His Secretary Has a Secret
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Maggie is tired of being treated like a sex object so she finds a unique way to change her lifestyle.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction  

Maggie was sick and tired of the way she had been used by her last two bosses treating her like she was a piece of meat for their pleasure and not a professional with all the skills necessary to be a first class secretary in the business world. After all, she had attended the Fox Agency Secretarial School and graduated Secretary cum laude at the top of her class.

She understood the value of being a "team player" but she had never expected to be treated so cavalierly in a proper place of business. It was one thing to let the boss feel you up in the executive bathroom but quite another to be bent over his desk for his enjoyment and as a perk for his cronies from the club. It was far too degrading to be subjected to entry from behind whilst others were watching and laughing at her discomfort.

After quitting two rather good jobs with excellent opportunities for advancement despite the unusual job requirements, she was beginning to wonder if the field of secretarial work was her forte in life. Perhaps she should just strip down to her undies and show off her moves on the dance pole at the gentleman's club around the corner to make her way in life. At least it was "what you see is what you get" and no hypocrisy about what was expected of her.

The truth of the matter was that Maggie was totally "Hot!" and she packed a lot of dynamite in her petite frame and hour-glass figure. It had embarrassed her at first to be so attractive to the male population and even caused her to declare a moratorium on heterosexual relations for a period of two long years when she attended the University. It shamed her to admit that she did not finish her academic pursuits because the demands of the flesh outweighed her motivation to study. Her two girlfriend room-mates knew every intimate detail of her delectable body and she allowed them to use her in any way they wanted providing they did not advertise her immoral activities. It was after that period of "no cock" that she realized she was truly heterosexual at heart and needed the constant poking and probing from the silly male creatures to remain satisfied with her physical well-being. It was a shame because most of the males she had given her favors to were less than honest or dependable and seldom lasted more than week before she knew it was time to move on.

This time, Maggie decided she would use her skills in make-up and acting to convince the placement agency that she was a serious-minded applicant and not just another cheap floozy looking for a horizontal position under some hen-pecked boss.

Her best friend Jerry came in to help with the hairstyle because he was a genius with almost any kind of hairdo and he loved working with her hair and telling her to "turn this way" and all those little controlling orders that made her feel like a puppet on a string. His special roommate Derek was a rough sort of fellow who let everyone know he wore the pants in the family. She was a little afraid of Derek because he had a reputation of bending unsuspecting females over and making them pretend to be boys for his pleasure. He was so charming and persuasive that young naïve girls did their best to give him what he wanted and usually got a happy tingle as well.

The hairdo was sort of a full "Little Orphan Annie" only with black hair instead of red. Her thick glasses and oversized black plastic frames made her look like a frustrated librarian and for good measure she wore a pair of terrible brown flats with shoelaces mismatched. Her body was encased in a duffel type sausage roll of padding that stayed under her long black dress like some sort of drab prison uniform giving the impression she was a thick tube of female bologna with no evidence of curves in any of the usual places. When she saw herself in the mirror she laughed so hard that she peed her granny panties just like her grandmother used to do almost every evening after dinner.

The managers at the employment agency never batted an eye when they saw her because their only interest was in how fast she could type and if her shorthand was good enough to make her desirable to a high-paying client. The agency did recruiting work for all the big corporations and even found secretaries for lawyers and authors who needed help with their writing and their organization of files in their office. Naturally, when they saw her scores she was placed at the top of the list for immediate posting and when the order came in for a "rush job" secretary for a publishing house, they sent her over with a letter of introduction and instructions to keep her mouth shut and just show them her stuff.

For the first time, Maggie felt like she was being treated with the proper respect and decorum that a modest and decent young lady deserved from an employer. She knew the other girls with the lipstick and the curls in their bleached or dyed hair would be getting the fluff jobs that emphasized the secretary's leg appeal more than her typing skills.

The publisher's office was all mahogany and drapes that looked like they belonged in the last century. The woman in charge was the head editor and she looked like an older edition of Maggie so it was only fitting that she immediately took to her and gave all the pointers she needed about the job she was selected to fill.

Mister Adams was a fairly new author who had only written one book thus far and he had been touted as the new "Hemingway" for the new generation. Unfortunately, after that successful first effort, he had settled into a routine of talking about his masterpiece and screwing any female who batted her eyes at him because he was an "artist". Added to his nocturnal activities, he had become overly fond of Vodka and was seen with a glass in his hand whenever he wasn't smoking.

Maggie had read his book and was surprised it had been selected for a film production since it seemed terribly long on erotica and disappointingly short on romance. Apparently, that distasteful genre was all the go in Hollywood at the moment and the project was already shooting out in the Arizona desert with wild parties every night. It was rumored that Mister Adams made a point of "going over lines" with the wild young budding actresses until the wee hours of the morning. It certainly was not conducive to his supposed labors on the already paid for sequel.

She was informed by the hiring agency that she would have to transported to the shooting locale and perform her secretarial duties whenever requested by her new boss and generally act as a shepherdess to guide him into his writing duties.

The driver looked in the mirror at her sitting forlornly in the back seat surrounded by bottles of various types of booze and some neatly folded packets of condoms that came in all colors of the spectrum and with the added benefits of lubrication and/or rough surfaces. She looked at them wistfully wishing that she was back in the swing of getting bent over a hard wooden desk because at least she knew exactly what she was getting into. Right now, she was heading into the unknown and that made her tummy act a little funny. Or maybe it was the sight of all the condoms that was making her other systems fall into a state of eager anticipation.

