The Return to the Master
Chapter 1: Reformat

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Fiction, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Harem, Slow,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Reformat - Beth has been taken by the Company and turned into a Doll. Will she return to her True Master?

<The True Slut – Beth>

I kept my eyes shut and focused on what was around me trying to get any information I could without letting them know that I was awake. They had tracked me down and kidnapped me in the middle of a street in broad daylight. For all I knew I was in some volcano lair of a Bond villain if they had that much pull. They had drugged me with something though making it difficult to focus.

"We know you're awake." Said a voice and I ignored it trying to continue the ruse.

"Bethany Steinbeck, I know you are awake your brain is already implanted with the basic chip. We have access to your head and you are plainly awake." Said the voice.

Grudgingly I opened my eyes to see an angry looking woman and what could only be described as a classic mad scientist with the lab coat and frazzled hair looking over me. From my vantage point I could see that I was naked and strapped to a metallic table in what looked like a hospital. My head was resting on the cold metal with nothing in between, I was bald and my head was freezing.

"Mrs. Steinbeck, you've been a thorn in our side for some time investigating the disappearance of one Tracy Huffman a woman whom we both know is no longer among the living. We were content to allow your investigation die on your chief's desk but you had to go cowboy didn't you. You contacted one of our competitors and helped them to gain access to the programming of our Dolls in some vain attempt to bring Tracy back."

The woman paused and glanced down at the tablet in her hand.

"I want you to tell me who that competitor was and we'll do this as painlessly as possible. If not I'll allow the good Doctor here to experiment with you." She said pointing at the man in the lab coat. He grinned down at me with what could only be described as something close to childlike glee.

Turning from his disturbing gaze I glared up at the woman.

"Now-"she held up one of the tablets for the dolls and involuntarily I stiffened.

"The techs tell me that the little virus used to intercept our code was something very novel and original. Our firewalls didn't detect it until the reprogramming of the Doll it was attached to complete. It then took the techs hours to figure it out and we have some of the best computer scientists in the world." She said.

The woman put the tablet down and leaned over until her face was directly in front of mine.

"This is not something a police officer would have access too even ignoring the fact that it contains code the United States Military has deemed a threat to national security. Who were you working with?" She asked.

"I was alone." I growled up at her.

"There is no need to remain loyal to whomever you were helping, they only wanted the programming in our Dolls pretty little heads so they could make their own. Tell me who it was and your processing into a doll will be painless." Said the woman.

I laughed at that, I was in a stressful situation and this routine was something I had been trained to do, she didn't even have the good cop with her just the crazy looking cop.

Looking annoyed she pursed her lips and glared down at me.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"Why the hell am I going to tell you anything? I tell you turn me into a doll anyway, I have no incentives to do anything!" I said.

"The Doctor here will only perform a normal Dollification if you help us. If not then I'll let him experiment." She said.

"Still not much of an incentive I'd rather go down fighting." I said.

She sighed and picked up a second tablet, this one I could feel was attached to my own skull a thin wire running from it. I shivered at the sight, I had seen what that thing could do when Marcus had tried to fix Kate she had gone into a full seizure and he had been trying to help her. Someone who was intentionally trying to do harm could probably do a lot more than make me bite my tongue.

"When the process is complete you'll tell us what we want to know anyway." She said and tapped something on the tablet. My whole world exploded around me. Every nerve ending was set aflame and it felt as if I were being burned alive, my lungs felt as if I were being drowned and everything else in my body pulsed with pain.

The pain stopped as quickly as it had started and the cold metallic table I was on suddenly felt like the most comfortable thing in the world. Breathing hard I opened my eyes and glared up at the woman. She was smiling evilly down at me pleased with herself it seemed.

"Direct access to the brain, we can do a lot with it." She said and hit the button again.

This time I wasn't sure how long I was in the pain my perception of time was skewed but it felt like an eternity. My entire body was crying out in pain, parts I never knew I had crying out in agony as I fell through the pain. It lifted and this time I kept my eyes shut just trying to regain control. The restraints on my arms and legs the only thing I was feeling.

"Who were you working with?" asked the Woman.

I kept my mouth shut.

