An Awkward Situation
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Life can be awkward at times. It can be especially awkward for a young man of seventeen when he wakes to find his naked mother riding him towards orgasm. What can a young man do in such an awkward situation. Read on and find out.

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Charles Ralston was an ordinary kid, living an ordinary life in the suburbs of an ordinary town in America. At seventeen Charles was tall, reasonably handsome, physically fit, and socially acceptable. He wasn't a jock, but he wasn't a nerd ... in fact, he was an average high school senior looking forward to graduating and going off to college. The fact he had better than average grades helped. It meant that he got along with his teachers and with most other kids at his school. It also meant that he might get a scholarship, which would be great considering how things were economically, and it also meant that people took notice of him; not enough notice to attract bullying, but enough to attract some pretty girlfriends.

Charles lived with his parents and younger sister just a couple of blocks away from his school. This made life easy every morning and allowed Charles to come home for lunch if he wanted. It was a nice, clean, middle-class neighbourhood made up of cookie cutter homes. His dad, Ted Ralston, was a bank manager at a national branch. He worked hard to support his family. His mother, Caroline Ralston, was a librarian at the local college, bringing in the extra income needed to keep the family afloat. Still, all things considered life was good at home. His parents loved him but gave him a lot of slack and his sister, Melissa, rarely got underfoot, so all in all, Charles had very little to complain about.

Of course, that was before Charles landed into a very awkward situation.

The first sign that something was wrong was one Monday morning, late in the final semester of Charles' senior year. Charles was sleeping and as he slept, he dreamt. He dreamt about Amy Winters, a fellow senior and the hottest chick on the school's cheer squad. In his dream, Charles had finally gotten lucky with the ever popular, bodacious teen. Amy had agreed to have sex with him and as the dream played out, Charles imagined that he was lying on his back in his bed, naked with Amy kneeling between his legs. Amy was naked as well and the sight of her was making Charles horny. Charles smiled with pleasure as Amy lowered her face into his groin. His smile grew as her warm mouth engulfed his raging hard-on. It was a good dream, or it was until that awkward thing happened.

So there Charles was that fateful morning, happily dreaming about Amy Winters giving him a wonderfully wet, incredibly fantastic blowjob, her tongue getting his dick slick with her saliva before she engulfed it, taking him into her warm, hungry mouth with the head of his dick teasing her tonsils. It was awesome! Of course, Charles knew it was a dream. In his waking mind, he could sense it. However, it was a good dream and he was going to enjoy it to the end. His imagination let Charles visualize Amy naked. He saw her firm round teenage breasts and her plump, hard nipples, and her pubes covered in a down of blonde, curly hairs. The visualization helped enflame his desires and as the dream progressed, Charles knew that he was on the verge of a major wet dream. Then it happened, one minute it was Amy's head bobbing up and down over his groin and the next moment it was his mother's face.

That image made Charles gasp out in his sleep. His cock twitched and he almost came right there and then.

Charles rarely dreamt about his mother. It wasn't because she wasn't good looking or anything like that, because for a mom, she wasn't that bad to look at, especially when she was all dressed up or in a bikini; and it wasn't because he thought that dreaming about one's mother or sister was perverted. Charles had read enough, both academically and on the web to know that people sometimes dreamed things that appeared awkward, but in reality, those things were normal. After all, you can't control where your subconscious decides to go when you're sound asleep. He did know however that his mother was his mother and that was that, and that anything beyond, especially something sexual, just didn't register with Charles. Still, the image of his mother sucking him off was nice.

It was even nicer when she slipped from between his legs and straddled his waist. Charles gasped once more in his dream as his mother took hold of his throbbing cock and slipped it into her warm, wet pussy. Instinctively, Charles' cock jerked and with a very audible groan, Charles started to climax.

"That's it Charles," his mother murmured softly as she sank down on his shaft. "Fill me with your cum!"

That is when Charles woke. He woke to the sensation of blowing his load and the feeling of a wet, hot pussy milking his appendage dry.

"What the..." Charles muttered as his eyes fluttered open.

"That's it Charles..." groaned his mother once more, rising and falling on his cock as she did, "fill me with your cum!"

Charles eyes went wide. In the dim light of the early dawn, he saw his mother. She was straddling his waist and she was naked. Her small, round breasts bounced slightly as she rose and fell over him. Her hands were pressed against his chest, pinning him down while supporting her body as she fucked him. Her dark, plump nipples jutted toward him, displaying her arousal. Without thought, Charles's eyes drifted downward, gazing between the arms that held him in place. They fell to where his mother was joined to him. He stared in disbelief at the dark triangle of hair that rested just above his lower abdomen. Instinctively, his cock twitched again and Charles came a second time.

"Yes," declared his mother, increasing her pace as the second load of sperm flooded her womb. "Fill me up with your warm, gooey spunk."

"Mom... !" Charles cried out frantically, his voice filled with anxious disbelief.

