered within a giggle.

And off we hurried, passing in the lobby three Chinese, one woman and two men, one of the men in uniform as upscale lobby security, holding three blond men at gun or knife point. We took the stairs, since the elevator brought Gia, Mei and the two eternal wanderers up to the top floor. Four floors tired me, but the three angels looked unaffected of course.

I followed several steps behind, regaining my breath, into a large bedroom, a master bedroom in most houses, though I imagined the Ambassador had an even larger room. Everything in the room blended in an eggshell white, making it light and cheerful and seeming even larger. Except, amusingly, the sheets, revealed when Helena pulled back the cover. They were a rich, Communist China red.

"It's as if it were on purpose," Helena mused.

Eva sat on the bed, pulling the smaller Zhenzhen between her thighs, and began stripping the cutie while kissing her. Once the white blouse had been removed, Eva's kisses headed to her neck while she reached behind the creamy skinned youngster to undo her white bra.

"Wait," murmured Zhenzhen. "I want to see you, too."

"Go ahead and strip me," said Eva. "Why don't you, Joe, strip your wife."

Helena moved beside Zhenzhen so that when I removed her blouse and bra, her heavy breasts became easily graspable and kissable for the petite angel.

"You are yummy," Zhenzhen approved after releasing Helena's hardening nipple.

"You are as well," said Eva, tasting the dark brown nipples on sturdy, pale orbs, a little less than a handful for my big hands and quite perfect.

Once breasts had been thoroughly enjoyed, Eva undid the button of Zhenzhen's black slacks and unzipped them, revealing small round perfection. I removed Helena's pants as well, and Zhenzhen approved the shaved mons. "We all are shaved," said Eva.

"Even Joe?" asked the cutie.

"Yep," I smirked.

"Will you do me too?"

"I'd love to," I smiled.

"Ooh," Zhenzhen moaned. My wife had knelt behind her on the soft, off-white carpet, and opened her thighs to an eager tongue.

"Yum," said my wife.

Zhenzhen became much more desperate undoing and removing Eva's pants. Eva had to move momentarily to complete the removal, but quickly returned, opening wide and at the right distance so Zhenzhen could taste her first California blonde pussy.

"Yum," she approved.

I remained clothed, watching. My cock pressed tight at my crotch. Instead of rubbing it, which became unnecessary, what with the visuals of three perfect and remarkably diverse women naked, pleasuring each other, I took my wife's breasts and pussy in hand, giving her the pleasure the others received, albeit not orally.

"Ah, she's good," moaned Eva moments before a quiet tremor and a louder "Fuck" announced her orgasm. Not long after, my wife's exceptional skills gave the cutie her first cum of the evening. She must have teased it out, and given the relatively short time it occurred, the Chinese cutie must have been on edge already, because it was an explosive orgasm and Zhenzhen nearly passed out.

My two lovers easily brought the petite teenager onto the bed, spreading her thighs wide and working each leg from toe to top. "I think she can handle seeing you," Eva suggested.

I stripped. Zhenzhen smiled, watching. Occasionally she moaned, but she never stopped watching.

When the last of my clothing had been removed, and my cock bounced vigorously in front of me, her smile disappeared. Her eyes widened. Awe and trepidation combined on her face.

"Isn't it beautiful?" said Eva.

"So big," Zhenzhen murmured.

My wife and Eva chuckled. "You'll give him even a bigger head saying that," said my wife.

"Would you like to feel it?" I asked.

Cutie only nodded while swallowing.

I knelt near her face. A small, graceful hand approached my cock tentatively. Fingertips began to explore. Her mouth shifted to an adorable smile.

"Cool," she said.

My lovers and I chuckled.

I gave her time. She delighted in discovering the marvels of male plumbing. Even the shaved ball sack and its vulnerable contents came under scrutiny. "Careful," I warned her at that point.

Eventually she brought my glans to her lips, kissing it. Her tongue tasted it. Of course I moaned. She seemed delighted in the sound. Her petite mouth enveloped the glans.

"It may look like a plum," my wife advised, "but resist biting into it. Even scraping your teeth on it reverses all the pleasure you're giving him."

