Entertaining My Wife's Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When my wife asked me to serve tea one afternoon to her and a couple of her female friends, I discovered some rather startling things about her. The twist was that she told me to do it in the nude, and what followed turned out to be rather more exciting than the usual afternoon tea party.

I always knew that my wife had a naughty mind, but until recently I hadn't realised just how naughty! I also learned a few other things as well, but why spoil a good story by giving away too much too soon, so you will have to contain your curiosity for just a while.

It came like a bolt from the blue, knocking me sideways for a moment or two, when one evening she said, "My friends Pam and Angie are coming round tomorrow afternoon, and I want you to entertain them."

"No problem," I replied, always happy to help out when I can.

"The thing is," she said, with a giggle, "You are going to be in the nude, with just a little pinnie to hide the bare essentials, at least to start with."

"And," she continued, "You will have to do everything they tell you to do, everything, although I think you will enjoy it."

At this stage I ought to tell you a little about us. My wife Marjorie, Marge for short, and I were both in our fifties. Ours was a typical story, our children were grown up and had left home, and we were reasonably comfortable, with few apparent worries. We had a satisfying, but quite ordinary sex life, we watched a little porn, and entertained the usual fantasies about bringing someone else into our bed, of either sex, or perhaps swinging with a few friends, but I was about to find out that in Marge's case these were rather more than fantasies.

I have to admit that I had told Marge once, that I was turned on by thought of being caught in the nude by some of her friends. She had even found me one evening, wanking over a video on the Internet involving fully clothed females playing sexually with naked men, and watching them masturbate, but I had never thought that it would ever happen to me - until that moment.

So there I was the next day, opening the door to two attractive middle-aged ladies, wearing just a little apron, and a smile.

"Mmm, nice," said Angie, looking rather pointedly at my groin.

"Yes, isn't it," Pam replied, as they followed me into the living room.

"May I take your coats, ladies," I said politely, not forgetting my manners, although I could feel myself blushing, and my pulse rate was definitely up a few notches.

"Oh doesn't he look sweet," said Pam.

"Yes he does, doesn't he," replied Angie, "and wearing such a pretty pinnie, it will almost be a shame to take it off, but I think there might be something rather prettier underneath."

"Here you are," Pam went on, handing me her coat, "make sure you hang them up properly, we wouldn't want them to get creased, would we?"

"I don't think that he will be quite as careful with the rest," laughed Angie, "he will be far too excited - and so will we!"

Taking their coats, I escaped to the kitchen where Marge was arranging cream cakes on a plate.

"I can see that you are starting to rise to the occasion," she giggled, looking at the rather obvious tent my cock was beginning to make in my apron, "when you have poured out the tea, you can bring it in on that tray, and put it on the coffee table, and don't forget, you have to do exactly what we tell you to do. Oh, and you did take that little blue pill I put out with you daily aspirin this morning? I would hate you to run out of steam too soon, you have three demanding ladies to satisfy this afternoon."

Following her to where her two friends were waiting, I bent put the tray down on the table she had indicated. It was still somewhat of a shock to feel a hand creeping between my legs.

"He is certainly well hung, Marge, you were right there," said a voice that I identified as Angie's, "and such a neat little arse, I am really going to enjoy taking it later on with my strap-on," as she drew a line with her finger nail from my balls up to my anus.

"It's my turn now," squealed Pam, "come over here big boy and let me see what you have got for me."

Remembering my instructions to do exactly as I was I was told, I stood up and turned to face her. When I was close enough, Pam slipped her hand under my apron, and caressed my balls, before stroking the length of my cock, which was by now hard and ready for action.

"Mmmm, what a nice one, just the right size and shape to fill my cunt. Where have you been hiding him, Marge, I can't wait to ride him; I am sure her will make me cum very nicely, several times I hope."

"I think you can take your pinnie off now, Alan," commanded my wife, "it's time for you to entertain us properly. Go and stand over there and stroke yourself, my friends are dying to see you cum, so don't disappoint me - I have told them many times how much spunk you ejaculate when you wank."

"Oooh, listen to her, so authoritative," said Pam, "you remember, Angie, she was just like that with my husband."

"I think we should give him some encouragement," Angie chipped in, as she pulled her skirt up around her waist, and pulled her panties to one side to reveal a totally bald pussy. "Show him your pussies girls, that should put him in the right mood," and all three laughed.

Well, the sight of three sexy women playing with their delicious pussies was more than enough to get my juices flowing, and I was determined to give them a really good show. I started with long slow strokes the length of my shaft, to be rewarded with a nice warm feeling in my balls. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long this first time, and I quickened my pace as my climax started to build.

The heat in my balls rapidly became a volcanic inferno, and exquisite shafts of flame began to course through my body, and up my cock. "I am going to cum soon, ladies," I gasped, "ooh this feels so good."

"Come over here now," my wife said, between her moans of arousal, "we don't want to waste any of that sweet cum, stand here so that we can catch every drop."

I can only say at this point, that this was so much better than wanking in front of a computer, and I can't remember ever cumming so hard as I did that afternoon. Spurt after spurt like hot metal shot out of my cock into their faces, as I abandoned myself to the intense pleasure of my orgasm. The blood was rushing in my ears, and my legs shook as spasms of ecstasy ripped through my muscles.

I almost collapsed as I subsided from my pinnacle of rapture, and I staggered back into an armchair. Opening my eyes, I was treated to the sight of my wife and her two friends excitedly kissing and sharing my hot spunk.

"Look at him," said Angie eventually, "He has done very well so far, but think he will take some time to recover before he is ready for the next round. He will last much longer next time, long enough to give each of us an orgasm. But, we had better give him a show, to get him ready to perform his duty, have you got your strap-on Pam?"

"Ready and waiting," Pam replied, "women are so superior to men, aren't they? One orgasm and they are spent, whereas we can cum time and again. Shall we show him how bad his wife is, and how much she enjoys having both her holes filled. Do you remember that weekend recently when he was away on business; she almost passed out with pleasure as our husbands fucked her. My god, it was so naughty and exciting, I almost came just watching her."

"Oh yes," giggled Angie, "and she entertained them handsomely all night long, you could hear her screams of pleasure throughout the house. Good job we live in a detached house, or the neighbours would have thought someone was being murdered."

Still in a state of shock, I looked over at Marge, who just grinned back, as she stripped her clothes off. "Mmm," she murmured, "the feeling of a hard cock in my cunt and arse was so amazing, and cum was just running out of me. I lost count of how many orgasms I had, it must have been at least twenty. I had to scrub myself before Alan got home, and I was too exhausted to make love to him, so I just gave the usual excuse of a headache."

The rest of that day is a blur in my mind, but we fucked well into the evening, I remember. All three women took turns riding my cock, and I am proud to say that I was able to give them all an orgasm. It ended up with Pam and Angie taking turns to fuck my arse, while my wife bounced up and down on a very large dildo.

Later that night in bed, as we lay in the darkness, both satiated by our debauchery, Marge whispered to me, "I hope you weren't too shocked, my love, although you seemed to be enjoying yourself. I have been dying to include you in our little games. I love you, darling, but sex with friends is so much fun, don't you agree?"

That is how I discovered just how naughty my wife really is, and I have to agree with her, it is fun.

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