Sidney Awakens
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Story: Chapter 1 - A freshman in high school, living in the Mojave Desert, awakens to his emerging sexuality.

The odors of the desert drifted into the open window, through the screen. Creosote bush and salt cedar. Along with the ever present smell of hot concrete. It hadn't really cooled off that much over night.

Sidney woke up. Again his cock was hard. He had to pee. He climbed out of bed, careful to not wake up his sister, and went into the bathroom. It was right there, through a door. It opened into this bedroom he shared with Faith. He noticed his older sister was sleeping soundly, with her sheets tossed aside.

He went to the toilet, and tried to point his hard cock into the water. It was semi-hard, and it sprayed up and onto the toilet tank. He got it to empty into the water, finally, as it softened.

One more time he wiped up the pee that he had got on the toilet. He had this problem often now. He wondered why it was getting hard. But he was afraid to ask Mom or Dad. He was actually ashamed. He thought maybe it was because he was being a pervert.

He was embarrassed because his Mom had to clean the bathroom. She would notice the wetness, and he would be caught, maybe. It didn't really hurt to have his cock hard. It felt good, really. But that seemed bad. He had heard from other boys that getting hard was nasty. They liked it, they said, but it was still bad. Naughty. Something you hid, because it was not nice.

It was still dark outside. He could tell, looking out the window. He could go back to sleep. But he was awake now, and he could tell, from the birds singing, that it was getting close to time to get up for school. He sat on his bed, touching his cock.

He was looking at his sister. She was not awake yet. She was lying on her back, and her tight shirt was covering her top, while her panties covered her bottom. He could see the taut cones of her tits poking up into her shirt. They had begun to interest him.

His mother had slightly larger ones. Mom often wore a bra when she went out shopping, but at home, because of the desert heat, she might leave it off. Sometimes he could see her sweating under her blouse, and he watched her breasts bounce. If she wore a sleeveless shirt, or sundress, he might see some skin under her arms as she lifted them up to work around the house.

For some reason he really liked seeing the flesh of breasts. It made him feel good. And often his cock would start to get hard, and he would have to hide it. He knew he should be ashamed, but he wasn't really. He liked seeing that kind of thing.

Sidney was fourteen years old. His body was changing. He could tell. He even found tiny hairs growing out of his crotch. He was afraid to ask about that too. That kind of thing was not talked about. Not then, in 1962, in Needles, California.

He looked at Faith, who was a year older, at fifteen. He was happy they were in the same bedroom. She was still breathing heavily. He remembered what his Mom had told him a year ago. She had taken him into her bedroom, and they sat down on the bed. Then she asked him if he knew where babies came from. She asked if any of his friends had talked about it. He was embarrassed.

One friend had told him that a father peed into the mother and that made a baby. He had thought that was crazy, and didn't believe it at all. Now his mother was explaining how a father did put his thing into the mother, but he didn't pee. Some other stuff came out, and that made the baby.

He had to believe Mom. But he still didn't really understand it. And now, he was getting his cock hard almost every morning, and he wondered if he was like other guys, or maybe a freak. But he did like it when he got hard. It felt good. He was getting hard now, looking at Faith, with her panties tight on her crotch. He knew she didn't have a cock. He didn't know why females were different. But he was glad they were.

When they were younger they had sometimes taken baths together, That was some time ago. Mom had stopped that. He didn't really know why. But he did know that his sister had a little slit, with puffy looking sides, and she peed out of that sitting down. She couldn't point it like he could.

They lived in a stucco bungalow house. It had only two bedrooms, and he and Faith had twin beds. Mom and Dad were in the big bed in the bedroom at the front of the house. The younger folks had always slept in the same room. It wasn't a problem really. But he was noticing her more now, for some reason. He loved his sister, even if he didn't think about it. And he liked being with her when they slept. And he was really learning to like looking at her now.

Barely to be heard, from the front bedroom he heard a familiar sound. His parents' bed was squeaking. And through the door, closed between the rooms, he heard his mother's voice. Begging, it seemed, for something harder, harder. He heard it often when Dad was at home from working. He planned to find exactly what they were doing. If he could without getting caught.

As he was sitting here, on his own bed beside his sister, he reached out, and softly touched her thigh. She whimpered a little, and he pulled his hand back. Then he reached out again, and gently rubbed up and down her pussy. That was what Mom called it once in the bathroom, as they bathed.

His sister moved her legs a little, and he could see some skin right there by the panty crotch. He slipped a finger under the panty and felt the flesh beneath. He felt stiff hairs there. Like he was growing, only more. He noticed that his cock was getting stiff again. He liked this. He slowly ran his finger up and down the pussy lips, and his sister moaned and opened her legs wider.

"Sidney," she whispered.

