Joe Brady
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about the incidents occurring in a Secret Service Agent's life just before and after he retires. There is sex in the story but it is slow to develop.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual  

Standing on the side of the raised dais in this crowded banquet room while the attendees were being served a dinner, Joe Brady wondered how many more of these type of events he would attend before he retired. His eyes moved from side to side as he observed the diners and he thought that in his thirty years as a Secret Service agent he must have attended somewhere around two thousand of these types of functions.

The reason Joe was here tonight was that the man Joe had sworn to protect, the man Joe would take a bullet for, the President of the United States William (Will) Cunningham was one of a number of people that were sitting at the dais that was on a raised platform. He was schedule shortly to say a few words to a gathering of these affluent business leaders. Will or as the service referred to him, the Eagle, was in the third year of his presidency and had just announced he would be seeking re-election. The support and political contributions from these business leaders were needed to help Will in his re-election efforts.

A speaker had just given a glowing introduction to Will which caused a loud round of applause and a few chants of "Four more years, four more years."

Will was all smiles as stood by the podium and waited for the applause to die down.

Just as it quieted down a waiter who appeared to be from the Middle East and was in front of the dais let a tray he was carrying fall to the floor causing a large noise of dishes breaking which hushed the crowd. The waiter then ripped open his jacket which showed him to be wearing a suicide vest under the jacket and he shouted "Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!"

Standing no more than ten feet from the President and looking at him he continued by saying, "Mr. President you have invaded my country and killed women and children and when I press this button you..."

Before he could say anything more a loud bang was heard, it was the sound of a gun being fired. The loud sound bounced off the walls in the room causing some people to scream. The attendees saw a large part of this waiter's head explode as the bullet left his head and his legs buckled as he fell to the ground. What he was holding in his right hand fell to the ground alongside him.

Jeff Powers the service agent who was at the other end of the dais and an expert in bombs ran to this downed waiter and immediately secured the triggering device and quickly checked to see if there were any wireless triggering devices. Not finding any other triggering devices he raised a clinched fist with his thumb up and gave it a few pumps indicating things were safe.

Joe had also gone to the man to confirm that he was no longer a threat and he could see that the 9mm hollow point bullet which he had fired into the waiter's head had done its intended job. The killing power of this type of bullet which Joe had hoped never to use is why Joe had them loaded in his handgun.

In his earpiece he could hear someone frantically saying, "Evacuate the Eagle, Evacuate the Eagle!"

Joe could see the agents coming for the President but the Eagle put his hands out, palms toward the agents telling them to stop. He also tried to calm the pandemonium which broke out by saying into the microphone, "Please calm down... , please people... , please calm down. Everything is going to be okay, the danger has been taken care of. Please calm down and keep your seats."

His words seem to have the desired affect and calmed down the panicky diners.

Continuing Will said, "Well it looks like there was someone here who wasn't going to vote for me" which evoked some cautious laughter from the crowd.

"That's the last funny remark I am going to make because this is not a funny situation. It's a tragic situation and something we need to face and realize that we are at war with terrorists, people who feel that taking lives and giving their life is for the greater good. I don't know about all of you but after this I could use a good stiff drink. The authorities have some work to do here so why don't we all moved to the room where we had our before dinner cocktails and we can have an after dinner drink. I think all of us could use one."

Someone shouted out, "Amen to that."

Will's coolness in his reaction to this incident brought a round of applause from the guests as they stood to go to the adjoining room.

Joe's immediate supervisor Brad Flinger came up to Joe and knowing Will's sense of humor said, "Thank god he didn't say something like "Clean up on aisle ten" or words to that effect. He would never hear the end of it if he said something like that. That was a hell of a shot you made Joe, what caused you to take it.

"I didn't think anyone was going to be able to talk to the man out of what he was going to do. If I missed with the shot and he was able to press the button that was the end of most of us here anyway. I didn't see where there were any other viable alternatives. The head shot was the only thing I could think of doing to stop him. It probably was a lucky shot with it being an instant kill shot but that was my intent.

Brad and Joe were joined by Matt Daniels the President's Chief of Staff and Diane Rafferty the Press Secretary. Diane said, "This is going to be all over the news if it isn't already, what should I say?"

Brad said, "Just tell it like it is, that there was an attempt on the Presidents life by a suicide bomber and the Secret Service was able to stop the attack. It is our sworn duty to protect the President and we were successful in doing that."

"And what about Joe?"

