It Is Good to Be the Demon
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by DEMONMASTER62

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One Night at the club, The Demon comes out to "play". I was going to end it there, but there are too many experiences not to share them. Some will be flashbacks to set up happenings that occur in the present. I wish there was just a D/s genre, as BDSM is too strong. And no, they aren't the same.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Sadistic   Spanking   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Fisting   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex  

As old Mick used to sing "Please allow me to introduce myself..." Well no, I'm not the Devil, nor would I have anything to do with him. I do however at times call myself the "DEMONMASTER", but it is not as in a "Demon from Hell", but rather as "The Dom from Hell". More on this later.

I am a musician, fronting my own band. In this day of the quick "download" it is refreshing to find that there are still people out there that appreciate and even search out halfway decent bands that can and do play "Classic Rock" that folks our age can use to steal little moments back from our youth, and just Dance or hoot and holler, grind to, seduce to, or whatever floats your boat.

We do fairly well, play 3 nights a week, plenty of ladies ... And interestingly enough, a lot of the younger kids (old enough to get in that is) are starting to search this kind of stuff out as well. Kinda makes the old heart proud.

Anyway, I do the band thing, and I DJ a couple of nights a week, and while you'll never get rich that way, "It's a living" as they used to say. A friend of mine and I write and record our own tunes. We put out a new song on the 'Net once in awhile, basically just because we can, but trust me, there is no money in original music anymore. Not when ten minutes after it hits the web, it is already being stolen. So we console ourselves with the download numbers. I mean they must have liked it to at least take the 30 seconds to download it, right?

Fuck, I'm getting old.

Speaking of which, I've just entered my early 50's. It's funny how time breaks it off in your ass. I mean in your 20's you're "hitting" anything that breathes, and stays still long enough.

In your 30's it's pretty much the same, except you find that you enjoy a little chase once in a while, before "bagging and tagging" it.

In your 40's you tend to have relationships that last a few months, because It's nice to be able to wine and dine, or come home to a lady who you don't always have to sexually perform for. But these are relationships that you will always mess up, just because some new piece has started flirting with you from the dance floor while you play. And try as you might, you know you are going to fuck up a good thing, but you do it anyway. And the whole decade seems to revolve like that.

Mind you, I'm talking from a musician's point of view, your mileage may vary.

Now hold on out there, I can hear you starting to mumble "Hey where's the rough sex, the rape and pillaging, you know, the crazy shit I read this damn category for?" It's coming, just keep your shorts/panties on for just a bit more. To understand the story, you must understand a little bit about me, otherwise it'll be a story with no context. And I was taught long ago that "context is everything"

Now, Where were we ... oh yeah, so now in my early 50's (it really started in my mid 40's) I've come to a place in my life where I know full well what I am; I'm a mean, sadistic, cold, calculating, evil, one fucking bastard of a Dom. Any sub that places herself in my path, is in for a world of pain, humiliation, shame, and fucking her own dad in the public square if I tell her to do so.

And that's just for starters.

I'm a little over 5 and a half feet tall, and go around 235, a fat little bastard you might think, but trust me, put a guitar in your hands with the air fans blowing your hair around, and the stage lights hitting you just the right way, and suddenly you are David Fucking Coverdale.

And no, I do not have a dick that goes to my knees, more like 6 and half inches long, but, also an apparently impressive girth as has been pointed out to me many times. In fact I had a girl once who gave me a great line;"Honey, you might not touch the bottom, but you'll damn sure bust them sides out!" She probably stole the joke, but it earned her quite a few fun rounds with The Demonmaster.

Ah, and there we are, back where we started with the DEMONMASTER. All through my 20's and 30's I really had no idea what Dom or sub meant, I just knew I was pretty aggressive in sexual situations, and was gradually moving into being rougher as well. As my mid 40's were about to start I had one girl say to me, "you are quite a rough Dom, aren't you?" I'm like "What?" and she proceeds to tell me about Dominance and submission or as I learned later; D/s.

Well I started reading and learning about this stuff, and after awhile it dawned on me "I'm NOT a freak, this shit actually exists!" And from then on, it was a matter of finding my boundaries, what I could get away with, and what I couldn't. How subs have different kinks and how use those kinks against them ... and on and on. So, now I'm the bastard that I described to you a few paragraphs ago.

And yes, as I've gotten older I've gotten more picky about my conquests. I still get the occasional quick groupie blowjob once in awhile, just to let off steam so I can be the cold bastard with a sub that needs to learn a lesson, or maybe just needs me in full "Demon Mode" as I call it.

In other words, I lead my dick, my dick doesn't lead me. And that my friends, can be a real "mindfuck" for some submissives.

And since I brought up the occasional groupie encounter. It seems like the perfect place to actually start this sordid little tale.

We are in our first set, and the place is gradually changing it's entire look as the the "Happy Hour" shift is slowly leaving, just as the evening crowd is starting to come in. We are cranking pretty good, when I can feel eyes on me. You'd be correct in saying "You're the guy up there playing and singing, of course people are looking at you, ya dumb ass." Well that's true of course, but you can tell when someone is really paying attention to YOU, not the band, not the lights, not even really paying attention to the song.

Well, when you play for places like we do, that holds between maybe one to two hundred people, you can usually find that person pretty quickly. Although as soon as you meet her eyes, and she realizes that you know she is the one. Well of course, then her eyes start looking everywhere but at you.

I size her up pretty well, as I gather that she is the woman at her table with a few friends, for whom she takes on the task of being that table's "life of the party".

We've all seen her in one form or another, The one that laughs a little too loud at the jokes, She's always trying to get one of the friends to go ask a guy to dance. She goes out of her way to "mother" the one girl at the table, who either just had a break-up, or is getting a divorce or whatever the case may be. And she finds herself drinking just a little more than she normally would.

And of course, tonight she is really laying it on, as she just got the singer to look at her, and she could swear that she saw the same loneliness in his eyes, as she just knows he saw in hers. She is always dressed for the occasion of the "Girls Night Out", meaning a shorter skirt than she would normally wear, a little heavy on the make-up, trying to be the woman she was 15 or so years ago, when the pot belly thing at home that she calls a husband, used make her feel pretty and wanted.

She has more than a few extra pounds, without being obese. A good set of breasts up top, both in size, and firmness (though this really relies on how good the bra is, or how much she has been blessed by Mother Nature). The hair is almost always auburn/brown, which when the light hits it just the right way, it gives off just a tease of red.

She is usually between 40 and 50, though those are by no means the firm age range, but really just more of the average.

Now that she knows she has been noticed, she just has to get on the dance floor, either with a girl friend, or one of the many horny guys looking to get laid. Every time she faces toward the stage, she looks my way to see if I am watching her moves, as she tries hard to be sexy and seductive.

On a normal night for me, I would just give her a few grins, and enough attention from the stage to let her know she is appreciated. Any chat between sets, that she might pursue, is usually just to sincerely make her feel important as being a fan of the band, without giving her any hope that there may be a more intimate time later on in the evening.

Now, as I said, that would be a normal night. However On this particular night, The Demon is playing the stage.

So at this point, I make sure to make eye contact with her, every time she turns my way. A quick grin, maybe a wink now and then, and I can almost visibly see her go from cool and collected, to hot and sweating. And as an extra little invisible touch to her mind, I make sure I'm looking straight into her eyes, when any romantic or poignant line comes up in the lyrics, as if I'm singing them TO her and JUST for her.

Now it is the bass player's turn to sing a nice soulful tune. The timing couldn't be better, as it gives me the chance to step off of the stage and mingle with the dancers, all the while playing the pretty but simple chords on my the guitar. My lady ("prey" would be more apropo) has ditched her dance partner, and is back in her place at her table. Obviously, she has seen us play before, and knows my little routine of going out onto the floor during the slower songs. I can only assume she is twitching in her seat as I go by each table, playing and smiling, until I get to hers. Because as I get there she goes almost rigid, eyes boring into mine with both fear and need shining in them.

The other girls are kind of giving her "oohs" and "aahs", as it is readily apparent to them, that she is both enjoying and being ashamed of her infatuation. After the deep gaze, I kind of blow her a kiss, and move on down the row of tables. I can hear her table all a twitter now, like a bunch of high school girls.

Man, I love my job.

I make it back to the stage right on cue, as the soul tune ends. The band immediately jumps into a "foot stomper" to close out the set. I make it a point to only glance at her once, as I grind and scream the song to a close. I tell the crowd we are taking a short break, and to please tip the waitresses. I make my way to the back door, glance back just enough to be sure she is watching, then step out to have a smoke.

I've got to hand it to her. She waits a full three minutes before coming out. It takes her a few seconds of looking around at the few couples who have stepped out to "get to know each other better", before she spots the glow of my cigarette. I am back in a much dimmer lit area, sitting on one of the few "picnic tables" that are out there for the monthly smoked rib dinners put on at this particular joint. She tries to make her approach seem unhurried and normal. Her nervous face and very noticeable shaking lips give her away as she slowly slides up to sit down next to me.

Thank God, that good old Florida does get chilly at night during the fall/Winter months. This allows her to have a plausible reason for her hard nipples to be trying to poke holes through her bra and top. I take a good long look at them, making sure she sees where my eyes are. This puts her on the defensive very quickly. I can almost hear the gears in her head, the rushing thoughts of "he must think I'm some kind of slut, coming out here after him, and my damn nipples aren't helping ... yet, I love that he is looking at them. God, he must really think I'm a slut". I didn't know her thoughts for real of course, but over the years, I've gained the instinct to make a good guess at it.

I decide to test it, and her, by simply asking "But, you are aren't you?"

"Wha ... What?" She stammers out, while she performs the feat of a sharp intake of breath at the same time, something I would not have believed possible.

"Look, time is short, we both know what you were thinking. I merely asked "But you are aren't you?" now answer me!"

She begins to stammer again, but I start to get up as if going back in. The "yes" came very quickly and very low.

I sit back down, "yes ... what?" Her eyes look at me, as if begging me not to make her shame herself.

"Yes what?" I ask in very stern voice.

"Yes, I'm a slut" she whispers, her head now bowed.

"Oh no you don't, look in my eyes and say it clearly!"

"I am a slut" she says again. Her nipples visibly grow even harder and I can smell the distinctive aroma of a woman as she grows aroused.

"You liked having to say that, didn't you, slut?" I knew I had found the door to one of her kinks.


"yes what?" Now her eyes meet mine as if to question what I wanted.

"YES, WHAT!" I repeated in a very hard voice.

"Yes Sir" she says very humbly, almost as a question, her body again shaking.

"Am I "Sir" to you now slut?"

"Yes Sir"

"And what are you to me?"

"I am your slut, Sir"

"Good girl"

Our eyes have been locked for this little exchange, her eyes telling me so much. But the change in them at those two little words; "Good girl" showed me that she was almost overwhelmed, like she had found a part of herself that she had been searching to find, for a very long time.

I stood up, leaned against the back of the building, and crooked a finger at her to come to me. She got up slowly, her look saying she knows what I want, and she is more than ready. I take her by surprise, by wrapping my arms around her, and drawing her to me. I then place one hand at the back of her head, and pull her in for a very deep, yet very rough kiss. Once she understands what is happening, she starts trying to pull herself in even closer.

I must admit, that her hard nipples, which I could feel on my chest, ebbing and receding with her every breath, almost derailed my intentions of starting her evening's "Mind Fuck", and just go straight for the quickie. But knowing that I had about a minute to get back to the stage kept me on track.

I broke our kiss and quickly turned her around, putting her back to me. I grabbed a good hand full of her hair, and pulled her head back so her ear was at my mouth. I told her that every time I look at my slut from the stage, I'd better see her panties.

"I don't care how you work it out, but I better see them every time, slut!" this said in a sharp whisper. I kissed her neck quickly, let her go, and then simply walked inside and took my place on stage.

