To Love Honor and Obey
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Spanking,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Arthur is a father with old fashioned ideas. He insists that his son's fiancee accept his principles, and shows her how he has kept his wife faithful and content all these years. Using a cane. The prospective daughter in law accepts his standards, so Arthur teaches his son how a man should discipline his wife. His mother has to train David how to keep a girl happy with his penis

Arthur Wilson and his wife Jean were a bit worried when their eighteen year old son announced he wanted to marry his new girlfriend. Belinda was a very pretty girl but seemed to be a few years older than David and much more mature, and Mr and Mrs Wilson knew very little about her. Was she taking advantage of their son? David had refused to say where they met, or what Belinda did for work, if anything, or where she now lived. And yes, Belinda knew that Arthur had a lot of money! David naturally got really upset when his dad suggested that this might be what interested the girl!

Inevitably David started bringing Belinda home, and having sex with her in his bedroom, loud sex usually with Belinda being the one making most of the noise. Soon she was staying the night, and in the morning David and Arthur would go off to work leaving Belinda sleeping in until later, when she got up and came downstairs in a short nightie asking David's mother if there was any breakfast!

Jean had no choice but to feed the girl as she sat in the kitchen looking flushed and tousled from a night of sex. But when Jean tried to learn more about her, Belinda would politely change the subject whenever Jean tried to discuss anything personal. Jean found this reticence infuriating, and would be seething by the time Belinda finally went back upstairs to get dressed and leave the house. She told Arthur of her concern, and asked him to do something about it.

When Arthur pestered his son for more details about the girl, David became quite upset, saying only, "She's marrying me, not you, dad, if she doesn't want to talk about herself, live with it."

Arthur laid awake the next night, listening to them going at it again, and wondering what to do. He decided he needed a proper talk with the girl, alone. He told his son that if he wanted to have his father's blessing for the marriage, he must tell Belinda to come and see him. Alone, without David being present. And she must be prepared to be more open than she had been with Jean. Otherwise he wouldn't help them with the house they wanted to buy.

Of course David protested about his dad's old fashioned views, but in the end reluctantly said that he would ask Belinda if she would agree to it. And rather to Arthur's surprise Belinda did agree. She proposed that, if Arthur stayed home one morning, she would be happy to talk with him over breakfast once David had gone off to work. Arthur wasn't very happy having to interview her immediately after she had been openly screwing his son, but saw no alternative.

So a couple of days later, as agreed, Arthur stayed home from work. Overnight, Belinda had been even more vocal than normal, and Arthur had been unable to sleep, listening to them at it. When David called out goodbye as he left the house on his way to work, Arthur contemplated his immediate future. Feeling unusually horny, and assuming that Belinda would only stay for a few minutes, he decided to take advantage of his son's absence from the house, and threw wrist and ankle cuffs and a leather blindfold to his wife as she lay in bed! "You stay here, I will come up as soon as the girl leaves," he said, then left her and went downstairs.

Jean smiled as her husband left the bedroom, she had wondered how he would respond to a private chat with his son's very pretty fiancée, well it seemed he was aroused at the prospect. And Jean was, as always, getting aroused at the prospect of a spanking followed by good hard sex, with nobody else in the house so she could make as much noise as she wanted. She also had listened to Belinda the night before, and had contemplated offering Arthur sex as they lay in bed together listening, but she knew Arthur would have taken her if he wanted sex. If he was content to lie there pretending to be asleep and listening to the girl, she had to accept that he didn't want to be distracted. But she had spooned tightly behind him, knowing he liked the feel of her breasts pressed against his back, and she reached over and found his cock, which was hard, and put her fingers around it, and sure enough when Belinda sobbed through her climax, Arthur had spunked. He turned around in the bed and held his wife, and kissed her before falling asleep.

And now, looking at the bondage toys he had thrown on her bed, she was to get her reward. He had just postponed the tryst until Belinda had left the house and he could have his wife the way he liked. With David free to come and go, there had been far too few opportunities lately for them to enjoy the kinky side of their sexual relationships, and even when they did, Jean found it hard to relax, unable to stop listening for her son's unplanned return to the house.

Now she knew David would be gone all day, and Belinda would leave soon, so she sat up and took off her nightdress. Then she bent forward to fit the ankle cuffs, and with a deep breath she fitted the wrist cuffs. Knowing his preferences, she plumped pillows in the centre of the bed, and stretched out face down over them. She turned her head and looked across at the bedroom door, behind which hung some of her husband's spanking toys, a strap, a paddle, and a cane. Finally she fitted the blindfold, and, with arms and legs spread and a smile on her face, lay still enjoying the certainty of pain and pleasure to come, and the excitement of knowing that this time it might be a long wait before he came upstairs to attend to her.