"Please ask the media not to identify Joe specifically by name and only that it was an agent who fired the shot that killed the bomber. Say that the President is asking them to do that. Don't threaten them to do that but just appeal to their patriotism. Tell them the reason is that if they identify Joe that could put his life in danger if our friend lying here has any comrades who will want to avenge his death."

Joe and Brad after a little more discussion of the need to investigate as to how this man managed to get in wearing a suicide vest went into the room where the group had moved to. Joe tried to be like a fly on the wall and not attract any attention. He was successful in doing that for a time. Joe was put into the spotlight when the President after having a short conversation with Brad walked up to Joe and shaking his hand simply said, "Thanks."

That gesture by the President identified Joe as the agent who fired the shot which resulted in a large number of people coming up to Joe and also expressing their gratitude for what he had done. They realized Joe's quick action had probably saved their lives.

Brad observed what was going on with the people thanking Joe and broke in to tell Joe to take off and go home. He said they had sufficient staff there to provide adequate protection.

Later that evening at home Joe had a lot to think about. This was the first time in thirty years that he had to fire his gun in performance of his sworn duty. Taking another's life even justified as this one was did not give Joe a good feeling. Joe knew because he had shot this man that he was going to be required to meet with a shrink for counseling. Until the shrink was satisfied that Joe was unaffected by the shooting and only then could Joe return to active duty.

Joe also knew that he shortly would be submitting his papers to take an early retirement. The arthritis he had developed in his knees, hips and arms was starting to limit what he could do physically in handling his duties. This was a young person's job and reluctantly Joe admitted to himself that he was no longer a young person. There was always the option of requesting a desk job but doing that type of work while a necessary function, was not something Joe wanted to do. Joe could probably find some employment in civilian life if he wanted to keep working as ex-secret service agents were in high demand by security firms.

Joe had never married but he did come close one time. The travelling and the long days did not make for having a happy marriage. He did have a few affairs but that's just what they were, affairs. What to do after retiring was a decision Joe by himself would have to make.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought what he needed was a long vacation from work. He seldom took any vacation days while he was with the service. He had seen a lot of the big cities in this country mainly because of his duties but he hadn't seen much of this country except for those big cities. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Tetons and all the other National Parks people had said were worth seeing; Joe hadn't seen any of them. He had also not seen much of small town living either. Well, that was something he was going to correct.

About three months later on the day of his fifty fifth birthday, that was the effective date for Joe to take his early retirement. He was sitting at a desk that day in the mid-afternoon when Annie Collins who was the Director's secretary came up to him. She said the Director was busy right now with some important phone calls about the First Lady's trip to Europe. Annie said she would tell Joe when the Director was free so she could do the exit interview with Joe.

It was close to three when Annie signaled Joe that he could now see Director Carol Harris.

Joe didn't know Carol that well since she had only been in her position for nine months. What he did know in that short time was that she seemed to be competent and was a no-nonsense type of leader. She had replaced the previous Director who resigned under pressure because of the scandal involving agents and prostitutes in France. Joe remembered the first time he met Carol was at a general meeting that was held where she was introduced to all the agents.

He remembered her words when she addressed the group. After saying the usual bit of being happy to be here she went right for the jugular when she said in referring to the recent scandal, "If any of you cannot learn to keep it in your pants with the pants zippered then this is not the place for you. Either conduct yourself properly at all times and above reproach or don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave as you aren't going to be working here any longer."

Her comments Joe thought were right on point and gave Joe instant respect for her.

In her office Joe handed her his handgun, his badge and his identification. She thanked him for his years of service and said his leaving was going to be a loss for the department. She told him to enjoy his retirement and that if she could ever do anything for him to let her know.

Joe thanked her for those nice words and also for honoring his wishes about him not wanting to have a retirement party or making a big-to-do about him retiring.

Carol said, "Well that's what you wanted but I think it was a mistake as you are well liked here. If you have a minute I would like to show you some new communication equipment we just got in. Come with me, it's in the conference room.

Joe walked with her to the room and when he opened the door he heard a large number of voices holler out, "Surprise!"

In the room were a large number of people to include the President, the First Lady, all the agents, the administrative assistants and some people that Joe didn't know. Most of them were laughing at Joe's reaction and the surprised expression on his face.

The President took the lead when he said, "I know you didn't want to make a big thing about retiring but the First Lady here overruled you. She said your outstanding service is something we all needed to acknowledge and honor. Now I know you put your papers in to retire but unfortunately that is something that is not going to happen. You should know that today, I signed an executive order placing you permanently on fulltime lifetime service in an unassigned position with the Secret Service. You will be free to do the travelling you want to do but you will have all the rights privileges and salary of being an active agent. Annie, can you please come here?"

