The Old Man on the Bus
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Linda was ready to go out on her own but first she had to get proper training. Then, she met an older man with just the solution for her.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism  

The weeklong holiday was still fresh in Linda's mind when she boarded the bus for the business school she had signed up for after she finished her normal studies at the horrid public school filled with boys with greedy fingers and girls with mean-spirited words. The big companies were not hiring untrained girls off the street any longer and training them because it cost too much money. Just barely eighteen, she felt that she was a woman of the world having allowed Denny from the next manor to shove his ugly looking uncut thing up inside her making her an adult in less than three full minutes.

She didn't feel any different after losing her cherry but she had insisted the daft boy use a condom because she was not in any condition to tend a child when she still didn't even have a job and a way to get away from her perverted stepfather. Her stepfather was adamant about working like everyone else and making her own way in the world. She felt he was being a bit harsh just because she wouldn't do anything more than milk his cock when he begged nicely with the proper attitude.

Linda knew that if her mum found out what a wanker she had married after her beloved first husband died she would be proper put out but she had no intention of blabbing about her stepfather's faults because he had always given her a little extra cash for a film or an ice cream if she was obedient and attentive to his needs. In all honesty she had to admit she had little liking for the "lads" at school with their over-exaggerated big cocks and their cocky attitudes about making her "take it" whenever they wanted her pretty bum. She was not looking for any new boyfriends after the last two fucked her silly and then took up with slags from down the street what did all kinds of kinky things to keep a silly boyfriend in their dirty little spider's web.

The weather had improved to the point that she didn't need the heavy snow boots any longer and she even wore her skirt instead of the long tights and winter coat to keep off the chill. It was the first time she was displaying her knees since the previous fall. The bus she rode was usually crowded and this morning it was even more crowded than usual. She managed to find a seat because they hadn't hit the heavily populated section of town that had passengers lined up deep waiting for the next bus. All the seats were filled in a hurry and a big fat boy with a shameful erection kept bouncing it on her shoulder like he was tagging her for future reference. Linda was positive that she had never seen the boy before but that was not at all unusual in such a large city at that time of day. She really didn't mind the prodding of the cock but she couldn't look at the boy with some degree of disgust because he was that ugly with a severe case of acne that made her worry if the dreaded pimples were contagious just from proximity.

Linda looked straight ahead not wanting to turn in the direction of the aggressive cock rubbing her shoulder with the authority of total perversion and youthful enthusiasm. The gentleman in front of her directly opposite was watching her intently and she knew right away that he was fully aware of the fact she was suffering the degradation of being used as a sex object by the nasty boy with the erection and disturbing acne. She did her best to act like it was of no importance to her and beneath her dignity to react because the last thing she wanted to appear was as a victim to a distinguished looking gentleman who looked quite a bit older than her perverted stepfather. In fact he looked old enough to be her mum's pa but the older man had passed recently and she missed bouncing on his knee at the old folk's home.

The next thing she noticed was that the well-dressed man was now looking straight at that point between her knees where she expected her knickers were most likely peeking out because she had slouched down in the seat a bit to get away from the acne-ridden boy's persistent cock.

She tried to remember which pair she was wearing and realized it was her sexy white ruffled ones that were completely sheer where there was no ruffle. With her luck the thick dark pubic hair was probably giving the old gent a nice tingle and she didn't find that particularly objectionable because he seemed a decent sort even if he was addicted to young girl's fannies.

Linda started to warm up deep inside thinking about how promiscuous she must appear to the conservative older man. She still had that awful blue streak in her hair that was the result of too much beer at Christmastime and her eyebrow jewelry must seem offensive to a person of a different generation. Normally, she wouldn't care the least bit because it pleased her to shock the old farts with her spirit of independence. However, for some strange reason, she wanted to make a good impression on the old gent and hoped he would see her as interesting without judging her on her accessories or hair coloring.

She closed her eyes just to shield her inner thoughts because she sensed the mature man could almost read her mind from looking into her hazel eyes. At the same time she spread her knees slowly to make her fanny more visible from the short distance to the other seat. Linda knew she was getting wet just from thinking about the handsome mature man's head down there making her feel good like her stepfather did from time to time when he was besotted with drink and obsessed with making her squirm and shudder with desire. It seemed strange that older men were quick to get their heads into position but all the young boys were reluctant to do the same. Of course, the shoe was on the other foot when they wanted her to get down on her knees and take care of business with their cock outside of their trousers.

