Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A rakehell of a married man seduces a young newly wed woman into cheating on her husband. The wife, who has condoned her husband's cheating, decides to halt this practice. She takes action by befriending the young husband, giving him help when he needs it the most. She also has an agenda of her own and makes a promise to herself to tell him about it someday.

Jim sat in the little club thinking. Why did Sylvie wish to speak to him after nearly nineteen years? She said when she called it was about a promise she had made to herself a long time ago.

Jim and Bobbi were sweethearts all through the last three years of high school. As soon as they graduated, Jim went to a small college to further his education. He chose to study accounting and completed the course in two years. He knew it wouldn't be too many years before he could pass the CPA exam and then start earning some real money.

Bobbi went on to another small college that turned out secretaries, with the idea they would eventually graduate and move into a corporate head office somewhere. Both young people graduated within a couple of weeks of each other and returned to their hometown. They resumed where they had left off two years before and were soon dating exclusively.

Jim was the first to find work in an accounting firm that was interested in the new recruit. Bobbi spent the first few weeks looking, but wasn't successful until she ran into an old friend of her father's at a party. Smart, successful and good looking, her father's friend had always been admired by Bobbi. Little did she know that he had also looked on her with more than mere admiration?

There was a small problem. Wakefield Smith was ten years older than she and married to his own boss's daughter, Sylvie. He had watched Bobbi and was impressed with her vivaciousness, her body, and the way she moved. During the party he asked her for a dance and in their conversation she spilled her problem of finding employment.

"Why don't you apply at headquarters where I work?"

"I have. They said they would get back to me. That was weeks ago, but I haven't been contacted."

"Apply again on Monday. I'll leave word in Human Resources to take another look at your qualifications." That ended their contact for that night, but Bobbi was walking on air. She just knew she would be working before the next week was out. Jim noticed how pumped Bobbi was and questioned her about it.

"I'm just excited I may have the prospect of a job, that's all."

Why she didn't mention Wakefield to somebody, she couldn't have told Jim or anyone. Maybe she didn't know herself. Two weeks later Bobbi had a job as one of the secretaries in the office of Vice-President Wakefield Smith. She also had a conversation with him alone in his office that same day.

"Bobbi, I like you. What do you want out of life?"

"Oh, the usual, I suppose. You know, a home, a family and enough money to enjoy myself."

"What are your prospects at the present? You now have a job. Any boyfriends?"

"Just Jim Boyd. He is an accountant." That was what Wakefield was waiting for. The way she said "Just Jim," he might bring Bobbi around. He had played this game before, and Bobbi was certainly worth going after.

"It is going to take quite awhile to get what you want if he is just starting out."

"I know, but I don't know how to speed things up."

"Maybe I can speed things up for you."

Coy and a little nervous, Bobbi asked, "How would you do that?"

"I couldn't do much until you became my personal secretary. To become my personal secretary you would at some point have to show me how grateful you are. You also would have to be married because my wife does not allow me to have an unmarried woman working for me in that capacity."

"Let me get this straight. Your personal secretary has to be married, very grateful to you for her position and willing to do things outside her marriage to get some of the things she has always wanted. Can you make yourself a little clearer on what you mean? Like, what would be some of the perks this personal secretary would receive and what would she have to do to get them?"

"Sure. As personal secretary, she would get to travel all over the country with me and even to Europe on occasion. The pay would be beyond what an ordinary secretary would expect for this position. In return, when we travel she would have to maintain a level of protocol until we retired for the evening. At that time work would be forgotten and it would become play time."

"What about your wife, Sylvie? I met her once. What if she found out about these activities?"

"She will assume that we are sleeping together anyway, but she wouldn't ask for a divorce or ask me to divorce her. She and I have a pre-nup agreement and it says that the person asking for a divorce has to give the other everything and walk away with nothing. So she won't ask for the divorce and I certainly won't or I would lose it all. When you get married it would be advisable that you have the same type of pre-nup that I have. That way your husband will want to stay married and you will too. It is a win-win situation for both of you."

"I don't think Jim would go for that. He might cut his losses and walk away."

"Not if you were very discreet for a time and he could see he was to lose everything and have to start over after the two of you had compiled considerable assets. It can work if you approach him in the right way and at the right time."

"I'll have to think about all of this. How much time do I have?"

"As much time as you want. You can't move into the position I have offered you until you are married. I certainly am not going to ask you to be grateful for something you don't have yet. I'd like to, of course, but I am looking to the future. What I see in you looks to be worth waiting for. In the meantime you will be in the office where I can watch and imagine what it would be like to have you in my arms."