His sister had her eyes open. He pulled his hand away, and waited for her to yell for Mom. They were both whispering now.

"Is it time to get up?"

"No, it's okay. You can sleep. I was getting up, but you don't need to. Mom and Dad are still asleep. You go back to sleep, Faith."

"Okay. I was dreaming. Maybe I'll dream it again. I was feeling happy. I felt good. Okay. I'll sleep some more."

She didn't bother to pull the sheet up. The air from the open window was getting hotter now with only a slight breeze. She rolled over, and he noticed her round butt cheeks were showing, outside her panties. He liked looking at them too. He rubbed his prick, and that felt good. He was lucky.

His stomach was growling now. He wanted to eat some cereal. Putting on his discarded pajama bottoms, he went back through the door to the porch. His bedroom had three doors. One to his parents front bedroom, one to the bathroom, and one to the porch at the rear of the house. It was enclosed in screen. He went through it and in through the back kitchen door. They didn't bother locking any doors.

He was eating some shredded wheat when his mother came into the kitchen, from the front room. Her bedroom opened onto his room, and also the front room. The bathroom opened onto his room and the front room, too. There were lots of doors in their bungalow. And they all had keyholes. But the keys had long been lost. No one locked doors.

"Mornin' Sidney. You're up early. Are you alright sweetie? Are you feeling sick?"

His mother had a thin robe, and she was tying it closed in front. Her legs showed at the bottom, and her feet were bare. He knew his mom had pretty legs. All his friends said so, and he could tell that himself. She was shaped like Marilyn Monroe. But her hair was brown, and wavy. He knew she was pretty. So pretty that she could be a model, he bet.

"I'm okay Mom. I heard the birds, and they woke me up. I was hungry."

"That's fine then. I'll make you some eggs now."

His mother was not wearing anything under the robe, he could tell. Her tits were outlined clearly and they drooped down when she knelt over to get a frying pan from the bottom of the stove. Her bottom was round and firm, and he wished he could see up her robe to look at her pussy. He wondered if it looked like Faith's did.

She rose up, and glanced over at him, then smiled. He was covering his front because he was hard. He hoped she didn't know. Then she finished cooking him some more breakfast, and put it in front of him. He ate quickly now, not wanting to be late.

"Well, finish up, and go wake up your sister. Send her in to eat. Then you both need to be getting ready for school. But don't wake up your father. He needs to sleep after that long run out to Tehachapi. He's going out on the train again tonight. So he needs his rest."

"Okay. Can I wear my All Stars today?"

"Yes, but tomorrow you need to wear your cheap sneakers. The high tops are expensive. They have to last."

Sidney had begged for the Converse sneakers, and Mom had given in. But he could only wear them once or twice a week.

She came closer and touched his hair. Then she bent down and kissed his forehead. He could smell her. It was a good smell. A smell she often had after those times he heard her and Dad playing. She pressed his face into her breasts. He suddenly felt his cock getting hard again. He wasn't sure why, but he quickly left the room to wake up Faith and start getting dressed. They both needed to use the bathroom to brush their teeth and comb their hair.

The Claggett children walked up the hill to the school. It was high above Broadway, at the north end of town. Sidney and Faith lived in their house right below the school, and it didn't take long to walk there, but it was up hill in the morning. That was fine, really. It meant they were going downhill at the end of the day.

Today was a good day. Sidney met a new guy in his freshman home room class. Mrs. Chalmers introduced him. She said they would get along. She liked Sidney. He was not the teacher's pet, but he knew she liked him.

The new boy was a red head. His name was Ross Reilly. He liked to laugh, and was sitting right next to Sidney. Whenever Sidney saw Ross he was laughing at something. During lunch they ate their bag lunches out on a bench, and both got to know each other. Ross had two sisters, both older than him. He knew a lot about girls, from what he saw and heard from the two of them. This was going to be interesting for Sidney.

Ross lived on the east side of town. Lots of Irish families lived there. It was close to the Colorado River. When they left school that day Ross and Sidney walked down the hill, with Faith coming up behind with some other sophomore girls. At the bottom of the hill the Claggett's were right on Broadway, and their bungalow was across the street. Ross went on home by himself, waving to his new friend.

That evening, after supper, Sidney went out to the side of the house. There was a large salt cedar there. He would sometimes climb up into its branches for the fun of it. It was starting to get dark, and it would do so quickly out here in the desert. Sidney was high in the tree when a light went on in the second floor of the neighbor's house next to the tree.

He was not sure why, but he got extra quiet now. Sidney was always the explorer type, and liked to discover things. That was his mind, and tonight he was curious to see what he could see, when he was alone and unknown in this old salt cedar.

Soon he saw Beth moving around her room. She was in his grade in school. A freshman in high school. He liked her. Beth wore white glasses with rhinestones on them. Her hair was blonde and she wore it up with lots of hair spray. Right now she was just going around the room, setting things down, or putting stuff away.