Her nod made me moan. The edges of her well filled mouth rose. I felt exquisite pleasure from her sucking it and her tongue slithering around it. She had learned the tongue had a wonderful effect on me.

With an amusingly loud pop, she removed her mouth. "I want to see what pleasures you," she said. After a moan, my lovers having reached her pussy together, she added, "I want to see you masturbate."

"Okay," I said, grabbing my cock. "But I shouldn't cum." When she looked disappointed, I explained, "My first ejaculation will be my most potent. Later you can watch me shoot semen."

She nodded.

"I'd like to kiss you first. You have the most enticing lips."

When she nodded again, I shifted, ending up pressing along her side. When our lips met, my hand caressed her breasts and teased her nipples. I had wanted to feel them as much as I wanted to kiss her.

The kiss lasted much longer than I thought it would. She ended up being amazing at it. Her petite tongue lured my tongue inside her mouth. They played there before playing inside my mouth. Moans got captured by mouths from both of us. Hers built, louder and more often. Mine remained occasional as my wife or Eva paused their oral attention on the adorable teenager's sweet pussy to give me a quick suck.

Eventually lips separated. Zhenzhen needed air, panting, moaning, and finally yelling her pleasure as she shivered and undulated in bliss.

"You still want to watch me masturbate?" I asked her when the orgasm abated.

Shaking her head, she murmured, "Please. I am ready for you."

I nodded and climbed between her thighs, as pale and petite and perfect as the rest of her. Looking at my wife briefly—I wanted to keep eye contact as much as possible with the blushing cutie—Helena gestured to the container on the bed and murmured, "We coated her insides as deep as possible, and your cock as well."

"She should have drank some," I sighed.

"We were too desperate I guess," she chuckled, kissing my cheek, as I had turned to watch our new lover.

Eva led me in, rubbing my glans against virgin lips, adding the sweet coating of natural lubricant abundant there to their saliva and Nick's essence.

"Please," Zhenzhen murmured. I kissed her soft, bee stung lips briefly before lifting my head up and pressing my glans in.

"God," she moaned.

"Good?" I asked her.

"Yes," she breathed. "My pussy feels everything. Every nerve ending feels wonderfully alive."

"I feel everything too," I murmured. "You clutch me like the tightest, slickest, hottest hand I ever felt."

I remained shallow inside her, fucking her slowly. Eva added clit strokes, though distracted, since she and Helena had formed a soixante-neuf, their own needs being elevated by Snake's elixir.

"Please," Zhenzhen finally moaned, her hips lifting dangerously against my thrusts. I saw Eva put more effort in her rub, actually pinching the clit. I squeezed and twisted taut nipples. At the same time, I thrust deep, not quite reaching her cervix, but it couldn't have been much deeper. It had to be a violent stab to break through the toughest hymen in existence, all the other angels having been long rid of theirs.

"Aiaiee!" poor Zhenzhen wailed.

"Sorry," I said, kissing her tight face and remaining as still as possible.

"That fucking hurt," she said, but smiled. We even shared a laugh. The vibrations made her cringe a little though.

"I'm..." I started.

"Don't you dare apologize again to me," she scolded and pulled me into another wonderful kiss.

I knew when she began shifting her hips against mine that she wanted to be fucked. When I tried pulling away from the kiss, her strong hands prevented it. I had no problem with that.

My cock pulled back a few inches and pushed deeper than before. No cervix yet. A couple inches remained. I pushed them in on the next thrust. Only then did I feel the hint of a protective wall. "Another perfect pussy for my cock," I thought as I initiated longer thrusts, pulling back farther and pushing in faster and harder.

"Mmm," she murmured in approval, pulling me harder into the kiss.

I got the message. I ramped things up gradually. Every thrust had a matching thrust at perfect tempo. Lifting caused her tight depths to tighten even more. Already she had matched Miwa in the narrowness and exquisite friction I felt, and with further tightening it felt as if a fist held me harder than it should, and yet the walls remained slick and slippery. I couldn't last much longer, even with the abundant training my cock had gone through.

Luckily she reached the edge as well. Pulling back from the kiss, she moaned, "Fuck me hard. Twist my nipples." Since I was already pounding into her, I went into overdrive. I squeezed and twisted harshly as she commanded. Her upward thrusts ended. Her breathing stopped. A lengthy squeal emerged. Her body went tight. I fucked as hard as ever through it, bringing me over as well.