We were near the end of the first song before she came in. As she walked across the dance floor to get to her table, she kept her head slightly down, never looking in my direction. when she did sit down, she looked everywhere but at me. I know this because I took a quick glance at her as we started the next song. Her legs were closed.

Now on this second song, the chords are much more challenging, so I had to devote my time and attention to what I was doing for the entire duration of the tune. When we finally got to the end, and everything worked like it should, the crowd thanked us with a big round of applause. Sometimes, I live for just these moments when band and audience have really connected, and have more or less taken a little trip together.

I looked her way. She was looking at me, but her legs stayed closed.

Well, I certainly knew how to deal with situations like this.

Demonmaster Style.

For the next couple of songs, I never looked her way. I sang and played to just the crowd, looking over the prospects. There were more than just a couple of "Hot and Ready" looks coming my way. Just as there were for the bassist, my other guitarist, and the drummer. It looked like all of us could have fun tonight if we so chose.

Now, one of the faces I had seen out there was Linda, My Darling Linda. This girl was 5 feet and 5 inches of gorgeous. What little extra weight she may have, she carried well. From her big C cup tits, all the way to her "fuck me hard" hips, with just the right amount of booty. She looked like a Blonde Angel, a Prom Queen, and as pure as the driven snow.

And no one knew just how wrong that assessment could be, better than I.

Linda is pretty much my best friend, my confidant, and the best fuck I'll ever find in this world. The only way I can describe her that makes sense to me is ; As much as I am the Demonmaster, the "Dom from hell", she is just as twisted as I am, only going the other way as in the "submissive from hell".

This girl would have to be on the edge of death before she would ever use a safe word.

I know you're thinking "bullshit". All I can say to that is, you don't know her.

I however DO know her, in ways you could only imagine. The problem is that we are dangerous. Dangerous to each other, and dangerous to anyone that gets caught up in the wave, as in wanting to join us. We can only be "together" in small doses. But, we ALWAYS have each other's back ANYTIME one needs the other, for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Now that you have a good working knowledge of Linda, the next few moments should make sense to you.

I told the crowd, in a fake warning type of voice, "Guys, you better get ready to hold on to your ladies, because Tim is going to sing a couple in a row for us, and you know how much they love his singing. If you aren't holding on to them good and tight, they just might float to the stage and overwhelm "ole" Tim. And then what the hell would we do without Tim thumping on that bass? So guys, grab your girl, hold her tight, and dance with her like you mean it!" The crowd went wild.

Did I mention, I love my job?

As the music begins, I start my "walking in the audience" thing, never once looking at her, and flirting with every female that gave me a second look. I even passed right by her table, grabbed one of her friend's hand, and kissed it like a gentleman, and winked at the other friends, and walked on. Yeah, I missed a couple of notes, but that's how it goes sometimes.

I finally make my way to the opposite side of the room, working my way closer to my darling Linda. I get to her, and she immediately jumps from her chair, comes to me and lays a lip lock on me. I had turned my guitar down, in anticipation of this, so nothing was heard "out of tune". Tim brought the first song to a close, giving me the opening to break the kiss, and we both applauded with the rest of the audience.

Linda leaned into my ear and said "It looks like you're doing the "ignore" routine, which little fishy are you working?"

She knows me too damn well.

"The heavy one, almost straight across the floor"

"Oh, you mean the one that is staring holes in your back? She's cute, looks like she'd be fun."

The second song had started a few seconds before, giving me cover to spend a couple more moments with Linda. "What is she supposed to be doing?"

"The panty thing, and she's not cooperating"

Linda then said "alright, killer, go back to the stage and look at me, I'll show her how it's done."

I said, "you would have done it anyway."

Funnily enough, she said "You know me too damn well"

I played and flirted my way back up to the stage, just as the song was ending. The crowd of course, showed Tim their appreciation with a standing ovation.

Our lead guitarist was up next, doing his best SRV, and damn sure Rockin' the House! It took merely moments for the dance floor to fill up with people doing the second most primal dance known to man (I really shouldn't have to tell you the first one).

My "prey" is in there, and she is really laying it on, the guy with her not knowing the reason, and not about to ask. She looks up at me, I simply wink and incline me head toward Linda. When my "prey" looks that way, she sees Linda, with legs slightly parted, and we both have a very good view of her pink panties. Then the song ends.

Linda is really putting on a good show for me, even to the point of touching herself as she speaks to the guy she came with and not caring who saw it. "Prey" girl takes it all in. She turns to me, eyes pleading, but just can't bring herself to do it.

By this point, I'm doing the last couple of songs in this set, which is difficult to do now that my cock is rock hard, and my guitar keeps bouncing off of it.

Linda gets up and weaves her way through the dancers, to my "prey's" table. I see her go behind my lady, lean down and whisper something in her ear. I lost track after that as I'm totally "selling" this last song, as in acting like Angus Young, and Paul Stanley in the same body. The ending is huge, as it always is at the end of our second set, because we try to make each and every gig into a show.

And now we have reached "Half Time".

On my way out the back door, Linda intercepts me. She tells me that the lady's name is Mary "And I told her that not obeying you is not going to be good for her self esteem. I figured I'd let her stew on that. Did I do good Sir?" I whispered some sweet "Demon" nothing in her ear that made her shudder (Which I know is her body in the act of cumming), and kissed her cheek as I held her on her feet through her orgasm. She looks into my eyes, with total wonder in her own, as if trying to understand how a simple whisper can do this to her. She remembers to say "Thank You, Sir". And then walks unsteadily back to her date.

I went outside to my dimly lit corner.

I had only gotten two drags off of my smoke, before Mary was there in front of me. She was pissed, horny, jealous, and ashamed, all mixed up in one big jumbled mess of her mind and shaking body.

I decided to hit all of the high points before she could even speak her first word.

"One, you are pissed because I flirted very hard with your friend."

"Two, you're horny because in spite of yourself, you can't get over what happened the first time you came out here."

"Three, you are jealous of my blonde friend, but you don't know why."

"Four, you're ashamed that even though you chose to disobey me, when you saw my friend do it for me, you realized you had made a mistake, made worse by the fact that Linda pretty much confirmed it for you."

"And though you won't admit it right now, you found that when she did it, it turned you on."

She had lowered her head by this point, unable to look me in the eyes.

"Tell me I am right, Mary, or turn your cute ass around and go back to your friends!"

"You're right, Damn It! ... Of course you're right."

"Why did you not obey me, Mary?"

"I can't explain it all right now, but I ask you one thing. Please don't call me Mary."

"And why would that be, Mary?"

At this she raised her head, looked straight into my eyes and said "A little more than an hour ago, you made me tell you that I was your slut, and I loved it. Please don't take that away from me"

"Then tell me, Mary"

"I am your slut Sir, I don't know why it feels so good to say that."

Very quickly I grabbed the top of her head by the hair, and pulled her face to within inches of mine. "My slut better learn to end each sentence to me with "Sir", understand Mary!" I hissed.

"Yes Sir, your slut will remember Sir!"

Still holding her in that position, I took my first feel of her for the night, my hand finding the bottom of her blouse, going underneath and straight to her breasts, where I pulled the cup up and over one of her tits, and started rolling one good sized nipple between finger and thumb.

Just as it hit her brain what was happening, she opened her mouth to gasp, but I kissed her, rough and hard. All the while working that stiff fat nipple into a frenzy. Just as her breath started to turn into a pant, I stopped everything, and pushed her back a step. Before she could catch her breath, I pointed to the top of the table "Get on and sit down bitch, NOW!"

She moved faster than I would have thought she could, and in seconds she was in place as ordered. I stood in front of her, and wasted no time in freeing both tits to the chilly air, and my rough handling of both nipples. "Tell me you like this slut!"

"I like it Sir" she panted out. I stopped, and just let them hang there. A deep moan escaped her lips.

"You failed to obey me in there, whore ... Yes whore, another of the many things you will be to me, and for me."

"Yes Sir, your whore failed you."

"Show them to me now slut, pull up your skirt and show me now!"

"Yes Sir" with her eyes locked onto mine, I heard the faint sound of her skirt rubbing against her legs on the way up. "It's up Sir"

"What is up?" eyes still locked

"Your slut's skirt is up Sir, your whore wants you to look Sir. Please look Sir."

For whatever reason, she had chosen to wear yellow panties that evening, a very, very bright yellow. And they were soaking wet. I could tell that she had a bit of a bush, but not out of control which is just as I like.

If you're patient, I may show you why.

I could feel the time to get back to the stage coming quickly. I reached down and ran one finger very lightly and very very slowly, bottom to top between her pussy lips. She was shaking so hard now, and moaning the word "more" over and over. I stepped back, looked at her with both tits hanging out, wet panties showing, and legs spread as far apart as she could spread them. I cupped her chin and made her look into my eyes again.

"Hear me well slut, you could have had much more of what you are feeling, but you did not obey me. That is a thing I would never let pass, Mary. So if you wish to see where this could go, I will give you a path to pay for your failure, only one path, so do not fail me again."

"I need to get back to the stage, you will stay here JUST AS YOU ARE, until you hear the first song start, at which point you will put yourself back together and come inside."

"When the second song starts, you will go the ladies room, take off your pretty yellow undies, and walk out with them visible in your hand. At your table, put them in your purse. I expect to see your friends watch this.

"Now here is the hard part Mary, I better see that pussy every time I look your way."

"Every time!"

I left her with a last pinching roll on each nipple, and made my way inside.

For a band that plays smaller places like we do, the third set of the night is (to borrow a crude phrase) "The Money Shot". That ten o'clock set is when you are going to have your highest number of people in the place. The bar sells the most beer and drinks, the dance floor stays packed. The owner is happy.

Generally it is the most satisfying time of the night for the band as well, because whatever local following you have is now in full force, and they make the band feel like royalty. So we make sure our third set is packed with our best and tightest songs, and I, your humble front man, becomes the "Show man", with hair flying and doing the turkey neck thing with my head.

Just setting the scene, ladies and gentlemen. Now we return you back to your regularly scheduled dirty story.

The first song hits, and Mary comes in a minute later. Even with all of the bodies now packing the dance floor, it was very easy to see that her nipples were hard as rocks and poking her shirt.

I look to Linda (who knows this bit very well), and she nods and winks, which means she is verifying that Mary had stayed just as I left her, until the first song started and she then pulled herself together.

I blow Linda a kiss, which to her means "good girl". She lowers her head to hide her blushing.

I look quickly to Mary's table in time to see her twitching in her chair and looking at me. Why, one would think she had an itch in an inconvenient place that needed "scratching".

I winked at her just as we were bringing the first song to a close, and I declare she fidgeted even more.

But seriously, now was "do or die" time for her.

The second song kicks off.

I see her working it over in her head, until she finally sets her shoulders and gets up and goes to the ladies room, which happens to be at the front of the place. She was going to have to carry those panties in her hand a long way back to her table.

The second song ends and we jump immediately into the next one, so as not to lose the dancers already on the floor.

She soon shows up, panties plainly in her hand, and quickly puts them in her purse. Her friends are again all a twitter, asking her questions and looking up at me, then back to her.

And though they are clearly pointed at me, her knees do not part. Her face looks as if she is about to cut and run.

All the while the set is moving along, and I finally find enough room so that I could get down among the dancers and play in and around them. I do not forget to give the tables some "love" too. If I had a dollar for every time my ass was squeezed, or someone was brave enough to actually rub my cock, I would have enough money to buy a round for the house. But of course, I loved it and made sure to hit every spot in the room.

Of course Linda made sure everyone knew where her hands were stroking. Even my guitar couldn't hide that fact. I gave her a look that said "You will pay for that". She looked right back at me and mouthed "I better"

God, I love that woman.

