Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Magic, Lesbian, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alexys Sans, exhausted but in a rare state of bliss, begins to understand Txao's gift and the change begins. But change isn't always bad, especially when it involves aspects of a world she never thought existed.

I collapsed back on the bed and closed my eyes. Her cum, the sapphire blue ejaculate of a goddess with a cock as big as my arm, was moving through my body. I felt the power in my blood. With every breath I took things were changing.

"You must relax," Txaollix whispered. "You are changing." Her voice was calm like a mother caring for a child who has fallen ill.

I opened my eyes and stared up at her smiling face and glowing eyes. I was so happy I wanted to cry. I felt like I had done something amazing, like I had achieved something no one else could. And her smile, the warm, gentle smile of a goddess, made my eyes fill with tears.

"There, there," she said and touched my cheek. "You were amazing."

The words of praise fell on my ears and my chest swelled with pride. It had been more than amazing. It had been more than I could ever describe. I had never felt anything so wonderful, so pleasurable in all my life. Every muscle in my body felt stretched and relaxed at the same time. My breasts were sore from her grip but in a way that reminded me of what we had done. And my pussy, having just been thoroughly fucked by a cock bigger than any I had ever seen on any man, tingled and throbbed, but I didn't care – given the choice, I wanted more.

"What is happening inside of me?" I asked.

"You are becoming." The goddess lay down beside me and slid her leg across mine.

The room had a floral scent, flowers mixed with sweat, sex, and power.

My body seemed to be in a state of flux, everything felt like it was vibrating. My skin tingled. My muscles felt like clay. I thought back to the carvings at the dig site, the four sisters in green robes, Txaollix's cock being worshipped by the naked woman, the glow that seemed to emanate from them, and then the altar. My head filled with questions. What does being a goddess mean? What will happen? Will I change like Txaollix?

You will change... the words whispered through my thoughts. I had forgotten that she could read my thoughts and speak through them.

I stared into the blue glow of her eyes. There was so much about her I didn't know or understand. She wasn't human, but a goddess, but what did that mean? She exuded power; she was alive with it – timeless, beautiful, power.

In the middle of a breath, my bones suddenly became light. I mean, I felt like I might float off the bed. I looked around to make sure I wasn't moving and noticed my skin, what had just been the skin of a girl from New York's – a few freckles, some light blonde hair, a birthmark above my wrist – was now perfect, without a spot or blemish. I had the skin of a newborn baby.

I glanced over at Txaollix. "You are still ... cooking?" She looked at me quizzically.

I smiled. "Are you learning how I speak?"

Her eyes sparkled with happiness while she nodded and I saw a glimpse of another side of her, a playful, young, goddess.

"You learn quickly," I said.

"We are goddesses; there is nothing we cannot do." She raised her arm and immediately became a beautiful blue bird the size of my fist.

I stared in amazement as she hovered for moment, then flitted and fluttered until she landed on my knee. I laughed out loud. "That was ama..." But before the word was out, she was back at my side, lounged against me, her head leaning on her elbow, and grinning.

"Where does your power..."

"Come from?" She interrupted, showing off. "From you, from us, from what we just did." She looked over my body the way I imagined a cat looked at a mouse.


"Energy," she said. "We live because of energy; it gives us power, the worship of others."

I thought of the carving at the bottom of the stairs, the way she and her supplicant were painted as if they glowed. It was the energy moving between them.

"You will see it now; it is like a faint smoke." Her voice seemed excited by the idea that I was going to be like her, a goddess.

It was thrilling. As I laid there, my body absorbing the power and changes she had passed to me, I kept imaging what it would be like. What I would be able to do. I knew that Txaollix could see what I was thinking, but I didn't care, I couldn't stop, it was all too new, too amazing. I thought of books and stories I had read, movies I had seen, everything I knew about every religion and history I had studied. But how much of what I knew was truth?

I sat up on my knees and she did the same until we were facing each other – two women acting like girls at a sleepover. "Will you teach me?" I asked.

"Of course," she looked me over like she wanted to make sure I was ready. "If you could be any way you wanted to be, make any change you wanted, what would you do?"

I thought of Kim and the way I had always envied her breasts – their perfect shape, not too big, not too small, and the way they stuck straight off her chest.