Arthur sat at the kitchen table waiting for the girl to appear. He found it most distracting when Belinda finally came downstairs. He had assumed that the girl would get dressed before appearing, since she knew her fiancée's father was staying home specifically to discuss things about her future as his daughter in law. Seeing her walk into the kitchen in a frilly short nightie, with her breasts moulding the front and her nipples pushing against the flimsy material, he almost ordered her to go back upstairs and not to come back down until she was decently dressed. But he suspected she would walk off in a huff, or even more humiliating she would laugh and tell David. He didn't dare damage what little relationship he had with the girl.

He tried to remain calm as, without asking, she poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table opposite him. She sipped her coffee, smiled, and held her hands out inviting him to speak. He was not impressed with her attitude!

"I'm told you don't have a job, yet you expect David to buy you a nice house before the wedding. Is that so?"

She smiled and shrugged, still believing in her fiancée's promises. "David suggested that you would lend us the money. Obviously that would be very nice."

"Why would I do that?"

"The way David sees things, he is your only son, and you have nobody else to leave it to, so surely you can let us have some now, to set us up for married life together?"

"You seem to assume David will get what he wants from me. What if I decide not to cooperate? How will the two of you live if I don't support you?"

She seemed less confident now, realising that David's assurances were on a shaky foundation. "Um well, I dunno. David just assumed it wouldn't be a problem."

"David needs to recognise that life is not always easy. Anyway, before I decide what support I am going to give you both, let's find out a bit more about you, and what you are intending to bring to the marriage."

Belinda grinned, looking down at her front, her shapely breasts in the flimsy covering. "He seems to like what I am giving him."

"I'm sure that you are able to satisfy him sexually. Lord knows my wife and I have heard you at it often enough." The girl blushed but she was smiling, confident that Arthur would have enjoyed hearing her as she responded enthusiastically to David's attempts to please her. Actually, truth be told, David wasn't yet that good at sex, mostly she made noises to encourage him and so he could save face with his parents. She had every intention of teaching him to please her more once they were married. That was why she wanted a house of their own, where they could make love as often, and as noisily, as she wanted.

"I take it you have had other lovers?"

She looked up, smiled, and nodded. "You really want to know? David hasn't asked about that. He just seems happy with what he is getting."

"Have you been married before, or engaged?" She shook her head, not wanting to declare that there had been several relationships where the man had wanted to marry her. David was the first she had said yes to.

"Will you try for a family straight away?" Arthur knew his wife was eager to have grandchildren. Thinking of that reminded him that Jean was waiting for him upstairs, expecting a session of bondage, spanking and then sex. He needed to move the interview along.

"I'm sure David will work hard to get me pregnant. I'm on the pill now, but will stop taking it after the wedding. Before, if you want, but I'd have to know the wedding will go ahead if I do get pregnant earlier."

Arthur loved her open frankness. He had never had a talk like this with any other woman. When he was about to marry Jean, his father questioned him, but just assumed the girl would do as she was told. Which brought him to the main purpose of this discussion.

"What is your view about a wife's role in a marriage? The Honour and Obey thing. Will you do as David says?"

She laughed. "Me do as David says? That's not really the way it works nowadays."

That was it. Arthur stood up, deciding the interview was over. He was keen to get upstairs and put the strap across his obedient wife's waiting ass. "Then you won't get any of my money, before or after the wedding. I will change my will to leave it all to charity. Thank you for agreeing to have this discussion. Perhaps you had better get dressed and leave."

Suddenly Belinda was very much less confident! She had obviously believed her fiancée's assurances, and had anticipated a life of luxury as soon as David's dad started writing cheques. David for his part had just assumed that his dad would look after them. None of them had discussed the marriage vows the couple would exchange.

"Um look ah I'm sorry if I seemed a bit um presumptuous." Her voice tailed off as she struggled for words to express her concern without totally humiliating herself. "I do want to marry him. And yeah okay, I will obey him if what he says is reasonable."

Not good enough, Arthur thought. "You need to realise that I am an old fashioned person who was brought up to believe in certain fundamental rules. One of those is that marriage, like most enterprises in life, only works if just one party is the boss. Communes, like communism, have failed everywhere they have been tried, and when you look around at our society nowadays you can see the same applies to marriage. I have been happily married to Mrs Wilson for over thirty years, and we hardly ever argue. I treat her with respect, and she respects my decisions. It is, I assure you, a formula that works."

