Inquisition Blood Magic
Chapter 1: Cullen/Dorian/Solas

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Rape, Blackmail, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, High Fantasy, Fan Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Size, Body Modification, Needles, Caution, Prostitution,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Cullen/Dorian/Solas - The Inquisitor is a Qunari blood mage with more than a passing interest in testing the charms of his allies and inner circle - whether they're willing or not. Based on the video game Dragon Age Inquisition.

Blood magic really had a lot to recommend it, I mused as I looked around the small office that doubled as sleeping quarters for the naked Elven apostate kneeling in front of me. A room off the rotunda where the elf worked on his mosaics, it was central enough for my purposes but still private.

It was ironic, really; everyone else had strong, negative feelings about blood magic, and I'd managed to keep it secret from the time of surviving the conclave to the destruction of Haven and the establishment of my fortress in Skyhold for just that reason. Solas, though, professed not to see a moral difference between blood and other forms of magic. He felt there was nothing inherently evil about it. I knew differently. The son of a Tal Vashoth mercenary, a feared and hated mage, I'd had to lose any concept of morals at a young age just to survive without my lips sewn shut or my tongue cut out. And blood magic was a tool of the immoral, one I'd learned at the tender age of nine when my magic first manifested, and had since perfected. So it was only fitting he was the first to see the results of its evil effects.

I say perfected, because even the resident apostate who didn't disapprove of blood magic and was an expert on the Fade was now in my thrall, having no defense against my powers of mind control. Any normal person would be bothered by the concept of mind control, but I reveled in it. I enjoyed the power, the feeling of overcoming someone's objections, even their personality. I had learned to like making others do my bidding, and had even learned to leave them aware and able to speak their minds, while still being unable to disobey.

That was not the current situation, however. The apostate in front of me was naked, gagged and bound with magic, and unable to think, much less plan an escape. The time to allow him to object would come, but not yet.

There was a knock on the door behind me; I threw a hasty veil over the elf and turned to answer the door with a pleasant smile. I greeted my Commander warmly, taking his hand and enjoying the brief warmth of the contact as I drew him through the door and closed it behind him. Releasing him to look around Solas' room in confusion, I surreptitiously snagged the edge of a small scar near my wrist with a sharp fingernail and felt a tiny trickle of blood flow. Just as the former templar turned to ask me what was going on, I sent out the tendrils of red, thick magic to ensnare his mind, the distraction of wondering why the person who'd called him to come to the small room wasn't present allowing me to slip easily through his defenses.

It was harder than I'd expected – Cullen had been tortured before, subjected to demons and worse, and he'd managed to work up some resistance to blood magic – but it was still only a matter of moments before I held him immobile. He would still be able to think, to speak – taking control of someone's inner thoughts took more work than I wished – but for now he'd be unable to act, and that was enough.

I stepped up behind him so I wasn't able to see the outraged expression on his face, and pressed my hard cock against his lower back as I began undressing him. One side effect of blood magic no one had ever mentioned to me was lust; I had an insatiable need for physical satisfaction, wasn't at all picky about who it was unleashed upon, and knew I felt probably wrongly entitled to having that lust satiated by anyone who caught my fancy. And it turned out the Inquisition was a virtual treasure trove of gorgeous bodies upon whom I wanted to sate myself.

Cullen was one. Tall for a human, he was still a good foot shorter than I, but his body, as much as I could tell through the heavy armour he always wore, was sculpted to perfection. He had a sexy scar above his lip and a smirk that could give Chantry sisters pause in confirming their vows of chastity. And he was aggravatingly, infuriatingly, uninterested in men, to my chagrin. My lust for him had been rising since we'd first met on the battlefield near the breach, and I'd finally given up trying to ignore it.

I stripped off his armour first, then his clothes, positively groaning at each inch of hard, toned body revealed. He swore at me as I did so, at first angrily demanding, and then tearfully begging to understand what was going on. I ignored it, running my hands hungrily over his chest and abs, then eventually divesting him of his smalls to reveal his large, though flaccid, cock. It felt good in my huge hands, heavy and thick, and I couldn't wait to see it hard, but that would take a while.

I folded him into a kneeling position on the floor between my legs as I sat on the edge of Solas' bed. I had removed my own trousers, putting my own impressive erection on display right in the Commander's face. I didn't expect him to do anything with it, yet, except stare, but it was difficult to contain my excitement at finally having the gorgeous man where I wanted him. Ignoring it for the moment, I spent the next hour sorting through Cullen's mind, his memories, his fantasies, his needs and wants, until I could control all of him.

Once accomplished, I dropped the veil hiding Solas from view, and my two captives stared at each other in shock.

Both of their minds actually amused me; for different reasons, both of them were extreme homophobes. Solas was actually also quite the racist, finding humans, Qunari, and any race other than elf very unattractive, and Cullen was just horribly disgusted by the concept of another man's cock. I couldn't wait to break them both.

For now I just wanted to make them squirm. I stood and turned, forcing Cullen to shuffle over to where Solas knelt. A mental push was all it took for them both to be kneeling upright, bodies tense; a little more shuffling, and their soft cocks were pressed up against each other, their chests brushing, their breath in the other's face. Shudders of revulsion passed through each, but both now gagged, I set them to grind slowly against each other.

