Game World
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Game World is an alternate Earth controlled and facilitated by another alternate Earth for their people's entertainment. It is the ultimate reality program and for Charles Marcus Sextus the game has just begun. NOTE THAT THIS STORY WILL BE LONG.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Harem   Violent   Military  

My name is Charles Marcus Sextus and this is my story. The first thing that I'm going to do here is to explain to you a few facts that I learned recently, facts that I came to understand and accept after I had died. I'll tell more about that soon.

The first fact that I want to tell you about is parallel universes. They exist and they exist in an infinite number and comprise infinite possibilities; they are all stacked one upon the other with only a thin barrier separating them. There are universes that exist where Earth is a barren rock devoid of all life and there are universes where Earth is the home to utopian societies and there are many more universes where Earth is just like yours and mine. There are even universes where mankind did not evolve as the dominant sentient life-form. In those universes the dominant species grew out of other life-forms. There are universes where Earth is populated by sentient bipedal dinosaurs and there are universes where Earth is ruled by creatures that should inhabit the pages of fiction like the Lord of the Rings and not reality. It surprised me when I learned about that as I imagine it surprises you.

The next fact I need to tell you about is life and death. As I mentioned above, I learned these great secrets about the universe after my death. For now I'll remain silent about that little issue; however, I'll reiterate that the whole experience took me by surprise and I will talk more about it later. What I do want to say is that of all the known religions that dominated my world, it was Hinduism that came closest to being correct with their belief in reincarnation. Amazingly I found out that when a person died, the thing that makes a person an individual, the essence of their personality or what my religious leaders describe as your soul leaves your Earth and moves on to another one in another universe. If you're very lucky you'll end up being born into a better world. If you're not lucky, you could end up being reborn into a Neolithic world where people lead a subsistence existence. Of course when this happens your memories become suppressed in your new body, left to seep out from time to time as strange dreams, déjà vu, or as inspiration that could lead you to become an inventor, scientist, or even an artist in your new society on your new Earth.

Naturally you're about to say, 'but you said you learned this after you died and you're telling us about this, even though you've stated that all memory is suppressed after you move from one universe to another and are reborn into a new life' and I'll admit that you'd have reason to ask that question if it wasn't for one little point that I haven't told you yet. You see, technically I was never reborn. Let me explain it to you.

I don't remember much about my death. I'm told it was quick and painless and I've accepted it as being so and have chosen not to ask too many questions about it. Personally, it isn't something I feel that comfortable about learning. What I do remember is that I was in a mall walking about doing some window shopping. It was Christmas time and the place was both packed and noisy. I had just stopped to look at a nice colourful scarf that I was thinking of buying for my wife when it happened. I died. There was pitch black for a minute and absolutely no sound or any other form of sensory input, and then there was a dim light that slowly grew stronger and stronger until it surrounded me and I was able to see and hear again; a fact that I didn't catch on to immediately, but it was of some significance as you will soon see.

As my senses returned I gazed about me and found that I was sitting in an office. The room was reasonably large and immaculately laid out and decorated. There was one door leading into the room and it was off to my right. To my left and behind me were floor to ceiling bookcases that were stuffed with leather-bound books and an assortment of pottery, figurines, and various pieces of artwork. There was a broad elegant desk in front of me and behind it was a wall of floor to ceiling windows that looked out on a quaint little park. Between the windows and the desk sat a woman. The woman was smiling at me. I returned her smile.

"Good day Charles," the woman said greeting me informally. Her voice was soft and pleasant to my ear and she spoke with a very articulate British accent. As she spoke she went on to say that her name was Victoria Winters, however she'd like it if I just called her Victoria and in return she would appreciate it if I would let her call me Charles. She then asked me if I would like a cup of coffee.

