One Day
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, White Female, Hispanic Female, First, Safe Sex, Pregnancy, Slow, 2nd POV,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In many ways this story is based on real characters. Sure there is some add, subtract and name changes, some only. I try to only present the 'good' of these people, God knows there are enough 'do gooders' out there to say anything bad. Sam is real, Joey too but things did not happen exactly as I wrote this but, hey, it's my story and I make the rules. Remember, rules are meant to be broken.

I now knew what it felt like to be in Hell, and it was not the ones in Michigan or Texas either. It was so hot the bugs were crawling under me for some shade. This was not Quantico, if the spiders and snakes joined them next, I quit. Scratching my head with one finger was tantamount to giving up; it was something you just did not do. I did not care anymore. Things were going or already gone to Hell anyway. The primary target either never showed up or kept holed up just waiting for someone to make a mistake, a fatal mistake.

There were a few reasons why something like this might happen. One, we had been provided false information. Two, there had been a leak that now had scared him away. Three, we, me in particular, had been set up; and set up damn well. That last scenario would seem most likely in light of a couple of the last assignments.

I had a terrible thought, one that would haunt me for a long time. I wondered if I had left any food in the microwave when I left. That was probably the only thing I could not control here in beautiful, downtown, Kabul. There were several exit strategies open to me; me, because everyone else would, unfortunately, be expendable. I just hoped when the time came I hit the switches before they hit theirs. What the Hell! It was already night and none would expect an exit when normally body heat would be visible, they would think high noon more likely.

A couple of twists and turns, check the power cells and don the gloves, headpiece and foil jumpsuit and for 27 minutes, or as long as there was power, no thermals would see me. Depress two buttons, confirm the red light going out and exit, stage right. Isn't technology grand?

The downside was that everything that had been in-place would be gone. No one would 'trust' one who did not fulfill a contract, let alone pay the sums we demanded. It seemed a small price to pay considering the options though. I needed a respite anyway. There would be nothing that led to me. No home, friends, family, bank, bills, paper trail etc. Even passports, phones, cars, license were one time use and disposed of meticulously, just like the exit strategy, there would not be any witness left.

The life, if one could call it that, was based on a very simple principle. No emotion. Everything and anything done was part of a plan and the plan was designed to be followed to the smallest detail. This time though, even that was going to be ignored. Time would be something to ignore. Money, gems, gold, bearer bonds, pre-paid debit cards, casino credits, and more were buried or stored away where no one would find them. There was a rule, simple really, live like your neighbors and as if it was the first day of the rest of your life.

Over the years, the $20-30 million saved (A Guess who cared anyway, this was not horseshoes) would provide anything and everything needed to disappear or start over again.

Some of the best places for an Anglo to disappear were London, New York, LA or Toronto. For practical purposes, San Antonio, Albuquerque and Phoenix would work too if you spoke Spanish and could stand the excitement, or its lack thereof, like golf and a tourist shouting, 'By Jove a knocker in One!'. Depending on age and the social life one required, a retired playboy at 29 could draw a bit of attention. I choose to be a writer, a not too successful mystery writer. Phoenix had its good and bad points but few people cared about a poor writer anyhow. At least I thought everyone felt that way.

There must have been a ton of overbuilding in the area. The broker took one look at the 6-month rent I paid up-front, to just hand me over a set of keys, no questions or credit check required, thank you very much. Bus, train, plane and a few taxicabs completed everything I needed for my new life. We did have a community pool, saunas and several hot tubs. The females there were primarily, 'Hot' FAs, nurses and students enrolled in the local college (Not from the weather hot) There were a few single or newly divorced moms with younger children but few complete family units. I lived in a three story-building, suite 13-A, with a great view of the pool. Nosey neighbors were not my kind of people and if it would be fine just to look so much the better for me.

I hated golf with a passion. Horseback riding, especially in the foothills seemed my kind of a pastime. I lost few discussions with my trying to hitch a ride. I could have found a more remote stable, maybe even a ranch, but in keeping to my requirements, a bus or taxi ride was all I would take to get to one. After about a month of cabs I found out about a riding club that was forming a shuttle run from our area to several of the more distant stables. These were near the foothills and would head out several times a day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, evening trail/group riding was offered also on Fridays, other days you were on your own even if taking lessons.