For Bobbi this was exciting. She wondered if Wakefield would hold the thought for as long as it took to get married. Wakefield himself was exciting. He was fit, handsome, and what he promised made her weak just thinking about all of this. -- Jim sat at his desk thinking about Bobbi. Today she had an interview at the insurance agency where she had applied once before and decided to reapply again last Monday. This had brought forth the present interview. He hoped she got the job. If she did, they could start saving in earnest to fulfill their plans on being married. Six months should do it. That would make their wedding sometime near Valentine's Day.

His thoughts turned to her body. God, she was luscious! Other men recognized it too and he was jealous to the point of wanting to keep her hidden from the world. She didn't help either, for she was proud of the way she looked and he often thought she flaunted herself just to make him jealous. He wished there were some way that he could bind her to him forever.

Jim was ecstatic when Bobbi came into his room and jumped into his arms, sending them tumbling to the floor. They never made it to his bed and joined right there on the floor. "Jim will you marry me? We should be able to afford it within six months."

"Hey, I'm the one that should be asking you. This job is really that good and is what you want?"

"Yes, I think so. I'm going to be working and learning the ropes for awhile, but I'm going to be working so hard to move up. I might even become the private secretary to the vice president if I work hard enough."

"They must pay pretty well? How long will it take?"

"Months and months. We will be married by that time."

A pang of jealousy hit Jim. "Who is this vice president and what is he like?"

"We met him at the party three weeks ago. His name is Wakefield Smith. He is married to Sylvie and her father owns the insurance company. No need to be jealous. I don't think either one would want to divorce the other. He's a hunk, but he knows which side his bread is buttered on. Not to worry, lover."

Bobbi never mentioned Wakefield's name on her own. When Jim questioned her about how she was progressing toward her goal of private secretary, she stated she saw Wakefield around and he seemed nice enough. She wasn't sure how he would be to work for though. Jim was in love with Bobbi and afraid if they got married she would leave him for someone else someday.

This gave Bobbi the opening to bring up the pre-nup. To Jim, this was the perfect answer to his insecurities. "What you are saying is that if I ask you for a divorce, then I have to walk away, just as if I didn't know you and leave everything we have accumulated together behind? The same goes for you? You would be mine forever?"

"Yes, Jim. Precisely. I promise to love you forever and this will assure you we will always be together."

"And I will promise to do the same. I can't imagine a situation where I would even consider asking you for a divorce."

Christmas time brought bonuses to both. Bobbi's was inordinately large, which puzzled Jim some, but his was substantial too, so he didn't question it. Sufficient for a down payment, they went looking for a house that they both could be happy in. Jim wanted children, so a three-bedroom was chosen.

Valentine's Day was approaching and the wedding was planned and took place. Bobbi was so excited. "I feel my marriage to you will be the start of a wonderful life for us." This was declared as Jim and Bobbi had a short week in the sun for their honeymoon. Jim couldn't figure out why Bobbi was so hyper. It was as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Within days, "Jim, you won't believe this, but I am now secretary to the vice president. I was called in this morning and promoted. Of course I will have to do some traveling and that means I will be away from you sometimes. You don't mind do you?"

Jim took the call in his office before the ten o'clock coffee break. "We will have to go out and celebrate tonight."

"Jim, we can't. I have to stay and work. This job has a lot of responsibilities and I don't want to leave the first day I am asked to stay over. I'll make it up to you this weekend."

Through the next couple of months, Jim actually had less loving than before they were married and before they moved into their new home together. Not to say she wasn't warm and loving, they just never seemed to find the time, mainly because she was so tied up in her new job. That is what Jim thought anyway. Bobbi though, was glowing and kept declaring that she loved her work--so many new experiences.

May 1st came and Bobbi declared, "I have to go to Florida with my boss. I will be gone a week. Maybe one day less if the work goes well." What could Jim say? He wanted his wife to work and she was certainly bringing in a lot of money. How could she be earning so much? If he had known secretaries made so much, he would have gone to school to become one himself.

That Sunday night before she was to leave, Bobbi was insatiable. "There, that ought to hold you until I get back." She bounced out of the house and into a waiting taxi that was to take her to the airport where she would meet her boss for the flight. -- Jim had a late dinner at a restaurant near his home the first part of the week Bobbi was away. When he pulled into his driveway, he noticed a car parked on the street with a woman sitting in it. She got out and came up the walk as he was unlocking his door. "Mr. Boyd, may I have a few minutes of your time? I saw you at our corporate Christmas party. You may remember me. I'm Sylvie Smith."

