Letters to Peter
Chapter 1: First Letter to Peter

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: First Letter to Peter - Husband in the Navy, they have been married for two years. Always stationed on shore duty he has tried to talk his wife into having sex with others with no luck. He goes out to sea for four months and tells her at the dock. "I want to get off the ship and find you the same way I left you when I get back, Freshly fucked and full of cum" She realizes that he had NOT been trying to trick her the past two years, that he really does want her to go out and have fun, fun, fun. So she does

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Hi Lover;

Leaving you at the pier Monday, Wow! We got to use our camper van bed for the first time in the parking lot. That was fun and nasty as hell. I would have never thought you would want to make love before getting on the ship like that. I am sorry I resisted you at first, but I am glad that you insisted on doing it before going onto the ship.

I was afraid at first, with everyone walking around the parking lot like they were. But once your mouth touched my pussy and you began working on my clit the way you do, I did not care one fucking bit.

When you slid into me I was so ready. For some strange reason when we made love in the Van I liked it when you talked dirty to me. Calling me your little whore, talking about my pussy that is always cock hungry, calling me your favorite slut. Doing it in the parking lot in the camper van lot was so bad, I fucking loved it!

Remember back in high school when you said those things how it bothered me? But now almost three years later, I miss hearing you say those things to me when we make love. Now if you are not saying them I don't get the full feeling, if you know what I mean.

You and your nasty fantasy of my being a whore fucking all kinds of men and how you fantasize of watching me fuck other men.

I love the fact that our new Camper Van has windows all around it and we can see out but no one can see inside. As you fucked me I was watching all those sailors and wives walking past our van and they had no idea I was in there with my legs wrapped around you and we were fucking hard at each other. I loved that after you came in me that you wanted me to clean you with my mouth.

Since you never asked me to do that in the past, I thought it was very kinky. What I really liked about doing that is, how it changed from cleaning you off, to getting you hard again. Wow, twice in less than thirty minutes, I loved it! I think I want to do that all the time. I really loved how you came back to life in my mouth. What made you think about that anyway?

I did not tell you at the time, but remember those two friends of yours that you introduced me to when we got out of the van? Well as we where hard at it and I was getting ready to climax for the third time, I looked out through the front window of the camper and I saw them both standing there, looking in watching us. I saw them watching and it took me way over the edge. I came hard and I remember yelling out to you that I was coming. Do you remember that dear? Well I was looking straight at them both as they watched us.

I have no idea why it affected me like that, but it did, it was like I wanted them to know just what a great lover you are I guess. I do know this, I came so hard knowing those two strange men (remember I did not meet them until after we left the camper van). I know this sounds sick, but part of me hoped that they could see and hear everything as I stared at them and fucked you back so hard, bucking you up and down as we fucked.

After you and I came, I closed my eyes. When I opened them again to see if they were still watching us, I guess they saw me looking and turned walking to the dock. They were walking to the gangplank but stopped and just talked. I have no idea why that made me so fucking hot, but it sure did.

Then you bad boy you, you wiped my pussy with my panties and said you wanted to take them with you so you can smell our sex when you jack off later.

As we got out and walked to the gangplank you introduced me to your friends, sorry honey I don't remember their names, Jackson and Waters maybe?

Then when we kissed so passionately and you whispered into my ear, I will never forget those words, never in a thousand years. You said to me, "Honey when I get off the ship four months from now, I want to come back and find you just the way I am leaving you."

I was puzzled, I had no idea what the hell you meant by that and I said into your ear, "What do you mean, I don't understand."

You leaned into my ear again and said, "I want you freshly fucked and full of cum just like you are right now."

You pulled me to you again for another passionate kiss. We kissed and your friends chimed in, "Not fair, we don't have anyone to kiss us goodbye."

Then you and your big mouth, you told me to do you a favor and give them a hug and kiss goodbye. You told me to kiss them so hot that they will never forget it. I must have turned seven shades of red. I knew that they had just watched you fuck me in the camper van.

I could see both of them in their tight navy pants, they both had hard-on's.

I leaned in to kiss the black guy first and it was a nice sweet peck on his lips. (You had to push it didn't you dear.) You laughed and said, "You call that a kiss, come on honey these poor men are going to be at sea for four months! Give them a kiss they will remember."

I felt your sperm sliding out of me and running down the insides of my legs.