As I undulated, sending potent seed into her uterus, she undulated with me. I watched her gaze at me, eyes wide as possible, skin in full blush, before I closed my eyes and felt the shivers surround my spurting cock, shimmering directionally, pulling every bit of fecund seed to her awaiting egg that had a much longer time awaiting this very thing to happen than any mortal woman.

I'm certain one brave seed penetrated then, but other waves of spermatozoa followed that evening. One thing about devirginizing an angel, they never became irritated by too much fucking, even the first time.

She got to watch me masturbate after that. It fascinated her, especially when I shot threads of cum onto her lovely breasts, which she rubbed in and tasted. I had straddled her hips for the demonstration, enjoying the sight of those breasts and that adorable face.

Next came fellatio, taught by my expert lovers. She had tasted me off her breasts, and though Eva claimed it tastes better directly, she didn't want that experience yet. Not that she couldn't handle it, and maybe even enjoy it, at least feeling the spurts fill her mouth, but she explained every seed possible needed to be sent at her egg.

Since her training occurred with me on my back, it became obvious that her next fuck would be cowgirl. She seemed to enjoy it more than missionary. And with her angel strength, she could ride me as long as she wanted, which ended up being through a couple large orgasms. After my two previous cums, I easily lasted through her ride, even with her tight pussy and the view of her bobbing tits.

"What should we try next?" she asked bubbly, causing the rest of us to chuckle.

"Doggy style?" I offered hopefully. I wanted to grasp her wonderful tusch, not to mention staring at it and the curve of her waist.

When she looked confused, I said, "Turn over and lift that sweet ass high."

"Like the way horses fuck," she said, doing as suggested.

"And dogs," I chuckled, taking position and letting Eva aim me.

"Ooh," she moaned as I penetrated deep. "I like this." After a second thrust sent my glans to bounce, luckily just barely, against her cervix, she added "You feel even deeper and bigger," and after another thrust, "and your balls slap my clit. But..." she moaned, "I seem to have a mouth here that could be useful. I want to taste you Helena."

Helena eagerly sat at the head of the bed, legs spread wide. My view got better, watching her twist her nipples as our young Chinese slut once again showed her ability at giving oral pleasure. Even distracted by a couple more cums, she managed to tease my wife into a full on, trembling one as well.

Only when I began the swift, hard thrusts that preluded my next orgasm did she lift her talented mouth from Helena's pussy, moaning, "Squeeze my nipples, Joe."

"I'll get it," Eva smiled, removing damp fingers from her cunny and sliding beneath our new lover. Her teeth must have gripped one teat while fingers abused the other.

Thanking her silently, I fucked our young angel as hard and fast as possible, fighting exhaustion by embracing the wonderful friction.

Orgasm overwhelmed me. I couldn't wait for hers. But she screamed, "I can feel your hot cum!" before becoming seized by another enormous climax. We shivered and shook together as my cock pulsed within her shimmering pussy. So fucking good.

Being only human, I collapsed onto my back, panting to recover my breath, my penis, for the first time since entering the bed, a small flaccid thing. My angels giggled at my condition. Zhenzhen reacted altogether differently, and much more diplomatically. She kissed me from head to toe, pausing longer at mouth, nipples, and penis for, by far, the longest time. Even if it created no reaction, she didn't care.

Between kisses, she praised me as a lover and as a friend. I thought the latter odd, since we hadn't known each other for many hours, mostly silently in bed, though we had chatted quite wonderfully at the café. She clarified it. "I have known friends and lovers," she said, "only girls and women for the last of course. But I realized tonight they were not friends or even lovers. I have always been treated differently. Even my sister angels treat me as a baby, really. And Grandfather treats me as his devoted and obedient student and servant, since I must be abject with him to show him true respect. And my so called friends treated me with a kind of awe that made feel like a curious and even delicate object. Delicate," she chuckled. We did too. "You never treated me like that. Definitely not when you fucked me." She practically purred when she said that and gave my torpid appendage a squeeze. "Sure you teased me. Well, not you. Evil Eva over there. But even that was far friendlier than my sisters' condescending teases, sharing it with me rather than laughing at me. No, I felt like an equal with you, with all of you. It made me feel warm inside, and hot in one particular place, or maybe two, my pussy and my heart. It felt ... like love."

