A World Beyond This Place
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Spanking, Rough, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An innocent girl on an island working for the summer and searching for romance without success. Or is it something more? Something that she is hiding in the dark deep recesses of her mind. Something not of this world.

The tide was coming in fast now. Sue could feel the sensation of the lapping waves trickling through her fingertips as she trailed them lightly on top of the water's surface. The fishermen were starting to clean up their work areas on the low to the water pier after a long day of back-breaking work with lobster traps and the nets that always needed mending.

She had been coming to the dock almost every afternoon now that the majority of the tourists had departed for the mainland just to relax and get some late afternoon sun on her still pale skin from the long hours of serving up meals to the transients in the nearby diner just like she had done the entire summer season. Usually she wore her jogging gear to the water's edge but she had no interest in jogging at all ever since she had sprained her ankle sprinting to the finish line in the finals for cross-country competition. Thankfully, the terrible limp was gone now and she could put all her weight on the foot without any fear of re-injuring the ankle.

At her maximum height of five foot one, she could honestly state she was a petite person. For some strange reason, she loved being thought of as "petite" because it sounded so romantic and feminine. Even though she could have anything she wanted for free in the diner, she had lost weight the past two months because she had no time for snacking or drinking the calorie –laden drinks at her favorite coffee place back in Boston. She no longer missed the familiar morning stop with the free newspapers and free magazines to go with the steaming brew. Now all she drank was the tea that Mrs. Smothers made all day long. She drank it piping hot and in tall glasses filled with crushed ice tart to the taste with a bit of lemon and no sugar just the way she loved it. Her bikini was actually loose on her trim body now and she had to be careful in getting up and down because the gap would sometimes allow some male admirer a peep at her business when the fabric hung down. She didn't mind allowing the fishermen or even the silly tourists to ogle her body neatly presented in the sexy bikini but she was not of a nature to expose her feminine secrets to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

She looked up the ladder from the small swimming dock to the pier and saw the men just getting ready to quit for the day enjoying an eyeful of her stretched out on the beach towel in her skimpy swimsuit face down with her head resting on her sunscreen saturated arm. She flexed her backside fully aware that her bottoms had ridden up into her crack and her curved cheeks were in full view for masculine approval.

Sue wondered if any of the horny workers on the pier would believe her if she told them she was a virgin at least below the belt and seldom had seen an actual aroused penis in close proximity except when she granted oral favors to men who in her mind deserved more than a promise.

The first time she had taken a hard shaft between her lips she was ashamed because it seemed like it was far too submissive for a truly "modern" woman to endure. The fact that Professor Adams was married and had a daughter her age made it seem that much more depraved but he had explained it was the only way she could pass his history class and she didn't want to explain to her parents the reason she flunked out of her first year in community college was because she didn't want to give her teacher five minutes on her knees. She could laugh at the ridiculousness of it all now but it didn't seem funny at the time.

Thus far this summer she had not had any opportunity to even grant oral favors and the men all seemed disinterested in her as soon as they found out she was working as a waitress in the diner. It was almost like a "hired help" sort of thing with her not being a qualified tourist looking for romantic action. Even the locals like the men working on the pier didn't even make an attempt to talk her up because they knew she would be gone with the last boat out at the end of summer. Besides, most of them had wives and girlfriends that could service them all year round and they did not want to risk losing a sure thing for a quick fling in a cruise boat cabin.

Sue knew she was ready for losing her cherry but it looked like she would have to wait for a return to the mainland to get that accomplished unless some miracle happened before the end of the season.

The sound of the wheeling seabirds overhead and the laughter and shouts from the workers on the pier all blended together and she slowly drifted off into a drowsy state of oblivion knowing that the low-lying sun would not harm her skin any longer and she had this evening off from the diner. The gentle rocking motion of the water-level dock lulled her into a deep sleep and she began to have the same dream that had been haunting her for the past several weeks like a broken record playing over and over again.

The water was still touching the tips of her fingers but she was suddenly in the middle of a barren desert empty except for the shimmering sight of an oasis in the distance across the rolling dunes.

She squinted her eyes thinking it was perhaps a mirage and not real at all.

Sue remembered who she really was at the very instant. She was not some lovesick student waiting tables in a small island diner teasing the horny male population with her lush and nubile body ripe and ready for the picking.

