The Twenties
Chapter 1

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Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The roaring twenties in Australia! Miss Fisher and cast find true love!

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Historical   Humor   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  

"Ohhh my goodness! Mr. Butler! I'm completely naked! I need a wrap immediately! And sir you need to be a gentleman! Please turn your head."

"Madam, I know you are Miss Fisher's aunt but I have never seen such a voluptuous woman in my life! I am besotted with lust! You are so plump and juicy! Alas it is the roaring twenties and I have succumbed to its lure. So my dear spread those luciouss thighs. My rampant male appendage was made to plunder your waiting delights."

"What! Why did you push me back like that Mr. Butler? Sir? Am I right to think that you are considering-- ohhh!-- dear Mr. Butler, it appears you have-- consi—dered--. In--deed-- this is-- more than -- I have-- ever -- dreamed. In fact--my neice--the hot--bitch that--she is-- has never -- had such-- a wonderful-- tool in-- her tight-- cunt! Dear sir

--I am --Dying!!!"

"I knew it madam! You are hot to trot! Now feel my hot sauce in you! I hope you are ready my dear. My guess is you are not too old for childbearing and you are certainly built to carry one!"

"Fill me up sir! I am ready to finally become a mother. I understand the twenties so I expect you will be filling other hot to trot women with babies. Just come back to me and put that tool in me a few more times."

"It is the twenties and there are many hot bitches to fill but my dear lady I can not be such a man. You are special and have my heart and tool. If you go to others I will still be here for you.

I love you and only you."

"So you would let me have others? But Mr. Butler there are no others for me. You have plumbed my depths and filled my womb! My first husband did nothing but break my maidenhead after our wedding. He never touched me deeply physically or mentally. He decided to go to war instead of making a family. I never thought I would have a chance to bear a child. You have given me hope and love. I could never leave you Mr. Butler."

"But what shall we do now Madam? I am in the service of your neice! Miss frynee, Jane, and Dot are part of my family too! I don't know that I can leave them!"

"Then I think it best sir that I will need to visit far more often, at least until I am too big to hide my condition. Then I may need to stay close by -- for the medical facilities."

"That is why the empire is so strong! Its women are wise and forward looking!"

"Hah! I know what I want is more of that cock of yours Mr. Butler! As they say nowadays,

'Fuck my little lambie pie dear sir!' and it is not for the damn king or the empire!"

"Ahhh, my hot blooded voluptuous bitch! Here it comes!"

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