A Song for My Sister
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife sings with an orchestra led by a black conductor, I discover her cheating with him, but my revenge is sweet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Brother   Sister   Black Male   Oral Sex  

What started out as an exciting day for me, turned out to be the worst day of my life.

I had only been married for six months to Judy, a lovely, sexy and vivacious singer, strictly small time, but very good!

She landed what to her was a dream job as a vocalist with an orchestra who were booked for a three month stint as the entertainment on a cruise liner!

I worked as a welder on oil rigs earning good money and when Judy got the cruise gig, it meant that we would be able to put down a deposit on our own house instead of renting!

I worked two months on and a month off and we worked it out that she'd finish her cruise just a week before me, so we were both quite happy about that, it meant we'd have three weeks together before I went back.

Perfect, except for a minor accident on the rig which meant that it had to be shut down for a health and safety check and only a skeleton crew stayed on whilst the rest of us were shipped off by helicopter.

It was the morning of her arrival in Southampton that I was among the first to leave the rig, I did a bit of thinking, called in a favour from a chopper pilot and blagged myself a chopper ride down to London which gave me two hours to meet her ship!

I had to rent a car of course and allowing for the crew coming off well after the passengers, I reckoned that I would arrive about an hour after it docked, which I did.

After parking up and getting the required permission to enter the dock yard, I actually walked up the gang plank about an hour and a half after the ship had docked.

A crewman escorted me through a million different corridors, down half a million flights of stairs and finally pointed to a door,

"Your wife's cabin sir, good luck"

I didn't think twice about his words, I just pushed open the door silently and popped my head in hoping to find her undressed or partly dressed, I did, only she wasn't alone.

She had her back to me lying across his lap wearing a black corset and stockings, he was sitting up completely naked holding her as they kissed wantonly, One big, black hand was between her wide open legs a finger prodding at her tiny rear hole, I just heard her whispering, "Ooh Yes Tommy, do it there again, shag me hard up my bum darling"

It was like being hit by a sledge hammer, I tried to speak but nothing came out, my wife turned round and screamed, her lover jerked back and I vaguely remember the floor coming up to hit me!

It was just a tiny speck of light that kept appearing then disappearing, then it seemed to get bigger and brighter, I could hear noises, people talking, my eyes wouldn't open until I felt someone near me, wiping my eyes gently,

"Try again John" a voice said softly and suddenly I could see my wife looking at me with tears in her eyes,

"Thank God for that" she whispered and reached for my hand,

"Judy" I said softly, "What are you doing here?"

"Where would you expect me to be?, the man I love has had a stroke, I'm where I want to be"

"That's funny, the man you love, the last time I saw you it didn't much look like I was the man you loved"

"John, believe me darling, what I did, I did for us"

"Oh OK" I said sarcastically, "You made love to another man for me"

"I didn't make love, I had sex with him, or rather I nearly did, there's a difference you know"

"I know what I saw"

"John just get better and come home, we can talk about it then, this is the biggest thing that could ever happen to us, honestly my darling, trust me"

"After what I saw you doing, that's not too easy"

"Yes, well like I said trust me, I have to go now I have an appointment with our solicitor, and I'll leave you with this thought, we don't need to save for a house, we've got one"


"I'll be back later on, never forget that I love you and only you, OK?"

Much against my better judgement I smiled, "Hurry back"

Bending over me, she touched her lips to mine,

"I love you more than you'll ever know"


"Yes really"

That made me feel better although I didn't know why after what had happened, but I really was looking forward to her return.

I was examined again after she left and I had a blood test, a doctor came round and told me I'd had a stroke, a minor one but still a stroke, he said when Judy came back I could go home with her but I was to take it easy from then on, I told him I worked on an oil rig but he shook his head,

"You'll have to look for something else now, they'll not let you back on a rig after a stroke"

My good humour evaporated with his words and I wondered what the hell I was going to do, I was still wondering when Judy came back to find me sitting on my bed dressed and ready.

"Stuff the rigs" she laughed, "We've got ourselves a dream job from now on"

It took about half an hour for me to collect my medication and walk slowly down to our car during which time she told me about the house,

"Tommy the orchestra leader bought it with his wife who died five years ago, they had no children and no other relatives, they never lived in it, he's doing one more cruise and then retiring, he's going back to Jamaica where he was born to drink rum and watch the sunsets, the house is ours, all he wants is to visit occasionally whenever he comes back, he says he'd want to stay in the gatehouse"

"I only have one question" I said softly, "Why?"

