Trophy Daughter
Chapter 1: April surprises her father and assumes a new job

Copyright© 2015 by Wolf

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: April surprises her father and assumes a new job - Billionaire Matthew Worthington hasn't seen his oldest daughter April in a meaningful way for years, and then she graduates and shows up on his doorstep to become his personal assistant. She has a hidden agenda that unfolds, eventually aided by her sister. She changes her father over time, broadening his focus and creating a different and more caring man. In the process, she falls for him, expands his horizons in many dimensions including sexually, and brings love to him in unexpected ways.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Group Sex   Orgy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration  

There is a theory that there are certain chemicals in the body that make a person resist incestuous impulses. Another theory is that as children grow up in close proximity to each other, parents, and to other family members that they somehow condition themselves to resist those urges.

I guess I missed all those chemicals and all that social conditioning.

I also missed the genes and memes that conditioned me to monogamy and exclusivity.

I missed the aging genes that are supposed to reduce a man's sex drive as he ages – both psychologically and physically. I have a high libido, and the women who know me well consider me virile.

I tried to play the roles most men fulfill. In college I dated, courted a pretty girl, got engaged to her, married her, impregnated her, and helped her birth our daughter. I repeated those last two steps another time producing another daughter. I played the role of a good daddy until the younger daughter was ten.

While I tried to be a good husband and father, I was not a faithful husband. I strayed. I had other love affairs, but because of the social pressures I felt, I curtailed, and limited them. I still carry the guilt about my infidelity.

I eventually apologized to my wife, explained where my head seemed to be, went through some counseling, and subsequently we parted ways. I had done well in business by then, so I could offer her a generous financial settlement, and I continued to support our daughters.

I became obsessed with my business, bootstrapping a computer electronics company from a small, single location business, into a domestic, multi-million dollar business, and then further into a global, billion-dollar empire that spanned electronics, communications, and the Internet, and was a force to be reckoned with.

Power does funny things to people. It can eat them up and spit them out in little pieces, totally destroying them. It can put backbone and mettle into a person and raise them to greatness and accomplishments they hadn't imagined. It can consume people, or it can put them in a position to direct and consume the power around them for either good or bad purposes.

I struggled with the power that came with the growth of my business, and with the wealth I accumulated at a rapid rate. There is a close correlation between money and power. I tried not to let the sense of power go to my head; notice I said 'tried.'

I believe in karma that the actions in this and prior lives influence things later in this life, and even in the lives my soul creates in future existences. For that reason, I kept a perspective on what I called my complete life. I periodically nurtured my spiritual side with trips to converse and learn from gurus in far away lands. I developed my philanthropy, carefully nurturing a half-dozen charities with large donations with the hopes that they could leverage that money and alleviate some of the world's larger problems. I did small things to enrich my intellect, things separate and distant from my consuming business, such as painting, photography, and writing fiction.

I tried to keep in touch with my humble roots and always act with a sense of gratitude and respect for the events, people, and forces around me. If I'd had that same perspective earlier in my life, I might have been kinder to my wife, but I had that karma to deal with.

As my business and related power grew, I also learned about the back hallways of the other seats of power, such as government. I learned how to make things happen. I learned about influence with and without authority. I learned about deal making, trading, quid pro quo, and scratching each other's backs.

So it was on a windy morning, June 10, a Saturday, that I answered my front door to find April, my oldest daughter.

April smiled at me. She captivated me. I also hadn't seen her alone for six years. I had talked to her, kept in close touch with her accomplishments in high school and Stanford, and I had generously funded her education and living style. I'd had a photo or two, but nothing like the vision of loveliness that stood on my doorstep.

April said, "Are you surprised to see me?"

"You bet I am? How'd you get in past security?"

"I begged them not to announce me. One of your heavily armed men is about ten feet behind me being sure I will not accost you. I think if I go to kiss you which I want to do; he'll shoot me."

I glanced up and there indeed stood a bodyguard I only knew as McCabe. He had one hand inside his jacket, no doubt already fingering the trigger on his handgun.

"It's OK, McCabe. This young woman is a pleasant surprise and is always welcome here without escort. Thank you for bringing her here. You can go now."

He nodded and visibly relaxed as he turned to leave.

As his footsteps faded, April threw herself into my arms and gave me a huge kiss on the lips. "Daddy, I've missed you."

