Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack was a 14-year-old Arkansas country boy who had to grow up fast. The year was 1911, and he had to provide for his widowed mother. He did that by hunting wild hogs for sale to butcher shops. His mother took him on as her replacement husband. This is the story of how he became the richest man in the county before moving on to other things. The sex is heavy at first, but the story is more of how the boy became a man much more quickly than most.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Historical   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Pregnancy   Slow  

This was the perfect day to go after rabbits. Ma had mentioned how much she was looking forward to the first rabbit stew of the spring, so I figured that was all of the hint that I needed. Ma was all I had in the world to love, except for my dog Sam, and I did everything I could to be a good son and provider.

Pa had been killed last fall in a fatal argument with a wild boar, and it fell to me to become the man of the house. We lived as far out in the boondocks of Arkansas as it was possible to get, so nobody missed me when I dropped out of school to work the farm. I was 14 at the time, and ma and I figured that I had all of the schooling that I really needed. 1911 had rolled around, and I never heard from any school people about why I had quit—a lot of boys my age did that when they were mature enough to take on adult responsibilities.

I took up what for me was a new .22 H&R rifle. Of course, it was really old and second-hand, but it was all that I could afford. It had been well cared for, and the general store where I bought it for $2.00 guaranteed that I could return it for credit if it failed me during the first year. At the time, all of the cash money I had in the world was $2.27, so I bought a box of Long Rifle cartridges and left the store with 2¢ in my pocket. Pa's rifle had been busted when that boar jumped him, so ma agreed that I needed a new rifle if I were going to feed us the meat we needed. He'd had a .38-40 Winchester, but all I could salvage were 13 cartridges.

Actually, that .22 was just right for hunting the kind of game that I was after. Rabbits and squirrels would have been a lost cause if I had shot one with that big ole .38-40. I had used up five cartridges zeroing-in my new rifle, and I knew that I could hit anything I aimed at under 25-30 yards. Two years ago, I had learned to shoot my cousin's .22, and his family was rich enough to let us shoot all of the time I was visiting them. Sure, we were using .22 Shorts to save money while we were fooling around, but a bullet was a bullet as far as I was concerned when it was just target practice.

Sam and I left home early in the morning, just after there was enough light for me to see. Of course, all Sam needed was his nose, so he could hunt just about any time. We headed for a place that I just knew had to be full of rabbits this time of the year. Yesterday, I had put out snares in hopes of being lucky. After all, cartridges did cost money, and I had none to spare.

All winter, ma and I had gotten by on salted or smoked meat, but that didn't compare to the flavor of fresh rabbit stew, so I had high hopes of finding at least one. Sure, I would take as many as I could get, but I was not going to hold my breath waiting for a whole passel of rabbits to show up. Oh, my Lord, luck was with me! I checked my snares before I went in with my rifle, and I found two fat bucks in my snares. That was enough for today, and it meant that we would eat well for the next couple of days. I thanked God that I had not needed to use any of those expensive cartridges.

Naturally, I had my hunting knife with me, so I field dressed those two rabbits before heading toward home. I had them slung over my shoulder and my rifle in my hand as I headed home. This time, I took the shortcut through the ancient pecan grove, and I received a very unpleasant surprise.

That pecan grove was occupied by wild hogs! There was a sow and four piglets, but no sign of the boar. Shit, if they spotted me, I could be up to my ass in trouble! A boar is death on four legs, but a sow is bad enough. She didn't have the tusks that a boar had, but she could bite off an arm or leg with one closing of her jaws. My only chance was to get out of there before the wild hogs got agitated.

I started to back out of the grove very slowly; running would have attracted the sow like ants to sugar. Just as I luckily reached a tree suitable for climbing, I spotted the boar. He was off in the bushes doing some sort of boar thing and also had not noticed me. Sight of that boar was all of the encouragement I needed to scoot up that tree as quickly as I could move.

Naturally, the boar saw me and rushed over to investigate. Fortunately, Sam was smarter than the average dog and obeyed me when I sent him home. Now it was just me in a tree and an angry boar below me. Hell, what am I saying? Boars are always angry—it's just part of their nature.

