Poor Relation Becomes Sex Slave
Chapter 1: Punished for Shoplifting

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Punished for Shoplifting - Shoplifting leads Anita to become a sex slave in her uncles house. More mistakes get her sent to a brothel. How will she get out?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Nudism  

Anita was a pretty girl, rather short and slim, even petite, but with well-rounded hips and perky conical A-cup tits that stood proudly out from her chest. At 18, when this story takes place, many guessed her age at around 16. She had a deep olive skin complexion, black hair and deep brown eyes. As a teenager she was a studious and bright scholar, but rather unsophisticated and naïve. Part of the problem was that she was from a rather financially challenged family.

Her blonde mother, Pam, had married just after her 18th birthday, when already 4 months pregnant with Anita. The marriage was against the wishes of her family, who had wanted her to have an abortion, as Larry was rather below their socio-economic status and, even worse, far too dark skinned in consequence of a mixed blood ancestry. As a result, her family had rather cut them off. Larry had dabbled in various hare-brained business schemes, all of which lost money. Their 3 children in 4 years (2 boys after Anita) added to their financial woes.

Anita, herself, did not socialize much with her school mates, as she was embarrassed at the out-of-fashion second hand clothes she wore.

In spite of the difficulties, Anita did well at school, and on completion of high school was awarded a scholarship to study environmental science at a prestigious university in another city. The problem was that although the scholarship covered academic fees and books, there was little left over for accommodation and living, so it seemed that she would not be able to take up the scholarship.

Anita's father Larry had by this time become absorbed in a rigidly conservative religious movement, and had reservations about Anita studying further in any case. Nevertheless, much against Larry's will, Pam took her pride in her hands and called her now wealthy brother Bob who lived in the city where the university was located. He seemed quite accommodating: "Sure, Anita can stay with us. And we won't charge you anything; she can earn her keep by doing a few chores around the house". Anita was happy to agree, and Larry grudgingly gave his permission.

And so it was that a few days before the start of the semester, and just a week after her 18th birthday, Anita arrived at the home of uncle Bob and aunt Belinda for her new life. Her cousins, 16 year old Tracy and Roger, who was still a couple of months short of his 14th birthday, greeted her coolly, clearly seeing her as a lower class outsider that would embarrass them in front of their friends.

She was soon to discover that her aunt and cousins saw her as no more than a servant. Meals were prepared by the family's cleaner/cook, who would leave before the evening meal. Thus Anita had to dish up, serve the family, clear their dishes and load the dishwasher, while having her own meal in the kitchen. And the 'few chores' included making the kids' beds and tidying their rooms.

Anita might have still been content with her chores if she was treated as a member of the family. But this was not to be. Belinda hardly spoke to her except to give instructions. Tracy made continual fun of her unfashionable dress, her ignorance of what was cool and her general lack of social graces. But the worst torment for Anita came from the two male members of the family. The hands of both uncle Bob and Roger took total liberties, taking every opportunity to squeeze her bottom and feel her tits, tweaking the nipples that often made hard points through her bra. Anita had been brought up in a strict religious environment, and even her couple of boyfriends had not gone that far. Bob and Roger laughed at her protests. She was even sure that Aunt Belinda saw them, but she made no comment, so that Anita had no one to turn to. But she could not give up her scholarship to go home.

It was even worse when her aunt and uncle were away, as Roger would slip his hand under her shirt or down her top on to her bare tit. He did this in full view of his sister who just giggled, with comments like: "that's it, cop a nice feel of the slut; that's better than getting a slap from your girlfriends!"

Roger also made no attempt to hide the substantial hard-ons that he developed. A couple of weeks into her stay, he advance to rubbing the bulge against her. She tried to pull away but he was too strong. When Tracy saw this for the first time, she urged her brother to force Anita's hand to rub against his erection. Much against her conscious will, Anita found the feel of the rigid member to be fascinating. She was even more fascinated when it began to jerk spasmodically as he came in his pants.

Tracy found this really funny. "You had better go change your underpants", she giggled. Roger left the room, but came back a few minutes later gingerly holding the soiled garment."