"I know who you are. Is Bobbi all right? Nothing has happened to her has it?"

"As far as I know everything is fine. I do have something I want to discuss with you though."

"Well. come in. We can talk inside. Would you like something to drink? I was going to settle back with a beer."

"Tea would be good." Jim bustled around and spooned some leaves into a strainer and put it into the pot to steep. Sylvie watched him. Jim wondered what this was all about. Not being obvious, he looked her over. Thinner, shorter, and not as well endowed as Bobbi, she still was very attractive.

"Do you have a cassette player and one of those new VCRs?"

"Yes, we have both. We received them as wedding presents."

"I don't know how to break this to you gently, but Wakefield and your wife are most likely in bed together right now as we speak."

Jim stared at this woman. "I don't believe you."

"I didn't think you would. First I want you to listen to this tape. This is a conversation that took place on the day your wife was hired as secretary." Jim went and got his small cassette player and Sylvie put it in and pushed play.

This was a side of Bobbi that Jim still couldn't believe. When Sylvie played the video of the night's activities on the day Bobbi made personal secretary, he had to. Her activities that night took place in Wakefield's office and the desk was utilized, but not for the normal work. "Do you want to hear the cassette of their planning this week in Florida?"

"No, but I guess I should." Sylvie handed Jim the tape.

"So what are you going to do? Are you going to divorce your cheating wife and walk away, or are you going to get even? It doesn't look like your wife is too deeply in love with you. She planned this before you were even married."

"Christ, I can't think." Jim was sitting there with tears running down his face. "Would you leave and let me be alone, please?"

As Sylvie was leaving, Jim asked her, "What would you do? More to the point, what are you doing? You are in the same position as I am."

"Jim, I will come back tomorrow evening and we will discuss it. I'd like to tell you about myself. Maybe that will help."

Jim even forgot to turn out the lights. He crawled onto the bed still clothed and lay there in the fetal position. He was too sick in the morning to think about working, so he called and asked for the day off.

As Sylvie came up the walk Jim opened the door, but before he let her in, asked, "How come you let this happen to me? You could have stopped Bobbi from working for Wakefield just by dropping me an anonymous note months ago."

"Yes, I could have and I'm sorry about that, but I was thinking of myself. I didn't stop to think how it would affect you as a secretary's husband. I didn't do that until I listened to the tape of them planning for this week. By then it was too late. I'm so very sorry."

"Okay, come in. I have to concede that is probably how you felt. I didn't work today so I put together something to eat, just a crab salad and a hot dog. You have to drink beer with it."

Jim and Sylvie ate lunch and drank one beer apiece. "I guess we are stuck with cheating spouses aren't we?"

Jim said, "We are tied up for the rest of our lives, too. Shall we kill them?"

This shocked Sylvie. "Don't say that. Don't even think about it. Hey, this is easier for you than me. I know the divorce court would give you permanent separation papers. With me it is more difficult. My father likes Wakefield almost as well as he likes me. It would create a horrible situation in the family if I asked for a separation."

"You mean I could get a legal separation without triggering the pre-nup?"

"According to my lawyer I could and if Wakefield set up Bobbi's pre-nup, I imagine yours is the same as mine."

Jim thought this was exciting news. "I'd still be married, but almost free wouldn't I? I'm going to do it."

"Hey don't go so fast. Think this through. What are you going to do after you are separated? Where will you live? You have to think about things like that."

"Jesus, it's a mess. Bobbi will be home in a few days. I don't think I can face her without beating her ass."

"Would you like me to help you? I could have prevented this if I had been thinking clearly. I feel some responsibility."

"What can you do?"

"First let me tell you more about myself. You know a lot of people think I'm gay. I admit I have made love to a woman, but not since I went to university. I have a girl-friend that I love dearly. That is as 'friend, ' not as 'girlfriend.' She could place you as an accountant in the company she works for. She would do it if I asked her."

"What's the catch?"

Sylvie was silent and it appeared as if she didn't want to say there was a condition. "Don't take this wrong, but Cindy, who is my friend, needs a man desperately. You could do worse."

"What's wrong with her?"

"She was in an auto accident and has some scars. No different than me, really, but hers show on the outside and mine are inside."

"Am I expected to treat you too? Do you need a man as well?"