He sat silently for a few moments, thinking of his wife waiting to demonstrate her respect and obedience by taking a good hard spanking to remind her yet again of her marital duties. After which he would do his marital duty for her, and give her a nice fuck and, if she didn't take too long, a climax.

He tried to concentrate on the girl sitting in front of him, hoping for a response to what he had just said, but it seemed that Belinda was a bit out of her depth. Girls nowadays didn't expect such lectures from prospective fathers in law! So he continued.

"Sadly modern trends have undermined the marital state, undermined the husband's authority. Consequently, most modern marriages fail after just a few years when the couple start to argue about things and there is no way to resolve disputes. I don't want that to happen to David. If he marries you, then I will expect him to stick with you through whatever may befall you both. I hope that you want the same. If you accept my principles, then I will do my best to assist you both to have the life together that I am sure you both want. But if you don't agree, then I will not support either of you."

He fell silent again, knowing he had talked too much, and half expecting the girl to stand up, go upstairs and get dressed, and walk off and not return. He knew David would be devastated, or even worse might leave the house and go to live with Belinda in some grubby flat somewhere. But he was certain that either of these would be a better outcome than having him marry this flighty young lady and have the marriage collapse a few years later, maybe with kids already, with her able to claim half of David's possessions. Including the house that David wanted him to buy for them. Arthur had no faith in pre-nups, even assuming Belinda would sign one.

Rather to his surprise, the girl looked quite chastened. "Look, Mr Wilson, I'm sorry. We seem to have got off on the wrong foot, can we start again? I love David and want to marry him, for himself and not just for your money. I also want our marriage to last. I want to start a family with him as soon as possible after we are married. We haven't yet had any fights, but I promise you I will do my best to avoid any in the future. If that means accepting his decision on things, then I will do so, unless he is just totally wrong. Perhaps in that situation I could come to you for advice?"

Arthur was impressed, but by no means convinced. Just too easy for her to make such statements, he needed evidence that she meant it and intended to obey her husband once she was married.

"You know how I have kept my wife in line, all these years? She was headstrong like you when we met, but she understood the need to change, and agreed to accept my methods in return for becoming my wife."

Belinda didn't yet understand what he was talking about, so innocently asked him to explain what he had done to achieve what he wanted.

"I told her that I would spank her if she ever displeased me."

Belinda's mouth fell open, and her face went pale, but then she burst out laughing. "Oh my god! Is that what you want David to do? Spank me?" It was very clear that she didn't imagine Arthur was serious.

"He would only spank you if you disobey him or argue with him. If he tells you to do something, and you do it without complaint, then he won't have any cause to spank you. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah sure. Jesus! You are serious, aren't you? Do you spank Mrs Wilson then?"

"She doesn't often earn a spanking, but she knows that would be the result if she did step out of line."

"My god! I'm impressed, I didn't think that sort of thing still happened."

"So, would you accept a spanking as your penalty for arguing with your husband?"

"Meaning, if I give in to him, I don't get spanked?"

"Of course. Well, to be honest I give my wife periodic refreshers, just to remind her of what happens if she is disobedient."

"How often?"

"Usually once a month." Suddenly Arthur was finding the conversation very arousing! Especially as he knew his wife was upstairs right then, waiting, and expecting exactly one of those periodic refresher spankings!

Belinda had a strange look on her face. As though the conversation was exciting her too! "When is she due her next refresher?"

Arthur sat still, wondering if he dared tell Belinda about Jean waiting upstairs and probably already wearing the bondage cuffs.

"Soon." He was flushing as he responded, and Belinda realised exactly what he meant.

"Are you going to spank her after I've gone? Today?" Arthur didn't say anything, but his body language was unmistakable. Belinda persevered. "You are, aren't you! How delicious! I've never been spanked, nor seen anyone being spanked. Could I watch?" Arthur still didn't respond. "It's only fair, surely, you want me to agree to something of which I have no experience. Let me watch you spanking your wife, so I know more exactly what you expect. Then I will be better able to decide if I can cope with it."

Arthur shuddered, thinking, at least the girl hasn't rejected my proposal out of hand. And what she was now asking was eminently sensible, although he didn't think Jean would yet be ready to agree! But he had just been saying that a man had to rule his wife, so he could hardly use that as an excuse! Belinda would laugh and say that he wasn't being true to his principles! Surely by his standards, Jean didn't have a say in it. He had just made the case under which Jean must accept whatever he decided.

"You can listen, but not watch."

"Fair enough."