Well, I sat quietly in that tree hoping that the boar would get tired of staring at me and go somewhere else. No such luck, the boar knew that I had to come down eventually, and he was determined to wait me out. At the end of an hour with the standoff, I figured that it was up to me to do something.

All I had to go against that boar was my .22 rifle. Like most .22 rifles at the time, it was a single-shot, so there was no way that I was going to scare the boar away by spraying a lot of lead in his direction. A .22 slug is almost a waste of time against an animal larger than a rabbit if you want a quick kill, and that boar was a LOT bigger than a rabbit—he was a man-killer.

It looked to me like the only chance I had was to shoot the boar in the brain, but he had a thick skull to try to crack. He did have one weak point if I could take advantage of it. His eyes were a direct path to his brain, and I might be able to put a bullet into one of his eyes if I got real lucky. A hit anywhere else on his head was just going to bounce off. The boar might get a headache from that, but not much else would happen to him.

Fortunately, the boar was only about 15-20 feet away as it wandered around the base of the tree. I had plenty of time to shoot, and I was smart enough not to rush things. I was able to lean my rifle against a limb to help steady my aim. My first shot hit the boar about half an inch above his left eye, and that really pissed him off.

He started banging his shoulder against the tree to try to shake me down, but I held on until he gave up in frustration. That damned boar had actually torn some of his skin on his shoulder from hitting the tree so hard, but this was a sturdy pecan tree, and all it did was shake a little. Meanwhile, the boar was now standing a little farther away. I guessed that was to make it easier to keep an eye on me.

What it did was to give me a slightly better angle to aim at his eye. This time, I hit his head on the right side just below his eye. The bullet glanced down and took out some teeth. Now the boar was really pissed off at me! Nevertheless, he was smart enough to give up on trying to shake me out of that pecan tree.

At that moment, I heard Sam bark at the boar. Dammit, that dog had not gone home like I had thought. If that fool dog attacks the boar, he will be ripped to shreds by those tusks. There was no more time for finesse, I was going to have to take as many shots at the boar as I could in hopes of doing it some fatal damage.

I began to shoot at the boar's eyes again, and that distracted it from Sam's barking. At last, my third shot did penetrate the left eye of the boar, and a few moments later, it dropped to the ground. It didn't move after that, other than a few twitches of its legs. I was confident enough now to climb back down the tree. It was probably the brashness of youth, but I confidently walked toward the downed boar.

Dammit, I had forgotten the potential danger from the sow, but Sam saved me at this point by running at a piglet while barking like mad. This distracted the sow, and she diverted her attention to protecting the piglets. She acted as a rear guard as they scattered to the bushes, and she followed closely behind. Well, I had to apologize to Sam; he had done me some good after all by not running home as ordered.

I now had something to divert my attention from the two rabbits I had found that morning; namely, a freshly killed boar. That was something that rarely happened in my neck of the woods, and I planned to take advantage of the opportunity. I spent the rest of the day butchering that boar on the spot and piling the meat on a hastily constructed travois. Oh, boy, was ma going to be surprised when I got home. She knew that I could be out all day with my hunting, so she would not worry about me until late afternoon. Well, I would be home by then, so I just paid attention to my very pleasant chore of butchering that boar.

By the time I dragged the travois into our yard, ma was starting to be concerned about me. She really was startled when she noticed that my travois was loaded with hog meat. She was concerned, but relaxed when she realized that I had come out of the encounter unscathed. I gave her a detailed account of my day's experiences while we hung the hog meat in the smokehouse. That boar was large enough to feed us for over a month when his meat was spaced in with the other stuff that I brought in.

That night, ma fixed a delicious rabbit stew and we lazed at the supper table much longer than usual talking about this and that. Ma said, "Jack, you have proved yourself to be a man today, and I am feeling a strong itch. I think that it is time you took over the only one of your pa's duties that you have not assumed."

"What can that be, Ma? I thought that I was doing everything that pa did."

"You have been doing a wonderful job at all those things that your pa used to do, except that one thing that I need very bad. You are old enough to stop using your hand to satisfy your needs and to move into my bed to satisfy my needs, too."

"Ma, does that mean that you want me to ... to ... to fuck you?"

