A Story From the Past
Chapter 1

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Sunday night conversation was interesting. We were eating in Metropolis, IL we had went to the casino to play. She is a blackjack player and other table games. Karen had lost $25 for the afternoon. I had went through my $200 quickly playing video poker and a few different slots. Like I shared we are eating.

Karen says: "It is sad to see the strip club close."

I got off the floor to ask, "Why do you say that?"

Her reply: "Well I think it was not fair to the owner to have it shut down."

The reason for shutting it down was an uncover policeman was solicited to have sex. But the stripper was wanting to have sex outside of the business in a hotel after the stripper got off from work.

Karen shared: "I don't think they should have shut it down for a worker doing something outside of the club. Besides the owner did not tell her to do that. She was supposed to just give lap dances and show her body and get the guy horny and pay! I mean that is what the owner wants the strippers to do. Right?"

"Yes honey that is exactly what the owner wants the client to do! The more money he spends there especially if he is drinking is a profit for the business.' Was my answer.

Karen then asked, "So do you think it is fair that the owner loses a business? I mean all he was doing was providing adult entertainment. It sounded like to me that he was running a nice strip club."

I asked what she had heard about the strip club and where. She laughed and shared: "I was sitting at the blackjack table probably three years ago. I was wearing a low cut scoop blouse, you know the one you keep putting your hands in to play with my breasts. One of the young guys is sitting beside me and shared quietly that he would love to have me go to the strip club and do a strip tease! I just laughed and said I am way too old. But you know honey it was hot to know a young guy would want me to do that. I asked the young man if he really had been there and what it was like."

The young man replied: "It is nice and clean. I was sort of shocked thinking it would be sleazy but it was a nice nightclub. They had a couple of stages for the ladies to work. I really believe that you would make a bunch of money if you went. Lots of guys love seeing a mature lady do a strip. Looking at you I say you got all the right equipment. But back to answer your question it is nicest strip club I have been in. He shared he was in the army so in his travels he had been in several. He shared there is a VIP area where you go and the girl would give you a very private lap dance. Everything is up and up in there. The woman touches and can rub her body on you but you cannot touch. If the dancer calls for help she gets help immediately from bouncers that are right outside of the VIP area. There is no monkey business allowed."

Karen asked, "What do you mean by monkey business?"

His reply, "Some clubs will let a guy get sex in the VIP area. You know just about anything goes in those clubs. But that is not the case there. The owner runs a tight club and wants his strippers to look great and be sexy and make lots of money without selling themselves more than showing skin or a dance."

I asked Karen, "This all happened at the blackjack table? I mean honey people are sitting really close at that table."

She looked at me with a small smile and said, "Well, no the conversation happened over in the lounge area."

I am sitting there Sunday night getting a hard on thinking where all this lead to! I waited for Karen to go on and share more.

She realized I was waiting for her to tell more about the evening. She shared, "I was coming back home from St. Louis and had stopped to play at the casino. It was during that evening that this all happened. I shared with the table that I was needing to go get something to eat. The young man asked nicely if he could join me. I did not think anything about him hitting on me like I am his mother's age! I had enjoyed his company at the table. He had a nice sense of humor and played good blackjack! I felt comfortable with him. Honey, I hope I didn't do something wrong by eating with him?"

"No honey, there is nothing wrong eating with a man or visiting." I replied. I noticed she was looking relieved that I said that to her. I probably would not have gotten more from her past if I had acted offend. Heck I was getting horny not offended!

Karen speaking: "I really wanted to know more about the strippers and the club. I don't know why I was interested in this? But then I remember a moment from my past and knew why I wanted to know more."

Now I am really interested in what is happening here. There is something from her past that relates to a strip club? This is exciting.

Karen continues: "The young man talked about different types of strip clubs. He shared some are places that the whores hang out. He quickly added, 'I did not mean that you looked like a whore or anything like that at all. I just think you are a very nicely built mature lady. And my mouth opened and spoke before my brain worked otherwise I would have never said that out loud.' I really liked his honesty honey."

I was thinking the young man wanted to get into my wife's panties in the worst way. Tonight I am going to be her pussy for sure!

Karen told me: "The young man spoke again about this club here was not where whores hung out. The owner would not put up with it from what he had seen. I asked him if he went often."

His reply, "No, maybe twice a year with buddies from the base. We will come up play at the casino then if we win will go over and enjoy the show." He then asked Karen, "Are you interested in the club? Would you want to go? I promise no problems from me if you did go. I be happy to show you the place and be your escort."

Karen thought about it she shared. I told him I was married. I think if anyone escorted me to that club it better be my husband. The evening ended with them both going back to the blackjack table to play and the young man did not say anything more about going to the club. But I kept thinking about my past.

Karen in college worked as a showcase model. Yes, she was built nice enough to go to a model for a boat show and show off a boat or whatever they wanted to show off. She would do those on weekends or evenings after school was finished. She would make a quick $100 or more for a few hours of work.

