New Order of the Ages
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Mark Gander

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the future America, slavery is legal again and people are often forced to choose between that and fates that might be even worse. Not just debtors and criminals are enslaved, however. Meet twin brothers Dan and Dale Orsini, who pick up more than a few slaves, including eager ones, along the way. Plus, it's time for payback to some evil exes.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Blackmail   Consensual   NonConsensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Military   School   Workplace   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Nudism   Politics  

August 25, 2028, Tampa Bay, Florida

Daniel "Dan" Orsini downed another pint of the best microbrew along the coast, as he saw it, anyway, as he saw his twin brother Bruno "Dale" Orsini enter the bar in a much better mood than before. He didn't know what was going on, exactly, but something told him that he was about to learn. Something was up, and he resisted the urge to probe his brother for details, but luckily, he didn't take long to discover what was behind things. Dale wasn't holding anything back.

"Bro, what's new?" Dale asked him, Dan shaking his head.

"Dale, not much, to be frank. Just drinking my troubles away and watching the Governor bullshit us about the Slavery Act that she signed last New Year's. Still hard to believe. Slavery, back with a vengeance! All that it takes is a few bad debts and you no longer control your own fate! Then again, I've been expecting this for some time now. Damn corporations and banks! Nothing wrong with capitalism, don't get me wrong, and I'm no flaming Communist, but if we had just done a little more regulation back in the day, maybe reformed the bankruptcy laws a bit in the right direction, curbed the student loan mess a little more effectively, we wouldn't be in this clusterfuck!" Dan grumbled, disgusted with things.

"That may be, big brother, but sometimes, it helps less to blame and more to offer solutions. Society has declined, like it or not, but at least some good may yet come of it. It already has for me," Dale assured his very principled and responsible older twin, not so much dismissing his rant as thinking that Dan was overlooking the bright side consciously while protesting too much.

"How so?" Dan wanted to know.

"Remember my ex-wife, Kathy?" Dale grinned.

"Yeah, that bitch. Took you for every penny she could get, as I recall. Was a rotten, lousy wife, too. Couldn't hear the end of your grips back then. I think that you cheated on her and got caught on purpose so that she would cut you loose, but what a price she made you pay for your freedom. What could possibly be good about her?" Dan reminded his twin.

"Well, it seems that ever since remarrying that limp wrist Robbie and thus forfeiting alimony, something that she was very shocked to learn, by the way, since she had hoped to fleece me even then, things have gone downhill for her. Robbie bolted and all, sold his business, filed for Chapter 15, and well, you know what that meant," Dale explained.

"Yeah, slavery. So her second hubby wears the collar and barcode now. So what? What does that do for you? What's to keep her from seeking a renewal of alimony?" Dan smirked, drinking yet more beer and digging into his fried calamari with marinara sauce.

"Well, that's not all. His debts were also her debts, so she's a slave, too. No choice in the matter. And guess who just bought her?" Dale chuckled devilishly.

"You. You bought the Ice Queen. Wonders how she took that," Dan belly laughed now, truly amused.

"And since the Slavery Act automatically dissolves all marriages, Robbie is not my problem. I also bought Mom. Yep ... Mom. She's not bad for a woman of fifty, you know," Dale confessed.

"You own Kathy and our mother? Wow, you must really want to watch a catfight! You know how Mom feels about Kathy!" Dan smiled sadistically now, in spite of his personal scruples and reservations.

"You bet your ass I do! As it is, Mom already has Kathy tied up and gagged, administering a sound thrashing to her butt with a hairbrush. Kathy won't be able to sit down for weeks, I think. Well, between that and the anal cherry that she finally gave me. Poor girl didn't have any say this time. I asked nicely in the past. I wasn't asking this time around. And I wasn't gentle, either," Dale boasted.

"Are you planning to fuck Mom, too?" Dan wondered, truly fascinated now.

"Are you kidding me? I own her now! Of course, I'm planning to fuck her. In fact, she's the new lady of the house and she shares my bed. Don't worry, bro. I plan to share my good fortune with my dear brother. You're not in financial trouble yourself, are you?" Dale asked Dan.