As I noted above, I was surprised and I'll openly admit to you a little stunned. Because of that I didn't respond immediately. I was sitting in a high-back black leather chair, with my mind racing and my mouth open and catching flies. The woman said nothing and waited. She did indicate that a cup of coffee was waiting my attention, sitting just in front of me on Victoria's desk. It hadn't been there a second before. The sight of the coffee cup got my mouth working.

"Am I dead?" I asked hesitantly in a low, uncertain voice.

"Yes," Victoria replied without hesitating, her reassuring smile still upon her lips.

"Is this heaven?" I queried her a second later.

"No Charles," Victoria replied with a light chuckle, "this isn't heaven and please be reassured that it isn't hell either. In fact, neither of those places exists as far as I know and I do know a lot. Currently you are in what the Catholic Church used to call 'Limbo' although I prefer to call it the 'in between'.

"What do you mean the 'in between'?" I asked with concern, uncertain what all this meant to a person who was dead.

"It's very simple Charles," Victoria reassured me once more, "and you shouldn't worry about it at all. What I mean is that you are now 'in between' your old life and your next life. Now I know that doesn't make much sense to you and you're about to ask me 'what new life', however please don't. Instead I'd like you to keep your questions to yourself for a few minutes and let me explain things to you. Hopefully my explanation will answer most of your queries and if it doesn't then I'll listen quietly and let you ask away. Do you agree?"

Of course I agreed. I was at a loss as to know to do or say and I was totally confused by what Victoria was telling me. Being baffled I needed time to think things through and to get a grip on myself. I just nodded my consent and picked up the coffee that had appeared before me. I'll admit now that it was the best coffee that I had ever tasted and I started thinking I was in heaven once more.

It was at this point that I learned about parallel universes, multiple Earths, travelling between them, and life after death. More importantly I learned what the in-between was in relationship to all of that and more. As Victoria explained it to me, it was a thin dimensional barrier between one universe and another and it was where souls went before moving on to their next universe and their next life. Without the in-between there really would only be death, a thought that sent a shiver down my spin as I reflected on what Victoria told me. In-between is also the reason why I can remember everything and am able to relate it to you. Just follow along and I'll explain.

As I sat and drank my coffee and listened to Victoria speak about the things I've already mentioned and more, I learned that Victoria represented one of the more advanced Earths from amongst the infinite number of possible Earths. Her world was almost a utopia as it had solved many of the problems faced by life on my Earth and yours and on an infinite more. There was no disease or hunger or war or discontent and death was something that could be avoided if it was so desired. On her world, scientists had solved many of man's oldest questions and it was in the pursuit of those questions that they had cracked the secret of life and death and in turn they had learned about the in-between and the parallel universes. Then she told me about another universe similar to hers where another Earth had done the same thing. Unfortunately, as Victoria told me, the people of that Earth were not as altruistic as the people of her Earth. While the people of Victoria's Earth used the knowledge of the parallel universes and the in-between to lift them out of darkness into enlightenment, the other Earth sought to exploit their ability to move from one universe to another so that they could profit from it, regardless of how it affected the denizens of the other Earths that they visited. Naturally this difference in philosophy and approach to the existence of multiple universes and approach to interacting with the Earths that they came into contact with brought Victoria's people into conflict with the other Earth. It was a conflict that neither side wanted to pursue in the traditional manner. It was at this point that I learned about Game World.