She often would get a call from an agency to come down to the convention center and work for a company for the evening. The past she was thinking about came up from one of those evenings.

Karen shared with me, "You remember when I worked as a model at a convention?"

"Yes, I certainly do remember! You were so dang sexy then and in my eyes you are still!" Was my reply to her question.

Karen shared, "Well here goes! This a part of my past that you did not know about and I had honestly forgotten till the young man spoke to me at the casino. One evening I was working at the convention showing off hardware hammers etc. I am wearing that short blue mini dress I had. Remember it had a keyhole opening where my breasts could show off too? There are two young salesmen who are working with me. My job was to get men especially to take time to look at the hardware and I was supposed to get to do this by looking good."

"It had been a busy evening and they had lots of sales. In fact, it was one of their best evenings at a convention. They asked me to go with them to celebrate. I said, 'No you don't want to spend that extra money on me.' But they quickly reassured me they did want to do this and asked if I like steak."

"Honey you know I like steak! So I agreed. They took me to a really nice steak house. Fact is I had worked there years before when I stayed at dad's house for the summer."

I knew exactly where she was speaking. I knew it was the best steak house in Des Moines at the time. It was also expensive.

Karen continues the story: "The guys were really nice gentlemen. They did not try to paw me or do anything at all sexual. They had wine with the supper and had me drink some as well. I had told them I was just eighteen. They told me not to worry it would not be a problem. It was not a problem no one questioned my age or anything. I drank probably two glasses not a lot but enough to feel it a little."

"The guys then suggested, 'Go with us to a club it allows eighteen and up to come in.' I don't know if it was the wine I had drunk. The money they had given me which was two hundred and fifty dollars! Or if it was just a fun night and I did not want it to end so I agreed."

"The club was in a nice area of Des Moines but I realized it was a strip club. I told them I cannot go in there. I am just eighteen. They again shared that it was okay to go in because women were allowed to go in at eighteen but you will not be allowed to drink. I told them I am really not that type of girl. They both agreed and promised her if she went in and did not like the environment and was really uncomfortable they would leave. I was still going to say no. However just at that moment I saw two of my female friends of mine go in to the club. Now I was curious why they would go in to such a place.

"I finally told the guys okay but if I say I want to go you give me taxi cab money so I can leave. They gave her the cab fare right then. They shared they would take her home but if she felt uncomfortable with them then she could take a cab instead."

"I looked around for my friends but did not see them. It was sort of dark but nice chairs and very nice tables set around three different stages. I noticed there was a VIP sign and there were nice booths up in that area and beyond that was a curtain."

"The bar was right in the back area and a young waitress came over to serve us. She asked for my id and I told her I was just eighteen she said, "Ok, I will bring you a coke." She provided the guys their drinks. I felt comfortable as it was not a bunch of bums or old men. It was men dressed in nice suits or decent shirts and pants. The girls were pretty but no prettier than me! (I loved that truth!) They would get up on one of the stages and dance and the first dance would take off some clothing but still keep quite a bit on. Then the second set of music they took off a little more and it was the third one they would take off their tops. I was thinking my breasts are as nice as any of these gals."

"After a time the girls would walk among the tables and ask if anyone wanted a dance. I was surprised they were near my age most of them. They were nice to the guys and some would say yes. Some would dance a little right there at the table. Others would go back behind the curtains. I could guess they dance a little more closely back there from what the young man at the casino told me."

"We had been there for about twenty maybe thirty minutes when one of my friends came out on the stage. I was shocked. I knew her really well. Her body was not as good as mine and yet the guys were staring away at her. She did a nice job dancing. It was classy and sexy. I liked it. But I was wondering if I should leave since she would likely be coming to the tables as well. Yet honey, I just sat there and waited."

"I noticed that as she started to walk around the room my other friend was now dancing on stage as well! I thought I have known these two for years and never knew they dance at a strip club. Funny thing I was not offend by their dancing there. They did look good. They were both pretty honey. Still I knew I was better looking than either one of them."

"It was about the time that my second friend had started her third set of music where she takes off her bra that my close friend came to our table. She smiled at me but did not speak. She gave me a nod like I will visit with you in a moment okay. So I knew we would visit. She did a dance and it was pretty sexy for one of the guys. He paid her fifty dollars to just dance. The other guy suggested they go behind the curtain. She shared for my benefit that she would dance and touch him but he could not touch her. It would cost $100 to go back there."

"So while the one salesman was back with my close friend for his dance. I got to see the other friend complete her dance. She had some nice breasts. They were larger than mine like a size 38 C or D I would guess. She was dancing at several different tables and then went back to the curtain off area. She had not gotten to my table before she left the floor."

"I was thinking here are two of my friends dancing and making one hundred and fifty dollars off two guys and the tips they got while they danced. They likely made more in that one dance set than I had done all evening. It made me think could I do this?"

Now you know I wanted to know if she did go start dancing. But we are sitting at a restaurant and she just stopped. I said to her, "Is there more to the story." She smiled and nodded yes. But she said, "We are going home to visit about the rest of the story."

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