"Who, me? Now you're joking, Dale. Since I broke it off with Celia, I've never been happier or richer. She doesn't drain me financially or spiritually anymore. And I frankly don't give a crap about her, either. Hell, for all I know, she could be a slave, too. Wouldn't that be a sight?" Dan scoffed before suddenly realizing what he had just said.

Celia ... a slave? Now, that could be fun! If she lived the way that she did, she probably was a slave by now, due to sheer debt. Celia didn't know how to balance a checkbook to save her life. She had an endless cycle of defaulted loans, overdraft fees, bounced checks, unpaid bills, and credit card balances that seemed impossible to reconcile. It was one of a number of reasons that Dan had flatly refused to consider marriage, the other being his wandering eye and dislike of what had happened to his brother. Then again, she had turned out to be less than faithful herself, even as she complained about his infidelity.

They weren't very well-matched, but it still hurt him how she had issued him an ultimatum toward the end. This was right when the Thirteenth Amendment was revised and the "voluntary" slavery thing was legalized earlier in the year. She had wanted him to sign a contract becoming her slave, her legal property, and letting her do whatever she wanted to him, his finances (they'd be broke within the year, knowing her, and they'd both end up owned by someone else), his body, etc. She also told him that she was never unfaithful with men, that she preferred women and had been cheating on him with girls since they got together.

Celia told him that she only wanted him because he was rich and "had a good tongue", plus as she admitted, she liked to "degrade, dominate, and discipline men." She even said that she planned to eventually sell or give him to another woman who was into ladies as herself and that he would be locked into a chastity belt with his only sex life being oral service to her girlfriends and herself. If he didn't do this, they would be over.

"Drop dead, Celia. For one thing, I would never agree to be owned. For another, I'm not turning my cock over to you or someone else to control and deprive. For that matter, I don't trust you with my finances. We'd both be bankrupt if you handled our money. You're a financial train wreck. You're irresponsible and selfish, and by your own admission, you're a lesbian, so why do you even want me around? Think about it. And last, but not least, if you're going to dump me, eventually, anyway, and turn me over to your misandrist girlfriends, what incentive do I have to agree to this?" he talked a little over her head, but she got the basic gist and stormed out, tossing his stuff out into the front yard of their house.

Boy was Celia stunned when the police arrived and arrested her for disturbing the peace (she had been so loud and obnoxious that she had violated the neighborhood association's noise rules), trespassing (the house was in Dan's name, so it was legally his, not hers ... her credit was already too bad for a mortgage), domestic violence (she had scratched Dan's face in front of everyone, drawing blood), and resisting arrest (she was lucky that she didn't get assaulting an officer added, given that she had slapped the policewoman, though the lady cop did use her Tazer on her after that). Dan got his stuff back, got peroxide applied by the police officer, who became a regular fuckbuddy for a while, and was finally free of Celia, who presumably got plenty of pussy to eat in jail.

She had called him repeatedly when she got out, too, wanting to "apologize" and reconcile. She also clarified that "I'm bi, not gay. Look, it was a crazy idea, but it was Brandy's, not mine," referring to her girlfriend Brandy, who had dumped her the moment that she was stuck in the slammer. Celia only grudgingly apologized for dumping out the clothes and scratching his face, but she explained that she "was regretting what I had done already ... you were the best boyfriend ever, even if a serial cheater, and well, I guess I was a cheater, too, if you count girls."

"Yes, I do count girls. Contrary to myth, eating is cheating. I would have been okay with an open relationship, but you wanted a double standard and I couldn't go for that. Sorry, Celia, you're in no state for a boyfriend right now. You need to get help. Besides, you never loved me, just my tongue," Dan asserted, something that Celia never denied as she took the huff out of his sight.

She hadn't given up totally, believe it or not. She tried to break in several times, so much that he had a restraining order placed against Celia and she was arrested twice more for violating it. Even now, with her having seemingly left him alone after all this time, Dan didn't fully trust her not to try to get back with him. She had always loved how he pampered her and also how he ate her out, especially how he rimmed her. He was convinced that she was in love with his tongue, not with him.