"No, it means that I want you to make love to me the way your pa did. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, Ma, I can try, but you will have to tell me each thing to do. You know that I ain't never done anything like that before, so all I know is what I've seen the animals do."

"Well, we'll take a bath tonight, and I'll show you what to do. I'm sure that you will get the hang of it real quick, the way you have done all of your life."

As usual, I helped ma clean up after supper, and I dragged out the sheet metal bath tub we normally use for Saturday nights. Most people took a Saturday night bath to be ready for church the next morning, but we were so far away from a church that we never did anything but sleep a little late on Sunday mornings. That made the morning chores a bit late, but none of the animals complained, so we didn't worry about it.

Ma and I both were in kind of a hurry to get started on this last of pa's chores, so we didn't stall around. She had anticipated me and already had water heating on the stove during supper, so we had hot water for the bath tub right soon. I started to ask a question, "Ma..."

"No, Jack, from now on, you must call be by my name. Now, you must call me Mary. That is what's fitting because of what we are about to do."

"Okay, Ma, oops, Mary. I'll try to do that, but habits are sometimes hard to break. Will this make you my wife?"

"Yes, I think so. At least as far as we are concerned, but I guess that we better try to act like mother and son whenever we are around other people. What we are about to do is against the law."

"Okay, Mary. I can do that, but you better remind me the first few times."

"I'll do that. Now, let's get started. I can hardly wait. The first thing I want you to do is to undress me, and then I'll undress you. If we stand up, we can get into the tub together."

Oh, dear Lord, I was about to see my mother, no, my new wife, naked for the first time. She had already removed her kitchen apron, so she was just dressed in her normal dress. It was old and badly worn, even patched in places. The way it sagged on her, I really had no idea what she looked like underneath. Well, I was about to find out, and my cock had already gotten hard at the thought.

Her dress buttoned from her waist to her neck, and she had me start at the top to unbutton every button without pulling the dress open. Once that job was done, she had me pull the two sections open to expose her chest. My God! Mary was beautiful! She was wearing nothing to cover her tits, and they stuck out from her chest like filled sacks with a large red nipple decorating the front of each. Around each nipple was a ring that was filled in with a pink color the same as her nipples, and the whole area was covered with dozens of small bumps like oversize goosebumps.

She was 32 years old, and I couldn't see any sag in her tits. I didn't remember what they looked like when I suckled them as a baby, but I could hardly resist doing that again right now. Well, I didn't suck on them, but I did pause in my duties long enough to kiss each nipple.

Mary laughed when I did that, and I could tell that it was the sound of joy. It was at that moment that I received my second marvel of the evening. Her laughter caused her to shrug her shoulders, and that made her dress slip past her hips and fall to the floor. She had been wearing nothing at all under her dress but some stockings and her shoes.

I was presented with the sight of an almost flat belly and flaring hips that looked like they were made for love. Just below her belly, I could see a bush of almost black hair that covered her mound of Venus. I knew what was covered by that hair in a general sort of way, but I could hardly wait to examine it in detail.

Mary stood still while I gazed at her in total awe and admiration. Then I noticed a thin stream of liquid slowly running from her crotch and down her left leg. Mary said, "Come on, Jack, and finish your job or I will never be able to get my stockings clean again." We both laughed at that comment, and I bent to remove her shoes.

That done, Mary instructed me on the proper way to remove her stockings. That was when I discovered that the wet stuff leaking from her crotch was not piss. I was not sure what it was, but it did have an interesting, but almost undetectable, odor. On second thought, maybe aroma was a better word than odor.

Anyway, now that she was naked, she preceded to remove my clothes. For obvious reasons, she started with my boots and socks. I was glad that she started there because I was afraid of stepping on her bare feet in my excitement. Speaking of excitement, my erect cock was about to punch a hole in my pants.

Mary next removed my shirt. She tweaked and kissed my nipples before she went any further, and was almost enough to make me spurt white stuff from my cock. Now she surprised me further by dropping to her knees to remove my pants. She loosened my belt and unbuttoned my fly without letting my pants open or my cock to escape. Dammit, I felt like I was going to die of frustration, but I didn't know why I felt that way.