She zapped me again and I felt myself yelling this time the shouts reverberating in the small medical ward. I screamed and screamed as every part of my body was hit with the pain and like the time before it went on forever and then it was gone.

I collapsed onto the table not realizing that I had been arching up against it trying to get away from the pain.

Panting I opened my eyes to see that the cuffs had cut into my wrists and ankles, blood was slowly flowing from the wounds and was pooling on the ground.

"I'm going to kill you." I hissed up at the woman.

"I've heard that before, and I'm still alive." She said. She set the tablet down and turned back to the Doctor.

"Implant the obedience protocols. After I have the information I need then do whatever the fuck you want with her. But I need her in a sellable state in the end she's going to her boss." Said the woman.

The Doctor nodded and I blanched. The Chief! I was going to kill him next time I got my hands on him, not be his Doll!

The Doctor picked up the tablet and tapped away at it for a few moments unconcerned with my mental struggle.

There was no way in hell I was going to be turned into one of those Dolls! But people had been fighting them for years and so far only one person had gotten away and even she wasn't anything close to normal!

I felt something slither into my head, it was a feeling like a wet slug or something going in both of my ears and burrowing its way into my skin. I shuddered at the feeling and I knew that they had put in the first batch of the programming, my thoughts were off by a slight bit. Looking up at the woman and the Doctor new words besides the ones I had been using in my mind were floating to the surface. Master and Mistress prominent among them.

"Who were you working with?" Asked the woman.

My mouth opened of its own accord and I felt my vocal cords moving. Quickly reasserting control I snapped my teeth back closed with a painful click.

"Who were you working with?" repeated the woman.

"Marcus." I growled. My entire body was once again plunged into a state total feeling, instead of pain though I was suddenly experiencing the greatest pleasure in my life. It felt as if I were receiving a massage and had just had the best sex possible. I whimpered and almost melted into the table. Pain was something I was used to, the pain of exercising and building up muscles the pain of injuries on the job. Pleasure and absolute bliss wasn't something I had any experience resisting.

"Who is Marcus?" asked the woman.

I blinked trying to focus my thoughts and put up some form of control on my actions.

"He's fixing Kate, the Doll that ran away from you." I said. The pleasure coursed through me again and I shuddered. I wasn't supposed to be telling her any of this but it just felt too damn good.

"Where is Marcus?" Asked the woman.

I told her his address and in the back of my head it felt like I was being programmed again, the same slithering sensation instead of the pleasure I had gotten from the other answers.

"Thank you Bethany." She turned away from me and started towards the door.

"Well we're going to try some new stuff with you." Said the Doctor and he pressed a button on the desk and I collapsed back into the darkness.

I woke to the feeling of an oppressive warmth pushing into me from every side. If my eyes were open I wasn't seeing anything blackness was all around me. The only stimuli was a soft pulsing from all around me. I marshalled my thoughts and was relived to find everything in its place, my name, my childhood, my parents, that embarrassing incident in third grade. Everything was where it was supposed to be they hadn't turned me into a doll!

I winced and amended the thought. They hadn't turned me into a doll yet. But if they had done something there was a possibility I wouldn't know if I thought ruefully. Still I knew I had to fight whatever it was they were doing to me and that was enough to go by for now.

I tried moving my arms but found that I couldn't. I couldn't feel any restraints around my wrists but still they refused to move in fact I could feel them floating beside me, the commands from my brain just weren't reaching them. Vainly I tried to move something anything on my body but after a moment quickly determined that all I could do was blink not that my eyes were doing me much good considering the pure black darkness around me.

I waited and the slow pulsing continued.

There was nothing else to do but think and try to figure out what was going on. Whatever this was it had to serve a purpose, which might very well be to drive me insane.

Suddenly a painful spasm rocketed through my body and I involuntarily gasped, noticing for the first time the liquid streaming past my lips and into my lungs! The fact I was breathing in a liquid was quickly overshadowed by the pain from all around me increasing. It had started at my feet but was quickly moving through my entire body focusing on my more intimate bits with the greatest intensity.