"Here", he ordered Anita, "go rinse this out before loading into the laundry." He dropped it on her hand, and she felt the slime on her skin. With an "oh gross", she ran from the room to the laughter of her cousins, not even thinking of challenging the instruction.

Similar events were to occur regularly at least a couple of times a week. Anita accepted her lot, and in fact began to find the smell of semen slightly intoxicating for some reason.

As her cousins realized they had Anita under their control, they found other ways to embarrass her with ribald comments especially when they had friends. But the most embarrassing for Anita was when they forced her to watch porn videos from their parents' selection. Their favourite was a collection of 'slave' themes, some clearly home made rather than commercial. The basic story lines varied from girls caught in illegal activities and blackmailed or illegal immigrant girls, to kidnapping and sale to Arab countries, as well as historical Roman orgy settings. But the themes were similar; the slave girls were forced to be naked at all times, and to provide sexual services for their owners and others, both male and female. One movie that particularly fascinated Anita involved two quite young slave girls, one of whom was obviously pregnant. She was not quite sure, but one of the male actors fucking the pregnant girl looked a lot like her uncle Bob!

Anita was forced to sit and watch, and to explain to her younger cousins and their friends what was being done. This caused her increasing embarrassment, as the younger kids were clearly more sophisticated, but in her room at night she wondered how it would feel to be a naked slave girl in the household.

So the time was not happy for Anita. She longed for friends of her own, and to be socially sophisticated like the other students and her uncle, aunt and cousins. But she discovered a cheap way to achieve some escapism into a fantasy world. She would wander into exclusive clothing stores, and try on some of the outfits. She would take photos on her phone of her image in the mirror, and look over them later at home, imagining she was going to exclusive social events.

After a few weeks, she discovered that some shops did not carefully count the number of items, and she managed to slip out on occasions with a fancy piece of underwear under her clothes. These she would try on again in her bedroom. At first she was nervous, but later more confident, and she had accumulated half-a-dozen bras and panties.

But her luck couldn't last! It was the first day of the mid-term break from university, and she went into one of her favourite shops. She had not worn a bra, and was easily able to slip one on. She returned from the dressing room, and handed the five outfits to the sales clerk who placed them on to the counter. At that point, the supervisor handed an expensive bracelet to the clerk, and told her: "This has been returned. Take it to the workshop to have a new security tag attached." The supervisor left, but at that point the clerk was called by a customer to the dressing room, and Anita was on her own, looking at the untagged bracelet. She was unable to avoid the lure and slipped it on to her arm. She looked around, and was sure there was no one around, and so sauntered out of the store.

Anita moved nervously through the door, but no alarm went off. But she turned into the mall, there was the ominous voice: "Excuse me miss. Please come with me back into the store".

She went ice-cold. "Wh—Wh—Why?"

"Where did you get that bracelet?"

"It—It—It was a present from my uncle"

"Sorry, miss, but we have you on CCTV picking it up from the counter. And there is a serial number on the band which the supervisor will be able to identify. If it is not the one which has just disappeared, you can go. Otherwise, we have to call the police".

He had a firm grip on her arm, and led her to the manager's office. They showed her the relevant CCTV footage, and the supervisor confirmed the code on the bracelet.

Anita burst into tears. "I'm sorry. I don't know what come over me. The temptation was too much, but I'll never do it again."

But the head of security was unmoved. "This store has a zero tolerance policy on shop-lifting"

And the supervisor added: "In any case, I can see the strap of your bra, and I recognize it as one of a new pattern stock we only put out this morning!"

The security head went on: "We are calling the police and you'll be taken into custody and charged. There will be a jail term. Do you want to call a lawyer, or a family member to get a lawyer".

In between her sobs, Anita blurted out: "Could you call my uncle, Mr Bob Goodson?"

"Bob Goodson! He is a co-owner of this store. Maybe I should call him myself" said the manager. "You all please wait outside".

About 10 minutes later, the manager came out. "Your uncle is on his way. He is going to take you for the moment, and will decide with his partners what to do."