"We love you, too," I said.


"Yes," said Eva and Helena.

"And I know exactly how you feel," Eva added. "It was new to me too, even if I had many, many pricks fucking me before."

"Me too," said Helena. "Joe was my first true love, and Eva my second."

"It's not too soon then?" Zhenzhen asked. "I know I'm young and foolish. Grandfather reminds me of that quite often. Even now." She went blank, just as Nick's angels go blank, without that blissful look Gia and Chanda shared. "Interesting," I thought.

When she returned, she smiled, her adorable face facing me as it rested on my thigh, her fingers absently playing with my penis which twitched and began to thicken and rise. "Master asks if perhaps two more might fit in my bed. He actually asked," she grinned wider, her cut dimples deepening.

"It is quite a large bed for such a little girl," Eva teased.

"Fuck you, bitch," said Zhenzhen, causing laughter to fill the large bedroom.

"You're all woman as far as I'm concerned," Eva retracted. "Even if you're petite and cute as can be."

"But not sexy?"

"Are you kidding?" I said. "Cute is sexy as far as I'm concerned, and you are by far the greatest combination of those two interlocked aspects as any woman I have ever known or met or seen."

Helena chuckled, "A bit of a save there, adding the last two things. But you should know, sweet Zhenzhen, that Joe never really had a chance."


"Well, even though he claims to find me to be the sexiest woman alive..."

"Which you are," I interjected.

"And Eva's a close second."

"Of course," Eva smirked.

Helena only shook her head, Eva giggling, before continuing, "He definitely has a thing for Oriental women. And you, my adorable new lover, may represent what appeals to him best regarding your race."

As if to prove her wrong, a tall, slim, gorgeous, and incredibly sexy Chinese woman entered along with a much shorter, somewhat rounder and nearly as sexy Thai woman.

"Hi," said Zhenzhen shyly, even if she remained naked on her side caressing my thickening cock. "Welcome."

I could see Helena tighten and Eva bow her head sadly since she held my wife, spooning behind her.

"It's okay," Chanda told us.

"I am no longer Simon's exotic assassin," Gia explained. She studied Zhenzhen's body predatorily. "You're even more adorable naked."

"And sexy?" Zhenzhen asked shyly.

"Most definitely," Gia practically growled in her lust. Both she and Chanda began stripping, Gia more quickly.

Zhenzhen giggled at my cock, hardening swiftly, her lips enveloped it even as her eyes never strayed from Gia's unveiling. "Maybe not the sexiest Oriental," she commented after my cock popped out of her mouth, getting to full erection, and before it returned inside.

"You are though," I told her. "But Gia stirs me almost as much."

"Mmm," she hummed gloriously on my cock. Once more pausing her natural talent, she purred, "I don't blame you," and engulfed it again.

"I brought toys," Chanda announced, removing her panties, revealing her lovely round breasts and ass, especially the latter when she bent down to remove three dildos and three harnesses from her bag. Two of the fake cocks neared my size, while the other was slim, though nearly as long. A jar of Snake essence also appeared.

"Good," I said. "I'm afraid my fragile, mortal cock needs all the help it can get."

"Straddle his face, cutie," said Gia as she straddled my hips, guiding me into her hot pussy. Not as tight as Zhenzhen's, but none had ever been. It still felt incredible, especially when muscles massaged me as I penetrated her all the way. "I want to enjoy your cute body and watch your cute face cum on his tongue."

"Wait," I said, gently pushing Zhenzhen back. Her pussy ended up pressing the top of my head. "Just a second, sweetheart," I told her, catching her eyes and her disappointment. But her face transformed into a grin. I grinned back. She bounced up and turned around and hugged me and kissed me. We exchanged fond looks.

"Sweetheart," she murmured. "Go ahead."

"Uhm yeah," I reset myself, pulling my eyes reluctantly from her cute face, although shifting to Gia, her lean graceful body, her incredibly beautiful face, and my cock embedded fully inside her, made it easier. "So how is it Simon no longer commands you?"