I finally made it over to the other side, where Mary's table was. A couple of songs had already gone by. I would need to hit the stage soon, but still took the time to flirt with each lady at each table (except of course if she had a Gorilla with her). At Mary's table, we made eye contact. I have this thing where I can do the "Spock eye brow perfectly" which is really asking a question without speaking. She had the "deer in the headlights" look.

I just turned and headed for the stage to sing the next song. I looked at her, giving her one more chance. I could see her knees trembling, like she was mentally trying to force them open, but whatever was in her head wouldn't allow it. She just slumped in her chair looking like she was about to cry.

I just started singing to the other side of the room. We jumped right into another "screamer" and I just take the song and wring it dry, giving it everything I had, just to push my inner anger back down. To the crowd, I'm the guy getting into the song, and they love me for it. But no one knows that this is how I bury my negative feelings. By beating it back down and hiding it, through my playing and singing, allows me to always seem to be in control in most other situations.

As the set ends, I've given everything. And the crowd, the people that really love my little band, give me back nothing but good positive feelings.

Somehow it always works.

As I am putting my guitar in it's stand, to be ready for the next set, when one of the servers gets my attention. She points to Mary's table, and tells me the brown haired girl sitting there has bought me a coke (I don't do alcohol) but I have to go over to her table to get it. I look over, and there is only one woman sitting there. Obviously Mary and her friends have taken off.

Somehow, I wasn't surprised

What DID surprise me, was the way she uncrossed her very tanned legs to show me a nice view of her white panties, as I approached her table.

I took in the sight and then looked up at her. Except for the brown hair, she could have been Linda's mother, they looked that much alike.

I got to her table and sat down. I said not one word, as I watched her re cross her legs, giving me even a wider view of her panties, before they were completely crossed. The effect being that even at this angle they were still very visible.

I finally picked up the Coke, nodded my thanks, and drank half of it in one swallow.

I then simply asked "why?"

she was smart enough to know I wasn't talking about the soda. "I am doing this for Mary"

OK, Didn't see that coming. Again "Why?"

"I don't want her to miss out on a good thing. I understand what you are, and she needs that. I dabbled in it myself in my younger days, and I know that I came out a stronger woman on the other side of it than I had been going into it. She needs that in her life at this point. We have been friends since high school, and I have never seen her feel so "not wanted or loved" than she has been feeling these last few months. It is her story to tell, so I'll stop there. I will tell you this much, she has had a very strong crush on you for a couple of months now, and before you ask, yes we are fans and follow the band wherever you guys play"

"Okay, just exactly what is it you are doing for Mary ... Miss or Mrs... ?"

"It's Mrs., but don't hold that against me. Just call me Kat please."

"Don't make me repeat the question, Katherine."

"Ahh, right the first time, and I know I've just given you another bullet. You are one intense dude, do you know that? Whether on the stage or just walking through the room, you are fucking intense."

I stood as if to walk away

"Please sit down, I'm begging you"

I reclaimed my seat and said in a very controlled tone, "Begging is always good, so you get one last chance. When I ask a question, I expect an answer."

Her answer was very unexpected; "I want you to let me stand in for Mary for the rest of the night, I will be her proxy so to speak. If I do what you had planned for her, I hope you will give her another chance."

In spite of myself, I just had to give a slight grin at this. I countered with "You do understand that Mary has failed me twice tonight, Don't you Katherine"?

"Yes, I understand that, and I know that at least one punishment is going be given to me, because she failed you the first time. I also understand that the second failure had been her chance to pay for the first, yet she wasted that chance as well."

"Very good, Katherine. Now tell me why two punishments would not be administered for two failures?"

She looked in my eyes, and said "Because, in this set, I'm going to do what she was supposed to do in the last one, and if I AM allowed to be her "stand in", I hope it would cancel out the second failure."

"And if I say it doesn't cancel it out, and two punishments are still due, what would you do? And before you answer Katherine, I want you to remember to call me "Sir", understood?"

"Yes Sir, I understand. I would answer your question this way, Sir, If you deem two failures to be paid, I would still stand in her place, AND still do as I said I would in the next set, because Mary is that important to me Sir."

"I am impressed, Katherine. I accept your terms. Do you know what Mary was supposed to do?"

"Yes Sir, She told me. I was proud that she went as far as she did, Sir. If I may be so bold for a moment Sir, I want you to know I almost came when you kissed my hand. I know you were trying to get to Mary, by flirting with me during that song, But I would like to let you know, I was hooked from that point, Sir"

"Very well, Katherine. One change from Mary's earlier task, You WILL NOT go to the ladies room to take them off, you will do it here at the table. At the start of the second song"

Her eyes got big, as now she was really wondering if she could do this or not.

"Now that you have placed yourself in this position, I warn you, It will not be good for you, or Mary if you fail me, Katherine. Would you like to see a demonstration of one who has learned NOT to fail me?

"Yes Sir" she said in a very low whisper

"You've noticed my young blonde friend. She is on a date, but no matter. Tell me when she looks at me" I held up one finger.

"She is looking very intently at your finger Sir"

"Good, watch closely." I snapped my fingers.

Her eyes were suddenly wide open, and her hand went to her mouth "Oh My God!!!"

"Tell me, Katherine"

"Sir, my God Sir, she took her panties off so fast that if I had not been watching, I wouldn't have even seen her do it!"

"What is she doing now?"

"Sir, she is smiling at me, and sitting there with her pussy barely covered by her skirt, but anyone could get a very clear view from the right angle Sir"

"Remember that Katherine."

I stood and headed for the stage. My band mates were just grinning and shaking their heads, they were used to my antics by now.

"Alright my brothers, last set, let's bring this bitch home in style!"

The first song was a little longer than average, But I am sure it went by very quickly for Katherine.

I should explain here why I use the full name when speaking to her. By calling her Katherine, I stir up old memories and feelings of the last person who called her so, and with authority. That person more times than not, would have been her father, or father figure. So though she doesn't actually realize it, each time it is used it subconsciously puts her on the "submissive" side of the conversation, as she would be when Daddy called her that. And, no that is not meant as if in a sexual situation, just simply submissive to Authority. Yet when one is an adult, it does become a very seductive thing to the submissive.

I'm not Sigmund enough to explain it better that, and as always, your mileage may vary.

I am the singer for the second song, which puts me in position to watch every move she makes.

At the first note of the song, she looks up at me, gives the hint of a smile, and slowly starts to pull them down. I think she thought that if she did it slowly, no one would notice. Bad choice. Of the 20 or so couples still there, she drew the attention of at least a few of the ladies.

She didn't realize this, because she had her eyes locked with mine until she had them completely off. I pointed to them, and then the table. This told her where I wanted her to put them, and she did so. When she opened her legs to show me her pussy, I damn near forgot the words I was supposed to be singing. Her arousal was very visible, swollen labia, The clit at this angle wouldn't have enough light to be visible, but the lights DID show in very shiny ways just how wet she was.

Though no one could see what I could, the one's that had watched her understood what she had done. As the song ended, most of the ladies stood up to applaude. They were not clapping for me so much, as they were clapping for her. She blushed so hard, I would swear she was glowing.

After that she became very popular with the girls, who were not shy about asking her to dance. She even did a few slow dances with a couple of ladies, which I assume was so that they could pump her for information. I say that, because every other minute or so, I would either get a very sexy suggestive look from her dance partner, or a look of disgust, if you know what I mean.

The way some women act these days, it seems to some of us men, that we are wrong for ACTING like men.

Don't even get me started.

When Katherine WAS at the table, she did as agreed. It did seem to me that every time I was able to look, she was even more wet. The look on her face was one I have seen from all of my subs through the years. That look said "I need to cum, and I need to cum NOW!"

I am very big on orgasm denial.

Hey, I did tell you that I was a sadistic bastard, did I not?

So here we were, last song of the evening. This song is always a special thing, as it puts the exclamation point on the night. Our fans know it, and many stick around to see it, as it never seems to go the same way twice. It starts as a very hard tune, with some very sexually suggestive lyrics, sung by yours truly.

Then it breaks down into a middle section that has a very sexy bass line that repeats over and over. The drums seem to carry a light beat that suggests the rhythm of a nice heated sexual coupling. I use this song to give everyone in the band their own solo spot, but the drums never stop, only picking up for the drummer's spot, then back into that sultry groove.

At MY solo spot, this is my last time of the evening to get off the stage and down with the people, walking and playing some easy lead guitar licks. I mostly take a quick trip through the tables, only stopping if there is a lady that wants to grind to the beat a little. This gets a bit of applause each time, and then I move on.

When I got to where I could see the other side of the dance floor, I see Linda and Katherine, slowly grinding each other with the beat.

I work to that side of the dance floor, and get to my "ladies". They sandwich me between them and keep grinding. Linda knew what she was doing, while Katherine was unsure of the boundaries, so just followed Linda's lead.

It was time for me to get back to the stage to bring the song to an end. I backed out from between them, got my guitar clear, and just as I did, Linda hung her pink panties on one of my tuning pegs. She looked at her dance partner and nodded, and Katherine then hung her white panties next to Linda's. All I could manage at that point was a goofy grin, because no "Demon" stare was going to help here. And Linda already knew she was in trouble.

I nodded to my two "ladies", and stepped up onto the stage. When the panties hanging off of my guitar caught the attention of the crowd, this caused a great amount of clapping and wolf whistling.

Stepping up to the mic, I did the low throated lines that would end with a scream that would bring the song back to a full roar, leading quickly to the ending. We stretched it out with a couple of false endings, before I gave one big scream into the mic, and the song ended with my guitar coming down as the cue.

I quickly let the crowd know who we were individually, that we would be back the next evening (which was Sunday), and that I would also see them here Tuesday on DJ night.

The owner came out of the back, seemingly very happy. He told us the crowd was bigger than usual, and the beer ... etc had sold in good numbers tonight. He gave me the envelope with the pay off (always in cash) and said he had given us a bonus for the night.

We all said our thanks, he just said "You earned it" and walked off.

I split the money and the bonus evenly. This being Saturday, and we would be back tomorrow, so we could just leave our equipment. Everyone went their separate ways.

I however turned to THE table, where two naughty girls waited for judgement.

I gave a low throated evil chuckle

Damn, It's good to be THE DEMON.

Linda had been smart enough to tell Katherine, to show everything she had to show, because now was NOT the time to be timid. I smiled as I took in the sight of two wet pussies stretched open as far they could get them.

I let them sit that way for a full two minutes. Linda was smiling and squirming in her seat, because she knew how much trouble she was in, and could barely wait. Katherine, on the other hand really had no idea how things were to progress from this point, so her mind was racing through all of the possible scenarios.

I gave them the full measure of the two minutes. Then I put my finger in the air, and quickly pointed to the floor in front of me.

In a flurry of movement, Linda had grabbed Katherine's hand and started moving quickly toward me, leaving Katherine no choice but to follow her, or be dragged.

As they reached me, Linda immediately fell to her knees, again bringing Katherine down with her.

Linda reached out to touch the obvious bulge in my jeans, and I slapped her hand away.

She whimpered and pouted, and started to beg, while her "partner in crime" just looked up into my eyes.

I grabbed Linda's hair, and pulled her head back with it, and in an even but menacing tone I said "You have not even gotten close to being allowed to touch me, have you whore?"

She whimpered out a "No Sir, but I beg you Sir please let me please you."

I then grabbed Katherine's hair in my other hand, and held her head back the same as Linda's " And you, Katherine, my little cunt, are you still willing to accept what you have coming? This is your absolute last chance to get both you AND Mary out of this. Of course neither of you would be allowed to approach me again, other than as friends of the band."

Though she blinked hard at the word "cunt", She said "I told you before Sir, I would do what I said I would, so that you would not drop Mary, Sir"

"Something tells me Katherine, that this isn't just about Mary anymore, is it?"