When Bob arrived, he went into the manager's, and then without speaking to her, took Anita's arm and walked her to the car. They drove home in silence. Only once there did he bark at her. "Is this the way to repay our hospitality you little slut. No better than your useless father. I should just let you go to jail. But go wait in your room, while I explain to Belinda and the kids what has happened, and talk to my partners about what we can do with you."

A miserable hour later, Anita heard her uncle calling for her.

He was in the living room, with Belinda, Tracy and Roger.

"I am fully prepared to send you to prison, and that might be best anyway. But my partners and I have agreed that that could be embarrassing for the store, and that I should discipline you here privately. So I am offering you one alternative to prison. You will completely submit yourself to me, Belinda, Tracy and Roger without question, obeying all orders and instructions given by any of us. In effect, you will be a slave in this household until the end of the school year. You will tell your mother that you can't return home for the winter break because of studies."

At hearing the word 'slave', Anita looked up and saw the smirks on the faces of Tracy and Roger. There was no doubt what they understood. Her uncle possibly sensed her thoughts as he continued.

"Yes, you will obey any instruction from any of us. I'll place some restrictions on what Tracy and Roget can order, but you won't need to know what these restrictions are – you just obey. They know better than to disobey me. This is your only option. Go back to your room now. You have 30 minutes to think it through. When I call again, you will come down and give us your decision. Go."

Back in her room, Anita knew she had no real choice. Could it really be that much worse than what was already happening to her. She did think back to the 'slave' movies, and she shivered as a tremor of mixed fear and excitement ran through her body.

Thirty minutes later, when her uncle called she went down with mind made up.

"Well?" asked her uncle.

With lowered eyes she murmured "I can't face prison; I will be your slave".

"Right", her uncle responded. "Then strip off all your clothes here and now."

Anita was not entirely surprised, but was still ashamed and embarrassed, so murmured: "Wh—Wh—What did you say?"

"You heard me; I'm not waiting. STRIP NOW!"

With trembling hands, she struggled with buttons. Bob turned to her cousins: "Tracy, Roger, help her!"

They converged on Anita, and just ripped all her clothes off, ruining them all as buttons, clasps and zips gave way. Within half a minute, she was naked before the family.

"Move your hands! Don't cover your bits; you have no rights over them", said Bob. "From now on you will remain naked inside this house at all times, unless explicitly ordered otherwise. You will also not close yourself into your bedroom ... that door will remain open at all times unless closed by someone else ... nor will you close bathroom or toilet doors. From 7am to 6pm on week days during term time, but that's not this week, you will be free to go to classes, wearing either your laboratory coat, but NOTHING else, or what you like from a selection we will allow you. You will not wear underwear except for panties if you have your period. At other times, you will only go out at our instruction, wearing only what we instruct. When we are done here, Belinda will collect all your clothes which will be given to charity, except for something to wear tomorrow when you go shopping for new approved outfits, and a couple of panties in case needed for your periods."

"By the way", he went on. "When is your next period due?"

"I – I – I just finished two days ago".

"Mmmmm", said Bob to Belinda. "You had better take her to your doctor friend tomorrow morning. It's a good time for him to give her a shot that will remove uncertainty about pregnancy risks."

A shiver went through Anita's slim body. Clearly her virginity was not going to be preserved. But she said nothing.

Tracy had an immediate observation. "Look at her thick hairy bush. Won't she get pubic hair in our food when she works?"

It was true that Anita's olive skin was generally quite smooth which made her pubic bush rather prominent. Belinda agreed with her daughter, whom she sent to fetch her cosmetic scissors and waxing kit, while Anita had to fetch a bowl of warm water, a cloth and towel.

Anita was made to sit on the towel in the middle of the living room, facing the other four, using the scissors to trim her bush as short as possible, leaving only a stubble of short hairs. She was embarrassingly conscious that her pussy lips were widely spread to the full view of her audience. In the meantime, wax was being warmed in a pot on the kitchen stove.

Belinda brought the wax and a brush, and directed Anita to apply it across her pubic area and upper things. She then had to sit for 5 minutes with her legs widely spread, until the wax hardened. Bob turned out to be the expert aesthetician. He sat himself between Anita's legs and quickly stripped of the wax. She was then directed to wash the area carefully and was given some cream to rub on.