How a BBQ could turn into relaxing in a hot tub with wine and cheese, I never did find out. I did consider saying no and running away as fast I could but Hell, those girls were so damn cute. I think it was the wet bikini clad beauties in the daytime who came up with the suggestion for a weekend evening R & R, I am not sure anymore, but I couldn't be un-friendly, could I?

Things had sure changed since I had gone to school. Can you say, Barracuda? Plural even. Man, 14 to 50 it did not seem to matter. The kids, students, FAs and nurses seemed to loose those skimpy tops and bottoms a lot, many times even. Hell it was never on purpose I guess but, damn, I was taking many deep breaths and shaking my head, both of them.

Rule No 1 was to never be emotional. Whoever made that rule up never had 10 or 20 naked or near naked goddesses splashing them with water. It was hard, and getting harder, let me tell you. It was the quiet one, the mousy student who wanted to be a writer that one had to watch out for. Of course it would have been easier not to watch her if she had more clothes on. Her attack was well planned and she followed all the details in its execution. Her ultimate success was certain, she would reach her objective, me in this case.

"Would you please rub some sunscreen on me, I'll get too hot otherwise" was her initial foray.

"This suit is Okay, isn't it? It is not too small for me, is it. What do you think?" She was a follower of the multi-attack strategy; I saw.

"I am hoping to be a writer someday! Would you have time to stop over and help me with a few things?" Yep, her tactic seemed to favour a direct frontal approach in which no prisoners were meant to be taken.

I should describe my 'potential' nemesis more. She was about 17 or 18, 5' 2'' tall; 98 or 100 pounds, wet, long dark hair and either Hispanic or Oriental, I never did get up to see her face much. She was a 36-38 DD, with an ass and legs that would not quit. The suit, if you might call three patches of cloth almost covering heaven was definitely not made to see or hear the word, water. It was hot and sunny, for change we had humidity. Sweat was oozing down her body and those postage stamps she wore proved just how 'not' waterproof they were. It took a lot of time to properly apply that sunscreen to her 'ass ets' and my hand might have slipped a few times, my eyes just had to follow, right?.

I think she had me that first day at the pool. We started talking and before I knew what hit me I was agreeing to help her out, anything she wanted. Right, 'whatever' she wanted or needed friend.

She was Joey, I was Sam and if there is such a thing as love at first sight, keep it quiet. That was the last thing I wanted or needed to happen. When she said that she just loved 'bareback' rides, I knew I was in deep shit. Then again, it is possible she was taking about horses. That first visit to her place cleared up any misconception about exactly what she meant. Damn, now what?

If I was a longhorn, she had now tagged, cutout, roped and hog-tied me and I was still smiling. Joey had family in Texas she said; she was 17, a freshman and sharing a small condominium with three other girls. No emotion right. Gee, I had this large condominium right there too. I was a so-called writer, would she consider moving in and taking care of me, I mean the condo, whenever I was away. I could not afford to pay her much, but room, board and a car would be free. I explained my uncertain schedules and offered her the funds to lease her own car for 12 months if she preferred; we could change next year. Joey 'loved' that arrangement, except seemed to balk at a car. I get a ride now from my roommates. There was a god and she was single and now smiling on me, more like a grin.

Joey suggested we not say too much about our business arrangement, some people just would jump to the right, err, wrong conclusion. I was more afraid they would reach the right conclusion, but who am I to judge. Was I the proverbial 'Sugar Daddy', Hell no, I was not married. I would find a way or three to make sure her other bills were paid too. I think I broke Rule 1 a now often with her. With her new 'caretaker' role, she quit her other job. Pretty much everything she needed I provided for, including whatever shopping or expenses she ever had. In between semesters, I even asked if she wanted to go home or me to fly her family out here.

That had some unexpected activity. She wanted to talk. She had some things to both tell me as well as to ask me. I had come full-circle. From not caring about anyone to now thinking that, I did not want this girl out of my life. We sat down.

"This won't require one of us slashing our wrists or drinking a cup of Hemlock in a hot tub, will it?" I tried some writer type humour.

She laughed.

"I know I went after you. Probably too hard. Do you think I am a slut? Are you married? Am I just a plaything you keep on the side?"

