Summer School
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An earhquake releases dormant Lifeforms giving them a second chance to prey upon humans. They team up with Diana who converts a closed down motel into a summer school.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Fiction   Aliens   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   School  

01. The Lifeforms:
02. Diana Meets Her Enhancer:
03. The Summer School:
04. The Classroom:
05. Evan and Michelle:
06. Evan and Rapture:
07. Evan and His Enhancer:
08. Michelle and Evan, Discovery:

01. The Lifeforms:

Diana had inherited a three story motel which was no longer being used. The motel had lost all of its travelling guests when the new Interstate opened and she is the only one living in it.

It was late afternoon when the earth tremor shook the motel and Diana toured the building to see if there was any damage. After she was satisfied that everything was fine, she decided to go to the Gym room for her afternoon workout.

What she didn't know was the shifting ground had opened an underground opening in the lower level of the motel to a colony of Lifeforms that have been dormant for over a century. Prior to an earthquake trapping them below the ground, the colony had used mind control to sexually exploit humans and the Lifeforms were affectionately referred to as the Enhancers. The shape of the Enhancers are rounded, varying from small to large and are crystal clear, gel-like balls.

A few of the Enhancers spread undetected throughout the motel mapping its floors, rooms and the maintenance hallways. They saw pictures and articles of the motel when it was in use and soon learned that Diana was the only one living in it. They devised a plan to use her to draw more humans into the motel.

02. Diana Meets Her Enhancer:

1. Diana, Enhancer, Preparation:
2. Diana, Enhancer, Hair Removal:
3. Diana, Enhancer, Breast Enhancement:
4. Diana, Enhancer, Clitoris Enhancement:
5. Diana, Enhancer, Vaginal Enhancement:
6. Diana, Enhancer, Testing:
7. Diana, Enhancer, Conditioning:

1. Diana, Enhancer, Preparation:

Since Diana is all by herself, her routine is to exercise in the nude and quickly undressed. The Enhancers were watching her and when they saw her nakedness, remberences of a female's anatomy returned to their collective minds, and one of them was chosen to prepare Diana for their use.

Diana went to a mirrored wall and raised up a support rail so she could do her leg exercises. It was then that she saw a large, clear ball rolling toward her. Her first thought was that one of the gym's exercise balls had gotten loose but then she remembered that none of them were transparent looking or were that large. The Enhancer rolled to a stop in front of her, its height was level with her knees, and she looked at it with puzzlement filling her face. When it didn't move, Diana's curiosity got the better of her and she reached out and touched it with her right hand.

Diana's life was about to change forever.

The touch was all the Enhancer needed and it immediately secreted a chemical that was absorbed into the skin of her hand. Within seconds, her mind became 'compliant' and open to the subliminal 'suggestions' that the Lifeforms would give her.

She felt the Enhancer move onto her feet and her first reaction was to back away but a strange sense of calmness overrode her nervousness. The roundness flowed between and around both of her lower legs, spreading them apart, and a dazed Diana looked at the mirrored wall and saw that she was standing within a clear gel-like ball. It felt warm, soft and pliable as it continued its upward journey onto the middle of her thighs causing her to tense, knowing it was getting too close to her sex. The Enhancer sensed her anxieties and filled her mind with thoughts of pleasure which Diana couldn't understand, and she tried to shake the unwanted feelings that were seeping into her genitals

A startled gasp was heard when the massaging surface formed over the folds of her labia and pressed onto her clitoral hood. The Enhancer continued its upward flow onto her breasts, shoulders and then down over her arms. As she looked at herself in the mirrored wall, her mind was trying to figure out what was happening to her and why she wasn't screaming for all this to end.

Diana sighed when she felt her breasts being encased within two massaging pouches and then gasped when depressions, formed into suckling 'mouths' and descended onto her nipples. She felt pressure on the back of her spread legs and watched as she was put into a sitting position with her bent knees brought back slightly toward her hips. She couldn't believe the erotic position that her body was in and, for the first time, tried to struggle in a futile effort to break free, but the Enhancer limited her movements to small shifts and twists.

The Enhancer's attention now moved to her flared sex and a 'mouth' like depression formed over the tip of her clitoris, slipping into her clitoral hood. Diana gasped loudly when her clitoris was coaxed out of its protective cover and into the Enhancer's suctioning 'mouth'. At the same time, she felt a warm thickness slipping between the folds of her labia and begin caressing her inner lips. All her anxious thoughts quickly faded from her mind when the sensations from her labia, clitoris, breasts and nipples merged together.

The Enhancer now had Diana under its control and reduced its massaging and suckling actions.

2. Diana, Enhancer, Hair Removal:

Diana tensed when she felt a warm liquid being secreted onto her body from her shoulders to her feet, including the junction of her thighs and between the cheeks of her buttocks. In a few seconds she felt exquisite popping sensations saturating her body and her eyes opened wide when saw her hair slowly dissolving, and gasped when unexpected sensations began seeping into her breasts, nipples, clitoris and labia. In a few more seconds, a stunned Diana saw her hairless, smooth body without the thick patch of hair hiding her labia.

The Enhancer's attention now moved to her sex and a 'mouth' formed over the tip of her clitoris and slipped into her clitoral hood. Diana had no time to react and gasped again when her clitoris was coaxed out of its protective cover and into the suctioning 'mouth'. At the same time a warm thickness slipped between the folds of her labia and began caressing her inner lips. Her mind reeled from all the feelings that the Enhancer was giving her and she moaned when the sensations from her labia, clitoris, breasts and nipples merged together.

