Family Hypnosis
Chapter 1

Caution: This Aunt/Nephew Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, Hypnosis, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Black Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Aunt/Nephew Incest Story: Chapter 1 - He is learning hypnosis as part of his studies at uni. His aunt Sophie wants to stop smoking so he is volunteered to help. He takes some liberties with her under hypnosis, and that results in a full-blown fuck buddy arrangement. Aunt Jenny needs help too, as does his little sister Nikki, his mother Jane, and Sophie's roommate Cyn. He is a very busy young man.

"Grant, are you sure this will work" asked my aunt Sophie.

She was referring to an attempt at helping her quit smoking. I had been trained in hypnotherapy as part of my psychology course, and I had been asked to hypnotise her as a last resort.

My aunt is a smoking hot woman who hides her sexiness under drab clothes. She is also very staid in her outlook on life. I have always had the hots for my mom's younger sister, and being alone with her to hypnotise her, had me thinking of all sorts of things that were not really acceptable for a person planning to be a registered psychologist.

I had done a lot of private study on hypnotherapy, and I had discovered some controversial techniques that laid waste to the notion that "you can't get a hypnotised subject to do things that they would not want to do".

I was going to use those techniques on aunt Sophie to see what would happen.

I had her get comfortable in the lounge chair as I sat opposite her.

Sophie is 30 years old, of medium height (about 5ft 7ins tall), with long naturally blonde hair. She has a beautiful face, with a curvy body dominated by a large set of rounded tits. She was doing her best to hide them under a bulky sweater. She was wearing a skirt that came down to her knees. I was pleased that she had bare feet, with shiny red toenails (which matched her finger nails). That was the one thing that was not staid about her.

I slowly induced her hypnotic state, taking her deep with my words. She was a good subject to hypnotise.

I made the suggestions that would stop her smoking - testing her by asking her to pick up a cigarette and light it up. She refused saying "That's so gross ... I hate the smell of them".

"Good ... that's perfect" I told her before taking her deeper using the more controversial technique.

"It's very hot here today ... Would you like to cool off a little? ... Maybe you need to remove your sweater ... It's OK, your boyfriend Brett is the only one here and he's seen you naked before" I suggested.

She wiggled about in the chair, and I could see her thinking about my request. Then she grabbed the sweater by the waist band and slowly lifted it up and over her head, dropping it to the floor. She was now sitting there in a very matronly black bra that completely covered her massive tits.

"Is that better?" I asked her then added "Brett wants you to take the skirt off too ... he's feeling hot too and is going to remove his shirt and shorts now".

I stood up and quickly removed my shirt and shorts, leaving me totally naked. I quickly sat down hiding my engorged cock between my legs.

Sophie shimmied out of her skirt and dropped it on top of her sweater. I saw that her panties were "granny" type ones which hid her lower body. She resumed her seat.

"Brett thinks that you are a very sexy woman ... he just wishes that you would dress sexier because he is very turned on by you" I explained to her.

"I'm not sexy" she replied.

"Brett says that you are ... look at what you have done to him" I commented as I spread my legs allowing my hard fat cock to pop up from between them.

"Look at him Sophie" I commanded her.

"Oh ... I've never seen him in the light" Sophie commented.

That was a revelation. I knew that Sophie and Brett had had sex but I wasn't aware that it was in darkened bedroom.

"Take off your bra for Brett" I asked her.

She hesitated a moment, and I repeated the request before she reached back and unclipped her bra. She slowly let if fall from her tits, revealing their large size and roundness, with their hard dark brown nipples. She rubbed them a little before covering them with her hands.

"Let Brett see them ... drop your hands ... they are beautiful and he wants to see them" I suggested. After a moment or two, she dropped her hands to her side revealing her big rounded tits and their nipples to my view.

My eyes devoured her bare tits for a few moments before I spoke again to her.

"Would you stand for Brett".

She stood up, and I asked her then to remove her panties.

"Look at Brett ... what is he doing?" I asked her. I was stroking my long fat cock - I was hoping that she would tell me what I was doing.

"Mmmm ... he is touching his penis" she eventually replied.

"That may be correct ... but he is actually playing with his cock" I explained "But you should use the words of lovers to describe what you want and what you see".

"He is playing with his cock" Sophie repeated.

"Your panties?" I repeated.

She slowly dragged her panties off her hips, and let them drop to the floor around her ankles. I noted that she had a large curly bush of dark blonde hair on her mound. It looked like it hadn't been trimmed in ages.

"Brett says that you would look even sexier if you trimmed or shaved your bush" I suggested.

"I've tried ... but I'm hopeless at it" was her surprising reply.

"I think that Brett can help you with that" I told her.

I stood up and took her by the hand "Let's go to your bathroom... ".