I could do nothing to try and stop the pain my limbs still dead and lifeless. This was not the pain that the chip had put through me, that had been a pure clear signal of pain going to the very primal root of my brain. This was physical pain something was being done to my body.

Light slowly began to creep into my vision starting with a thin line directly in front of me it slowly widened. A small amount of light filtered in and I could see I was in a tank, like something seen in futuristic movies in the middle of a lab. I was suspended upright inside of it completely naked with what looked like thousands of wires going to my skin embedded slightly into it.

The Doctor from earlier was looking in at me with a mild amount of interest his face slightly distorted form the liquid I was breathing. I glared out at him but he paid no mind.

The wires covering my skin all suddenly slipped off and retracted back somewhere behind me and I suddenly had full control of my limbs. Lashing out through the liquid I punched the side of the container. My hand painfully bounced off of what had to be several inches of glass. I yelped in pain at the impact, I hadn't thrown a punch hard enough to break any bones but it felt as if every bone in my hand had shattered.

Examining my hand and seeing nothing out of place I lightly tapped the glass and winced again at the feeling, it wasn't pain but something was off. Every sensation felt more intense like I had been wearing thick gloves my entire life. Slowly reaching through the liquid I pinched myself in the arm and winced as the pain shot through me feeling like someone had sliced at me with a knife.

The liquid around me slowly began to drain and I slowly drifted down to the floor of the tube alighting on it as the current pushed me down. Even my feet felt funny, the bare metal feeling as if it were being pressed to raw skin and even without my full weight on it there was pain like standing on broken glass. As the liquid drained the wall behind me moved forward pressing me against the glass in front like a specimen in between a slide.

The glass slid up and the last amounts of fluid drained away, coughing and feeling as if I were being stabbed in the chest but all I could do for a moment was regurgitate the stuff out of my lungs. I wanted to stand up beat the Doctor's ass into the ground and get out of this place as quickly as I could but my body refused to move the air was cold and biting and the floor felt like it was rough and uneven sandpaper every inch of me hurt but it wasn't the chip keeping me in place, it was the pain and exhaustion.

"Move her up onto the table." Said the Doctor.

Cracking my eyes open I saw several pairs of feet in blue medical booties approach. The assistants under The Doctors command lifted me up into the air and I couldn't help but grit my teeth and shout between them, their hands felt as if they were metal left out in the arctic burning cold and unforgiving.

The assistants moved me up onto the same metal table as before and I collapsed onto it unable to move. The Doctor moved into my view looming over me.

"I've been given permission to experiment with you, the Company is eager for new products to sell to our more valuable customers. And you are a perfect test subject, no genetic predisposition for diseases and in excellent physical condition." He said.

My throat was on fire but I ignored it. "Fuck you!" I growled at the man.

He laughed and moving a hand pocked me in the side. I whimpered at that, it felt as if he had stabbed me in the gut.

"I've had your entire epidermis scrubbed, you're as tender as a newborn. Not to mention I've upped the intensity of all nerve impulses. I haven't figured out how to increase just the pleasurable responses but-" he shrugged and poked me again. "Some of our clientele enjoy a woman screaming in pain, and when that can be induced with the smallest of touches all the better." He said.

"Now though we get to see how much enhancement you can take." He said.

The Doctor's hands moved to my chest and rubbed my nipples. I shuddered again, not from pain like before that feeling was still present, but it was overridden by the intense amounts of pleasure that his grasp induced. The bastard was turning my own body against me and I was enjoying it. Just that simple grab was the most wonderful and sexually stimulating moment of my life!

"Hmm, we have quite a bit of work to do here." Mused the Doctor and he removed his hands from my breast. The Doctor continued to look me over and I noticed that the pain although not lessening was becoming more manageable, like a sprained ankle or broken bone the pain was present but I was getting used to it.

"Your musculature is also a little high, not a problem we run into very often. If you were taller we could go for the Amazonian type of look but I guess you'll just have to lose some of the muscle tone." He said.

The Doctor continued to talk mulling over and pawing at different parts of me while I steadily subdued the pain that was coursing through every inch of my skin. I flexed my hand and ignoring the dull ache that it caused I balled it up into a fist, whatever I did this was going to hurt.