Immediately, my body reacted. I took a breath and watched as my breasts, what had been B-cups, little more than my own hand full, began to grow. I glanced at Txaollix but she only watched as they moved. The transformation was slow, the weight in each breast changed and the skin stretched tight as the new shape took form.

I stared at my nipples, now wide pink disks, until they too changed – going from their usual, little pink nubs to dark bronze, the size of my pinkie tip, and stiff.

Reaching up, I arched my back and played my fingertips across them. It felt good. A little rush of excitement went through me as I looked to Txaollix for approval.

Her eyes were wide. "I like them," she said, "but..." She looked back and forth between her own, massive tits and mine, " ... I would have thought you would have chosen something bigger."

I chuckled and my breasts expanded further. I held my breath as they filled and stretched, tripling in size until they spanned the distance between us and my nipples brushed against hers.

We both sighed at the contact, the little tickle of stiff flesh against stiff flesh.

I reached out and gripped my set along the sides so I could do it again, brush against her.

"You learn fast," she giggled.

And for the first time, I saw the energy move around us. I grinned at the sight of it. Txaollix had been right; it was a faint, blue wisp. It left her skin like steam and slowly moved toward mine. I leaned over and inhaled suddenly wanting it, needing it inside of me. I felt a surge of something far stronger than pleasure move through me.


"Yes," Txaollix smiled and slowly spread her knees, until I could see her swollen pussy lips and the place above her clitoris where her cock had begun to grow.

A shiver ran through me. I loved turning her on.

"What else would you change?" She asked.

I glanced at my hair and changed it from blonde to black like hers only I changed the length so it was just past my ears and my bangs cut across my face at an angle. I had always thought short hair on a woman was sexy, especially if the bangs were edged.

She raised her eyebrows and her cock continued to extend into the space between us. "What else. What of your fantasies?"

For some reason, the word itself sent my mind tumbling back to when I was in college and how I had gone through a phase where I obsessed about being a man. I had just had my first lesbian experience and I decided that I wanted to be more like a man, strong and confident. It was a phase, but I was determined – I cut my hair short, bought cargo pants and polo shirts, and even bought my first strap on so I could fuck my girlfriend like a man.

Instantly, my breasts vanished and were instantly replaced with square pectoral muscles and a patch of wispy hair above a washboard of abdominal muscles. My pussy disappeared and was replaced by a large, flaccid penis and a scrotum and testicles that touched the bed.

Staring down at myself, I couldn't believe what I looked like. I opened my hand and a mirror appeared on the wall opposite me. I glanced at Txao and she grinned. I looked good. Even my face had changed. My eyes remained my own except the new, light blue glow, but my jaw line was square and there was a shadow of stubble. My arms were stronger too, heavier with muscle and my fingers thicker.

"I like it," Txao cooed. "I have always liked a strong man."

Her fingers slid across the bed until she tickled my scrotum and toyed with my balls. My new dick immediately reacted. I felt a knot in my chest. The energy flowed off of both of us, wafting into the air.

"Suck it," I commanded. My new, male tone surprised me, but Txao only grinned.

"Gladly," she said as she scooted her body back and ducked her head toward my growing member.

The energy floated off of us and I inhaled more and basked in the rush it gave. I felt like I could lift the world with one hand, like I could fly, like there was nothing I couldn't do.

My cock had formed to be about the size of every man I had ever dated. It wasn't huge like the goddess' but average, a human penis. Txao wrapped her fingers around the base of it and slipped her lips around the tip.

Her mouth was hot and wet. Muscles I didn't know I had contracted, my cock swelled between her lips, and she gave a grateful moan. For years I had wondered what if felt like to have a cock and balls, the strange appendage that dangled between a man's legs. Every time I had ever gone down on a man to suck on his throbbing member, I wandered how it felt, how sensitive the skin was.

Txao proved that a hot, wet mouth wrapped around an eager dick felt better than I had imagined. I moaned and leaned back as she started bobbing her head back and forth, sucking me deeper and deeper.

I looked down and watched my hard flesh slide between her luscious lips until I reached the back of her throat. The sensation mixed with the new rush of power and my abilities overcame me. The pressure was building and I wanted release, I wanted the feeling I was used to, the fulfillment of a cock stuffed inside me.

I squinted and felt my pussy return, appearing at Txao's chin. Then my chest shifted, the pectorals disappeared, and my female aspects began to reemerge. Only they didn't stop where they had been. No, this time they grew larger, larger than they had been when I changed them. Something inside of me, something new was taking over, controlling my body. I wrapped my arms around the giant balloons of flesh. Just touching them sent my cunt into spasms, they were so sensitive.