"I've missed you too, and I'm sorry, sweetie. I haven't been much of a father the past ten years. I didn't make your graduations or some of your other rites of passage."

"But I've been to some of yours," April proudly said. "I attended the dinner where you were honored for your work and backing of the research for an AIDS cure. I sat in the gallery when you testified before Congress on Net Neutrality, and again on the digital divide. I even took a one-night art class with you, along with two-hundred others, at that summer art program in Columbia, Maryland. I was sort of disguised; I wanted to say something, but decided not too since no one else knew who you were. I didn't want to 'out' you."

"I'm honored ... and I'm also proud of all that you've done. It isn't that I wasn't watching from a distance. You are a fine young woman with distinguished credentials from not only your class work, but also from your extracurricular activities."

April said, "And now I'm ready for the next phase in my life."

"Ah," I said to myself. Here's the rub. She's here for money, as so many others around me often were. I loved April and would give her everything I had, if that's what she wanted.

April said cautiously, "I would like to move in with you. I'll pay you rent, or whatever you decide, but I would like to live here ... with you."

Her statement took me by surprise. I visibly balked. I felt my eyes flare.

April countered with some new excitement, "I promise I'll be the best daughter you can imagine. I'll dote on you ... I'll disappear when you want ... I'll..."

I interrupted, "April, I'm not always here. I travel a lot. What would you do?"

She cocked her head to one side. "Why I'd be with you, Silly."


April explained, "I'd be your personal assistant." She paused and then launched into a long explanation without taking a breath; "I know that Martin Remy was your PA until you promoted him two months ago to head your integrated circuits plant in Dallas. I know you've tried to find someone else, but no one has had the right chemistry with you, and I promise I'll adapt to whatever chemistry you want with me. I just want to be with you, and work with you. I'm not trying to takeover or be anything other than your PA for a while. If I don't do a good job you can fire me or demote me or something – anything, just please please please let me work for you ... with you. I promise I'll be good, and I'll study and learn things I need to be effective and efficient for you. So what do you say?"

April took in a huge breath of air, since she'd said her mind without a break.

"Do you have any idea what you'd be getting into?"

"I think so. I wrote a paper in my business class on being an executive assistant." She rummaged in her large purse on the floor beside her and pulled out a bound report that must have been two hundred pages long; the title, 'The Formal and Informal Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of an Executive Assistant, ' by April Worthington. Inside the cover as I flipped it open was the letter grade from her instructor – A+. I read enough of the instructor's comment to see it was high praise.

"Impressive." I paused and added, "You know that my previous assistant's did not live with me."

"I know. I checked." April blushed, "I even interviewed Martin for my paper. I learned a lot from him. I also interviewed Nancy Schneider, you previous PA."

I blanched. Nancy had been more than my PA. She'd been my lover as well. When she couldn't reconcile the two roles, she'd asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted her in my life as a lover, and she took that role for another three years before we decided we'd burnt our lust away. She moved on to another post with sterling references and my personal recommendation over that period.

April acknowledged, "Yes, I know you had an affair with Nancy. She didn't tell me – Mom did. I guess Nancy was one of your weaknesses."

I chuckled. I could keep little from Megan, my ex. She'd always been able to read me like a book.

I drew April into the house. I'd been working in the living room, reading a pile of papers on a potential merger or acquisition with Austin Vibe, an acoustic products company.

April glanced at the papers on the coffee table. "Ah, the purported interest you might have in buying Austin. It's a good deal, but only for about fifty million. Anything more and you're being taken."

I volunteered, "They want a hundred million."

"They are way over valuing their good will and brand in the market place. Don't buy it at that price. They have no other suitors, and you should be able to name your own price. Fifty is a fair offer too; their whole team will walk away millionaires, and you get a tidy asset you can fold into your commercial electronics division. Also, I wouldn't do the deal unless Robert Helmsgood and Kent Harper stay on for five years to keep running the subsidiary. They understand the business and market like no one else, plus they've got the expansion of the product line in their heads..."

April paused and added, "I read a rumor that your electronics division was thinking about the acquisition, so I did some further research. It was easy since they were right in Silicon Valley, only a couple of miles from campus. I hung out in the coffee shops near there for a week, and asked a lot of questions."