"Ah, looks like I have to turn the restraints on." Said the Doctor and he hit something on a tablet next to him on the table.

My hand went limp and I glared up at him.

"Can't have you running off, and in a few days you won't want to run off." He said smiling down at me.

The Doctor brushed his hand over my pussy and I felt myself instantly get wet, the same mix of pleasure and pain filtering into me.

"I'm going to fucking kill you and your sick Company!" I said, the words caused pain as they flew from my mouth.

The Doctor ignored me and turned back to his console.

"It's time for a session of programming." Said the Doctor. "As wonderful a test subject you might be these external changes are the mundane. I want to get to the real experimentation." He said smiling.

"I've got some new procedures to try out and combined with the new programming the techs have cooked up and the fact that the higher ups have let us get rid of those safety features that old idiot Belial put in place." He paused as if savoring the moment. "Well let's just say I expect you to be the best Doll I've made to date!" Said the Doctor.

"Fuck you."

He chuckled. "No that's your job." He said and pressed a button on the tablet.

Darkness floated over my vision and I slumped back into the void.

I was once again floating in darkness. I knew what was going on though, they were doing something to me rewiring my brain and body to turn me into some new type of Doll. Inside my own mind the pain I had been feeling was gone, but the pleasure was still lingering at the edges of my thoughts an enticing abyss to throw myself into and never reemerge.

I drifted considering what I could do. Kate had escaped them so it was possible but even she had no idea how she had managed the caper. Fighting my way out wasn't an option considering the amount of security they had and the fact that every step would hurt like hell. So I had to resist or mess with the programming they put into my head! How I would manage that I had no idea.

I imagined putting up a wall and trying to ignore what they did to me but that was an obvious ploy, and something that they would probably know how to break considering the amount of women they had done this too.

I thought back to Marcus and Kate. She was free but even after everything the chip still held dominion over her actions and thoughts making her into a submissive creature that most men would take advantage of.

Marcus could have kept her and enjoyed his luck. It wasn't everyday a man had a beautiful woman fall into his lap and beg to be dominated instead he had promised to and actively tried to fix her risking life and limb to do so. Sure he still had sex with her but then that was something that Kate enjoyed and was probably closer to an addiction if she felt a fraction of what I had earlier when they had started messing with my head.

I wouldn't be able to avoid their programming, no matter how much I tired they were going to get a foothold and then slowly chip away at whatever defense I mounted. I had to think of a way to resist it before I couldn't think at all.

As I tried to think of something the darkness around me drifted away only to replace by the scene of an opulent bedroom with black sheets on a massive bed and soft carpet underneath my sensitive skin. It wasn't a dream but neither was I awake to experience this. The edges of my vision were fuzzy but everything else was perfectly clear and without any distortion. The chip was feeding this directly into my head whatever this was.

A faceless man stepped into the bedroom and I felt myself getting wet. A wave of lust more intense than anything I had every felt before swept over me and ignoring the pain in my body as I moved I leapt up to my feet from the kneeling position I was in and sprinted at the man intent only on him sating the overpowering waves of lust and need that were sweeping through my body.

The scene dissolved and like a chastised dog I was hit with an intense slap of pain like what I had felt being directly induced by the chip. I tried to cry out but I was once again inside the black void.

The scene rematerialized and each time my thoughts were blanked and I ran towards the man as he entered the room and each time I was punished and thrown backwards into the void with another pulse of pain, I was only able to think a moment or so after the pain before the scene reset.

After what must have been at least two dozen tries my thoughtless lust riddle brain worked out the solution. I remained still where I was as the man entered the room despite the overwhelming urge to get to my feet and charge at the man. After the pause an orgasm larger than anything I had ever experienced rocketed through me I was elevated to a lofty heaven of pleasure, with undertones telling me that I would need this, want this pleasure to flow through me again.

If this was the way the Doll's felt when they obeyed a command I couldn't imagine what sex would feel like and it was no wonder they didn't try to resist them. The process continued, with each action I took either punished or rewarded. My brain was shut down with only brief flashes of consciousness pervading the ordeal.

Being plunged into the darkness for letting my teeth touch the man's glorious cock.