I thought of Dorian, then; I knew that, sensing my thoughts, the Tevinter mage would come and find me. Dorian had been a revelation in the Inquisition. He had freely offered me his delectable body almost immediately after joining the Inquisition, giving me unfettered access to his mouth and his ass; it was probably the only reason I hadn't snapped entirely and gone on a lust rampage since the Inquisition had begun. And while I enjoyed using him, and he enjoyed being used, we were both aware that it wasn't love, and both of us would need more. He hadn't been happy about the blood magic – though I'd used it to forbid him from thinking about it and it seemed to become less of a concern for him – but after so much time I had him well controlled, and I'd had plenty of time to pick through his mind and find the fondest fantasies held within.

The door opened, and I smiled and turned to see my lover stripping himself bare and offering himself, as he had since the first time we'd been together. When I stepped aside, however, and he saw what was happening behind me, he stopped and strolled over, looking intrigued.

I didn't have to explain; his fantasies took flight and he imagined far more creative things than I had for the four of us to do. I stroked my hand down the mage's back, possessively gripping his ass, and he shuddered. "Can we?" he whispered, and I nodded, and he shivered again, breathless in anticipation.

Unwillingly, Cullen and Solas were already half hard from the gentle grinding I'd had them doing, and Dorian licked his lips. "Solas?" he asked in surprise. I nodded, explaining that I had no other use for the mage, and thought that he and Cullen could use the elf as they saw fit when the three of them – or four of us – were together.

"I'll have the commander first," I declared, and Dorian nodded, only a little surprised, though slightly disappointed. The Tevinter settled onto a chair near the hearth to watch, and at his nod, I directed Solas over to kneel between his legs. I could feel the elf's disgust at the proximity to the Tevinter who'd been flirting with him for weeks, and it flooded me with desire. I watched as Dorian grasped Solas' head, giving a sharp tug on one of his long expressive ears, until the apostate's face was pressed up against Dorian's erection.

"Lick, slowly. I don't want to come yet," he directed, and reluctantly, fighting my control the entire time, the elf opened his mouth and extended his tongue to lap at Dorian's long, thin cock.

I was too excited at the sight and feel of both men, and had to close my eyes and concentrate to regain control. I turned back to my Commander, who still knelt where I'd left him, and taking him by a handful of gorgeous, curly hair, I led him over to the edge of the bed I'd abandoned earlier. Without words, I placed the image of what I wanted Cullen to do directly in his mind, and he crawled into position before opening his mouth and engulfing the head of my rock-hard prick.

The heat and wet was better than I'd imagined it would be, and the urge to buck my hips and bury my length in his throat was almost overwhelming, but I'd managed to keep Cullen's mind fogged enough that he had yet to realise I was controlling him with blood magic, and he thought he was doing all of this of his own volition. After his rather heartless rejection of my flirting early on, I'd decided my revenge would be forcing the man to rape himself – his mouth and his ass – with my cock, allowing him to think he'd done it by choice. I wanted to feel his self-loathing before I let him understand what I'd done to him.

So as difficult as it was, I controlled the urge to face-fuck him to my immediate satisfaction and instead planted the mental images of what I wanted him to do. One warm hand surrounded the base of my cock where, like all Qunari, it thickened into a swollen knob that could tie me inside the orifice of any unfortunate partner I chose; it had been years since I'd allowed myself the pleasure, and I couldn't wait. But for now the pressure of Cullen's hand was divine as he licked and sucked at the tip of my aching cock.

Needing more, I fed him the image of him taking my cock deeper, pushing himself down on it until he gagged, then taking a breath through his nose and pressing past that point until I was buried in his throat. It took several attempts for him to accomplish the feat, but I immensely enjoyed the confusion and horror I could feel emanating off him in waves as he tried, again and again, to master his gag reflex. Finally, after an eternity of coughing and choking, he had my cock in his throat, his muscles squeezing me delightfully as he reflexively swallowed, his tongue scrabbling against the underside of my cock, his hand squeezing my knot.

I allowed him to bob onto and off my cock for a while, enjoying the sensation of sliding into the tight heat of his throat over and over again, feeling his shame as he devoured my length. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and I pulled him down onto my cock, pressing in until my knot bumped against his distended lips, his throat spasming around my length, and then I reached down and plugged his nose.

His response was immediate and glorious, as he tried to swallow, to shout, to pull back, and to breathe all at once. His face turned red as I held him, ruthlessly, in place, using my control of him to prevent him from biting but otherwise allowing him to thrash. It was ecstasy, and it was enough. With a roar, I poured my seed down his throat, pulling back after the first few spurts to finish in his mouth where he could taste it. He swallowed some as he gasped for air, but I had him hold the rest in his mouth until I finished, enjoying his disgust at the taste. I gave him a brief shot of pure arousal, racing down his spine from his neck where my hand rested, rewarding him for a job well-done with an instant erection.