Game World was an Earth where mankind had died off early in its history. To my amazement I learned that the other Earth had been using it as a venue for a reality entertainment program. They had imported life from other Earths and they had resettled them all over Game World. They had done this indiscriminately, collecting settlers from an Earth that had never evolved beyond the Neolithic period and then plopping them down a short distance from another group that had been collected from an Earth that had advanced beyond the Iron Age and who had entered the age of sail. They had even introduced beings from Earths that weren't human along with a wide variety of fauna with the intent of spicing things up. As Victoria explained, Game World was a place where anything could happen and because anything could happen, the people of the other Earth loved watching it. They watched as cultures came in conflict with each other and as races and species fought each other for dominance. Victoria told me that there were microscopic cameras everywhere on Game World, collecting live coverage of everything that happened there around the clock and feeding it back to the other Earth via inter-dimensional transmitters. To top everything off, Victoria told me that the other Earth often tossed random individuals into the mix, placing them at points about Game World and letting them loose with false knowledge. This knowledge was often a wild tale about being recruited by aliens as part of a long term experiment being conducted into the sociological impact that a single individual from an advanced culture would have on a Neolithic society. The other explanation given is that the world that the advanced individual was being placed into was stagnant and in need of new blood to help get it back on track. Regardless of what the individual was told, the real reason for their presence on Game World was to boost ratings for individual networks who oversaw the running of and the commercial exploitation of Game World. Rarely did these individuals learn the truth until it was too late and then most of them rarely cared, for those that survived Game World were usually happy with their new lot in life.

This now brings us to my role in everything. Victoria put it to me bluntly. Because her Earth did not want to fight a war that might spill over into a myriad of other universes and impact upon a multitude of Earths, her world had agreed to a challenge. Her people would send a champion to Game World who would represent the interests of Victoria's people. That champion would live and interact in the day-to-day struggle on Game World and that champion needed to survive. Interacting was a big point in the agreement between the two Earths. The champion could not hide out somewhere and let the clock tick down. The champion had to survive for a complete year while he fought battles and confronted various hardships. In essence the champion needed to put on a good show. Additionally, while the champion struggled to survive while putting on a good show, the other Earth was at the liberty to throw new and more dangerous situations into the path of the champion in the hopes of killing him. It was at this point that Victoria asked me to be her world's champion.

'Why me?' I asked bluntly and without thought or hesitation.

I'll pause for a moment here and explain that on my Earth I had been nobody of any significance. What I do remember of my life is that I had come from a broken home and as a result, I had become an underachiever. Instead of pursuing a higher education I had joined the military believing it offered me an escape out of the life that I was living. Unfortunately my military career while honourable wasn't very impressive. To make things worse I ended up being medically released after a few years because of a genetic disorder. The doctors discovered the reason that I had problems hitting a target and driving trucks on blackout manoeuvres. I was going blind. After being released I found a quiet government job and stuck with it until I couldn't work anymore. At the time of my death I was totally blind in one eye and had only three degrees of sight in my other. The only redeeming quality in my life was my dedication. I had been dedicated to my wife and family and to providing for them. When Victoria asked me to be her people's champion I immediately knew that dedication wasn't going to cut it. Like always, I was wrong.

You see Victoria knew more about me than I did. As I'd mentioned earlier Victoria's Earth had answered many of the great secrets that have haunted the infinite universes and the Earths that inhabit them. Having learned the secret of life and death and in-between and how souls moved from one universe to another, Victoria's people had learned a way to study those souls and to plumb their depths. With her planet's technology, Victoria could examine any soul passing through the in-between and she could see every life that soul had experienced throughout its long existence and that is why I was sitting in front of Victoria and not some other man. Victoria had plumbed my soul and had learned much about me. From her research she knew that I was her people's champion. She told me that I had been a warrior many times before as well as an adventurer and a leader of people and that in all these many existences I had been dedicated and that dedication to principles, causes, people, and duty was what her people were looking for in a hero. Victoria also told me that her research had shown that I had a great imagination. I didn't argue with her on that point. It was one of the few positive things that I credited myself with. The rest of what she told me though I had problems accepting; still I told her that I'd listen to her offer.

Victoria went on to explain that the other Earth was willing to accept a negotiated deal. If her Earth's champion won then they would accept Victoria's Earth's perspective and limit their contact with the parallel universes and the alternative Earths to Earths that were either devoid of sentient life or who were already aware of the reality that parallel universes existed. If however Victoria's Earth's champion failed, then Victoria's Earth would keep their noses out of the other Earth's business. To me the whole deal sounded too simple to be true; however Victoria did point out that the use of champions to resolve conflicts had occurred in my Earth's history and that it was an acceptable alternative to a full scale war that could spill over into other universes, so long as everyone honoured the deal.