You threw away all my bras on our wedding night, so as usual I was not wearing a bra.

There I was in my nice yellow summer dress, naked underneath and my breasts, while not huge, were sticking out and my nipples were hard as nails.

I looked at you and I wanted to see if you would react. I said, "Ok, you want them to have a kiss to remember? I'll give them a kiss they will remember on the whole float

I leaned into the black man and kissed him just as hot as I kissed you. We French kissed and I felt his big hands on my ass pulling me hard into his groin. I felt his hard cock through his pants and my thin dress. I closed my eyes and kissed him like he was the last man on earth and that I needed him to fuck me in the worse way.

My tits were pressed tight against his chest and I felt the heat come through my hard nipples. When we broke that kiss my pussy was throbbing with desire. I was ready to grab your hand and take you back to our camper van so you could fuck me again. Then he said, "One more please."

He leaned into me and we kissed each other hard. When you two began cheering us on, I ground my crotch hard against his leg which had moved between mine. The Hispanic man got on him for taking too long. All you said was "Grind it hard honey."

You must have seen me grinding my pussy against his leg. I was so fucking hot my body was shaking.

When it was time to kiss the Hispanic man you said loud enough for him and for me to hear, "Linda is so fucking hot right now, don't be surprised if she comes while you kiss her."

I was so embarrassed and yes I was really turned on and hot as hell. I needed you to fuck me one more time before getting onto that fucking ship.

We kissed and I wanted to see what kind of reaction I would get from you, so I reached down and took hold of his dick through his pants as I rubbed myself hard against his leg. If we had been alone right then, I would have given you your nasty fantasy of fucking another man and letting you watch.

That loud horn and call of everyone to board brought us all back to reality. I stepped back and you leaned into my ear. I expected you to be mad and say something nasty to me but you said, "Shit honey that was so fucking hot. Now I've got to get on board and sniff your panties and jack-off after watching you make out with my friends."

I was surprised, no that is wrong, I shocked. I really thought you would get upset or really pissed and what happened? You got turned on! I turned you on kissing and fondling your friend out on the dock for God and everyone to watch.

I think the only thing that did not make us stand out was, all the other couples kissing and making out like we were.

You know how much I love watching you jack-off. When you said that to me that you were going to get on board and smell my panties as you jack-off, I pictured you in the bathroom with the door shut stroking your big hard cock sniffing my sperm soaked panties. That picture I had in my mind just made my desire worse. I watched you three walk up the gangway and we all waved goodbye.

While you three went on board and I went back to our van. I pulled up my dress and got on the bed, right where the big wet spot was that we left. I masturbated like a mad woman, picturing you jacking-off on the ship. I rubbed my clit and used my fingers. All of a sudden I was kicking myself for turning down your offer to buy me a couple of dildo's.

I felt at the time that I did not need anything, besides if I felt if I got horny enough I could always go back to using cucumbers like I did before we got married. Oh that's right, you never knew about that did you? Oh well, now you know.

You are such a bad boy honey, you are a very bad influence on your poor dear wife dear. These past three years I always thought you were trying to test me and see if I would really go out and screw another boy in high school or after we married agree to go out and screw some man like you wanted me to. I just knew that you wanted me to do that so you could use it and throw it in my face whenever you got mad at me.

You know my father; he would do that kind of shit with mom. She would do nothing, but if some man flirted with her, dad got mad at mom. Dad was the worse kind of a jealous husband. I knew walking back to the van that you were not testing me, I knew you really did want me to enjoy lots of sex with men.

To be honest when we would lay in bed and you were telling me of your fantasy, I wondered what would happen if I did go out and do it? The way I love climaxing, maybe I would really llove doing it? I mean, what if I really loved going out and fucking other men? I did not want to put our relationship in that kind of position.

As I laid there finger fucking myself I pictured your two friends watching me and then coming into the camper van to take turns fucking me as you described every time we talked about that sex stuff. You kept telling me how you wanted to watch me get fucked and go crazy with pleasure as you jack off coming in my mouth or maybe even have me suck your cock while they fucked me.

My biggest problem is, you know how hard I climax and how much I love it. You always do it for me with your mouth and that lovely big hard cock of yours, I never wanted to ruin that for us.

I finally pictured myself sucking your cock as they fucked me. You my love are turning your sweet young wife into a bad, bad girl.

