A Friendly Caper
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, TransGender, Science Fiction, Aliens, BDSM, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Clergy,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenage boy experiences his sexual awakening at the hands of his first crush, one of his counselors at summer camp. Later, he finds his first real love, runs away from the orphanage where he grew up, and works as a high priced escort in Europe only to find himself betrayed and sold to African White Slavers...And then the aliens arrive.

"Rise and shine, Smokey."

thwap – thwap – thwap

"Huh?" I opened my eyes to that soft, deep voice and the sensation of something warm and heavy slapping my cheeks.

"Hey ... Good morning." Gary smiled down at me as I blinked in the morning sunlight.

The older boy's blue eyes were shining like the wet tongue moving between his lips. I barely had time to realize he was sitting on my chest before Gary pushed the smooth head of his penis into my open mouth. I closed my lips around the thick shaft instinctively, exploring the already familiar contours of his 19-year-old cock with my tongue. I had a bit of cotton mouth, but precum proved to be a good cure for that and he leaked a lot of the stuff.

"Fuck," he breathed, stroking my brown hair as he adjusted his hips. "You know how sexy you are with my dick in your mouth?"

"Nmmph-umph," I said, keeping my eyes fixed on his as I found Gary's firm hips with my hands.

"Shhh ... Just keep sucking, Smokey."

He reached behind him, sliding his palm down my stomach to find my own morning erection throbbing eagerly. Gary gripped my cock and squeezed, tugging so that I had to lift my butt off the sleeping bag. I felt suddenly sore down there, like a paper cut that goes unnoticed until you see the blood. I'd forgotten how Gary had used me the night before. I'd been a virgin. I hadn't even known a boy could be one of those, and now I never would be again.

"Mmmm..." I sighed around Gary's cock as he fucked my mouth tenderly, taking only small strokes and letting me do most of the work.

He played with my balls, rolling them around while he watched my dark eyes sparkle with new found lust. That's why he called me Smokey. Everyone at camp got a nickname, like Chubs and Slim, and Wingnut because his ears were so big. Gary had named me Smokey because he liked my eyes. He'd told me I looked sexy the night before, whispering the words in my ear while the other boys sang and roasted marshmallows. I hadn't known a boy could be sexy either and I'd wanted to believe him. I wanted someone to like me a lot, you know? Love me maybe and it didn't matter who it was; another boy or a girl, I didn't care.

Beggars can't be choosers and that's what a foster kid is, see? Orphans like me, all we can do is beg for whatever the world will give us out of pity if not genuine charity.

I could see the affection in Gary's smile as he played his fingertips around my ears and his thumbs around my taut lips. I did my best to suck him good, wanting to please the man anyway I could. I wriggled my tongue beneath his cock and lifted my head to take another fat inch or two before I gagged weakly and coughed around his dick. He didn't get mad, he just laughed softly. I grabbed his butt, massaging Gary's ass and pulling him closer so I could drop my head and relax again.

It was easier sucking him off with my head on the pillow and I tried to swallow around his cock. I wanted to remember how I'd opened my throat the night before, but that had been an accident mostly. I wanted him to cum again too. I'd been scared the first time, when a flood of hot semen had filled my mouth to overflowing. I'd swallowed some and then gagged, puffing out my cheeks like a chipmunk as Gary's ball juice had spilled down my chin. It hadn't tasted bad though, not like I was afraid it would.

I did better the second time, when Gary had showed me how to do the sixty-nine thing. When he'd kissed my dick and sucked it while I sucked his, that had been the best experience of my life. Better than birthdays or Christmas, better than anything I'd ever done with anyone anywhere. Nobody had touched my penis before, let alone sucked on it, and he did way more than that. After Gary made me cum in his mouth, he'd started kissing and licking my butt and I was reminded of that when...

"That's enough," Gary breathed, pulling his cock out of my mouth with a wet plop. "I want to fuck you again..."

"Yeah," I nodded, licking my lips and thinking I wasn't sure I really wanted to do that. My butt felt pretty tender.

" ... but we gotta hurry," he continued, sliding his larger body down mine and I especially enjoyed the way his big cock and hairy balls felt against mine.

"Okay, it kinda hurts though," I whispered, but that's as much protest as I could muster. The idea of losing Gary terrified me more than getting hurt in my butt again.

"I'll be careful," he promised, smiling as I let him lift my legs and get my knees over his shoulders.

"Alright," I said, sucking at my bottom lip as he rolled my ass upward and bent me nearly double beneath him.

My puffy boy pussy was right there for his swollen cock to fuck, and still loose from the night before. Wet and greasy as well after falling asleep with the distinct and not entirely uncomfortable sensation of having my rectum full of cum. He'd fucked me for a long while before finally cumming inside my ass. I hadn't washed myself out at all or even used the bathroom afterwards. I'd been too tired and happy and all I'd wanted to do was fall asleep while Gary hugged me and told me how special I was for letting him be my first.

Now we were going to do it again and I tensed up as I felt Gary's smooth cockhead nudging my sphincter. The older boy kissed me on the lips, wanting to help me relax. I opened for his tongue and it was awkward with my knees nearly touching my shoulders, but even so I loved being kissed. Gary shoved his tongue into my mouth and a second later he slid half of his cock inside my recently deflowered butthole. His penis went in so easily, I really was surprised, and while it still hurt, it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as it had been the first time. I suffered something like a tiny cramp maybe and then a big, friendly pinch as he pushed again.

His cock filled me completely and we both moaned, sharing that moment for a quick few heartbeats. And then he fucked me nice. Gary pushed and pulled with his hips, working most of his cock in and out of my tight, well-lubricated hole with a sweet, steady rhythm. He rocked us together, driving his cockhead into the soft spot deep in my gut, finding my barely mature prostate and making me gasp into his mouth. My own penis bounced on my tummy, trapped between us and leaking precum like crazy. I wanted to cum, but I had to pee too. My bladder was full and the pressure confused me. I didn't know what I was doing, pissing and cumming seemed like much the same thing just then.