I peeked over the edge of them and saw Txao's head bobbing up and down, her long, stiff cock lying on the mattress between us.

Give me your cock. I pinched the fingertip-sized nipples at the end of my enormous breasts and Txao's rod slithered into my dripping hole.

"Yes," I moaned as I arched my back, shoving my own cock deep into her throat while she lengthened her own to reach deeper.

My breasts ached for attention and I squeezed them and twisted the nipples.

Txao's wet mouth and twitching tongue combined with the girth of her dick banging away in my pussy was too much. My penis swelled and Txao grinned up at me. Hot cum surged up my cock and exploded into her mouth. I felt her swallow but there was too much and the brilliant blue liquid dripped from the corners of her mouth.

She pulled back and slid off my throbbing cock as another bolt of liquid splashed across cheek and neck.

"More," she laughed and tucked my member between her breasts.

The sensation of her silky-smooth skin around my shaft sent another load of cum spraying across her splendid curves.

Her eyes glowed bright and the energy we exchanged came off us like we were burning infernos.

I contracted my new muscles again, turned on by the way my cum decorated her chest. She leaned back with a mischievous grin and I felt her cock, still buried inside of me, triple in girth and stretch me wide.

Two can play at this.

Oh really? Her reply echoed through my thoughts.

Closing my eyes and concentrating, my cock lengthened and moved along Txao's like a snake on a branch.

The skin was hot and wet, covered in the juices of my own dripping cunt. I did my best to ignore the way she penetrated me, the way her hips pulled and pushed her inside of me, the way she expanded and lengthened herself so that my pussy was perfectly full, perfectly stretched...

She grinned when she saw what I was thinking.

I took a deep breath and watched as my dick lengthened and wound around hers until it was perched against her folds, barely touching her swollen, glistening folds every time her hips thrust. And then I was in her, pressing my way deeper and deeper, parting her.

Txao bit her lip and tilted her head back in ecstasy.

We dove into each other, both molding our bodies so that we could take all of each other, thrusting and grinding until our legs overlapped and our hips met. We kissed. Our tongues tumbled back and forth between each other lips as we pressed and pulled our bodies apart, sliding our cocks in and out of each other. Shaping and reshaping our pussies until our pleasure was a singular note, a perfect vibration that moved through both of us.

We fucked for what felt like hours each holding our orgasms off as long as we could, pushing our pleasure past ecstasy until we were little more than a frenzy of flesh and sweat.

And then she came. I didn't have the will to move. The mere sensation of her quivering cunt milking my entire length while her cock emptied itself inside me was too sweet. I pulled her close as my own body convulsed and went rigid, my mind covered in a blanket of light, every nerve vibrating, singing like crystal.

We collapsed onto the bed. Cum poured from our stretched quims and onto the blankets. Energy rose off us like steam. I smiled. My cock became flaccid and draped across the bed. I couldn't believe I had lived my life without one.

"You are complete. You are a goddess." Txao smiled.

I closed my eyes and sighed. This is perfect bliss being her like this with you.

Txao's soft lips touched mine.

I had never known such sweet happiness.

The first hints of sunrise lit the horizon and I stared out the window thinking back over everything that had happened.

Txaollix sat on the edge of the bed.

I had finished the change. My body had become futa. My new breasts were much like Txao's, enormous and round, capped with rigid nipples that ached to be touched. My new appendage, a penis almost a meter long at full mast, was retracted inside of me, just above my pussy. If I held my hand in front of my face, I could see the glow from eyes.

Power flowed through my veins. I was no longer human, no longer a five foot, eight inch archaeologist with blonde hair, a slight build, three college degrees, and a photographer for a girlfriend. No, now I was a goddess, a futa goddess, standing in the ancient temple of the goddess who had given me the gift.

What will I do? I thought as I paced the stone floor in front of her.

You will be a goddess.


This is not my time and I have given what was left of myself, what I hid from my sisters for thousands of cycles, to you. She stared at her feet as we spoke in each other's thoughts.

The news was more than I could bear. Although the past two days had seen me fall into a tomb in Peru, battle magical plants, save a futa goddess, couple with her, and then become a futa goddess myself - the idea of losing her crushed me.

