The Sins of a Submissive Babysitter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Clergy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The babysitter/nanny position was filled by a young lady with unique assets.

The minister of Saint Michaels was still a young man and only in his mid-thirties when the Bishop gave him the assignment to the Midlands to tend to a smaller church with severe financial difficulties. At first, John felt he was being punished because of the scandal with the choirboys just the past winter but everyone told him it wasn't his fault and he couldn't be expected to know everything that happened in the huge church which was filled with so many transient persons. In retrospect, he knew he should have been more attentive to the complaints of bullying by many of the members of the choir. His wife Gloria told him that the young director was a "Godsend" because of his social graces and his connections with influential people in the big city. He soon discovered the only reason the young man was there in the first place was because he was exiled from the Cathedral for exactly the same reasons of his downfall at Saint Michaels.

His own sister Doris had warned him that the young man was not of good character but he didn't want to cross his spouse without cause and opted to just ignore the rumors until it all blew up in his face.

The Bishop assured him it was only temporary and there was no need to "fret without cause". He had a gut reaction that the situation was exactly as he perceived it and the words were spoken merely in the service of excessive tact to spare his feelings.

The village was off the beaten track and that had its pros and cons but in his wife's opinion the cons were far too many for her to endure for any length of time. Their two small daughters were barely out of their playpens and required the investment of time that his wife was hesitant to spend at the loss of her writing club and the book-signing excursions that seemed to draw heavily on her time these days. For some reason, she had elected to be angry at him but had not as yet informed him of her basis for the anger. He was curious just in case it was something he could rectify if it involved a fault that he was unaware of without her input. Her sister Rose had tended to the small ones back at Saint Michaels but she was unable to pull up her roots and move to the country to continue in that capacity.

The first thing he did when they arrived at the new church was to put up a poster on the bulletin board advertising for a full time babysitter to tend to the two young girls who were already potty-trained and well-behaved. A few days went by and there was no response to the ad and his wife was due to leave for a conference in Oxford as a guest speaker. It was apparent that she had no intentions of not attending the meeting regardless of the fact they had a babysitter or not. It was concerning to him but he was not in a state of panic as yet since there were still a few days left.

The first response to the ad was from an elderly woman who had the faint smell of booze on her breath even though it was not yet midday and he could tell from her bloodshot eyes that she was in the advanced stages of alcoholism. He was overly polite but not in the least bit encouraging saying simply that a non-existent agency was already sending a person to fill the post. It was one of those lies he hated having to make considering his line of work but he did not want to give the creature any false hope.

When Friday rolled around, he knew he was in trouble as his wife was due to leave in the morning for the weekend trip. The phone message that a Miss Adams was coming over to interview for the position of babysitter was a relief to him and he hoped that the new applicant was more qualified that the first.

He had just finished his daily jog when the housekeeper advised that Miss Adams was in the drawing room. His wife was upstairs busily packing her valise for the train trip to the conference. He threw a towel around his shoulders to hide his sweat and went in to meet the prospective new nanny.

The girl was quite young and he quickly glanced at her CV to see if her age was stated. It was hard to believe the young thing was already twenty and he hoped she was in the habit of being completely honest in her responses.

"I am head minister John Stiffworthy and I expect you are Miss Adams come for the babysitting position?"

The girl looked up at him standing above her and he could see down the top of her blouse right onto the freely swinging boobs that were tipped with rose colored nipples. It was an inspirational sight for reasons other than religious thought.

"Yes, your worship, I am Alice Adams and I was born in this parish these twenty years past. My parents are Mary and Joseph Adams and they live on Waverly Place in their own humble home that saw the raising of myself and two other sisters who are both already married."

The girl spoke almost in poetic terms that he was entirely unfamiliar with but at least she was polite and calm in deportment so the man of the church decided to hire her on the spot.

She seemed gratified at his quick acceptance and inquired as to the location of their mother. Minister John explained that his wife was in process of removing to Oxford for a weekend of professional activity.

He explained the rules of the house and showed her to the small bedroom that would be hers as well as the main living areas and the kitchen which was the center of the house during the daylight hours. She advised that she would return within the hour with her bag after informing her parents of her new domicile. It was obvious that the pretty young thing had never left the nest before and this was all new to her.