"Go upstairs and get dressed, then come downstairs. You can wait by the front door. Before you leave the house, I will go to my bedroom, and give her twelve strokes. I'm sure you will hear them. Count, and when it gets to twelve leave as quietly as you can."

"I take it you will make love to her after the twelve strokes, so I will have time to sneak away without her hearing me."

Arthur was pleased that the girl seemed to understand him.


"Okay, wait here while I get dressed. And I would like to continue this conversation tomorrow; I will spend the night with David then talk with you in the morning, okay?"

Upstairs, waiting face down over pillows, Jean heard Belinda walk past her bedroom, and a few minutes later walk back downstairs, this time with her heels clicking on the tiles. About time, she thought, glad that the girl was leaving and she would then be alone with her husband. Who should, she hoped, be nicely aroused.

She heard the front door click, and assumed the girl was leaving. She knew that Arthur would be coming up to 'deal with her' any minute. She stretched her arms and legs out to make it easy for him to secure the cuffs to the ropes always waiting attached to the four bedposts. Raised by the pillows under her hips, she knew her bum was the way he liked it, her highest part! She was sopping wet. She loved knowing that in a few minutes he would walk in then spank, strap or cane her, or maybe all of those, before he fucked her.

Downstairs, Arthur gave Belinda a kiss on the cheek and turned to climb the stairs, intending to leave the girl in the hall. But as he approached the master bedroom, he heard a slight sound behind him, and glanced back. Belinda was standing there, with her finger to her lips signalling him to stay silent.

He contemplated his options, but knew it was more likely that Jean would realise the girl was still in the house if he said anything, so he turned to the bedroom door, opened it, and slipped inside. He went to close the door, but Belinda was already up against it with her foot preventing him from shutting it. He glanced through the crack and Belinda had her hands raised in a supplicating gesture, signalling to him please to let her watch! He turned to look at his wife on the bed, and fortunately he could see that she had, obediently, put on the blindfold. He crossed the room and tied her ankle cuffs, then her wrist cuffs. He glanced back at the door, and was grateful to see that Belinda had not actually entered the bedroom. He was delighted to realise that the girl was seriously contemplating accepting his proposal. Knowing his wife was blindfolded, he walked over and opened the door a bit so Belinda could indeed see what he meant by a refresher! He took the two tailed leather tawse down from behind the door, and walked over to his wife. He could already smell her arousal as he lifted the strap above his shoulder.

But before bringing it down, he paused. Suddenly he felt guilty. He realised that letting Belinda watch was a betrayal of his wife's privacy. It was his choice, but it was only fair that Jean knew it was happening. Either he had to send Belinda away, or not spank his wife, or tell her about Belinda before he started her spanking. This was a test of his principles, he had told Belinda that a husband must be obeyed, so, if he told Jean that Belinda was going to watch and she objected, then his entire argument would crumble.

He sat on the bed and stroked his wife's lovely firm ass cheeks, already trembling in anticipation of pain, and slid a hand down under her and stroked her labia, but didn't go so far as to touch her clitoris. Jean knew him well enough, and sensed something special was happening. "She's here, isn't she?" Arthur said nothing. His silence answered Jean's question. "Hi, Belinda."

"Hello, Mrs Wilson. Sorry to intrude but I wanted to see what a refresher spanking involved."

"Arthur, you are a bastard, you should have asked me first."

"I was about to, darling. You aren't going to argue with me, are you, my love?"

"You know I never do that, dear."

Arthur realised he was very tense, he just had not anticipated such a sudden change in his life. He looked at Belinda as he moved his hand in under his wife and found her clitoris. There was silence for several minutes as Jean enjoyed her husband's skilful manipulation. He brought her close to climax, but as always before and during spankings he didn't allow her to orgasm. She would get that after the spanking.

As he withdrew his fingers and stood up, about to commence the spanking, Belinda spoke. "So it's okay if I watch, Mrs Wilson?"

"Have you been spanked before, dear?"

"Oh god, no!"

"Have you ever seen a girl being spanked before?"

"No, never."

"Well then yes, I know what Arthur expects of you, so yes you need to see this before you decide whether to marry his son."

Arthur raised the strap. Jean shuddered then panted as the strap landed hard across her nicely presented backside. Belinda panted audibly, her face pale. After the twelfth stroke, he turned to Belinda and said softly, "This is where I normally fuck her."

Belinda grinned and asked, "Can you cane her first? I've heard so much about the cane but never seen it being used."

Jean groaned, but knew better than to object. Her whole body was quivering as Arthur fetched the cane and announced, "This is for calling me a bastard just now. Six strokes, darling, you count."

