Taxi Driver
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A taxi driver gives a teenage couple shelter in the back seat of his cab. After watching them make out for a while, he gets involved. Later the girl takes him home to meet her mother.

I was in my taxi cab, parked by the roadside, waiting for a pickup or a radio booking, when these two young kids walked past, boy and girl, teenagers, and it was obvious they wanted to be holding hands but were too shy. I watched as they ducked down a side alley, and moved my cab back slightly until I could see them in my side mirror. Sure enough, the boy was standing against the wall, the girl standing in front of him, his arms round her, her body pressed against him. Very cute, and yeah very sexy.

I sat watching them, wondering how far they would go, but so far they were just standing close together kissing. She was wearing a tee shirt, and a very short tight black skirt.

I was pretty sure one of his hands was up inside the tee, and I wondered how big her breasts were. After a few minutes his other hand slid down her back to her ass and pressed her in against him, and it was obvious they were both enjoying the feeling of her belly pressed against his cock. I could hardly breath as I waited to see his hand lift the skirt behind, I imagined watching as he pushed her panties down and fucked her, up against the wall of this grubby alley, but so far he was only stroking her bum over her skirt.

I was enjoying watching, but also felt a bit sorry for them, obviously their parents wouldn't let them do this stuff in their homes so they had to come here and try to find somewhere private enough for them to imagine they were alone. This grubby back alley could hardly have been what the girl wanted.

And then it started to rain. Not hard, just a slight drizzle, but enough to soak them if they stayed where they were for long. I was sure neither of them wanted to stop what they were doing. I waited, wondering if they would give up, but either they didn't notice the rain or more likely they didn't care, what they were doing was more important than taking shelter. They were kissing passionately, and I could see her breasts squashing his exploring hand against his chest, and yeah I don't think either of them cared about the rain.

But I did. I didn't want them going home soaked, and getting told off by their parents. So I got out of my cab and walked over. "Hey kids, don't let me interrupt, but look, if you would like to sit in the back of my cab until the rain stops, you are very welcome to do so."

I walked back to my cab and got in, and sat, fingers very much crossed, hoping they would take up my offer. Luckily for me, the rain was getting heavier. I could see them talking, and they kept glancing my way, and suddenly they broke off their embrace and ran over, opened the back door, and slid inside. "Thanks Mister, thanks a lot."

"Look, kids, I am just sitting here waiting for a phone booking. If one comes in, I will have to ask you to get out, but until then you are happy just to sit there, and do whatever you want to do together. I'm not judging you. Enjoy the comfort of my cab. Is it warm enough?"

They both giggled and said it was fine, and I pretended to ignore them, studying my street maps. But I kept glancing in my rear view mirror and could see they were totally involved together, not caring whether or not I was watching. Sure enough as they relaxed they started to stroke and pet and kiss again. I couldn't see much of what they were doing, but I could hear. At first I couldn't hear much because of the sound of the rain on the roof of the cab, but then the rain stopped! The silence obviously embarrassed the girl, who kept saying, "Shhh" whenever the boy groaned. I was pretty sure she had his cock out or something like that, but didn't dare turn round to stare. I was happy to sit there listening, and occasionally sneaking peeks. I realized I would be in big trouble if anyone walked past and saw what I was allowing these kids to do, so I kept an eye out for pedestrians. A cab parked by the roadside is an inviting sight for a pedestrian, and if one ran over would the two in the back be able to cover up in time?

After a while I was sure they were having so much fun that I decided to take a bit of a risk.

"Look, kids, I don't care what you are doing back there, but I am a bit worried that someone could walk past and see. How about I just drive the cab to somewhere a bit less public, okay? You relax, I know just the place and it's only a few minutes away." They didn't speak, but stopped making out and sat nervously, probably wondering if I was going to take them to some awful dungeon and rape them both. The thought was enticing but far too dangerous. Anyway I'm just not that sort of guy.

I drove to a quiet spot amongst trees in the entrance of a golf club, where I quite often waited when things were quiet and I wanted a quick doze. But today I wouldn't be sleeping, I was wide awake, trying to work out what they were up to back there.