"Would that be so bad? You know my situation. I have been without love, and when I say love this time, I mean sex."

"If you think I am going to take you to bed while I'm married, think again."

"Okay, but what about if you win a separation?"

"That might be entirely different. Don't do this to me, I'd forget you are Sylvie and call you Bobbi."

"I don't think I would mind. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Cindy's last name is Boyd, the same as yours. So do you want to talk to my lawyer tomorrow? You have an appointment, but it can be canceled."

"Can I call you in the morning?"

"I could sleep over and you could tell me when we wake up."

"No, I will call you. Last night I lay awake thinking. Tonight I will be doing more thinking and you would be a distraction. A lovely one, but a distraction, none-the-less."

"At least kiss me before I go." Jim kissed this woman who had come into his life, but she wasn't Bobbi.

Jim met with Sylvie's lawyer. He was a long time friend of her family and knew intimately her situation. Her father did too, although Sylvie wasn't aware that he did. During the discussion Jim asked why Sylvie's father put up with Wakefield's treatment of his daughter.

"Wakefield is the ultimate insurance man. He took Sylvie's father's company when it was on the rocks and turned it around and made it what it is today. The father, Burton Grimes, knows that Wakefield puts in a full day in the business and knows he has been unfaithful to his daughter. However, all of the unfaithfulness takes place after hours.

"Someday Sylvie will bring Wakefield to task. If you play your cards right, you may get your pound of flesh at the same time. I am not party to Sylvie's motive for befriending you, but my advice would be to go with it. She is a fine woman and more like a daughter to me than a client."

The evidence that Sylvie had collected by bugging her husband's office was in the hands of the lawyer. When Jim left, the lawyer was making out a petition to the court for a legal separation, maintaining that Bobbi Boyd had been unfaithful to her husband Jim. Not believing in the dissolving of a marriage, Jim Boyd was asking for the separation. -- Far to the south, Bobbi was lying out on a beach. Totally nude, she blushed at her daring. Wakefield was working. This surprised Bobbi for she had assumed up until they were on the plane, that this trip was only for her. In fact, for the two hour flight, she was working as secretary and taking dictation the full time.

Wakefield made up for it that evening by taking her out to a club and then back to their hotel room where he made her forget she was married ... or that she even knew someone named Jim. Rousing up and coming awake once during the night, she had a panic attack at what she was doing. "Someday I will make this all up to my husband." This she promised herself. -- Again the next evening Sylvie was at Jim's door waiting for him. Work that day had been difficult and he just wanted to get home and have a beer. He didn't speak to Sylvie as she came up behind him. He unlocked the door and let her in ahead of him. She turned to face him. "I know you must think I am a nuisance, but I can't help remembering I could have stopped all of this pain you are having if I had let you know what was happening earlier."

"That's okay, I guess. Bobbi most likely would have cheated on me at some point anyway. I talked to your lawyer, well actually, who is now my lawyer. Where I'm going to get the money to pay him is beyond me."

"I will pay him."

"No, you won't. I'm tied up for life with one woman. I'm not going to be beholden to a second one."

"Okay, suit yourself. Can I at least take you out to dinner this evening? I have a table reservation."

"Sure. Let me take a shower and I'll be ready to go."

The hostess led Sylvie to a small table back in the far corner of the dining room. Seated there was a tall woman with beautiful golden hair. "Jim, this is Cindy Boyd. Cindy, this is Jim. He is the accountant I was telling you about."

The woman smiled and held out her hand. Sylvie sat down which left Jim a seat facing Cindy. Cindy said, "What did Sylvie tell you about me? I'll bet she said I needed a man."

Sylvie chuckled, "Yes I did, but that is because you do."

"What about yourself? All you have is that turd that runs around on you."

"I know, but he is there if I need him. You don't even have that."

"Ladies, I'm not comfortable with this. Would you like me to leave?"

Sylvie laughed. "I'm sorry Jim, but this is just a way for the two of us to commiserate with each other. Let's eat and then we can get to know each other better."

Before dinner was over, Jim knew what one of Cindy's disfigurements was. She had one eye that didn't track with the other one. Cindy was aware that Jim had discovered the fact. "Which way is it pointing, Jim?"

"Down. When you looked at your plate, it didn't come back up when you looked at me."

"Bother you much? You have to look at it, I don't."

"Tell me about it."

"The eye is made of glass. The real one was gouged out when I hit the dashboard in my car when my vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Luckily he was rich and had a lot of insurance, so I don't have to work if I don't want to. The muscles were damaged and when I'm tired the muscles don't grip the glass and that eye doesn't track with the other one. You didn't say if it bothered you?"