Dale shook Dan out of his memories at last, saying, "Let me guess ... owning Celia? Wouldn't that be a karmic kick in the ass for her! Well, you should look into it. The worm has turned. She wanted to own you. You could own her instead. But what would you do with her, really? She's gay, isn't she?"

"Not really gay, but she leans that way. She likes guys, but mostly for things like rimming that some of her girlfriends refused to do. Well, I wouldn't mind owning her ass, but rimming is far from the only thing that I plan to do with it. Did you know that she once offered me anal if I agreed to be pegged, and then after she pegged me, which really hurt since she didn't lube me right, she backed out and told me that she never intended to give up her ass to me. It was all a ruse to get me to surrender the booty," Dan informed his brother.

"Oh, that's just cold. Well, bro, as long as your finances are in order, why not? Go for it. Buy Celia if you can find her and see the look on her face when she realizes that she has been literally owned by you," Dale encouraged him, "Kathy tried to dominate me, too, but boy did that backfire. I have to confess something else, too. Mom and I were lovers before this whole slavery thing went down ... in fact, that's who Kathy caught me with. Mom. She used that as leverage for alimony, but she failed to account for marital laws ending alimony once a divorcee remarries."

"Sucks to be her, especially once Mom has her at her mercy. Bet that Mom doesn't like Celia much, either," Dan chuckled.

"Yeah ... no, not at all. She thinks that Celia is a 'stone-cold, heartless bitch who used my son for money.' Her words, not mine. You should totally go for it. But you can probably afford at least one more slave. Any ideas who?" Dale asked his twin.

"A few, yes. My former boss, for one. You remember her, right? Cute little Middle Eastern number with the curly brown hair, olive skin, and grey eyes?" Dan grinned at the memory of Sarai, that Israeli minx.

"God, she was gorgeous, yes! She was also seriously into you, but you couldn't see it!" Dale asserted.

"Sure she was. I thought that she was into you, brother," Dan retorted.

"Uh ... hello, if she likes me, of course, she likes you! We're twins, or did you forget?" Dale pointed out.

"I just thought it was your magnetic personality, not your looks," Dan explained.

"Our personalities are not that different, not really. Unique, sure, everyone is that. But similar enough and you should have seen how she looked at your ass when she didn't think that you were watching her. Trust me, she perved on both of us," Dale assured his brother, who was sometimes blind as to just how attractive he really was ... hell, Dale wanted to fuck him, given a chance ... but so far, Dan claimed to be straight.

"Oh, were you looking at my ass, too?" Dan caught on to what Dale had been saying.

"Maybe ... I am bi, you know," Dale grinned.

"Well, at this point, I wouldn't rule out a little brotherly love, you know. If we're going to be screwing Mom, why not each other?" Dan admitted to himself that it was a bit flattering and, now that he was being honest, Dale was cute.

"In any case, Celia and Sarai are a good start on the harem. Still, I also miss Rosario, you know," Dan continued.

"Oh, God, yes! She's what ... forty-four these days? Still young enough and still very much a babe in that awesome Latina way. I still can't believe that she used to babysit us ... and that she seduced both of us when we came of age. Izzy and Carly are of age, too, now. Imagine fucking all three of them!" Dale beamed at that prospect.

"If she'd go with that. Even so, I'd be happy with Rosario, daughters or not," Dan observed.

"Well, I could try for the daughters and you could have Rosario ... and then when they're ready, arrange a little swap. How well-off are you, anyway?" Dale wondered.

"To be honest, and don't advertise this, because if it got around, you know our family, cousins that I've seen in years would come out of the woodwork, but I'm actually set for life, more or less. I don't have to work another day if I don't wish to. When others liquidated, I bought them out at desperation prices because they were trying to escape the slavers' auction. Not that it saved many of them. I now own three branches of my own realty firm," Dan admitted, "and I'm advertising on TV, radio, and internet."

"Yeah, saw those ads with Mom. She was very proud to see you there. You're a local mogul, I guess. And I'm the most popular damn lawyer in town. I tell you, ever since the new law, much as we disliked it, business has been booming," Dale smiled.