She then grabbed the waistband of my pants and sort of peeled them off my hips. I had no underwear on, so my cock jumped up the moment it was released from the bondage of my pants. My pants were kind of hooked on my knees and failed to fall to the floor, but Mary totally ignored that as she completely surprised me by taking my cock into her mouth. My cock was sweaty and must have tasted of salt, but Mary still continued to hold my cock with her lips while her tongue rubbed against the underside of my cock.

That was all it took to make me spurt a full load of jizz from my balls into her mouth. I was further amazed when Mary swallowed it all without complaint. The nearest thing I had ever felt to that was when I had jacked off, but this was miles ahead of that feeling. I almost fell from the shock of the good feeling. Mary continued to suck on me until she had completely emptied me and she could tell that I was through for this time.

She removed her mouth from my cock and kissed the end. I had no idea why she did that, but it sure felt good, as much from the thought of what she had done as from the actual kiss itself. Now she removed my pants from my legs and rose to kiss me. It took me a moment to identify the odd salty taste in the kiss, but it did dawn on me that what I was tasting was my own jizz. It was not all that bad, but I was not interested in it as a steady diet.

Mary led me to the bath tub and we stepped in. There were several small buckets and pots on the table next to the tub, and she poured warm water over my head from one of them. She had me do the same thing for her, and we proceeded to rub soap over each other, even in the most intimate places. I was thrilled to be able to rub her tits and her pussy, as she told me to call it. I was also thrilled as she washed my cock and balls, and I was already nearly fully hard even so soon after that emptying of them that Mary had done.

On inspiration, I had her turn around to let me wash her hair. The harsh homemade soap we were using was not be best stuff for washing hair, but it was all we had. She said that she would have me brush it before we went to sleep. I was not so sure of that, but I did not argue the point.

We rinsed off with more pots of water poured over us, and dried each other with our softest towels. We left the tub that I would empty tomorrow morning. Mary led me to her bedroom, and we got into bed. She had put another towel on the bed under her crotch, but I attached no significance to it at the time.

"Jack, I am in such a hurry to have you enter me that I need to postpone some of your training for now. Please forgive me for being selfish, but it has been too long for me. Please get between my legs, and let's get on with satisfying my need."

I really didn't know what she was talking about on that "training" business, so I was more than ready to follow where Mary was leading. She had me get on my hands and knees with my hands on the bed at either side of her tits. She had me place my knees on the bed between her legs very near to her pussy. Mary spread her legs and pulled them up toward her head with bent knees and her feet about 10-12 inches off the mattress.

I looked down and could now see her pussy lips through her hair. They were swollen and almost purple in color. At the time, I did not know the significance of that. However, I could see that her pussy slit was open and there was a fairly large hole toward the bottom of the slit. Mary pulled my cock head toward this hole and said, "Jack, do you see the hole between my pussy lips?" I nodded my head, and she said, "That is where your cock is supposed to go. You have a large cock, much larger than your pa's, so we may have to do some work to get it to go all of the way into the hole. By the time we finish getting you inserted, your belly will be very close to mine, maybe even touching. Go ahead and push it in slowly."

Mary guided my cock where she wanted it, and I felt the warm wet skin of her pussy when I first touched her. That alone was a wonderful feeling, but it felt even better when I started to slide into her hole. It was sort of like being wrapped in a very soft damp cloth held in the jaws of a vise.

Suddenly, I felt my cock hang up and refuse to go in any farther. "Jack, pull back just a little so that you can pick up some more liquid, then push back in again. You should have no trouble sliding in when your skin is as wet as mine."

I tried what Mary suggested, and that fixed the problem. As I slid in more, I had the same problem again, and I fixed it by pulling back before pushing in some more. Somewhere along the line, Mary began to moan, but I could tell that these were sounds of pleasure and not pain. I was close to moaning in pleasure myself, so I easily understood what was going on.

I continued to slide in slowly as I was still following Mary's directions. Suddenly, I was brought to a halt as I bumped into Mary's belly. She let out a little squeal of pleasure and said, "Oh, Jack, you have bumped into my clitoris. That felt so good that I couldn't help making more noise. I hope my noises do not bother you; they should show you what a good job you are doing. Please hold there for a minute so that I can get used to your size. Nothing so big has ever been inside me before now. I feel so stretched and so full—it's wonderful."