The Enhancer now had Diana under its control and reduced its massaging and suckling actions.

3. Diana, Enhancer, Breast Enhancement:

The massaging pouches released their enhancement chemicals and Diana felt a wonderful warmth seeping into each of her breasts, followed by an exquisite firmness. She looked at the mirrored wall and a mix of nervousness and elation filled her mind when she saw her breasts beginning to expand within the Enhancer's clear pouches.

Breasts: 34A
Nipples: 5/16"

As her breasts grew, her nipples became more sensitive to the suckling 'mouths' and Diana began thrusting her firm breasts and erect, tingling nipples into the kneading and suckling pouches.

Breasts: 34B
Nipples: 3/8"

Her dazed eyes couldn't believe how full and firm her breasts were beginning to look and feel, and how hard her erect nipples felt.

Breasts: 34B
Nipples: 7/16"

The expanding pouches now had more to work on and the kneading, massaging and suckling intensified.

Breasts: 34C
Nipples: 1/2"

The Enhancer now had Diana's breasts and nipples at their targeted size and the pouches settled down to a wonderful purring action. The audience smiled knowingly when they saw the look on Diana's face.

4. Diana, Enhancer, Clitoris Enhancement:

The warm suckling 'mouth' and 'throat' of the clitoral sheath renewed its attention to her rigid clitoris causing Diana to shift her hips in an attempt to get more of the sensations. As the suckling 'mouth' attended to her excited clitoris, the warm thickness that was nestled within her inner lips intensified its caressing actions.

Diana gasped when she felt a firmness filling her clitoris as it began to expand within the Enhancer's suckling 'throat'.

Clitoris: 3/8" x 1/4"... 1/2" x 1/4"

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Diana's clitoris edged further out of its clitoral hood.

Clitoris: 5/8" x 3/8"... 3/4" x 3/8"

As her clitoris extended, the more excited the rigid organ became and her squeals of joy became louder as the 'throat' had more and more to suckle on. Her hands were frantically opening and closing with a desperate need to touch her expanding organ but the Enhancer held her arms firmly.

Clitoris: 7/8" x 1/2"... 1.00" x 1/2"

Diana's hips bucked forward, thrusting her clitoris into the suctioning 'mouth' trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. She was fast approaching her clitoral orgasm and moaned with denial when the 'throat' reduced its sucking actions to rippling massages.

5. Diana, Enhancer, Vaginal Enhancement:

Diana was now ready for the enhancements to her vagina. She became more aware of the thickness that was caressing her wet inner lips and instead of trying to shift herself away from probing head, pushed her sex downward as a need to be penetrated filled her mind. The head of the phallus nudged upward and Diana's elastic opening slipped over the slick head as it slowly moved into her welcoming vagina and a long moan of joy was heard as a wonderful fullness stretched its way into the depths her womanhood.

The phallus began secreting its enhancing chemicals and Diana gasped as rippling antsy sensations gripped the entire length of her vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8" x 2.0" erection and the sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of her vaginal sheath. The Enhancer now focused its attention on Diana's Skene's gland or 'G' spot. Her body bucked and jerked and she squealed in joy as the excited nest of nerve endings were extended and the gland was enhanced to produce twice the amount of vaginal fluids secreted during an orgasm.

Diana's mind was saturated with sexual sensations that she had never felt before and her vaginal muscles clenched around her thick Lover in an attempt to get it to do something ... anything, that would satisfy her desperate need to have a vaginal orgasm.

6. Diana, Enhancer, Testing:

A hiss of joy was heard when the 'throat' encasing her rigid organ of joy restarted its suctioning actions and the pouches renewed their attention to her firm breasts and erect nipples.

The Enhancer's phallus withdrew from her clenching vaginal passage until its head was just inside her clasping inner lips and then thrust into the depths of her enflamed passage. Incoherent sounds of joy escaped Diana's mouth as her Lover began a rhythmic series of slow, ecstatic, upward thrusts.

A series of expanding and contracting ribs rose up from the surface of the phallus which heightened the ecstatic sensations that were saturating her mind. Her mouth and eyes opened wide as unbelievable sensations exploded from within her steamy passage as her vaginal walls began to spasm and clench around her thick Lover. The flexing thickness searched for and found Diana's enhanced Skene's gland began caressing the soft, hyper-sensitive tissues causing Diana to cry out with sexual joy.

Her hips squirmed excitedly onto her buried Lover and she gurgled as it slowly pulled out and stroked back in. The Enhancer started a series of rhythmic thrusts, full in and full out, fast and then slow, catapulting Diana into sexual frenzy. Her body tried to counter thrust but all she could do was sit there and let the ecstatic sensations flood throughout her mind and body.

Her body was telling her that she was going to orgasm and she suddenly froze when her vaginal passage clenched and spasmed along the entire length of her Lover. The pulsing head thickened as it twisted and turned and Diana felt the most incredible sensations that she had ever felt when the phallus began to forcefully ejaculate deep inside her vagina and cervix. The warm, thick ejaculant gushed and filled her vaginal passage causing it to ecstatically balloon. Her body bucked and jerked as her all consuming orgasm rumbled throughout her body like a series of freight trains. Diana wailed from the power of her orgasm and the Enhancer feasted on her enhanced orgasmic fluids.