She was Krasnya the undisputed Queen of this desert planet whose powers were derived from the mother Sun that shone on the sands and the hard rock cliffs of the arid world far from that complicated world of Earth where intelligence was limited to a precious few humans. The Earth existence was fraught with fear of the unknown and where she was subject to the conflicting emotions that hampered her in her every thought and action. Here she reigned supreme threatened only by the hordes of meat-eaters that stayed well away from her territory and her wrath.

It was the time of physical harvest for all of the female gender and she was not exempt from the ages-old demands of the cycle. She needed to find a suitable mate before the mother sun set this day or her reproductive system would wither away and cease to exist as part of her personality and character. Just like her alter persona "Sue" on the infantile planet she had not yet experienced the coupling that would make her biologically complete. She removed her "sand shoes" from the backpack and moved off at a brisk pace to the oasis on the horizon.

By the time she reached the reality of the oasis which was definitely not a mirage, Queen Krasnya had worked up a sweaty sheen of perspiration that drenched her finely spun garments. She took in the vision of lush green palms and the sparkling clear waters of the springs and small waterfall. The large central pool was suitable for bathing and there were several auxiliary bubbling springs bringing clear clean water from the underground river that ran beneath the surface.

She noticed the black warhorse tethered to a tree eating its fill of the nourishing grass at his feet like a dinner-table of equine treats. The sound of singing brought her to a quick halt and she silently merged into the shadows of the waterfall with the caution that she had learned from childhood.

The male figure that burst up from beneath the surface of the water was totally nude and she reveled in the display of masculine reproductive equipment familiar to her only from books and the lifelike statues in her palace. It appeared to be one of the hairy outlanders who had come into her domain searching for some sort of religious symbol that was not native to her thought or to her homeland. Krasnya was not in the least bit fearful of the large creature because she knew her powers to control all thought and movement would protect her from any harm. Her only annoyance was the fact that she had planned to shed her garments and wash the grime and the sweat of her journey away in the cleansing water of the oasis.

"I see you hiding there in the waterfall, little flower. Come out and Sir Gunther will not cause you harm or grief."

Krasnya was perturbed that the strange man warrior was so perceptive in discerning her covert movements. Usually, she would be able to move in the shadows without being noticed by those around her. This one must be exceptionally well-trained to be so attuned to the reality around him.

"I am just here to refresh my lips with the cool water and to cleanse my skin of the gritty sand from my travel."

The man made no attempt to hide his manhood and she stepped forward into the light mother sun and allowed him to see her nicely curved feminine form. Krasnya did not consider it a risk because she would be able to crush the man-thing like an insect with just the thought in her mind. Of course, he did not know that and she had no intention of declaring her identity as the Queen of this remote world at the edge of the outer core of the expanding universe. It excited her to see the man's penetration tool expand at the sight of her desirable body. Quickly, she shed her clothing and dove into the cool soothing waters of the main pool in the center of the refreshing atmosphere of the quiet oasis. She trembled slightly as the man approached her but he seemed to be benign in his movements so she simply cleansed her skin with the square of cloth from her pocket and acted as if she were disinterested in his naked glory.

She was circumspect in keeping hair from her body with the exception of her constantly brushed black hair that she normally tied behind her head to keep out of her face and eyes. It was fairly long and brushed the top of her arse cheeks with a constant reminder of her female needs. She turned her back to the approaching male who towered above her with his impressive bulk and knew full well the sight of her curved buttocks would instill some degree of impetuous action on his part which she was in a mood to welcome providing he behaved himself properly.

When he reached her side, she was sparkling clean and fresh as a budding flower with the restorative essence of the life-giving waters of the pool. She waited expectantly for the touch of his skin against her own.

"Don't move, little one, Gunther will not hurt you."

She was like putty in his grasp but it seemed right and proper to her because she knew it was time for the budding of her virginal core. Her only concern was that the size of his equipment was somewhat larger than she would have preferred for her first time and that she might not be able to stretch wide enough to accept him with ease into her inner delicate folds of femininity.

"My name is Krasnya, my Lord Gunther, and I welcome you to this world of many treasures."

He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the soft grass near his horse that scarcely noticed their presence. The bed of green was crushed beneath her curved buttocks and she took the heavy weight of the large man onto her body with a welcoming embrace and a sigh of relief that caused him to smile in an intriguing manner.

"Yes, Lord Gunther, I am ready to receive you. Be not too gentle because I am in haste to feel your manly offering and satisfy your natural desire."

She spread her knees wide and looked up at the shadow looming over her knowing it was her time.

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