Annie came and gave the President Joe's handgun, badge and identification. The President handed them to Joe saying, "Here, you will need these which will confirm what I have just said."

The President continued as he said, "You may not recognize a few of the people here. Let me introduce you to Tony Stanton who was with me on the dais when you put that suicide bomber down. Also here with Tony are Ted Jacobs and Lee Archer who were also at that affair."

Joe knew that Tony and Ted were listed in the article Forbes magazine had just done on who were the billionaires in America. While Lee Archer wasn't on that list even though she was the CEO of a large food conglomerate, she was first on a list in a men's magazine that named her as one of the ten most beautiful CEO's in the nation.

Tony stepped forward and said, "What you did that night had a profound effect on me and a lot of the people that were there. If it wasn't for you a lot of us wouldn't be living today. We wanted to do something for you to thank you for what you did. In checking with some of your fellow workers here they told us about what your plans were when you retired about travelling around in seeing this country. To that end we want to help you in doing that and see you do that in comfort. A great majority of the business people that were there at that dinner all wanted to contribute to helping you in one way or another about you seeing this great country."

"Here are the keys to a mini motorhome and a brochure describing it. You had let it be known that you didn't want to drive a large motorhome and this one isn't much longer than a stretched minivan. But that is not to say it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles because this one does. Besides what you would expect in a motorhome this one has been tricked out and includes some things as plush captain chairs, satellite phone television internet, a computer, LED television, a stocked gun safe, a top of the line security system and a number of other features. Greg Emerson at Custom Motorhomes where the motorhome presently is will explain all the features this baby has when you pick it up."

Ted then stepped forward and said, "Camping out all the time may not be your cup of tea so besides the motorhome we want to give you these credit cards for you to use. You will see there are cards for gasoline, food, campground fees, motels, hotels, retail stores, motorhome repairs and maintenance. The good thing about all these cards and the features on your motorhome is that no matter how many times you use them you will never receive a bill. It's our way of saying thanks because if you didn't do what you did do we wouldn't be here to say thanks. Good luck to you."

Lee Archer then said, "Now we are well aware that these gifts our friends down the street at the IRS would say are income and as such are taxable. To that end the income tax on the motorhome has been paid into your tax withholding and the income tax on the cards will be paid as you use the cards."

While Lee was talking Joe thought the men's magazine was right in their selection of Lee as a beautiful CEO. Joe couldn't help but wonder as he had with a number of women he had met in the past how Lee would look without any clothes on, well maybe just wearing high heels only. He also wondered of what kind of a lover she would be. Joe's initial thought was that it would be very interesting to find out. He had read somewhere or seen on the web that there was some speculation she was going to run for public office.

A big round of applause followed Tony's, Ted's and Lee's comments.

The words of "Speech... , speech... , speech" started among some of the people there.

Joe raised his hands as a way of asking for quiet and he said, "To say that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. I will say that in the thirty years I have worked in the Secret Service I have worked with some outstanding men and women. I couldn't have asked for a group of more dedicated co-workers than who it was my privilege to serve with. I will also say that the people we were assigned to protect were also class people who were dedicated to serving the people who voted for them. It has been my honor to have known these dedicated public servants."

Smilingly Joe said, "Now there were some exceptions to these dedicated public servants but they will remain nameless" and laughing said, "That is until I write my book on their exploits."

After everyone laughed Joe said, "I was just kidding of course."

Annie announced that everyone was invited to have some soda or coffee and the cake that had been cut into serving portions.

The agents who were assigned to protect the President and the First Lady knew they had to leave when the President left so they quickly came up to Joe and shook his hand and said their good byes and wished him luck. Pat Weaver was among this group and she asked Joe to stop by her place tonight as there was something she wanted to give him but couldn't give it to him now.

After eating a little cake the President and the First Lady again thanked Joe and left the room. All of the people as they were leaving came to Joe and shaking his hand told him to have good luck and safe travels and not be a stranger. It gave Joe a warm feeling to see that he had touched so many lives.

That evening as Joe was driving over to Pat's condo he wondered what this gift was. He had known Pat ever since she joined the Secret Service. Joe was in fact assigned as her training officer and quickly could see she was smart and a fast learner. She never asked the same question twice.