To get them relaxed again, I put my head phones on and started a mock conversation with headquarters, asking if there any bookings for me and so on, then when I stopped speaking I pretended to listen to the radio, but in fact of course I was desperately listening for sounds from the back seat. Sure enough, he was softly moaning again! She even whispered, "Am I doing it right?"

He responded with a low sigh, "Oh god yes, please don't stop."

I went back to studying my street map, desperately wanting to peek but not wanting to scare them off. I glanced at my watch, they had been in the back of my cab for nearly twenty minutes, I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen next, I wanted him to cum in her mouth but also I wanted to see her tits, and even see him fuck her.

So I twisted round in my seat and sure enough she was crouched over him with his cock in her mouth, one of his hands on the back of her head. the other stroking her ass. He saw me watching, but just gave a wry smile. No way would he risk her stopping by telling me to turn away.

So I watched as she brought him off in her mouth! I was a bit disappointed to see that instead of swallowing, she sat back and looked for a tissue. There wasn't one that she could reach, and it was clear that Mike didn't have anything to offer. So I passed my handkerchief over the back of my seat and she took it and spat the semen out into it. She was blushing delightfully as she sat forward and handed me back the handkerchief. "Were you watching all that?"

"Just the last few minutes, I hope you don't mind."

"Mike, did you know he was watching?"

"Yeah Jen but I didn't want you to stop."

She gave me a wry smile. "I've not done that very often, do you think I was doing it right?"

"You need to learn to swallow, instead of spitting it out."

"Yeah so I have been told, but I don't like the idea."

I decided to see how far I could push them. "You really should have your breasts out when you do that, so the guy can fondle them. That's always a great feeling when you are having your cock sucked."

She flushed scarlet, and the boy panted. To my delight, and the boy's amazement, she reached to the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up to under her chin! She wasn't wearing a bra. Lovely tits, probably C cup, big on her small body. I got the impression this was the first time the boy had seen them. The nipples were already hard, but I was sure they were getting harder as she sat letting me, a complete stranger old enough to be her dad, even her granddad, look at them.

Pushing my luck, I sighed and said, "Beautiful. May I touch?"

She giggled, and twisted and lent forward so I could reach! The boy, Mike, sat watching as though not believing what was happening!

Looking down I saw that her skirt was black leather, and I imagined she was still at school and working evenings in some supermarket, and the skirt probably cost her a month's earnings. I desperately wanted to see her take it off and show me her knickers!

Instead I tried to cool things down with light conversation.

"What's your name, sweetie?" I asked as I fondled her right breast.

"Jennifer. You?"

"Albert. Such lovely breasts! You must let Mike play with them next time while you suck his cock. It adds so much to the pleasure of receiving a blow job."

"Thanks for the advice. And you say I must swallow his jism?"

"Or you could let him cum over these pretty tits. They do say jism is good for the skin."

"Okay. Nice to have the choice. Any other suggestions?" She was smiling now, but I was sure she was very aroused. She had been making out with her boyfriend for at least half an hour and so far he was the only one who had got any relief out of it. I wondered if she had any meaningful conversation with men my age, and I was sure that it was turning her on to discuss blow jobs with me.

"You should take your panties off before you start, so you can use them to mop up any jism that lands on your clothes. Especially on that lovely leather skirt. And you can wipe your mouth and his dick with them after he cums. Better than borrowing a handkerchief from a stranger."

She laughed at that, and I smiled. Mike was too shocked by my intrusion to sense the humour.

Then to my amazement I could see her wriggling on her seat, trying not to move her breast out of my grasp, but she was tugging up the skirt and I realised she was taking off her panties! As she lifted each foot in turn to get the knickers over her feet, I could see all the way up to her crotch. It was too dark to see if she shaved, but I would have bet money that she did. She showed them to me, a flimsy red thong, and smiled as she wiped her mouth with them. I thought of the sticky handkerchief on the seat beside me. "Swap you, Jennifer? My handkerchief for your knickers?"

She laughed aloud and passed them over. I offered my handerchief but she declined. I had twisted right round in my seat and now could get both my hands over the back, and had one breast in each hand, massaging the glorious firmness of them and tweaking her nipples.