"No Sir, you would be right. I did not expect to feel this way, but God, it has been so long since I HAVE felt this way, I think I need this too."

"You "think", Katherine?"

"No Sir, I know. I am yours, all yours"

"You are my what, Katherine?"

"Your slave Sir, your whore Sir"

"Yes, but not good enough Katherine. You know the answer."

"Cunt Sir, I am your cunt. I hate that word Sir, But I am your cunt Sir"

I let go of their hair, and said "Now get your asses outside, the drunks at the bar have gotten enough jollys to last them awhile."

They followed me through the door, to the back area that I have retreated to all evening.

once in the dimly lit area, Linda pulled Katherine and herself back to their knees in the softer grass.

At this point, I noticed that Linda's date had joined us outside, though giving us a little distance by leaning back on the top of the table a few feet away. I can only imagine what he thought of everything that he had seen tonight. I noticed he was dressed as a biker, long hair with the obligatory bandana. A little over 6 feet, no excess fat, but arms that showed he could hold his own in a fight.

The thing that really caught my attention, was that even though he had a "cut", he wasn't "patched", leaving me to assume that he was a Freelancer. That was good, as they are not so apt to want to fight over every little thing. He had seen his date do everything but fuck so far tonight, yet he was keeping his cool.

That spoke well of Linda's taste.


"Yes Sir?"

"Go get "Baby Girl", and treat her gentle, she worked hard tonight"

"Yes Sir" She headed out quickly, as she knew she was dealing with the "Demon" now.

I looked at Katherine, who had a look of confusion on her face.

"On your feet Cunt, NOW!" She rose and quickly came over to the place where I pointed to the ground. She was learning quickly.

She started to go back to her knees, I barked "Stand Cunt!"

She stood in the spot, noticing that it was directly underneath the dim light, effectively making her the center of attention.

I stood in front of her "Mine?" I demanded.

"Yes Sir, yours, all of it."

"Good girl, put your hands behind your back ... now spread your feet"

"Very good, Katherine, but here is the hard part, DO NOT MOVE from this position no matter what! Do you understand, cunt?"

"Yes Sir"

By this time, Linda was standing next to me with my guitar case in hand. I took it, nodded thanks to her and walked the 50 or so feet to my SUV to put her away. As I said, we can leave the heavy stuff over night, but "Baby Girl" ALWAYS goes home with me. If you are a guitarist, you understand.

I also knew that by walking away, I gave Linda a little more rope to hang her silly ass by, and she never learns. (or doesn't want to, which I think is more likely).

The result of which, being that when my little tableau came back into sight, Linda was on her knees between Katherine's legs, licking and sucking on her pussy like a cat with fresh cream.

I stopped by Linda's date, and watched as it played out.

Katherine's eyes were closed, and I could see her shaking. I knew the exact moment her orgasm hit. Her mouth tightened, as her face flushed. Her legs were barely holding her up now, they were trembling so hard. A long moan escaped her lips, steadily rising higher and more shrill. It was almost as if she had been hit by a truck, her whole body rolling with the impact, yet being able to maintain her posture.

Linda was moaning almost as loud as Katherine, but she made sure to stay there and take every thing that sweet pussy could give her. I saw that she actually had to swallow, telling me that Katherine was a "squirter". I heard Linda tell her not to fall, but she herself had to act quickly to steady Katherine.

As the two finally began to calm down, Linda continued to lick slowly.

She had learned all of her lessons from the Demon well, which is why she also knew she had broken a cardinal rule, but at this point she could not care.

I was also sure that she knew I was watching, but pretended she didn't. As I said before, I and this 25 year old blonde Goddess knew each other very well, maybe too well.

As they calmed down, I looked at the "date". He seemed very impressed with what he had just witnessed. I knew however, that he was not going to like what happened next ... at least not in the beginning.

I knew It was a lost cause, but I whispered to him as I started to move "Just try to stay cool, man."

"Linda!" The two girls jumped as if a shot had been fired. Katherine's eyes got very big, full of fear, she was frozen in place.

Linda knew that "Hell" was coming for her. Instead of cowering, she stood up straight and smiled ... I told you she was a crazy bitch, didn't I? This was what she had worked for all night.

As I got to Katherine, I shoved Linda to the side. I hissed to Katherine, "Did you cum, cunt?"

"Yes Sir" she panted.

Turning sharply to Linda, I practically yelled at her face "Did you tell the cunt the rules bitch!"

"No Sir"

"Tell her rule #1 NOW!" with this I grabbed Linda's hair, and pulled her face to within inches of Katherine's

This time I growled "Tell her!" (Linda loves that voice, she can almost cum just by hearing it).

She kept it together though, and said to Katherine "Rule #1 is The slave or submissive will never cum without permission from the Demon, and ONLY the Demon! Breaking this rule shows a total lack of respect for The Master, and will be SEVERELY punished."

Katherine's face had gone through several facets of emotion as Linda recited this, as she got to the end, the cunt's face showed naked fear.

"Did she tell you this, before she went down on you, Katherine?"

"No Sir ... the last thing that was said to me was by you, when you put me in place and told me to stay as you had put me, Sir. The cunt begs forgivness Sir"

"You've done nothing to need forgivness for, cunt ... yet."

"Linda will bear your punishment on this, as she knew better ... And I'll tell you more, she wanted it this way. Didn't you whore?" I shook her by the hair I still had in my hand.

"Yes Sir."

With the growl that she loves so much I told her "Get over there to that table, and assume the position."

With that I roughly shoved her away by her hair. She ran over to the picnic table, leaned her body over the seat, and put her hands on the table top.

I walked over behind her, roughly pulled her little jean skirt up to show her bare ass.

The only thing I said was "Count them whore", As my hand came down with a sharp flat slap on her ass, leaving a very red mark.

"1 Sir, thank you Sir!"

Just as I drew back for the next one, the "Date" fucked up big time.

"Hey! what the fuck do you think you're doing, asshole?"

As they say in the cartoons "Rut Roh"

I'm sure that most of you have heard or at least have seen the bumper sticker with the saying; "0 to Bitch in 60 seconds", right?

Well, I have a new one for you; "0 to "claw your eyes out and cut off your nuts and feed them to you" Scary Bitch in 5 seconds flat!"

That, my friends was my pretty little Linda (who, mind you was about to be on the receiving end of one of the worst "Spankings" I had ever given her).

She turned on Mr "Date" like a feral animal "Hold it right there you Fucker!"

"There is a lot of fucking shit you don't know about me, and this is one of them!"

"This man is my Lord and Master! He owns me, body, heart, mind, and soul!"

"The problem is that we can't be together, as in a relationship. It's complicated, so don't even ask me to explain it."

"Now before I go any further, I want you to know Daryl, that I like you ... I like you a lot. We've been dating what, a month now? In all that time you have been the perfect gentleman. You haven't even tried to touch my tits let alone anything else. I respect that. It made me feel very good, because I don't get that often."

"So, I tried to act like The "Lady" that deserved a guy like you, but I'll let you know right here and now, that from our first date, I've wanted nothing more than to fuck your brains out so hard that we both ended up on the moon!"

"Does that shock you Daryl? ... Well it's the truth, believe it "Big Man". Yeah I said it; "Big Man". I've felt that Monster on me when we have had those hot kisses to say goodnight."

"Now I knew we were coming here tonight, to see him play. I also knew it would make me hotter than hell, and I wasn't going to be able to fight it, so tonight was going to be your "Moon shot", As in; tonight we were going fuck each other silly, and take this thing to another level."

"What I hadn't counted on, was that he was going on the prowl tonight. So, I was double whammied as far as horniness goes. Plus, I know in situations like tonight, I am my Master's "Wing man". It's nothing I was ever told to do, it's just WHAT I do."

"And then, I saw that the way things were panning out, My Demon was going to be VERY frustrated, and I wanted some of THAT ACTION, because I knew it was going to a hard painful night for somebody. I was determined to make sure that "somebody" was going to be me! That's why you saw me do all of the wild shit I've done so far tonight."

"This man is the love of my life, my soul mate, My DEMONMASTER! His will is my will, my submission, my drug, my addiction."

"Now you know, Daryl. So if you want to leave my crazy ass now, I understand."

"But, if you stick around, I promise you, I'll make you forget every other woman you have ever fucked, before this night is over."

"I want you in my life, Baby. You are good to me and for me. So you need to decide, stay here with me, let whatever happens, happen, or go and find someone who isn't a crazy bitch like me."

"Now, if you decide you want to stick around, I need to give you one warning."

"If my Demon needs me for ANYTHING, and you try to get between us, I'll run over you, your mother, and my own mother to get to him. Trust me, I mean Every. Single. Word."

She stopped to finally take a breath, so I decided to step in and try to lighten the mood "Daryl, I haven't seen her have to run anybody over in at least 6 months, so let's try to keep the streak going, huh?"

That got me a wry grin, but he "got it".

He just walked over and leaned back on the table where he had been. He looked at her, then me, and simply said "Ok, so show me."

"Go get my black gym bag out of my truck, you little slut."

"Wait!" I growled, as she took off almost immediately. She came back very meekly, wondering, I'm sure, if she had somehow gotten into more trouble.

"Daryl, if I may impose on you for a minute? I need you to walk back there with her. It's pitch black where my truck is, and this isn't exactly that good of an area, so I need you to watch over her. Ask her no questions, and do not touch her. I can't order you to do or not do anything, so I'm asking you to follow my wishes."

He just nodded, and made a " let's go" gesture to her. She took off just as fast as she had started to do before.

I turned and looked at Katherine and said "Don't worry my little cunt, I haven't forgotten you."

I walked up to the still open backdoor of the place, and smiled when I saw a good friend behind the bar.

"Hey Deb!"

Yeah, Rock Star, whatcha need?" She always calls me that. Someday I might have to teach her better.

"I'm going to go ahead and close this door, can you send someone over to lock it?"

"Ok babe, try not to hurt 'em too bad" she said this last part with a laugh.

"One day, Deb, One day." I growled with a smile.

"In your dreams, Rock Star, in your dreams."

As I stood looking at Katherine, I heard the "Click" of the lock, And then heard the pattering feet of Linda coming back.

She fell to her knees in front of me, head down, holding the bag up in her hands.

"Look at me whore!" I saw something in her eyes, like a secret she was afraid of.

I looked questioningly over at Daryl, now back in his spot. " You should have told HER the rules you told me. Don't worry though, I held her off, everything's cool."

I snatched the bag out of her trembling hands, and batted her arms down. With her hair in my hand once again, I said "She knows the rules, Daryl, that's the problem. She has directly defied me twice tonight so far, and I would hope you'd understand that things are about to get a lot more rough for her now."

I heard her moan with lust, long and deep at this. She had gotten things to just where she wanted them.

Daryl nodded, then looked first at her, then at me, eyes asking a silent question.

He had heard her moan as well.

"Linda, my sweet little slave here is what is called a "pain slut". She lives for it. She needs it as much as she needs breath, and no, I'm not kidding. She can only cum when she has reached a certain level of pain. I'm not talking about little regular orgasms, she can have those almost constantly, if she has permission."

"What I'm talking about are "mind blowing, knock the earth off of it's axis" kind of orgasms, that she can only reach through extreme pain."

"I've never found her limit, and I've tried, believe me, man, I have tried hard. Just one of the reasons we can't be together in a relationship. I'm not willing to risk her "well being" to go any further to find it."

"But, I know me, over an extended amount of time of being together, I just might find the will to push the boundaries too far, and decide, "fuck her "well being". I just can't allow that to happen. She means too much to me."

"But pain, especially the promise of extreme pain, is worth more than diamonds to her. If you felt her pussy right now, you could grease your bike with it. Surely you can smell her, even from over there?"

He looked a bit shaken, but he just nodded.

Linda just might have a "keeper" here.