Tears filled my eyes. I am your servant, your supplicant, your lone convert. You cannot leave me. I collapsed on my knees in front of her as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I command you to stay.

Txaollix reached out and caressed my cheek with her fingers. "This is the way of gods and goddesses," she said out loud. "You will someday do the same."

My chest ached. Being with her had been indescribable. The gift she had given was beyond time and space, anything I had ever known, but the time was too short, our chapter barely written.

I grabbed her hand. "Stay with me," I said. "We'll stay here at the top of your temple, just you and I."

Her smile was filled with understanding and sympathy. "We would both die," she sighed. "A goddess must be worshipped. What we have done is merely an exchange, a trade of the power I passed to you."

Staring into her eyes, I noticed for the first time, that the blue glow was fading. I climbed onto the bed next to her and laid my head against her breasts. "I am your servant," I whispered.

"You are no one's servant," she chuckled and wrapped her arms around me. "You are a futa goddess, a powerful being who will teach and bring joy to others."

I knew, by looking into her thoughts, that the words were ancient, that what she said was the purpose for our existence. The meaning of what we were, the letters that described our creation, handed down to her creator, from theirs, and on since time immemorial, and now – she was giving it to me.

But the words burned my thoughts like acid.

You will have many choices, many decisions, which will resolve what kind of goddess you will be.

Anger boiled inside me and I felt the rush of what I was capable of. Darkness swept through me. I wanted to destroy the room we stood in, the sky that glowed outside the window, everything.

You cannot stop what is about to happen.

I stood and stared at Txao. Anger and fear collided inside of me. I didn't want her to leave me. I wanted to change it, erase the possibility.

"Here," Txao offered me the blue stone that had adorned the lid of the ornate trap her sister's had bound her in. It was the place she had hidden a part of her spirit, the part that I had rescued. "To remember me by."

I thought back to the moment in the tomb, the moment I had touched the box and it had begun to glow, Txaollix's life waiting for me to free her. It was only days ago but it felt like years.

She waved it in the air with a smile. "Remember me every time you see it."

I reached out to take it and the moment my fingers touched it, everything went dark. Txaollix, the temple, the bed, everything vanished and I was alone in the dark, in her tomb.

Wrapped in the darkness of Txaollix's tomb, I sat still. The smell of flowers and dirt and damp permeated my senses. I was back to where I had fallen. Back to where I had found her, where I had rescued her, and set her free. I was back to the world I knew, expelled from the world I wanted.

I opened my hand and light filled the room. At my feet were the dead vines. The rectangle of wood and intricate metal sat open beside me, and my hard hat and light were a meter or two away. It was as if I had never left, as if I had opened the box and passed out only to wake up exactly where I was.

Tears filled my eyes and I picked up the box. Why? Why did you leave me? I stared into the emptiness wishing that she would respond but nothing came. Half of me wanted to sit there and cry forever but the other half wanted to escape the place and never return.

I looked down at myself. My clothes were covered in dirt and dried blood. My shirt was torn where the vines had wrapped around my breast. But I was unscathed, healed by the goddess when I set her free. I closed my eyes and remembered what I looked like in the dim blue glow of the stone, after the fall and the thorns from the vines.

My body reacted. Long scrapes and scratches appeared along my fingers and arms. Across my right breasts, the flesh separated and scabbed over. My fingers became torn and bloody again. I look like I did before we rescued each other.

Picking up the box, I stood up and looked around the room. It was the last time I ever planned to see it. I smiled down at the defeated vine, the last remnants of an ancient, long-forgotten magic, and glanced at the tiny shaft I had fallen through. It all seemed so long ago.

I thought of the three sisters, where their tombs lay and disappeared.

Moving to the opposite side of the temple was as easy as a thought. I disappeared from Txao's tomb and reappeared in front of her oldest sister's sarcophagus. I had never been there before. Chance and I had not followed the separate staircases that led down to the actual burial rooms, but my new powers landed me at the foot of her stone box. The blazing sun was carved along the lid along with symbols that I new understood.

I traced my fingers across them. The blessed one. Favorite of the sun god. Savior forever.

"They forgot you," I whispered. "No one knows who you were. You, unlike your sister, died forever."

It was little comfort, the sound of my own voice mocking the dust of a once powerful goddess. Txao had said little of them during the time we spent together - only that they had betrayed her. But I wanted the revenge she gave little thought to. I wanted it for her and for me.

