Chatty Cathy Hits a High Note
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Teenagers find novel ways to have fun.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Cousins  

One of my favorite places to visit on the weekends was my cousin's house on the other side of the bridge.

It was a pretty long walk for a city guy but I found out that if you hit a good stride and maybe even sang a song to keep you moving fast it was a lot faster than it was the first time I walked it. I learned that style of walking from a weird guy from Germany that lived in a single room apartment with a big mattress on the floor and a bathroom shared by one and all down the hall. His English wasn't that good but he always smiled and seemed focused on building muscles on top of his muscles. His other love was skiing and he had three different pairs of skis standing in the corners of the tiny room. I kept my thoughts to myself but it seemed strange that he had such super expensive equipment in a room with no furniture but had such luxuries in the corners.

He was good at telling us stories of his Native Germany and the mountains with the snow and the ski trails that went on forever. I had always thought of Germany as the place where the Nazis came from and they all carried guns and figured out ways to kill us Americans. Well, at least, everyone except Helmut who was only interested in skiing. I have to be honest and tell you that I had no desire to ever climb up a mountain and stick those things on my feet and come down so fast that my head would just spin at the thought. A lot of the others thought it was a swell idea and Helmut took them up the mountain with him every chance he had. They laughed at me for being a pussy and not having the balls to do something dangerous. That was so ludicrous that it didn't even bother me because just walking out on the mean streets was dangerous enough for normal people.

I have to apologize because I started this story about that crazy broad Chatty Cathy and here I am talking about Helmut. Well, Helmut will have to wait for another day. Let's get back to the weirdest girl I ever met called Chatty Cathy.

Of course, her name wasn't Chatty Cathy. That was just a made up name her girlfriends gave her because she completely took over any conversation on any subject at any time day or night. It was like she was given this gift of gab that went on like a switch putting the lights and she had no control over it.

Her real name was Katherine Kennedy and she was a real redhead with freckles and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. You wouldn't think such a pretty girl would be so talkative. I mean all she had to do was just sit there with her mouth shut and give the nod to any boy she took a liking to because they all flocked around her like moths to the light. I have to confess that at first I was one of them as well, but I changed my attitude when I got introduced to her mouth.

The only good feature of her constant chatter was that you could get a good look at her mouth with her lips moving non-stop and her tongue just dancing around to beat the band. I had this incredible urge to hold her head in place and fill her mouth with my cock knowing it was a surefire way to cut off the barrage of words.

A couple of my female cousins took me behind the barn for a forbidden cigarette along with the constantly talking Cathy and we passed it around because they were like special treasures banned from our mouths until we were full grown adults and could puff away like little smokestacks.

My cousins, Amy and Heather were sitting cross-legged and I could see right up their bare legs to their undies and noticed they both had a visible line down the middle that must have been their vaginas or at least the slit that hid their vaginas. I wasn't all that sure about the geography of the whole thing because of lack of opportunity for a silly sixteen year old boy. Both of my cousins were a year older than me and I wondered if they had ever let a boy touch them down there. It seemed pretty likely because I suspected they both knew I was scoping out their pussies from only a couple of feet away and they didn't seem to mind in the least little bit.

Chatty Cathy had her knees up high and I couldn't help but look down and all I could see was a mess of hair and something pink in the middle like a pink ribbon slicing the fuzzy red hair right in two. Then I saw the circular brown eye peeking out at me from the back end and I knew I was looking straight at Chatty Cathy's asshole. Of course, I had an instant hard-on and my two sharp cousins didn't miss a trick. They were both giggling and nudging Chatty Cathy to let her know her effect on my wayward cock.

She never stopped talking and merely spread her knees a little wider much to my cousin's amusement and my frustration. My two naughty cousins had their sinful fingers right down in their panties fooling around like I wasn't even there and it was the most normal thing in the world. I was still in shock at the fact Chatty Cathy didn't have any undies covering her business but I certainly wasn't complaining. I was a little older than Chatty Cathy because I was almost seventeen just like my two female cousins, Amy and Heather. They weren't twins but there was only eleven months between them and making everyone think they actually were twins but obviously not identical.

Amy was the shy one but she usually followed along with whatever Heather did even it meant showing her business to boys that were cousins as well. They were both peeking up Chatty Cathy's skirt and whispered to her behind their hands that she had "forgotten" her panties. It just rolled off her back like rain on a duck and she didn't even try to hide her goodies from my increasing interest. It was better than a video for sex education 101 at the high school.