Belinda examined the now hairless region. "Hmmm. Looks quite good, but I'll take you tomorrow to a place that can follow up with laser treatment. Very little should then grow back."

Tracy sniggered. "With her small tits, she looks like a little girl now, doesn't she. She looks about 12. Your paedophile friends won't bother me any more with her around!"

For the next few hours, Anita had little time to think about her embarrassment, as she finished her cleaning and dusting tasks, dinner preparation and serving, and cleaning up again. She had to undergo frequent fondling of tits, pussy and ass by Bob and Roger, often in clear view of Belinda and Tracy who laughed out loud.

At about 9pm, Bob and Belinda announced they were going to bed, and instructed Anita to come with them. In their bedroom, Bob told her: "Firstly, you will undress Belinda and put her clothes away. Then take her into the shower to give her a good wash. Then do the same for me."

She had to soap Belinda all over, with careful attention to her pubic and anal areas, before rinsing them all off. Once out of the shower, she had to towel her down and blow dry her hair. "That's great", murmured Belinda has she lay down on the bed. "You don't have to dress me as we usually sleep naked anyway.

Then it was a repeat performance with Bob, except that she now had to massage his rampant 8 inch cock as well, while using her fingers to clean his anus. She had to kneel in front of him, while performing these tasks, and it was not long before he groaned and then shot his load all over her face and hair.

By the time she had dried Bob off, she was amazed to see he had developed another massive hard-on. Belinda was still lying on top of the bed covers with her legs spread obscenely. "Come here, girl", she summoned Anita. "Bob never likes licking my pussy, especially to climax as I squirt a lot. Come here and eat me!"

Anita was not quite sure what to do, but Bob pushed her face down between his wife's thighs. "You're a woman, you must know where to lick and suck." And so Anita found herself tonguing Belinda's pussy, going ever deeper in response to the pressure on her head. She sensed the swollen clit of her mistress, and sucked there, judging from the satisfied moans that hid brought pleasure to Belinda.

Anita was at this stage kneeling on the bed, with her butt in the air. Suddenly she became aware of something firm rubbing against her pussy lips, and in panic realized it would be Bob's cock.

She pulled her mouth off from Belinda's pussy to gasp out "Please, NO!"

"What's wrong darling? Are you a virgin?" asked Belinda. With the affirmative reply, she continued: "Well girl, tough, slaves have no rights over their sex, so Bob's going in. He loves little girls. Makes him imagine he's screwing his daughter which I still won't let him do. But I'm sure he won't be too rough the first time".

Anita's head was pulled back into Belinda's crotch, and she felt the invading monster starting to insert itself between her nether lips. It was a little painful at first. But she also felt pleasurable sensations from her clit region that was being stimulated. Almost instinctively her animal lusts took control and she pushed backwards. As he felt this reaction, Bob slammed back. Anita screamed as her maidenhead burst to admit his organ.

As the initial pain subsided, she became aware of the pleasures of having her vaginal passage filled to bursting. Suddenly other feelings started to intrude. The heady smell from Belinda's warm moist pussy began to stimulate arousal in her, heightened somehow by the humiliation of having her head gripped in servitude between Belinda's thighs. Bob's thrusting rubbed her clit and stimulated what she was later to understand was her particularly sensitive G-spot. As her climax built she sucked and licked ever harder on Belinda's pussy, bringing her to the first of what was to be a number of climaxes. Anita's own first climax followed shortly afterwards with a scream.

Over the next 20 minutes, both girls had repeated orgasms. Then Anita felt Bob thrusting even harder, and his cock growing even thicker. With a groan, he released his seed into Anita.

All three collapsed in a heap, and slept for a couple of hours. Eventually, Anita was sent back to her room at 2am, but warned that she was not to run water to wash as that would wake the children. So she slept with the smell of male and female cum all over her.

Belinda was an estate agent, and could easily reschedule her appointments. Thus she took the next morning off. Once Anita had cleaned up after breakfast, Belinda collected all Anita's clothes except for 3 pairs of panties. She handed Anita a longish t-shirt, instructing her to put it on. It hung down no more than a hands-width below her crotch. She was allowed no other clothing, not even shoes.