I studied April. That statement and summary of the small company far exceeded my expectations from any personal assistant, and surely not my daughter fresh out of college, and not even working for me yet.

I muttered under my breath, "Nicely done, April. You just got yourself a job and a place to live."

April moved in over the next week. In a brief conversation with one of the men from the moving company delivering her belongings that she'd shipped from California, I discovered that she'd booked them a month earlier including my home as her ultimate destination. I wondered if she'd had a Plan B, but I didn't ask.

Having a gorgeous twenty-two-year old around did wonders for my image at work. To preserve at least some sense of propriety, we'd agreed that April would use her mother's maiden name as her surname; thus, she became April Manning. Her business cards read Personal Assistant. I told her she had to work up to the title of Executive Assistant, although I saw little distinction between the two jobs.

April fit in well with Mary Aldus, my secretary. The two of them worked on my schedule, my to do list, my speeches, my appearances, my travel arrangements, my meetings, my correspondence, my strategic planning, my philanthropy, my behind the scenes contacts, my recreation, my exercise regime, my doctors and dentist visits, and everything else about my life.

When there'd be sudden changes or calamities in my schedule in some way, I'd find that it was April who had resolved the issue in a satisfying way.

After a month I found April anticipating most of my life, including my opinions about things, how I'd vote or veto some idea, and she'd have a one-pager summarizing the key points before I'd walk into that situation. Frankly, she was amazing.

We were routinely putting in twelve-hour days, sometimes longer. These were nothing new for me, but I could tell April found them occasionally taxing and unexpected. She rolled with the situation, and didn't even seem to mind the weekend work.

If I were her age, I would have wanted a social life, but her social life became whatever I was doing outside of work.

I studied her on a flight in the corporate jet from Gaithersburg, Maryland, to Dallas, Texas. She napped on the seat across from mine, her head slowly sinking onto her chest as she slouched against the window of the Grumman Gulfstream jet.

April was young, but even asleep dynamic, and vibrant. She had good color, even a tan. I wondered how she had that tan when I was pasty white from being inside most of the day. She had long brown hair that glowed in the sunlight from the window, and dark brown eyes I constantly got lost in beneath her lids. She had a firm chin, a body that most models would lust after, and yet she was slightly busty and filled out her business suits in a comfortable way that drew the male eye.

April's personality was truly sparkling. She bubbled with enthusiasm about every aspect of life and every aspect of the job. She ran from task to task, afraid to sacrifice even a second to the completion of a task. She was a tough taskmaster, yet when she followed up with someone about an action item, she did it politely and firmly. There was never any doubt about her authority to act on my behalf.

We had one situation that became visible to the entire company, because it happened in front of a large meeting with twenty others in the room. Through April, I had asked for the Vice President of our Internet Services Division to give me a five-year plan based on broadband trends in five third-world countries. She'd given him the assignment, and even followed up with him a week before our meeting where this was one of the items on the agenda.

As we got to that item, Kyle Wingate, the VP, commented that he'd not done the work. He thought the assignment was something April had cooked up on her own, and not something serious, and demanding of his time and attention. As he spoke those words the room went deathly quiet.

I went ballistic. It wasn't the first time this bozo had ducked an assignment I'd passed on to him through my PA. I stood and walked down the table until I was next to Kyle. I pointed at him and then at April. "If that young lady asks for you or anybody in your unit to do something, you take that as a direct order from me. Not a request, but an order that you complete that work. If she says 'jump, ' you fucking well better ask 'how high?' on the way up, otherwise, you may find yourself at the end of a long unemployment line. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Kyle cringed and nodded.

April looked embarrassed, but stared down Kyle after I returned to my seat. Her demeanor seemed just right to me. She needed the mantle of my authority to be able to do her job, and he and other execs hadn't been according her that privilege. After that meeting, they were on notice that things better change starting that instant. They did; April found new respect and authority in the company. Suddenly, getting things done became a whole lot easier for her.

I took four senior execs and April on the corporate jet and we flew to Tokyo one Saturday night. We arrived Sunday evening and checked into the Hotel Okura. Our appointments didn't start until Monday morning, Tokyo time. We would have about twelve hours to decompress, get over our jet lag, get our plans and papers in order, and be ready to go at seven a.m.

We'd talked business most of the way over the pole and Alaska, across the International Date Line, and into Japan. I zonked out like a light at the hotel. The next thing I knew was when April shook me awake.

