Caught My Wife Cheating
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A housewife gets in over her head with gambling debts. She ends up in the clutches of a mean casino boss, who has her entertaining clients with sexual favors. Soon her daughters are trapped into this nightmare. A stunning and tragic conclusion to this story

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Revenge   Incest   Interracial   Violent  

How Krystal's Troubles Begin

Before I start this story, let me tell you a little bit about my family. My name is Kevin Jones and Krystal is my wife's name. Krystal has a very nice body (34B-25-35). She works out at our local gym. She does a good job taking care of the house and raising our two girls. Katie is the oldest at seventeen. She has an athletic body and has small boobs maybe 32A. Kathy is fifteen, almost sixteen and is a very bubbly type of girl. Her body developed faster than Katie=s did and she has 34C boobs. They both have auburn hair and brown eyes. They take after their mother in looks. She has auburn hair and brown eyes. I stand five feet, nine inches tall, weight 175 pounds and I have brown hair and eyes.

I knew about the Indian casino, but not the after hour=s casino, that is run by a casino boss (similar to ones in the mob, but this was more of a local mob). The Indian=s would sell the debt markers to the casino. The casino would encourage the person in debt to come to their casino to win back their money. I found all about this at a later date.

This took place over a period of twelve months. It is odd as hell that I never suspected a thing. I guess that I was just too busy; also I was out of town a lot for work. I guess that I was just to damn trusting. Boy was I ever wrong.


I went to the Indian casino with my girlfriends and I got in way over my head gambling. It appeared that the Indian=s encourage this so they could sell the markers to the casino, who would then have that person deep into their pockets.

The casino convinced me to come to their after hour=s casino to win my money back. But that never happen and over a year's time, I am forty thousand in debt to them. I went through all of our savings, and checking accounts. I also gambled away the girls' college fund. I thought about remortgage our house; but it would take Kevin's signature with mine to do that. I was afraid to try and forge Kevin's signature. Kevin is good friends with the bank officials, and I am sure they would notice that Kevin's signature is wrong.

One night when I got to the casino, a couple of the girls took me upstairs to a room, which had some clothes laid out on the bed.

'What is going on,' I asked.

'The boss wants you to help us work a private party,' they said.

'I don=t think so, there is no way that I am going to that party,' I responded.

't that moment the door opens and the casino boss walks in with his two big black enforcers.

'This is what is going to happen, you owe us a lot of money and you are going to work this party and will do whatever any of the guests ask you to do,' he said. AFurther if you don=t cooperate I will have my two enforcers here enforce punishment to not only you, but to both of your daughters and your husband.'

The two big black men cracked their knuckles and one grabbed his crotch as they smiled wickedly at me. I could just guess what is going through their minds. I just stood there in shock.

'Is that understood?' He asked.

I just nodded her head yes and started to softly cry.

'Ok girls get her ready for the party,' he instructed them.

They took me into the bathroom and cleaned my pussy with a douche. They shaved my pussy, leaving just a nice landing strip above my slit. Then they gave me an enema.

'What is that for,' I asked.

'Some of the guys will want to fuck your ass and you need to be cleaned out so that they don=t hurt you up there,' one of the girls replied.

'I have never had sex in my butt before.'

They both said together, "You will now.'

'So just what do I have to do?'

'You will bring a client up to this room and have sex with him or her and do anything in a sexual act that they ask you to do,' they said. AThey are not allowed to hurt you in any physical manner. If that should happen just scream. There will be a guard outside of your door and he will come in and help you out.'

'A trick cost the client 300 dollars for a half-hour. You get to keep 50 dollars and any tips. We try and turn 4 tricks a night. That helps to pay for the interest that we owe on the debt,' they said.

'Do you ever catch up,' I asked them hopefully.

They both shook their heads no.

I turned three tricks that night, all were men and it was just a blow job and a fuck to each guy. There was no wild or crazy sex and thankfully I did not know anybody at the party. I got home around 3:00 a.m. dead tired. I took a bath trying to scrub my body clean. I then climbed into bed, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I had to get the girls up and get them ready for school and my self ready for work.