Diana's mind went into orgasmic overload, and she lost consciousness, slumping into the supporting blanket of Enhancer.

7. Diana, Enhancer, Conditioning:

While she was unconscious, the conditioning chemicals in the Enhancer's ejaculate flowed into her mind, bonding her to the Enhancers. Her mind began filling with 'suggestions' and sexual 'techniques' to give males and females sexual satisfaction. She was given a special attraction toward mid-teen girls and boys and would do whatever was asked of her to do. This included her participation in sexual acts of beastiality.

She slowly regained consciousness and moaned as the delicious aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

Diana looked into the mirrored wall when she felt herself being put into a standing position. She watched as the Enhancer left her arms, moving onto her shoulders and then flowed downward over her body. She felt her firm breasts and nipples spring into the air and moaned with disappointment when the 'mouth' left her rigid clitoris and the phallus slipped out of her stretched vagina. The Enhancer continued its downward movement toward her knees where it returned to its round shape and rolled outward a few feet in front of her.

Diana looked her enhanced body and then at her new friend with sexual satisfaction filling her face. With a sense of disappointment, she saw the Enhancer return to where it came from, but not before a message streamed into her mind telling her to bring males and females to them.

Diana walked on wobbly legs to the Gym's shower room and while she relaxed in the warm waters, her mind formulated a plan which would satisfy the Enhancer's request and at the same time satisfy the needs of her new sexuality. She would use the money of her inheritance to renovate the motel into a private summer boarding school. She wasn't sure what the facility could be used for during the winter and spring months, but would think of something, perhaps an endowment Clinic.

That night, as she lay in bed thinking about what had happened to her, she saw a soft glowing sphere rolling toward the bed. It was smaller than the one which had enhanced her, and she smiled when it bounced onto the bed. She quickly threw covers off of her body and cooed as it rolled between her bent legs and nestled onto the folds of her labia and clitoral hood.

In the morning, Diana thought about the personal attention she had received from the smaller Lifeform that was with her during the night and decided she would affectionately refer to it as, Rapture.

03. The Summer School:

The following July, Diana opened the coed boarding school for seventh and eighth grade students. There was no advertising and she used her 'enhanced' friends, which included her and her realtor, to spread the word. The Summer School provides a camp-like setting for students that need help or just want to get a head start. The classrooms are designed for both academic learning and sexual discovery. Suites are available for the mothers that accompany their children and private rooms for those that are by themselves.

The trained staff and teachers have met with the Lifeforms and all are waiting for the grand opening. Diana was pleasantly surprised at the school's opening enrollment, with only a few of private rooms left open.

04. The Sex Education Classroom:

One of the walls is a full length two-way mirror wall. Ten feet in front of it is a platform-like bed and below the floor lay a customized Sybian, a gym-like mattress with a support rail and a breeder's mounting frame. Behind the mirrored wall is the viewing room for the parents, which includes a large HD screen giving them graphic, close up views of what is happening in the classroom. Two sets of cushioned mats lay on the floor for the students, separated by a space so as not to obstruct the view to the viewing room.

The classroom have two changing rooms for students, and the dress code, while in the classroom, is either robes or underwear. The Lifeforms will calm nervous students, but those whose session does not involve the Enhancer, Diana will use pills or juice. Male students, whose session will be with the Enhancer, will be given enemas prior to entering the classroom.

05. Evan and Michelle:

Michelle, a single mother, has been enhanced and has waited patiently for her son to turn fourteen. Evan was born with a small penis and as he progressed through puberty, he has been waking up in the middle of the night with erections that he couldn't understand nor liked. Despite Michelle's efforts to assure him that this was normal for boys of his age, he has reached a point where he was afraid to go sleep. She told Diana that her conversations with her son indicated that he has not touched his erection nor has he masturbated. 05. Evan and Michelle:

Diana arranged a morning session in the sex education classroom for Evan and told Michelle to give her son an enema before they left the suite. He did not know he was on the scheduled list and when he entered the classroom, he went to the changing room where he undressed down to his underwear and then joined the rest of students who were sitting on their mats in front of the mirrored wall. Michelle had gone into the viewing room to join the other mothers.

Diana announced that the class would start with Evan. Evan knows what happens inside the sex education classroom and visions of his feared nocturnal and morning erections filled his mind. Diana told Evan to remove his underwear and a reluctant Evan did so. Most of the students sympathized with him when they saw the head of his small penis poking out through his genital hair. Diana knew that Mary was Evan's favorite Aide and when he saw her walking toward him, he relaxed a little and let Mary walk him to the foot of the platform-like bed. He was still nervous and wondered why he was picked and what was going to happen to him.

06. Evan and Rapture:

Mary sat down on the bed and in a soft voice told Evan to come closer to her. When he was standing between her spread thighs, she turned him so he was facing the mirrored wall. Diana used a remote to lower a tile that was in front of Evan and then he saw a small, clear, eight inch ball rising up onto the floor. His breath quickened when he saw it rolling toward him and started to step away.

Mary saw his nervousness and put her hands on Evan's shoulders and said,

"It is called Rapture and it will show you that that your penis can be a source of wonderful pleasure and make you feel real good down there."