I opened the black bag, and took out a pair of pantyhose, still in the package. I opened the package, took them out. I reached back into the bag, got my pair of scissors, and proceeded to cut each leg from the panty area.

I use these for tying up little slaves. Now before you scoff, let me explain, that I learned a long time ago that I hate using rope. You see, rope leaves burns on wrists and ankles, and sometimes it is just too uncomfortable for the sub.

"So what?" you might ask

Well, nothing sucks more than a sub/slave using a safe word in the middle of things, because the fucking rope is killing her. A real mood killer, let me tell you. Plus, I'm not a Bondage guy. I don't go in for all that "Gordian Knot" shit, with the girl tied in ways and contortions that no human should be able to be in. I don't go in for the head to toe leather crap either. If you need all that shit to properly get off, you are in it for the show, not the Dom/sub thing.

Of course, I mean no offense, to each their own, you know?

No hate mail please, it's just personal opinion.

I am the DEMONMASTER, yes, but my kink is total control through humiliation, and pain, and taking no disobedience. The slightest infraction, will be paid for in one way or another. There's more, but you get the idea.

Oh, and of course public shaming. That's what the whole skirt/panty/no panty thing was about, in case you missed it.

I consider myself, what I call a "Blue Collar Dom", as in nothing fancy, and just enough to get the task at hand to the proper conclusion.

That is where things like the hose come in. They can be tied so that even a gorilla couldn't pull them apart. They leave much less, if any, evidence that they had been used. And, in my experience, it just does something mentally to female subs, that they are tied up with something they wear often, have so much faith in, and is now an "ally" of their Dom/Tormenter.

There is an extra bit of humiliation, and shame if you are using the one's she had been wearing, and that you had slowly cut off of her, or even better, made her surrender them to you, to use as described above. It is as if they had somehow betrayed her.

Mind Fucks are the best.

I know it seems like it has been hours since we all walked out of the back door.

That is due to my "long winded" explanations. I thought that since this IS supposed to be an introduction to The DEMONMASTER, It would require a more full picture of what I am, what I do, and why I do it.

In reality, only about 20 minutes has passed and it is time to get this little session on track.

Time for the "Demon" to come out and play.

I pulled Linda up by her hair, and yes, she really was picked up to her feet by her hair, no help from her. She loves this kind of thing.

I let her go, and told her to get "them" out of the bag. She very quickly reached into the bag, and pulled out 4 clothes pins, and with her head still bowed, gave them to me.

I very slowly and deliberately put them one by one on the table top, in full view of Katherine. It gave her something to think about.

"What are you Linda?"

"I am your slut, your cunt, your little whore, Sir."

"Do you wish to remain so, Linda?"

She moaned out a deep "Yes Sir"

"I didn't hear you, Linda"

"Yes Sir!, yes Sir! YES SIR!, please, please keep me Sir, please!"

"Strip Linda"

5 seconds, maybe less, she was totally nude.

"Pick up two, Linda, put them where they belong."

With a low whimper she picked up two of the pins, and quickly put one on each of her rock hard nipples.

"You like that, Linda?"

"OH God! ... Yes Sir!"

"Do the other two, and slowly slave, very slowly."

I looked to see the widened eyes of Daryl, and then at the half lust, half fear on Katherine's face, as Linda put a pin on each of her pussy lips.

If she had her way, she would have put them on faster, to get to the pain quicker. But, making her do it slower was almost torture to her. Remember what I have said about her and pain.

"Turn around, give me your hands, whore!"

I then tightly tied her hands behind her, with the hose. I slapped her lightly on the ass, and told her to get into position. She whimpered and moved back into "spanking position", only this time, as she leaned on the table, the pins on her tits bit harder, as did the pins on her pussy, as the position put her where she had to close her legs to stay on her feet, since her hands were tied.

I then walked over to one scared looking little sub

"What are you, Katherine?"

"Yours Sir, your cunt, Sir"

"Then give me a safe word, cunt!"

She was startled that I had raised my voice to a more demanding tone. "The only safe word I ever had, Sir, was "OMNI", Sir. It was given to me by the Dom I had in my 20's that I told you about earlier, Sir."

"OMNI, it is then. Use it ONLY if you absolutely need to, Katherine. As you are out here to not only pay for Mary's defiance, but to see if you, yourself can be one of mine. If you use it at anytime, everything for you will stop instantly, you will be set free."

"From that point, you and Mary will only be able to approach me as fans of the band, and MAYBE as friends down the road."

"I'm not here to impress you cunt, you are here to impress me, remember that. I will promise you though, that since this is basically an audition for you, I will be easier on you than I normally would. But, "easier" can still be bad enough."

"Yes, Sir. The cunt understands Sir. I will not fail you."

"Good enough. Strip cunt!"

It took her a bit longer than Linda, but not by much. She may be in her mid 40's, but she had the body of one much younger. And she was gorgeous, from her C-cup breasts, to the nicely trimmed bush, that I had seen from a few feet away earlier. I think I also said that her tan was very alluring. Well it was even better with no bikini lines. She was a tanned Goddess, much like Linda. Only the afore mentioned hair color, was different.

Once she was back in place, I bent slightly, and slowly blew on her left nipple. Now, she was the one moaning. It turned into a whimper as I treated the right one the same way. Her nipples could cut glass now, and I could smell her arousal.

I remind you, I never touched her nipples, only blew on them.

With an evil glint, I told her "Take off my belt, cunt"

She hesitated slightly, but did as I demanded. I took the belt and draped it around her neck, so that it lay on her chest, with the front end tapping one breast, and the buckle tapping the other. Every breath she took, caused them to really bounce on her nipples.

She was moaning and whimpering almost as much as Linda was still doing.

"Whatever you do, cunt, DO NOT CUM!"

"Yes Sir, the cunt understands Sir."

I took her hair in my hands, (yes, I love pulling subs around by their hair, sue me) and pulled her to where Linda was, and yanked her down to her knees, off to the right of Linda's ass.

"Stay there, cunt."

"Yes Sir."

I looked over at Daryl "Try and stay cool, man, this is where it gets real."

I got a quick nod in response.

I think he was really starting to enjoy the "sights", if not the show.

I made Katherine hand me the belt from around her neck. The look on her face said she was sorry to have to let it go. I quickly reached and pinched and rolled each one of her nipples. I was NOT gentle.

Over her gasping, I said "That should hold you for a bit."

I lightly slapped Linda's ass with the belt. She damn near jumped out of her skin.

She started shaking harder, as I slowly rubbed the belt all over her bottom. She started to sweat with anticipation, making her skin seem to glow with a sexy sheen.

"You know why you are here, whore?"

"Yes Sir"

"I'll let you make one choice, whore. Do you want to do the count, or should we make our new little pet here do the count? After all, she is a big part of why you will receive this "whipping", Linda."

"I want her to do it, Sir"

I turned to Katherine " You will make the count, cunt. If you miss one, or get confused, we restart at 1. Tell her how the count goes, Linda."

I lightly slapped her ass again "1 Sir, thank you Sir"

"You got it, cunt?"

"Yes Sir"

"Good. While you watch this, keep in mind that if you break rule #1 again, this will be you."

I instantly brought the belt down on Linda's ass. It sounded like a rifle shot, and the angry red welt on her skin told the tale.

"1 Sir, thank you Sir"

Whack! I was not holding back much, So Linda was getting all she could handle. Or so I thought.

"2 Sir, thank you Sir" We all heard Linda moan above this, "Harder, Sir, Please Sir harder"

In a very evil tone, I said "As you wish, my love..." Now I swung for the fences, so to speak.

Katherine almost lost the count by the time we got to 6, she couldn't stop looking at how tore up Linda's ass was getting.

I took it all the way to 10. Linda was shaking, and moaning, almost screaming, Katherine started to look concerned, and afraid for Linda.

I said "You think she is doing that in agony, and nothing else, cunt?"

"Yes Sir" very quietly and apprehensive.

"Watch and learn cunt. Cum whore!"

Linda could not keep her self on the table, as she actually fell into the dirt, convulsing from the orgasm she was in the throes of for at least 30 seconds. She finally settled down into a quivering mass in the fetal position.

All we could hear at that point was her moaning over and over "Thank you Sir, thank you Sir..."

I waited for her to calm down completely, then ordered Katherine to help her get back in position.

"What do you think that was, cunt?"

"But, she couldn't have, could she Sir?"

"Oh fucking yes she could, and she fucking did." This from Linda herself.

"Feel between her thighs cunt, do not hesitate, DO IT!"

"Oh my God, she is so wet, it only could have been an orgasm, Sir" She had a look of wonder on her face.

"Look at the dirt where she was, Katherine."

We both could see what looked like a large wet spot in the dirt that looked more like mud. Even Daryl walked over to see this. "wow" I heard him say under his breath. Then he got a glimpse of her whipped bottom, and he kind of went pale. He quickly returned to his spot.

"If truth be told, I'd bet that she isn't the only one with a wet pussy" I said as I quickly reached down and ran my hand back and forth, on Katherine's cunt. She instantly started to react.

I stopped fairly quickly, and with a tug on her trimmed bush, I told her "careful now, cunt. You cum again without permission tonight, and you will be where she is. You know the rule now."

"Yes Sir" She had a good view of Linda's bottom, and she wanted nothing like that.

Her ass almost looked like lines on a map. Big red angry lines, with a couple of them slightly bleeding.

I looked over to Daryl "there is a hand towel in that bag, wrapped around a water bottle. Would you kindly toss them to me?"

When I had them in my hand, I poured a little water on the towel, and wiped as much of the dirt and mud off of her, as I felt necessary.

"Now cunt, since she sucked your pussy, and let you cum in her mouth. Oh Yes, I saw her have to swallow, you little squirter, you. At any rate, I think the least you could do is kiss her boo-boos to make her feel a little better, hmmmmm?"

She hesitated. "So will this be the end the night for you, Katherine? Failing both Mary, and yourself?"

"No Sir" And she instantly went to work licking and kissing all of the welts, licking up the little bits of blood. And then, very tenderly kissing and licking the whole ass again.

Linda loved the attention, and was genuinely thankful and pleased.

But, leave it to Linda TO BE Linda "You did say Sir, that she would be a pet to both of us if she "passed" tonight Sir?"

"Yes, my love, I did say that. And her friend Mary too, if all goes well."

"Oh Goody Sir! Thank you, Sir!"

You couldn't be blamed for not believing that a girl, with a hurting ass, and back into a position where her chest was flat on a hard table top, with the pins on her nipples being squeezed on the table, therefore causing her nipples complete agony, would be able to sound that happy at the prospect that she could have a couple of new pets to play with.

No, you couldn't be blamed for not believing that.

But, you would be wrong.

Very wrong.

Time for the Main Event ... Finally!

Just one more little detail first.

I went over to Katherine, put the belt back around her neck, then reached down and pulled up on her bush.

Again, I was NOT gentle.

She got the idea and got to her legs as fast as she could.

Still holding her pussy hair, I hissed "Follow me, cunt!" Then I proceeded to lead her by the bush over to her starting point, and held on, slightly pulling until she put herself in the exact position she had started out in, when we first came out.

"I like having something down there to pull on, cunt. Don't shave it. you may keep it trimmed, but I want it grown out a little more and trimmed at that length. Of course that is only if I decide to keep you, and you decide to stay. If you DO stay, know this; every bit of your gorgeous body belongs to me, you do nothing with it that I don't approve. Understand, Cunt?"

"Yes Sir" kind of shaky in the voice there, but I decided to let it go, for now.

"Good Girl" This got me a very nervous smile. As you can well imagine, she was trying to process everything that had happened so far.

She had no idea.

I had retrieved the other leg of hose from the table, just before the whole pussy hair pulling had started. I now pulled it out of my pants pocket.

"Turn around, Katherine."

