Pork Packers Convention Party
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Pork Packers meat industry is headed to Las Vegas for a celebration of a profitable year. Two close husband and wife teams decide to get even closer in that crazy Vegas atmosphere.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging  

The pork industry was booming the last couple of years and the big pork packing upper crust decided to have their convention in Las Vegas where things happen but they always stay in Vegas. Despite that gleeful saying, a number of the major pork packers still took their spouses with them because a lot of them had wives that were either too naïve to suspect carnal infidelity or were so sated in their own depravity that it made little or no difference to them at all.

Peter Porter and his lovely wife Lucille were members of the group that chartered a special flight from the Midwest to the city that never sleeps. They bid their little piglets' goodbye and went off for an entire week of dedicated debauchery to celebrate the success of their newly established pork breeding systems. The pig farms were bursting at the seams with little piglets and the gigantic sows were grunting their joy at each happy coupling that insured multiple births of profitable tons of pork products.

Lucille was quite satisfied to be a pork packer's wife.

She often remembered her courting days when her fiancé Peter would make her play the "Little Piglet" game and chase her around the pig sty until she had to fall down in the mud and give up her private parts for his pleasure. He mounted her just like one of the horny hogs that happily pounded their multiple sows with deep nasty grunts that signaled how much they were enjoying their romp in the mud. It always triggered her most memorable orgasms because she felt so dirty and bad that it stayed with her even when she was in church on Sunday or baking a pie for the country fair. She had told her best friend Sally about the "Little Piglet" game and they planned to do a repeat of the fun game in Vegas with all four of them inside a corral at the Champion Bull-riding Rodeo grounds that even smelled like a familiar pig sty. They were all enthusiastic about it and both of the husbands agreed to switch their partners without tell the wives of their devious plans for an unannounced orgy. The bulls were all safely inside their stalls and the riders were not even at the Rodeo grounds yet because the contest was not until the next weekend.

Lucille wasn't aware that her cheating husband Peter was giving it to her best friend Sally fairly regular. In fact, he was humping the attractive Sally a whole lot more than his loving spouse who was satisfied with a Saturday night "face down, ass up" session on the big bed just to keep her juices flowing nice and smooth. She had gotten into the habit of not looking at her husband because the familiar look of his silly face had gotten to be a major turn-off to her after all those years of close proximity. Lucille wanted to "fool around" with somebody, anybody, but she was one of those creatures that set store in what others thought of them and didn't want any of the other wives in her social circle to know about her naughty thoughts. The only exception to that was Sally and she poured out her hidden desires to Sally like a naïve little schoolgirl planning to go wild with the entire football team.

The attractive Sally with her big boobs and heart-shaped bottom was slowly falling in love with Peter's big cock and she constantly got down on her knees for him just because she enjoyed the thought that he might shove it up Lucille's fanny with her juices still on it. The opportunity in Vegas was such that she had her own little plan to switch husbands that she didn't want any of the other three to discover for fear they would think her a little slut.

Lucille was somewhat of a religious-minded female and she set store by the good book and not wanting to do something really bad that would send her straight into the greedy arms of Satan himself. In her mine, hell was a place where all the male Satan's ran around humping the sinning female humans just to show them the error of their ways. She certainly didn't want to go there even if there was no humping at all in heaven.

She looked on the sex in the pig-sty mud as more of an amusing adventure than as something sinful because after all it was with your own spouse. It never crossed her mind that she might have to take it from Sally's overweight husband Henry and have his big beer belly bouncing on her backside like some porker with rolls of fat everywhere you looked. She was glad her husband kept in good shape and wished that he might give it to her more often even if it was in the missionary position on top of the four poster bed with all the lights turned off.

It was all right if Henry ran his hands over her backside every now and then because it was all in good fun and in all honesty she liked the way it made her feel to have a strange man's hands all over her goodies when her husband was looking the other way. She had thought to tell her best friend Sally that her husband was getting a little rambunctious but he generally kept his hands and fingers outside her undies and she didn't see anything wrong with a little horse play after a few beers between friends. In fact, she had seen her husband Peter with his hands under Sally's skirts more than once and she doubted he was as careful about keeping his fingers outside her best friend's panty line. Knowing her Peter, he probably had made poor Sally have an unexpected orgasm with his foolishness.