Evan's eyes followed Rapture and he tensed when he felt it touch his feet and then a sigh was heard when Rapture secreted a chemical that had an immediate calming effect. The roundness flowed between Evan's legs, pushing them apart and rolled upward between them toward the junction of his thighs. His wide open eyes looked at the mirrored wall and, for a few moments, his tenseness returned when he felt Rapture's surface nearing his testicles and penis. His shifting abruptly stopped when the pliable surface flowed onto his testicles and he felt them slipping into a warm, massaging pouch. Rapture moved further upward and Evan held his breath when he felt a warm, rippling sheath encasing his penis.

Evan wasn't prepared for the feelings that were seeping into penis and he frantically tried to stop his penis from stirring when visions of his dreaded erections filled his mind. As Rapture massaged his testicles, Evan looked at the mirrored wall, watching and feeling his penis rising up to full erection. In a few seconds it felt as though squeezing 'fingers' were wrapping themselves around his hardness, giving him sensations that he had never felt before.

Michelle watched Mary pull Evan back closer to her breasts. While her hands continued to massage his shoulders, she began planting soft kisses along the back his neck.

"Close your eyes Evan and just think about the wonderful feelings that your 'friend' is giving you."

The 'fingers' began gliding up and down Evan's erection and he instinctively began thrusting his excited penis into the squeezing fingers. The mothers and students smiled when they heard Evan's first gasps of pleasure when Rapture started a slow masturbating action along the length of his small erection.

Rapture paused for a moment, holding Evan's penis in the vertical position and a 'finger' moved onto Evan's oozing glans with an ecstatic pressing action causing a moan of joy to escape Evan's open mouth. Rapture renewed its masturbating actions and soft squishing sound could be heard when Evan's precum and Raptures warm slickness mixed together.

Evan's mind reeled from the new sensations that were flooding his penis and testicles and could feel something beginning to happen down 'there'. Suddenly, Michelle saw her son's body jerk forward and freeze. For the first time, Evan felt intense seizures gripping his erection and wonderful spasming sensations filled his testicles. All saw Evan's eyes fly wide open and then heard a sharp intake of breath when his first ejaculation surged up his excited penis. It seemed to stall at his flexing glans as the liquid joy swirled ecstatically around it and then spewed out of the head of his penis, gushing and spurting into Rapture's clear mass.

Evan's squeals of joy echoed around the room when sensations that he had never felt before saturated his mind. The squeezing 'fingers' continued to coax the diminishing spurts from Evan's slick erection much to the delight of the students and the mothers. Evan's young body couldn't absorb any more sensations and he slumped gasping and panting into Mary's supporting arms.

Rapture let Evan savor his new experience and then slowly slipped downward from the junction of his thighs. The students watched as Evan's softening penis and was released and Rapture slipped down his legs, reforming into its round shape, and returned to the open tile.

Mary asked Evan,

"Did you like that Even, did it feel good?"

A flushed and dazed Evan could only nod his head.

"You know we can make you bigger down there ... Just think of joy you will get with a bigger penis ... would you like that to happen?"

The smile on his face said it all. He had seen what the larger Raptures had done to other students and his penis tingled with excitement at the thought.

Mary finished by telling Evan, that if he wanted it, his 'friend' could visit him in his suite.

Diana pressed a button on the remote and a different tile opened up in front of the mirrored wall. Mary got up from the bed and led toward the open tile. Michelle looked at Evan's nakedness and a sense of excitement filled her mind knowing what the Enhancer was going to do to her son.

07. Evan and His Enhancer:

1. Evan, Enhancer, Preparation:
2. Evan, Enhancer, Hair Removal:
3. Evan, Enhancer, Nipple Enhancement:
4. Evan, Enhancer, Prostate Enhancement:
5. Evan, Enhancer, Erection Enhancement:
6. Evan, Enhancer, Rectal Enhancement:
7. Evan, Enhancer, Conditioning:

1. Evan, Enhancer, Preparation:

Evan's breath quickened when he saw a round, clear ball rising up onto the floor. It was much larger than Rapture and his nervousness returned.

Evan saw it rolling toward him and then felt its soft warmness on his feet and pushing between his legs. As his legs were spread apart, the roundness moved upward toward his thighs, encasing his feet and legs. Evan watched with a mix of apprehension and excitement as the Enhancer's clearness continued its upward flow, nestling into the junction of his thighs and then a soft gasp was heard when he felt his testicles slipping in a silky, massaging pouch. The Enhancer extended itself onto his abdomen and as it did, Even moaned when felt his flaccid penis being manipulated into a velvety, vagina-like sheath. His pants became quicker when the exquisite tugs and squeezes on his penis caused his penis to stir and rise up to full erection. When the gel-like blanket reached his chest, Even felt his nipples being drawn into two suckling depressions and he shifted his chest trying to get more of the tingling sensations.

The Enhancer moved onto his shoulders and flowed down onto both of his arms. He felt his legs being bent at the knees, putting him into a sitting position and then his bent legs were spread apart. Michelle smiled when she saw Evan's small erection being massaged by a clear sheath and his nipples being suckled upon by unseen 'mouths'.

2. Evan, Enhancer, Hair Removal:

He felt a warm moistness spreading over his encased body and began squirming within the Enhancer's grip when unexpected popping sensations began saturating his body. He looked at the mirrored wall and saw all of his hair, below his shoulders, slowly dissolving. He looked intently at his small erection which now appeared to look a little bigger without the hair hiding it.

The Enhancer now had Evan ready for his enhancements.