I saw that she had already put her hands together (points for her). I tied her as I had tied Linda earlier. I then turned her back around by her shoulders, and lifted the belt again from around her neck.

"No, not you, at least not tonight." I assured her, as I had seen the almost panic in her face and eyes.

I stepped around behind her, placed the belt between her wrists and then put the leading end through the buckle, and pulled tight.

Back in front of her, I reached between her legs, "accidentally" rubbing the full length of my arm on her pussy as I reached through to get the hanging part of the belt. My arm kept contact with her sex all the way as I withdrew it with the belt.

She was moaning, and my arm glistened with her juices.

"Easy cunt, easy. It WILL be you if you cum. You DO NOT have permission. Pretty rotten of me hmmm? Deal with it!"

I stood and brought the end of the belt with me. I made sure that it was placed perfectly between her labia, and pulled it tight, making sure that there was constant contact with her clit. then I pulled the slack up until it was even tighter.

I held the end in my hand up to her face and explained. "In a minute, I am going to put just enough slack in this that you could fuck yourself completely over, and you are going to bite down on it. We are going to do some more things with Linda over there. You will stand here and watch, always holding this in your mouth."

"Let me explain the stakes to you."losing" for you tonight, means you fail. No more playing, no being part of our family, nothing for Mary. You lose everything you've worked so hard for tonight."

"Open your mouth, cunt!"

I drew it tight, with just tiniest bit of "give" to it, and placed it sideways inside of her mouth.

"Bite down, Katherine."

When I was sure she had a firm grip of it, I let it go. She was in control of her own destiny now.

"Remember what I said happens if you lose, Katherine. Here are the rules for this little test."

"If you cum, you lose"

"If you let the belt fall out of your mouth, you lose."

"If you grow weak and fall, you lose.

"if you turn away from the scene over there, you lose

"Now if you drop it to use your safe word, then it will be as I said before. That won't be quite a "Lose" as you can still be my friend, after awhile, as I explained earlier."

"And I would always be happy to see you at our gigs or my DJ nights. But, none of this D/s stuff, ever again."

"If you understand and accept the terms, just nod"

She nodded. This did two things, It showed her acceptance. It also showed her that any movement of her head will cause the belt to move over her clit.

It was cute to see her face when this little fact registered with her brain.

I did tell you, I was a sadistic bastard, right?

Of course, I did.

I then went to Linda, who had never left her "Whipping" position, and pulled her up straight, by her hair of course.

With her hair still in my hands, I walked her over to the end of the table, and bent her over it, so that her ass was now pointed directly at Daryl's position, this serving to also give Katherine a side view of everything that happens.

I retrieved my scissors, and carefully cut her hands loose.

"you are going to need to be able to balance for your next punishment, my bad little whore."

She looked at me, eyes silently asking "Why? ... What?"

I simply said "Think, my love ... it will come to you."

Her eyes suddenly narrowed as it hit her what she had done, what rule she had broken.

"Rule #2 ... Oh God, how could I have forgotten?"

"Think maybe the little sub inside you, set you up, hmmmm?"

She said "Yes that is what the little bitch did, Sir." The hint of a smile on her face, betrayed her, and pretty much confirmed that she was well aware of what she had done all along.

"For the benefit of your friend, and for the cunt over there, tell us what Rule #2 is slave."

She turned toward Katherine and recited "Rule #2; Whenever the slave or sub is, or might be in the presence of The Master, She will always be in a skirt or dress with no undergarments of any kind. Breaking this rule requires punishment at whatever level of pain or humiliation The Master desires."

"Tell Katherine how you broke this rule Linda."

"I wore those pretty pink panties that you saw me put on his guitar. I have already said that I knew that my date would end up here watching the band, in effect admitting my guilt of being in violation of rule #2"

"Do you understand this rule now, Katherine? It will apply to you as well." I said in an even tone.

She nodded that she understood, and immediately closed her eyes to try and beat down the orgasm that was trying to overtake her.

She won ... This time

"Be careful cunt, that was incredibly close. You've worked too hard to lose it all now."

I then said "Normally I would punish the little whore by holding her hair, and fucking her face as hard as possible. But, what is going to happen is I am going to sit on the end of this table, and SHE is going to fuck her own face as hard as possible. I will still have her hair in my hands, and if I feel for an instant that she has backed off in the slightest bit, I will slap the shit out of her, and we will continue. If it takes a slap every few seconds, so be it."

"She will only get my cum when I allow it, and she will not lose a drop, which actually isn't a problem with this little slave. She hasn't lost a drop, since her first time with me a few years ago."

I looked at Katherine, her face showed that she was intensely interested in seeing this.

"You got a good view for this, Daryl?"

That's when I got the hell surprised out me. Actually I think we all went kind of numb with shock.

Daryl had just said (of all things) "Yes Sir ... I want to be a part of this Sir, please."

Holy Fucking Plot Twist, Batman!

"Come again?" FUCK!!! Tell me I did not just say that!

"I want to be part of your little family, Sir."

"Only room for one Dom in this equation, Daryl"

"I know Sir, I wasn't asking to be a Dom, I'm asking to be one of them." He used his arm to indicate that he meant the girls.

"Linda, get started, but slow, we will get to the rough stuff in a few minutes"

She wasted no time in getting her little friend out into the night air. Well, not so little really, as everything that has happened so far had me at full mast, and hard as a rock.

One of the things that really turns me on about Linda, is that though she has seen her Master's cock about a thousand times, she always marvels at it as if it is the very first time. She kissed the head, and looked over at Katherine, to make sure she saw her soon to be Master's equipment, winked at her, and then sank her lips over it taking it right down to the base. And she just stayed there. She has this little thing she does with her throat that she knows damn near drives me mad, and she was trying hard to do just that.

I pulled her off by the hair, and slapped her hard. "I said slowly whore until I say different." With this I just pushed her head right back down, straight to the bottom.

I let go of her hair, and she set a very nice, slow rhythm that she knew I could endure for an extended amount of time without cumming.

Looking over at Katherine, I could see that she was once again fighting her body, to keep from losing control.

"Ok Daryl, tell me the story. Short version if you please."

He cleared his throat, and started "Linda was telling the truth, I've been taking things very slow with her. I knew from the moment we met, that this girl was going to be very special in my life. And so, I didn't want to push her too hard. Little did I know, huh?"

We both chuckled at this, even Linda laughed just a bit, with her mouth full.

"Anyway, she told me were going out tonight to see the band that her "best friend" played in. I guess she was trying to break me in slowly over how crazy she was going to get. She watched every move you made, and I must say the little green monster was getting worked up pretty bad. Especially when she herself, started getting a little wild. Then it dawned on me, every guy in that place wanted a piece of her, and so did some of the girls, truth be told. I decided I had two choices; Become the Big Bad Ass Biker that I look like, and trust me, I Am the Big Bad Ass Biker that I look to be.

"So, I could choose to go that way, and probably spend the night in jail, OR I could be the Man who adores her, and came here with her. I decided that's the man I wanted to be, and with that worry off my mind, I could really start to like what she was doing."

"I basically became the Biker that knew my bitch was the hottest thing in the room, and everybody wanted her, but I knew what bed she was going to be sleeping in tonight. Not to brag, Linda, but I already knew that tonight was going to be THE night. When you confirmed it in your little rant, when I tried to step in, you actually made me prouder than you could ever believe that you were my girl. Yes, my girl. I know your "everything" belongs to your Master, but you let me know that there was room in your heart for me."

"I said short version Daryl."

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

"Carry on, then."

"Well, when I settled down after that, I really started to watch what was going on out here, and one thing became very clear; You care enough about your girls to find what turns them on, and you then use it against them in a way, that when they are finally rewarded, it is so much more than it would have been, if you had just given it to them. I feel you actually love your slaves, even Katherine over there who is just now realizing that what I just said is true, Look at her face Sir."

I did, and I could see tears in her eyes, and she was nodding her head as much as she could without causing herself to fail.

"The long and the short of it, Sir, is that somewhere along the way tonight, I found myself more turned on than I've ever been in my life. And once I allowed myself to just accept all of this, I felt ... felt ... fuck, the only way I can describe it is, I felt like I "belonged" here, And I am willing to do whatever I need to do, to be part of your "family", Sir"

"You really mean that, Daryl?"

"Yes, Sir. I would only ask that you don't order me to suck a cock, or wear a skirt with my dick hanging out, And I'm yours, Sir. All yours, as Katherine had put it, Sir."

Talk about a mind fuck, Holy Shit!

Well, from that point, my best option was to be me, as in the "DEMON", and accept that I may end up with a male slave in my little "Family".

First things first though.

"Daryl, it doesn't work that way and you know it, you don't set the rules."

"Yes Sir, I know, but hey, I'm a guy, I had to try. I mean I'm not gay or Bi, and was just hoping to head that kind of thing off at the pass, Sir."

"Well, I can assure you it wouldn't be my cock at any rate, BUT, I do thank you for giving me your first two punishments should you fail me in any way. After you have passed your tests and earned your way in, of course."

"Thank you, Sir. I would have a hard time with it, but if you order it, it will be done, Sir."

"Do you mean "hard time" as in it would make you uncomfortable to do something you see as gay, though you are not gay?"

"Yes Sir, exactly Sir."

"you seemed like you understood, Daryl. Let me see if this helps."

"Go over to Katherine, and without pulling tighter, or giving any more slack, remove the belt from her mouth so that she can answer my questions. Stand there holding the belt as she will get it back at the end of our exchange."

"Yes Sir" he moved fast to comply with my request. "She is ready, Sir."

"Can you speak Katherine?"

"Yes, Sir" though she did sound a little hoarse.

"Are you gay or bi, Katherine?"

"No, Sir"

"Before Linda sucked your pussy off tonight, have you ever been with a woman in any way?"

"No, Sir"

"If I told you to come over here, and eat Linda's pussy to orgasm, what would you do, cunt?"

"I would work my hardest to give her the best orgasm she's ever had, Sir."

"Why? You are not gay, or bi, so why would you do so?"

"Because my Master told his cunt to do so. And though I may or may not get pleasure out of doing it, I would get more pleasure by simply doing what I have been ordered to do by my Master, Sir."

"Good Girl. Place the belt back in her mouth, Daryl, then come back over here."

"Does that help you understand, Daryl?"

"Yes Sir."

"Still want in?"

"Yes, Sir ... Please let me in, Sir."

"Then I will let you take the tests to see if you can become a part of us. Let's see, I've got a whore, and a cunt, if she passes. It sounds too obvious, I know, but from here on, your pet name is "Bitch", work hard to earn it, Daryl."

"Yes, Sir ... I will be your good little bitch, Sir."

"It would take 30 minutes for you to get out of all that crap, so just drop your pants bitch."

"Yes, Sir" He did so very quickly.

"Well, I would say you used the right word, Linda. That IS a monster, my love"

She tried to get where she could see, earning her another slap "Did I say you could look, whore?"

She garbled out "No, Sir" as best she could with her mouth full.

"You want an idea of how big your boy is, look over at the cunt."

She could do that from her present position. When she saw how big Katherine's eyes had gotten, Linda did something, I hadn't felt her do in years. Her whole body shook in one big shudder. I think her imagination was working overtime now.

For what I had in mind, now that I've seen what I have to work with, she is going to shudder and shake quite a bit.

This was going to get real evil, real quick.

"Come and stand directly behind her, bitch!"

He walked until one more step would have put him in contact with her body.

"Now, reach down between her legs, and take the pins off of her pussy, one lip at a time, then drop them into the bag."

Linda actually got goose bumps, over every part of her body that I could see. She really wanted this guy, obviously. And having him touch her body just that little bit, was really working on her mind.

I decided to turn up the heat on her. "Daryl, place that monster on her back. Just let it lay there, and do not move."

"Yes Sir."

The shaking of her body, was making her mouth do truly wonderful things around my cock.

