My Daughter Is a Babysitter
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Morganna Roberts

Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lucy is mature for her years and her mom knows she is sexually active. She never expected to be substituting for her daughter on her babysitter job and wondered if she was too old for the stress.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Babysitter  

When I was growing up we were seven siblings in a small cold water flat. There was no need for a babysitter because there were always one of us older ones to sit the younger ones. It was the cycle of life tenement style. I babysat for free almost right up to the time I had to babysit my own young ones.

My oldest girl is called Lucy.

Lucy is a good girl at least everyone at her school and in the church has told me so. I have my doubts because I knew how sly I was at her age and hid my carnal desires under a guise of total innocence. She is the prettiest of my children but I would not ever say that out loud because I would be accused of favoritism.

I pretended like I didn't know but I was certain my Lucy was no longer a virgin and hadn't been one ever since the prom night when she came home so late in the morning they might as well just stayed all until breakfast and drove home in daylight. I knew when she went right into the bathroom and tool a long hot shower that she was washing away the sins of the night before. In all honesty, I could not find fault with that because I would definitely fit into the category of a hypocrite because I had done the same thing when I was her age. Of course, I eventually married my prom date, her father, and if I could do it all over again, I would do the exact same thing.

Lucy is in the Community College now and she is almost nineteen years of age. Since I had her when I was only twenty, I guess an introduction to "The Birds and Bees" is a trifle late. I knew she was still sexually active because I had found packets of condoms in her pockets when I did the wash and I figured she was getting them from the school nurse who seemed to take great pleasure out of distributing the ugly things to boys and girls alike. She still looked so shy and innocent it was hard to picture her with her legs wrapped around one of the young hoodlums she seemed take a liking to instead of decent boys with ties and neatly trimmed hair.

My husband had his mid-life fling a bit early and had gotten killed up in Las Vegas in a fight over a girl with a shady past and a fast and easy lifestyle. I was hoping right up until the last minute he would come to his senses and return home to his loving wife and three loving children who doted on his boyish charm.

The fact that I hadn't gotten laid for almost a year now was uppermost on my mind whenever I spied one of Lucy's condoms but I kept my mouth shut because the last thing I wanted was a confrontation with a short-tempered teenager about the dangers of sex. My other two daughters were thankfully so immersed in their studies that they hadn't felt that urge to copulate behind their mama's back. They were 17 and 16 and right in the prime of nubile living but fortunately were both late bloomers and not a major worry like Lucy who seemed to occupy my waking thoughts with visions of her doing dirty deeds for strange males.

I was glad when she told me that she was taking a babysitting job with an agency and would be "busy" almost every night except Sundays when she told them she couldn't work. I knew that was the night she reserved for her primary boyfriend Alan who seldom spoke a full sentence that made any sense. He was muscular and well-built but his intelligence quotient was lacking in almost every subject except sports. I was tasked with "entertaining" him on those date nights when Lucy was upstairs making final touches on her make-up and underwear selection to arouse his manly instincts. I could tell from the way his trousers were already bulging sitting opposite me in my husband's favorite chair that his cock was ready for lift off and all systems were a definite "go". I had this annoying urge to reach out and touch his business but knew it was totally inappropriate for a mature woman of almost forty to take such a risk with her daughter's boyfriend.

The babysitting job was bringing in a lot of cash for Lucy and I was happy for her because she was able to buy some special things that I certainly couldn't afford on my teacher's salary. We were about two months in on the job when she asked me to fill in for her on an assignment to a young couple's house on the same street where my job at the school was located. Since it was easy to get to and she told me all I had to do was show up and collect the money, I agreed and headed out with a schoolbag filled with term papers to grade and a thermos of tea with the honey that I was addicted to.

The Brown's residence was a nice condo building and they were right on the first floor which was certainly convenient from my point of view. They barely noticed that the "babysitter" was a bit older than what they usually got but they were in a hurry and left without comment. I managed to get all the papers graded and it just shortly after eleven that they staggered back in and Mister Brown just put his finger to his lips and carried the semi-conscious Mrs. Brown up to their bedroom without a word.

When he came back down, he explained she had been upset because he didn't get the promotion that was promised at his place of work and had downed several hard liquor drinks and was now sleeping it off in the big wide bed in the master bedroom. Fortunately, the young daughter had never awoken from her deep sleep and we were alone in the den.