3. Evan, Enhancer, Nipple Enhancement:

Suddenly, Evan's eyes flew open and he began shifting his chest back and forth when the Enhancer's 'mouths' intensified their suckling actions. The 'mouths' released a growth chemical that would enhance his nipples giving them the same sensitivity as those of a female. Evan sighed as ripples of pleasure flowed across his chest and down into his testicles and twitching erection. Soft pants were heard as exquisite tingling sensations and a firmness gripped each of his nipples.

Nipples: 1/4"

As his nipples grew, they became more sensitive and Evan, with what limited movement he had, began pushing his excited nipples into nursing 'mouths'. His body had never felt such sensations and he moaned as the waves of pleasure rippled across his chest.

Nipples: 3/8"

The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were emanating from his erection and his pants turned into soft gasps.

Nipples: 1/2"

Evan's enhanced nipples had reached their targeted size. The secreted chemicals from the suckling 'mouths' now connected each nipple into his sexual sensory system. The Enhancer's attention to his rigid nipples slowed to a low 'purring' and Evan slumped down into its supports.

4. Evan, Enhancer, Prostate Enhancement:

A sudden tightness gripped his erection and he looked at the mirrored wall and saw a thickening, mushroom shaped mass forming over the head of his penis. He felt a warm slickness gliding into the opening of his urethra and shifted his hips in a frantic attempt to stop the thickness from sinking into his erection. The Enhancer navigated its way through the valves, making its way into Evan's prostate, seminal vesicle and testicles. His semen production would be four times that of a normal male and his sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present. At the same time, Evan's testicles were enhanced and he felt an exquisite heaviness filling the Enhancer's massaging pouch.

As the thickness withdrew, it oozed a chemical, causing the sexual ducts and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen and sperm to be discharged into the urethra.

5. Evan, Enhancer, Erection Enhancement:

The Enhancer returned to the base of Evan's erection and secreted its final set of growth chemicals. Evan gasped and threw his head back as waves of joy radiated outward from inside his penis and a wonderful firmness saturated his erection.

Erection: 3.00" x 1.00"... 3.50" x 1.00"... 4.00" x 1.25"

This was the part that Michelle had waited so patiently for and her breath quickened when she saw her son's erection begin to expand.

Erection: 4.50" x 1.25"... 5.00" x 1.25"... 5.50" x 1.50"

His expanding erection strained into the Enhancer's clenching sheath which now had more and more hard flesh to squeeze and massage.

Erection: 6.00" x 1.50"... 6.50" x 1.50"... 7.00" x 1.75"

Evan's dazed eyes mind could believe what he was seeing or feeling. His penis had never felt this hard and his pants intensified as his it kept lengthening and thickening.

Erection: 7.50" x 2.00"... 7.75" x 2.00"... 8.00" x 2.00"

Evan's erection had reached its targeted size and he moaned in frustration at not being able to thrust his erection into the Enhancer's clenching vaginal sheath. The thickness slipped out of the oozing opening of his urethra and returned to the mushroom shaped mass. Evan looked at the mirrored wall savoring the look and feel of his new erection and testicles.

6. Evan, Enhancer, Rectal Enhancement:

He was rudely brought out of his thoughts when he felt a thickness moving upward between the cheeks of his buttocks, pushing toward his rectum. His fears returned and he twisted his hips in a futile attempt to stop its advancement. Evan wanted to grab whatever was probing at him but Enhancer held his arms firmly.

Suddenly Evan froze and his eyes flew open. He wanted to cry out when the head of the probe nestled into his anal lips. The glistening head secreted a chemical that loosened the tight sphincter muscle and a pleasurable warmth seeped through the opening and into his rectal sheath. His anal lips began to tingle and a strange need began filling his rectal sheath. The flexing tip increased its pressure and his sphincter muscle slowly stretched over the advancing probe. He gasped as the probe slipped inward twisting and turning, filling his mind with sensations that he had not felt before. He unconsciously began a grinding action and his squirming hips aided the Enhancer as it slipped into his rectal sheath.

Suddenly, Evan tensed and a loud gasp escaped his lips. The Enhancer had made contact with his enhanced prostate and an unexpected jolt of joy shot across his loins and into his erection. The head flattened over the spasming mound and began an ecstatic stroking action on to and off of the sensitive tissues. His eyes flew open when a new set of sensations gripped his body and he began moaning and panting as his prostate and erection throbbed in sync with each other. His young mind reeled when he began experiencing internal orgasms that only a female could relate to and he flexed his hardness in a frantic attempt to ejaculate. The Enhancer's 'mouth' that encased his excited glans began swelling with his drooling preseminal fluid.

The probe stopped its ecstatic actions and slithered deeper into Evan's rectal sheath. He moaned and threw his head back gasping when the probe formed into a phallus and began expanding in length and girth. When it began secreting its enhancing chemicals, a whole new set of sensations gripped his rectal sheath when the secretions added the sexual sensitivity of a female's vagina to his rectal sheath, including his anal opening. Evan's 'womanhood' will form only when anal sex is anticipated. The phallus slowly withdrew from Evan's sheath, nestling into his anal lips.

7. Evan, Enhancer, Testing and Conditioning:

The Enhancer let Evan rest only for a few moments before it started its testing phase on his enhancements. The satiny pouch began to lift and massage his heavy balls, the areolas 'mouths' renewed their attention to his erect nipples and the vagina-like sheath clenched around his hardness. This time, the rippling sheath had a longer and thicker organ to please and Evan's hips bucked and jerked as the Enhancer began an exquisite 'milking' of his erection.