I pulled her off of me, by her hair, just long enough to ask her a question.

"You know where that thing is going, don't you whore?"

"Yes Sir."

"Daryl, move like you are fucking her, but keep that thing on her back."

"You want that don't you whore? Tell me where you want it, Linda."

"I want it in my ass, Sir! Please Sir, make him fuck me in the ass."

"Tell your new toy, beg for what you want!"

"Please fuck me in my ass with that huge dick, bitch! I want you to hurt me, Daryl, I need Master's new bitch to fuck me, with no mercy! PLEASE!"

I didn't need to move her, she slammed her own throat back down on my cock.

"You heard my little whore. Reach in that bag and pull out the hand lotion, bitch."

"Good boy. Now oil up your dick, make it shine ... Good little bitch, Now lube this little whore's asshole"

After a minute or so, he said "Your bitch, and your whore are ready Sir."

"Good. Now put your cock in place for entry."

"I'm there Sir."

"Two things, Daryl. When I say "now" you will enter her with one big hard stroke. She isn't a China Doll, you can't break her. And the other thing you should already know, DO NOT CUM!"

"Understood, bitch?"

"Yes Sir"


He pushed for all he was worth. I knew the exact moment he was full in, as Linda's mouth tightened around my cock so hard, I felt just the lightest touch of teeth.

"Do not stroke, Daryl, just keep it buried."

"Linda, did I feel teeth?"

"Yes Sir, I beg forgiveness Sir. He just felt so damn good, I lost my senses for a moment. No excuses Sir, Your little whore begs for forgiveness."

"I will take it up with you some other time, my love."

"Daryl, back up, hold her hips so she is forced to move back with you."

I was now in a place, where I could make full use of her mouth. Yes, I said I was going to make her do the work, but now I had a better idea, and with her bent over for both of us, it was just too tempting to pass up.

"Does my little bitch, like my whore's tight asshole?"

"Yes Sir, I never felt anything like this before, It is like the best blow job I have ever had, but it is like her asshole is sucking me, Sir."

"Good. Now start fucking her with slow, long strokes. Pull back until your almost out, then sink it again. Match the speed I use up here."

Now with her hair in both hands, I began to fuck her mouth. Daryl was matching my speed very well.

I started pushing the pace every few strokes, until it got to the point that she was getting nailed hard and fast on both ends.

I glanced over at Katherine, the look on her face said it all. She was fighting not to cum, just as hard as Linda seemed to be trying make both me and the bitch cum.

"How close are you bitch?"

"Very close Sir, I'm afraid I may fail you, I've never had to try NOT to cum before, Sir"

"All stop!" I was getting too damn close my self.

I wanted a big finish here, so I let everyone have about a 30 second breather.

"Daryl, when I shout GO!, you start drilling for oil, I will do the same up here. I suggest you grab hold of her hips and hang on hard. I've got her hair, and I know how to use it. And yes you will be allowed to cum, if you don't let her throw you off that is."

"GO!" Daryl did just as I said, and I was fucking her face and throat as hard as I could.

I could feel my orgasm rushing up on me.

I simply said "Cum whore"

Linda immediately went into uncontrollable convulsions, yet she was still doing her best to swallow my cum, and keep slamming that ass back at Daryl.

But, once again she was in the throes her own orgasm, and it hit her harder than the one she had experienced earlier.

I knew Daryl was cumming by the look on his face. He actually raised his head to the stars, and howled.

He howled, she screamed around my dick, and I may have even shouted some very nasty things myself.

Just as she seemed to be coming down, her body suddenly started shaking even harder than before.

Then it hit me, she was cumming again!

I motioned to Daryl to back off, which he did. The only thing keeping her from hitting the ground face down, was the death grip I had on her hair.

As she again started to come down, with just a quick violent shudder every few seconds, I let go of her hair and took her in my arms and held her. I could feel wetness on my shoulder and figured out that she was crying.

I kept holding her, whispering in her ear "Come back to me, baby. I'm here, come back to me, Linda."

It took a few seconds, but she finally got her breathing under control. I took that as a good sign. So, I gently turned her face to mine, and gave her a not so gentle kiss.

She returned that kiss with so much passion, that I knew she was going to be alright.

"Are you ok, Linda?"

"Yes, Sir, I'm ok now. We have never done anything like that before. My orgasm hit me so hard, I almost felt like I was having some kind of out of body thing going on. I couldn't even have told you what my own name was when that second one hit me. That was so wild."

"Did you like it, slave?"

"I loved it Master, and I hope you will let us do things like that again. Not all the time. God, I couldn't do that all the time. But, every now and then, surprise me with that again, Sir ... please."

"We'll see, my love ... we'll see."

"Thank you, Sir."

I then pulled the pins off of her nipples very roughly. She almost lost it again, but sheer will power kept her from doing so.

I almost wished she had failed, It has been along time since I was last able to put her through hell, for breaking that rule. It would be far worse than what she had taken for Katherine.

Speaking of the cunt...

I walked over to Katherine, took the belt out of her mouth, and asked her "How do you feel, pet?"

"If I may speak openly, Sir?"

I nodded.

"I have never been this fucking turned on my life! I've been so close to cumming, so many times tonight, that I think I know what men mean when they say they have "Blue Balls", and if I could apologize to every high school boy that I let feel me up, and left them hanging, I would."

"You Sir have turned me into something else tonight, I can't imagine not being here like this for you. You have made me your slave, and you have barely touched me, Sir"

"I did not turn you into anything that was not already inside you, Katherine. I only put you in a position to be able to see it, and choose to BE it."

I reached down quickly, and dipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, withdrew them, and I sucked one of them clean. She never blinked when I offered her the second one, she just cleaned it very quickly, and even took a lap of her tongue on the one I had cleaned.

Since her hands were still tied, I guided her down to her knees, by her hair of course.

"Linda! Come here!"

she was there instantly.

"What are you, Katherine?"

"I am your cunt, Sir, your slave, Sir, anything you tell me to be, I am it, Sir"

"Good Girl. You will now lick Linda's pussy clean, as it is quite messy from those two big orgasms. Linda, you will hold her hair, make her do so until you feel she has done a good enough job."

"Oh, and of course, neither one you is allowed to cum."

I waited until they were doing as told, Katherine looking like she was born to eat pussy, though she had said that she had never done so before tonight.

I turned to look at Daryl, he was very interested in watching his girlfriend being eaten. "Take that water bottle and the rag and clean yourself up, bitch."

"Yes, Sir" He rushed to do so.

"Once you are done, Daryl, put the rag in the trash, put the water bottle back in the bag, and then put that monster away."

"Yes Sir!"

I walked over to the table, and retrieved the scissors once again.

"You feel clean yet, whore?"

"Yes, Sir. I am so close to a little one that I can't take anymore, Sir."

"Good, release her hair then pull away, Linda. Go over there and get dressed."

"Yes, Sir."

I took her place, grabbed the cunt's hair and slowly pushed my once again hard cock, deep into her mouth. She gagged just a bit around me, but by time my balls touched her chin, she was breathing evenly, and was pulling against the restraints of my hold on her hair, so that she could suck me.

I kept her head in place, pulled out almost completely, and I could actually hear her groan in disappointment, just before I sank it again, full force.

Then I released her hair, and pulled from her mouth. "That was just show you what you have to look forward to, cunt. Just be glad it wasn't big boy over there. But, I assure you, one day it will be."

I went behind her, and cut her hands free. I retrieved my belt, and offered her my hand. She took it and I helped pull her to her feet.

"As far as I am concerned, Katherine, you have earned full rights to become part of the "Family". But as there are two of the "core" members here, there will be a vote."

"First do you understand that becoming a "core" member, means that the two rules you learned tonight, are 24/7 for you?

"Yes, Sir. If I may ask Sir, what about with my husband, we do have sex sometimes. Also, as to the "No Panties" thing, I do still get my monthly "visitor", Sir.

"Good questions. You know most wouldn't even stop to think about asking those questions. I think we picked well, Linda, Don't you? Give her the answers, slave."

"Yes, Sir, she is the best, Sir. Katherine, there are exceptions to any rule. You are allowed to cum with your husband at any time. But, If you pick up any "strange" you are not allowed to cum. Yeah, that one throws me too, but he is my Master."

"As to your monthly, that is the ONLY exception you get for Rule #2. What Master is getting at with the 24/7 thing, is that you are never to forget where and to whom you belong. That means that your sex life with your husband will pick up, and will be better for the both of you, as that is the only time you can cum without permission, which ensures that you'll work that much harder at it, and Master will never be far from your thoughts, for the same reason."

"As to Rule #2, It does not matter where or when. If you are at a restaurant with your husband, never expecting to see Master there, but suddenly you do, well, just DO NOT let him catch you wearing panties. However you need to pull this off, Your only concern is that you DO pull it off. There are a couple more of the very serious rules, but you'll learn as you go."

"Thank you, Linda. Well, Katherine, can you except those rules?"

"Yes, Sir, I can and do accept them, Sir."

"Good Girl. Since there only two of us here with voting rights this should be easy, but I follow the rules, even my own. This will be a "yes" or "no" vote."

"Linda, Does Katherine have your vote to become a "core" member of the family, including voting rights for herself?"

"Yes, Sir! I am halfway in love with her already. Yes, yes, yes!"

"My vote is also "Yes" and welcome to the "Family" Katherine."

"Thank you, Sir and Linda. I will be the best cunt and slave for you that I possibly can."

"I know you have other questions, Katherine, but they will have to wait for a bit, as we have one more matter to settle tonight."

"What do we do about, Daryl?"

"As I see it, my ladies, he has made his promise to be the best little slave bitch that he can be. He did exactly as I instructed him tonight. Therefore, I put forward that we have a vote on whether he becomes a "pledge" or not. If he wins the vote, then he will be allowed to earn his chance at passing the tests."

"Linda, your vote please."

"My vote is, "yes", Sir."


"I vote "yes" Master"

"As do I, my loves. Daryl, you are now the little bitch for real. If you pass whatever tests I put before you, then a vote will be taken on you as was taken tonight, for Katherine. Is this your desire?"

"Yes, Sir. It is your little bitch's desire to please you and your "Family", so that one day I can be in the "Family", Sir."

"Good boy. Well, now that all of the serious shit is done, lighten up folks. Did we all have fun tonight?"

"Yes, Sir" in three part harmony sounds very sweet indeed.

"Linda, pick up the cunt's clothes, and bring them with you. Daryl, you will pick up the black bag, close it, and bring it with you. You two will go to my SUV and get in the back seat, after you put the clothes and the bag in the back."

"Cunt, you will take my hand and walk with me, just as you are."

She did so, although she was as naked as she was the day she was born.

Once we reached my vehicle, I opened the front passenger door. She got the point and quickly climbed in. I shut the door, then went and got in my side of the truck.

"I assume that everyone's transportation is in front of the club. I wouldn't let my worst enemy make that walk in the dark, not in this area."

Since there was only one Bike, and a small import out front, it wasn't hard to figure what belonged to who. I stopped at the Motorcycle, and Daryl and Linda got out. Daryl was already starting to go, when Linda grabbed his hand.

"Hold on a minute, baby. I can tell he has one more thing for us to do."

"Good girl, my love. This part will be fun."

"Ever given a 4 pointer before, bitch?"

"To be honest, Sir, I don't know what a "4 pointer" is, Sir"

"Well, I'm sure other people do it, but I put my own twist on it and call it the "4 pointer"

Linda was giving that moan of lust, again.

She asked "Are we doing the half, or the full Monty, Sir?"

"All the way, baby."

"Have I told you lately, that I love you, Master?"

"Not for at least an hour, pet. You're slipping, whore." I said this with a smile, so she took it in the spirit it was meant."