Since I agreed with that sentiment I decided to ask what was in it for me. Victoria just smiled at that and then started to pitch her prospective.

"Life," Victoria replied still smiling at me. "We're offering you the opportunity of a life time and if you accept I can promise you that you will experience life to its fullest. It's certainly a better choice than the alternative."

That's when Victoria went on and explained to me the facts of life. The biggest fact was that I was currently dead and sitting in-between lives. If I refused Victoria's offer my soul would be released and it would move on to its next existence. While not a bad deal, there was no guarantee as to where I would end up and how that life would pan out. However if I took Victoria's offer, her people would be able to ensure that my new life would be long and exciting, so long as I survived that year on Game World. Naturally I asked for more details.

Victoria explained that her Earth had the technology to create life from genetic material. In a way it was similar to cloning. However, on Victoria's Earth they could combine genes and tailor a host body to meet specific requirements. If I accepted Victoria's offer, her people would tailor a new body for me that would be almost superhuman in nature and ability. The body would be stronger, faster, and more agile than a normal human's body and it would be resistant to diseases and aging. It would also heal quicker if it was damaged. With this tailored body I would easily out match any individual sent against me by the other Earth. In fact, Victoria stated that of the universes that her people were familiar with, hers was the only one with this kind of technology. It would certainly give me an edge.

Victoria also assured me that her people would equip and supply me for this adventure in a manner that would give me an edge over most people that I would encounter on Game World. When I raised my eyebrow to that statement, Victoria gave me a sheepish look and then explained.

"Game World has only a few limitations set up for it and its participants," Victoria told me with regret in her voice. "The principal limitation and the one that my people must comply with is that no firearm can be introduced into Game World intentionally. Unfortunately, the word intentionally is the loophole in this limitation. From time to time the networks that regulate and oversee Game World toss in a wild card from some advanced Earth. Usually it is an individual driving a vehicle. The networks do this randomly and they throw the individual down without thought. Usually these individuals either die when their vehicle hits a tree that wasn't there a second ago, is there all of a sudden or they die soon after arrival unable to survive in the hostile environment of Game World. Their vehicles become treasure troves and sometimes on the rare occasion a firearm and ammunition is discovered and eventually that firearm ends up in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. As well from time to time the network will toss a random person from an advanced world into the mix who knows how to make gunpowder. Eventually these individuals develop archaic muzzleloaders and they use them to protect themselves and to expand their power and influence on Game World. In all probability, you'll probably run into more than one or two of these individuals if you choose to become my people's champion."

While I didn't like the thought of it, I thanked Victoria for laying everything out for me and for being honest. Victoria just smiled at that and told me not to worry too much about running into people with firearms. She told me this because she went on to reassure me that her people had a few things up their sleeves that they could offer me in the form of an equalizer. Essentially they could give me the best body armour in existence to wear under my travelling clothes. The armour would make Tolkien's 'Mithril' look like paper and it would weigh even less. If I ran into someone with a firearm, I would be able to take a hit to the body and survive. It would hurt and it would probably knock the wind out of me, but with luck my enhanced body would take the brunt of the shot and the combination of superhuman body and armour would give me a chance to react in my own defence, allowing me to overcome my attacker.

Then Victoria came up with what I considered the deal maker. She offered me knowledge. Again Victoria noted how advanced her Earth was over mine. She told me that if I agreed to become her people's champion that she could return to me the memories of all my past lives. In those memories were thousands of life experiences that could be culled and called up to assist me in completing my mission. As she reminded me, I had lived lives where I had lived off the land in the most primitive of conditions and that I had used archaic weapons such as swords and spears and bows in many of them. The knowledge garnered from these past existences would make me a formable foe.