The Enhancer's anal massager and phallus awoke from their dormancy and causing Evan to gasp as his 'womanhood' reformed and an building need to be penetrated filled his rectal sheath. He held his breath when he felt a nudging pressure building within his anal opening and gasped again when he felt the entrance to his rectal sheath being stretched opened. The phallus slowly slipped upward through his stretched opening and slithered full length into his 'womanhood'. Evan moaned with joy and his hips ground his enflamed sex onto the Enhancer's phallus. At the same time, Evan felt as though dozens of tongues were caressing his erection and the vaginal 'mouth' began a deep suctioning action on the excited glans. He gasped, thrusting upward, burying hardness all the way into the clenching sheath and then lunged his spasming rectal passage downward onto his new Lover.

The Enhancer began an ecstatic rhythm of upward strokes, all the way in, all the way out, then slow, then fast. The encasing blanket was now assaulting every erogenous zone in and on Evan's body, the suckling 'mouths' on his nipples, the massaging pouch that held his bloating testicles, the squeezing sheath gripping his erection and the anal massager with its incredible lunging phallus.

Evan was thrown into a sexual frenzy. The phallus thrust fully upward into the depth of Evan's 'womanhood' and began unleashing torrents of its chemical laden ejaculant. His mind reeled as an ecstatic pressure built deep within his rectal sheath, sending waves of orgasmic sensations bolting across his genitals. Suddenly, Evan's hips jerked forward and his prostate and seminal vesicle began unleashing their reservoirs of semen which surged up his jerking erection and jettisoned into the waiting mushroom-like 'mouth'. The mothers and students smiled when they saw the 'mouth' ballooning with the massive volumes of Evan's enhanced semen and sperm. At the same time his 'womanhood' went into orgasmic seizures, saturating his mind with sensations that he had never felt before.

Evan's first dual orgasms were too much for his mind to cope with and he slumped unconscious onto the Enhancer soft supports.

While he was unconscious, the conditioning chemicals in the Enhancer's ejaculant raced throughout his body and mind. The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of his partner's vaginal or rectal muscles. If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, he would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or his erection was removed from his partner. His mind began filling with 'suggestions' and sexual 'techniques' to give males and females sexual satisfaction. The ejaculant also contained chemicals that made Evan bisexual and finally, any thoughts of unacceptable sexual acts of beastiality were removed from his mind.

While Evan was being conditioned, a staff member went to get Michelle and brought into the classroom. After undressing, Diana had her sit on the foot of the Platform-like bed.

Evan slowly regained consciousness and moaned as the delicious aftershocks rippled throughout his body.

Michelle watched as the encasing blanket withdrew from her son's arms and shoulders. It slipped down to his chest and his erect nipples sprung into the air. As the Enhancer continued its downward movement, Evan felt his penis being released and Michelle smiled when she saw her son's flaccid thickness laying over his heavy testicles. The phallus slipped out of his stretched anus and a reluctant sigh was heard when his 'womanhood' returned to its normal state.

When the Enhancer reached his knees, it shape became circular and it rolled back to the tile and returned to where it came from. Diana helped Evan stand on wobbly legs and knew it would take a little time for him to get used to the new heaviness that was swaying between his thighs.

The students watched as Diana led Evan to his mother. This was the part they like the most and some of the boys were envious of his enhanced body and most were aroused.

08. Michelle and Evan, Discovery:

1. Michelle and Evan, Deep throat:
2. Evan and Michelle, Oral:
3. Evan and Michelle, The Mating:

1. Michelle, Evan, Deep throat:

Evan's eyes opened wide and his breath quickened when he looked at his mother's nakedness for the first time. He also knew that something exciting was about to happen to him. Michelle gazed at her son's smooth, hairless body and then her eyes became focused on the incredible 'package' that was swaying between his thighs. She wanted to hold him, run her hands over his smooth body and smother him with kisses ... everywhere. At the same time, Evan was looking at his mother's firm breasts and then his eyes slowly worked their way down to the pink tip that was edging out of its clitoral hood.

Michelle reached out to Evan's hips and gently drew him in closer between her spread thighs and then her hands reached out, pulling his head toward her face. Their lips touched and Evan closed his eyes when Michelle's tongue glided across his parting lips and slowly slipped into his mouth. A soft, muffled moan was heard from Evan when he was kissed for the first time.

While they kissed, Michelle's began to explore Evan's body with her hands and he trembled when his mother's hands massaged their way down across his hips and onto the soft skin of his inner thighs. His young mind reeled from the caressing touches and wonderful tingling sensations began seeping into his penis and testicles. He wanted the hands to move inward and Michelle didn't disappoint him.

Her right hand reached out toward her son's penis and cradling it in her fingers and her left hand lifted his testicles with an exquisite massaging action. Evan broke the kiss with a soft gasp and Michelle smiled when she saw, and felt, her son's penis stirring and growing within her squeezing fingers.

4.00" x 1.25"... 4.50" x 1.25"... 5.00" x 1.25"

Her eyes opened wide and her breath came in quick pants as her son's penis kept expanding within her hand.

5.50" x 1.50"... 6.00" x 1.50"... 6.50" x 1.50"

Michelle never imagined that her hands would be grasping an erection of this size and her vagina twitched with anticipation.