I used the auto seat control, and moved the back of Katherine's seat, so that she was slightly reclined. I then moved the whole seat back about six inches. The last preparation was to turn on the over head cabin spotlight. This made Katherine the center of attention, as the only light was on her alone, even after her door was opened.

"Put your hands at your sides, cunt. Do not move them until you are told to do so."

"Yes, Sir"

"Linda, you will go first, I will give the "blow by blow" so that Daryl will know what to do when it is his turn. You will start now, slave.

"Thank you, Sir"

"Point 1, is that she will take the cunt's left nipple in her mouth, and suck and lick on it for at least 10 seconds"

Linda was doing just that.

"Point 2 is you move from the left nipple to the right one and do the same."

I could feel Katherine shaking, and heard her lustful moans.

"Do not cum, cunt"

"Point 3, you will move down, hold her lips open and lick her pretty pussy, again only for 10 seconds or so."

Linda was doing everything as it was said, she was moaning as well.

"Point 4, you will now take your lips and tongue from her pussy, and move up to her face, and give her a kiss, give her the tongue, and make sure she cleans her pussy from your lips and tongue."

Linda had completed her part, but was holding the kiss a little longer than she should have.

"Am I going to have to punish you again tonight, whore?"

"No, Sir." And she pulled back out of the doorway.

"Your turn Daryl, do just as Linda did."

I was expecting a little resistance from Katherine, but none came.

Daryl got that left nipple into his mouth, and you could almost feel the electricity coming off of the cunt's body.

Once he finished with her nipples, he dove right in with his tongue into the slave's pussy. He licked and sucked as hard as he could in the 10 seconds he was allowed.

Katherine was on the ragged edge now, one big living nerve, that could go off at any second.

Daryl was actually quite gentle with her for the kiss, but the cunt was fighting for every bit of it that she could get.

As Daryl moved back out of the doorway, Linda took his waist and put the both of them where they could look down directly at Katherine.

"Look cunt, your playmates are watching your body like they want to eat you up, tell them "Thank you, for looking at your beautiful body" Now.

"Thank you for looking at my ... my ... my body."

"Is that what I told you to say, cunt?"

"No Sir, but my body isn't beautiful Sir"

"Who the fuck says my slave's body isn't beautiful?!"

"I said it, Sir."

I grabbed her hair harder than I had for the whole night, pulled her face to within and inch of mine, and looked directly into her eyes.

"Listen to me you fucking cunt! I rarely show anger, but when someone tells me one of my slaves isn't beautiful, even if it IS one of my slaves saying it, I go into "ass kicking" mode pretty fucking quick! Do you need me to kick your ass, cunt?!

"No, Sir"

I said "Good" as I roughly pushed her head back to her side of the truck. "Now tell them!"

"Thank you for looking at my beautiful body"

I heard Daryl whisper to Linda, "Now that was fucking hot!"

"It get's hotter bitch, Shut up and watch!" I growled.

"Yes, Sir"

"Take both of your hands and start playing with those nipples, that now belong to me, slave"

"Yes, Sir." She started slowly and gently, but I was still a little pissed, so I turned up the heat.

"Start rolling and pinching those nipples, slut. Harder ... Harder!"

Very Quickly, her nipples started to really show the signs of her torturing them.

"You may ease up just a bit, slave."

"Tell her that her tits are beautiful, slaves."

They did so at the same time.

"Now, cunt, leave one hand on your tits, and keep doing what you are doing, it is up to you how you alternate them, but I better not see you slacking, slave."

"Yes, Sir"

"Take the other hand and rub your clit, slut."

She moaned out what sounded like a "Yes, Sir", and did as she was told.

"What are you not allowed to do, cunt?"

"I'm not allowed to cum, Sir." She was by this point, dipping her fingers, as well as rubbing her clit.

"How do you feel, Katherine?"

"I feel like a bomb with the fuse lit, Sir, I'm waiting for the spark to get here, Sir. You are the spark, Sir!" She was panting very hard at this point.

"Slow down just a bit, slave, but don't stop. Now listen to me."

"Yes, Sir"

"You love being watched while you act like a slut, don't you, cunt? You don't need to answer, I know you do, Katherine. You love being humiliated, and shamed and you would get even hotter if I let a couple of complete strangers come up and watch you, wouldn't you Katherine? Answer me."

"Oh, My God, Yes, Sir!"

"Rub a little harder now, slave. You know what I have in mind, my pretty little slut? I'm thinking one day soon, I'm going to make you dress in that short little skirt and top that you had on tonight. I'm going to make you meet me in the parking lot of the busiest "Wally World" that I know of. You are going to go into the store, I will follow you where you go. Whenever I see a guy or girl that I want you to show my pussy to, I will nod and you will bend over as if to look at something, making sure they get a very good look at my pussy. It is my pussy, isn't it Katherine?"

"Yes, Sir, it is your pussy, oh God!" She was really rubbing hard now, and trying so hard not to cum.

"I think that at least a few of them will follow us, as I walk you out, with my hand under your skirt, making sure that pretty ass of mine is showing. I will walk you over to this very truck, I will make you strip before you can get in. They are all watching you now, cunt. Can you feel them watching you, Katherine?"

"Oh, Yes, Sir, I see a bunch of hard dicks hidden by their pants, I see a few dripping pussies, Sir. What would you make me do Sir?"

"You would do anything I told you, wouldn't you, cunt?"

"Oh God! Yes, Sir anything!"

"I would make you get into the seat you are, right now, and you will be naked, remember that slut. I would make you do just what you are doing right now. They will all be looking in on you and that pretty pussy. I will try to get them to chant "cum" for you, and then I would let you cum, for them all to see. Do you want them to see you cum, slave?"

"Yes, Sir I would love for you to make me cum with all of them watching, Sir!"

"Would you like to cum now, Katherine?"

"oh my God, I beg of you Sir, let me cum for you!"

"Close your eyes, let me know when you see and hear them watching you and chanting."

She closed her eyes, and by her expression I could tell she really could see them in her mind. Her hand was doing double time on that pussy.

"I can see them Sir!, I can see you too, Sir, controlling my every move, my every feeling, you control it all for these people to see Sir. I want to make it good for them and you, Sir, I need to do it for you Sir! Please?!"

"Cum for us, Katherine, NOW!"

She started shaking harder and harder. What started as a low moan, turned into a full blown scream, as her pussy sprayed her cum all over my glove box and carpet. It took her a full three minutes to finally start to come down.

She was absolutely beautiful.

I made sure that I made eye contact with Daryl

I then growled, "Now THAT was fucking hot, bitch!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Hands back to your sides, slave!"

"Good girl. Linda, time for round two. You may take a little bit more time, because as

you do it, explain rule #3 to her"

"Yes, Sir."

Linda leaned in to start the second 4 pointer. As she took the right nipple into her mouth, she sucked hard, and added a little bite.

"Rule #3 is called the "Down" rule, you pretty cunt." She said this as she kissed her way to the left nipple, giving it some rough treatment.

Linda decided to slowly lick and kiss her way down to Katherine's pussy, giving her time to explain.

"The "Down" rule, means that anytime that Master says "Down" you instantly drop to your knees, pull out the cock that owns you and give it the best blowjob you can, and you always swallow ... Always."

Linda was licking her way back up for the kiss "Listen close to what I am telling you. If you are in the middle of the mall, A parking lot, a Theme Park, even in front of your own parents, Anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE! You don't look around, you don't even think, you just do it. Your only purpose is to please your Master."

Linda was now tongue deep into Katherine's mouth, and they both were moaning.

She broke the kiss just long enough to tell the slave, "And he WILL do it, baby, trust me. And the scenario, that you came so hard to? Yes, oh Yes, he will do it. Been there, Done that! And I can't wait for the next time, that is how much of a nasty, owned whore that I am."

With a last run of the tongue across Katherine's lips, Linda told her "We all love you, Baby. Always."

Linda backed out and said to Daryl "Make it good for her, Baby."

Daryl leaned in and went to work. He was in a hurry to get to her pussy, so spent very little time on the nipples.

"Bitch, Linda told you to make it good for her, didn't she?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Then start over, and make sure those nipples feel loved."

"Yes, Sir"

When he was able to actually get to her pussy, he was like a cat with cream. I had to tell him to move on to point 4, because I could feel Katherine shaking hard, trying not to cum.

Again he tried to make the kiss gentle, but the little cunt wasn't having it, She did her best to suck his tongue right out of his mouth.

He finally broke the kiss and asked me, "Can I tell her, Sir?"

I nodded. And he told her "We all love you, Baby"

Now, I had a truly evil thought.

"You two back up so the cunt can get out and lean in like the two of you have done."

Once she was out, I told her to lean in and look at me "Do you have any idea what you are going to now, Katherine?"

"No, Sir."

"Really? I think you do, but you are afraid that you will be right, aren't you cunt?"

"Yes, Sir"

"You see I have this little problem. It seems some little slut got in here somehow, and sprayed pussy juice all over the front of my dash, and on my carpet that I had cleaned just yesterday. Now, if I could just find this little slut, what do you think I should do with her, Katherine?"

"I think you should make her stay naked, and make her clean off all of her pussy juice, using only her tongue, and make sure she has people watching her shame herself, Sir."

With a very evil grin, I said, "The little slut better start doing just that little thing, right now!"

Katherine did not hesitate for a moment, she was all over that dash licking her cum off of the surface with her tongue. Even I felt an immense pride in my new slave as she showed that she was "All In".

I couldn't resist turning up the heat a bit "Linda, you have my cunt's pretty little ass in front of you. Whenever you think she is slowing down, or losing focus, Slap that ass with every thing you've got."

"Yes, Sir" She had an evil little grin herself, "I haven't forgotten the ass whipping I took for her tonight. You hear me, baby?"

"Yes, Mistress"

I think Linda and myself were both surprised that she had picked up on it so quick.

"You've got the dash shining real pretty, cunt. I think you need to start licking your nasty cum up off of the carpet now."

"Yes, Sir"

SLAP! "you are slowing down, slave. Don't piss my Master off!" SLAP!

"Yes, Mistress, Thank you, Mistress"

By the time she had licked every inch of the carpet on her side, she had racked up about 20 hard ass slaps. I would be willing to bet that she had slowed down on purpose on at least 10 of them.

"How does my slut's pretty ass look, Linda?"

"It is a bit red from the spankings she took, but it is just as pretty as ever, Sir"

"You think she enjoyed them, Linda?

"Oh, Yes, Sir, the little slut's pussy is leaking all over the ground under her, Sir"

"Tell Linda how much you appreciate her helping you out, cunt."

"Thank you so much, Mistress. I love you for helping me keep Master happy."

"You are welcome, Baby."

"Daryl get her clothes out of the back and give them to her."

"Yes, Sir."

Once he handed them to her, I said "You can get dressed now, Katherine. But no panties or bra, no undies at all, remember?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I'll leave it up to you to explain to your hubby, how you lost your under things."

"Yes, Sir. But, I am supposed to spend the night over at Mary's, You know, "Girls Night Out" and all, Sir."

"Good, good, don't tell her anything except that you talked me in to giving her another chance, understand cunt?"

"Yes, Sir."

I told Linda and Daryl that they were on their own time now, and they were to go home and fuck each other's brains out.

I couldn't resist saying, "If you two actually do make it up to the moon tonight, bring me back a rock."

They both laughed and said "Yes, Sir. Goodnight, Sir"

They got on Daryl's bike, which was quite nice BTW, and disappeared into the night.

I got out of my truck and walked over, put my arm around Katherine's waist and started walking her over to her little import. About ten feet from her car, I noticed that the street light lit this area up pretty brightly.

Again, I couldn't resist.

I simply said "Down."

It took a moment to register, but when it did, she was down and doing her best.

Her warm mouth had me close, very close.

My last thought, as she took me over the edge was;

Yes, it IS good to be the king.

But, it is fucking awesome to be THE DEMON!

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