"I bet. Some really desperate folks out there, trying to escape the collar and barcode. I don't blame them for that, just for being that irresponsible with money in the first place. Of course, they are sometimes just unlucky, too, so that's always the sort to really stir my emotions a bit. You know, compassion, empathy, that sort of mushy stuff," Dan admitted.

"Well, bro, if you care about someone right now, the best thing to do is buy her. A master like you is a helluva lot better than the wrong owner, I assure you. If they're going to be owned chattel, might as well be owned by the best, that is you and me," Dale smiled as he ordered another round.

"I'll drink to that," Dan answered with a chuckle.

The bartender then turned to both of them and asked them, "So ... hypothetically, if I were to have listened in on your conversation and wanted in, what would I have to do? You know, to belong to one of you guys."

Dan looked the barkeep over and was impressed by what he saw. Short strawberry-blonde hair, bifocals that made her look very smart, green eyes, wet lips with a strong hint of red gloss to them, freckles, and alabaster skin. God, she was gorgeous in a nerdy way ... he had just assumed that she had no interest in men. That was what he got for stereotypes he realized and kicked himself for largely ignoring her as "off-limits."

"Well, tell us more about yourself," Dale told her, and he wasn't asking.

"I'm Kerry, by the way. Kerry Kincaid. Yeah, that's me, Boston Irish, good Catholic girl gone bad, with all the guilt and a toddler to show for it," Kerry confessed.

"What happened?" Dan asked.

"It was while I was in the Army. Yeah, I was lucky to get out of that with an honorable discharge. I got knocked up by my supervisor, First Sergeant Willard Rand. Fraternization. Very bad. I had no excuse. He was older, married, and apparently a well-connected motherfucker. He tried to marry me off, too, once I told him, or get me to have an abortion. I was still at least partly a good Catholic girl, so abortion was out of the question.

"Still, he pulled strings and got me out without a black mark on my record. I was good at my job, too. Top file clerk in the Judge Advocate General's office. I decided to get this job and ask him to sign away his parental rights and duties in exchange for no pursuit of child support. That way, I could find a new father for my little Stephanie. Well, I never counted on how hard it would be to make it without child support, and because I had let Rand off the hook, they denied me food stamps.

"So, now, I have bills crushing me and I'm working two jobs, plus I have to pay for sitters. Forget about dating and finding a new Daddy for Steph. That ain't gonna happen at this rate," Kerry bit her lip as she thought of her prospects.

"In that case, which of us do you want to own you?" Dan asked her outright.

"I don't care. You're both cute. You're both dominant and I like that. You're both funny. You both seem like good people, but fun-loving. And if I recall correctly, you wouldn't mind sharing slaves," Kerry assured him.

"Okay, here's the deal, then. Dale, let's sell our places, get a new one together, and I'll claim Kerry here, along with Celia if possible, plus Sarai and Rosario. You get Mom, Kathy, Izzy, and Carly ... and you and I ... we get to fuck at last. I admit that I want it, too. Just know that I like to top as well as bottom," Dan suggested.

"And I like to bottom as well as top. Don't worry about your daughter, Kerry. She'll be safe with all of us together. Someone will always be around to keep an eye on her and keep her from seeing things not for her eyes," Dale promised.

"Yep, that's the deal. Trust us. We'll take excellent care of you, Kerry," Dan swore.

"Then sign me up. I'll wear the collar and barcode for either of you gladly ... and I'm an anal virgin, but please, whomever takes me, be gentle the first time there," Kerry responded with a mix of eagerness and fear.

"Oh, trust me, dear, I will be gentle and use plenty of lube. I don't want to harm a woman willing to sign up with me of her own free will. That's very flattering. When do you get off? If soon, I can register you online, have you sign the contract with a stylus, and take you on the spot. In public. It's perfectly legal to do that with a slave now, you know," Dan smiled as he informed her of that.

"What about the collar and barcode?" Kerry wondered, more puzzled than worried.

"We just need to report our location to the authorities and the nearest Slave Control Agents will arrive with the barcode scanners and the collars ready," Dan assured her, "and then we can do it in public, quite legally. Besides, the laws are getting relaxed about that kind of thing, especially if you've expressed an intent to turn yourself over to a Master."