Being rewarded for squeezing the man with my pussy as he entered me.

The cycle continued, hundreds, thousands, what felt like millions of times.

And at the end of each cycle the brief moments of conscious though I had were being overwritten with the need to start the next loop and experience those pleasures.

The man had no face I realized as one loop ended with me on his chest the man's cock buried deep inside of me.

It was not as if it were missing I thought as another cycled ended with the man's cock held in my mouth his sweat essence flowing down the back of my throat.

It was as if the face of the man was indistinct and out of focus a blurry memory that was impossible to latch onto and even though his face was something that I would lovingly memorize each cycle at the end it would disappear. Even in my mindless lust driven state I though it odd that he had no face.

The man, no the Master needed a face.

I only knew of one man who was an actual Master though and he was a Master that had promised to save another Doll like what I was becoming. With the last conscious effort I could muster I gave the Master a face, so distracted by the effort to give him a face I messed up and moved too much to the side and the Master slipped out of me. I was plunged once more into the darkness but I held onto the image of the Master's face.

I was once again in the room, waiting for the door to open.

With a slight creek the door swung open and my True Master stepped inside.

I woke up in a small padded cell, and groaning I turned over onto my stomach and tried to take stock of everything. My mind was sluggish and even after several minutes it still felt as if I had just been forced awake minutes after falling asleep from a two day shift.

I should have been looking for a way to escape but I couldn't focus on anything besides what my own body was feeling. Every sensation was intense and acute, the floor underneath me and the air around me all of it was more real than anything I had ever experienced.

Even my own hands were something glorious, I had accidently brushed them along my side when I moved and they felt glorious and I wanted to brush them along my skin again.

Unable to think through the haze I rolled to the side of the padded cell and propped myself against it, relaxing into the hard cushioning of the wall my eyes rolling back at the sensation of it on my skin the friction from the movement causing more wonderful sensations to ripple through me.

Slowly I moved my hands over myself, luxuriating in touch. My hands quickly separated one going higher on my body and the other lower. Palming my breast I hesitated for a moment before pinching my nipple. The pleasure exploded and I came with just that touch, and in the middle of the orgasm my other hand quickly darted onto my sex rubbing at it as I once again pinched at my own nipple.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my body and my mind already barely conscious slipped away into the void yet again as I was consumed by the pleasure.

Sometime later I stopped and for a moment I was confused before I registered the words even as my unconscious will moved to comply.


Focusing my eyes I looked up to see that the small cell I was in was now open the clear Plexiglas gone and the Doctor standing in front of the cell.

"You!" I cried out automatically trying to figure out why I did not like this man. He was the one who was doing this to me but I was enjoying it. Why would I be angry at him? Still the feelings pervaded my mind and I glowered at the man.

"Me!" the man said and he put his hands out. "Come on it's time for your next session." He said.

I blinked my mind struggling to comprehend the few words he had used.

"Session?" I asked my words slurring slightly even as I stood to follow his commands.

"You feel confused right now don't you?" asked the man.

I thought for a moment, I wasn't sure what was going on or why I should hate the man and why my body felt like it was on fire.

I nodded.

"After the session you won't be as confused." Said the man.


I followed him as he led me through the dark room and to what looked like a dentist's chair, The Doctor motioned at it and following his lead I sat. Walking around me The Doctor carefully wrapped leather straps around my arms and legs binding me to the table.

"This is going to feel funny." He said.

He did something on the computer next to my chair and the reality of my situation crashed down on me.

I turned to the Doctor. "You fucking bastard, I'm going to kill you." I growled at him. I remembered everything that he had done and what the Company was doing to me. My attempts to fight back against it weren't working, I was going to be a Doll no matter how much I fought against them, they were winning.

"Yes, yes. This is the last time you'll get to say hi, I had to turn off the array to update its firmware the things only a prototype after all." Said the Doctor not even looking up from his screen to look me in the eyes.

The computer beeped. "And there we go. Bye-bye!" he said.

"Fuck you!" I shouted.

He hit enter and the anger I had been feeling drifted away. I looked up at the man for a moment before he faded and I found myself once again in the room waiting for the Master to enter. Hastily I got down on my knees and pushed out my chest so the Master would be more enticed to use me when he entered.

