The Bach
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man believes that he's in for a very boring holiday, he couldn't be more wrong.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First  

'Bored, bored, bored, ' Gavin thought as the car headed south from the north-shore of Auckland on the family's annual holiday to their bach (a holiday home, pronounced batch) down near Lake Taupo. For all the careful packing he still had to share the back seat with his sister and what appeared to be innumerable bags packed with various items that his mother had decided they simply couldn't live without for a week.

Nor was the fact that the air conditioning of the car was struggling to cope with Auckland's high humidity and with four bodies packed close together helping. Gavin felt droplets of sweat running down his back as he tried to get comfortable.

"Are we there yet?" Tracey, his younger sister, piped up with a wicked grin which, despite Gavin's attempts to be aloof with her, caused his own grin to spread.

"Jeez, Trace, don't start. We'll be there in about 6 hours, if this traffic doesn't get any better," Dad replied.

"Sweet as," Tracey giggled and turned back to her phone and her obsession with what her friends were up to, which as far as Gavin could tell was tapping comments into their phones.

Staring out of the window Gavin watched as the car moved in stop-start motions. The whole of Auckland appeared to be attempting, as they had, to get away early for the January summer holidays.

"We'll probably pull in at the Bombay Hills and grab a few cold drinks," his father groused.

"Are you sure?" his mother asked.

"Yeah, going to take us an hour at this rate, but we'll be able to put on a bit of speed after and maybe make a fast run of it," Dad replied.

"If you say so, Wayne," his mother sighed.

Gavin sighed as well. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy family holidays, it was just he'd hoped at fifteen to be allowed to go camping with his mates and he still hadn't forgiven Tracey for grassing him up by telling Mum that Benny was going and taking his car. Mum simply did not trust Benny and if he was being honest Gavin understood why. Benny had a reckless streak and at a year older drove an old souped-up banger with a dodgy rego and wof (registration and warranty of fitness). He was also a little verbal to anyone who challenged him and had made a few disparaging remarks about his Mum when he heard Gavin wasn't allowed to go camping, calling her a fat cow, which wasn't true, Gavin knew but stayed silent as no one interrupted Benny when he was on a rant.

"Still brooding?" his mother asked, turning her head back to look at him.

"Nah Mum, just bored," Gavin replied.

"Oh yeah, hard out," she replied with a smile. "Trust me you'll have fun. You always loved coming to the bach with us."

"Yeah, but I wanted to go camping," I sighed.

"Maybe next year, assuming it's not with Benny the bogan," she chuckled.

"He isn't a bogan," I replied, although deep down I knew he was as uncultured as you got in New Zealand.

"He's a Westie, of course he's a bogan," Tracey giggled.

"Coming from Massey doesn't make you a Westie," I argued back.



In the end I think we'd have stopped at Bombay services regardless as Dad figured Tracey and I needed a timeout due to the constant bickering.

"If you two don't cut it out, I'll leave you here to catch the bus," he grunted as he heaved himself out of the car.

"Great, no worries," I said.

"I meant your sister, you're coming out to the wop-wops (middle of nowhere) like it or not," he replied with an evil grin.

"Yes, Dad," I sighed and headed off to the dunnies.

Back at the car Mum was circulating drinks and lollies to all and sundry who wanted them and re-arranging the luggage piled in the back to try and create a bit more space, despite there being seemingly even more bags than ever.

"I want to split them up, Nat," Dad said to Mum.

"How?" Mum said with a frown.

"You go in the back, one of them goes in the front as I'm not listening to the 'he said, she said' echo all the way to Taupo," he answered.

I could tell Mum wasn't happy, not that I particularly cared, but then again Tracey skipped ahead of me into the front seat so I wasn't too happy either.

"There's no bloody room here," Mum complained.

"Well, push the bags into the gap between the front seats," an exasperated dad said.

This we did, creating a lot more room for us even if we had more or less blocked off the rear view for Dad and Tracey.

"Right, let's go," Dad said as we pulled away heading south on the motorway.

An hour later all was quiet as the car ate up the miles, Tracey had fallen asleep and Mum appeared to be heading in the same direction, if her nodding head was to be taken as a giveaway.

"It's no good," she sighed. "Can't get comfy, do you mind if I put my head on your lap, Gav?"

"No Mum, it's OK," I replied without even glancing away from my tablet game.

Mum was soon asleep and initially I was fine until the weight of her head started to cause a little ache in my upper thighs. Not wanting to disturb her I held it out for another ten minutes trying to listen to the radio to distract myself. Dad was clearly in a world of his own if the volume was to be believed and the ache in my legs wasn't getting any easier. Unable to help myself I slowly pulled my legs apart and eased the ache though causing Mums head to shift right into my groin. This started another issue for me in the shape and form of an erection. God alone knows I tried to stop it, but it just grew to epic proportions in seconds.

Natalie awoke slowly from her nap feeling something hard pressing into her cheek and not quite sure what it was. The car was still too warm and she felt hot and sticky and then realisation struck her as to just where she was and what it was that was pressing into her.

'Oh my God!' was her first thought, before her natural, if perverse, sense of humour kicked in.