"I gotta pee," I whispered, catching my breath after a long, passionate French kiss.

"Go ahead," Gary told me, staring into my eyes. "Piss while we fuck, I like it."

"You do?" I smiled and almost laughed, but he kissed me again and I forgot all about it. I couldn't relax enough to pee and my bladder wouldn't let me cum, so we just fucked.

"I love you," he gasped softly, arching his back and jamming his cock as far inside me as he could. "Fuck! Smokey! Fuck!"

His penis seemed to pulse with a heart all its own as the man ejaculated into my ass. I felt the strange, but welcome sensation of Gary's creamy juice filling my hungry boy cunt. That's what he'd called it the night before and I'd giggled at how dirty the word sounded, but I knew it was true. I had a cunt and he was inside it, dumping a fresh load of semen into my bowels. I found it soothing, like a warm balm that made all the discomfort go away. When he kissed me again, I started pissing without even realizing it. I sprayed hot urine onto Gary's body and mine and right then it felt just as good as any orgasm I'd ever had.

"Did you mean what you said this morning?" I asked Gary that afternoon. We were out for a hike with the rest of the camp.

"What's that?" he wondered, walking behind me along the narrow trail and we'd fallen a hundred yards behind everyone else.

"Do you really love me?" I looked at him over my shoulder and he laughed.

"Yeah," he shrugged. "Why? You don't want me to?"

"I don't know." I swallowed hard, but inside I felt like hot Jell-O or something.

"Hold it a second," Gary said as he reached for my hand and stopped us. "What's going on? Are you okay, Smokey?"

"Yeah," I replied softly. "I just, um ... Are you my boyfriend now, or..."

"Uhhh..." Gary pulled me closer, glancing around to make sure we were alone before he put his arms around me. "Just for this week, right?"

"That's what I mean," I said, putting my arms around his neck while Gary grabbed my butt through my shorts. "What about after I go back?"

"I don't know," Gary sighed, holding my body close enough that he could rub the bulge in his shorts against my tummy. "I can call you sometimes. Would that be okay?"

"Yeah," I nodded reluctantly, but I wanted more than that.

"I don't live in Seattle," he explained. "I'm from Portland, you know? I'm doing this camp thing for the summer and after that..."

"What?" I searched his blue eyes with mine, like staring into the sky and seeing God there.

" ... I gotta go back to college," he finished. "I wish I could come up and see you, but I probably can't."


"I mean, I really do wish I could, Smokey." He kissed my forehead. "You're sexy as hell, you know that? You're probably gonna have all kinds of guys chasing you."

"I don't want anyone else," I decided, but I was grateful that Gary didn't lie to me. Part of me wished he would, but I knew better and I couldn't hate him for it.

"Hey..." Gary grinned at me. "You wanna suck on it real quick?"

"Yeah," I nodded, forcing myself to smile as he pushed me slowly to my knees.

"Mmmmm ... Smokey, like that ... Yeah..." he sighed a moment later when I took his cock eagerly between my lips.

He'd pulled his dick out of his shorts for me and it looked even bigger like that for some reason, maybe because Gary was standing up. He was a full grown man though, a college boy, and I kept my eyes on his face while he held my head in his hands and moved his hips. All I had to do was relax and wriggle my tongue around, hold onto Gary's strong thighs while he worked his dick back and forth between my lips. I liked his hairy legs and the muscles underneath as I stroked his warm skin.

"Lick my balls too," he urged me after a couple minutes. "Jerk me off and suck my nuts, Smokey."

"Alright," I breathed with a small giggle, taking his wet cock in my right hand and sliding my fist up and down slowly.

Gary's soft ball sack was right there for me, hanging out of his unzipped shorts and I could see the well defined shape of his large testicles beneath the soft skin. He had light brown pubic hair that wasn't really thick or anything and it tickled my face as I leaned closer and kissed the base of his cock. I kissed his scrotum and lapped at his balls like a puppy while I stroked Gary's cock over my face. When I opened wide and took one of his balls into my mouth he nodded with a happy sigh, holding the back of my head and keeping me close, but I wasn't going anywhere anyway. I loved sucking his balls.

"Don't stop, just keep doing that," he told me. "Jerk me off, Smokey. I wanna cum on your face, okay?"

"Ummm-hmmph," I agreed around one of his big, sperm-filled testes, being careful with it as I used a lot of tongue.

I had a mouthful of spit too and I sorta swished it around, making soft, wet noises while I pumped his dick with my hand. I wasn't sure why he wanted to cum on my face, but I wouldn't have said no to anything Gary wanted to do. As long as he was happy, I was happy, you know? I thought maybe if I could be the best boyfriend ever, he'd have to come to Seattle and be with me instead of going back to Portland or wherever. I just had to make Gary happy and love me as much as I loved him.

"Oh shit!"

I practically jumped off my knees when I heard a girl's surprised voice. It was Janice and she'd come walking up the trail with Ron, and they were two of the other camp counselors. We all stared at each other, me on my knees with my hand still holding Gary's swollen cock while he held my head. Jan held Ron's hand, like they were more than just friends, and her dirty blonde hair was falling across the widest blue eyes I'd ever seen. They were big as saucers and a slow grin spread over her pretty face while Ron, a tall black guy, just blinked at us.

"Hey, uh ... We were just ... Ummm..." Gary stammered, looking for an excuse as he pushed me away.

I let go of his dick and felt my face burning with humiliation. They were both grinning at us, Jan and Ron, staring as Gary pushed his balls and softening cock inside his shorts. I knew we were busted and this was going to be bad. They'd call Father John, the priest in charge of the orphanage, and I had no idea what he'd do to me. I figured it would probably involve a whipping with his belt and a lot of praying afterward.

Everyone would know about it too, all my friends and anyone who ever thought about adopting me. Father John would have to tell them, right? Nobody would want to adopt a boy who liked to suck dick and for the first time I realized I was kind of a fag now. I hadn't really thought about it before, but nobody likes fags and being called a homo and all that stuff. This was gonna be so bad.