"Xo," Gia explained, beginning to post slowly on my cock. "Once I recovered from whatever Simon gave me, muffling all but him in my mind, making me completely subservient to his commands, I realized that fucking asshole wanted me dead. No way would I succeed in killing Nick. Why Mei didn't kill me, I have no idea."

"You were lucky it was Mei," said Zhenzhen. "That black angel would have killed you, wouldn't have she?"

"Probably," Helena admitted. "With Salomé, you wouldn't have had a chance."

"I guess it's lucky I followed," said Eva.

"Yes," said Zhenzhen. "Lucky for me too." They exchanged lusty grins. "But though Salomé is obviously a powerful angel, I believe Mei to be older. Salomé bowed to her greater ability."

"Even protecting Nick?" I asked.

"Nick must have insisted," Helena presumed.

"Because of Xo," Chanda nodded.

"That's a lot of trust between eternal wanderers who have been virtual strangers until now," I said. "Mei's much older, isn't she?"

"The oldest angel," said Chanda. "The first I think."

I thought about the supposed African wanderer, but felt it pointless to quibble. I asked Gia, "I understand why you would rid yourself of the asshole, but how I don't understand."

"I think it has to do with what each wanderer developed over millennia," Gia answered carefully while continuing her slow post on me. Though the conversation distracted her, I could see her pleasure, especially when she closed her eyes and grinned. "With Simon you get persuasion of a forceful kind, and his interest in chemistry for centuries, only getting real results since the Nazis, has added to his mastery. Nick persuades through seduction."

"Makes sense," I agreed breathlessly. "Nick gets a kick out of imagining himself the serpent in the Garden of Eden, embracing immorality and encouraging sin from ever sinful mankind. Lust especially, with a smattering of gluttony, pride and envy. But I think self-knowledge and self-awareness the snake supposedly bestowed, much the way his other role model, Prometheus, brought man fire and knowledge and got tortured for the effort, interests Nick most about both those myths."

"And with Xo," Gia continued, "It has to do with the workings of the mind. What sparks when thought happens, and where it sparks. Or when meditating, what gets shut off. Or what relation does the brain have to the physical and the emotional. He probably knows more about the history and current status of brain scans and post-mortem biopsies than anyone."

"And his telepathy has allowed him to scan brains for millennia without any tools," said Helena between laps of Eva's pussy in their soixante-neuf position.

"Exactly. He found Simon's presence in my brain and sort of sealed it off, like the way we can set aside our masters' intrusions for a while, only permanently."

"Cool," I said. "But then Simon is still present."


"Do you know about Naomi, and the way Simon tortures her brain with scrapings, giving her horrible headaches?"

"No I didn't, but that explains the irritation I've been feeling, like the way I've heard mortals describe a scratchy throat."

"Not painful?"

"Just annoying. But I am learning to ignore it."


"I want Joe's tongue," Zhenzhen cutely interrupted, moving away from Chanda's diddling her pussy from behind and straddling my face, bring its petite deliciousness to my mouth.

By her angle, I figured the Chinese angels were exchanging kisses and fondling. "Bite and squeeze them," the younger one moaned, confirming my suspicions. I quickly swallowed the results. Zhenzhen's nectar, though not shooting forth, came plentifully, and I enjoyed the quiet pungency and the more intense sweetness of it.

Not long after, Gia reached her climax, stiffening above me so that I became the fucker. But even while still in enthralled by an intense orgasm, Gia pressed me down and lifted, bringing a squeeze around my cock while her strong interior muscles rippled. Three of those amazing squeezes lured me to let loose.

"I'm going to cum," I announced against Zhenzhen's muffling pussy.

"I want it," the youngster demanded, and I soon found my mouth free, my cock trembling naked, with Gia giggling as she toppled to the side giving Zhenzhen her place. Zhenzhen bent her head down to watch as she grasped my cock in her petite hand and guided me in.

A Mandarin yes groaned from her lips as she sent my cock all the way into her depths. I took hold of her perky tits, squeezing each nipple the way she liked it. In an instant, she rode me faster than Gia ever had, and I bucked back until, seconds later, I felt my release as if all of me got sent through that little pee-hole. As I ejaculated, she moaned even louder and kept her fast ride going, the slippery grip of her tight cunt like the fastest fisting ever. But just as the last of my seminal fluids pumped out, just before things would become too sensitive, she halted, and screamed, and the shimmering ripples of her orgasmic pussy added more pleasure to one of the most blissful climaxes I had ever felt.