"Hmm ... in that case, pay your tab and I will just quit! Or the Man can fire me! I don't care! I'm more interested in pleasing Master than my former boss. He never took the hints and offered to buy me, after all," Kerry declared, deliberately loud enough for Larry, her boss, to hear her.

"Yeah, about that, Kerry ... sorry, but you must not have picked on the signals. I'm gay, Kerry," Larry explained, coming over.

"Oh ... sorry, guess I really fucked that one up," Kerry laughed at herself as she blushed.

"It's okay. I want you to be happy and I'm glad that you found a patron willing to buy you. Take good care of my girl, will ya, Dan?" Larry urged him.

"Absolutely. After all, I don't want to mix things up with a bartender, especially since it might affect my ability to drink here," Dan grinned.

"Spoken like a true drunk," Dale teased him.

Larry winked at both of them, "Well, if either of you guys ever want to ... you know."

"We'll think about it, Larry. For now, however, let's pay our tab and get this girl registered as my private property," Dan assured him.

"No tab to pay. Your money's no good here from now on," Larry tore up the tab and got both Orsinis another round without asking, "this one's on the house. From now on, your drinks are all on the house until I cut you off for your own good. Anyone who takes on Kerry deserves it. This makes you family, boys."

"Thank you, Larry," Dan smiled.

"No ... thank you. I've never seen Kerry happier in my life. Now, will you go ahead and register her already? And fuck her good for me, like she wanted me to, but I can't, since I'm a big queen," Larry winked again.

"Your house, your rules, buddy," Dan said, beginning to register Kerry as she sat there.

Her lips and her pussy were both wet, about to cream herself as she saw her name and new barcode ID number that would be registered online to her and tattooed onto her body electronically when the SCA showed up. Kerry had never been more excited in her life, a smile growing across her face. She licked her lips as she signed with the stylus on the slave ownership contract and Dan did the same, giving him his first slave ever ... he who had disapproved until now.

"How long do we have before the SCA shows up, Master?" Kerry tried on Dan's new title for size.

"About twelve minutes. Why?" Dan asked her, but then saw the expression on Kerry's face and nodded.

"More than long enough for Your slave to show You the proper appreciation and thanks for what You have done for me," Kerry then bent over a barstool, her naked ass and pussy now on display, inviting her new Master to take her at last ... claim his property physically, with that fine hard cock that he produced at last.

"Oh, God, that cock... ," Larry got hard himself and exclaimed.

"There's another one just like it, you know," Dale winked, "want to kneel and get a taste?"

"I thought that you'd never ask."

Larry laughed and knelt as Dale exposed his cock, putting his hands and lips around the younger Orsini twin's dick. He let out a tentative lick and ran his fingers along the length toward Dale's balls, soon opening his mouth wider to let more of his cock inside. Larry's tongue explored even more of the flesh on Dale's cock, licking toward the base with eagerness and hunger. His eyes blazed with lust and need as did Dale's, both men happy with their little experiment after so long of just being friends.

"Oh, damn, that is so fucking hot!" Dale groaned.

Meanwhile, Dan was quite happy himself, easing his cock inside the folds and walls of Kerry, her sweet ass also exhibited for his pleasure. He grabbed her buns and pushed at her with his hips, while her own moved with a primal necessity, a drive born of the desire to mate with a more powerful male. She was back to the basics now, a female in heat, rutting with a male as she bred with him. Yes, Kerry had let it slip her mind in the midst of her recent turmoil, at least consciously, but she had missed her birth control pills the past couple of days, in fact. Then again, it might have subconsciously been a way to ensure conception by a male who impressed her, a dominant, aggressive one.

As Dan pushed in and out of Kerry, in nice, long strokes that drove her wild, followed by shorter ones that made her growl a little, she decided that it was time to grow back her hair. She had enjoyed the low-maintenance, but now she wished that she had hair for Master, as she already thought of Dan now, to pull as he fucked her in public. Oh, fuck, that was glorious, his cock pumping in and out of her pussy, his precum adding to her juices as he rammed her harder, faster, and deeper now! Kerry swore to herself that she would grow her hair long for Master and never cut it that short again. Short hair was great ... but not when she needed her hair pulled by Master as he took her so aggressively, again and again.