When I came for the third time in the camper van, I came back to reality. There I was all alone, and I would be that way for another four months.

I was happy that I have Sally, she is almost as bad as you are and you know it, don't you dear? She is always telling me to just go ahead and go out and do it. She thought you would not get upset.

As you know, Sally is what I call a real slut, she goes out almost every night, drinks and dances and always takes home a sailor to screw her all night. I could not wait to get home and call her, telling her what I did on the dock right in front of you.

When I got home after dropping you off I called her at work. She couldn't talk then, she told me she was way to busy. I asked her about coming over or meeting her that night but she told me that she had a hot date that night. But we could meet Tuesday night we could meet at Don Jose. Grab a drink and talk. To kill time I went to see a movie first. Sally wanted to meet at 9:30 for that drink. I got there before she did so I waited in the camper van for her to pull up.

Honey, just so you know, I did not dress up or anything. I wore that full white knee high skirt and my light blue top that you like so much. I had my light white sweater over my shoulders.

Now honey I have to make this very, very clear. I did not dress to attract any man or men. I did not put on makeup and my hair was in a pony tail. I think I looked very plain. It never hit me until later that night that I did screw up. You have me trained, so well trained, that I have not worn a bra in almost two years. Hell if I wanted to wear one I would have had to go out and buy one. So my love, since I do not own any bra's, I did not wear one when I met Sally at Don Jose's.

We went in and ordered our first glass of wine. Sally dressed real sexy. I thought we would be there for no more than a drink or two. Well it did not take long before guys where asking us to dance. Now you know how much I love dancing, fast or slow. So by the second glass I accepted my first dance.

Honey we were like honey to bees. It did not take long before the wine and the guys holding me got me thinking of what you told me on the dock-- that you wanted to come home to find me freshly fucked and full of cum. I knew I was on shaky ground, so I decided no matter what happens I would not take a sailor home with me.

The guys would hold me close, and you know how I love to grind against you, well, those boys got my treatment. I had them hard as hell and I was pleased with myself for doing it.

Sally wasn't doing too bad either. She latched on to one guy right away and they danced and kissed in the booth and then danced some more.

I have to admit it dear, I did love the attention I was getting from the men there. It seemed like I never sat down long enough to talk with Sally about Monday morning and what we did at the dock, and what we did in the parking lot. I would walk back to the table, take a gulp of wine, and be back out to the dance floor.

Somewhere in all that, after they kept telling me how lovely I looked and how sweet I was, they began asking me to go someplace so they could fuck me. They began kissing me and I kissed them back, just like I kissed your two friends at the dock. I have to admit that I was horny as hell, but I was not going to let my pussy make any decisions that I would later regret.

Something happened to me. Honey you know just how horny I get with you when we dance and I drink a couple glasses of wine. Sometime that evening I was so fucking turned on I knew I better get out of there before I got into trouble. But knowing what I should do, did not stop me.

Honey I was bad, I mean real bad. I was working at turning these poor guys on. Sally warned me that if I kept it up they would soon be fighting over me. That was the wrong thing to tell me. I started kissing them hot kisses, long kisses, and grinding myself into them. When we danced slowly, I could feel their cocks right up against my pussy. I must have experienced 4 to 5 small orgasms on the dance floor. Three while dancing fast and rubbing my groin up and down their legs; and the others dancing slow, grinding and kissing them.

Each one of them kept asking me over and over to go home with them. I played with them, and let them all know I was having too much fun right there.

Then it happened. One man I was kissing on the dance floor while grinding my pussy against his leg, leaned in and began kissing the side of my neck. I held him tight and ground my cunt against him hard and I had a huge climax, which he knew because my mouth was close to his ear as well.

He begged me to go someplace so we could have sex. Now I know I was a little drunk, and as time went on, the nastier my mind was getting. Like I told you, I drove the camper van there so I was concerned about driving home myself. When one of the guys I was dancing with made a suggestion of going outside to "cool off" I knew I needed to cool off.

So I grabbed my purse because I did not want to leave it there at the booth with Sally out dancing. We walked outside and walked around the corner. The moment we turned the corner we began kissing and he went straight for the side of my neck and his hand went straight to my hot wet cunt. He began finger fucking me as I held onto him, breathing hard and telling him how wonderful he was making me feel.