Pat was about fifteen years younger than Joe and was very attractive. She was constantly getting hit upon by men who she was able to keep at arm's length away by her verbal comments and twice by her close combat skills. She was no one to mess with and told Joe that while she did like men she was not going to get involved with anyone she worked with. Joe would have like for her to make an exception with him but he kept that thought to himself and never did anything for her to think he was hitting on her.

Pat greeted him warmly when she opened the door. Just as she was neat and organized at work he could see that carried over to her condo. While she still had on her work clothes he noticed that her hair which she normally wore up in a ponytail was being worn down and it looked like her make-up was freshly applied, not that she needed much.

She pointed to a cabinet where the liquor was kept saying she had to do something and asked Joe to make them some drinks. Pat said the ice was in the refrigerator. Joe had gotten the ice and was making drinks somewhat impressed that all the liquor in the cabinet was top shelf.

He had just poured the tonic into the glasses when heard from behind him Pat say, "Are the drinks made?"

Joe picked up the drinks, one in each hand he turned to face Pat and froze. She was standing there only wearing an almost transparent light blue chemise that just confirmed what a beautiful woman she was. He could see the darkness of where her bush was and the shaded protrusions of her nipples.

He was speechless and couldn't say anything. He just stood there holding the drinks and just stared at this sexy picture she presented.

Smiling Pat said as she took one drink from his hand, "I can tell by your reaction that you like what you see. That's good and was worth the effort on my part to put this on for you. I know I told you one time that I wasn't going to get involved with anyone that I worked with but now with your so called fulltime active retirement status that puts you in a different category. You should know that from when I first met you and you trained me I always thought you were one sexy man that I would like to know better. Let me clarify that and say much better. Now what do you have to say for yourself?"

Putting down his drink without ever tasting it, he moved toward her and took her in his arms. He gave her one long open mouth kiss that had his tongue doing battle with her tongue. The little moans in her throat she gave while he was doing this just excited him to hear her doing that. His hands around her body told him what he already knew that she had a solid build. He was going to pick her up to carry her to the bedroom but before he could do that she took his hand and led him there.

In the bedroom he got naked and joined her on the bed. The question he had often wondered about her as to what kind of a lover she would be in a short time was answered. Just as he had thought Lee Archer would be good, Joe confirmed that Pat was in fact terrific. All of his fantasies he had of her were no longer fantasies.

After some kissing he moved down to nibble on her breasts and then continued down past her washboard stomach to where the scent of her arousal was coming from. He did some licking and nibbling there with his tongue telling him of her becoming moist. With her moaning he concentrated his actions on her clit which caused her to become vocal in praising him and saying how he was making her feel. Her verbal comments and her reactions to what he was doing in giving her pleasure was giving him equal pleasure as he watched her.

Pat said she had come twice already and asked Joe to move up and put his shaft into her. He didn't need to be asked twice as he moved up in between her widely spread thighs and entered himself into her warm wetness. She wrapped her arms and legs around Joe and continued to kiss him as he tried to penetrate her as deeply as he could. The moaning in her throat now seemed to coincide with her giving a moan when his erect shaft went as deep as it could into her.

When she felt his warm spend flooding into her she squeezed him with her arms and legs and said, "I often wondered what kind of a lover you would be and I can now say you are terrific."

Joe was a little stunned in hearing her say this and he didn't say anything in response to her comment.

They rested, they cuddled, they kissed some more and then Joe was back in between her spread thighs hearing the joy of Pat moaning again as he made love to her. It was a good night and a great way to celebrate a retirement.

Hearing the shower running in the morning woke a very refreshed Joe. He saw that it was a little after six and Pat was not in bed. A few minutes later Pat exited from the bathroom and seeing that Joe was awake said smiling at him, "Morning lover" and started dressing.

"What's the rush?"

"I need to be at the White House by seven. I am schedule to go with the First Lady on her twenty one day trip to Europe and when I come back I am going with the President on his fourteen day trip to Asia. After that it's going to be three weeks when they both vacation down at Marco Island."

Pat's last comment after she was dressed and was pulling a suitcase behind her as she was leaving her condo was a perfunctory, "Stay in touch." No good-bye kiss and that single remark just put a little bit of a damper as far as Joe was concerned on what was a great evening of love making.

In dressing after washing up Joe thought he would go and check out the motorhome. He knew he would need to make a list of what provisions to purchase and then he should make arrangements to take it on the road and see this great country. He did know he was heading west and had a general idea of what he wanted to see. When he would get to any of these places he wasn't sure as he wasn't in any rush. What his activities would be as he travelled was something else he could only wonder about. He hoped he would have some interesting travels.

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