Now I had to laugh. "Nope, nope and nope, to answer your questions. I do not think badly of you at all. I am not now, or ever have been married. I don't think anyone would have me, and I do not think of you as a plaything, well not all the time anyhow. I just don't know why you stay with me, honestly."

She started to cry. Why do women always seem to cry?

"I did not tell you some things about me, I am afraid now to tell you them, I don't want to lose you. You have treated me better than my own family. My father's name is Juan Miguel Reynosa from Mexico. He runs a very large Drug Cartel. I ran away, took some money with me and have tried to start a new life!"

I hugged her to me, kissed her tears away. "In that we both just want to start a new life. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a man selling 'Viagra' or 'Cipro', it's a honest living owning a drug store, even a chain of them." The smile I gave her was answered with a headshake from side to side, a huge smile then and her pounding on my arm. Things between us were going to be OK; I hoped I never had to tell her more about my life.

"Where and how will we end up? I have some money but I cannot go back home. What are your intentions, Señor, are they honourable?"

"Well, dust and vacuum once a week, windows too and feed me. You might also warm up my bed at night if it is a day that ends in a 'Y', besides that, any suggestions on your mind of things we might do?"

"You, you, you, Man you! What am going to do with you old man?"

"Ugh, I have some suggestions little girl?"

The big 'L' word, followed by the 'M' thing came up and then something about 'Bambinos'; must be like a Taco or something. 'What to do? What to do?' I thought.

The subject of a car came up again. She was supposed to be back in school in August. We had found 'other' pastimes that summer and between bed, pool and bed, did not have huge amount of spare time. We also found take out, a now twice a week BBQ at the pool, no real need for clothes and had not needed to go out much. Her ex roomies did not do as well like we did.

After a very pleasant wake up call we decided to have a dip while it was still cooler, it never is cool in Phoenix in August unless you are in the foothills.

Our journey down to the pool got delayed when she strolled in holding 1.7 ounces of cloth an a string and asked 'which' she should wear. I gave her the only answer I could. "Gee Jo, I don't know, I need to 'inspect' a bit, you want to make certain they 'don't' cover anything important."

We went to the pool, eventually. It seems that summer people thought of us as a 'couple' or at least an 'item' as her roomies called us. 'Great" I thought. 'Just what I needed, an 'item' in my life'. I hated to admit that was exactly what I needed.

She saw one of her ex roomies sprawled out by the pool. Not that I was looking, mind you, but with my 'keen' powers of observation and years of situational analysis I construed that Vicky was indeed a 'natural blonde or had a great dye job.

Jo skipped to her then took some pool water and splashed her. As we got closer one could see, regardless that her top was on the ground, she had tears. She was as big if not bigger on top than Joey, younger too with pale pink ... I digress. Sorry.

As I was saying. What was I saying? Oh. She was already wet. She had obviously been crying. She held her arms out to Joey, ignoring me and any need to restore her top. The two held each other like sisters, maybe more like lovers but hey, what does a guy know.

"What's wrong Hon? Man trouble?"

"I wish only that! Ever since you moved out things got worse. I know you paid your share of the rent through August. Problem is Julie, Sandy and Monica won't be coming back. Something about forgetting a pill or it was something in the water here. Now I'm stuck. No car or ride to school, no boyfriend and there is no way in 'Hell" L can afford to live here by myself. 'Dump the old man' and move back in."

She looked at me and batted those long, long lashes. I took that to mean she was kidding. Right?

We both spoke near the same time. I was a might slower since no top still adorned those now dripping monuments. Maybe I should... !

Joey voiced, "She needs a place to stay?'

Painfully I sat on a chair. Deep breath, then another. "She needs a car! She needs a car!"

Then with a very different interpretation we both sounded, "And she does not have a boyfriend."

We looked at each other then Vicky lying there. In my mind I could envision another place or two for her. Joey seemed to read my mind. "Do you think, 'Old Man' we could make room for her or is another 'slave' too much for you to handle?

"Man Joey, those collars and chains are expensive. Besides, we would 'break the bank' buying her something to wear. She may have to run around naked?"

Vicky started to undo that patch around her hips. "I hear and obey 'Oh Master of the pool'!"