"Dad? Matt? Wake up. We've got to be ready in twenty minutes. You're alarm clock didn't go off. Come on, up at at 'em." She was cheery, but again displaying that combination of innocence and authority that she'd taken on with me.

"I'm up. You're right. I forgot to set the clock. How did you know?"

"I have the room next to you. I put my ear to the wall and didn't hear anything."

"Are the others up?"

"I banged on their door. Yes, I think they're moving."

"How you get in here?"

April laughed, "I had a key, of course." She held up her key card.

"I'll be ready to go in fifteen." I started to swing my feet out of bed, but then remembered that I was naked – my preferred sleeping style.

April laughed, "I'll be in the restaurant. You want your usual muffin and coffee?"


On that note, she was gone.

The day's business had been a success. We'd bought part of a company, sold off another chunk of one of mine, and completed it all by four p.m. I'd bowed so often my back was sore. April had a combination bow and curtsey that the Japanese men loved. The four other execs were going to stay in country for the next couple of days and firm up the deal, and then fly home on commercial carriers.

The corporate jet lifted off from Tokyo International Airport (HND) at eight o'clock just as the sun was setting.

April said, "I have you scheduled for a little surprise for a few days, so don't argue with me or expect to be in control for the next four days. You are all mine."

I gave her my stern, 'I'm the boss' and 'I'm the dominant alpha father' look, but to no avail. April had put her seat back and obviously planned to try to get some sleep as we started to fly east-northeast out of Japan at 40,000 feet altitude.

About ten hours later, I'd had a good night's sleep, felt almost on some U.S. time zone, and had split my reading time between a pile of business reports and some emails, and a pleasure book by Harlan Corben.

Except for her nap on takeoff, April seemed to have worked the entire trip. She'd been typing incessantly into her Apple laptop computer, and I knew I'd be the beneficiary of her work sometime soon.

The plane started it's descent, and I figured we were going into San Francisco or San Jose, both places where we had offices and businesses, but such was not the case. We were well south of those places, and scooted the large jet into Monterey airport (MRY) using every inch of their 7,616-foot runway to land and stop the high-speed aircraft.

The weather was ideal, with temperatures in the low seventies as we disembarked about two p.m. Customs and immigration met us, and we were cleared through in five minutes. April had arranged for a rental car, to my surprise.

"Get in, Matt. We've got a short drive ahead of us."

I followed, tossing our luggage into the truck, and getting into the passenger seat of the mid-size sedan. I laughed about how this was the most down market car I'd been in for months, yet it was one of the high end rental cars April had arranged. I kept my mouth shut, curious about what her surprise would amount to. I had after all turned over to her my life and all its component parts.

We drove south along some beautiful stretches of highway. This was part of the Big Sur country, and somehow I'd never been here.

Less than an hour later, April turned into a paved driveway and a well-manicured entrance. The large sign read 'Esalen Institute.'

I'd heard of Esalen. I guessed I would be having a few days of focus on human potentials, particularly my own. The place was known for workshops, as well as personal growth, meditation, massage, yoga, psychology, ecology, spirituality, and organic food.

April looked over at me as we pulled up in front of the registration building. She smiled, "Are you ready for a relaxing and inspiring three days?"

"Lead on," I smiled at her. I'd not done anything this unstructured for a while, at least where I didn't know what would be happening, so I put myself entirely in her hands.

April went in, and was back in ten minutes with two folders, and two sets of keys. A further short drive and we were at our living unit.

April said, "We have the rest of the afternoon free to explore, then we should join the others for a community dinner in the commons area. I volunteered us for clean up duty. Everyone who stays here has to help by doing some task to contribute to the common good."

I must have looked skeptical.

"Try it, you'll like it. See how some of the others in the world live and think."

I was trying to do just that. I often felt too distant from the common man since I'd been blasted by a corporate skyrocket to my lofty aerie as head of my giant corporation. Sometimes the air was too rarefied.

April and I changed into more casual clothes. She produced some sandals and cargo shorts for me to my surprise. She wore much the same, and next I knew we were strolling side by side along the sloping paths that led to the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. April found the path down to the narrow rocky beach below, and by the time we'd gone down, poked around, and climbed back up it was dinnertime.