She had her eyes closed, leaning right forward, completely ignoring her young boyfriend. I could sense that she was loving my fairly experienced hands on her breasts, not just mauling her as Mike probably did. I so wanted to get into the back seat with her but I didn't know how to suggest it. The little tramp resolved that issue by hissing, "Mike, get in the front seat. Arthur, come back here."

I took the keys with me, just in case this was some extraordinary shake down trick, though given how I had picked them up I couldn't see how any of it was planned. She slid across the back seat and I got in beside her. I was very horny but also very nervous about what I was about to do, I had no idea how old she was and suspected that I might have been doing something illegal as well as unethical and totally contrary to the conditions of my taxi driver license. But by then I didn't care.

Glancing sideways, I saw Mike now sitting in the front passenger seat, but as well as watching us he was holding her discarded panties to his nose. I wondered if this was the closest he had got to her snatch?

"So, Arthur, what would you most like to do to me now?"

Dear god what an invitation. I sat looking at her, imagining all sorts of wild and lascivious orgy scenes, maybe even having Mike come back to help do a sandwich or a spit roast. But I kept wondering about her age.

"Actually I'd like to spank you," I hissed, wondering if it was illegal to spank a naughty young girl you had caught giving her boyfriend oral sex in the back of your cap.

She sat looking at me, with a slight smile on her face, not refusing, in fact definitely considering my request.

"I've not been spanked for ages," she whispered. "It's not allowed at school."

I told her I needed her on my right side, and she climbed over my lap, breasts and bare bum brushing against me as she got into the right hand seat. I moved to the middle of the bench seat and took her hand and gently drew her down across my lap, and lifted her skirt up over her back. Her naked crotch was now pressing down on my rock hard penis with just my trousers and underpants between. I suspected I would spunk quite soon, but wondered how I could give her the climax she cleared wanted without fucking her. I raised my hand and brought it down over her lovely ass.

After a few gentle spanks she sighed something but I couldn't make out what she had said, so I whispered, "What was that, Jen?"

"Harder, do it harder."

I glanced at Mike in the front seat and wondered what he must be thinking. Then I started spanking her really hard. She squirmed and writhed, then suddenly her whole body came alive and she started grinding her belly down against my cock! God, how I wanted to reach under and unzip myself and plunge my cock into that eager pussy. But for all I knew she could still be a virgin, and no girl deserves to lose her virginity like this, to a dirty old man in the back seat of a taxi cab. Although I am pretty sure a lot have done so. "Please, touch me down there," she sobbed, but I knew I mustn't. I beckoned to Mike, and signed for him to get out, go around the car, and get in behind her.

"Are you on the pill, Jennifer," I asked while massaging her flaming bottom between spanks.

"Oh god are you going to fuck me? Oh my god!" She definitely sounded excited, and eager. I wanted to ask her age, but then I thought, that's not really the issue is it, I'm a stranger, it's not my job to take her if she is a virgin, Mike is her boyfriend, if she wants sex it's his job to satisfy her. Fortunately as Mike struggled out of his trousers it was immediately obvious that he was revived and ready to go. Raring to go! He had quite a nice cock, but I only saw it for a moment before he fell forward over us both, and after a bit of searching found what we all wanted him to find.

She cried out as he entered her, and I wasn't sure if that was because she had been a virgin or, awful thought, that maybe he had accidentally found her anus! Anyway it only took a few seconds before she had the climax she had been wanting for so long. Mike came very soon after her, and I realized that Jennifer hadn't actually answered my question about the pill. Was I guilty of aiding the conception of a bastard baby?

I waited until they had recovered a bit, then wriggled out from under them and went back to the cab, and started the engine.

Looking back, I saw they were both struggling to get their clothing adjusted. I checked, and Mike had left the panties on the seat so I pocketed them. When they were both sitting rather primly watching me, I guessed they were even more overwhelmed by what had happened than I was.

"Where do you live, Jennifer? I think I had better take you home."