't the next party, I am in the bathroom getting ready. The casino boss walked in and sits down on the bed. I walked out of the bathroom naked and I'm startled when I saw him sitting there on the bed. I stood there embarrassed by my nakedness.

'I need to see just how good of a fuck you are, so I know what clients to send your way,' he said.

'Now take my pants down and suck my cock,' he instructed her.

I walked up to him and got down on my knees and pulled his pants and underwear down to his feet. His cock is not that large maybe six inches, but it is very fat. I looked up at him straight in the eyes, as I lower my head down and started to suck on his cock.

I licked and suck the head of his cock, and put my tongue into his eruption eye, then licked down the shaft to his sack. I gently sucked on one ball and then the other one and then back up my shaft to the head. I start to deep throat his cock, until it is all in my mouth and throat. He started to groan as I picked up the pace and I begin to suck him harder. He let out a deep grunt and unloads his cum deep down into my throat. I gag a couple times, but swallowed all of his cum.

'Was that ok,' I asked.

The casino boss just grunted, and hollered at the door. It opened and one of the big black guys walked in. AFuck her while I watch you,' he told him.

He dropped his pants and his huge black piece of meat swung between his legs. My eyes got as big as saucers when I saw the size of his cock. The thought of that huge cock invading my pussy had me scared. He grabbed me and tossed me up on the bed.

'Relax baby,' he laughed, AI sure do love sweet white meat and that their pussy will stretch wide open to let my cock inside of you.'

He proceeded to spread my legs wide apart and stuck the head of his cock into my pussy, and he started to push his cock into my cunt. I grunted and groaned in pain, as that huge monster invaded my pussy. Slowly he feeds that black snake into me till he hit bottom. He started to fuck me and I could not believe just how good it started to feel. My pussy is getting really wet and I could feel my climax start to build.

'Ah boss I think this white meat likes this black cock, she is getting really wet for me,' he said.

I just could not believe just how my body began to betray me. I started to have a massive orgasm. It caused me to grunt and groan in pleasure. Sweat ran down my face, as my juices began to leak out of my pussy. Just then the black guy gave a big groan and filled my pussy full of his hot seed. He filled me so full that it flowed out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. Both of our juices made a big puddle on the bed sheet.

'She is a good fuck,' he told his boss, as he nodded his head in agreement.

I have a verbal agreement with the casino boss to work in at least three parties= a week, when Kevin is not home. My interest is 6% a week or 2400 dollars plus 100 in expenses, for a total cost of 2500 a week. I will need to turn 10 tricks a week to break even.

Now you can see how I will never get out of this mess. The odds are stacked up against me right from the beginning.

Kevin is home for a while, so I missed a few parties. I missed making my interest payments. By missing those parties, I am getting behind and needs to catch up, before they start to threaten my daughters.

't one party our neighbor (Ed) saw me as a working call girl. I am standing at the bar having a drink, when Ed walked up to the bar to order a drink and he noticed right away it=s me standing just a short way from him.

'Krystal what are you doing here dressed up like that,' Ed asked. But he then answered his own questions. AMy God they have you working this party, don=t they? He said.

'Ed what are you doing here,' I asked him with a shocked look on my face.

'What happen did they get you for non payment on your gambling debt,' he asked.

I just nodded my head yes, as tears leaked from my eyes.

'I will be right back don=t go away and don=t take any clients, until I get back,' he said.

'gain I just nodded my head yes.

Ed is gone for about twenty minutes talking with the casino boss about buying my services. He came back and grabbed my hand and leads me over to the bar where we had another drink.

'Ok I talked with him and he told me you owed them forty thousand and are two weeks behind on your interest payments. Is that correct as far as you know,' he asked.

I just shook my head yes, as tears started to trickle down my cheeks.