Dinner was an organic masterpiece of taste sensations. April directed my diet, preparing me for a cleansing of my mind and body for the next twenty-four hours. I again went along with her recommendations; mostly drinking what I thought was carrot juice and eating five different salads with tofu.

After dinner, April and I helped clear the tables, stacked the rinsed dishes, filled three dishwashers, and started the cleaning cycles. A 'foreman' told us we were done with our evening duties.

Dusk was just arriving, and people seemed to be heading off to bed, so that's where April and I went. I was still in 'business mode' despite the serene atmosphere of the retreat center. April rolled with my mood, and even seemed prepared for it. As I posed questions, she either rattled off the answers or made a note of the issue. Mostly, she knew the answers. I gradually ran out of steam, but I wanted to do some more business.

April informed me that the only option was going to bed, partly to recover from the jet lag we'd induced by the trip to and from Japan. I was glad for her insistence, and gladly hit the pillow in my bed as she did the last of her preparations. As usual, I wanted to sleep nude, so I undressed under the sheet and left my briefs outside within reach. April's bed was a few feet away.

I hadn't been asleep long when I became aware of April's naked body sliding into my bed. She cuddled up to me, and I wondered immediately what her expectations were. I thought for a few seconds how she might just want to sleep next to me, but that erroneous idea vanished quickly when she kissed my lips and her hand enclosed around my flaccid cock.

I didn't stay flaccid for long. In seconds I found myself kissing back, rolling to my side to face her beauty, and to enable her to better hold and massage my rapidly growing hard-on.

I whispered, "April, are you sure? This is a very big step to take."

"Oh, yes. We are absolutely going to make love tonight. We are destined to do this. We are destined to be lovers."

"You're my daughter."

"Hush. Don't think about that. Only think about how much I love you, and how I want to be everything I can be to you and everything you might ever dream about."


I never got the next sentence out because April's mouth covered mine in the most heavenly kisses I thought I'd ever experienced.

As we kissed, I brought my hands to her sweet body, cupping those breasts that I realized had tantalized me for weeks, and then my kisses went there, and amid the moans of pleasure from April, my fingers found her cleft and the womanly fluids she exuded on my behalf.

We made love. Oh, how we made love. I was torn between immediate gratification and orgasm, and stretching things out for a long time. I erred on the latter side. We made love for hours: touching, smoothing, licking, sucking, pinching, prodding, tonguing, fingering, grasping, and fucking over and over and over.

When April and I actually slept we were awash in our bodily fluids: she was covered in my cum and saliva, and I was covered in her sweet nectar and the other juices we'd traded for hours.

More important that the sex acts we enjoyed were the words between us. I had been careful with many other women to never use the 'L' word – Love. With April, I could let loose. Not only could I have that freedom, but also I felt compelled to tell her about my love for her.

April felt compelled to tell me about how she felt as well, and for the first time in a long time everything seemed perfect in my life.

We met for an early breakfast, and again April and I did clean up duty. I liked the manual work and resolved to get my hands dirty more often. It had an honest feel about it.

After breakfast, April led me to an outdoor pergola where a class with eight other students of metaphysics and spirituality gathered. I watched in awe and some personal embarrassment as preparatory to our class; the other students removed all their clothes, hanging them over various benches and chairs. I politely joined in, but not before I shot April a disapproving frown.

April merely laughed and removed her clothes without a trace of modesty or shyness.

I was transfixed with a mix of emotions that totally overwhelmed and paralyzed me for a few minutes.

April was truly beautiful. She was erotic, exotic, innocent, sophisticated, sexual, appealing, desirable, approachable, and unapproachable. I was stunned.

I found her looking at me and smiling, and I wondered if she had any idea what I was feeling, and moreover I wondered if she felt anything like what I was feeling for her. I realized in that instant that I was in love. I wasn't just in love, I was in LOVE.

The class was nude yoga accompanied by long guided meditations to help us reach deep into ourselves. The yoga moves were simple and easy to perform. The meditation and self-hypnosis that took us deep inside our inner beings were not as easy. Had I not attempted similar meditations before over the years, I might have been lost and failed.

In our second meditations session of the class, I entered a deep trance where I could feel my own energy turn inwards to become my creative force and my healing force. I eventually felt a force of love breakthrough the remnants of the ego state I'd carried with me to Esalen, obliterating the fragile statue in my head symbolic of the other egoistic me.