I reached for him and he was hard as a rock. He'd made me climax; but you know how I get when you finger my pussy, I have to get fucked after that or I will go crazy. I said we should go to my van. You have no idea Peter, how much I appreciated your buying that camper van for us. I never would in my wildest dream ever think I would try and lure another man into it for sex. Yet there I was grinding my crotch into this man's hand, telling him I needed him to fuck me, I needed to be fucked so bad.

I led him to the van and we got inside on the bed. We kissed as he worked his pants off and I pulled up the front of my dress as he then took off my soaking wet panties. Somehow he was feeling my tits with one hand while balancing himself with the other as I pulled his cock into me.

I held on for dear life. I knew I wanted this man to fuck me. I knew that, until that moment, the only man who'd ever fucked my pussy, my mouth, or my asshole was you dear. I am ashamed to admit it right now, but I did not think of you. All I could think of was wanting to have him pound away at my pussy and make me climax.

It did not happen. He was so worked up he shot off within 5-6 deep strokes. Shit I was so fucking hot and not even close to getting any kind of climax when this fucking jerk pulled out and wanted to go back inside.

I was pissed, but I did not want him to know how disappointed I was. He pulled up his pants and said 'Thank you.' and left the van. I sat there confused and hot as hell, wanting a man to fuck me. I got off the bed and my dress dropped, I put my tits back in my dress and looked for my panties. The jerk took them when he left.

I went back inside to our booth. When I sat down Sally leaned over and said that I looked like I had just got fucked. I told her I had, but he was a fucking rabbit. She laughed. By then one of the other guys came up and asked me to dance. I wanted to all right, but mainly because I felt I could rub myself and get off with him on the dance floor. We danced and try as I did; I just could not get off. I wanted to fuck and fuck hard. I had that poor guy going nuts. He kept telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me and I worked him good.

I told him we could go to my van out in the parking lot, but only if he agreed to do two things first before he fucked me. We where kissing and like two animals in heat. I whispered that he would have to eat me first and I wanted to suck him after he made me cum with his mouth. Then, and only then, would I let him fuck me. I don't have to tell you he agreed to my terms without hesitation. So back to the booth we went, grabbed the keys, and back to the van.

I laid back on the bed and pulled the front of my dress up. He knelt on the floor and started to eat me. He licked my clit, and stopped long enough to tell me he had never ate a woman that was ever as juicy as I was. I did not have the heart to tell him most of that stuff coming out of me was sperm from the guy I had just fucked maybe 15-20 minutes ago.

Peter, something happened at that moment to me, I relished the fact that this guy was eating out my freshly fucked pussy. He made me climax and I got him to get up with me and we sixty-nined each other. He came real fast and I kept on loving his dick with my mouth.

His cock was OK, not as big as yours, but not bad. I had an idea he might want to leave and go back inside once he came. But he really wanted to fuck your hot wife. We laid there talking, kissing, and foundling each other. I was hot as hell. That turned him on, and I could feel his cock come back to life. Once he was half-hard I went to work on it with my mouth. It did not take long before I had him rock hard again.

I laid back and was begging him to fuck me, and to fuck me good. I told him I wanted his hot cum to fill my cunt.

Oh fuck he did, oh God did he ever. I kept thinking of Sally's mantra "Young, dumb and full of cum." I swear this stud fucked your poor wife real good and long. If you were watching you would have been proud, watching him hammer his cock in and out.

Shit, I just thought Peter, I sure hope you are by yourself. You poor baby, I bet you are hard as a rock. I bet you wish you could have watched your wife getting fucked by this stranger. You would have loved that wouldn't you baby?

Well after about I think 15 to 20 mins of hard fucking he came again and I just held on and shuddered, climax after climax with him. He finally pulled out; while he put his pants on, I dropped my dress and put the two babies away again and we went back inside.

I felt good, I felt well fucked and was ready to go home. My problem was, Sally was not ready and I had more men wanting to dance with me. I mean they all said that, but I knew that they wanted to fuck me, but I was fucked out (so I thought.)

It did not take but two dances with me grinding myself against the first one before I wanted more. Your wife is a very bad girl, your wife is a fucking pig baby.

Your sweet young wife just couldn't ever get enough cock Tuesday night. Give me a drink, kiss me, and I turn into super cunt or more precisely a whore.