I looked up from his impressive length to see Dorian's head thrown back in bliss as he emptied himself into Solas' mouth; apparently watching Cullen had made him too impatient for the slow burn he'd aimed for. Given Solas the same instruction to hold the cum in his mouth, I forced him and Cullen together into a vicious, deep, open-mouthed kiss in the middle of the room. I watched each man try to force their mouthful onto the other, allowed the competition to become a little more heated, and was delighted to see Cullen finally push the apostate to the ground, straddling him and forcing the mixed cum to end up in Solas' mouth. I allowed the elf to swallow, and then watched as Cullen, apparently of his own accord, moved up the apostate's body until he was able to force the head of his own cock into Solas' mouth.

I only allowed him to thrust there for a few minutes, noticing Dorian's intent, lustful gaze on the Commander's cock where it slid in and out of the elf's mouth and seeing the stirrings that indicated a return to functional status for the mage. Knowing what he wanted, I motioned to the Tevinter mage to lay on his back on the floor, and pulled a reluctant Cullen away from Solas, who I instructed to watch, and made the former templar crawl over the Altus until the two men were in a 69 position. I knelt behind Cullen, and Dorian grinned at me mischievously as he gripped Cullen's hips. Cullen lowered his head, reluctantly, assuming correctly that he was meant to suck the mage's cock, but I stopped him. "I want to hear you when I take you, before your mouth gets too full." Cullen shuddered.

Dorian offered me a hand with some grease, conveniently called into existence with a simple spell, and I dipped my cock in it until I was coated. I wanted to hurt Cullen, to own him, but not to break him, after all. I leaned forward, separated Cullen's cheeks, and spat on the tiny, brown star. I lined myself up, instructed Cullen to relax and push back on me like he was straining for a bowel movement, and slowly, carefully pressed the head of my cock through his virgin sphincter.

He squealed at the sensation, despite following orders about bearing down, as I popped the crown through the tight ring. Qunari were built large, and Cullen's untested passage was small and tight, almost unbearably so. I groaned as his sphincter spasmed, gripping me even more tightly and triggering a whiny gasp of his own. After a moment to collect myself lest I spill too soon, I gripped Cullen's hips and began the difficult work of fucking myself deeper into his ass.

I knew his pain would be not inconsiderable, but I had to admit I didn't really care. The tightness of his ass yielding to my invading prick was incredible, and I withdrew slightly before pressing myself even deeper over and over again. Finally, after an eternity of bliss and torture, my knot bumped against his outer passage. Satisfied with that for the time being, I began slowly increasing the speed and depth of my thrusts until I was sliding my entire length out and back again, generating the much-needed friction that I desired.

It was obvious when Dorian took matters into his own hands; Cullen's grunts became muffled, and the tense line of his back, stiff with pain, relaxed as the mage slurped on the Commander's engorged length.

The three of us worked together, me using magic to hold off the others' orgasms until I was ready; the sounds of skin slapping together, grunts and moans echoed through the room as I drove the pace faster. I knew every one of my thrusts would have driven Cullen's mouth down onto Dorian's cock, forcing him to take it deeper, but they also forced Cullen's cock into Dorian's throat, giving him the pleasure to distract from the pain.

I tapped Dorian's wrist where he was gripping Cullen's hips, and the mage gave me a thumbs up. Ready now to move into the next part of my plan, I steadied Cullen's hips with my hands, pulling him back as I thrust forward. As in past, he slid delightfully on my cock, but this time, instead of allowing him to pull away again, I gripped tighter and forced myself forward even more.

Cullen let out a screech as my knot started pressing itself through his already-overstretched sphincter, and I gasped as the sensitive tissue was finally compressed, given the sensation I'd missed for so long. It took two or three enormous thrusts to bury myself fully, and Cullen let out an unending cry, even as Dorian continued thrusting into his mouth.

I pulled back a little and thrust again to ensure I was completely locked, and settled in to enjoy the tightness and squeezing around my length and my knot as I emptied my seed into Cullen's bowel. Knot orgasms were much different than the usual, releasing a much greater quantity of cum and causing mind-shattering pleasure that lasted for minutes. I continued thrusting my hips, driving the two men under me to continue their fellatio, enjoying the sounds of Dorian's pleasure even over Cullen's distress.

As the two men worked on each other, Cullen's noises changed to ones of imminent fulfillment, and I shuddered as he writhed in orgasm under me. Dorian wasn't far behind, reaching down to hold Cullen's head while he jackhammered his cock into the former templar's throat as he came. As Cullen's orgasm subsided, he relaxed enough for my knot to be released, and I slowly, reluctantly, pulled out of Cullen's ass.

Solas was tackled and pinned again, forced to drink the cum both Dorian and Cullen had kept in their mouths, and then I used the apostate to clean my cock with his mouth. When I was done, I sat back on the bed, arm wrapped around Dorian, as we watched Cullen squat over Solas' face and release a veritable river of my cum into his waiting mouth.

"So, Dorian, think you'll be able to keep our Commander, here, relaxed? And keep Solas busy cleaning up messes?

"I think I'll manage. But will you still join us sometimes?"

I nodded. "I will. When I can. There's a few more people in this Inquisition I also have to deal with. Tonight, though, I'll stay here. There's a few holes in this room I haven't tried yet..."

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