Moving her head slightly she decided to ignore the fact that her son's erection was pushing into her cheek so as not to embarrass him, only to stare as the bulge grew even more once she'd given it a bit of room.

At first I was relieved that Mum moved her head away, but to my embarrassment my erection just kept expanding into the space left for it. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry such was my predicament and I certainly didn't want to wake Mum up. Then to my horror, Mum moved her arm up to near her head and planted her hand directly on my erection and squeezed.

Natalie wasn't sure what the hell had come over her, but instinct seemed to draw her hand upwards to grasp what was tenting Gavin's shorts. Squeezing slightly she felt its innate hardness and sighed when it twitched slightly. She wasn't sure, but thought that Gavin was bigger than Wayne, certainly harder than he was these days as all Wayne wanted to do it seemed was eat, drink beer and sleep between jobs.

'Still, ' she thought, 'no harm done. Probably thinks I'm still asleep.'

I wanted to feel horrified, but damn, Mum's hand felt good on my cock. At fifteen I was masturbating at least twice a day, often more and having something other than my own hand down there was definitely causing me a lot of pleasure. The squeezing went on for a little while longer although other than feeling nice wasn't doing anything else for me but I was damned if I knew what else I could do about it.

Feeling rather wicked Natalie enjoyed touching up the throbbing cock but realised that she was getting horny too.

'Dare I?' she thought before her fingers moved, seemingly of their own volition, to undo the belt around Gavin's shorts.

'Oh my God!' I mentally gasped as Mum's fingers undid my belt and slid it open.

She then undid the button and pulled the zip down before lifting her head, giving me a wink and pulling my cock out of my underwear.

"Mum!" I hissed very quietly.

"Shhh! I wanted a look, very nice," she murmured.

Glancing around I realised there was no way anyone in the front could see what was going on in the back, not without pushing the bags down on top of us.

Mum had meanwhile slowly begun to wank my cock whilst looking from it to my face with a slight smile.

"My, you've grown," she gave a soft giggle.

"Oh God!"


"Oh Jeez!" I groaned as the pleasure was becoming overwhelming until my heart nearly stopped when Mum lifted her head, opened her mouth and sucked the knob of my cock into it.

What I thought had been wonderful now paled into comparison with what was now enveloping my cock with heat, wetness and suction. The jolting to my nervous system as Mum ran her tongue over the head of my cock and slid it around my glans shook me to my core. If this was sex, I knew for a fact I wanted more and more of it.

'I must be mad, ' Natalie thought as she pulled her son's cock out of his shorts. 'But what a beauty.'

Stroking it softly and enjoying its hardness a decision was made, she had to have a taste, besides if she brought him off by hand, the smell might give things away, she reasoned with herself. Lifting up, she tugged his shorts slightly further down and licking her lips she took her son's cock into her mouth marvelling at the hardness and the texture of it. Bobbing slowly up and down and using her tongue, she knew Gavin wouldn't last long and slid her hand down into his underwear to fondle his balls, squeezing them gently unto she felt the tip of his cock harden even more before he stifled a groan and released his young bounty into her mouth and down her throat in several powerful spurts.

"Mmmmm, tasty," she murmured pulling away from his still stiff cock for a moment before her mouth descended again to suck and lick him dry and clean.

I couldn't believe it, my Mum had willingly given me a blow job and appeared to have enjoyed it. For the moment I was too stunned to actually even think about the implications of what had happened, just that I wanted more and my cock was agreeing with me as it didn't really subside too much despite the relief I felt.

"Nice?" Mum said as she pulled herself up into a sitting position.

"Yes, but..." I began.

"Shush, no harm, no foul if we keep this to ourselves," she whispered.

"Yes Mum," I agreed.

"God, Gavin. You've gotten me all horny too," she moaned as she slid a hand down to rub her crotch over her shorts.

"Could ... could I?" I asked.

Glancing around Mum nodded and lifting up carefully undid her shorts and slipped them and her panties down slightly. She then took my hand and guided my fingers down till they touched a slippery raised nub surrounded by soft hairs.

"Rub gently in a circular motion just there," she whispered.

Natalie felt so wanton and wicked as she guided her son's fingers down to the centre of her pleasure. It had been far too long since anyone had done this for her. There was something just so right about the feeling when it was someone else doing it. Electric like jolts caused her legs to twitch at each swirl of Gavin's fingertips and the butterfly like feelings in her abdomen grew and grew.

'Yes!' she thought as her body began its final responses towards a massive climax that she knew she couldn't or wouldn't stop even if she wanted to.

Biting her lip to stop crying out in sheer ecstasy she realised that the release she sought was now about to roll over her in an avalanche of pleasure and raising her head she kissed Gavin and moaned out her pleasure into his open mouth with her hips bucking like mad in time to his fingers.

I was amazed at the intensity of Mum's orgasm, it certainly put mine to shame, but it also convinced me that I wanted more as my aching cock was telling me again. The only questions in my mind were would Mum let me and if she would how could we without alerting my Dad and sister as to what we were up to. Taking my time however I chose now to explore the delights of my first pussy. Marvelling at the slippery softness and the wet heat from this source of delight I began moving down slightly until I found the entrance to Mum's vagina and pressed the tip of a finger gently inside.