In place of my ego, I felt surrounded by love, a sweeping warmth, and the feeling of being held in a state of rapture and bliss I'd not known before. I loved myself, and I loved others. My God force came out to meet and inspire the world around me. I knew I was an expression of this force in both physical form and metaphysical or spiritual form.

As I floated in this state, another life force of love came and blended with me. I knew this life force better than I knew myself; it was April. There was no language, and no words exchanged, only the blending of my heart with hers. We floated together on this infinite sea in the many dimensional universe, and we were as one as we were distinct.

I heard gentle chimes, like the tinkling of a million tiny bells that slowly drew me out of my meditation.

A voice came to me. It was April, "Come back to join us, Matt. We all love you."

I blinked my eyes open, reentering the physical world on planet earth. I had been a billion miles away in another set of dimensions.

"Welcome back," April whispered. She kissed my forehead, and I realized I was being held in her arms with my legs stretched out in front of me. I could feel the fullness of a breast aside my face.

I looked up at her and smiled. I wondered if she'd felt the love and other emotions I'd felt. No one else in the class seemed at all concerned that a naked young girl was holding her nude father, and cradling him to her excited breast. I knew they were excited because her nipples were standing at attention and pointing at me. April smiled when she saw that I'd noticed.

The instructor gently called the class back to order. The circle of students around her adjusted their positions, most adopting the lotus position as they directed their attention forward. I sat up and glanced at April next to me as she crossed her legs, revealing her entire womanhood.

I thought how the night before my cock had been in her womanhood multiple times as we made love. I had made love to my daughter. I might have thought she'd have run screaming from our room, but no, she craved my attention and my physical connection and love. Moreover, she promised this was only the beginning of long loving and sexual relationship.

The class did hand and arm yoga positions for a while before standing, and extending our positions and stretches to other more demanding postures. After that we were encouraged to bask in the warm sunshine just outside the class area. We were given some postures to try.

April took my hand and led me outside. I tried to estimate how much time had passed since the nine o'clock class had started, however, I had no concept of time I could trust. April had taken my watch.

My mind flashed around wildly, going to the deals we were cutting in Japan. Almost as though she could read my mind, April came in front of me and held my face in her hands. "Don't go there. Stay here with me. There is no business other than what we have here, right now."

I nodded and returned my focus to April. She was lovely. I wanted to make love to her again right there in the middle of the large grassy green.

I allowed myself to study her body. I'd often stared at her face, but now I could see her totally revealed to me. Her chest gave way to the swell of her breasts, two perfect mounds of feminine flesh that inspired love and attention.

They transitioned to the smooth contours of her body and hips, and then the sweetness of her nether region where the lips were puffy and looked succulent. All that flowed into a pair of perfect legs, slightly muscled. April was barefoot, with delicate feet and softly decorated toes.

I whispered, "You are beautiful. I love you."

April broke into a smile. "And I love you."

She twirled in front of me as we talked, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I didn't need to evaluate whether this was a daughter-like kiss. It wasn't.

Afterwards, we walked naked along the paths of Esalen, stopping in places to look out across the Pacific and take it the ocean's majesty.

A week later the serenity of the experience at Esalen had all but been forgotten. What I couldn't forget was the love that April and I felt for each other. Much as we'd been inseparable before the Japan-Esalen trip, we were almost joined at the hip afterwards, however, the emotions we felt for each other were new and wonderful. We were physical now too, deeply, and frequently physical. We wanted to make love continually.

We'd avoided talking about the overall situation, and just enjoyed the presence we had in the Now. I could almost read April's mind, and I knew she didn't want my throwing a damper on anything involving the two of us.

For that matter, I didn't want to upset anything either. I knew that sooner or later we'd have 'The Discussion' as I'd come to call it in my head. I just wasn't sure when the right moment would come.

April and I were sleeping together each night. Well, not entirely. A more accurate statement would be that we repeatedly were making love to each other each evening before sleep overtook us, and we slept entwined together.

For a few days after we started our physical relationship, April and I couldn't last through the day without some intimate contact. I would close my office door and April would lie back on my desk so I could make love to her. After a week of this, we decided we had to stop such flagrant behavior.

I'm sure that Wilkins, my male aide at the house, knew what was going on. He was a combination butler, valet, bodyguard, and part time chauffeur. He ran the house, and oversaw the cleaning staff who came in.