"We saw what you were doing, man," Ron said with a chuckle. "That's some crazy shit though."

"You don't have to stop for us!" Janice laughed too, leaning against Ron and sort of hugging him. I figured he must have been her boyfriend, although it seemed kind of strange because she was so white and Ron had seriously black skin.

"Look, you guys don't have to say anything, right?" Gary said, zipping up his shorts and looking pretty red-faced himself.

"Hey, what's your name?" Ron asked me.

"Um ... Smokey," I replied, as if not giving him my real name would save me somehow.

"Smokey, right..." Ron said slowly. "Are you okay? Anybody hurt you or anything?"

"No," I answered quickly, knowing he was asking if Gary had been making me suck his dick. "I'm okay."

"We're friends," Gary said, reaching out so I could take his hand and get to my feet.

"So, it's all cool then," Ron said with a glance at Janice. "Right?"

"Yeah," she shrugged. "I didn't see anything. Did you?"

"Nope," Ron said, looking at Gary and me. "Nothing but the birds and the bees."

"Cool," Gary nodded, letting the word out with the breath he'd been holding. "Thanks, um..."

"We're gonna head off that way," Ron said, nodding back down the trail. "Check out that little waterfall."

"Have fun boys!" Janice giggled and offered us a finger wave.

"Yeah," Gary cleared his throat. "Okay. See you guys later."

We stood there and watched the other two counselors disappear into the forest and then we just sort of looked at each other.

"Are we gonna be in trouble?" I asked and Gary shook his head.

"Nah, they're cool," he told me. "We go to school together. It was Ron's idea to do this camping thing."

"They're your friends?" I asked, wanting to be completely reassured. I felt kind of sick, I was so nervous, like I wanted to puke.

"Ron is," he said. "Larry too, but I don't know the other guys very well. Come on, we'd better catch up."

There were eight counselors and one older guy, Mr. Williams, who was in charge of everything. We never saw much of him though and I just tried to stay as close to Gary as I could. Nobody seemed to suspect anything at least, but I still felt nervous and hoped Ron and Janice wouldn't say anything to anyone.

That night we roasted more marshmallows and had sing-alongs and all that stuff. There were three fires going because there were a lot of kids, like fifty or sixty of us probably, and I found myself sitting between Gary and Ron with Janice sitting on the other side of the black man. That didn't make me feel any better either. I kept waiting for one of them to say something, but Gary seemed to be pretty relaxed and he'd rub my back a little and nobody noticed.

"Hey," Ron whispered, "after we get the kids to bed we're gonna head down to the cabin."

"You and Janice?" Gary whispered back, leaning across me as they spoke.

"Yeah," Ron said with a grin. "Have a little party. You guys wanna come?"

"What about Williams?"

"He took off for town," Janice whispered around her new boyfriend's back. "He likes to hit the saloon."

"Saloon?" Gary laughed and I smiled, but I wasn't exactly sure what was going on. I'd been excited about sleeping in Gary's tent again, even though his sleeping bag wasn't completely dry after he'd washed my pee out of it.

"Yeah," Ron nodded. "The four of us."

"I wanna watch," Janice giggled, looking at me for some reason.

"Watch what?" I asked her.

"You wanna party?" Ron looked at me too and I shrugged and looked at Gary.

"It's up to you, Smokey," he said.

"I just, um ... I want to do what you want," I decided, mostly because I had no idea what I wanted.

"It'll be cool, man," Ron said to Gary and lowered his voice even further. "This bitch is into it. Come on."

I kind of blinked at that, wondering why he'd call his girlfriend a bitch. Maybe he wanted to sound like the black people on television or something. The only black guys I knew were a couple kids at the orphanage and they talked like me. Anyway, Ron was probably lucky Janice hadn't heard him.

"Yeah. Okay," Gary nodded. "We'll be there."

A couple hours later, after the fires had burned way down and everybody had crawled into their tents for the night, Gary led me by the hand towards the lake. A cabin had been built there and that's where Mr. Williams stayed; he liked to call it his headquarters. The place wasn't real fancy or anything, but it had a bathroom with a water pump and buckets, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a big room with a fireplace. No electricity though and Ron had turned on a couple gas lanterns which were seriously bright anyway.

"Hey! There they are!" Janice smiled as she let us inside, closing the door and locking it behind us.

"Think fast!" Ron said, tossing a can of beer at Gary. "You want one, Smokey?"

"Me?" I blinked and smiled and shrugged all at once. "Okay."

Ron tossed me a beer too and I almost dropped it. I'd tried some wine once, me and a couple kids when we'd swiped some from the church. I hadn't liked it very much though and it had just given me a headache mostly, but beer would be better, I thought ... except I didn't really like it very much. I only drank a little while everyone else finished theirs quickly, even Janice. She drank a second one before I'd even taken my second swallow, but nobody gave me a hard time or anything.

"Turn that one off," Janice said, meaning one of the lanterns, "and turn the other one way down."

We'd been there half an hour maybe, or a little longer, and it seemed kind of boring to me. I thought a party would be more fun than just sitting around and talking or whatever. Mostly I just sat on the floor next to Gary with my legs crossed Indian style, wishing we could just kiss or something. That's what I really wanted to do, but I was afraid to even touch him with Ron and Janice there.

We sat in kind of a circle with Gary to my right and Ron on my left, Janice sat across from me, closer to Ron as she liked to lean against him. She liked to laugh a lot too and I wondered if the girl was getting drunk or something. Ron smiled a lot and talked about college stuff with Gary or asked Janice about Olympia, where she was from. Like I said, it seemed like a pretty boring party to me.

Once the lanterns were turned down though and most of the light came from the fireplace, everyone seemed to relax a little more. Gary put his arm behind me, so we weren't really in a circle anymore, but like two couples sitting across from each other. I smiled and looked down when I felt the man's hand slipping under the back of my t-shirt and along my spine. His fingers felt good and I tried to fight down my nervousness as I scooted my butt a little closer.

