Red Hawk: The Story of My Tribe
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Red Tempest

This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period. The human's here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth

Hi my name is Red Hawk. That was the first bird my dad saw when I was born, hence the name. I am the chief spear maker for our tribe. I have been since my dad was killed by the bite of a poisonous snake. I started learning the trade when I was four years old, that was 13 years ago. The chief spear maker title has been in our family for as long as I have known about it. Dad was, so was my granddad and so was his dad.

There is a lot to know about spear making. You need to know how to pick the right stones to chip into a spear head. I had to make sure and get the right shafts to make the spear. Each hunter in our tribe takes a different type of spear. Wolfgard our chief takes the heaviest and Stumpy takes the lightest. I need to have plenty of inventories, to take care of them all.

Then there is the ritual, where I capture a bird and give the chant and release the bird. If the bird fly's straight and then so will that spear. You had to make sure and pick the right bird, because each bird fly's in different patterns.

Usually when they go out to hunt, I stay back and help protect the women and elderly. The fire starter and the shaman also stay back with me. If we are planning to stay in an area for a while, then the tents will spring up, if not we sleep under the stars.

The tribe is ever moving in search of food.

Usually once a year we head to the great meeting grounds to mingle with other tribes. We trade with each other. Also look to take a mate if the timing and age is right. It is written in the tribe laws that are carried by the shaman, which we must not mate within the tribe. Nobody questions the tribal law.

At the last gathering at the meeting grounds, I meet up with an old spear maker. He gave me a throwing stick. He told me this stick has great magic in it. If I am worthy the stick would reveal the magic to me. I played with the stick, but for the life of me, I could not get it to work. I could not get a spear to work with this magic stick.

The tribe camped in a great meadow. There were some giant bison in there. The hunters started a fire drive to trap the bison into the river. But one spot in the meadow was wet and did not burn like the rest of the meadow. The worst hunter Stumpy was there to try and block the bison's escape. He failed as he stabbed at a big bull bison and his spear was just brushed off. The rest of the hunters tried to get there to help him, but they were too far away.

I have been practice with the magic stick. I am beginning to get the hang of how it works. I could throw a spear farther than Wolfgard could. The problem is controlling the throw.

The hunters came back to the fire in the late afternoon. They were tired and hungry from chasing the giant bison. Just as they settled around the fire for the night, Wolfgard leaped to his feet with club in hand. A pack of wild dogs swept in to attack. The hunters went on the offence to protect the women. This is one of my few chances to use a spear or club without violating tribal laws.

One of the dogs got past the hunters and got to the women. I ran back and attacked the dog with a crushing blow to its head, killing it. Damage is done; one of the women is injured. It's Sparrow, Wolfgard's daughter. The dog had mangled her thigh and it's bleeding. The shaman and women were working on her leg to stop the bleeding.

We had food to last a few days. Dog meat is ok to eat, but did not give us the fuel and strength that bison meat does. The tribe rested for a few days. It gave me a chance to resupply my shafts and stone tips.

As usual the need for food caused the tribe to break camp and wander in search of food. The strong survive and the weak and injured perish. Wolfgard led the hunters, the women and I brought up the rear. The women folk tried to help Sparrow keep up with the hunters, but they were falling behind.

The hunters stopped on top of a hill that overlooked the valley. In the meadow below was a woolly rhinoceros, a very dangerous animal with two deadly horns on its snout. The hunters approach the beast in a semi circle, pinning the rhino between them and the river. The grass was too low to use as a fire drive.

The hunters were closing in on the rhino, I got out my magic stick and heave a spear at the rhino. The spear came off my stick wrong and just sort of wobbled towards the rhino, striking the beast. The enraged rhino charged the closet hunter which is Stumpy, goring him on his snout horns.

Wolfgard whirled and shouted at me, "You have broken the tribal laws for the last time Spear Maker, now you are not part of us. I banish you from our tribe."

The hunters grabbed all the extra spears and left me standing there. The women looked back at both me and Sparrow, as they followed the hunters. They knew that two lone humans didn't stand much of a chance without the tribe.

I stood there stunned at what just happen. I knew we needed to get back to the old camp site. I hoped that there was still some red hot embers to make a fire. I have watched Lark the fire maker many times make a fire and knew that he use dead wood. I headed back there as fast as I could go, but stopped suddenly. I notice that Sparrow isn't following me.

I looked back and she is just standing still. I walked back to her and helped her walk back to the old camp site. When we got there, I started to blow on the ashes. I blew the ash off and got down to some hot embers. I then went into the woods looking for some dead wood. I got a couple of large branches and threw them on the fire. We both watched, but nothing happened.

"Break some of the twigs off the branch and put them on the embers," Sparrow said.

I followed her advice and soon I had a roaring fire going. Now I had a new problem, it is burning up the wood faster than I could get it. Soon I am throwing anything I could find, both dead and green wood. I notice that green burned slower than the dead wood. I went back into the woods and got a large supply of both types of wood.

My next problem is getting us some food. I took out my magic stick and the two spears that I had with me and went hunting. I got lucky and the stick worked fine. I brought down a nice buck. On the way back I pasted an over turned tree. I could hear some barking and growling. The roots had made some type of den and there were two pups in there. I grabbed them and took them back to the camp with me. I figured to tie them up. When the time came and we were short of food, we would have these two pups to kill for food.

We have been here for over two weeks and Sparrow's leg is healing to the point that she no longer limps. The two dogs have both grown, must weigh over twenty pounds by now. I have modified my spears into large darts for my magic stick. I spent a lot of time working on this and our food supply is getting low. She brought me berry cakes for dinner.

"Where is the meat?" I asked.