7.00" x 1.75"... 7.50" x 2.00"... 8.00" x 2.00"

Michelle's fingers were barely able to wrap around the engorged erection and her heart beat faster as her hands glided up and down the granite-like pillar. Her hands returned to Evan's swaying testicles and both moaned as she massaged the wonderful, heaviness that was overflowing her hands. Michelle withdrew her hands and watched as Evan's erection jerked before her eyes.

The hidden mothers were always amazed at the sight of a huge erection that was so out of proportion to a boy's physical frame.

Michelle leaned inward and the warm breath of her open mouth bathed the highly sensitive and tingling glans. Evan gasped when Michelle's mouth descended onto the head of his erection. Her stretched lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly sensitive glans. She raised up a bit and tilted her head allowing the thick head to glide into her clenching mouth and throat.

She felt Evan's hands move to her shoulders as her warm throat muscles clenched and squeezed the thickness as it was sucked into the depths of her throat. Michelle's chin pressed against Evan's heavy balls, shifting it back and forth, causing him to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

With an ecstatic twisting motion, Michelle lifted her head and Evan's erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated glans reached her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the oozing opening, sucking up her son's precum with her tongue as if it was a straw, and another gasp was heard from Evan's mouth.

Michelle smiled inwardly at Evan's torment and her hands grasped his hips as her throat skewered itself back down onto his excited member. Again, Evan felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of his mother's incredible mouth and throat. His hands moved from Michelle's shoulders to her head and she tightened her hands on his hips.

Evan had never been deep throated before and could feel his orgasm quickly building. His first thought was to pull his erection out of his mother's mouth but it was too late. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and surged upward to his excited glans. An ecstatic groan was heard as the enhanced stream spewed into his mother's waiting mouth and throat. She increased her exquisite milking actions and Evan's mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of joy when another huge stream jettisoned into Michelle's feasting mouth.

Michelle's mouth caressed and suckled on the thick glans, not allowing a single drop to escape her thirsty mouth. Much to the disappointment of Michelle, she felt Evan's softening penis slipping out of her mouth, but knew it was only a temporary state.

Evan began to say something and then stopped when he felt his mother's tongue cleaning the slickness from his flaccid penis.

2. Evan and Michelle, Oral:

Michelle lay back on the bed and shuffled forward a bit, until her sex was positioned over the edge of the bed. The 'suggestions' and 'techniques' from his conditioning were now guiding Evan and Michelle's breath quickened when she saw him kneeling down in front of her. She held her breath when she felt his hands touch the soft skin of her inner thighs and begin to gently massage their way from her knees to almost touching the folds of her labia. Her mind was following her son's hands and her arousal began as tingling sensations within her clitoris and inner lips. In a few moments, soft expectant pants were heard as Evan's finger tips came nearer and nearer to the folds of her labia. On the next sweep, the tips of his fingers gently traced around the outer edges of her labia and swirled onto the hood of her clitoris. A deep sigh was heard from Michelle and her thighs spread wider apart, presenting her sexual treasures to to her son's smiling face.

A 'guided' Evan slipped a finger between the folds and began to explore his mother's moistening furrow. He traced around the sensitive inner lips and then upward toward the engorged pink tip that was now edging out of its clitoral hood. His slick finger tip nestled onto the pink tip with ecstatic presses and swirls and Michelle gasped when her clitoris leapt out of its protective hood.

The exploring finger slipped downward and renewed its caressing of her wet vaginal opening, repeating the cycle again and again until he heard Michelle's whimpers of pleasure and felt her hips moving in sync with his finger. His finger slipped back up the moist crease and renewed the ecstatic presses and swirls of the rigid organ causing Michelle's whimpers to turn into squeals of joy.

Evan reached down and pulled Michelle's feet up onto the edge of bed. Her sex was now raised and fully accessible to him. He leaned inward and Michelle felt his warm, moist breath bathe her labia. Suddenly, the most ecstatic sensation griped her loins when Evan's lips and tongue made contact with her enhanced, rigid clitoris and began sucking on the rigid organ. Her thighs spread wider, apart, her hips bucked upward and her hands grasped Evan's head, pulling it in closer to her sex.

While Evan's lips and tongue suckled on her excited clitoris, his probing finger nudged inward through her inner lips, twisting and turning. A second finger joined the first and both began stroking into Michelle's spasming vagina, while his mouth continued to adorn her straining organ of joy.

Evan's fingers and mouth threw Michelle into a sexual frenzy, her bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode, her vaginal muscles clenched around the stroking fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body.

Thoughts of that special place in a female's vagina filled Evan's mind and Michelle felt the twisting fingers circling around sheath as if they were looking for something. One of Evan's fingers found the sensitive tissues of her Skene's gland or 'G' spot and he began a light stroking action, on to and off of the hyper-sensitive tissues. The other finger joined in on the caressing of his mother's excited sweet spot and she squealed with joy as her first orgasm was unleashed.

Michelle slumped back onto the bed panting as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout her body and she looked at her son with grateful eyes.

3. Evan and Michelle, The Mating:

Michelle saw Evan stand up and with Diana's help, position herself on the bed's pillows, one for head and the other for hips. As she bent her legs and brought her feet back toward her hips, Evan looked at Michelle's glistening, raised sex and his penis tingled and stirred knowing that it would soon be slipping into a squeezing, milking sheath.

Michelle looked between her spread and bent thighs, and for the second time, she witnessed the rising of her son's manhood.

4.00"... 4.50"... 5.00"... 5.50"

The breathtaking sight of Evan's expanding penis sent slivers of expectation rippling throughout her sex.