'All right I cut a deal with him, gave him twelve hundred to cover previous weeks interest, and he agreed to wave the remaining interest fee for last week.' Ed told me. AYou still have this week to pay yet.'

'There is no way that I can fuck you four times in one night to get my money back, so I will do you tonight and I got three in reserve that I will take over the course of the next few weeks back at either of our houses,' he said. AThat way I won=t interferes with you making money to cover your payments.'

'Thanks Ed I appreciate your help and your money and I agree to your terms,' I said with the tears still flowing down her cheeks.

We went up the stairs to the bedroom I use to services my clients. Ed then went to the bathroom to take a piss. When he got back into the bedroom, I am laying on the bed naked, with a seductive smile on my face. My fingers are stroking my pussy lips.

'Stroke that pussy baby; I want to see you cum,' Ed softly cooed at me, as he stripped his clothes off.

Slowly I started to play with my pussy and with my clit, the moisture started to collect on my fingers and pussy lips. My other hand is tweaking my nipples. I began to pick up the speed with my fingers, and Ed could hear a slurping sound coming from my wet cunt.

My eyes were staring right at Ed. My mouth is opened, and I am starting to gasp for air. I am sure that Ed could tell by the look on my face I am getting close to an orgasm.

Ed grabbed his 7" rock hard cock and started to stroke it in rhythm with my fingers.

My eyes flicked back and forth, to watching Ed, to watching his cock, and I work my fingers even fast and deeper into my pussy.

'OOO shiiiitt ... I=m going to cum soon,' I cried.

'Hold on bitch I am almost there,' Ed replied, as he stroked his cock faster

'Hurry so am I.'

Ed moved up and gave a groan. He shot his load all over my face, just as I gave a sharp cry as my organism released. We both sat there panting for a while, till we calmed down. Then I wiped Ed's cum off my face with my fingers and then licked them clean.

I pushed Ed back on the bed and kneeled down and started to suck his cock back to life. I got his cock hard again and mounted him, planting Ed's cock deep into my pussy. I pounded his cock hard into my pussy and in a short time squeezed his cock tight with my pussy muscles, as another orgasm racked my body.

Ed pushed me off and turned me around, and started to fuck me dog style. Ed pounded my pussy as hard as he could. The slapping of their bodies is the only sound to be heard.

I felt like a bitch in heat. I'm grunting with each thrust and moan on each withdrawal. My pussy is soaking wet and my juices are flowing down his cock and balls.

Ed reached over and grabbed some lube while he is still fucking me. He coats my anal hole with KY jelly, and pulled his cock out and started to rub my anal hole.

'Oh GOD YESSSSSS Ed, fuck my ass, fuck my ass harder,' I moan loudly.

Ed lined his cock head up with my anal hole and pushed in, I relax my spinster and his cock slides all the way in her right up to his nuts. Ed starts to thrust in my ass hole, as I pushed back. Ed is fucking my ass as hard as he could and then he started to spank my ass cheeks, leaving red hand imprints on them.

'Oh YESSSSS keep fuck my ass hard, spank me, I have been a bad girl, harder,' I cried at him in pleasure.

'Get ready bitch I am about ready to cum,' Ed said.

Ed started to cum into my ass, as I started to howl in pleasure as my climax reached its high point, and my pussy juices are flowing like a river. We both collapsed on the bed panting and gasping for air from all our sexual exertion.

'Come on baby, let's go take a shower,' I said.

It is Thursday night and I am at the casino, in the bathroom preparing for the evening. I heard the bedroom door bang open. I put on a robe and went to see who is there. It is the casino boss and he is sitting in a chair.

'Krystal dear we have a problem,' he said to me.

He nodded to the doorway and the two big black enforcers walked into the bedroom, pushing two people in front of them with hoods over their head.

'We caught these two persons on interest snooping around here,' he said to me, as he nodded to the enforcers.

They took the hoods off of the two persons, and I gasped in shock, as both of my daughters stood there.

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