Just then, as Kerry finally let out a scream that shook up everyone in the bar and Dale exploded inside Larry's mouth, the Slave Controllers arrived to take stock of the new chattel. They arrived in time to see the transfixed look of absolute ecstasy on Kerry's face as Dan erupted with his load inside her pussy at last. This was nothing new to them and they weren't local cops, anyway, so Agents Harlan Gibson and Melanie Martinez simply laughed and waited out for the two couplings to cease.

"Um, so ... who here is ready to become a slave?" Gibson asked them, not quite sure yet.

"Me, sir. I'm ... or was, Kerry Dana Kincaid. I registered already, actually. Just need my collar and barcode," Kerry explained.

"Sure thing, sweetie. Glad to see someone embracing her nature and her needs. Trust me on that. My husband was so stressed, so unhappy, but when he confessed to me that he wanted to be my slave, things went so much better after that. It was his idea, actually, soon after the law was passed. I was shocked for a moment, of course, because I thought that he wanted a marriage of equals, but I quickly came around to the idea and left the Force to become a Controller for the benefit of others like him. It saved my relationship, even if it technically ended my marriage," Martinez encouraged her, "now he uses my family name, as do I."

"Technically, you're just a number, though. KDK-242 in this case. Slave number always includes the old initials for convenience. Slave KDK-242, you need to set your affairs in order, as you are no longer the same person. Legally, you're not a person at all now, but a possession, a piece of property," Gibson noted, quite seriously, "kneel and receive your collar and barcode."

Kerry knelt and waited patiently, Dan's cum leaking down her thighs to the floor, as Gibson scanned on the barcode and applied the collar to her, handing an officially approved leash to Dan.

"Remember, some communities have leash laws now. Carry it with you at all times. Part of a Master's duties these days. Know when to leash your slave. It can save both of you a lot of trouble in the future if you can prove that she was properly leashed when it is mandatory," Gibson urged him.

"Actually, my slave begs for his leash ... he loves to have me tug it when I walk him around town. Incidentally, effective next month, public slave nudity is mandatory in this city. That's likely to increase in fact. It's already legal, anyway, and my slave Jason loves that I keep him naked all the time. He's a real hit at CFNM parties, too. They love riding, sucking, and stroking his cock, just as I do with their slaves, nearly all of them former boyfriends or husbands, come to think of it," Melanie winked, "he's fun to peg, too."

"What if I wanted to be a slave, too?" Larry surprised everyone, including the patrons.

"Really? Whose slave?" Harlan asked the bar owner, "You'd give up this bar to your owner? You know that he or she would legally be able to claim it as his or her business and receive all profits while still putting you to work at your own enterprise."

"Yes, but that's fine with me. I love being a bartender, but sometimes, being in business for myself has its downsides. Turns out I'm not really a take-charge guy, not cut out to be the boss. Any success has been good instincts and good luck, not any real leadership ... I want to belong to Dale," he informed them all.

"Works for me. But you can keep running the bar as my manager if you wish. Just know that the ultimate stress is mine. I have to make the final choices now. That should make it easier on you. Are you about this, though? All we've done so far is have you suck my dick. If we do this, there's no turning back," Dale warned him.

"Yes ... please," Larry begged, groveling now.

"Very well, then. Let's register you, have you sign here with the stylus, and get you collared and scanned," Martinez told him, grinning from ear to ear ... she knew very well what fun slaves could have and be for themselves and their Masters.

Unless they did this out of desperation, they were generally people who wanted to serve, and none that she had met ever regretted it. Even the ones who were enslaved for debt or escaping criminal prosecution found themselves happier than if they'd chosen the alternatives.

"My slave is my sister, you know. I never thought that she had it in her, nor I in me, but as soon as the law took effect, she packed her stuff, left hubby in utter shock, and showed up at my doorstep, begging me to take her in. Trust me, owning family is awesome! She's having our first in four months, fruit of my domination of my own flesh and blood," Gibson laughed heartily.