6.00"... 6.50"... 7.00"... 7.50"... 8.00"

Her eyes were again riveted to Evan's magnificent manhood and her excited clitoris was again edging out of its protective hood. Her breath quickened when she saw Evan get onto the bed and crawl toward her spread thighs. All her eyes could see was the granite-like pillar bobbing under his abdomen as it guided the way toward her needful sex.

Evan grasped his mother's legs behind the knees and positioned them on the bed beside her breasts. As he slithered up and over her body, his erection pressed into the flared folds of his mother's raised sex and she cooed when Evan began an ecstatic sawing motion, up and down, up and down, causing her to twist her sex in a frantic attempt to get the thick glans to nestle into her clasping inner lips. Her body and mind screamed for penetration and she reached between their bodies, grasping her son's erection with both hands. With a sense of urgency, she guided the slick head so it slipped up and down her swollen, wet crease not letting it lose contact with her sex until it was poised within the clenching opening to her womanhood.

Michelle looked at Evan with pleading eyes,

"Please ... Now ... Please."

Evan smiled and nestled further into his mother's clasping inner lips. Her loins rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head nudged against the entrance to her enflamed vagina and then slowly slipped inward. Her elastic entrance stretched eagerly to accommodate the wonderful thickness and a sharp hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the thick glans 'popped' inward and her vaginal entrance kissed and caressed the slick crown of her Lover. Evan slowly pushed inward and couldn't believe the sensations that a female's vagina was giving him. His conditioning rose to the surface, preventing him from ejaculating before Michelle orgasmed.

1"... 2"... 3"... 4"

Michelle felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. Four inches of hard, thick joy had pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage. Michelle wanted more, she begged for more, and gurgled with joy as Evan kept sinking into the her, inch by glorious inch.

5"... 6"... 7"... 8"

Evan waited a moment or two and flexed again causing another moan of rising pleasure to escape escaped Michelle's mouth. He slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. Evan started a series of slow and fast stroking actions, all the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out. Michelle was in orgasmic heaven and cried out as the flexing head stroked over the excited tissues of her 'G' spot and her rigid clitoris strained into the air.

Michelle reached up, pulling her son's face down to her face and she kissed him with a sense of urgency as the wonderful beast bore into her spasming vagina. She locked her legs around Evan's lower back and her hips began a frenzied counter thrusting action. The thick juices of her steamy passage were now flowing and soft slurping sounds could be heard as her son's thick erection thrust into the depths of her womanhood.

Ohhhs and Ahhhs were heard from the smiling students as they watched the performance of Evan and his mother.

Michelle's second orgasm started as a series of ecstatic spasms deep within her vagina which rumbled outward past her twitching folds, into her rigid clitoris and swept upward into her breasts and bullet-like nipples. The incredible sensations intensified and she began moaning with incoherent gurgling sounds. Her legs shot out in a wide 'V' and kicked franticly in the air. She arched upward from the bed, impaling her Lover's massive erection deep within her body. Her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth open wide and no sound was heard. The ecstatic rumblings turned into orgasmic explosions and Michelle came out of her euphoric freeze and wailed loudly as her all consuming orgasm saturated her mind and body.

Evan let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within her. Soon, Michelle cooed again when Evan withdrew and began to stroke into her with slow, full length thrusts. She felt his huge, heavy testicles pushing between her spread thighs with each inward thrust as the ecstatic aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.

He lunged inward and Michelle felt incredibly full as the wonderful thickness restarted its ecstatic stroking actions. It was then that Michelle realized that Evan had not yet orgasmed and her arousal returned with a vengeance, catapulting her mind and body into a sexual frenzy. Evan withdrew so the thick head teased her sucking inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of her seething womanhood.

Once again, Evan's hands grasped his mother's legs and started a slow, building rhythm as his member stroked steadily in and out of her frothy vaginal passage and her deep gasping sounds registered her body's rising levels of ecstasy. She wanted to return the joy that Evan was giving her and intensified her clenching and milking actions around his erection.

Michelle now needed and now craved for Evan's thick essence to extinguish the fires within her enflamed sex and her arms and legs tightened around his neck and back, skewering her raging sex upward in tight circles. Evan felt the orgasmic seizures begin seeping into his erection and churning testicles, and his deep thrusts took on a sense of urgency.

Suddenly the most ecstatic sensations saturated Michelle's mind as a liquid pressure began building within her cervix and the ballooning sensations flooded into her vaginal passage. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy as Evan's wonderful thick essence jettisoned deeply into her sexual being.

Evan pulled outward and then thrust inward again and again as his spasming prostate continued to unleash forceful torrents of his liquid joy. The ecstatic feelings spread throughout Michelle like a series of freight trains, rumbling from her vagina, connecting with her exploding clitoris, up to her breasts, nipples and then into her dazed mind.

Her toes curled and her arms tightened around his neck and her squeals of joy drowned out the deep moans of her son. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Her sensory system went into overload and Michelle lost consciousness for several moments. Her body continued to orgasm and Evan continued to flex his ejaculating erection.

Michelle recovered to intense aftershocks and she wrapped her arms around her son, kissing him aggressively and moaning into his mouth with sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Evan hunched up with his hips and his softening penis slowly slipped out of his mother's reluctant and stretched vagina with a soft slurping sound.

Diana had them sit on the foot of the bed and asked the students for volunteers to clean Evan and Michelle. All stood up waving their arms.

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