On the weekend before they left for Vegas, she was out in the kitchen peeling potatoes the old-fashioned way and Henry was sitting at her side supposedly "helping" her get dinner ready.

Sally and Lucille's husband Peter were out in the barn feeding the stock and they usually took a long time to do that. She didn't mind because she sure didn't want her husband underfoot when she was cooking dinner. The feisty potato peeler at her side was not paying much attention to the task at hand and was getting all hot and bothered about sliding his hand inside her panties from behind on the long wooden bench. At first, she thought it was cute and funny and then she got annoyed when he persisted. Then, she sort of changed her entire attitude and leaned forward so his hand could slide in easily. He was such a naughty boy that his middle finger hooked right into her brown eye like he was putting some bait on a hook. She wiggled and twisted just like she was hooked real good and all she succeeded in doing was to get his finger in deeper until she knew he was past her tight little sphincter and was roaming around in her rectal void like some explorer looking for a hidden treasure of a carnal nature. She lost all interest in peeling potatoes and just bent forward on the table lifting her ass up enough for him to get into new territory with his exploring fingers.

"Ahh, that's real nice, Henry, please don't tell Sally I let you do this to me."

Henry was so busy all he could do was grunt and move his hand lower to start stroking her female slit like she was some dancehall floozy looking for a good time. She grasped his arm and started to re-think her thoughts about Henry having too much of a gut for a good humping. He moved her in front of him and plopped her right down on his groin after he lifted her skirt in the back.

Lucille could feel his big boy bouncing all over the inside of her legs and right up against her vagina and her clitoris and even as far back as her trembling brown eye. She wasn't completely sure what he was planning to do but in her mind it was his move now and she was just the hostess accommodating his personal needs inside her house. He settled her down and she felt his thing start to press against her front hole with serious intent. She realized she was enjoying the whole thing so much that she was soaked in her own juices and he slid inside her with absolutely no difficulty at all. It was so different than with Peter with them having to use a half a tube of lubrication to get a start on her dry pussy opening for his greedy cock. It seemed like he was always in a hurry these days and old Henry was going so slow that she was dying to shout in his ear.

"Stick it in, Henry, stick it in now. I need it desperately. Sally won't mind. She is out in the barn with Peter."

He took her words to heart and started to slam her backside down on his wide lap with enough force to make the table and the benches bounce on the floor. She felt it all the way up to her teeth and squeezed his cock with her vaginal walls like she had never done before with her husband. Peter was always telling her she was "too tight" but it seemed like Henry was not complaining about that fact at all.

He reached around and cupped her swinging boobs and she loved the way he rolled her nipples like she was about to get milked just like a cow out in the barn. That thought of milking made her squirt her juices like a dirty bar girl and not a domesticated housewife with good behavior.

It was the same exact moment that Henry let loose with his first salvo of man-juice inside her pretty pussy. She couldn't feel the splash but the sense of wetness started deep inside and she could feel the pressure of his seeds going down his shaft and disappearing deep inside her. He groaned just a little bit and that made her feel good because she knew it meant she was doing a good job taking care of her guest's needs.

The second after he finished draining his last drop inside her, Henry pushed her off and told her,

"We have to be careful because my Sally is the jealous type. I figure though that your husband is making her something of the same nature so it is all even between us all. My Sally is one to keep her mouth shut real tight and I hope you are just the same.

She nodded her head in quick agreement and let him cup her backside and the dampness of her hastily raised panties. There was no doubt in her mind that his juice would stay inside her until she took her shower and she was in no hurry to wash the scent of sex from her nostrils because it was keeping her in a state of happy satisfaction.

They finished the potatoes and Henry even helped her truss up the roast for the oven.

No sooner were they finished that her best friend Sally came in all flushed from the barn with Peter right behind her doing his level best to look as innocent as possible. It was difficult for Lucille to push out the words that Henry had just spoken to her about his wife's attitude about obeying the will of almost any male when it came to matters of the secrets between men and women. She had never considered before hearing that from his lips that her Peter could be giving his favors to another female especially not her best friend Sally. She thought it was unfair to think that Sally would do such a thing with her Peter. After some thought, she had to accept that the flesh is weak and that both Sally and Peter were just human like she and Henry.

Maybe this trip to Vegas would be a lot more exciting than just a husband and wife adventure.

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