Belinda drove first to the doctor's rooms. Anita was left alone in the waiting room while Belinda went to talk to Dr Raj, a large Indian man. When Anita was called in, the doctor greeted her with a lecherous smile: "So this is the young lady who needs to avoid the uncertainty of pregnancy! Well, we need to do a check-up, so take off your shirt and sit in this chair".

He guided her to a gynaecological examining chair. Her legs were pulled apart and strapped into the stirrups. She was entirely naked, with her bare pussy gaping wide open. She felt very vulnerable and exposed. Dr Raj slipped on a pair of latex gloves, and without more preliminaries pulled Anita's cunt lips open and probed her vaginal channel. He used one hand to rub her clit, and in spite of her embarrassment, Anita's juices started to flow.

The doctor smiled at Belinda. "Yes, you've got a good slave here. She is well lubricated. Let me do the full test."

He dropped his trousers to reveal a thick and very stiff cock. Anita hardly had time to take in what was about to happen, when he slammed his tool into her slit. At this point the door opened, and the nurse walked in with some papers. She grinned at the young girl impaled on the doctor's cock, and stood watching the performance.

"Mmmm. Very nice. Just tight enough without being uncomfortably so. Ahhh. I can feel the entrance to her uterus. All excellent. I don't think I can last very long. Ohhhhhhhhh, here it comes!!"

Anita felt the invading cock pulsating as it filled her womb with Indian seed.

When he was done, Dr Raj withdrew and fastened his trousers again. He unshackled Anita, but made her wait in the nude while he prepared the syringe to give her the required injection. "There, that should do it" he said with a smile, patting her on her bottom.

The next stop after the doctors was the hair removal clinic. Once again, Belinda explained to the beautician what was required, who then instructed Anita: "Take off your top and lie on this bed". Anita looked beseechingly at Belinda, but at her aunt's gesture resigned herself to stripping naked again.

"Mmmmm. That makes it easier" said the beautician. "I see that the hair development is not very dense. We only need to do the pubic area and underarm, and we can do it all in one session". And with that she set to work with her equipment.

Within an hour they were done. "There', said the beautician, "she's so smooth she'll be a paedophile's dream! You may experience some stinging over the next few days, but these oils will help. A few scattered hairs may grow back, but another treatment in about 6 week's time should be enough for a permanent solution."

After leaving the hair removal clinic, Belinda led the way to a clothing store. She selected a few dresses and skirts for Anita. All were extremely short, probably intended for wearing over tights, but Anita would be wearing them without even panties. Any breeze and her pussy and ass would be on clear display. Belinda selected a few tops to go with the skirts, halter-necked, strappy, or just boob-tubes, but all leaving a wide expanse of midriff uncovered.

They moved on to a shoe store. Belinda told her: "You will remain barefoot most of the time, but on occasions something special will be needed". They bought two pairs of strappy sandals with 4-inch heels. "You'd better start wearing these regularly at home until you get used to walking on them."

Back home, both children were out, so Anita was left on her own to do the housework, and was told to spend some time in the back garden working on an overall tan. Belinda also went out a little later, warning that there might be a grocery delivery and that Anita must let the delivery man in. Anita knew that this would be a test, and that if she did not remain naked, Larry and Belinda would get to hear of it. She remained on nerves edge, dreading the doorbell.

After two hours with no delivery, she started to relax, but then "DING-DONG". To her horror, when she opened the door it was Leroy, a fellow student of hers, obviously working part time.

Feeling a full body blush, she opened the door to admit him. He gasped: "Wow, that's something I have only fantasized about. Do you always go around like this? I must visit more often!"

She blushed more deeply as his eyes ran all over her nude body. She murmured: "It's a sort of punishment. Please don't tell anyone". He grinned, making no promise.

As she was checking the lists in the kitchen, she suddenly realized Leroy was taking pictures of her on his phone. "NO", she wailed, "please no", but he just clicked off a few more. As they unpacked he found plenty of occasions to rub against her, and she was very aware of the swollen member tenting his trousers.

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