The door opened and I looked up at the Master, the face was blurry and indistinct. Frowning I let my mind wander and find the image of my True Master. The face slowly drifted into view and the Master stepped forward to use me.

<The Company>

Adams glanced down at the woman on the table.

"So you think you've gotten everything you're going to get from her?" She asked Jon.

He shrugged. "Based on the scans there's not much left of her original brain structure at this point, you told me to experiment with her processing. The chip design I used on her is our newest model, instead of just the brain stem this chip's structure extends into the cerebellum and higher brain functions."

"I've seen the projections and the improvements this will have on the final product Jon. You do not need to explain it to me." Said Adams.

"She's the first one it's worked on though. I'm starting to see why Belial didn't develop past the point he did with the implants we lost nearly two dozen subjects developing to just this point. I still don't know if she's going to drop dead from an aneurysm at some point." Said Jon as he looked over his latest data.

"Belial never had vision, he took his money and then let his work stagnate. When he discovered that the board was disappointed with his lack of development he up and disappeared before we could take care of him. The board does not care about the short term costs so long a profitability can be demonstrated in the long run." Said Adams.

Leaning over she inspected the Doll. The thing still had too much of a muscle to be found attractive by most of their clientele but that was fading. The breasts had been expanded and other minor cosmetic changes had been made to improve upon her features. The Doll was currently bald, a necessary procedure given the extent of the new chip design and how deeply it was embedded in her skull but the hair was slowly beginning to grow back.

"The data we managed to get from her suggests a different story than what we first thought." Said Jon.


He handed Adams the computer tablet with the latest notes transcriptions of the story the Doll had told before he completely scrubbed her memory.

Adams quickly skimmed the document absorbing the pertinent details, but it still took her fifteen minutes to go through all of the pages.

Lowering the tablet Adams looked up at Jon.

"Is this possible? A single man hacking into and modifying a Doll without any prior experience?" she slowly asked.

"She was not lying, if this man Marcus was telling her the truth is another matter entirely. As for a single person being able to do this? They would have to be a genius. It takes the techies upstairs weeks to program new routines and another month to vet them and that's a team of what 40 people?" he asked.

"50 we just hired on some more." Said Adams as she absently paged through the transcription of events again.

"So I can't say it's impossible. Just unlikely." He said.

Adams nodded. "This could introduce work out for us though." She said.

"What do you mean?" asked Jon.

"We assumed that this was someone trying to steal our technology, another organization like our own. A good Samaritan trying to save people though that is infinitely easier to manipulate."

"You're not afraid of him going public?"

Adams snorted. "The Company has enough filters in place if he's stupid enough to do that. Not to mention the fact that even suggesting mind control is possible is like donning a tin foil hat and saying the government is beaming radio waves into your fillings." Said Adams.

Jon nodded. "True."

Adams looked down at the Doll and then back at Jon. "How long until its ready?" she asked.

"No idea, no more than three weeks though. I need to monitor it like I said. It's the first one we've got this to work on." He said.

"Tell me when it's ready for the auction. You're authorized to dip into the normal stock to produce more. I want the mortality rate below ten percent though, obtaining good stock isn't cheap." She said.

Jon smiled and nodded. "Yes Ma'am." He turned away from her and hurried back to his work station no doubt to select his next batch of test subjects.

Adams turned and walking out of Jon's lab stepped into the elevator. Hitting the button to go up the skyscraper Reynard's office.

Adams walked out and paused, all of the Dolls that would normally be in the man's office were standing out in the hallway next to the receptionist the vapid expression of a waiting unit on their faces. Only half of them had any amount of clothing on but this hardly fazed Adams.

Ignoring the receptionist Doll that moved to prevent her from going into the office Adams stepped inside to find Reynard standing in front of his conference television talking with Kent's father and member of the Company board Mr. Harold.

"I assure you sir the matter has been taken care of, the officer is no longer a concern." Said Reynard.

"I'm distressed that the situation devolved to the point of my son being assaulted, and you screening my calls was also not appreciated." Said Mr. Harold as he scowled at Reynard through the television.