She sat and thought for a moment, then she pulled into a lay by before speaking,

"He's my Godfather John"

"Your Godfather?"

"Yes, before he got his orchestra together, he and his wife Winnie lived next door to us, we were all very friendly even though they were younger than mum and dad, I used to stay with them if mum and dad wanted to go anywhere overnight"

"So when did you become, you know, friendly?"

"I looked after him when Winnie died, I stayed in his house"

"Just the two of you?"

"Yes, he needed me John, we cried together"

"And slept together"

"Yes we shared a bed, but nothing happened to start with, I just held him while he cried, it wasn't until the second week that we, you know"


"Yes, we fucked, but you know, I've never lied to you, you knew I'd had other lovers, I married you because I love you and I'm sure you haven't forgotten our little fantasy, you remember, the one where I go with another man, a black man"

"Oh yes" I said quietly, "I remember"

"Well this isn't a fantasy, this is real life, but we've got ourselves a house out of it, our own house John, bought and paid for, look in my handbag and you'll find a receipt from our bank, I've lodged the deeds with them, this is our chance darling, you won't be able to work on the rigs again, but it doesn't matter there's a great big garden with the house, we could do a lot with it, but we're nearly there, you'll see for yourself"

We drove through two huge, wrought iron gates then and down a long, tree lined drive way before coming to a halt outside a very large but slightly shabby looking old house,

"This is it" Judy said and leant over to kiss me,"Tommy's here, be nice"

Christ he was even bigger than I remembered, but he was smiling shyly when he took my hand,

"Johnny thank God you're all right"

"Thank you" his hand shake was firm and somehow friendly, I liked him immediately in spite of myself,

"I take it that Jenny's told you about the house?"

"Yes, it's a fantastic gift Tommy"

He looked at me a bit oddly before saying,

"It's not quite a gift John" he smiled, I looked at my wife's face and realised there was something else.

"Tommy has a recording studio at his home in Jamaica, he wants me to record an album a year for the next five years"

"You wrote some of the songs in her act didn't you?"

"About a dozen or so, why?"

"Because they're damn good songs Johnny, her audiences like them, I also own a record label and distribution company, I want five albums each with at least ten songs on it over the five years, but I want them all to be your songs"

"Why?, they're not that good?"

"I'll agree that some are just fillers, but "Starlight" is special, I want her to record it and I reckon it'll be a world wide hit"

"You're kidding"

"No Johnny, I'm serious, give me a week in a studio with Judy and you'll have a very big hit"

"And where will I be while all this is happening?"

He looked at me and smiled,

"Well I assume that you'll be with your wife, showing your support"

"I thought, well I thought, you'd be, you know, fucking, with me here and you there"

"After seeing what it did to you the last time, I think not John, no I'd like you there for her to lean on, oh I'll admit that the idea of spending a month with my beautiful God daughter did cross my mind, very much so but no, no I couldn't do that to you now, or ever"

I thought about it for a moment before speaking and when I did speak I could hardly believe it was me saying the words I said,

"I'd like her to go without me, it's something we talked about, you know a fantasy" Judy gasped in surprise, but I carried on talking, "I think it's something we'd both enjoy"

"But..." Judy began but I cut her off, "Judy darling, I want you to go with Tommy, you know I work better on my own and besides, I've just had a stroke, I need time, you know I do"

"Yes I think you do too" Tommy said with almost indecent haste, "But I'd really like to start before the next, my last cruise, let's show Johnny round the house, then you can come with me to pick your things up, you can follow me in your car, yes?"

The house wasn't just big, it was enormous, so by the time they'd took me round it all I was about ready to drop.

"I need some sleep Judy" I told her, "You can drop me off on your way to Tommy's"

I felt like shit and staggered upstairs to my bed and I remember thinking that things seemed to be getting out of control just before I fell asleep!

I was still asleep when I felt her sliding in next to me, I smelled her perfume and the pleasant hint of alcohol on her breath as she kissed me,

"You've been drinking" I said drowsily and reached out for her to draw her closer,

"Yes" she laughed, "And I had the traditional cigarette afterwards too"


"You know, coming down after an orgasm"

"He fucked you?"

"Mmm, yes he fucked me"

I felt her hand sliding down over my stomach and her fingers gripped my cock,

"Do you want me to tell you about it?"