After that, the conscious world disappeared.

I don't know if the rocking bed or incredible wet warmth enveloping my cock to its base awoke me.

"Is he ready?" Zhenzhen asked with raspy voice once she pulled her throat and mouth off my cock.

The other angels giggled. Eva, who had her strap-on phallus embedded in Zhenzhen's asshole explained, "More important for you to be ready."

"I am," the cutie insisted.

Eva pulled out, revealing the narrow dildo. Helena, her strap-on embedded in Zhenzhen's pussy, demonstrated her amazing strength by lifting the two of them, Zhenzhen's arms and legs clutching her, and knee-walking over my legs into position. Eva held my cock, directing it to Zhenzhen's dilated but still small anus. With a nod of her head, I felt the tight barrier of the adorable angel's sphincter reluctantly open and let my plum in.

Zhenzhen moaned in Mandarin. "Fucking big," Gia translated while she fucked Chanda doggy style so they could both watch.

"Too much?" asked my wife.

"No!" Zhenzhen practically screamed. "Please!"

With a chuckle, Helena lowered Zhenzhen, lifting soon after, beginning the slow but inevitable task of filling that tight orifice, even tighter than the exceptionally tight pussy, with all of my cock.

After kissing me and while caressing my balls, Eva explained, "We coated her asshole with Snake essence, and she drank some of it with wine."

"Good," I moaned.

"I wish I could face him," said Zhenzhen in a moaning, adorable whine.

"Next time," my wife grinned before her mouth met Zhenzhen's in a long kiss.

Zhenzhen broke the kiss. "Is he in?" she asked.

"All the way," I replied.

"You okay?" Helena asked her.

"Fucking intense," the cutie answered. "I love it."

Then she bent back gracefully, like the most skilled of ballerinas, until her head rested against my chest. Knowing what she wanted, I lifted my torso until her mouth reached mine, and we kissed powerfully, tongues sliding around each other in the most intimate and aggressive of pas de deux.

That opened up space for Eva to play with the teen's nipples and clit, both digitally and orally. Helena's breasts had been grasped from the beginning by Zhenzhen's hands, and with the phalange on the dildo, she had not been left out of getting pleasured.

Measuring the volume of her moans, even muffled by the kiss, Helena and I determined our new lover loved it when we alternated thrusts, especially when my glans slid under the tip of Helena's faux cock at its deepest during my retreat.

I soon learned Mandarin for fuck and God as Zhenzhen repeated them often, gasping them after breaking the kiss.

Things went haywire, and any purposeful tempo went out the window and became unnecessary, when all three of us, and in fact all five, since the doggy style fuck going on beside us had reached a crescendo, became overcome by orgasms. Zhenzhen bounced around frenetically between her two impalers before going still, except for the shivers and undulating waves. I too went still, buried deep, feeling every nuance of throbbing release and of the ripples of my new lover's interior, especially the almost excruciating squeezes of her sphincter. My wife continued her assault through several fast thrusts before pushing deep just as our lover remarked in a wondrous moan, "I feel your hot cum pumping into my bowels."

We toppled to our sides, Helena simultaneously extracting her dildo. Somehow hard enough to remain inside, maybe because of the pulses, echoes of the intense orgasm Zhenzhen had experienced, in that incredibly tight place, or the restrictive band of her fluttering sphincter keeping my blood from escaping, our connection lasted several minutes. Her torso twisted and my back bent, we occupied that time with gentle, loving kisses, our eyes opening between them, seeing our soft grins. Hers, on her sweet, adorable face, took my breath away as much as all the fucking the evening before and that morning. Maybe that's what kept me hard.

But I did slip out, and she turned around and hugged me. Reaching back, she brought Helena into the hug, and reaching between two bodies, she brought Eva into it as well.

"Lovers," she murmured, "Grandfather wishes me to remain with you through our pregnancy and after. If that will be okay."

"Of course," I murmured back, my body suddenly letting loose a tightness I hadn't even noticed.