"You have not been hunting, we are all out," she replied.

I untied the two dogs, planning to kill one of the dogs to for dinner. She darted in, and snatched it out of my hands and dashed off towards the rocks, with the other dog follow her. That pissed me off and I chased her in anger. She stumbled and I caught up to her and the dogs. She turned around and her eyes got wide with fear. I turned and looked back.

There between us and the fire was a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

I should have never let a predator get between us and the fire. The cat knew it had us trapped. I slowly worked Sparrow back towards the trees, I hoped we could climb a tree before the cat got to us. The cat slowly walked towards us. Suddenly the two dogs attacked the cat. While the cat is busy with the two dogs, we raced back to the fire with the cat in hot pursuit. The cat had killed one dog and the other was nipping at it's back legs.

I got to the fire and grabbed my club and darts. When the cat came into range, I fired off a dart hitting it in the back. The cat reared up on his hind legs and I fired the next dart right into its throat. There was still a lot of fight in the cat, but the third dart into its side put the cat down.

I skinned both the cat and the puppy and gave the meat and skins to Sparrow. I went over to my pile of wood, and get some more wood for the fire. When I got back she had some of the cat meat cooking on the fire for our dinner. I gave the surviving male dog a nice choice piece of the cat meat.

I have killed a few deer and now we had deer skins to lay on for sleeping mats. We lay next to each other on the deer skins and the dog is down by our feet. Sparrow is a year younger than me. She had brown hair and eyes, with a lithe body and budding breast.

She rolled next to me and gave me a kiss. She looked at me with those soft brown eyes.

"Red Hawk make love to me, I don't want to die, without knowing what it is like to have a man between my legs?" She asked me with a kiss.

I have never been with a woman and had no idea on just what to do. We both have watched our elders have sex. Most of the time the woman just bends over and the guy puts it to her from the back side. Every so often a couple will have full sex, where the man will suck on the woman's boob, and finger her pussy. But that is usually done in privacy of a tent.

We both took our clothes off and laid there next to each other. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, and squeezed her small breast. I pinched her nipple, which caused her to flinch. I rubbed and played with both of her boobs. Her little nipples stuck up straight and hard.

"Suck on them," she urged me.

I went down and sucked on both of her boobs and nipples. I could hear her breathing increase to a pant. Her hands pushed my head down on her boobs harder. I bite her nipple a little too hard and she yelped in surprised pain.

I rolled her over on her stomach. She raised her behind up toward me. I rammed my cock into her and she gave a sharp scream.

"Are you ok?" I asked her with some concern as I did not know what happen.

"Ya, but just hold on for a little bit till I get used to you being inside of me," she said with tears running down her cheeks.

She started to move and I started to thrust my cock back and forth inside of her. Soon we had a rhythm going and she started to moan. I could feel funny things start to happen to my cock. I gave a groan as I shot my load of sperm deep into her pussy.

Being a 17 year old, my cock seems to stay hard forever, as I kept ramming it into her. I could feel her getting sloppy from both of our love juices mixing together. Her pussy is tight and her muscles were gripping my cock with each thrust. Soon I felt that same feeling again and I shot another load of my seed deep inside of her.

We rested for a while and then I remounted her from behind and rammed my cock deep inside of her again. I fucked long deep and fast. I could hear her moan and groan with her breathing coming in gasps. I again could feel that feeling in my cock, as I dumped my third load of the night deep into her pussy.

Finally I pulled out exhausted. We laid down on our deer skin to sleep, with her curled up next to me.

In the morning, I am putting some wood on the fire. I heard her grunted a couple of times. I looked over at her and she had her lovely naked ass pointing at me and she is shaking it. I dropped my clothes and walked over to her. I kneeled down and put my cock into her pussy. She is dripping wet and I slide right in. I pounded away at her, with her gasping and grunting with each thrust. It's not long and that feeling came over me. I made another deposit of my seed deep inside of her. We both collapsed panting from the exertion.

It's time to move, the game is getting scarce. I have nine darts now in the holder she made for me from the dead puppy's hide. I knew what stones to use to start fires with and gather some of them. We loaded up what we could take and left. I had no idea where to go, so we started to trek off toward the north.

After a few months of wandering, I approached a small group of men in their camp. I had left Sparrow and the dog back in the woods, while I checked this out. They were slavers, which attacked tribes to steal their women to sell to other tribes.

The slavers spotted me and chased me into the woods where I had Sparrow and the dog waiting. I entered the woods and I turned to make my stand. I took the first couple of slavers went down fast with my darts. Now there were just two of them.

They backed off till they could figure out what just hit them. I sent Sparrow out into the open to incite them. This worked perfectly, when they saw her, they immediately charged forward and I dispatched of the remaining two.

I searched their bodies and took a hatch and bone knife off the leader and hatches off the other three. Their spears and clubs were junk next to mine. I grabbed my darts out of their bodies. We walked slowly into their camp. There we found two naked girls tied up. They told us how a large group of slavers raided their tribe camp and stole them away from their families. This happened while the hunters were away hunting for food. The group then split up, with these four escorting the girls back to their main camp.

The oldest is called Robin, and her friend is called Fawn. Robin is just a year or two older than I and Fawn is around Sparrow's age. Both had dark hair and brown eyes. Their bodies were similar to Sparrow's.

I now had a problem on what to do with these two girls. I could not just leave them and they did not know how to get back to their tribe. I could see no other choice but to ask them to join us, but that met two more mouths to feed.

After hearing their story, I decided to head back to our first camp site. I knew when the slavers found this camp site, the dead men and the girls gone. They would be seeking revenge. It would be best if we were long gone by then.

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