"Well, there you go, Mr. Orsini. Here's Larry's new ID number. Larry, kneel for your coding and collaring. And then we can hand you his leash. Attaboy. Oh, God, I am so wet right now, seeing this! I'm going to fucking need some hard cock in me now! This reminds me of when Jason became my property right in front of my eyes and I couldn't wait to ride him," Melanie confessed to the crowd, with no one really shocked. Fucking new slaves was often a perk of being a Slave Control Agent.

"So, I take it that while your main dynamic is slavery, you also like to share slaves and he doesn't mind sharing you," Dan smiled.

"Well, he doesn't have a say in things, so there are no more fidelity issues. He knows that I have the right to fuck whomever I please. He doesn't own me, but I damn sure own him! When I share him, it's not infidelity, either, because he is obeying me. Besides, he has standing orders to let any man or woman fuck him, even if he doesn't personally find him or her that attractive. He is to surrender the cock on demand to a woman or the booty to a man. Only if I forbid it is he to refuse. Right now, in fact, he was, and he'd better still be, kissing and licking his boss's ass. Lacy just loves having her butt rimmed, you know. It's now an understood part of his job duties at work, you see. He has gotten us more than a few benefits and perks from that, too," Mel winked at us again.

"And what about you, Controller Gibson?" Dale wondered.

"Mel likes to have my cock stuffed in her now and then, but right now, her pussy is forbidden to me. She lets me have her mouth and ass, though. She's just trying to select the father of her firstborn, you see. Sis understands her place and often even licks me straight from Mel's pussy or ass," Gibson smirked.

"So, you're making sure that Jason gets to breed you?" Dan asked Mel, assuming that her pussy was barred to him as well.

"Jason? Hell, no! I'll never let Jason breed me! He can fuck my ass and mouth, too, right now. He can lick my pussy and fuck me when I'm already pregnant or otherwise unable to conceive. He can wear a rubber. But he's never to breed me, not once. Once he became a slave, I decided that he can breed other women, if they wish, but as much as I love him and his cock, I need to pick a different donor. Oh, Jason will raise my offspring, for sure, but he will not sire them! I need stronger genes to make sure that my spawn are more dominant, you see. I didn't know who it would be until now. I've picked you guys. How about it?" Mel invited them as they claimed their slaves.

"I'm game, but why us?" Dan was curious, but eager.

"Because you're both dominant and I can tell that you're really into breeding women as well as being bisexual. The chosen stud needs to also be open to fucking Jason's mouth and ass at times as well as mine. He needs to be able to make us both his bitches. Jason knows this and loves it, too. He is actually eager for me to get bred by other men. I'm even thinking of making him get a vasectomy once he's bred a few lucky ladies. So, up for it?" Martinez asked them.

Dan and Dale looked at each other, grinned, and nodded, "Sure, we'll make it a team effort."

Larry and Kerry were both very excited by the news, while also enjoying the reality of their new slave status. Gibson, however, was a bit jealous.

Mel noticed that and told him, "Sorry, hon, but this is how it must be. I like you, but I want the twins to do the honors. Chin up, you'll get to fuck me every other way to Sunday. By the way, Dan and Dale, from now on, you're my designated breeders. I will not breed by any other men. Ever. Whenever I'm ready to breed, I'll turn to you. Now, Gibby, don't pout. Be a dear and fuck my mouth!"

At that, Agent Gibson dropped his pants, once again glad that their superiors approved of such things on the job. It was such a morale boost, after all. It also helped put the Masters and slaves in the right frame of mind, setting them from old mores. As Dan and Dale each began fucking a bent over Agent Martinez over the bar in turns, Gibson sat on a stool and actively used her mouth like a very wet and willing pussy. He could dream about it, if nothing else, after all. He would still have fun as she said, after all.

Dan and Dale still thought of their other plans as they began screwing Melanie, but the sexy Cuban didn't let them keep that long on their minds. She had her ways of becoming the center of attention, as they could quickly see ... especially knowing that she had chosen them to breed her, of all people. She would have to get back to work soon, as would Gibson, but for now, she was ready and eager to get knocked up at last.

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