"Hey," Gary whispered and I looked up to see Ron and Janice kissing in front of us.

"Oh!" I made a little face, but then Gary leaned down to find my mouth with his and just like that we were kissing like crazy.

His tongue caressed mine and I turned, straightening my legs as I hugged him. I suddenly didn't care that we weren't alone, I'd been wanting to kiss Gary all day and now I had to. He was so much bigger than me too. He pulled me close, practically lifting me off the floor so that I found myself straddling his thighs with my knees, sitting on his lap like a little kid while we made out. I had my arms wrapped around Gary's neck and he held my hips, but that must have been kind of hard with nothing to lean on, so he let himself fall backward until I was laying on top of him.

"Take this off," he told me, tugging at my t-shirt and I raised my arms so he could bare my flat chest in the firelight.

Once my t-shirt was gone, Gary pulled me upward, along his body just enough so he could kiss my nipples. He hadn't done that before and I sort of thought only girls would like having their tits played with, but it felt really great. He kissed my left nipple first, licking the small, pink nub and then sucking it into his mouth. He really chewed on me too! God! I almost thought it hurt, but it didn't. It just started feeling really intense, like my nipple became super sensitive, and he was sucking on more than just my nipple.

Gary had as much of my boy tit in his mouth as he could get, drawing the skin tight as he washed me with his tongue. His hands held my butt through my shorts and I wished we were completely naked. My dick felt as hard as it had ever been in my life and a bit uncomfortable the way it was trapped. I wanted to rub myself against something, against Gary, and I rocked my hips so I could grind myself against his firm stomach.

"There!" he breathed after about five minutes of chewing, sucking, and biting my chest. "I love your tits, Smokey."

I looked down to see my nipple fat and swollen, dark pink and long as it stood stiffly out from the bruised flesh around it. Gary had given me a serious hickey and it felt as if he'd lit a fire under my raw skin. He went right to work on my right nipple next and I closed my eyes, cradling the older boy's head and hunching my hips with pleasure. We spent another five minutes like that, until my right tit matched the left. I had a pair of dark red hickeys and puffy nipples that throbbed in time with my heart.

"Can I kiss yours?" I asked, feeling shy the way I usually did when I asked Gary if he wanted to do something. I always had this little fear that he'd laugh and say no, but he never did.

"Help me get my shirt off," he said with a smile and we not only did that, but I managed to take off my shorts and underwear too.

It sounds dumb, but I'd completely forgotten about Ron and Janice until I was naked and starting to undo Gary's shorts. I wanted him naked as well, but then I looked over my shoulder and saw them. Ron had his shorts around his knees as he leaned against an old chair, a heavy one made out of wood. His big, black dick stood straight up from his balls and Janice lay on the floor beside him, holding the man's cock with both hands while she sucked him off.

"You want some?" she asked with a giggle, pointing Ron's dick towards me as I froze for a second. "It's really big. We can share."

"Ummm..." I swallowed hard and looked at Gary, feeling sort of confused. I didn't even know that Ron guy and I just wanted to be with my boyfriend.

"Go ahead," Gary shrugged and he must have thought I wanted to suck his friend's dick.

"I just wanna suck yours," I said softly. "Okay?"

"Yeah," he smiled at me. "You can do whatever you want, Smokey."

Gary gave Ron a little shrug and Janice offered me a playful pout as she went back to sucking the black prick in her small white hands. It all seemed kind of strange to me, like sex should be kind of private, or so I'd always thought. I didn't know anything about sex though, not really. I'd never even been kissed until the night before, so everything was brand new and I just wanted to take it kind of slow. I wanted to be in love, see? More than sex, I wanted to be with someone who really liked me; that seemed more important than anything else.

I undressed Gary, doing my best to ignore Ron and Janice, and that wasn't too difficult. His cock sprang free like a Jack-in-the-box when I pulled Gary's boxers down. It slapped his stomach with a soft thwap and once I got his clothes completely off, I started kissing the man's legs as I crawled naked between his thighs. I wanted to tease Gary a little as I kissed his stomach and only blew warm air across his cock as it lay there throbbing. I could see the muscle spasm and clear precum appeared at the tip as I kissed my way to Gary's chest.

He grabbed my bare butt in his strong hands and pulled my crotch to his. I could feel our cocks touching, the underside of mine rubbing along the shaft of his. My smaller balls seemed to nestle comfortably on the furry pillow of Gary's scrotum and we both moved like we were fucking. I kissed his nipples and licked them, even sucked them gently while he held me against his hot prick. We really were having sex, sort of, and I felt my orgasm rising in my tummy. The way his cock felt against mine was too good and when I felt Gary's fingers slipping between my butt cheeks I nearly lost it completely.

He fingered my tender asshole as I slid upwards enough to kiss his neck and jaw, his chin and finally Gary's lips. We were making out again with my dick trapped against his belly and the man's middle finger exploring my tight butt. I swirled my tongue around inside his mouth, tickling his and inviting Gary to chase me. When he did, I suckled on his tongue, closing my lips around it and bobbing my head playfully. I was happy again, overjoyed and filled with excitement. Nothing else existed while we made out that way. The whole universe was just us, Gary and me, and nobody else.

"Like this..." Gary breathed after awhile and I had no idea how long we'd been kissing. "I want to fuck your cunt again."

He wanted to have real sex again and I sat up with my palms flat on his chest. I had to move back down a little and lift my butt while Gary took his cock in hand, guiding the smooth head of his penis to my boy pussy and I winced as I lowered myself slowly and carefully. I felt him stretching me again, forcing the blunt tip of his erection past my sphincter. I wanted to hold my breath, but it was better if I didn't and I told myself to relax. We'd done it before and I could do it again. We'd fucked twice and I'd liked it both times, that's what I had to remember, but after a long day my butt seemed to have forgotten.