"Yes, it bothers me." Jim stopped speaking and looked right at Cindy. He continued. "It bothers me that a beautiful person should have something like this happen to her. I suspect you are the same person, though. A pretty car can have a ding in its fender, but it is still the same car and just as beautiful ... all but a little bit."

Jim guessed Cindy approved of his answer for she turned to Sylvie, "You may have met him first, but I want him."

"Hands off, babe, he's mine."


"Okay, okay." Cindy and Sylvie were both laughing at how they were making Jim uncomfortable. "Jim, we'll stop. Actually I am here to offer you a job, if you want to get away from your wife. I invested the settlement that I received from the accident in an accounting firm. We are shorthanded right now. End of the year for a lot of concerns is coming up the last day of June. Sylvie doesn't know how good you are, but I need someone that can run figures if nothing else."

"I can do more than just run figures. How far away do you live?"

"About a hundred miles. Sylvie has filled me in on your situation. She suspects this separation you are after with your wife will be costly and you may have some ongoing expenses. I have an extra room in my home. Actually the home belonged to my parents, but they are both dead."

"Have you ever taken in a boarder before? I mean if you suddenly come up with a man in the house, the neighbors will talk."

"No boarder, but with you having the same name, I can say you are my husband."

"That will stop you from finding a real husband, won't it?"

"It would, but I'm not looking for a husband."

"You never know though, you might. How about a cousin or second cousin?"

"Fine, okay, you are now my cousin. Do you want the job or not?"

"Yes. In fact I'd like to move there before Bobbi gets home this weekend. I need a couple of days to get my stuff together and get out of Dodge."

"You're not going to confront your wife?"

"Nope. I'll leave her a note and tell her to talk to my lawyer. By the time he takes her call he will have her served with separation papers."

"May I stay at your house tonight? It should be okay. After all we are cousins. You can pack your stuff in my car for the move if you don't have too many things."

"That would work."

"Can I stay? I can be your cousin too." Sylvie was looking as if she meant it.

"Sure, why not."

"So where are we sleeping tonight?" Cindy and Sylvie were both looking expectantly at Jim.

"There are two extra bedrooms. Take your pick. Mine is at the head of the stairs."

"What if we pick that one?" This was Sylvie speaking.


"Okay, not that one then." Both women went into gales of laughter. Jim knew they were playing with him.

It wasn't long after he retired someone knocked on his door. "Who is it?"

"It's Cindy. May I come in a minute, please? I'm decent."

"Sure, come in."

"I wanted to inform you that I wear a wig. Sometime you will see me without it and I didn't want it to be a surprise to see what I really look like."

Jim was in bed. She came close to him. He said, "Maybe you should show me now."

"I don't think you can handle it. I just wanted to let you know, that is all."

"Well if there is a possibility of seeing it sometime, I'd rather it be sooner than later."

Cindy was debating with herself. She wanted to, but was afraid of what the results would be. "Don't think about it, just do it," Jim told her.

Cindy faced away from Jim and removed the wig. She slowly rotated until he could see the lazy eye and she kept on turning. The ear on that side was missing and as she moved, he could see she didn't have any hair over that half of her head. It was all scar tissue, ugly and red.

"It's not pretty is it? I'm glad you came in so I wouldn't be shocked. That was thoughtful of you."

"That's it? That is all you have to say?"

"What do you want me to say? Anything I say won't change the way it is. I could say I'm sorry and I am, but you know that already, or you should. Let's go on from here. This is just one of those unfortunate things that happen to people."

Tears started. "Did you know you're a cold-hearted bastard?" Cindy placed the wig back on and flounced out of Jim's room. He heard her go into one of the bedrooms down the hall.

Jim didn't want Cindy to go to bed on this note. He thought for a few minutes and got up and wrote some words on a piece of paper. Walking down the hall he came to the bedroom he thought Cindy was in. "Cindy, may I come in?"

"I suppose so."

Jim entered. Cindy was sitting on the side of the bed. She had removed her wig and it was on the little dresser. The jeans she had been wearing were on the floor and Jim could see her tiny lace panties, although she had her legs crossed. "You know my situation don't you? I was just married and I found out my wife is screwing Sylvie's husband. Not only that, my bride planned cheating on me months ago before I even proposed. That's my scar."

Jim walked across the room and handed Cindy what he had written. "Would you read this out loud please?"