I was sure that I would find a way to make them pay for betraying Txao, I didn't know exactly how then, but I was sure I would get there.

You're a goddess now; there isn't anything you can't do. I smiled at the idea and started up the stone steps. It felt good to walk, to hear the scrape of my leather boots along the stone, to run my fingers along the dampness of the walls.

When I crested the steps and entered the room that Chance and I had discovered, it was well past midnight. Three spotlights shined on the three staircases, but the place was as quiet as what it was – a tomb.

I walked down the long, smooth corridor to the wall that was carved with Txaollix standing in front of her supplicant. I stared at her, her head tilted back, her mouth open in ecstasy as the naked woman in front of her stroked her massive rod.

Jealous and sad, that is how I felt. Why, I don't know, but I was still jealous of the woman, maybe because she was first, because she had pleased the woman I loved long before I ever could. I don't know, but staring at the poor representation of what happened that day, I still wished it was me.

I licked my lips and remembered the taste of her, the sweet nectar on my tongue.

I thought of displacing myself to the top, but decided to walk instead. I needed time to think, time to figure out what I was going to do with the gift I had been given, how I was going to bring joy to others.

In truth, I was afraid, terrified really. Back in the world I had known my whole life; I realized I was no longer part of it. I was somehow above it but still had no idea what that meant. I felt like I knew so much and so little all at the same time.

The steps seemed to take forever. But when I got near the top, I heard James' shouting.

"I told you, I want three teams digging at that shaft from three different directions. Three whole teams, not a couple men with shovels and lanterns!" His voice was exasperated and angry.

They're looking for me.

I could hear people talking, some of the voices I recognized – James and his assistant Lisa. But what caused me to stop, still down the stairs far enough that the light didn't reach me, were the thoughts. Everyone in the tent or around it became a cacophony in my head. I could hear their thoughts, feel them thinking. Twenty or thirty people seemed to be shouting in my mind. I tried to focus on a single voice, but there were too many, I didn't know how to control it, how to focus. I put my hands over my ears as if it would help but it didn't.

She's probably already dead. What time is it? I thought John was going to be here? That's not the right place; they are hundreds of meters off. Look at her hair. My god, what am I going to do without her.

I closed my eyes and thought of my apartment in New York. Home. Away from this. A quiet place I could figure things out, an environment I could control and learn to take things slow.

It took a moment, but suddenly I was standing in my living room in New York.

Everything was exactly as I had left it. My books, my collection of little pieces and finds from digs around the world. My couch.

I smiled. Even as a goddess there was no place like home. I set Txao's box down on the coffee table and started to sit down.

"Roll over baby. I want you doggie style." It was a man's voice from somewhere behind me.

The bedroom.

"Did you hear that?" I recognized the female. It was Jessica, the woman who lived a couple doors down. She was house sitting for me while I was in Peru.

"No, I didn't hear anything. Roll over. Come on, I want to fuck you from behind."

I disappeared, made myself invisible, and slipped down the hallway to the bedroom. My door was wide open and on the bed were Jessica and a man I didn't know. Both were facing the headboard away from me.

"Oh, that's good," the man said as he eased his cock into Jessica's swollen pussy.

Why do I answer every time he calls? It was Jessica's thoughts. I could hear them. I mean, I know what's going to happen. He's going to take me out to lunch or dinner, and then we are going to do this for ten minutes, and then I won't hear from him for another week or so.

The man behind her didn't look so bad. He was about six foot, well-manicured, and in pretty good shape. He wasn't the sharpest looking boyfriend Jessica had ever pulled, but he wasn't the worst.

I moved to the side of the bed, giving into the temptation to watch without being seen, just as the man pushed his pudgy little hard on in and out of Jessica.

This is the last time. I swear to god.

I smiled. Jessica and I had been neighbors for almost six years. She was in her late twenties, an investment banker with a social calendar as busy as the president. Working and playing hard was all she knew. The idea that she would grab a quickie over her lunch break while she made sure my plants were watered was not shocking – she was one of those power people, efficient to the point of absurdity.

"Oh, yeah, baby, oh, that's it, right there." I could hear the excitement in the man's voice, he was getting close.

"Like that? Right there?" Jessica said. Just get it over with.