"Ow! Slow!" I whispered, wincing and blinking my eyes rapidly. It burned a little, but mostly felt like somebody was giving me a slow motion punch or something.

"Ummmm..." Gary sighed, nodding his head while I took more of him, letting gravity do the work as I let my asshole slide down his rock solid prick.

"That's so hot!" Janice giggled from behind me and I closed my eyes, not wanting to think about someone watching us. Sex is kind of embarrassing, but I don't know why. Everyone does it.

Up and down, fucking Gary's cock an inch at a time, that's how we did it. I'd slip down two inches and go back up one, rolling my ass and rocking my hips while Gary would squeeze me. It took a minute or two, but soon enough I found myself sitting on his pelvis with every inch of his erection stuffed inside my boy cunt. We didn't move for a few seconds, but only looked at each other. I felt the angry muscles way down in my gut squeezing Gary's dick with small contractions. My own dick hovered straight and stiff over his stomach, dripping precum and jerking every now and again.

"Fuck him," Janice whispered in my ear, surprising me so much I almost fell over. "Ride that cock, faggot. I wanna see you guys fuck."

"Don't call him that," Ron frowned, but he was laughing too.

"Be cool," Gary breathed, staring up at the girl as she knelt naked beside me. I'd never seen a real, live, naked woman before and she had big tits and dark nipples. I couldn't help but stare at them.

"Why?" she asked with another giggle. "That's what he is, right? Little fagboy?"

"Janice..." Ron sighed.

"Come on," she teased, kind of hugging me as I sat on Gary's dick. "Tell me you're a fag. Admit it. You like it when I call you that, right?"

"Leave him alone," Gary said and I think he was just as confused as I was. We didn't know what this chick's problem was, or what to do about it.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of," she said. "I've been called a slut before, so I know what it's like. Just tell me, cocksucker..."

"Yeah," I said softly, thinking maybe that would make her happy. "I like it."

"You like what, fagboy?" she wondered, widening her blue eyes with a big smile.

"I like it when you call me that."


"Yeah," I breathed, even though I didn't really care what she said as long as she'd leave us alone.

"Just shut-up," Gary told her, pulling me down to his chest and hugging me tightly. "Don't listen to her, she's drunk."

"I don't care," I whispered. "I just want to be with you."

"That's so sweet ... Hey!" Janice yelled as Ron grabbed her arm and yanked her backwards to sit with him again. "Asshole!"

"I heard you were a bitch," he said, pushing Janice and kind of wrestling with her actually. "You know what happens to a bitch?"

"What the fuck are you doing?" she wondered, looking only sort of mad and maybe a little amused at the same time.

"Gonna get fucked like one," Ron told her with a grin, and he had Janice laying face down on the sheepskins that covered the floor.

"Yeah?" She surprised me with a smile, maybe all of us. "Just make sure you pull out before you cum..."

"Ugh! Hot little bitch!" Ron groaned as he pushed his dick inside her pussy from behind.

" ... I don't need any nigger babies," Janice told him and I blinked at that, but Ron just laughed.

"Fuck you, bitch!" he said, straddling her hips with his knees and holding her down by the shoulders.

He really fucked her hard too, filling the room with the steady slapping sound of his ebony skin against her pale ass. I didn't understand any of it. She'd called him a nigger! I'd half expected him to slap her or something, or just get up and leave. Why Ron would still want to have sex with the woman, I had no idea, just like I didn't know why she'd want to say the stuff she had to me. Something was seriously wrong with Janice, in my opinion, but maybe she'd just been drunk or something.

I didn't worry about it though and I stopped watching them because Gary seemed to be a lot more interesting. We'd started moving together, not very much, but enough so that it felt good for both of us. My butt ached around his dick, but most of the pain had gone away beneath his gentle hands and soft kisses. Gary held me in place while he moved his hips, lifting himself off the floor to push and pull his cock along the tight channel between my thighs. I could feel his cock sliding back and forth and I played with his sandy hair and smiled into his blue eyes while we made love.

"Are you ... No! Fucker!" Janice suddenly yelled, pounding the floor and kicking her feet. "Get off me! Stop it!"

"Ohhhh ... Fuck!" Ron groaned, holding the girl down as he arched his back and smiled at the rafters above us. "Big load! There's your ... Ugh! Baby!"

"I told you to pull out! Asshole! Fuck! Motherfucker!"

"Motherfucker is right!" Ron laughed weakly, letting himself down to cover Janice like a sweaty, black blanket.

"Get off! Pull it out!" she continued, but he just kissed her blonde hair and held her tight beneath him. She wasn't all that much bigger than me, except in the tit department, and Ron was a healthy guy.

"Wait a minute, bitch. I'm still hard."

"I'm gonna kill you! Fuck! If I get pregnant..."

"Shhhh..." Ron shushed her, kissing her flushed cheek and then her lips as Janice turned her head a little more.

They were fucking again and I guess she couldn't have been too mad. I could see their tongues moving between their panting mouths and Janice grunted softly with every thrust of Ron's hips. It looked kind of sexy, actually, and I was ready to cum too. I'd been fighting to hold myself back, but the constant pressure and rubbing against my dick as it lay trapped between our bodies was too much.

Gary wanted to cum as well and he'd begun to pound my butt harder and faster, holding my hips so he could push me down to meet his cock. We'd grown hot and damp with sweat, and my still burning nipples, puffy and hard as pebbles, felt as if they'd been rubbed raw against Gary's muscular chest. I watched Ron fuck Janice as long as I could, but then I had to close my eyes as I felt my erection spasm with a rush of blinding pleasure.

Whatever it must have felt like for Gary, the sensation of my orgasm tugging at my balls and contracting my rectum around his cock, I guess he enjoyed it. A few seconds later he joined me, kissing my face and panting in my ear while his balls emptied their hot load into my boy cunt for the third time in two days. We were cumming together, at the same time, and I enjoyed that most of all. More than the physical experience, I seemed to be floating away on the emotions we shared. I loved him and I told him so, whispering the words over and over while he held me.