She gave me her address and they both sat silently as I drove. At one point Mike called out, "I live near here, can you drop me off?" I sensed he was worried I might insist he goes in to meet Jen's parents, where Jennifer might make him confess to having fucked, and possibly impregnated, their daughter. I let him out and drove on with Jennifer sitting quietly in the back on her own.

"Will you come in with me?" Her voice was soft but intense. "Please."

"No!" I responded, shocked at the suggestion. "What do you expect me to say? Your dad would kill me if he knew what I just let you do in my cab."

"There's only mom at home, dad died years ago." So that was why she responded so wildly to me spanking her. I suspected that her dad used to spank her before he died, but couldn't think of any tactful way to ask.

"Still, what am I meant to say to her?"

"Leave it to me, it'll be fine."

As we drove, I kept watching her in my rear view mirror, she was lying back in her seat with her eyes closed and her mouth was open, and I was sure she was masturbating. I imagined her tiny skirt up round her waist and her fingers delving in the hot moistness. I took her panties from the seat beside me and put them to my nose.

Sensing my reluctance to go into her home with her, Jennifer took my hand in hers and walked up the path. As we approached her house, I whispered, "Are you on the pill, baby?"

"Yeah," she replied, smiling up at me. "But thanks for worrying about it."

As she fumbled with her key, she glanced up at me and smiled, and said softly, "I can feel Mike's stuff running down my leg. I wish it was yours, not his." The door came open and we stepped inside the house. She walked straight to the living room with me following nervously behind. That leather skirt looked fabulous on her delicious bottom, and I wondered it her bum was still red. I pictured Mike's cream dribbling down her thighs and prayed that it wouldn't be visible to her mother, but at least I could say honestly that it wasn't mine!

"Hi mom, I'd like you to meet Arthur, he's a cab driver, he picked me up when he saw me walking home in the rain. I couldn't afford to pay his bill."

Her mother, Mrs Brenda Stephens, was quite a bit younger than me, confirming my fear that I was old enough to be Jennifer's granddad. But she seemed nice, and was grateful to me for helping her daughter. Jennifer was looking so sweetly innocent, it was hard to believe how she had behaved just a few minutes before. But her mother was not happy seeing her in that tiny skirt, and Jennifer's tee shirt was still wet, making it mould to the shape of her breasts. Mrs Stephens told her off for going out wearing such clothing, but she sent her off to have a hot shower before putting on dry clothing.

She asked me what the fare was and I told her not to bother, but she insisted, so I named a small figure which she paid immediately, and as I took it I was feeling guilty, as though she was paying me for abusing her daughter!

Then Mrs Stephens invited me to sit down. And she made it clear she knew that Jennifer was not the sweet innocent that she appeared! Over tea and biscuits Mrs Stephens explained how she didn't like her daughter wandering the streets dressed in that tarty leather skirt, but she just couldn't control the girl. Grabbing my chance, I asked how old Jennifer was, and was relieved to find that she was of legal age. I still don't think the cab authorities would approve of what I and Mike did to her in my cab, but at least I hadn't broken any laws.

Then Mrs Stephens said rather reflexively, as though not really addressing me, "It was all so much easier before her dad died."

I couldn't resist asking. "How did Mr Stephens handle her?"

"He spanked her." I think my whole body shivered to hear that, but luckily Mrs Stephens was looking down as she spoke, as though embarrassed to mention it.

"I'm sure that's what she needs now," I braved. I was so tense I could hardly breathe as I waited for her response.

"Would you? Please?"

I knew I had to pretend that this was a totally unexpected request, and that I was shocked and reluctant to do such a thing to that sweet young girl. But I couldn't restrain myself. "Well, yes, if you think it might help," I said, as calmly as I could.

"Go upstairs right now. Get her as she comes out of the shower, tell her that I want you to spank her. I'm sure she will obey you. Just put her over your lap. That's how her dad always did it. But of course you can position her however you want for it. Just be sure to spank her hard, her dad always did."

So I walked slowly upstairs, wondering how often Jennifer had been spanked in this house before her dad had died. I arrived on the landing as she emerged from the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around her small body. I think she sensed immediately why I was there!

Just to be sure she didn't misinterpret my presence and think I was after sex, I said, firmly, "Your mother sent me up to spank you."