I leaned against the door frame and my knees went weak. I was suddenly tired, not exhausted, but tired. I thought back to Txao and what she had said about worshippers. Perhaps New York from Peru had been too far for me, a new goddess with no one who adored me.

There was only a little energy coming off the man about to cum, but I pulled it into my lungs. It hit me like a double espresso on a late night road trip –barely enough, but enough.

"I'm going to cum. I'm going to..."

The man's little ass tightened and Jessica rolled her eyes and pulled herself free of him before he grabbed his tool, groaned like an old man, and yanked a pathetic amount of spunk onto my friend's lower back.

Oh my god, I hate that. Jessica thought.

Ten minutes later, he was back in his twelve hundred suit, four hundred dollar shoes, and being kindly pushed out my front door. "Yeah, no, thanks for lunch." Jessica rolled her eyes and closed the door. Last time, I swear.

She was still naked and much prettier than I had ever thought of her. Her breasts were small C's, her ass was round, tummy firm, and had legs that would have competed with my own before the transformation.

I stood in the doorway to the dining room and watched her breasts gently bounce as she retrieved a pitcher of water and moistened the ten or so potted plants I had.

And some for you. She stood on her tiptoes and dumped some water onto an exotic plant I had hung in a window. I wonder what Alexys is doing right now on the other side of the world.

She moved to the next plant and my desire increased. Maybe it was the fact that she thought about me, or that she was naked, or maybe just that I had never had a worshipper before, but whatever it was, I wanted her.

The thought was as exciting as it was scary. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. How does one go about getting people to worship you? I regretted not asking the Txao the question. I should have spent my time more wisely.

Jessica looked around at the plants she had watered, the watering can in one hand, the other on her naked hip. Alexys is so lucky. She sighed. Wait. She stared down at the coffee table, at Txao's box.

I took a breath. She's going to know.

She stepped over to the coffee table and stared down at it. That wasn't here yesterday. Was it? No, I would have seen it. I'm sure I would have seen it. It's so pretty. Where did it come from? Alexys is always finding the coolest things. I should have been an archeologist.

I stepped toward her and then stopped myself. Clear her mind. Speak into her thoughts; convince her that it has been there all along. Appear, show her what you are. Take her, command her to yield to your will.

My head was a storm of ideas but nothing felt right. Although I wanted her and I knew that I could take her and even, if I chose, make her forget everything, nothing felt right. I was torn between what I wanted and what I was supposed to do?

Jessica stared at the box for a few more moments, unconvinced that it had appeared out of nowhere and then wandered off to the bedroom to get dressed.

I started to follow her, but as soon as I took a step, she turned and stared in my direction. Her eyebrows were furrowed. "Who's there?" She asked.

Wondering if I was wrong, if perhaps I wasn't completely invisible, I waved my hand, but she only stared through me as if there were someone hiding in the dining room.

Someone is here, I can feel it.

I grinned. She must be able to sense me.

Even though she couldn't see me, we stared at each other for a moment. I let my eyes wander over her body again, I couldn't help myself, I was a futa goddess, pleasure and passion were what I was created for. And right then, I wanted to pleasure Jessica, all of her - the curve of her breasts, the triangle at the top of her thighs, her unsatisfied pussy.

I felt my cock start to lengthen and my pussy start to drench the thin panties I was still wearing. I could just take her. I could appear and ravage her. I bend her over and fuck her until she came a hundred times. The impulse was dark but it wasn't strong.

She turned and headed toward the bedroom. Her blonde curls swayed along her shoulder blades and her ass swung side to side as she walked away. But I stopped myself.

It took her twenty minutes, but I waited until she slipped out the door and I heard the lock turn before I became visible. There was no sense of relief. If anything, I suffered from the opposite condition – all I wanted was satisfaction.

The shower.

The idea of a hot shower in my own apartment sounded wonderful.

I started toward the bathroom and let my body return to its new form. My breasts filled and expanded until the shabby shirt and bra I had worn when I fell into the tomb ripped open and fell away. As the fabric fell I made it disintegrate and vanish. My cock pushed at the front of my pants until fabric began to tear. I reached down and ripped them free and turned them into nothingness as well.

It felt good to be naked, free in my new form. I looked down past my enormous breasts at the massive cock that swung freely between my legs and smiled. I liked my new body, a futa body, able to give and receive pleasure able to do anything I desired.