"Monday then! We get you moved in, a car and registered back into school. Natasha here is my Number One. Until she is pleased with you, much effort on your part will be required. Fail 'us' in anything and you will be punished."

I saw her shiver and some visual reaction to those words. I guess I had 'scared her? Maybe not by the look on her face, now being matched by my new Number One.

I took her hand, and pulled her up. I now had two sets of naked torpedoes ramming my chest. Joey, or Natasha or my Number One. whatever was not to be outdone. She swatted Vicky's bare ass. "Kneel!"

"Yes Mistress." Joey placed her arms around me and laid a big wet one on my lips. Vicky's hand found another, currently un-occupied part, of my body to tend to stroking it.

"Food or... ? What to do slaves?"

We walked to the 'Piggly Wiggly', bought it out and my slaves carried the two big bags back. I carried the small bag with whipped crème, berries and melting vanilla ice crème. I had some intended uses for those things as dessert. Before we went, we had to go back to the pool for the sake of decency. Two times, I told both my girls that this was not Europe and tops and bottoms were expected here.

"I should have known. In stereo, "So when Master takes us to Europe, we will not have to wear anything?"

"No little girls unless your bellies and tits are to big then you may need some support till the babies are born."

Now that shut them up. Maybe not, as some far away look appeared on their faces. I think this fooling around had gone a bit too far? Don't you?

That night, with Vicky getting a feel or three for her new 'pen' (not) The computer, printer and external USB drive were getting a work out.

"Bed, slaves! Monday soon calls, it is almost 7 pm and this 'Old Man' has a lot to do, I hope!"

When Joey had moved in, she opened a bag and showed me the insides. "I took $2 or $300,000 and some gold and jewels. My father had given these to me. I did not 'steal' anything."

I closed the bag up, held her hand. "I'm not sure I can afford your interest rates woman. Best keep that safe for a rainy day or new swimwear. I'll just try to exist on my meager savings."

Monday came. It almost went as my two minxes decided they wanted to try to replicate the 'Kama Sutra' page by page to see who rated higher. By page two I told them that I would watch to make certain they were doing things correctly. That got me two hits. "Hey, Behave slaves, or Master will have to punish you!"

Two bare bottoms rose up, ready for their promised punishment. They were enjoying this 'torture' too much.

My 6 month lease/rental/whatever was coming to an end. Before we left to undertake that age old custom, 'shopping' I was walking around, rapping, tapping and had my ear to several walls.

"Oh Master! What is wrong?" These girls were good, very good in more ways than one. Even by page two of that book, things got interesting.

"I was just checking. These walls seem thin. I am not certain your screams and moaning won't rouse some questions. I was skimming that book and ... Should we look for a new place, more private perhaps where I can have my way with you without interruptions all the time. Maybe even room to add a few more playthings?

"If you add any playthings, you can't handle any more; they will be for your two loyal and beautiful slaves, Oh Great and wonderful 'Old Man'."

"Right! I did not think of that, and No, Hell No! my little vixens.

"Seriously. Would you rather move somewhere bigger or go somewhere else? Any writing I do can be done anywhere."

"Can we go to Hawaii or Europe maybe?"

"House or a ship? We can go wherever you want but school in Hawaii would be easier."

I don't think they knew I was serious. That day, "Ok, pack up and no we are not going to Disneyland. Maui awaits. Take your vast amount of clothing, that means both top and bottom of those string things, Natasha one bag, Number Two, a car will wait till we find a new home there. Oh, almost slipped my mind, I think there are some beaches you won't need those string things. If you are really, really nice to this 'Old Man' we may even have a pool or two you can play in."

I guess handing them First Class tickets and a brochure of Hawaii was the thing to do. Both proved that they wanted to be very nice to this 'Old Man'. It got me thinking too that there was 12 and 13 years difference between these 16 and 17-year old dynamos and this 'Old Man'. I hoped they were still young enough to have kids. Just for a fleeting moment I wondered just exactly how they had weaseled their way into my life. I remembered. I was smiling now.

'WE' got one or two looks on the way, Ok a lot of looks then. I probably should have insisted they wear panties and a bra with the halter and micro-mini's but no! Hell they would not have listened. I would have to punish them when we had a free hour or two.