After a few moments standing motionless, silently watching me, she tugged the corner of the towel and it fell to the floor. She stood while I inspected her. She does shave. I heard her say softly, "Come in to my bedroom, Albert." She held the door open, her wet tee was on the bed, the leather skirt draped over a chair, the walls covered with posters of young pop stars. "How do you want me? Over your lap like before?" I flinched, dreading finding that her mother could hear!

I told her to get on the bed on all fours, and she did so. I removed the belt from my trousers, doubled it up in my hand, and brought it down hard across her bottom! She groaned deliciously. Another, she squirmed slightly but held her position. After the sixth, I said something about, "I hope that will be a lesson to you."

She turned her head and whispered, "More, please, dad always gave me much more."

I told her she could masturbate, she was reluctant to do that in front of me, but I insisted and she slipped a hand under her belly, and kept it there between her legs as I gave her another twelve with the belt! After the tenth stroke I heard her orgasm, and she collapsed face down on the bed and lay there motionless for the last two! I suspected that I could have fucked her then, but I didn't want to, not yet, and certainly not with her mother downstairs. I told her she could get up, and she turned and sat on the bed, looking deliciously flushed!

I left her bedroom without having touched her, shut her bedroom door, and went downstairs. Her mother was waiting in the hall. I stepped toward her, intending to say my farewells and leave, but as I drew close she slipped to her knees and started unzipping my fly! "Her dad always expected this after spanking her. I'm sure you feel the same?"

By now she had my cock out and it was, of course, rock hard. At first she just stroked it, and licked the shaft and kissed the head. I groaned and rested my hand on the top of her head, urging her to take it in her mouth, which she finally did, and soon she was moving her head forward and back, and I knew I wouldn't last very long after all that had happened in the last couple of hours.

I also knew that, with my cock in her mouth, she couldn't look up to see what I was doing, so I turned my head and looked up the stairs. Just as my instinct had warned me, Jennifer had emerged from her room and was standing at the banister watching us, still totally naked, and she was smiling at me! That was it! I held Mrs Stephens tight against me with both hands behind her head, her nose buried in my pubic hair, and exploded into her mouth!

With the girl now leaning over the balcony rail, her naked breasts hanging down toward me, I couldn't release her mom until Jennifer reluctantly obeyed my frantic mouthed signals and retired to her room. I released Mrs Stephens and she sat back. "Would you like another cup of tea, or a glass of wine?" she asked innocently, licking her lips and slowly standing up.

I felt that I should just flee from the house before things all got too complicated, but the thought of seeing more of her and her daughter was too tempting, so I gasped, "Yes, actually coffee would be lovely, Mrs Stephens."

She smiled, lent close and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said "Please, call me Brenda", and led me back into the living room.

While she was in the kitchen, Jennifer walked in wearing just a tight tee shirt and some white cotton panties! Very obviously she wasn't wearing a bra! Her nipples were very visible. She sat on the sofa opposite me where I could see the camel toe of the panties.

As her mother put the coffee cup down in front of me, Jennifer said slyly, "Daddy used to spank mommy too, I often heard them at it. Specially after he had spanked me."

Mrs Stephen's hand was shaking as she put her own coffee cup down, and she was blushing scarlet by the time she sat beside her daughter. God, they looked lovely together! Brenda was quite conservatively dressed, in a blue dress that lifted as she sat to show her knees. She also had lovely breasts but she was wearing a bra.

"You didn't tell me about that, Brenda."

"Sorry, Albert," she said very softly.

"Come over here."

And she did, and, watched by her grinning daughter, she laid herself down across my lap! I lifted her skirt over her back, and drew her cotton full brief panties down to mid thigh. She orgasmed almost immediately I started spanking, but I went on until she had another climax, tears running down her face.

I didn't fuck either of them that afternoon, though as I drove away I was sure that I could have had them both. But I had left my business card on their hall dressing table, so they could phone me if they ever wanted a cab, or any other services.

It was only a few days later when my phone rang. "Hello Albert, this is Brenda. Jennifer stayed out very late last night. Could you come round and talk to her about it?"

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