The steam from the shower filled the bathroom quickly as I stood under the spray and let the water run over my curves.

Wondering if I would feel better if I found some release, I massaged my breasts and ran my fingertips over my nipples. My pussy quivered and I felt my cock begin to grow.

Someone's here. I heard Jessica's thoughts as she quietly closed the front door. I knew someone was here.

I smiled. She had returned, unable to ignore the nagging little feeling she had before she left. I wondered if I had done it by accident, subconsciously.

The shower? She started down the hall, but I didn't react. The water felt too good. And I wanted to see what would happen. Why worry? I could change anything I wanted should the need arise.

What kind of a burglar breaks into a house to take a shower? Jessica crept down the hall and then peeked through the partially open door to the bathroom. There's too much steam...

Immediately, I lightened the amount enough that she could see.

The water from the shower shot onto my back and rolled over my shoulders before it fell from my two, basketball-sized breasts. I closed my eyes unsure of what she could and couldn't see through the steam.

Is that Alexys? Oh my god, look at her tits! They're huge and... Jessica pressed the door open a little more. Holy shit! What the fuck? Is that a ... penis?

I can't say that I didn't like the attention. I was pretty sure a futa goddess was supposed to be able to turn any human on; Txao had certainly turned me into a quivering mass of orgasm. Jessica's thoughts further stiffened my cock until it began to rise, gently throbbing with enthusiasm.

Oh, my god. Oh, wow. Jessica began spinning out of control. What the ... oh, my god.

The energy reached me, Jessica's energy. It was faint like the tickle of a feather along your skin, but it was there. I reached out and wrapped a hand around my stiffening shaft.

Oh, it's so big. Look at it. That can't be real. I mean look at the size of it. Oh my god, she's stroking it.

My dick reacted and widened in my grasp. I liked the idea of being watched, there was something thrilling about knowing that she was watching but thought it was secret. I could feel her delight and it tasted amazing.

Holy fuck, it's the biggest ... I mean, where did she ... how? What the fuck does Kim do with that thing?

Kim. The thought sent me back to the last time I had seen her, in our flat in Peru, naked in the living room. I remembered the smile on her face, the way I had slid a finger across her swollen fold. A pang of sadness crossed my mind. What am I going to do with...

Energy wafted around me, enough that I recognized the rush.

Yes... Jessica's breathing changed.

My erect cock slithered between my breasts. I gripped the edge of the glass with my free hand and continued to stroke myself.

Out of the corner of my eye I could Jessica through the steam – one hand gripping her breast through her blouse, the other under her skirt. Her eyes were locked on the tip of my dick.

I stared down at the spongy tip. I wonder if I taste like Txao?

The water splashed across my shoulders and ran over my breasts, but the motion of my hand pumped precum onto my tip. I smiled at the light blue glow and color before licked myself clean.

Oh my god, she can suck her own...

Jessica's energy became as thick as the steam. With her skirt wrapped around her waist and her panties pulled to the side, she was determined to gain the orgasm she had missed before. She ground her hips against her fingers, fucking herself toward orgasm. And I finally understood what Txao had said.

I slipped the tip of my cock between my lips and rolled my tongue across it. More precum poured covered my tongue and I swallowed. It was as sweet as I remembered hers.

I closed my eyes and imagined it was her, Txao's head, bobbing up and down. Then Jessica's mouth sliding along the hot flesh.

A moan escaped Jessica's lips but she didn't seem to notice. Oh, I want to see her cum. Her fingers were a blur of motion between her legs. I'm going to cum, oh my god, I'm going to cum...

Masturbating together. I focused until I felt her orgasm coming. I stroked myself faster until I felt the familiar pressure.

Leaning my head back, the first surges of blue shot into the air over and splashed against the ceiling. I closed my eyes as rope after hot, sticky rope slung from my throbbing cock.

Jessica's body went rigid. Her orgasm exploded around me and I absorbed the energy like a vacuum.

Then I vanished. In the space of a blink, I stopped the shower, cleared the steam, and left everything the way I had found it, as if I had never been there. Except Jessica was standing in the hallway, her skirt around her waist, three buttons open on her shirt, and her fingers glistening with the juice of her own orgasm.

What the ... where did she go? She looked around herself like she had just woken from a dream. Did that just... She took a deep breath to steady herself.

Oh yes, it happened. I whispered into her thoughts.

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