We started on a second cigarette just because we could and I noticed the things had three different shades of lipstick on them when I finally got to put one in my mouth. I pretended to lick the end of the filter tip like I was tasting their lips and Cathy shouted out,

"Eww! Utterly gross. Your cousin is such a pig!"

I thought that was funny and got down on all fours and started to make sounds like a pig in a pig sty.

"Oink! Oink! Where's my little girl piggies to keep me warm?"

It must have been funny because my two cousins fell over laughing fit to beat the band and I was treated to a good look at their white panty covered backsides sticking up in the air like magnets drawing me closer. I had the happy benefit of fondling both of them at various times like in the closet playing "spin the bottle" and stuff like that. However, I had yet to introduce Mister big boy to either of them because there was sort of an unspoken Taboo about cousins having carnal relations. I kind of thought it was totally ridiculous and some sort of plot to deprive me of my cousins feminine delights when they all seemed eager to give me a shot at anything I wanted to do.

Chatty Cathy kept up a constant barrage about how silly girls looked with their panties up in the air but she didn't roll over probably because she knew her naked bottom would be too much of a temptation for me and I would just make her take it without asking her permission. Still, it didn't keep me from thinking about spreading her cheeks with my big boy and I didn't really care which entry I finally entered because they both looked wonderful to my sixteen year old eyes.

The talkative girl with the totally nude bottom stated with a firm and determined voice,

"I know how to smoke cigarettes with my backside. Do you want to see me do it?"

The cousins were giggling so hard that I was tempted to slap them. This new idea from Chatty Cathy certainly sounded interesting to me. I shouted out a reply without thinking.

"Nobody can smoke a cigarette with their asshole. That's silly and I dare you to do it."

My silly cousins insisted on joining in on the fun and all of a sudden I was sticking lit cigarettes in three beautiful female assholes like I was lighting them up before a final execution. It was all that I could do to keep from shooting off my load each time I loosened those little puckered holes for the insertion of the filter tips. I told them all to keep their asses up high so they wouldn't get burned in the process. They followed my instructions to the letter and I was rewarded with three delightful backsides in perfect position for mounting marred only by the presence of the lit cigarettes. My two cousins couldn't smoke with their assholes at all but the amazing Chatty Cathy just puffed away like it was no effort at all.

"Jeez! Cathy, I bet you can blow smoke rings with that thing."

The girls all laughed at my joke and I slowly removed the cigarettes. I let them watch me take a puff from each one knowing they were intrigued I didn't mind getting the taste of their pretty little backsides all over my lips and mouth. I even held them up to nose and pretended I was inhaling their brown eye scent with great delight. I told my cousins to leave their panties down at their knees because I wanted to see if each of them was able to take just the head of my cock in their tightly clenched sphincters like "good little girls".

I saved Chatty Cathy for last because I was planning to give her more than just the inch of bullet head to show her my passion. My two cousins took my happy tip inside and they both shook their teenaged backsides like they were professionals on a dance pole.

When it came time to do Chatty Cathy she was talking a mile a minute and telling us all about her recent trip to the museum of natural history and all the interesting things she had seen there in the darkened rooms. Both Amy and Heather were watching carefully to make sure I actually pushed my dick inside their girlfriend's backside so they could all talk about it later. I noticed that Chatty Cathy was soaking wet between her legs and I realized she was talking non-stop but all she had on her mind was getting my cock inside her naughty rear door.

She was talking about the Artic exhibit and the wolves that roamed the wilderness when I pressed into her tiny anus. It seemed like she was not going to open up for me when her sphincter muscle surrendered and I slid inside in complete victory.

Cathy was talking about the wolves and all she could muster was a loud and high-pitched howl of sheer delight.

"Eee-yow! Ohh, Sister Veronica, I did my best but he was too strong for me. Forgive me for my sinfulness. Ahh, go deeper, sweet boy, I can take the whole thing."

With those words of invitation, I bottomed out inside Chatty Cathy's bottom and pounded her backside with a frenzied enthusiasm that made my cousins jealous to be part of the action. They eventually started to kiss their girlfriend right on her lips and played with her dripping pussy underneath like they were closer than just close friends.

I have to admit the sight of those three girls playing was enough to send me past the point of no return and I was forced to flood poor Chatty Cathy's bottom with my boy juices much to her delight and my cousin's chagrin.

Amy and Heather tried to convince me that doing them was not really a Taboo because we were only cousins and not brother and sister. I pretended I wasn't interested but in all honesty I couldn't wait until my next visit when I planned to show them both how close we could get in private.

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