My lovers affirmed the new addition to my life, our life, and despite the ever increasing sum that entailed, it felt overwhelmingly right. We reaffirmed our love as well.

"Good," said Zhenzhen cutely. "Before me and Joe leave to attend certain ... uhm ... necessities, I want to know if Gia and Chanda will agree with Grandfather to help tutor me."

"He wishes you to be an assassin?" asked Gia.

"Perhaps more to be ready for it," Zhenzhen answered, getting a nod from Gia.

"And me?" Chanda asked.

"I shall be your assistant in your filmmaking if you will let me."

"Does that interest you?"

"Very much. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and videos. Grandfather praises me, so I must have some talent at it."


The two oriental beauties exchanged smiles.

"Good. And while we take care of things," Zhenzhen continued while pulling me with her off the bed, "you must bring Eva to ecstasy. I wish her evil smile to be changed to a smile of complete satisfaction."

"Yes Princess," Helena smirked before grabbing hold of her lover and pulling her onto her back and into a hard kiss.

"What are you doing?" asked Zhenzhen when I looked through the clothing on the floor.

"Uhm, I need something to wear?"

"Unnecessary," she giggled and pulled me to a door and through, closing it securely behind us. Inside I found a well-appointed and large bathroom with two sinks, a fancy looking tub and glassed in shower stall. She hopped into my arms, kissing me while pressing her damp pussy against my abdomen. "Shower, lover. I will join you in a little bit."

I nodded and entered the shower. Though easily large enough for two, with a recessed area in the wall that looked useful for a shower fuck, it had a single nozzle, maybe five inches in diameter, and obviously adjustable, and a second handheld hose resting beneath it. I guess I figured it would be one of those multiple spraying showers like washing in a rainstorm or something. Glad it wasn't though. This was much easier to figure out.

Even over the pouring water I heard the less than sexy sound of farting. She probably hoped I hadn't, but I just shrugged to myself. Intimacy isn't always sexy to say the least. But in a way, accepting a body's natural functions, and even more so from eternal angels, goddesses in the flesh, had its own sexiness exactly in the intimacy it engendered. It reminded me of the slobby eating habits of Betty and Naomi's grating whine, which made them more human and less awesomely angelic. I had a feeling submissiveness would be the cutie's major flaw, and just as Helena's had been her inability to accept how overwhelming sexy she was (and is), especially in terms of her thick, incredibly sexy thighs, neither feelings were deserved.

Eventually the amazingly adorable Chinese angel joined me in the shower, looking adorably shy. Pawing my flaccid penis, cleaned like the rest of me except my hair, she sighed. "I suppose he's done for the day."

"At least for now," I chuckled, kissing the black hair atop her head.

She grinned cutely up at me. "Sounds hopeful," she said.

Taking body soap and washcloth in hand, I told her, "Time to clean your luscious body." That made her grin even wider.

Enjoying the task would be an understatement. I loved the feeling of her soft flesh and the tautness beneath it. I teased her a bit, waiting to be much more thorough with nipples and pussy, even if both of us wished me to concentrate on them. Once I got to her tits, I became overly thorough. And when I worked on her pussy, dropping the cloth after scrubbing labia and anus to bring fingers to bear on the interior and the extended clit at the top, with fingers squeezing a nipple and teeth gnawing the other, I gave her one final orgasm. Unlike the other one, this one remained quiet, even though she did tremble a little.

"Mmm," she murmured after it abated, and brought my mouth to hers in a light, appreciative kiss. She must have felt something oily or dirty when her fingers combed through my hair, because she said, "Can I shampoo you?"

"Me first," I said.

She agreed, and her lovely round butt managed to feel my bit of tumescence as she sat in my lap while I messaged the suds into her scalp. I knew because she shifted back and forth over it, encouraging further development.

When I spanked her at the completion of the shampooing, she let out an adorable mewl while rubbing her cute butt. "What was that for?" she asked me.

"For being an incorrigible slut," I explained.

"It's your fault," she pouted. "You and your two incorrigible lovers. But ... uhm ... you can spank me anytime you like."

"You liked it?"

"It shocked me, but in a good way."

"You are so fucking cute."