One morning after April and I had slept together I found Wilkins, his surname, coming out of April's room with an arm full of sheets and linens from her bed and bath. They were all clean, since April had all but moved into my room at my insistence.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sir. The cleaning ladies are coming today. I wouldn't want them to see an unused bed and bath, when there might be only once conclusion to draw from it."

I muttered, "Thank you."

Wilkins smiled, "Sir. Just to reassure you, I will never mention my knowledge to anyone. You and Miss April may breathe easy around me. What you are doing does not shock me or anger me; quite the opposite. I think the love you feel for each other is palpable and a pleasure to be around."

I smiled at Wilkins. "Thank you again." I made a note to give him a huge bonus at Christmas.

I thought April and I were doing a good job of hiding our affection for each other at work, at least until Mary Aldus, my personal secretary, came into my office one day. April was in her nearby office working on a speech I had to deliver in a week.

Mary stood in front of my desk. "Ahem."

I glanced up, "Yes, Mary. What is it?"

"May I speak freely, Sir?"

Those words put me on guard.

"Yes, by all means. You know you always can with me."

"This is sensitive in that it involves you and April. I know there's a relationship there, and I need to mention that your affection for each other is showing a bit too much. So far it hasn't been a problem; however, it might be in the future, if others figured out what's going on with you two, and wanted to discredit you in some way by starting a rumor."

I studied Mary. She'd worked for me for six years, and I had no doubt of her loyalty to me first, and the company second. I also knew from watching that those feelings extended to April.

Mary was no slouch in the looks department. She was a mid-thirties tall, lanky blond with a pleasant disposition and helpful demeanor. I agreed with other people who described her as striking and stunning as well. She looked like executive material, and she was.

"Mary, thank you for that. I know that might have taken some courage to bring up, but that's the kind of information I need, to be sure none of us embarrass each other. I also don't want you to feel you have to be on guard around us for any reason. So thank you. If we persist in some way, please raise this issue again."

Mary smiled and walked away.

I called her back, "Mary, how many people know we're related?"

"Only me, I think, and Wilkins at your house. Your last names are different, even in HR, so I suspect that everyone just thinks you hired a young woman to be your PA and moved her in with you. I'm sure everyone suspects that sex is involved, but those are all unfounded rumors. Everyone seems to know that you had a relationship with Nancy Schneider way back; they might just see this as another similar relationship."

"What do you recommend? Please don't mince words. I need your counsel."

Mary smiled. "I have a list because I thought about it for you. Are you sure you want to know?"

I nodded, and even made a little give-it-to-me gesture with my hand.

Mary steeped closed to my desk and sat in one of the chairs. She had my attention. "For one, you should visibly both date somebody else occasionally. Second, you should do something major with your other daughter. I remind you that she graduates from Princeton in two months. Third, you might do something with your ex-wife, you know, the 'we're keeping it in the family' kind of thing. Her presence might be some sort of blessing to things." Mary paused and mentioned my ex again, "Megan has changed a lot since you last saw her. I keep track of these things for you."

I replied, "I will do every one of those things. Why don't you see whether you can get me a speaking engagement to something at Princeton, you know a class in business or something."

Mary smiled, "Would you be willing to be their commencement speaker?"

I was taken back by her request because it was so significantly beyond what I'd suggested. "Yes, certainly. That'd be an honor."

"Good, I won't have to backpedal on your acceptance. I told them three months ago that you'd be there."

I shook my head. "Sometimes I wonder just who is really running my life. Now I'm certain it's you and April."

Mary grinned and rose. As she left, I said, "Send April in, please." She waved over her shoulder to indicate she'd heard me.

April came in a moment later with her notepad, ready to take an assignment.

"April, I love you."

"Thank you. You know I love and adore you."

"I do, and Mary has called to my attention that we have to cool it a little around the office. She thinks we're being a little too obvious."

April smirked, "So I can't look ga-ga eyes at you and blow you kisses in the middle of meetings anymore?"

"You get the idea," I mused. "I have to follow the same advice. I have to stop patting you on the ass, running my hands up your legs so I can finger you; and positively the fucking twice a day on my desk during business hours has got to stop."

April stuck her lower lip out. "But I like all those things."

"So do I." I paused and added, "Maybe we can just stop blowing kisses in the meetings."

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