I could feel sperm running out of me as I danced and I got so turned on thinking of having the guy I was dancing with eating me after I had just came in from getting fucked.

I leaned into his ear and whispered the same conditions that I gave the other man for letting him fuck me.

He was eager, and could he ever use his tongue. He was a master at eating pussy. He would give Sally a run for her money in a one on one showdown. I really got turned on as I used my inner vagina muscles to push out the leftover sperm out into his mouth as he ate me.

That time I did not suck him off, I wanted to feel his big entire load of sperm in me for the next guy to eat out of me. I had shifted gears so to speak. I enjoyed the sexual pleasure and sexual feelings, but what was really getting to me was this thing of having each man suck out the man before him's sperm from me; all without knowing it was another's sperm they where eating.

By the time I was ready to go home, I had fucked 7 men in our van. And six of them ate out the remaining sperm from the one before. I was so bad baby, so bad. I had plans for the last deposit from this ape of a guy. I wanted to give Sally a mouthful when she ate me that night. She did not know of my plan, but like I said dear, I am a very bad girl. Well that was the plan. As it turned out she went home with the guy she was with all night and I went home alone. I was so worn out that I pulled off my dress and just plopped on the bed, lifted my legs, and began fingering the pussy which just had seven men fuck it.

Remember those fake dicks that you wanted to buy for me, but I would not let you? Well I sure as hell needed one that night; I had to settle for your fucking flashlight that we keep at the bed in case the lights go out. It worked, but I should have let you get me those things before you left like you wanted.

Because of what has happened I now know that I should have trusted you. I denied myself, and you of course, all this pleasure for almost three years if we count our time in high school.

I was going to write you this letter this morning when I got up and had my coffee, but something happened that I am positive you would want to hear about.

My cell woke me ringing about quarter to ten. I knew it was Sally calling, so I just picked it up and began speaking, and that was a huge mistake. Hmm, well maybe it was; I have to think about this.

Anyway dear, I told her (like I said I thought it was Sally.)

"Sally, what a great night. I am so glad you wanted us to meet at Don Jose, I had the best night of my life. Peter would be so proud of me fucking all those Sailors last night. I never came so much in my life and I felt like I just could not get enough cock last night. How was the sailor you took home last night, was he able to walk or have to crawl out of your bed?"

Then I took a breath and a man said, "Sorry honey this is not Sally."COMMENT: added Sally to previous paragraph otherwise the caller would not know it was Sally she thought she was talking to-unless you get into mindreading ;-)

I panicked and hit the end button. I'd just told some stranger everything I did last night. I was embarrassed as hell.

My phone rang again and this time I looked at who was calling and it said "unknown caller". I let it ring for some time and I finally answered it.

I said, "Hello?"

A man said, "I'm am sorry, but you never gave me a chance to speak."

I told him that I thought he was my girlfriend calling as we always talk in the morning, I asked him who he was and he told me that he was one of the men I'd had sex with in our van last night. He told me that he had no idea I had sex with other men last night and that he was just one of many.

He asked me about you, he asked me who Peter was. I told him you were my husband. He asked me if you are the kind of husband who likes to watch or the kind that likes to join in.

I told him that I did not know, that while you had pestered me for years to go out and do that kind of thing, I just never did until last night.

He told me that he could not get me out of his mind. He told me that while he always gave oral sex to a woman before he fucks them, that last night when he ate me I was different. He told me that he'd never ate a woman who tasted like I did. He could not get the memory of the way I tasted out of his mind.

He told me that he knew I really loved sex and that I gave him my cell number asking him to call me. When he said that, I remembered telling all the men that that fucked me last night before they got out of our camper van.

I asked him to describe himself to me so I could remember which one he was. He told me that he was black and that I told him that he was as big as you are and I was really impressed.

When he told me that, I remembered screwing two black sailors last night so I had to ask him when we did it, if it was early in the evening or around closing time? He corrected me, telling me that he was not a sailor and that it was close to closing time.

I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he is a cop here in town, he'd got off work and stopped in for a drink. I asked him to remind me how we met last night.

He told me he came in and saw me as I walked in the door and went over to my friend's booth. He watched me sit there and walked over asking me to dance. He said that I was all over him, that I was touching his dick while we danced and I told him how horny I was.

