Blue-lace, 69luvva and Me
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My first threesome with my sexy neighbour

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'blue-lace'... "Mmmm I can't wait to suck your lovely cock while you eat my pussy."

'69luvva'... "Is your cunt wet thinking about it?"

'blue-lace'... "Oh God yes, I'm dripping. I wish you were here right now."

'69luvva'... "It won't be long till Saturday then you can have as much as my cock

as you can handle baby. I'm gonna eat that sweet pussy then fuck

you till you can't walk straight. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

'blue-lace'... "Ohhh God yes I want you to fuck me nice and hard, I've missed your cock so much."

I knew I shouldn't be spying on her, but I couldn't help it, the messages between my neighbour, Hazel, and her lover were so hot, I was addicted. It had all started the week before when she'd asked me to look at her computer, which was running really slowly. The problem was easy to fix but while I was doing it I noticed that she was on an on-line sex contact site and, after reading a few of her messages, I copied her sign on details for future reference and that's how I came to be sitting in my lounge, eavesdropping on them in one of the chat-rooms.

'blue-lace'... "I can't wait to feel your nice thick cock stretching my pussy again."

'69luvva'... "Me too baby, but I gotta go now, I'll see you Saturday at seven. Wear

something sexy and keep that sweet cunt wet for me." With that they left the chat-room and I switched my computer off.

I'd known Hazel ever since I'd first moved into the small block of retirement flats in Bangor, North Wales, six months previously and we'd been good friends from day one, she'd invited me in for a 'welcome to the block' coffee as soon as I was settled in. Like me, she was in her mid sixties, and to all intents and purposes seemed to be just a friendly, mature lady, or that's what I'd thought until I'd discovered her secret life. The thought of her 69ing with and being fucked by the guy she'd been talking to had me as hard as a rock and I knew I had to find a way to be part of that secret life so that was what found me ringing her doorbell at six thirty on that Saturday night.

When she opened the door she was wearing a candlewick dressing gown and I could tell she'd just taken a shower. "Oh hello Mike," she said, "what is it? I haven't got long, I'm expecting company." "Yes, I know," I said, "69luvva." The look on her face was one of pure shock. "H-h-how did you know that Mike?" she stammered. "You really should put sites like that into a protected file," I replied. A look of realisation crossed her face. "You've been reading our messages?" she asked. "Yes Hazel, I have," I said, "and if he keeps his promise, you can lean on me. I'll help you to walk straight." "Look Mike," she said, "I think you'd better come in for a minute. I don't want to talk about this on the doorstep."

As soon as we were inside, I looked at my watch. Six forty, twenty minutes before her friend was due to get there and I wanted to be there when he did. "If you knew he was coming Mike, what are you doing here?" she asked. "Well," I said, deliberately drawing out my reply, "I just wondered what sort of sexy outfit you were going to wear for him." Hazel smiled. "Sorry Mike, but you're out of luck, I haven't put it on yet." "That's typical," I said, "always too early or too late, that's me. How long have you known him?" I was playing for time now as I knew there was a good chance I'd get slung out on my ear before he arrived. "I don't think that's any of your business Mike," she said, more than just a hint of annoyance in her voice, "I think you'd better leave now." I thought I'd blown it but when she opened the door, her friend was standing there, his finger poised to press the bell.

As soon as he saw me he frowned but I stood my ground. Hazel seemed undecided what to do, but in the end, she stood aside and let him through the door. The three of us stood there in silence for a minute or so but eventually Hazel sighed. "David, this is Mike, he lives next door." David gave me the evil eye then held his hand out. As I shook it I said, "pleased to meet you David, or do you prefer '69luvva'." The same shocked look that had filled Hazel's face came over David's and he turned and looked at Hazel and I could see she was struggling.

"Mike," she finally said, "would you mind waiting in the lounge while I talk to David a minute?" This was it, It was either going to finish up in a fight or a fuck and I waited in the lounge to find out which. After about five minutes came in on his own and I stood up, fearing the worst. For a couple of seconds he stood there eyeing me up and down then smiled. "Hazel's explained the situation Mike and if she wants a threesome well who am I to stop her, so you're more than welcome to join us." Now it was my turn to look shocked, I hadn't expected it to be this easy but David continued. "She has mentioned it before, we've just never got round to it but I think she feels safe with you. She'll be right with us, she's gone to get changed."

