The Superheroine's Relief Organization
Chapter 1

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Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What really happens to Superheroines! This story exposes the real reasons behind the use of superheroines too young to be effective. Then what happens to those that try to block the league of superheroines.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Humor   Superhero   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Double Penetration   Violent   Politics  

"So it is the state's contention that the defendant has bilked the public of numerous funds from donations and set upon unwitting young females, raping and defiling their bodies. The state will prove that the defendant committed statutory rape on many occasions with many victims. He has defrauded everyone and instead of preventing victims has caused them to become victims. Please listen carefully to the testimony and I'm sure that you will convict this psychologist of the charges placed against him."

The federal district attorney placed many witnesses on the stand in an effort to convince the jury of the charges. Tifanny Buttocks was called and her testimony typified that of many of the ex-superheroines involved in the case.

"Ms. Bottocks would you please tell the court the particulars of how you became a patient of the Doctor Hy Braker?"

"Uh, my name is Buttocks! I don't know if it has to be official or anything. Well, you see there was this big ad campaign going on about us superheroines being victims of the crime lords. The ads showed how we, uh us superheroines, had only caught underlings. When we went after the big guys, we got hurt somehow."

"Will you describe what the ads said?"

"Well, we would get raped and beaten. Sometimes we would be sold into white slavery or kidnapped for milking. Rarely we would be kept as slaves for our masters. They would keep us pregnant and beat us. Even aliens got into the picture. When they got us we could be eaten or killed in addition to all of the other stuff."

"So this is quite a terrible looking prospect for all of you. How was the so-called good Dr. Braker going to treat you to help prevent this catastrophe?"

"Well, he – uh, do I have to tell everybody here? This is supposed to be doctor – patient stuff isn't it?"

"Please, answer the question Ms. Bullocks."

"No, your honor it's Buttocks. O.K. I'll answer, maam."

"He – had sex with me until I got pregnant. Once I was a mother I had to stay with the kids. See, if I got into trouble as a superheroine then my kids would suffer too. I couldn't let that happen. It was tough because I had thought I would always grow up to be a superheroine. Also it was tough because I had a child so soon. I was planning on my mid-thirties for my first. Mama told me I had to go or get raped and pregnant from the crime lords. She started crying about my lost sister. She had been a superheroine but we don't know where she is now. So I went to the doctor and he knocked me up."

"Did he have intercourse with you?"

"Duh! How else do you get pregnant? Of course he did."

"Actually, a woman can be impregnated without real intercourse. Did he explain his actions?"

"He told me that many villains rape their victims by artificial means. If you don't have sex with a person then you have neither been tenderly cared for nor nurtured properly. He said that might cause psychological scarring."

A murmur from the female members of the audience prompted the judge to bang her gavel and call for quiet.

"So how old were you when you had sexual intercourse with Dr. Braker?"

"I was fourteen years old. I had been board certified by the League of Superheroines and was ready to be assigned into the field."

"Thank you. I am done with this witness."

"Council for the defense are you ready?"

"Thank you your honor."

"May I call you Tifanny?"

"Yes, please."

"Tifanny, you were fourteen when you had sex with Dr. Braker? Did Dr. Braker explain what he was going to do and why?"

"Yes, he did. He said that this was his medical prescription for the safety and well being of his patient, me. He wanted me to understand that this was to prevent the violent rape and subjugation that most if not all superheroines go through. Before he had sex with me, he had asked me if I had a boy friend that would help me. I didn't so I had to have sex with him."

"As I understand what you said, you stated that he prescribed this for your safety and health?"

"That's right. Dr. Braker even wrote it out for me to give to my mother. His service was given me without him being declared the father."

"How was Dr. Braker's service? Did he hurt you? Can you tell us some of the feelings you had?"

"He didn't hurt me even though I had a tough hymen. I could hear it snap and I yelled some from the initial pain. Yet he had treated me so that I was ready. It slid in and I even had an orgasm the first time, which as I understand is rare."

"Has this stopped the boys from dating you?"

"I wondered about it but I found out that I didn't have any boy friends because they thought that I, being a superheroine, wouldn't have time for them or any fun. Now I've dated several boys and have a fiancé."

"I am finished with this witness your honor."

"Please step down, Ms. Bummocks. Call your next witness, Ms. Prosecutor."

"The Prosecution rests your honor."

"Before you ask, the prosecution has shown enough evidence for you to have to continue."

"Very well, your honor. I'll call Mr. Hugh G. Prique."

"Mr. Prique, before Dr. Braker arrived on the scene, what was your job and with whom?"

"I was the head thug for Dr. Mutato."

An angry murmur went through the courtroom. One woman got up and looked like she was going to say something.

"Bailiff, escort that woman out of the court room. I will not tolerate any more outbursts. If I have to clear the room I will."


"Thank you your honor. Although I do sympathize with the angry undertone in the court room."

"Mr. Prique, what do you do now?"

"Now I'm the featured hair stylist, Mr. Hugh St Jon."

Even the judge sat up when she heard that. She didn't say anything about the murmurs.

"What brought about the severance of your work duties with Dr Mutato?"

"Well, he was really satisfied with my work. Several times I caught the superheroine just before she could escape. But being the head thug I had to be prepared."