"You'd better, before I come all over you"

"How about I come over you?" and without waiting for an answer, she pushed me onto my back and climbed above me,

My cock slid in easily and I heard her soft moan of pleasure,

"You're very hard"

"I'm very horny"

"I'm worried that you'll have another stroke"

I pushed upwards savagely making her gasp,

"I will if you don't tell me"

"Promise me that you'll keep doing that"

"I promise"

"Well he was at his little place before me, waiting in the doorway for me, when I got there, he grabbed me and kissed me as he slammed the door, his hands were all over me, on my breasts, under my skirt, everywhere, it was like he was raping me"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes, you know I like it rough sometimes, well he'd read my mood exactly, I might have raped him, I could feel how hard he was as he tore my clothes off, honestly darling, it was huge!"

"I've seen it, remember?"

"Oh yes" she giggled,

"Anyway, he undressed me and I leaned back against the door rubbing myself while he got naked too, he sucked my fingers and made me put them back in my pussy, then he made me suck them as well, I was so fucking horny, then he grabbed me and kissed me again before lifting me up and lowering me down onto his cock"

I jerked upwards again and made her squeal, I think she was still horny,

"He fucked me like that darling, like a common whore in a back alley"

"Did you come?"

"In about thirty seconds, then he carried me into the bedroom, he was fucking me all the time, I came twice more before we got there, oooh that's nice"

I'd stopped thrusting up and was shagging her with long powerful strokes,

"Then what?"

"He threw me down onto the bed and dropped on top of me, his mouth on my pussy, he ate me like the finest meal of his life, he sucked my clitoris, licked it too, he even licked my bum, I pulled myself round and took his cock in my mouth, I knew I was going to cum again and I wanted him to cum as well"

"What in your mouth?"

"Yes, I was so turned on darling, just like now"

"I'm turning you on after him?"

"Oh yes Johnny, it's just the big cock with him, that and the sheer thrill of being an adulterer"

"And did he cum?"

"Mmm yes, he came fucking buckets, I nearly choked"

She was bouncing up and down now on my cock and I knew she was about to cum,

"Do you want it again with him?"

"Tell me I can darling, I'm going to cum baby, tell me I can fuck him again"

"I want to watch you"

"Johnny oh yes darling, you can watch, I'll be really dirty for you, Johnny I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING DARLING, OH MY GODDDD BABEEEEEEEE"

She screamed and I felt her squirt over my stomach, I gripped her hips and lunged upwards as she bit my neck and I emptied myself into her shuddering body.

"Am I losing you" I asked her as we lay silently together getting our breath back,

"Never" she said vehemently, "Never in a million, trillion years John, yes I was tempted and yes I fucked Tommy, but no, no, no, I will never, ever leave you, never"

"Okay and thank you, I love you too, but tell me why aren't you going on his last cruise?"

"I didn't think you'd want me to"

"Do you enjoy them?"

"Oh yes, I love them, the travel, the people, the excitement, yes they're great"

"Phone him and tell him you want to go with him"


"Yes really, go on, call him"

She got up and ran across the room for her cell phone on the dressing table giving me the pleasure of looking at and admiring her sexy little buttocks wiggling,

"Tommy, it's me, Johnny wants me to go on your last cruise"

She turned to look at me and said, "He wants us to have dinner with him tomorrow evening"


"Yes Tommy, about seven thirty, fine, see you then"

"Are you going to fuck him again tomorrow?"

"Probably, do you want me to?"


"In that case, I will and this time please don't have another stroke"

We slept then wrapped in each others arms, at peace with each other and woke up the next morning wanting each other just as much as before.

"Oh wow, you look stunning" I said as she walked out of our bedroom,

"Thank you darling, I dressed for you you know"

She wore a white dress, quite a respectable length, but cut very low to show off her magnificent breasts, she lifted it and showed me her stockings with a tiny white g-string and I felt my cock twitch in approval,

"I think Tommy's a very lucky man"

"Yes well it's you I love you know, Tommy just enjoys me occasionally, you've got me for life"

"That's all I ask" I said and kissed her lovingly.

Tommy was waiting for us in the lounge of the hotel and greeted us both warmly by shaking my hand and kissing Judy on the lips, we had a drink in the lounge before the head waiter called us through to our table and I felt a strangely perverse thrill as he guided her with a hand on her bottom, but he was the perfect gentleman throughout the meal, even spending talking to me about my stroke and asking me if I had any ideas for songs to write for Judy,

"Not yet" I smiled, "But I will have"

"Good" then turning to Judy, he asked, "Have you told him about starlight?"