"I'll do it," I told Victoria after hearing that piece of information.

My response brought another warm smile to the face of Victoria, reminding me once more of Audrey Hepburn in her early roles. I gave her a smile back and then asked her what came next. Victoria just continued to smile for a moment before telling me that there wasn't any hurry to do anything. In fact, as she put it, time was on our side.

It turned out that the 'in-between' did not function on the same set of laws and rules to which all the universes and all the alternative Earths were subject. Time didn't exist here and since time didn't exist we could take all the time we needed to prepare for my mission. Hearing that sparked my imagination and for the next little while I sat across from Victoria and spoke to her, making suggestions as to how I wanted to proceed. What I told her kept that fantastic smile on her face and in the end she agreed with most of what I had come up with. Having established a start point, she thanked me for volunteering and then handed me over to her team of experts. As they appeared, Victoria vanished taking with her the elegant office that we'd been sitting in and leaving behind a cold white facility that had me wondering for a minute or two as to what I had just gotten into. Thankfully, Victoria's experts were just as attractive as she was and just as pleasant to interact with. We ended up getting along splendidly.

The first thing that the team of experts did was to give me access to the memories of my previous life. For that I was asked to lie down on a typical medical examination table and relax. I did as I was asked and then the experts placed a device on my forehead. When they activated it, everything came back in a rush. It wasn't unpleasant but it was certainly disconcerting. Suddenly I had the memories and life experiences of over a thousand existences. It was overwhelming. As the memories started flowing into me, my conscious mind started filtering. If the memories and life experiences offered me nothing helpful for the mission that I had signed up for, then my consciousness shoved it into a deep recess in my mind and buried it. However if the memory and life experience turned out to offer me knowledge and skills that would come in handy on my mission, then my consciousness quickly compartmentalized it and then catalogued it. It was almost like my mind was working like a computer processor and while I took little notice of it at the time, being totally absorbed in the memories themselves I did mention it to Victoria when I saw her next. Again with a smile, Victoria reassured me that what had happened was the result of her technology and not any alterations to my mind. In essence their technology had allowed me to sort the memories in such a manner that I could readily access them when I needed them.

Memories weren't the only thing that Victoria's experts pumped into my head. While talking to Victoria after signing up to be her people's champion, I'd brought up the question of intelligence. I wanted to know everything about Game World that they could provide me. I might have been a nobody back on my Earth but I wasn't dumb. The more information she could give me the better off my chances were. Luckily that was one thing that Victoria had a lot of and she was willing to share it. On top of world geography which included information on most of the major settlements on Game World, Victoria also provided me information on all major fauna and edible flora, and on species living on Game World and more importantly language training in all the known languages and dialects spoken on the world. If I ran into someone I'd be able to curse him in his own language if he tried to kill me. Victoria's people also provided me with a list of the known celebrities currently on Game World. With those names they gave me everything that they had on them from where they hung out to how they liked to kill people. It was very detailed and I appreciated the effort. The bad thing about it was that once I got to Game World the intelligence became dated. Victoria's people would not be able to contact me again until I'd completed the mission. A lot could change in that year. Of course the same rules applied to the other Earth's troops. Only a new person entering Game World would know anything about me and then once they were on Game World they'd be in the same boat as me. All I could hope for is that anyone new wasn't going to be as good as I hoped I would be. We'd have to see.

After that lengthy experience came the time to decide what my new body would look like. I'd been just over six feet tall in my last incarnation and a glance at all my previous lives told me I had always been tall, both as a man and a woman. Yeah that surprised me as well. After chatting with Victoria's beautiful experts, we determined that given the environment that I would be dropped into, where size mattered in the daily struggle to survive, that we'd go for big. I chose a body that would stand six-foot-six and weigh in at two-hundred and forty pounds, with a nice balance of muscle to body fat. As for appearance I decided to go for a classical look, stealing a little from Michelangelo's David for my face and going for the blue-eyed, blonde look of the northern European's. When the final adjustments were made to the design, the technician punched a button and wham ... the old me was gone and the new me was standing tall and looking good.