As we sat waiting for Hazel to get back David and I chatted. I found out he was married and came from Manchester. He said he'd known Hazel for two years and managed to get to Bangor about once a month and that she was one of the sexiest women he'd ever known and absolutely fantastic in bed, something I was soon to find out for myself.

After about ten minutes, the lounge door opened and Hazel walked in and I gasped. This was a Hazel I'd never seen before. Her blonde hair seemed to glow as she stood in the doorway, she had just a hint of make-up on and was wearing an ankle length, black silk robe. She looked amazing. As she crossed the room towards us, David shunted over to make room for her between us and she sat down. As she did, the robe slipped down, either side of her legs and I could see she was wearing lacy topped stockings, above which there was a nice expanse of tanned thighs. I was in unknown territory so waited for David to make the first move, which was to slide his hand up over the stocking clad leg nearest to him and up onto her naked thigh. Hazel groaned softly and took hold of my hand and guided it onto her other thigh then lay back and surrendered herself to us.

David reached over with his free hand and tugged at the tie belt around Hazel's waist then pulled the front of the robe apart. I knew Hazel had nice breasts but all I'd seen of them in the past was the odd glimpse of her cleavage when she was wearing a blouse but now there they were in all their glory, encased in a sheer lacy, black bra and I could her hard nipples through it. Below that, her tummy was covered in the same black lace with showed the swell of her pussy lips between her partly open legs. "Mmm, very sexy," David said, as he leant forwards and planted a kiss on her soft mound.

While David concentrated on down below, I used my initiative and eased the top of Hazel's bra down, exposing her erect nipples. I took the one nearest David between my thumb and forefinger and covered the other with my lips and sucked it gently into my mouth, circling it with the tip of my tongue. I don't know whether it was the attention David was paying to her pussy or my twin attack on her nipples but Hazel began to groan again, this time more loudly and she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Now her breasts were completely free and I could see that each nipple was surrounded by a delightful areola.

As I alternated my lips between the two hard buds I felt Hazel raise her hips and looked down to see David on his knees infront of her, pulling her panties down over her legs. As he did, he uncovered her mound with its light thatch of curly, blonde pubic hair and Hazel groaned again as he leant forwards and ran the tip of his tongue through it. Easing her legs further apart, David moved between them and lowered his face towards her pussy and Hazel cried out as he slid it into the cleft between her pussy lips.

I heard Hazel gasp and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was laid back on the couch, rolling from side to side with low moans escaping her lips. "Oh this is amazing," she groaned, "why did I wait so long." As I pinched and sucked on her nipples she opened her eyes and smiled down at me. "I'm glad you came round Mike, I wouldn't have missed this for the world." With that she let out a loud cry and I looked back down at David who now had his face pressed hard against her pussy. He smiled up at me and winked but didn't say anything, he couldn't his mouth was otherwise engaged. "Don't stop David, don't stop now. I'm coming. Oh God yes, I'm coming." With that her whole body went rigid before she started to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm hit her. She was wildly thrusting her hips onto David's face as she came and I could hear him slurping away between her thighs as he swallowed her love honey.

Hazel's orgasm lasted for well over two minutes before I felt her body relax and she collapsed back onto the couch, gasping for breath, her chest rising and falling under me. David eased him self from between her thighs and came and sat down beside her and for the next five minutes or so, we both stroked her nipples, slowly bringing her back down to earth until finally she opened her eyes and smiled at us. "Thank you," she whispered, "thank you both. That was fantastic. I've never come that long and hard in my whole life. It was amazing. Thank you so much." David kissed her on the lips and smiled at her. "Oh I think it's going to get even more amazing sweetheart," he said as he looked across at me. "Isn't it Mike?" I nodded back at him and leant forwards and kissed Hazel myself, getting a small taste of what I was going to drink my fill of later!!!

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