"What do you want me to say? Anything I say won't change the way it is. I could say I'm sorry and I am, but you know that already, or you should. Let's go on from here. This is just one of those unfortunate things that happen to people."

"Maybe you could look behind these words and look for the intent. I'm hurting just like you, and you just read to me the same words I said to you. But we must move on." Jim was seldom emotional, but tonight he was. He was hurting with his own problems and this woman wanted him to take on hers as well. Was he the coldhearted bastard she said he was? He turned and made his way out and down the hall to his room. Before he was able to take his robe off, Cindy knocked.

"Jim, you saw right through me. I was looking for sympathy and pity, and I didn't get what I expected from you. I've lived with this for a while, and I forgot that your problems are new. It is I who should be consoling you."

"I don't need consoling. I just need a friend who understands."

"I'd like to be that friend if you would let me."

"I wish you would."

Sylvie said from the door, "I wish you two cousins would kiss and make up and then go to bed somewhere, so I can get some sleep."

Jim and Cindy looked at Sylvie and realized that her life was in turmoil too. They wanted to say something, but Sylvie had retreated to her bedroom before they could. All three went to bed for the night, along with their disturbed thoughts.

In the morning, nothing was mentioned about the previous evening. Jim ate a breakfast put together by the two women. When they left for the day, he went into his workplace and quit his job, just saying he was having problems with his marriage and decided to leave town. His co-workers couldn't believe that problems in the new marriage had developed this soon. He didn't elaborate. He made a trip to the bank. He didn't want to, but he used most of their savings to pay the mortgage for the month. He left the phone and electric bill for Bobbi to deal with.

The women were back again for another night and brought beer with them. It was not enough to get really falling down drunk, just enough to help forget the troubles that beset all three.

When it came time to leave in the morning, Jim had some decisions to make. He ended up leaving Bobbi his car. How clean to leave the house? He, with the help of Cindy and Sylvie, stripped all three beds and left the linen in the hamper. The various beer cans that had accumulated, he left in a separate trash container. There were several with two different shades of lipstick on them. His last stop was at the bank again and he took most of what was left which he figured was justified because he had left Bobbi the car.

The note he placed on the kitchen table said little. "Bobbi, sorry to break this to you, but I don't live here anymore. I found out that you and Wakefield were closer than I can tolerate. You may contact my lawyer Monday morning about eleven if you haven't heard from him by then. I have left an accounting of what little we have accumulated in assets at the end of this note. You might find the cassette and VCR player interesting. I removed some photos from the album. I left the pictures of you. Jim"

Jim didn't look back as Cindy drove away with him beside her. Sylvie had made a call to her father and told him she was taking a vacation with a friend and might travel out to California to see another. He just said to have fun. She didn't leave any message for Wakefield. She felt she didn't need to. This was something she had done before, leaving to stay with friends. Wakefield was due home the next day. He wouldn't even miss her, so she settled down in the back seat for the two hour ride with her friends. -- Bobbi had a wonderful week at first. She had been wined and dined and made love to every evening. She did have work to do every day, which assuaged her guilt somewhat. Her guilty feelings still bothered her at night before sleeping and when she woke up restless, knowing she was doing wrong.

She made sure that Wakefield had not deposited any tell-tale evidence on her and kept him at arms length on the way home. Guilt really hit her as she was dropped off in front of the house by a cab. She saw the car in the drive and was confident Jim would be waiting for her with open arms. She unlocked the door and set her bags down inside. "Christ, Jim must have had a party, the house smells like a brewery."

Bobbi stepped into the kitchen and spotted the note on the table. Thinking maybe he had to work, she opened it. Suddenly the color washed from her face and she had to sit down. Gathering her strength, she made her way to the cassette player and listened to herself plan on making Jim a cheated-on husband. Bobbi fainted when she saw herself the day she was promoted, the scene of her on Wakefield's desk in his office. She remembered this was the night that Jim had offered to take her out to celebrate her promotion.

Crawling upstairs she saw that her bed had been stripped. She decided to sleep in one of the other rooms, but they both had been stripped too. When she turned to leave, she spotted a pair of lace panties next to the door opening.

Thoughts spun through her mind. Jim wouldn't do this. He cheated! How could he do this to her? Didn't he know she loved him? She would divorce his cheating ass. Oh my God, it was she who had been cheating. Going back to her bedroom she crawled onto the bed, just as Jim had done just a few days before. Sobbing uncontrollably, she finally went to sleep.

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