It was at this point that I learned about the reality of the 'in-between'. Daphne, the senior expert overseeing my body selection and development process let me in on the facts of life. The truth was that the people I was dealing with weren't real. Daphne told me that they and everything that I saw, tasted, or touched was really mental projections from their facilities on their Earth. Nothing living could enter the 'in-between'. What this meant was that I would have to leave the 'in-between' before my body and I could become one. While that was the ultimate desire of Victoria's team, before that could happen I needed to teach that body everything that I knew. I know it might sound confusing, but the reality was that just because I remembered how to use a sword from a previous life, didn't mean that my body was used to it. In essence, the new body had no muscle memory and I needed to give my new body a little training before I could take it out and use it. Again this is where things got complicated by what happened here 'in-between' and in reality on an alternate Earth. The problem was that the moment my mind joined with my new body, then I would be alive again and the clock would start ticking. Victoria's people would have to transport me to Game World and I wouldn't be ready. Fortunately the beautiful experts had a solution. I won't explain it in detail because it left me shaking my head but the short of it was that by using the same method that Victoria's people used to project themselves into the 'in-between' I would project portions of my memories into a device connected to my new body and somehow the combination of this device and my projected memories would condition my new form to respond as it should when my mind was finally driving it and I needed it to react.

The whole thing was extremely complicated and a bit scary. The moment I made connection with the body on Victoria's Earth I got a weird feeling. It was like I was being sucked through a straw if you know what I mean. Slowly I was getting tired and finding it hard to concentrate. Daphne reassured me that everything would be okay, but I wasn't certain of it. Unfortunately, things were out of my hands. I just had to lay back and let Victoria's people do their thing. To distract me from the procedure, another one of Victoria's experts sat down with me and worked out what equipment I wanted to take along with me.

I'd decided to go for the Lord of the Rings Ranger look. Considering the fact that Game World ranged from Neolithic to the medieval era, I felt that I should wear something that would fit instead of wearing something that would make me an instant target. In addition to the body armour Victoria's people were giving me and its matching coif, I decided to go for a light under-tunic, over which I would wear a heavy hooded tunic. I also opted for deer skin britches and calfskin knee-high boots. Over this I would wear a long, heavy travelling cloak that also had a hood. On my forearms I wore laced up leather bracers. I kept to muted and dark colours for everything. I added a travelling pack with spare clothing, gloves, and a bedroll as well as all the miscellaneous survival gear that I would need, from hooks for fishing to the makings for snares and even a toilet kit. Considering the world I was going to, keeping clean would be a priority, even with my enhanced immune system. On my belt I carried a pouch that included a fire starting kit with flint and steel and some dry kindling. For weapons I went for a bandoleer of throwing knives across my chest, a dirk in the top of my left boot, a long sword and scabbard over my shoulder, a hatchet on my hip, and a long bow with a full quiver for my distance weapon. It might seem a little much but considering the fact that I was going to Game World to kill or be killed, I thought I should at least be prepared.

With that taken care of it was time to go. Victoria came by to see me off. I was dressed in all my kit and looking rough and ready when she came into the room. I immediately noticed a twinkle of interest in her eyes as she looked me over. It stirred feelings in me and I had to ask her if I would ever see her again. My question put a smile on her lips and she told me in a teasing manner, "Perhaps." It all depended on the success of my mission. Then she gave me one last word of advice. Technically I was suppose to be dropped into a so called safe zone far from any immediate threat from the denizens of Game World, however she knew from her research that the other Earth played things fast and dirty. What they considered a safe zone wasn't likely to be very safe. She told me to be wary. Taking heed of Victoria's words I pulled up my coif and quickly strung my bow and nocked an arrow. Then with a final good-bye I made full connection with my new body and I was suddenly gone.

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