Kevin and Denise Naked in School
Chapter 3: Tragedy Strikes

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 3: Tragedy Strikes - A strong-willed, idealistic teen encounters the Naked-in-School Program. Will either ever be the same again? Kevin experiences the social, legal, and even some medical issues that Program participants face. Can he cope?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   School   Nudism  

It was early afternoon when Mom and Dad started their drive back; as they traveled through the market near the town center, they had to stop to allow a religious procession to pass when the car next to them blew up. They were killed instantly and there were many more casualties.

I was working in the Foundation's conference room that afternoon when Aunt Janet came in crying. She knelt down next to my chair, put her arms around me, and whispered, "Oh Kevin ... I'm so sorry ... I have to be the one to tell you ... both your mom and dad were killed by a bomb a few hours ago..."

I was stunned. The world stopped. My vision contracted to a tiny point. I couldn't see or hear; my only sense was the feeling of Aunt Janet's arms and the seat I was sitting in. Then I began to hear her quiet voice giving me reassurances and encouragement that everyone would be there for me and not to worry about myself. Gradually I could feel my Arts training begin to assert itself and I relaxed as my body found its center.

Then Dan came in. "Kevin, I just heard that awful, awful news. I'm so sorry, but I want you to know that you'll be ok, as much as you can be right now. I've sent people out to find out more details and I've notified the State Department because that car bomb might have been directed at your mom."

I asked, "What happened? Do you think they were in any pain?"

Dan told me the few details that he knew, and just then a policeman came in and whispered in his ear. Dan told me that the bomber's target was the procession, not my parents.

My memory of the next week and a half is just a blur; shock, I guess. The funeral took place pretty quickly and the State Department sent quite a number of dignitaries. They all stopped to speak to me about Mom and tell me how much she was admired. The Seoul chargé spoke to me for a while; I knew him and his family very well and he was very comforting. He told me that State would take care of everything in Korea, close up our apartment and ship my folks' effects to storage near my new home. He knew of my emancipation and he thought it was a perfect situation coming out of a total disaster, and before he left, he assured me that he and his family would be there if I ever needed them.

Soon memories began to return. Dan stopped by to tell me that my folks had multi-million dollar life insurance policies with double indemnity clauses, and that State had a sizeable pension and death benefit in Mom's name, Audrey Boniger. I could live very comfortably on just that income without ever needing to touch the trust fund. Plus I was the inheritor of my folks' estate.

I was so grateful that my martial arts studies had given me the internal strength to get through this terrible time. In a way, my emancipation had gotten me mentally ready for the long separation from my family while I would be in the States in school and I had already come to terms with that, but this loss left such a deep scar in my soul that it would take a long time to get over—if ever.

Aunt Janet and Dan were wonderful to me. Janet told me that as Dad's heir, I was the new "owner" of the Foundation and was the actual CEO. Janet, as the executive director, was the chief operating officer. But as Dad had always said, it was Janet who was the brains of the Foundation who would need to step in when he screwed up something. I told Janet that there was no way I would get involved; as far as I was concerned she was the new CEO and I would tell Dan to make it so. Aunt Janet told me that after my education was complete, should I have a change in mind, that she'd be happy to work for me as she did for Dad. I could tell from her intense loyalty why Mom and Dad thought so highly of her.

A few days before I was due to depart, Dan came to give me some advice.

"Kevin, you know that you're a multimillionaire now and you're still a kid. There are lots of people out there who prey on people like you, people who tend to be naive; they try to bilk you out of your money and trap you in legal entanglements. You have to keep very aware of these scum and watch out for them, and the best way is to rely on your legal advisor. Remember, Paul, uh, your dad, mentioned a guy named Robert Charlesworth? He's the lawyer whom your dad selected as your agent in the States? Ok, he's one of the most trustworthy people I know; we were in law school together, he was the best man at my wedding, and most important, he's one of the top experts on corporate and business law in private practice on the east coast. Ring up Bob any time if you have any issues. Remember!"

I could again see why Mom and Dad thought so highly of Dan, and remarked, "You know, maybe after college I'll become an international law attorney."

Dan laughed, "Well, buddy, there ain't a lot of money to be made in that field."

I grinned at him, "Hey, what makes you think I'm looking for something that pays well?"

"So right, son." he sighed, putting his hand on my shoulder.

A few days later I was on my flight to the States, facing an uncertain future and unknown events.

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