He told me we finished the dance and he thought I was a prostitute, so he was going to see if I was going to ask for any money. He told me if I had he was going to arrest me for soliciting. He played along until he realized that I was just horny as hell. Once he knew I was not a working girl I had him so worked up that he just had to fuck me. He told me that he did not go on shift until two-thirty and he wanted to know if I would like to grab some lunch.

I knew what he meant. I have to admit this dear, I was a litttle tipsy last night and while I did remember everything I did, I did not remember everything. You know what I mean? I mean, I remembered screwing all those men last night and I do remember I loved doing it, but I do not remember you know them individually. Well I remember the first man was so quick and did not care what I got out of it. But I just do not remember who did, oh never mind, I am so new at this and I don't know how to tell you whatever it is you want or need to know. Just know this dear, you wanted me to be bad, and I was, being sooo bad.

Ok let me tell you about the cop. I could not remember much about him. I did remember that he did like eating my pussy, and he made sure I came before he fucked me. But I did not remember much more about him.

I decided to try and do it sober. I thought about inviting him over to our house but I better discuss that first with you. So I told him I would meet him and if he wanted to, he could eat me for lunch.

Honey I think you woke up a monster Monday telling me that you wanted to return home and wanted me freshly fucked full of cum. You know how we have been doing it two and three times a day for the last five months? Well I never thought that you would be going away for four months like you are. With you working at the base supply I thought you would not be going to sea. Now that you are gone, and you know my sexual appetite, I mean we woke up doing it, you came home for lunch and we would almost always did it, then at night.

Monday afternoon did not affect me because we did it in the van at the dock. but Monday night I was so lonesome. Sally could not come over to keep me company, so all I did was think of you, I tried very hard not to think about sex. But when I went to bed and tried to fall asleep, I could not until I finally masturbated. Tuesday morning I woke up missing you and desiring you, so I had to masturbate again. After lunch I missed you and ached for your cock, so I had to masturbate as well. Last night I really enjoyed myself and I loved all the sex.

So, with the cop calling me and waking me up and then talking about last night, I was masturbating as we talked. By the time we were discussing lunch the only thing I wanted to eat was his cock and I wanted him to eat my pussy again; and that I think is why I became so bold and brazen.

He has a friend that owns a sailboat so I met him there at the boat at eleven-thirty and I left at two. We screwed for two and a half hours straight. I am sitting here debating if I should go into detail with you or not. I know you must be hard right now reading this letter; and I am getting horny just writing this letter to you. It is three-forty right now and I am as content as can be. Jerry (that is the cop's name) loves eating pussy. He went on and on about how no pussy he ever ate tasted like mine. You should have seen him when I admitted to him that he was eating my pussy after a man came in me before him. When I told him that, he told me he thought it had a familiar flavor. As it turns out he is bisexual and while he has had male sperm in his mouth before and the flavor of a woman in his mouth, it was the first time he had them both mixed as he did last night.

So here is how bad I am getting honey. After he fucked me and came, I went to work on his cock getting him ready for a second bout. And I told him he had to eat me first; he had to eat your wife's pussy that he'd just filled up with sperm.

He knew that nothing was going to happen if he didn't, so he ate me. And the third time I did not have to say anything, he came in me and after I came he pulled out and went to work cleaning and sucking out my pussy.

He has a boyfriend and told me every once in awhile he likes to mix it up a little. He told me he'd never met a woman like me and he wanted to see me again. Translated that means he wanted to meet tomorrow morning at the boat again. As I write this I have not decided yet if I will go or not.

He is as big as you are honey, and by that I mean just as thick and as long. He fucked me in my ass twice. Last night none of the men wanted my ass. Jerry likes to "ass fuck" as he puts it. He also fucked me twice in my pussy, then twice in my ass and finally in my pussy before having to leave. And yes lover, I came every time he fucked me, just like I do when you fuck me.

I am a little sleepy, I think I will go take a nap and call Sally to see if she wants to go out again tonight. If I do, I will write you about it. As for just how much I will go into detail I don't know. Part of me thinks that you want every little bitty detail and another part of me says to just skim over it all, because I don't want you to feel jealous or something else.

I was thinking of not doing anything else until I hear back from you, but when would that be? I am not sure when you will even get this letter.

I love you honey, you better not get mad at me for doing what you want me to do, for almost insisting on me being a bad girl while you are away.


PS remember dear, my heart belongs only to you. I am struggling over my pussy or as you call it, my cunt!

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