"I was out of town on business and-"

"The issue has not been resolved." Said Adams as she stepped forward to interrupt Reynard before he made a larger fool of himself, lying to a man who could look up all records was not a good idea especially when Reynard had in fact been on an island in the Pacific relaxing on some beach with a dozen or so Company Dolls.

Mr. Harold turned to look at Adams and she smiled.

"Adams, you have more information?" he asked.

She nodded. "Someone is attempting to dismantle out Dolls program. A lone individual who happened to be a fairly accomplished computer programmer managed to stumble on a malfunctioning Doll. He discovered a rudimentary way to reprogram it and then needing more information somehow came into contact with a police officer investigating your son. The two broke into his club and stole data about the operation of the Dolls and although we managed to catch the officer in question the computer programmer is still at large presumably continuing his work." She said.

Mr. Harold leaned back in his chair. "And he has several million dollars and two more Dolls to work with." He said.

"Sir?" asked Adams.

Mr. Harold pulled up a surveillance camera photo of the bottom of Kent's building showing a pale man being followed by three women two of whom were obviously Dolls judging by their lack of facial expression.

"This man, Marcus Williams broke into my son's apartment after robbing him of several million dollars, threatened his life and then took his Dolls." Said Mr. Harold.

"Why were we not informed of this?" asked Adams. "This took place in our city." She said.

Mr. Harold turned to Reynard. "You were." He said.

Reynard shied away from the screen slightly. Adams rolled her eyes she really needed the techies to put a hook into the man's email so she got the information directly from the board. He was technically the Director for the city but the man was an utter fool.

"This is the same man then?" Asked Mr. Harold.

"From what we can gather yes." Said Adams. "We have agents investigating his apartment at the moment but it appears he has abandoned it. We were searching the city for him assuming he did not have the means to travel far given the lack of money in his bank accounts, which we are monitoring at the moment. But if he stole several million from you and with a several day head start he could be anywhere." Said Adams.

The two turned to glare at Reynard but he was now apparently fascinated by the patterns in the carpet.

Adams sighed. "Have you been able to track the money?" she asked.

"No. I'm sending you all pertinent information, you will do the same. I want this man found and taken care of."

"Yes sir." Said Adams.

Mr. Harold nodded and the screen went dark.

Adams turned to Reynard.

"Idiot." She said under her breath.

<The True Slut>

Slave blinked and opened her eyes. Slave was in her cell, and without her Master! Despairing at this Slave slowly sank down to her knees without the Master she did not know what to do. Slave's body felt as if it were on fire and she ached to move and pleasure herself but her hands remained locked at her side. She was not supposed to move without the Master's direction.

It took Slave several minutes but looking back at her fragmented memories she noticed that something was wrong. Glancing down Slave noticed that her boobs were far larger than what they had been before she had come to this place. Blinking Slave remember what she had been, the police woman Beth. The memories were in place and she remembered everything Beth did, but she was not the same woman anymore. She was Slave.

Comfortable with this definition Slave slipped into a light sleep waiting for a Master to give her commands.

The door in front of her slid open and the man that her old self had called the Doctor stood in front of her now. Slave kept her eyes down and stared at the Master's feet too frightened to move yet quivering with anticipation for his orders.

"Stand." Said the Master.

Slave gracefully rose to her feet.

The Master carefully examined her his eyes roving over her skin and Slave shivered. Reaching out the Master grasped her right breast and briefly kneaded at it. Slave whimpered but otherwise remained still resisting the urge to fall to her knees and beg the Master to use her.

"Good girl." The Master said and he patted Slave on the head like she was a dog. Slave leaned into the caress sighing as his hands wove briefly through what little hair she had.

The door on the opposite side of the lab opened and a more portly Master stepped out of the elevator. For a moment Slave was distracted unsure which Master she should address but quickly resolved that until she met her True Master she was going to address the Master closest to her. It made sense, the closer a Master was the more likely he would use her.

"This is the newest model?" asked the portly Master.

The Master in front of Slave rolled his eyes and turned to the man.


The portly Master walked over and stood next to her first Master and Slave watched both closely even as she continued to shake. She was in the presence of two Masters! This was very special she decided.