"Oh god that feels so good!" gasped his mother, tossing her head back as she cried out. Then her body trembled and she came.

His mother continued to bounce up and down for the next couple of minutes, grinding her pussy against his belly as she did. Amazingly she came twice more. As she did, she moaned and groaned her pleasure. Charles just laid there and said nothing. His mind was too blown away to do otherwise.

"Yes..." she cried out over and over again, "must fuck ... must have sex ... must come. God this is good!"

Then it was over. With one last gasp of ecstasy and a shiver of pleasure that rumbled down her spine and into her pussy, sending a jolt of pleasure to Charles' spent rod, his mother collapsed. She fell flat against Charles' naked form and laid there panting with exhaustion.

"Mom?" Charles whispered after a moment or two of silence. There was no response.

"Mom!" Charles called out in a slightly louder, yet firmer voice. This time his mother responded. She let out a snort and then a sigh.

His mother was asleep.

Charles laid there for a moment, silently bearing the weight of his mother's naked, slumbering form. His mind was filled with confusion. What had just happened?

Had his mother been sleepwalking? Had she been dreaming about having sex with Charles and because of that, this is what had happened? Should he wake her up? If he did, would she freak out? God, this was awkward.

Charles was afraid and that fear held him in his bed, confused and filled with indecision.

Yet he knew that he couldn't stay where he was. Even now, his spent cock had softened enough to pop out of his mother's cum filled pussy. He sensed it dangling, wet and cold between his parted thighs. That knowledge caused his cock to twitch again. No, he cried silently to himself.

His mind was racing. He wanted to move his mother off of him, but he feared touching her naked body. What if he touched her and she woke? How would he explain his hands grasping her naked flesh, and what if she had been sleepwalking, and when he moved her, she woke to find her pussy filled with his spent loads. Charles knew that she would freak all over him. Still he couldn't stay there forever.

It was an awkward situation, but Charles knew that he needed to do something. Time was ticking by and if he stayed where he was, he knew that all hell would break loose. After all, his father had to be awake somewhere in the house. What if he walked in looking for his wife and saw them together like this? He'd go ballistic! Moreover, Charles thought to himself, what about Melissa? If his father started screaming, his sister would wake. Then she would barge in and see what had happened.

Charles had to move!

Gently, and with the utmost care, Charles moved his mother off of him. Taking and wrapping his arms about his mother's back, Charles clasped her naked form to him, as he shifted his body towards the outside of his bed. As he did, he carefully rolled his mother's limp, slumbering frame towards the inside of the bed and towards the bedroom wall. It took a minute or two, but in the end, it worked.

Charles slipped out of bed and stood up. Instinctively, he grabbed a pair of discarded gym shorts that he had left lying on the floor beside his bed. Quickly, he pulled them on. Then he turned and looked down at his mother.

His mother was still asleep. A smile was on her face. It was a smile of contentment. Charles eyes panned over her slumbering form and curiosity forced Charles to gaze where he shouldn't have. A soft glow seemed to rise off of her. Charles smiled to himself. His mother was beautiful.

As he stood there, silently appreciating the sight of his mother's naked form, his vision moved down over his mother's naked bosom. They were small, round and slightly saggy, but they appealed to Charles' teenage desires. As far as he was concerned, they were nice. Then his gaze moved on. Eventually, they fell to his mother's crotch. Her thighs were slightly apart and Charles saw that the thick patch of pubic hair that covered his mother's sex was glistening with wetness. He knew that the wetness was his mother's juices, fluids that had flowed freely from her as she had climaxed over and over again. He also knew that some of the wetness was his spent cum. Suddenly, a pang of guilt filled him.

Grabbing his housecoat, Charles laid it over his mother's naked form. Then he turned away and headed towards his bedroom door. As he did, Charles grabbed a change of clothing that he had laid out the night before, picking it up off a chair that sat beside his bedroom door.

Charles' intent was to let his mother sleep. He would sneak into the bathroom and get ready for school. He would then try and get out of the house before she woke. If nothing else, Charles hoped to get out of the house without having to face the awkward situation of explaining what had happened to his father and his sister. If he were lucky, his father would already be gone and he would be able to avoid any questions about where his mother was. If he wasn't gone, Charles hoped that he would be able to bluff his father. Of course, then there was his sister. He would have to deal with her as well. Fortunately, Melissa was a typical sixteen year old and morning wasn't the best time of the day for her. Hopefully, she wouldn't notice that their mother wasn't around this morning.

If Charles was lucky ... and he hoped he would be, then he would get out of the house without anyone realizing what had happened that morning. True his mother would eventually waken and she would know that something had happened, especially when she felt the dry cum clinging to her pussy hair, but hopefully she would keep her mouth shut. At least, he hoped that she would remain silent until they had a chance to talk about it, in private.

That was what Charles hoped for, unfortunately, fate decided that today Charles wasn't going to get a break. In fact, things got really awkward right after he opened his bedroom door and stepped out.

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