She pouted again. It stirred my heart and my cock again. Standing, she grabbed the hose and washed my hair. Shampoo soon followed. Her petite fingers felt perfect massaging my scalp.

She sighed. "I wish I wasn't so fucking cute."

"Why?" I asked.

"I will never be considered serious. I will never be considered a real woman."

"I love your cuteness," I responded. "It overwhelms me, but in a good way. It takes my breath away. I understand what you're saying. I want you to think of it differently."

"How?" she asked.

"I presume you have been trained as a warrior, just like all angels seem to be trained, but especially Xo's I bet, since it's such an important part of your culture."

"Yes. Mostly Mei trains me."

"Then you must be formidable."

"I have done well. Mei praises me, though she tends towards praising more than Grandfather to train me. She is by far my favorite sister. She lets them tease me, but never teases."

"As a warrior, wouldn't you say one of the most important things to achieve victory is surprise?"

"Maybe the most important." Since I had my eyes closed, I could hear rather than see her smile. "Oh Joe, you are such a sweetheart," she exclaimed, pulling me forward on the seat, sitting in my lap, and pulling my mouth to hers.

After the kiss, she murmured into my mouth, while clutching my half hard cock, "It's almost ready to fuck me."

"Almost being the key word, sweetheart," I told her. "But maybe you could rinse away the suds so I can look at you?"

"Sorry," she peeped, hopping off my lap. Hosing away the shampoo while giving me quick kisses and quick squeezes of my penis, she managed to get me a little harder. Replacing the hose while I once more could admire her pale, petite body, she leaned back onto my lap, taking my cock and finding the hole she wanted it in.

"Zhenzhen," I murmured as my cock struggled to be stiff enough to enter her small slit. When it finally did, and my new lover eased it deeper, I said, "I don't think I can cum again."

"That's okay," she said. "I just want it inside me. I want you inside me and embracing me." I did as asked, my arms around her. One hand held her breast while the other held her thigh, the pinky finger resting against her pudendum.

We barely moved, only shifting at all when she said, "Lift me forward. I want to turn off the water." Heavier than she looked, I felt stronger those days than I ever had, and easily moved her close enough to shut the water off. We immediately returned to sitting.

My hands idly caressed her breasts and thigh, the latter hand occasionally touching where we connected and above, at her rigid pin. She moaned quietly during those moments, her excitement apparent both in those moans and the rigidity of her clit.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked her.

"That's okay," she returned, leaning back, obviously expecting a kiss, which I brought her.

Afterwards she began rocking in my arms and humming. The barest of friction resulted, which sustained my half hard erection rather than increasing it. "What are you humming?" I asked her.

"It is a very ancient love song Mei taught me, of course very sad."

"Will you sing it?"

Like the rest of her, her voice took my breath away. The small chamber, just as all singing in bathrooms seem to sound better, caused her voice to reverberate, adding immeasurably to her tone. But I knew it didn't need the help to sound exquisite. High timbered as expected from her small body, it had a tenderness and delicateness that expressed emotions brilliantly. Even if I had no clue what she sang, I understood it emotionally. And her voice may have been delicate, yet it sounded strong, like it could be heard at the back of a large auditorium.

When she finished, sniffling and giggling simultaneously, I whispered into her ear, "That was truly exquisite, sweetheart. Have you ever sang onstage?"

"Never," she said. "I am too shy."

"Would you consider it?"

She paused. Her rocking had ceased when the song ended. When she lifted up, letting my cock slip out, I immediately missed the wet, tight heat that had enclosed it. But when she turned around and sat facing me on my lap, the joy of her adorable face and caring eyes made me forget all about it.

"You really want me to?" she asked.

"I do," I said.

"For you I will consider it."

"It won't just be for me, sweetheart," I retorted. "It will be for all those who get to hear you."

"Thank you, Joe," she smiled and kissed me, strong and loving, an appropriate denouement to a perfect first encounter of two mated hearts.

We dried ourselves separately, and in complete silence, enjoying watching the other getting caressed by the towel. Hanging the wet towels, she took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. She giggled and I chuckled seeing Eva completely sated surrounded by angels looking proud and almost as sated.

"Good job," said Zhenzhen, causing laughter to fill the room.

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