"Can you describe your duties as the head thug?"

"Yeah, we, the thugs and I, would jump out and try to overwhelm the superheroine. I don't think that ever worked. We got beat up by the superheroine. But she never looked for the head guy. Like he would grab her and subdue her. Then the boss would tell us to rape her and beat her up. Once in a while their sidekick would show up. I was with Lady Delicious at the time when we had caught Buttbroad. Then her sidekick, Battle Spirit, showed up and she had us until I got behind her and grabbed her. I used her Spandex top to hold her arms to her side. Then I got into her pants and found her little clam. Oh, she was wet when I stroked her with my finger. Then I jammed my cock up her virgin cunt and popped her cherry. Both of them ended up with the white slavers."

Tifanny Buttocks and her mother started crying. They got up and left the room.

"Gees, that girl looked just like Battle Spirit. Well I got so good at catching the sidekicks and popping their cherries that my boss would videotape the event. I got over one hundred cherries one year, the year before Dr. Braker started. Then the business dried up. Things got so bad that the boss had to let us go. He had a good severance plan and so I became Mr. Hugh."

"Why didn't you get employment from some other crime lord?"

"They didn't need thugs anymore. The few superheroines that were still left were too old and had been raped so many times that they couldn't sell videos. Even a few of the crime lords retired. They had been earning a good living through the white slave trade. You didn't have to go out and look for them. They came to you. The cops didn't catch you because the heroines were too stupid to use back up. It's all gone now because of Dr. Braker. Hell, some of my buddies who were good with their fists had to become boxers to earn a living. It's actually easier on them but they don't get the benefits. Ha, ha, ha!"

"I'm done with this witness your honor."

"Ms Prosecutor?"

"Yes thank you your honor."

"Mr. Prique, why should we believe you? How can you back anything you've stated?"

"Well, I wondered if you might say something stupid like that. I've got some tapes that will show some of my work. I got a tape machine here and we can show the jury some of the tapes we made."

"Hold it right there, Mr. Prique! I want the prosecutor and defendant's attorney along with Mr. Prique and his tapes into my chambers right now.

"What the hell is this all about John? You're the defendant's lawyer. You can't tell me you didn't know what was going to happen?"

"Hold it judge, I didn't tell him and he didn't ask me to do this. May I suggest that only the two of us look at the tapes? I need to whisper something about them to you."

Prique whispered in her ear. The judge looked first at the prosecutor and then the defendant's lawyer. She spoke to both of them in a lowered voice.

"Please leave the office now. I will view the tapes with Mr. Prique and make a ruling."

They left and the judge watched the tapes with Mr. Prique. The missing superheroine sister of the prosecutor was the first. Her capture and rape showed Hugh's face next to her face as his cock split her tiny cunt. Blood spurted from his assault and her scream blanched the face of the judge. The missing superheroine sister of the defendant's lawyer was the next victim. Hugh's face again loomed over the struggling little body of the obviously young nude victim. Her impaling by his cock again showed blood oozing out of her overfilled little cunt. Her screams echoed in the mind of the judge.

"Stop! My superheroine sister is also missing but if she's here I don't want to see it. I believe every word you say about your work. Your testimony will stand as stated."

"Thank you your honor."

"The court will rise."

"Please be seated. My ruling is that his testimony will stand. Next witness."

"I call Grey Panther."

"You are Grey Panther the head of the League of Superheroines?"

"Yes I am."

"You were the principal person involved with pressuring the feds to prosecute the defendant?"

"We only told them what was happening to the superheroines that went to him. The feds made the decision to prosecute."

"Of course, I didn't mean to sound like you told them what to do. But what was your real motivation for doing this Ms. Panther?"

"Always justice, sir!"

"Justice? May I remind you of your meeting of July 23rd of this year? You stated at that meeting, "We have no recruits anymore. We're all too old to stand up to those crime lords. Lady Blue was pushed aside and laughed at. Then they beat her and left her for the cops. We have to stop Dr. Braker. Otherwise no more League of Superheroines. Our benefactors are withdrawing their funds. We will be bankrupt within a month." Are you now bankrupt Ms. Panther?"

"Yes, we are. The League of Superheroines is no longer meeting and has been dissolved. He did it to us. The fucking bastard!"

"Order in the court! Put this woman in jail. I find you in contempt of this court."

"The defense rests."

"Your honor the prosecution has one more witness in rebuttal."

"You are Ms. Pauline Liahr, the receptionist for Dr. Braker?"

"Yes, I am."

"Can you enlighten the court with your testimony that may shed light on the real motives of Dr. Braker?"

"Yes I can! That man is a pig. (Objection! Sustained- witness shall not use name-calling)

"Dr. Hymen Braker has deliberately seduced hundreds of young girls for his own sake. I over heard him talking into his own tape recorder about his conquests and how many he has impregnated. I brought along a tape he made that tells everything."

Dr. Hymen Braker was convicted and jailed for his crimes. He lasted less than a week in jail. He was found dead with a note attached to him.

"He ruined us all. My daughter and sister had trusted him. Now they're pregnant and disgraced. His death will prevent him from ever doing this again to some other girl."

It was suspected that one of the guards or prisoners had done him in. But no one really wanted to try to find the person and it went by as an unsolved murder.

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