I held my position, and Mary wrapped her legs around my hips as if she planned never to let me escape. At the moment, I certainly had no intention of leaving. I don't know how long she held me buried so deeply within her, but I was enjoying every moment. Finally, though, she said, "Okay, now, it is time for you to start moving in and out. Just pull back until you are almost ready to pop out of me and them push back in. Keep that up until you squirt your jizz into me. I want to have your baby."

Oops, who said anything about a baby!? Then it dawned on me that this was what humans did to make babies. I didn't know if I was ready to become a father, but if it were what Mary wanted, I would go along. I figured that she must know what she was doing since she was older and more experienced than me.

I pulled nearly out and pushed back in. Mary said, "Oh, Jack, you are rubbing me places that I didn't know I had. That feels so good that I never want you to stop. Please keep it up as long as you can." Now that I knew what she liked, I settled into a rhythm, and Mary used the leverage she had from having her legs wrapped around me to raise herself off the bed to meet my inward strokes.

Soon, Mary was almost chanting, "Faster, harder, faster." I soon reached my maximum level of effort and I realized that she was saying that without really realizing what she was chanting. I just kept on at that level of stroking speed and no longer paid attention to Mary's chant.

It seemed like forever and no time at all until she began to pant, and I felt the wall of her hole spasmodically contract. She actually began to scream a little as she jerked her body about all out of rhythm with my strokes. At last, I understood that she was having the same sort of good feeling that I had when I shot my jizz, and I just kept stroking in an effort to make Mary's pleasure last as long as possible.

I was not ready to shoot yet, so I continued to stroke. Mary finally ran down, but I never stopped stroking. It was not long after the previous episode that she began to pant again, and I could tell that she was rising to another peak of pleasure. Uh-oh, I felt myself also rising to the occasion. At last, I was about to experience what the older boys at school had talked about: I was about to shoot my jizz into a fertile woman and make a baby. All of their talk was bombastic bragging of what they had done, but I now realized that they were lying. Their talk bore no relationship to the wonderful feelings that I was having.

At last, I shot my jizz into Mary's cavity, and I realized that I was now fully a man. The feeling was unimaginable, and I could never have described it to someone else. Nothing in my life had ever felt so good, and I hoped that Mary was going to let me do this often. I would be heart broken if she cut me off after this one experience. I was a past master at begging for a treat, so I was sure that I could convince her to do this again with me in the near future.

As I shot, I realized that Mary was reacting even more strongly than she had for her previous peak. Could it be that she was feeling me shoot my jizz into her, and she was reacting with added pleasure to that feeling? I certainly hoped so, because that would make it easier for her to let me do this again.

This time, Mary removed her legs from around me, and relaxed like a limp dishcloth on the bed. Ah, the woman was asleep. That indicated to me that it was time for me to move. I wanted to give her plenty of time to recover. I realized that I, too, felt the fatigue of my recent exercise, and I had better get some sleep if I were going to be able to function tomorrow. I didn't even think about moving to my own bed, but I just rolled off of Mary and quickly went to sleep.

Sometime later, I felt something strange happening to my cock. I glanced toward it and spied Mary busy sucking away at it. Not that I objected, but I wondered what she had in mind. Nevertheless, the feeling was so enjoyable that I simply lay still and let the experience play out. Once I had reached a state of hardness that I rarely experienced, Mary stopped sucking on me, and I was sorely disappointed.

However, I did not move, but waited to see what would happen next. I was absolutely amazed at what did happen. Mary crawled up over my hips and positioned herself on her knees right over my cock. She took my cock in one hand and spread her pussy lips with the fingers of the other hand and inserted me into her pussy slit hole. She then lowered herself onto my cock until it was totally engulfed inside of her.

At that point, she kind of rested on her lower legs to each side of my hips and began to rock back and forth on my cock. Oh, my Lord, she was fucking herself on my cock without me doing anything but supplying the necessary cock. Once she was sure of her position, she said, "Jack, you can quit pretending to sleep. I know that you are awake and aware of what is going on.