"Oh," Mum murmured softly, though she made no attempt to stop me, simply reaching down to hold my cock, once more stroking it gently.

I kept my fingers gently swirling over Mums clitoris but alternated with sliding a digit into her warm channel though I struggled slightly as her shorts and panties were in the way.

Mum seemed to realise this and kissed me before raising her hips off the seat drawing them down and off one leg.

Natalie was well aware she was playing with fire, but could not seem to help herself as she shimmied her shorts and panties off before spreading her legs for Gavin to gain full uncontested access. Soon his fingers were probing her hidden delights and she squirmed in her seat as waves of pleasure rolled over her, taking her ever higher in wanton debauchery. She gasped in delight as Gavin moved slightly to the side and his head dipped down to taste her own bounty, his tongue flicking over her nub and raising her desires and the stakes higher. Finally she knew, she just had to have him, to feel his cock moving inside her sating her lust for now.

I was in heaven, I'd been blown off by my Mum and I'd touched her pussy with my fingers and now I was lapping up her juices which were freely flowing for me, yet I wanted more. Mum seemed to sense this too and very carefully she began to slip downwards to lie on the seat with one leg poised on the floor, the other she lifted to hook onto the headrest of the rear seat. As carefully as possible I slid my own shorts and underwear down and very, very carefully moved on top of my Mum leaning over to kiss her and felt her tongue slide into my mouth as our passions mounted. Soon I was in what I hoped was a good position for the ultimate act.

Natalie reached down between their two bodies and grasped Gavin's cock and carefully guided it to her sopping wet entrance. She was pleased at how carefully Gavin had moved and positioned himself but now it was time to truly taste forbidden fruit and she gasped with joy as his cock slid into her, filling her fully. Yes, she'd been right, Gavin was bigger than Wayne, thicker too and he felt so right filling her pussy and making her legs tremble slightly in anticipation.

'This day just keeps on getting better, ' Gavin thought as his cock slid into his Mum, feeling heat and sheer silky softness gripping him and rippling up and down his length.

"Oh Mum!" he whispered in her ear felling her shiver in delight as he did so.

Carefully withdrawing he then slid back into her making her moan softly as he found a rhythm that did not bounce the car and did not cause either of them to hit the front seats.

Natalie was in heaven despite the risks she knew she was taking. Gavin too was being careful. The sensation of being fucked by her son was making her libido take her into another orgasm, piling higher and deeper on top of the smaller ones that were overwhelming her senses. Desperately she bit down on Gavin's shoulder making him gasp out in shock as her pussy clamped down on his cock and a low moan of absolute joy escaped her lips. This was so much better than she'd ever dreamed fucking to be. She'd never, ever come from simply having a cock moving inside her and now she realised she did not want to ever give it up. Nor she suspected would Gavin as she felt the signs of his own climax beginning.

I gasped as Mum bit down on my shoulder, but realised that she just wanted to keep the noise down. Harder to cope with was her pussy clamping down on my cock as she took my virginity and I realised I was very close to cumming again.

Moving slightly faster I tried to hold back a little, but the pleasure was too overwhelming and with a low moan I pushed as hard as I could into my Mum and my cock spasmed as I delivered a copious quantity of my cum into the channel that had passed me into the world fifteen years before.

Mum leaned up to kiss me and we shared a look that told me that this would not be a one and only.

"Best get dressed," she whispered.

"Yes, Mum," I replied in my own whisper.

We carefully disentangled ourselves and sat as we pulled our shorts and underwear up. If anything for some reason or another I was more terrified of being caught now than when I'd been fucking my Mum.

"Tissues, please," Mum murmured and I handed over a disposable pack and watched as she grabbed a few and placed them in her panties to catch my flow.

We then settled back as the car carried on, with the ones in the front completely oblivious to what had taken place in the back.

"Your Dad will be necking more than a few stubbies (small beer bottles) tonight and he'll be tired so will sleep like a log," Mum said quietly, the only indication of our passion being slightly red cheeks and our holding of hands.

"Yes, Mum," I replied hopefully.

"Now if you happened to take the small bedroom," she went on mentioning the bedroom neither Tracey or I liked due to it getting a bit noisy if it rained. "It just happens to be on the other side of the lounge, away from the two larger bedrooms."

"Sweet as," I murmured.

"I'll come to you tonight I hope and we can continue on our 'in depth' discussion, without the barriers of noise or clothing," Mum giggled slightly.

"Oh, yes, please!" I exulted.

"There will be other times too. I think we'll have a lot of fun together, both in and out of bed," she said at my nod. "But, when we aren't alone, behave yourself; otherwise this will stop, no matter how much I'll regret it."

At this point the luggage we'd piled in the gap tumbled over on top of us and a bleary eyed Tracey stared at us.

"Are we there yet?" she yawned.

"Getting there," Mum replied with a satisfied smile. "Could do with a dunny break though."

"Me too," chimed in Dad above the blaring of the radio.

"So I can hide the evidence," Mum whispered with a wink to me as I smiled in self-satisfaction.

And that's how I started the best holiday ever.

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