His wife advised him that since the babysitter arrangements were completed she would be taking the evening train to the conference instead of rising at an indecent hour so early the next day. The man of the cloth was a little upset at her perfunctory departure but he hesitated to voice any objection in his desire for peaceful discourse.

The minister's wife was barely out the front door just before the young girl swept in with her bulging bag of possessions to install in the upstairs bedroom. She met with the two young girls and they took to each other immediately. John was happy to see the girls with smiles on their faces which had been absent for quite a long time.

He was sitting in the kitchen having his usual chocolate hot drink before retiring and the new babysitter Alice came in looking for a similar drink before she took to her bed. She told him with a degree of attractive shyness that she was a bit fearful in a new bedroom and wondered if she might be able to leave a light on to allay her fears.

"Of course, Miss Adams, I have the perfect night light for you. We used to keep it in the baby's room on all night. It is pink which should be perfect for a young attractive girl like yourself."

The delightful girl giggled and brushed back her long flowing red hair with her delicate fingers. He noticed that she had painted the nails with a deep purple shade that contrasted sharply with her milk-white skin. He suddenly had an obscene thought picturing her long delicate fingers wrapped around his happy shaft all but ignored these recent months because of his spouse's odd behavior. She looked up into his eyes with a knowing glance and he knew right away that she was reading his thoughts because she allowed her wrap to open giving him a nice view of her pert nipples with their upward slope rather than his wife's familiar drooping boobs that she hated for him to touch with his fingers much less go near with his rampant cock. It seemed like Alice's breasts were made for sliding one's cock between and he could imagine her smiling face looking down at his shaft with pride in possession.

They finished their chocolate in silence each with their own thoughts and he recovered the night light from the hall closet and followed her into her bedroom to set it into place. When he bent over to stick the prongs into the receptacle, Alice looked over his shoulder allowing her nipples to rub his back and at the same time molded her hips around his legs as if she were the boy and he were the girl. It was so decidedly erotic that his cock came to immediate attention and he reached back to cradle her full bum cheeks close against his body.

The light slid home into the opening with little difficulty and he turned it on casting a pink-tinged glow around the room that highlighted the way their flesh merged together with panting approval from two pairs of lips.

The girl was breathing fast when she blurted out,

"Oh, Master Stiffworthy, it is that time of the month for me and I fear my entryway is not primed for entry of your ardent tool. May I implore that you grace my rear portal with your manliness and I promise to be calm and reserved no matter how flustered I become."

John was grateful for her direct communication and statement of the facts. It was a real change from the cryptic messages that his wife relayed to him in expectation that he would sort it all out and determine her true meaning. He turned around and lifted her off the floor depositing her, wrap and all, on the freshly turned sheets instructing her to stretch out face down with her head on the pillow for his insertion from behind. He could see her young almost virginal heart-shaped cheeks waiting expectantly for his weight to crush them into the mattress.

"Oh, sir, don't worry if I seem too tight. It is because I am not very experienced at all this but I really want to learn how to do it right. If you want to spank my sinful bottom it is quite all right with me. I have been corrected often because I am such a naughty girl and I deserved it and that's a fact."

The invitation was too tempting to resist and soon head minister John was smacking both of Alice's shapely bum cheeks with his eager palms bringing a deep red glow to that part of her body much more distinct than the pink glow around them. He bounced his demanding cock on the babysitter's bottom listening to her purr with desire and squirm around trying to place her pulsating star in the path of his bullet-headed dick. Eventually, they got into the proper rhythm and he was anointing her tiny pucker with his pre-cum making his entry a sure thing.

Alice gasped when the reverend defeated her surrendering sphincter and she buried her head into the pillow muffling her frantic words.

"Oh, dear me, I am full stuffed now. Show me no mercy, Master Stiffworthy, punish me with your sword of remission. Make me take it like a proper little whore. Please spank my cheeks hard now. I want to feel your weight on my back, your hands on my cheeks and your beautiful cock in my bum."

She was writhing now started to wet the sheets with her juices and her sweat.

John was happy she was "off-limits" in the fanny department because she had given him a memorable experience in navigating her tight anal channel. It was something his spouse had denied him for many years and much to his chagrin had informed him she enjoyed it with her University professors because they were so talented in the "French ways".

He went back to his own bedroom fully satisfied and filled with plans about how to really welcome the new babysitter/nanny into the household.

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