"I woke up a few minutes ago and just had to have some more of that good feeling that you and your cock provided last night. This time, I am going to fuck you. I don't know how long I can last because I have never done it this way before, but it sure does feel good. I hope it feels as good to you."

"Go ahead, Mary. I, too, am anxious to find out how well this works. So far, it feels so good that I have no complaints. Just tell me what to do if you need any help from me."

"Great, well, here goes." Mary began to kind of half-rock and half-slide over my belly as she caused me to stroke inside of her. The feeling was certainly good, but it was not the same as last night when I was providing the stroking motion. It took a conscious effort for me to remain still and not to disturb Mary's efforts. I finally gave up my effort at restraint and began to match my motions to hers as I provided some of the stroking action along with her efforts.

Between the two of us, we were able to match the results of last night, and Mary came with a bang. She practically exploded over me and completely lost her ability to maintain a rhythm. Now it was up to me to finish her off. This position was just not working well for me, so I rolled us over and mounted her in the same position that we had been in last night.

I resumed the stroking rhythm, and Mary began to rise to another of her peaks, but this time I rose with her. Just as she reached her point of release, I did too, and I squirted out what seemed like gallons of jizz to match last night. We both easily matched our climaxes of last night, and I rolled off to collapse on the bed.

Mary laughed and said, "Oh, my Lord, Jack, what have I created? I hate the thought of getting out of bed and starting the chores of the day. I had much rather spend all day every day in bed with you. The problem is that I would probably burn you out, and then where would I be? Oh, my, life is full of problems!" With that, she laughed, and I knew that we would be fucking again very soon, maybe even tonight. I could hardly wait.

"Thank the Lord that I thought to put this old towel on the bed last night. Just look at it. It is still sopping wet, and my rear end feels kind of soggy from sleeping on it all night. At least, we did not ruin the mattress."

The first thing that I did when I got up was to dump the old bath water outside. I put the tub back into storage until it was needed again and went to feed the animals and such things. I had to laugh when Sam sniffed at my crotch and wagged his tail as if in congratulations. He certainly knew what had happened last night.

By the strangest coincidence, about mid-morning as I was working out of sight in the barn, and man rode up on a horse and dismounted. Without further ado, he marched into the house. I heard a shout, "HEY, WOMAN, COME HERE!" He was so loud that I heard him and rushed to the house to investigate.

He was standing in the parlor, and Mary walked in. The man said, "Woman, take off that dress. I want to see what my new woman looks like."

Mary said, "How dare you talk to me that way!? Get out right now and leave me alone."

"Fat chance, woman. I heard that your husband died last year, and I have come to claim you and this farm. Now strip before I have to make you do it."

I had heard most of the conversation, and I said, "Get out of here right now, you bastard, before I have to get rough with you."

The man was about two inches taller than me and outweighed me by at least 50 pounds. He laughed and said, "Shut up, pip-squeak, and I might let you live."

He had turned toward me, and that made him lose sight of Mary. Quick as a wink, she reached to the fireplace and picked up a poker. Probably without thinking, she hit the man over the head with the iron rod. It would have been better to poke him with the sharp end, but what did she know about fighting?

Mary had not hit the man with all of her strength, and that was her worst mistake. The blow must have hurt, but the man turned back to her. He reached for her and said, "Come here, you bitch. I'll teach you proper manners in a way you will never forget!"

His hand did manage to grasp her sleeve as she tried to dodge away from him, but the tearing of her dress as the sleeve pulled away was enough to galvanize me into action. I never went anywhere without my hunting knife, and I pulled it from its sheath belted at my backbone. I knew that this man could beat me in any fight where he had a chance to grab me, so I had to act before he realized how much danger he was in.

I jumped toward him and jammed my knife blade, all six inches of it, into his back just below his ribcage. The knife went in, penetrated his diaphragm, continued through a lung, and nicked his heart. He lived long enough to turn around and reach for his own knife before dropping like a stone onto the floor. He must have been dead by the time he was lying there unmoving. I knew that his heart was not beating because of the lack of blood.

Mary rushed to me, and we comforted each other while we shook in shock.

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