"I've hardly had the chance yet, why don't you tell him while I go to the ladies?, someone can get me a brandy too"

"What about starlight?" I asked him and he laughed,

"The audiences always go mad for it, they love it Johnny, it really is a sensational song"

"It can only ever be her song, I don't think I'd ever want anyone else to record it"

"I can sort that, leave it with me John"

"Hi guys" Judy was back and handed me a tiny scrap of lace, "My panties" she laughed, "I'm feeling horny"

Tommy and I looked at each other and burst out laughing,

"Shall we go?" he asked and I grinned at him in agreement, "I think we'd better"

We sat in the taxi to his place and Judy pulled out a jump seat opposite us,

"That was a beautiful meal Tommy, thank you"

"A beautiful meal for a beautiful lady" he smiled, "With a beautiful pussy as well" I added and held her panties up to my nose.

"I've been told that before" she laughed and lifted up her dress, we both stared in admiration, she'd shaved completely, not even a landing strip, just a beautiful pink slit glistening with her arousal,

"Oh my God" I croaked, "That's beautiful, it's just, well beautiful"

"Do that on stage" Tommy laughed, "And you'll cause a riot"

"Mmm, good idea" she giggled, "I think I'll work on that"

We reached his place and they went in while I paid the taxi off, I went in through the open door and found them in a clinch, kissing deeply,

"Pour us out a drink Johnny" she gasped, "I need this cock in me right now" It only took me about a minute to locate the booze and pour out three large brandies, but when I walked back in with them, he was naked and on top of my wife, Judy had both legs wrapped around his neck and she was moaning with lust as he feasted on her soaking wet pussy, she'd taken her dress off and was naked but for her stockings,

"Look at him Johnny" she gasped, "He's eating me, oh fuck yes, he's eating my cunt"

His cock was fully erect, it looked huge, thick and swollen and I wondered how she could possibly take it, but he pulled away and it nudged against her slit, "Yes" she gasped and I watched as it slid easily into her wetness,

"Oh fuck yes" she gasped, "This is what I fucking want, fuck me Tommy, fuck me baby, give me that big, black monster" she arched her back and thrust herself upwards snaking both arms around his neck, her mouth pressed on his and suddenly I felt sick, I remembered what I'd heard her saying to him in the cabin of her ship before they saw me, she'd said, "Do me again" so she'd been lying all along, this wasn't how I wanted to live, I didn't want to spend my life watching my wife in the arms of her lover, it should have been my tongue in her mouth, my cock inside her writhing body, it should have been me she was clutching at, MY name on her lips, --,

They never even heard me leave!

At home, I poured myself out a large brandy and sat down to think about what I was going to do, the only thing I was certain about was that my marriage was over, I fell asleep in the chair and woke up the next morning feeling like I'd been run over by a train, Judy still wasn't home, that was the clincher for me, I had a shower, packed everything I owned into my estate car, locked the door, dropped the keys in through the letter box and went into town for some breakfast.

My phone rang as I was eating and I was surprised to see my sister's name on the caller display,

"Hello stranger" I laughed, but my laughter faded as I listened, Judy had rang her to tell me that if I couldn't stand a bit of fun, there was no point in being married!

"Why did she ring you?" I was astounded,

"Well she just said that she was fooling about with a friend and that you got annoyed and went home, so do I take it that by fooling about, she meant sexually?"

So I told her everything, right from the shut down on the rig up to the previous night when I got up and left after seeing them together,

"So you've not seen her this morning?"

"No she didn't come home"

"Oh, where are you now?"

"Sitting in a café eating breakfast, why?"

"Why don't you come down here and stay for a few days, just to get your head together?"

"I'd cramp your style"

"Huh, what bloody style?, since I kicked that cheating bum out I'm living like a nun"

"I haven't got a job"

"Well in that case do something about your money, your savings, draw them out, all of them, or she'll have them"

"Christ, I never thought of that"

"Do it now"

"Yeah I will, but what about her?"

"Johnny, for God's sake let her fucking stud keep her"

"Yeah, fuck her"

"No thanks" she laughed, "Come on bruv, get your arse in gear and get down here, I'll treat you to a drink tonight"

"You're on"

"By the way Johnny"


"She sent me an email, I think it's a film, but I've not looked at it yet, I thought I'd let you see it first"

"OK kid thanks"

I finished my breakfast, left some money on the table and hoofed it up the street to the bank, I took all the cash from our joint account and put it in mine but kept back about five hundred pounds for spending money and to give some to Kelly, my sister for my keep, then I filled up with fuel and hit the road.

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