The German Woman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent, Prostitution, Military,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hilda was a survivor. She could adapt to any situation. She was a German woman.

Hildegard was fully aware that down deep inside she hated her horrid name.

But even she had to admit it was a far sight better than her two older sisters, Drusilla and Calliope. The fact that her mother was an avid reader of the contemporary tales of the occult must have sown the seeds of strange names roaming around in her sub-conscious brain-wave patterns like a bowl of slippery eels trying to escape their ultimate fate.

She had told everyone around her, obnoxious relatives, friends with dubious loyalty, and acquaintances that she lacked the confidence to trust that her name was Hilda. The sound of that name seemed to mollify her when she was called out loud for any reason. It certainly didn't embarrass her like "Hildegard".

However, when she had to sign something important like a document for the government offices, she was required to sign her full name of Hildegard Greta Von Romschwein to be matched up to the census data and not thought to be a spy. Her two older siblings had already left Germany for Switzerland to accept positions as domestic servants but she was convinced it was just another conscience-easing ploy employed for selling their female goodies to the sex-starved Swiss bankers. She had to laugh when she thought of them being banged hard from behind and even taking the married men's belts on their bare bottoms because they deserved it so much for all the mean-spirited teasing they had subjected her to.

Her Father had been sent to some Tank unit in Africa despite the fact he was over forty and she could tell from the tears on her mother's face that the still-attractive woman had little confidence that he would be returning any time soon or in fact if he would be returning at all.

Hilda had the unfortunate problem of being overweight for most of her teenage years and it was not until the rationing system cut down on items like sugar and butter that her baby fat began to disappear like magic leaving her with a slim attractive figure that was quite appealing to the males around her. Her mother had also still retained her girlish figure even after three children and she supplemented their meager income with giving her favors to the middle-aged married male neighbors who were fortunate enough for some reason to escape military service. She was a discreet and obedient companion making her desirable to the men who had tired of their wives' constant nagging and acidic tongues.

When Hilda started to bloom in a nubile manner, her mother tried to hide her from the clients but eventually even she had to admit the girl was ripe for the picking and it would be foolish to waste a much-needed commodity when the demand was so high. She started slowly teaching her remaining daughter how to handle the older men with her mouth and hand and then later supervised the best way to employ her lower female parts to entertain them. