Legion (Overlord)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This was a request a friend wanted me to write... well fangirl anyway. Love my Fangirls. This story is about Jack and how he becomes the lord of death and gains power over us poor mere mortals.

It was a dream Jack told himself, he stood on the parapet of a castle, below him his army stood in formation. The Massive titans looked directly at them. In a corner of his mind he knew he should be afraid of them, but he wasn't and didn't understand why. He was in command of them all, he looked to his right and there the regent stood holding the scepter, A beautiful woman stepped up beside him, she was nude except for a belt her skin like looking into polished obsidian the nipples on upraised breasts seemed to absorb light they were so dark. "You are not ready Jack" she said softly, "I will see you soon"

Jack woke sweat soaking his bed he tried to remember the dream the massive Cleaver guards the Titans it was almost like a video game that he had never played. The woman, the woman who was so dark she appeared to be made out of polished stone. He looked at the clock it was a quarter after four. He lay back down in his stink and tried to relax. Sleep wouldn't return he couldn't understand why, he stared at the ceiling he was tired and upset. He must have dozed off because he was startled by the alarm blaring in his ear.

Jack crawled out of bed and showered, he dressed and gathered his things for school. He waited at the bust stop for what seemed like an eternity before the bus arrived. He climbed on board and walked his way back to the back of the bus where his best friend if he could call her that Carmon sat. He sat down next to her, she turned to him leaning forward slightly her voluptuous chest restrained by a top that barely contained it. "Jack?"

"Yes Carmon?" he said wanting more than anything to bury his face between those beautiful mountains he blinked and brought his gaze up to look into her sapphire colored eyes. Carmon wasn't the prettiest girl in school but she was damn close. She ruled her group of girls with an iron fist, Collette a fiery red head and Janice a bubbly blonde.

"Can I copy your math homework?" she asked in a husky sultry voice.

"I um sure I guess" he responded.

He took out his math homework and Carmon began to diligently copy it she had it finished by the time they arrived at school.

They got off the bus together and he walked with Carmon to her locker were she met Rodger, who was nearly a head taller than Jack and out massed him by a factor of three. He was an enormous muscle bound freak. "Hey Nerd, stay away from my girl" he growled at Jack.

Jack didn't quite hear him and Rodger grabbed him by the neck and lifted him against the locker. "Hard of hearing nerd, I'll fix you after school then"

Jack didn't know how to respond when he was dropped to his feet his knees buckled and he nearly dropped to the floor, instead he merely ducked and ran to his own locker. His heart pounding and his hands shaking as he tried to work the lock. He was shaking so bad he didn't notice one of his other friends from the chess club, Luanne standing next to him until she spoke. "Jack are you okay?"

"Yeah I think so." he sighed knowing that was a lie.

"Jack you know if it wasn't for Carmon crowding me out and you pretty much ignoring..." Jack wasn't really paying attention and proceeded to get his books and was on his way to class when the first bell rang.

The rest of the day was fairly tedious he helped Carmon in the library during lunch because she had an English assignment due and he was able to get several pages of it completed before they had to get to the next class.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. His last class was clear on the other side of school and when it let out he hurried to where the buses were loading, either he wasn't quick enough or he took the wrong way he wasn't sure which. Rodger and a few of his Jock friends surrounded him and backed him into a dark corner. Jack wasn't sure which one of them threw the first punch, but stars scattered in front of his eyes, he gasped when someone smashed a fist into his ribs. He tasted blood in his mouth. He lay on the ground he wasn't sure how long he felt like he couldn't move the kicks to his ribs and stomach were worse, all the while Rodger berating him for even thinking about being with Carmon.

He didn't know when he blacked out but it did go black. He was in his castle, this was very strange, he looked around there again was the dark skinned woman. "You really are going to have to learn your powers or I can't help you." she said looking down on him.

"Powers I don't have any powers" Jack protested.

"You do, you just have to learn what they are."

"You are crazy I don't know what your talking about"

"Your going to have to focus."

"What do you mean focus"

"Quiet your mind and the powers will reveal themselves"

"It's hard to quiet your mind when your getting the crap beaten out of you."

"Fear will destroy you my prince" she said.