"Agggggggggggggg one thank you dear. Sorry I called you a name."

After the sixth, Belinda spent some time stroking the welts. "That cane is quite savage, isn't it?"

Arthur just hoped he hadn't destroyed his chance of Belinda agreeing to his proposal. But after a few minutes she stood up, grinned, and said, "So this is when you fuck her? Can I watch?"

"Earn it. Pleasure her while I get ready," Arthur said as he started to undress, and Belinda went over to the bed and gently stroked Jean's welted bottom, then reached under her and quickly found her clitoris. Jean climaxed at once but everyone knew she wanted more.

The girl looked up at Arthur and asked, "Can we turn her over?"

Amused, Arthur obliged. He undid the ropes, removed the pillows from under Jean's hips, flipped her over onto her back, and retied her to the bed, legs again wide spread. Then he waited to see what Belinda wanted to do with his wife. He watched in astonishment as she shucked off her dress, stepped out of her heels and her panties, and got up on the bed, kneeling either side of Jean's head!

Jean gasped when she realised it must be Belinda over her! "Oh my god. Please Belinda I've never done this before."

"It's okay, Mrs Wilson, I had never watched a caning before, and I loved watching. But I have done this before, and I promise you will love it."

She lowered her crotch to Jean's mouth and squirmed for a few moments while Jean got used to the smell and taste, but of course she had no idea how to do what Belinda wanted. "Let me show you, darling." She lent forward, shuffled down until she was lying along the older woman, still with her pussy poised over Jean's mouth, but now with her own mouth over Jean's very wet pussy. She used her fingers to open Jean's labia, then lowered her head so she could lick Jean's clit. Jean moaned, "Oh god Belinda, that's nice."

Arthur, watching excitedly, noticed that Belinda had lifted her hips slightly, and didn't push herself down onto his wife's mouth, but waited until Jean strained up to reach her. It was clear that she had indeed done this before. At first Jean was happy to lie passively enjoying Belinda's talented tongue, but then she did indeed stretch upward wanting to return the pleasure she was receiving. He decided he would leave them to it, and went downstairs.

Some time later, Jean and Belinda joined him, Jean looking sheepish and Belinda grinning. Jean made coffee, and they sat around the kitchen table.

Belinda finally asked, "It's not really punishment though, is it?"

"Refreshers aren't meant to be punishment, just reminders."

Belinda looked puzzled, and Jean explained. "After a punishment caning, I don't get rewards. I get corner time. Up to an hour standing in the corner with my bum on display."

Belinda sat silently wondering how that would feel, not just her ass on fire, her whole body on fire! Would Mr Wilson fuck his wife after the hour was up? She wanted to ask, but didn't dare. She resolved that, when it was her turn, doing this for David, she wouldn't ask for sex, if she was being punished she wouldn't deserve that, instead she would give David a blow job after corner time was over.

"Does it hurt very much?"

Arthur and Jean exchanged glances, recognising the girl was coming round. "Yes dear, it does. Perhaps Arthur should show you."

A long silence followed, before finally Belinda whispered, "Okay." The silence that followed was even longer, as Arthur considered how best to do this, and Jean and Belinda wondered what he was going to do.

"I will cane you over the arm of the sofa in the living room, Belinda. Please remove your dress and your panties and get into position."

Belinda stood and went to the living room, still, despite what had so recently happened upstairs, reluctant to undress in front of her future father in law. As she left the kitchen, Jean asked, "Is this a punishment spanking or a refresher one?" Arthur knew exactly what she meant. Was he intending, after cane and corner time, to fuck his future daughter in law? He was thinking exactly the same, and knew that Jean would accept his decision but inwardly would hate him for doing it. He stood up, bent to kiss his wife, then said, "After I have caned her, I will go off to work. I will leave her in your hands, you can supervise her corner time, and whatever happens after."

Belinda took her caning well, but Arthur never found out what happened after the caning. Did his wife allow Belinda to climax, or did Belinda use her mouth to pleasure his wife, and leave without having a climax herself? He liked to think so.

At work that day he found it hard to concentrate, his mind shifting to the exquisite sight of Belinda folded over the arm of the sofa, squirming deliciously at each stroke of his cane, but never trying to stand up or to protect her bottom with her hands. After the twelfth stroke he had told her to get up and go stand in the corner, then kissed his wife and left the house. Even more erotic in his memory was the brief glimpse he had of Belinda standing in the corner, hands on head, in just her bra and high heels, her welted bottom on display.

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