"I don't know what was up with that chick last night," Ron told me the next day. "Don't pay any attention to that shit."

"Okay," I shrugged, kicking at the water with my bare feet. We were sitting on the end of the dock and I'd taken off my shoes and socks.

"Some people are like that," he continued, maybe talking to himself as much as me. "They don't feel good unless somebody else feels bad."

"I don't feel bad," I said. "Maybe she was drunk."

"Heh! Maybe," Ron agreed with a grin. "How long you been gay?"

"Ummm ... I dunno," I giggled nervously. "Since I met Gary, I guess."

"Gary's cool," he nodded. "Didn't know he was all like that though."

"Like gay?"

"Yeah," Ron said, giving me a look. "You okay talking about it like this?"

"There's nobody else around," I replied, looking over my shoulder just to make sure. Everyone else was off to do some crafts stuff, making baskets or leather wallets or something. Gary had run into town on some errand for Mr. Williams.

"I just don't want to freak you out or anything."

"You're not," I said with a small laugh. "I just wish Gary was here."

"He'll be back later," Ron reminded me.

"Yeah," I sighed, kicking the water some more.

"So, um..." Ron touched the small of my back with his fingers and I looked at him.

"What?" I asked and I didn't really know the guy or anything, but I knew he was Gary's friend and seemed pretty okay.

"You wanna like ... You know..." Ron glanced down at his crotch and I narrowed my eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we're all alone here," he cleared his throat. "You wanna see my dick?"

"Uh ... I saw it last night," I told him with a grin.

"You know what I mean," he said softly, sliding his hand up and down my back. "How about a little blowjob, huh?"

"Oh!" I blinked at him and the guy probably thought I was pretty stupid for not getting it until then. "I better not, um ... I like Gary, you know?"

"Right. Yeah," Ron agreed. "I like him too, not that way though."

He laughed and so did I, but mostly I just didn't want to make Gary mad at me. Like if I fooled around with Ron, then ... I didn't know what that would mean. I loved Gary and Ron was a good looking man, really muscular and big all over. He made me feel puny just sitting next to him, but I didn't even know if I liked him or not.

"Just let me take it out," he said, unzipping his fly and I swallowed hard as I watched his fingers moving to free his cock. "You can just look at it for a minute, okay?"

"Alright," I breathed, staring as he pulled his semi-hard penis out of his shorts. It looked huge to me.

Gary had a big dick, yeah, but Ron's wasn't even hard and it looked gigantic. The skin was black, not brown or chocolate colored the way some people are. It looked smooth, like black satin or something, and he wasn't circumcised either, so the foreskin covered the head of his dick like a hood. As it grew larger though, the foreskin started to peel back, revealing a smooth, purplish knob that already glistened with precum.

"You want to touch it, Smokey?" Ron asked. "Don't hurt to touch it a little, right? Nobody's gotta know."

I hesitated and it wasn't the man's beautiful black dick that convinced me, but Ron's warm smile and soft brown eyes. When I looked at his face, I decided I wanted to like him and I have no idea why that would have anything to do with sex, but it did. I was afraid if I said no, he'd get mad or something. Disappointed maybe, that's the word. I didn't want to disappoint the guy and so I moved my hand from my lap to his and felt the warmth of his cock under my fingers.

"That's it, Smokey," he whispered. "Wrap your fingers around my dick. Feel that? You're making me hard now. Nine inches. Ever seen a dick that big before?"

"No," I whispered, closing my fist around Ron's penis and feeling it continue to swell with excitement.

He was hot and heavy and I watched the foreskin slide over the glans as I moved my hand up and down. I'd never seen anything like it and I wondered if it hurt, but Ron didn't seem to mind. He just leaned back on his arms and watched me, smiling all the while as I turned enough to use both hands. His dick was huge by the time it was fully erect and I felt my own penis aching in my shorts. My heart was going fast and my lungs couldn't seem to get enough air. It felt like the first time I'd been with Gary and I liked those feelings a lot.

"Go ahead and give it a kiss, Smokey," he urged me. "I know you want to. Kiss my dick, white boy."

I leaned over and kissed the tip, getting precum on my lips and it didn't taste like much of anything. I could smell him though, strong and manly, like Gary smelled but only more. I took a deep breath through my nose, savoring the man's pungent odor and then opened my mouth and took the head of his cock between my lips. He really filled my mouth quickly too! I couldn't suck nearly as much of Ron as I could Gary, just the head mostly, and I washed it all over with my tongue while I squeezed the shaft with both hands.

"That's it, watch the teeth ... There you go ... Move your hands, just suck the head, Smokey."

I really didn't know how or why I'd ended up sucking the man's cock. I hadn't planned on doing that, but once I started, I couldn't stop. He wouldn't have let me anyway. Ron held my head down, not forcing me or anything, but not letting me up either. I breathed through my nose and just kept licking and sucking the smooth head of his black dick while I jerked him off.

It took a long time, I thought, like I'd been sucking his dick forever. My tongue felt tired and my jaw was stiff and a lot of spit and precum had leaked from my mouth. I'd massaged the wetness onto Ron's black shaft so that it glistened in the afternoon sun and made it easier to slide my hands up and down his huge pole. I stroked him quickly too, feeling the hard muscle underneath, the odd shaped veins and all that. There was a texture underneath, but the outside felt like silk.

"Uhhh ... Here it comes," Ron groaned softly. "Eat it, Smokey ... Swallow my cum, white boy!"

His cock pulsed quickly and I couldn't begin to swallow all of his semen. It filled my mouth like a salty, bitter-sweet flood and I got one hard swallow down before I gagged and coughed, spurting hot cream from the corners of my mouth and down the shaft. I recovered quickly though and swallowed again and again, still jerking Ron off. I'd never stopped moving my hands and as his orgasm slowed, I milked him for every drop I could get. It tasted good to me and slightly different than Gary's cum, but not all that much maybe.