Then she began to take off her clothes. This was good, very good. Sidney clutched the branches tighter, and leaned closer to get a better look. With her blouse off, and her skirt dropped, she was wearing only a bra and panties. Both were white. Then Beth went to her vanity and sat down. She reached around, unhooked the bra, and dropped it onto the floor.

Her tits were like apples. Her nipples were pink, and she started touching them, watching herself in the full vanity mirror. Sidney could see that they were getting hard. This was interesting. He hadn't known they could do that. Not really. He sometimes wondered why Mom's tits poked out a little more sometimes. He wondered if Mom's looked like Beth's. He liked the way they looked.

He was getting hard again. He touched himself and it felt good. But just then Beth stood up and went over to her closet out of sight. He waited, but she didn't come back. She was probably looking at her clothes, trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. Mom did the same thing when she was getting ready to go out.

Sidney slowly got down from the salt cedar and went inside his bungalow. Mom would worry if he was out too long after darkness fell. He walked over the sandy yard to the porch, and went through the front door.

He walked into the living room as his father was getting ready to go down to the Santa Fe railway terminal. Fred Claggett had a run to Tehachapi to catch. He was a fireman. He would be gone for days. Then he would appear at home. Mom knew his schedule but the young people seldom remembered it.

They all said goodbye, and then Mom went with Dad, so she could bring the car back to the house. The train station was really only about five blocks away, but Dad had gear to take with him. It was too far to walk. Mom would be home shortly. Sidney would hang out with Faith in the living room.

Sidney didn't know it, but she had almost been a woods colt. His mother and father had to get married because Faith came along. A real surprise. Not only because of her birth, but because Debby and Fred were cousins. Back in Arkansas it was not unusual for cousins to marry. They just didn't tell the truth on the marriage license. But they tried not to be forced into it. Anyway, this marriage seemed to be working.

When Mom got home she was hot, and a little irritable. She would get that way when Dad left. So she told the two of them to watch TV while she took a cool shower. She liked to shower off the sweat from the desert heat. It was cooling down a little now, but she felt sticky, she said.

Faith was watching a silly show on one of the three channels they got. Sidney went around, through the kitchen, and onto the back porch, being extra quiet. Sidney was something of a voyeur, you might say. First Beth, tonight, and now his mom. The bathroom had a window opening onto the back porch. These things were all for ventilation, and attempts to build a house that would stay cool in the desert.

So Sidney got the old apple crate from the corner and placed it under the window. He got up, carefully, and peeked over the edge. Mom was already naked. It was wonderful to see. Her long brown hair tied up. She didn't want to wash it tonight, he guessed. He could see her tits. They were beautiful. Bigger than Beth's, and the nipples were cherry red.

The prize was lower, between her legs. She was turning around, looking in a mirror on the wall, and Sidney saw her pussy, covered with a triangle of curly hair. Every once in a while Mom would touch it with her delicate hand, and caress something at the top. Then she would sigh, and softly squeeze a breast. Mom was happy now.

So was Sidney. He was happy he had finally thought of this idea. Then she at last walked over to the shower stall, and entered it with the water running. He was disappointed, but not for long. He got down from the crate, put it where it belonged, and entered his bedroom from the porch. He tiptoed over to the door to the bathroom.

They keyholes were big. And they had never been blocked, even if no one had keys for them. He knelt down on his knees, and peeked through to see his mother in the shower stall. The curtain was open. He wondered about that, but then was happy for his good luck.

As he looked at her, his mother was running cool water over her body, and rubbing herself with a washcloth. Softly and gently, she caressed herself. Sidney was getting hard again. Today he had been hard several times already. And he didn't mind at all. It felt better and better all the time, especially when he would rub himself through his pants.

He had started doing it harder, because it felt better. Then he heard something. Looking up he saw Faith in the doorway from the back porch.

"Sidney? Where have you been? I wanted some cocoa in the kitchen. Should I make some for you, too?"

He got up from the floor and went to his sister.

"Sure, yeah, sure. That's good. I dropped something and was looking for it. Anyway, let's get some cocoa."

They went into the kitchen and Faith made some cocoa with cold milk. It helped when it was still warm outside. They had the windows all open, but it was still heavy and hot. As they were drinking their cocoa they heard the shower stop. They were in front of the TV when their mother came out of the bathroom, wearing just her robe now. Her legs and feet were bare again.

"Finish this show, and then off to bed, you kids. I'm tired. I want to sleep. You need to rest too."

It had been a good day, thought Sidney, as he climbed into bed. Faith was there already, snoring gently. He leaned over, and smelled her fruity breath. Then he kissed her gently on the lips. Tomorrow would be here soon.

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