Linda knew her knickers were damp with her juices and hoped the wet spot was not too visible because she didn't want to be thought of as a slut who got off on showing her goodies to strangers.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the man smiling at her and it caused her face to redden with embarrassment because she was guilty about putting on a show so early in the morning. The boy with the fat prick was close to coming from the way he was grimacing with the tense expression of hidden lust in his piggish eyes. She thought she could feel his sperm shoot down his thick cock and blossom into his underwear and even put a little sticky moisture on his trousers with the force of the explosion. She hoped the nasty stuff would not stain her jacket because she had paid a lot of money for it after a weekend of obedience to her stepfather had resulted in a nice wad of cash stuck into her knickers. She was ashamed of being a tramp to his desires but in all honesty it was better than bending over for the silly boys at school that all acted like they were God's gift to the opposite sex.

The boy shuffled off to take up position at the exit door and kept his guilty head down refusing to look in her direction. She noticed the old man had a cane at his side and she wondered if he ever used it to correct a spouse or daughter into proper obedience. He didn't seem the type but she still liked his strong hawkish look on his face and the long pointed nose that might drive her crazy if he was rambunctious enough to get his head in real deep between her legs. She had her knees spread quite wide now and she knew he could see everything she owned and then some.

When she ventured a look into his eyes she saw he was laughing at her and she didn't know it that made her mad or guilty and decided it was a little of both. She wanted to make up for her promiscuous attitude but was shy about saying anything or acting like a slut looking for a quick poke in a corner. That was solved by him leaning forward and addressing her,

"It must be so hard for a pretty young thing like yourself to just sit there and let that nasty boy get his jollies on your poor shoulder. But I expect that is the curse of being so attractive that you pull them all into your shadow like the spider lady with a tempting web."

Linda saw that he had the teeth of a young person, quite nice and white and delightful to look at. She wondered if they might be artificial but they seemed like quite the real thing. Her older sister Ann had a boob job done and she flouted her newfound voluptuousness about in pubs and boy's bedrooms with them never aware of her imitation breasts. Fortunately she had been blessed with more than generous size up top and had no need for upgrading at all. She leaned forward a bit so the older gentleman could get a nice little peek down her cleavage and watched his eyes light up when he saw she was prime grade A in the mammary department.

"It's not too bad if they keep their business buttoned up and boys will be boys after all."

She was twirling her side tresses with busy fingers thinking it would be nice if the old gent was able to get it up if push came to shove. He must have read her thought because she saw his crotch bulge out with the unmistakable sign of an arousal as if on signal. Since the seat next to him was open, she moved over beside him with the explanation it was easier to talk that way. The feel of his long leg along her hip and thigh was comforting like she was out with a boyfriend on a date. It was really a shame that she was so young and he was so old but at least he had a nice smile and fantastic teeth and perhaps with her assisting him they might be able to have a nice cuddle and maybe he would be up for a little slap and tickle in the way that her stepfather liked to make her take it. She had always found that to be much more interesting than the way the boys just pulled down her knickers and made her bend over for their cock from behind. That had a way of making her feel like an animal in a way and she was not overly fond of that feeling. She felt certain that with a little encouragement from her, the old fellow would be amenable to venturing up between her knees with his nicely groomed head and perfect set of white teeth.

"Are you married, sir?"

Linda regretted asking that question so quickly but in truth she was curious to see if he was still rutting some old lady somewhere.

The old gentleman laughed at the blunt question and responded,

"I will tell you that I am a widower and now you must tell me do you have a boyfriend?"

She saw the logic in that and told him that she had recently discarded her boyfriend because he was making "unnatural" demands on her bum that were definitely against the rules of the church. It was a lie because that was something she actually enjoyed when the moment was right and there was lots of lubrication available. It just seemed like a good way to get the old gent focused on parts of her anatomy intended for sensuous use.

They both got off at the same corner and he told her that his townhome was only a short distance away. Linda told him she was on her way to the secretarial school right down the street to train for office labor. He gave her his card and told her,

"I am in need of an office person to organize my notes and assist me with typing my rough drafts so be sure to come visit me soon and we can discuss your employment in an atmosphere that I am certain you will find both interesting and mutually beneficial to us both."

Linda was that happy that she impulsively stretched up and kissed the old man flush on the lips and got the scent of peppermint and a sort of man's cologne that stirred her womanly parts into some depraved visions of doing all sorts of erotic things to arouse the old fellow's cock.

She planned to stop by and visit him for tea right after the lessons were completed at the training school. This was going to be a good first day after all.

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