"Man! You sucked me off good, Smokey," Ron chuckled as I lifted my mouth from his dick and licked my lips. "How'd you like the flavor? Like that black jizz?"

"Yeah," I nodded, feeling kind of dizzy and breathing hard. "It's good."

"You can blow me anytime you want, okay?" He rubbed my shoulders and slid his hand up the back of my neck, into my brown hair.

"Alright," I agreed. "But don't tell Gary, okay?"

"Shit," he said, looking shocked at the idea. "I don't kiss and tell. This is just between the three of us ... me, you, and my dick. Right?"

"Yeah," I nodded, looking at my hands and they were covered with cum.

"Don't waste it," Ron said, stopping me as I bent over so I could wash my hands in the lake. "Lick your fingers for me. I wanna see it."

"Why?" I wondered with a self-conscious giggle.

"Just because," he said with a laugh of his own. "You said you like it anyway."

"I guess so," I shrugged, licking his semen from my fingers slowly while he watched. It seemed kind of weird to me.

"Maybe next time I'll tap that ass, huh?" Ron asked me a couple minutes later as we walked down the dock.

"What?" I looked over my shoulder and caught him staring at my butt in the khaki shorts I wore.

"You've got a perfect ass," he sighed with a grin. "Like a little fuckin' girl, you know that?"

"Ummm ... Okay," I giggled, but that made me think about how I was walking and I didn't try to make my butt wiggle or anything, but ... It was weird, like I said.

Thinking about walking made it seem difficult for some reason, but it was better than thinking about Gary and what he'd say if he knew I'd given his friend a blowjob.

"What's wrong?" Gary asked me later that night and I glanced guiltily at Ron. There wasn't much light at all, but we were close enough that it didn't matter.

It had started raining shortly before dinner and after eating quickly, everyone had gone to their tents. Gary had changed the assignments that first day, swapping me with some chubby boy named Kirby. Ron shared his tent with some other kid, but he'd come around with his big smile and of course Gary had let him in, and that only made me feel worse.

"It's not his fault," Ron said before I could answer. "Smokey feels bad cause we fooled around today."

"Oh yeah?" Gary looked between us and finally settled his eyes on mine. "Are you okay, Smokey?"

"I kind of, um..." I swallowed hard. "I like you a lot, but I didn't mean to..."

I couldn't decide the best way to explain. Whatever I said seemed to sound wrong and we'd only known each other for a couple days, but I was in love. I had a crush on the guy, see? If Gary fooled around with one of the other boys it would have hurt me a lot and I felt a little jealous whenever I saw him even talking to one of the other kids. It was dumb, I knew that, but I couldn't help it and I figured if I felt that way, probably Gary would feel the same about me. He'd hate me and yet I wanted to tell him the truth. Lying, even by omission, made me feel sick.

"What did you guys do?" Gary wondered with a smile, not looking mad at all as we sat close together in that small two-man tent.

"I sucked his dick," I admitted softly, looking down at my hands. "I wasn't going to, but..."

"Nobody can resist!" Ron chuckled. "Don't blame yourself, Smokey."

"Right!" Gary laughed and even I had to smile at that. "I didn't know you were into it, dude."

"Me?" Ron shook his head. "I'm into fucked up white bitches, but I had some white boys swing on my thing before."

"Swang on your thang?" Gary rolled his eyes because that's kind of how Ron talked.

"Back in high school," he explained. "Some of the guys would peek at my dick in the shower, you know?"

"Really?" I sucked my bottom lip. "Were there a lot of guys like that?"

"Enough," Ron nodded. "Shit. Lots of white boys get curious about black dick. It's in their minds or something, just like their girlfriends."

"I never got curious," Gary said with a grin.

"Yeah, but you're a fag anyway, right?"

"Yeah," my boyfriend looked at me. "I'm a fag."

"Me too," I said with a giggle.

"Wanna hear the funny part?" Ron asked us. "Every white boy who sucked my cock..."

"What?" I asked.

" ... I fucked their girlfriends too," he said. "If they had one, you know."

"What if they didn't?"

"Then I'd fuck their sisters," Ron shrugged. "I fucked this one boy's mama. Man! She was one hot ass bitch too!"

"Fuck you!" Gary laughed, shaking his head at me. "Don't believe anything Ron says. I've known him since third grade and he's so full of crap..."

"My eyes are brown?" Ron laughed as well. "Can't help it, man. It's in the genes."

"So, um ... You're not mad at me?" I asked Gary and he made a face.

"Mad about what?" He reached for my t-shirt and started tugging it up my body. "You're a big boy; you can do what you want. Nobody owns you, Smokey."

"He was owning my black dick down by the lake," Ron said, rubbing the bulge in his shorts as my still bruised and tender nipples were exposed.

"You can own me if you want," I breathed after Gary pulled my t-shirt off my arms and tossed it aside. "I love you."

"Yeah, I love you too," he sighed. "But love isn't owning somebody, it's setting them free."

"That's real poetic, man." Ron pulled his t-shirt over his head, showing off his hard, black body. "You must be queer, saying shit like that."

"What are you doing?" Gary asked him with a teasing smile.

"What? I can't get no action here?" Ron looked at Gary and then at me. "I thought we had a thing, you know. Smokey don't mind, right? You want some black love, white boy?"

"What happened to Janice?" I asked him, feeling that happy nervous excited tingling in my tummy.

"She won't talk to me anymore," he shrugged.

"Trust issues?" Gary wondered. "You shoulda pulled out, dude."

"Shit! That bitch deserves a black baby," he said with a chuckle. "Calling me a nigger? I got some Thomas Jefferson in my blood. She don't know jack."

"Yeah, yeah..." Gary waved that away and turned to me. "You want Ron to stay or go? It's up to you."

"Um, he can stay," I said. "I mean, if it's okay with you."

"It's fine for me," my boyfriend said with a smile. "You're the one he wants to play with."