"What?" he said in disbelief "He's twice my size of course I am afraid of him"

"It should be the other way around" she smiled. "Wake up now, you will see me again"

Jack's first conscious thought was to spit, and the bloody wad of saliva landed right back on his face, he lifted his arms and decided that was a bad idea after only moving a few inches. He wasn't sure if anything was broken, but he sure felt broken. He rolled to his side and moaned in pain. "Oh my god" a woman's voice said he could just make out her heels in front of his face. "Yes, at the school, no I'll call her, just off the side of building four, yes I will stay on the line, yes, yes, I don't know what happened." It was only a few minutes later when an ambulance pulled up beside him and he was loaded onto a spine board and then onto the gurney. The ride was bumpy he kept drifting in and out not enough to go to the other place but enough that he was barely aware of his surroundings, he was in the hospital no, the emergency room. People came and went, he was unsure of time, there was the constant beep of the monitors his head felt fuzzy. He rested, dreamless sleep.

Jack woke to find himself with a cast on one arm and for some reason his side itched he tried to move his hand but found that it was tied down. The hospital room was empty, except for a chair. There was a sink and a table, the rising and lowering sort that you find in hospitals. He wasn't sure what happened to his clothes. It was utterly boring he counted dots on the ceiling tiles he got to five-thousand and the door opened. "Holy Crap Jack" Luanne said. "You look terrible"

"I feel terrible he croaked"

a nurse appeared a few seconds behind her "The Police are here they would like to talk to you"

"I'll wait outside Jack" Luanne said.

Where was Carmon he thought, she should be here after all it was her boyfriend and his friends who beat the crap out of him.

"Son who did this to you what are their names, tell us about what happened, when did it happen, why did it happen" the police continued to ask questions for what seemed like hours and he consistently gave the same answers until they were satisfied. They took pictures of him, the dark black bruises he didn't even know he had. When they were finished they left and Luanne returned.

"Seriously, what the heck happened."

"Carmon's boyfriend"

"Really what did you do?"

"Nothing I was just hanging out with her"

"That's crazy..."

"I know isn't it?"

Luanne was quiet for a minute "Are your parent's coming?"

"I don't know I haven't talked to them"

"Where are they?"

"Mom is the closest somewhere in the Midwest, Dad is in Asia doing something." He replied, um can you tell me why my side itches?

"Its because you have a chest tube in" the nurse supplied walking in the door. "We have you restrained so you don't accidently pull it out"

"Why would I pull it out?"

"Trust me it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened."

"Okay" Jack said slowly. He watched as the nurse took his pulse and blood pressure and then left the room

"They have you restrained?" Luanne asked moving closer.

"Yeah you hadn't noticed?" Jack replied casually.

"No I really hadn't"

"Well I am"

"Well since you are and I have always wanted to..." Luanne leaned forward and kissed him. it was one of those chaste pecks, on the lips when she withdrew she just stood there.

"Luanne are you there?"

"Yes" she said softly she looked as if she were in a trance, it was very odd.

"Powers" a voice said in his head.

He thought about what he should do next if anything he wondered how long this lasted and what it was, well it was very odd. "Luanne, would you show me your tits"

Luanne didn't respond she just began unbuttoning her blouse and then pulled her bra aside to reveal her two orange sized mounds each topped with an oval shaped pink nipple. He looked at them facinated, they were of course the first breasts he had ever seen in real life and he wanted to touch them and feel them and rub his face in them, and that was just for starters.

"Oh my god what am I doing?" Luanne said suddenly after a long pregnant pause.

"Showing me your tits"

"Why the hell am I doing that" she asked buttoning up her shirt, and turning a interesting shade of crimson at the same time. "I'll come back by tomorrow and see how you are" and ran out of the room.

Jack stayed in the hospital for three more long boring days, Carmon didn't visit and Luanne wouldn't return his calls. Rodger had been expelled from school in addition to his being arrested for assault he turned on his friends after forty-five minutes in a cell-block with other hardened criminals.

He was home now his mom took care of him, and he was ready to go back to school he ignored Carmon on the bus she was really anxious to talk to him, but he really wasn't in the mood to talk to her at least not yet. He hurried off the bus and went in search of Luanne.

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