We changed planes in LAX. Then a non-stop to Maui. I had one bag, Vicky and Joey each grabbed a handle of hers and we went to a waiting limo.

June Cleaver from Keller-Williams made certain her exclusive clients remained exclusive. She had sent a car. I had told her vaguely what me and my two nieces wanted in a home. School on the Island was a problem, for where the beach property were and even there were no longer many available to buy.

I told her location, location, location or find us a nice ship. A ship, not a boat, mind you.

"A ship, you mean..."

"Three digits long, pools and enough privacy that my girls can feel free. If you know what I mean. Rent, buy, lease or auction, I don't care. 100 plus feet, crewed and owned and registered to someone that will take us around for a year or two. Then we move on. There's a world out there Ole' bean and we mean to see it."

"That will be expensive."

I handed here a note slip. " About $ 5,000 a day, 2 years, $3 Million is your budget. If the girls say yes, it is a done deal and I'll buy you a pineapple or two."

I got the strangest look. It was... , it was like a lioness readying to eat her kill. She actually was liking her lips. Lipstick smudge I guess. My girls were jamming soft and tender bodies into me.

"Ah, we'll be at the Ritz-Carlton for a week. If nothing is available here can to recommend an agent in Monte Carlo, my girls think there would work too, they want an all-over tan, err, I meant an all year tanning spot."

"Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Getting a 'proper' tan is something I like also!"

Did I say lioness, maybe Tigress would be more accurate to describe her, a hungry, dangerous one. Two hits. How the Hell do these girls know what I may be thinking?

I think my girls may have pushed things a bit at the pool. Early, with few around and no one complaining, the tops came off. When the au natural look hit the pools a word or twenty were spoken. French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish requests that, when translated meant 'This was not Europe' went unanswered by them both. I walked over and said, "She thinks you are beautiful. American men though are not used to seeing that though. She suggests you cover up a bit."

"Oh! You mean these?" As she held up a miniscule bottom. Top too or it's off to France to get your all-over tan."

"Ok!" Gleefully, in stereo again.

Somehow I had the feeling that what I meant by what I said was not what they meant by that 'OK'. 16 and 17, they said. Right! I was starting to feel like that 'Old Man' now.

June came back the next day. What she was wearing, or not wearing, left little doubt she had not lied about her tanning preferences. "I need more time. I think I am close to arranging everything that you 'desire'."

Hell, if she got any closer, she and I could be conjoined twins. Could you come back in 10 days, maybe less. I will have everything worked out by then and a schedule. I guarantee it! I called the owner and told him what you wanted. He is on the ship now and will be returning. We have a big house here on the Island and when he gets back, we will work out a schedule. Right now it's either 6 or 12 months in one then the other. Daddy told me to 'figure' out what would be good for us each winter."

The 'we', 'daddy' and the 'us' not only got my attention, I think two more sets of ears picked up on that. I scratched my head. Man was I ever in trouble.

"Oh goody gumdrop! now you can take us for that all-over tan and 'we' can explain to you what 'we' mean when 'we' say no more! You Satyr you!"

What sounded as a very good idea soon did not seem like one. My 'selfish' self balked a might at taking them to Nice. I might never get the nymphs to go back to wearing clothes. Then again, good slaves don't wear clothes, do they?

Monte Carlo and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo would allow them some topless fun, I meant sun, and me a game or two. I had a fair amount of credit there, enough so that when I called, gave my number a suite was no problem in the already full place. RHIP again to the rescue. I just had to use the right names but Sam was just fine by me.

My girls were, using their vocabulary, 'cool' with the trip. It was an older place, not the glitz and faux decoration of Vegas. These were real statues, real marble and the 'Old World' charm meant something to this 'Old Man'. My girls waited almost 3.65 seconds before throwing their bag on the bed, stipping and trying to race to a pool.

"Slaves! Rules. Bottoms here. If you find someone you like, don't bother coming back and, wear these."

I placed a thin ribbon, a small diamond strung in the centre and gave them a kiss. "I guess I can be a might possessive of you both. I'm making all this my Rule number Four. I've already broken the others where you are concerned. They will set out some clothes for you. When you get that nice tan, shower, dress and have the front escort you into the Casino. You cannot go there alone. We will have a very nice meal then perhaps a surprise."