"Yeah, don't try and get me to do any of that fag stuff," Ron said to Gary. "I just like getting my dick sucked, that's all."

"And that doesn't make you gay?" Gary snorted. "You never got curious about white dick? I met a lot of black boys in the shower..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Ron laughed.

" ... I fucked all their daddies too!"

"You guys are crazy," I decided, giggling and feeling my heart like it was ready to burst.

"Nah," Gary reached for my shorts and I watched as he started undoing them. "We're just horny."

"No shit," Ron agreed, working on his own shorts. "My dick is killing me!"

"Mine too!" I grinned as Gary pulled my shorts and underwear down my legs. My cock stood straight up and I had to resist the urge to stroke it.

"Mine three," Gary said as he began undressing and I was already getting on my hands and knees, crawling between Ron's thighs.

I pressed my mouth at the base of his wonderfully large black cock, drinking in the man's ripe musk and kissing his heavy balls. Ron had a tight sack, not loose like mine or Gary's, almost leathery and about the size of a small orange maybe. I could feel the texture distinctly with my tongue as I lapped at his dark skin and his wiry pubic hair tickled my face. I held his balls in my hand, ignoring his cock for the moment as I opened my mouth wide and wished I could fill myself with his entire scrotum.

Behind me, Gary spread my round butt cheeks with his thumbs and I shivered when I felt his tongue playing around my asshole. He'd lick at my balls every now and again, but mostly he ate my hole like I had a real pussy. Gary licked around my anus and stiffened his tongue, trying to wiggle it inside me, and I could barely concentrate on what I was doing with Ron. It was amazing having two men at once and they must have discussed it earlier, made their plans, but at the time I wasn't smart enough to figure it all out.

"That's it, white boy, love my big black balls," Ron whispered, talking to me the whole time. "Gonna fuck that pretty mouth of yours in a minute. Ohhh ... Yeah ... Warm those babymakers up, boy."

He was as good as his word too. After I'd washed his balls thoroughly with my tongue and then gotten Ron's cock nice and wet with spit, he knelt in front of me. I opened wide and let the man feed me his prick while Gary replaced his tongue with his fingers, spreading some sort of slippery lubricant around and inside my boy cunt. It felt cold, but I didn't complain, and when he took his position behind me I was ready to be fucked at both ends.

Gary didn't say a word, he only moaned with pleasure as his cockhead found my sphincter and slipped effortlessly inside my rectum. The lube, something called Asstro-Glide, worked amazingly well and I felt nothing but good as he started pumping me with long, slow strokes. I felt so totally relaxed too, and that helped a lot. I rolled my hips and pushed myself against him, grunting as I felt the head of Gary's dick nudge my prostate.

My own cock jerked around beneath me, dripping precum on the sleeping bag and spilling it on my thighs. Ron reached beneath me with one big hand to find my sensitive tits and I shook with a quality mix of pleasure and pain when he'd pinch my nipples and pull on them. Gary liked to rub my back while he fucked me and that was nice too. I had two big, strong men fucking me and I never wanted it to end. I tried as hard as I could to open my throat for Ron's cock, but he was just too thick for that. I could get the head inside my mouth and only an inch more. He didn't complain though.

"Give me some face, Smokey ... Like that ... Catch your breath..." Ron whispered, pulling his cock from my mouth and kind of moving my head around with his hands.

His cock stroked my cheeks and nose, sliding up and down so that his precum leaked all over me. I guess he just wanted to make a mess, but I had to admit that it felt nice. I liked the feeling of his strong, black penis massaging me and I wouldn't have cared where he wanted to rub me with it. I kissed his stomach and thighs, licked his balls, and turned my head to trap his dick between my chin and my shoulder, giggling breathlessly as he fucked the odd, meaningless orifice I'd temporarily made.

Gary liked to play around too and maybe it was our mood or the rain or ... something. I don't know, but it wasn't really serious the way it had been when we'd made love before. This time Gary pulled his cock out of my boy cunt and slid it underneath my balls and along my dick. He fucked me that way, reaching under my hips to grab his dick and mine in his hand, pressing us together and jerking us both off at once. I wanted to kiss him while he did that, but instead I was busy kissing Ron's dick as he pushed it back into my hungry mouth.

I came with a rush, spilling my orgasm all over Gary's cock and into his hand as he tried to catch it. My boyfriend smeared my semen all over his dick and then pushed it back into my asshole with one quick jab of his hips. He wanted to cum too and he fucked my own cum inside my hole while Ron started jerking himself off into my mouth. I nursed on the head of his dick, tickling the underside with my tongue, and begged him in the dim light with my shining eyes. I wanted to swallow all of him and feel his orgasm in my tummy while Gary creamed my eager ass. I shook and shivered, jerking forward and back on my hands and knees as I tried to bring them off together.

Maybe I was only a fucktoy right then. I mean, this was just raw sex and not like making love at all, but I still enjoyed it. Gary could use me if he wanted and so could his friends, I didn't care as long as he'd love me later when we could be alone again. It was a strange moment of clarity for a teenage boy to have maybe, I'm not sure. I only knew I was happy and when Ron gasped and tried to ram his cock down my throat, I didn't mind. It was uncomfortable and I choked on his dick and then on all the semen that came shooting out of it, but I liked that part too. I'd made him cum and a half minute later, I made Gary cum as well.

"Ummm..." he sighed, wrapping his arms around my tummy and hugging me while his balls emptied into my hot ass.

Gary kissed my shoulders and neck, keeping himself deep inside me while I rocked my hips and gave his cock a slutty sort of grind. It had been a great fuck, from both ends, and we still had all that night and three more days of camp left to fuck some more. We could do it a lot, I figured, all three of us, except I wasn't sure I wanted to try taking Ron's big black dick in my butt. That would probably hurt! I'd let him do it though, or at least try, but mostly I wanted to spend as much time as I could with Gary. He was my first real boyfriend. The man I'd given my virginity to and I'd never forget him.

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