Inside her mind though Slave knew something was off, although these men were Master's they were not her True Master that title was reserved for someone else. Slave pondered who her True Master might be for a moment but then dismissed the thoughts she had to pay attention to the Master's in front of her.

"What's with the hair?" asked the portly Master.

"We had to shave her to put the implants in." said the first Master.

"What you can't grow it out faster? She looked like a biker chick minus the tattoos." Said the portly Master.

The first Master groaned. "Reynard there is no process to grow hair faster without throwing the rest of the Doll's endocrine system out of whack. Besides doing that she might begin to grow hair through the laser treatments." The first Master paused and put a hand on Slave drawing her to him. Slave melted to his chest as he pulled her closer and thrust her boobs up onto him.

"These Doll's will be a premium product, we cannot simply grab a girl off of the streets and implant her. These Dolls will be works of art and art takes time." Said the first Master.

"Whatever, so long as she's a good fuck and we get more money I don't care how long it takes to make them." Said portly Master.

"The Marketing team is predicting that we will be able to sell these models at a price of nearly 5 million apiece." Said the first Master.

The portly Master grunted and then reaching out took ahold of Slave's arm.

"I'm going to test her out." Said the portly Master.

The first Master blanched. "Reynard, I still need to run tests first! If everything's not calibrated right she could orgasm hard enough to burn out her neurons or have an aneurysm! This is my first one I've gotten to work!" said the first Master.

The portly Master waved his hand. "Whatever, you'll get plenty of test subjects." He said and began to lead Slave away towards the elevator.

Slave leaned into her Master's chest as they rose up through the building, his hands were groping and pawing at every inch of her body and the fire that had been underneath of her skin was now brought to the surface now a full inferno.

Slave knew her Master was going to use her. She was happy.



Installed in only a single Doll, the first version of the BCI chip interface developed by <CENSORED> in 2005 at the request of the Company. This chip although effective at controlling the implanted individual did not suppress any thought or involuntary action. The subject will still react to external stimuli and her eyes are not under the control of the BCI chip.

Implanted into the motor cortex of the brain the chip can affect only movements no neural suppression or rewrites is possible with this version of the BCI chip.


The BCI chip currently in mass production and use within the Companies enterprises. Developed by <CENSORED> and Dr. Jon Hail in late 2006. This version of the BCI chip has remained in service for nearly a decade the hardware only now with another decade of software development beginning to feel aged. This chip allows for the complete reprogramming of a Doll to multiple roles and has a limited ability to function around brain damage and attempts at physical removal, safety mechanisms are in place to ensure that Company secrets do not fall into competitor hands.

Implanted into the brain stem this BCI chip can suppress normal neural activity by substituting it for artificial control. Tests show that a Doll's original personality is still present after two years of activity before any degradation. Neural rewriting is still not possible with this BCI architecture.


The current experimental model of the BCI chip. Developed by Dr. Jon Hail in 2015 and currently in testing it is the future of the Companies Doll enterprises. Preliminary results and designed specifications are beyond anything in the past decade due to breakthroughs in the technology from Dr. Jon Hail. This BCI chip architecture allows for complete neural suppression and rewriting. Dolls will no longer be robotic in form or function the human brain only used to interpret commands from a BCI chip. Instead the BCI chip will now rewrite sections of the brain converting the base personality into what is desired.

Although more time consuming to program and train due to the myelination limits of the brain even under lab conditions the final product is a Doll that is more akin to a harem girl then a mindless machine. By the end stages the BCI chip is hardly necessary the Doll's brain performing most of the operations, it can however be used to quickly retrain and modify Dolls a process which after initial programming and installation of protocols be nearly instantaneous.





TITLE: Head of technological development


<CENSORED> was responsible for the development and implementation of Doll BCI chips from their inception in 2005 to his disappearance in early 2015. <CENSORED> was considered to be one of the Companies largest assets although his work has now been supplanted by Dr. Jon Hail.

<CENSORED> was also part of the team developing Ambrosia and although not the lead in this project his contributions were important to its development particularly in regards to neural brain plasticity. Other contributions to project Ambrosia include-ERROR






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