The father whose first name was Tom fixed himself a drink at the sideboard and asked,

"Would you like to join me? You look like you are legally permitted to imbibe not like some of the babysitters they send."

I nodded my head and he fixed me a cocktail giving me a once over like I was a side of ham hanging on the butcher's hook.

"How come you are on a babysitting gig, you don't look the babysitting type?"

I had to giggle at his bluntness because it was a nice way of saying I looked even older than him and I suspected I was almost a decade older even though I kept in good shape and looked younger than my actual age.

"I am just filling in for my daughter who was unable to make her assignment this evening."

He looked at me and gave me a funny look.

"So you are Lucy's mom. You certainly do not look that old. You must have had her at a very young age."

He refilled my glass despite my objection and I drank it thinking that it was beginning to look like he wanted to get me drunk so he could take advantage of me. What he didn't know was that my tolerance level was pretty high because I had been drinking a lot more now that my husband was departed. It was unlikely a couple of drinks would get me drunk but I pretended to be giddy and confused just to see what he would do.

Tom took the glass from my fingers and placed my hand on his erection. I cupped his cock and his balls with a sense of joy because it had been so long since I had any action of this nature. He sighed and gave out a little moan of pleasure because I was at one time a masseuse and knew right where to put pressure on his business. It seemed natural that I would jerk him off and I figured he had a lot of the babysitter do the same thing for him. I wondered if my Lucy had taken his cock in her hot little hand just like her mama was doing right now.

In retrospect, I think he was fully expecting me to put up a show of reluctance and tell him not to go any further. I could tell he was not a sweet-talker who was able to get the girls to pull their panties down for him with a kiss and a promise. His slight hesitation was all I needed to fall back into a submissive position and open my knees for his much-wanted insertion. He got the message right away and soon we were humping like familiar lovers right on the sofa and eventually down on the fluffy white carpet on the floor.

The husband had a pretty good technique. In fact, it was a lot better than my deceased husband who tended to shoot his load much too soon for my full enjoyment. Tom was gentleman enough to wait for me to catch up and we both came at the same time like a pair of locomotive engines reaching the bottom of the hill at top speed.

My orgasm was a bit embarrassing because I yelped with excitement and even let some gas pass when he bottomed out deep inside my thirsty vagina. We both laughed at that and I didn't object when he turned me over and started to play with my tiny pucker hole that had not been touched in ages. I was careful to act like I was a bit dazed by it all and that I didn't notice he was heading to an unnatural opening to bury his beautiful cock. I was relieved when he lubed me up with a lot of lubricant that he brought in from the kitchen. I thought it might be cooking oil or butter but I was so hot to get it that I really didn't care just as long as he stretched me wide with his thick hard dick.

I was surprised to hear him whisper in my ear,

"Oh, Lucy, you have the best ass ever. I love shoving my cock all the way up your ass Honey because you make me feel so good down deep inside."

He was buried up to the hilt when he told me that and I was not inclined to say anything to disturb his concentration and steady pumping that was bringing me to the promised land of anal orgasm.

Tom flooded my rectum with his spunk and now I had cream pies in my pussy and my ass. It was beginning to look like the babysitting job was loaded with lots of perks to make up for the low hourly wage. I pulled up my panties and straightened out my skirt trying not to look Tom right in the eye because I was ashamed of my naughty behavior.

He wasn't finished with me yet because he stood in front of me with me still down on my knees and fed me his cock between my suctioning lips sticking his cock right down my throat which was slick with my saliva and his wet juices and newly forming pre-cum for another load delivered to my wet and willing mouth. My nose was pressed into his groin and I had no choice but to gobble up his spunk like it was a soda fountain at the local ice cream shop.

Now I had his cream in all my openings.

I let him continue to play with all my assets because in all honesty it was something I needed to restore my self-confidence. His cock was not all that big but he was quite skilled in using it. He was a lot more skilled than my deceased husband even though my deserter spouse had given me three children in rapid succession.

He whispered in my ear as I was leaving and I smiled as I removed my panties and hand them to him even though they were filled with both our juices and I had been wearing them for several hours. I had to blush because I knew what he was going to do with them. I had a desire to watch him use my panties to get off but knew it was probably impossible with his wife hovering around in the background. At any rate, I knew I wanted to hear him tell me exactly what he did with them so I could have the same level of pleasure in the extent of his depravity.

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