Fifteen minutes later we moved from her bathroom to her bedroom. I wanted her to see herself naked in front of a full-length mirror.

Sophie was now minus all of her bush. I had taken the opportunity to slip my fingers between her wet pussy lips as I shaved her clean, and I finished off by give her pussy a nice licking. She had seemed initially reluctant but had become engrossed in my licking after a minute or so.

"Look at yourself in the mirror" I commanded her as I stood behind her.

She stood facing the mirror, looking at herself. "That is a beautiful sexy woman" I whispered into her ear. I stood so close that my engorged cock pressed against her ass, and I was able to slip my arms around her to cup her tits with my hands. They felt so heavy in my hands due to their size on her otherwise slender body.

"We need to dress you better" I told her as I stepped away from her, leaving her still looking at herself in the mirror. I went to her dresser drawers, and eventually found her bra and panties drawer. I rifled through the drawer, eventually finding an un-opened set of bra and panties. They looked sexy - maybe too sexy for the previously staid version of my aunt.

"Here put these on" I told her as I handed them to her.

She hesitated a moment before she slipped them on.

"Oh my god" I murmured. She looked amazing with her tits barely held in by the lacy black bra, and her pussy just covered by the lacy scrap of black material. "You look sensational" I added. She smiled for the first time.

I was then able to find a dress that was not matronly in style.

"Good ... we are going shopping for some new clothes" i told her as I returned to the lounge room to retrieve my clothes. I made hypnotic suggestions to her that she was going shopping with Brett (actually me), and then I brought her out of the induced state.

We shopped for the next three hours. I paid for her new underwear (including crotchless panties and a lift-up bra that didn't cover her beauties to any degree at all) and some new dresses. My finest purchase was an outfit to that evening, aunt Sophie and I would be going out to a fine dining restaurant.

She looked amazing across the table as we enjoyed a dinner together. All the time she thought that she was dining with Brett. I got to dance with her, holding her close enough for her to feel my engorged cock pressing against her.

She enjoyed herself so much, smiling and laughing all the time - no sign of the return of her staid conservative personality ... and no need for a cigarette either.

I returned her to her home, and I was going to bring her further out of her hypnotic state - leaving her feeling positive about herself and without a need for cigarettes. I was then going to leave her and go home and wank off at the memories of the day and night. I just wasn't game to go any further with her in the hypnotic state.

She really surprised me when she said to me "Please stay ... I want you to fuck me". She plastered her sexy body against me and kissed me for the first time. The kiss was steaming hot and full of passion.

She drew me to her bedroom, turning on the beside lamps before standing in front of me and slowly removing her dress, underwear and high heels.

"Come on ... get naked with me" she encouraged me as she laid back on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers teasing her bare pussy lips.

I thought about her request and the consequences for just a split second before I quickly removed my clothes, dropping them in a pile at the end of the bed. My cock was totally hard as I climbed up on the bed to kneel between her thighs. I rested my cock on her bare mound.

She reached down, taking my cock in hand for the first time.

"Oh ... you are so big and fat ... and he feels so hot" she commented in a hushed tone. I adjusted my position slightly and she was able to direct my cockhead to between her wet pussy lips. She slid it up and down between her lips, picking up her juices to lubricate my cockhead.

She positioned me at the entry to her canal, then she said "Fuck me please".

I eased forward, sliding my cock into her tightness.

"Ahhhh fuck" she groaned.

"My god you feel wonderful" I responded as I worked my cock in short sharp thrusts into her tightness. The further that I penetrated her, the hotter that her pussy became. She was scorchingly hot.

It took a minute or so before I was fully inside her. I remained still for a little while just enjoying the sensation of being inside her.

"Come down here" she said beckoning me down to kiss her again. As we kissed Sophie wrapped her legs about my waist to hold me close as our fucking increased in intensity and frequency.

"Oh god ... oh god" she moaned when our lips parted momentarily.

I was lunging deep and hard into her hotness and wetness, building towards a massive cum.

I broke off the kiss to ask "Can I cum inside you?".

"Yes Grant ... you can cum inside me" she responded to me just as I exploded inside of her, timing my explosion to coincide with her massive wet cum. I pumped my cum deep inside her for about twenty seconds before I was temporarily depleted of my cum juices.

"Oh fuck ... did you just call me Grant?" I gasped in astonishment.

Sophie smiled back at me, still churning her hips against mine "Yep ... busted you horny boy ... but don't you dare stop what you are doing".

I decided to ask more questions later but for now I had a needy woman still attached to my cock.

Later she told me that she had came out of the hypnotic state when I had licked her pussy in the bathroom - Brett had never licked her, and that was very foreign to the situation that I was trying to create.

She wasn't mad at me at all ... she loved the romancing and the good intentions ... and had only decided to fuck me at the end of the dinner date.

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