"You sure ain't the type of broad that I usually take out to this place, Miss. Most of those young ladies sort of don't fall into the "Lady" category like you do."

Maggie looked up at the driver who she had overlooked in her confusion about leaving the safe confines of the big city. He was the strong, silent type with a scarred face and bent nose that remaindered her of her Uncle Diddily who was boxing ever since he was real young in the "Golden Gloves" competitions. The driver wasn't as old as her Uncle had been but his face was battered just as badly by too many punches.

"I am sorry for not talking much. It is just because I wasn't expecting to go out into some isolated filming set in God knows where."

The driver laughed and told her,

"It is only about thirty miles from Prescott and they got all the things you would find in a big city and all the problems as well."

She had absolutely no idea where "Prescott" was but it made her feel a bit more relaxed.

"I am Maggie and I have been sent to be the secretary for Mister Adams who wrote the story for this production. This is my first assignment for the agency and I must look a sight because I had no warning at all."

His deep blue eyes surveyed her in the rearview mirror.

"I didn't mean you weren't a bad-looking broad, Miss Maggie. I just meant you seemed a little inexperienced for a female going to this "Sodom and Gomorrah" out in the middle of the desert. You don't have that "looking to get laid" look these bimbos use instead of a smile that makes a guy get interested. That's what I like about you, Miss Maggie, you got a great smile."

Maggie kind of melted deep inside and she looked at the hard-faced driver in a different light. It was obvious to her that her disguise of making her look like a totally unattractive female didn't work on this guy who managed to see what was inside her with very little difficulty.

"How much further to the set location, Mister??..."

He slowed the limo down and pulled over to the side of the highway in the shade of a towering tree with a medley of tables and benches strewn haphazardly in a bed of gravel for travelers to stop to check their engines or have a bite to eat.

"My name is Harry, love, and don't let anyone know but my given name is Horace after an Uncle who never left us any money anyway."

She stirred out of her comfortable position not caring that he probably could see the flash of white of her calves and ankles as she exited the back seat. For some strange reason, she was beginning to feel that quickening of the pulse that she used to get when her room-mates gave it to her good sandwiched between them. It had been a long time but she liked the feeling and hoped it would last a bit longer.

"We are about two hours from the site, Miss Maggie, so it is best we stop here to give the engine a rest and take advantage of the nice lunch the company fixed in the trunk. It is a perk for the riders and I get to share in it too. There's even a bottle of white wine in there but I can't drink any because I am driving. They are very strict about that and I like this job because it pays real well."

She watched him spread out the red and white tablecloth on the wooden table and it reminded her of a small Italian restaurant her parents used to take her to back home. The thought filled her with nostalgia and a few small tears escaped from the corners of her eyes shielded by the unneeded glasses she used to hide her vibrant eyes.

"I hope I didn't say anything to offend you, Miss. We have tuna fish, ham or a nice little salad with some little crisps with bar-b-que flavor on them. Do you want me to uncork the wine for you?"

She looked up at his muscular shape and put her tiny delicate hand on his bare arm right where he had a tattoo of some undefined portrait of daggers and roses and what looked like a snake peeking out at her.

"Harry, I would love that immensely. I think I need something to give me the courage to face all those important people out there creating a work of art."

He opened the wine and she sipped it thoughtfully thinking about her scheme to find people who would accept her as herself and not some sort of fantasy sexual toy to be pampered and poked with no consideration for her needs and emotions. Harry was the first person who had actually looked past her unattractive exterior and managed to accept her as a fellow human being with wants and needs of her own.

She was on the second glass of the delicious wine when he suggested they move back to the limo and put on the stereo to one of the special music stations that the upgraded radio kept on demand for any situation. It didn't seem wrong when he climbed in the back with her because he was rubbing her neck and back with his oversized fighter's hands to take out the tension causing her to squint her eyes against the outside light.

The combination of the romantic music, the delicious wine and his skilled fingers tracing their inevitable way down her spine to the top of the waiting cleft made her whimper in anticipation and she just leaned forward and let him do with her what he willed because that was exactly what she needed at the time.

When he unzipped her sausage-like wrap and exposed her succulent heart-shaped buttocks and female slit with juices already bubbling with her desire. She heard his breath suck inward in surprise at the treat he had opened with disbelief.

"My God, Miss Maggie, I had no idea you were so beautiful. I will stop if you want because I am not a very attractive guy and you are like a perfect "10" and way out of my league."

Maggie murmured her negative and told him,

"I want you to use a black condom because my first boyfriend was a black policeman with a dick almost as big as yours. If you don't mind, use one of the ones with the rough edges because I like it that way best of all. Don't be worried about hurting me because I am a lot tougher than I look and can take a lot of hard use. I want you to make me take it because I think you are the most attractive guy I have ever met and you make me tingle all over just looking at you."

She felt his weight on top of her and after that it all became a blur of sweating bodies, stretching to accommodate his girth and the sound of his muscular legs slamming into her soft cheeks with determined enthusiasm.

When it was all over, she managed to tell him in a shaky voice,

"If there is any of that wine left, I will have a taste so it is in my mouth when I savor you with me on your cock."

He laughed and made a point of pouring her the drink with the careful attention of a dedicated driver.

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