"Yes Master!"

It started pleasant enough. The Casino Boss remembered me. I guess my credit line was decent enough for him to do that. I asked him to notify me when the front would be escorting my nieces back.

Everything was going well, too well until my nieces were shown in.

Three men walked up to them about the same time they were brought to me. Did I say I was a jealous man. The short dark gigolo type in the centre placed his greasy dirty hand on my Natasha's arm and Red is not bloody enough to describe what I was feeling.

"Little one, Papa wishes to see you!"

"Yes, this was going to be not what I thought. She grasped my arm, Number two took the other.

"Master my father wishes to see us!" I nodded and smiled. 17 huh. I think she just aged a might.

"Paulo, my Master and slave will go with you. Attend us!"

Paulo had his mouth open. It seemed he did not know what to say. He nodded, left, we followed with the escort trailing.

I guess that Inquisition' they had a while back had the same feeling that we had, like being led to the gallows or worse. 'Drawn and Quartered!' They didn't still do that, did they?

We were led into a room. It was decorated like any other 50,000 square foot museum. I even recognized some of the paintings. Great copies or, they were real. Oh Boy.

Papa sat behind a desk that looked like it was as old a Columbus. The guards remained outside. Paulo had his head down in shame.

Papa got up, walked over to him. Took his cheeks in hand, turned his face right then left, his right and left. He inspected the ground.

Remember those many years of situational analysis I mentioned earlier. I tried to put them to use. Señor we were about to dine. Would you be so kind as to join us. May I introduce you to 'Natasha', formerly your daughter, I know, her slave, number two, as I have not decided what to call her, 'Rocky' seemed too, too ... and having no horns ruled out the other name for her. I can be Boris if you like?'

"You have balls I see. You invite me to dine in my own club, but not bloody my son, drag my 13 year-old daughter half way around the world and say she is your slave."

"13??????" I looked. Natasha, Joey, whoever she was just shrugged her shoulders, but a hand to her face and started to giggle like a little girl. Hell, she was a little girl and I..."

"I need to sit down.'

"A glass of wine perhaps, or something stronger before..."

'She told me she was 17. Should I call you Reynosa or Rinaldo or what you call yourself these days. (Yep, I had worked a job or two for him in the past) "They know nothing about the business. (pointing to the girls) Let the other go. I could use a hot bath and a cup of Hemlock after all. She told me she was 17. I had no reason to doubt her. I fell in love with her, with them both really. I do not know what to say?'

"Ha, Ha, Ha. I lied she is not 13."

Relief overcame me.

"She turned 14 already last year. Nearly an 'Old Maid' in my country. Am I going to be a Grandfather soon?"

My left hand went to my eyes and forehead; head down as I moved it slowly right to left. I felt first one hand, then another. My girls were crying, I was crying; the really, really 'Old Man' was laughing his ass off. Paulo was still standing there mute.

"You will of course do the 'honourable' thing, No?"

"Hemlock, Seppuku, an Asp and telling my mother what I have done. Anything else?"

"You are funny, you make an 'Old Man' laugh, a Grandfather might be better though."

"Maria! Do you love this man?"

"Yes Papa, although he promised me I could get an all-over tan here, He lied to me. But, he is the 'Master' after all so, I guess I will be happy with what I have. A baby might be nice. Named for you if a boy, Mama if a girl. My slave, number two can name hers after 'Master'. Si!"


I wondered why I was breathing so deeply and the room spinning. It was not that hot here so why was I drenched? The 'Old Man' was laughing again.

Paulo was now alive again. He brought me a glass of good red wine. I gulped it down.

In decent English, he asked me if I already had a 'best man' and if it was to be one wedding or two. I think I was going to hate my new brother-in-law. I did not know what it would be but I knew Natasha's punishment would be quite severe if not even verge on torture. I could see an entire can of whipped crème and maybe use felt restraints and a feather on her naked body. She and Number Two were both laughing now, hugging and kissing.

"Two I think Paulo." I had forgotten in all the fun and festivities they were having; about June. Nah! My girls would protect me, I was certain they would. 'They would, wouldn't they?'

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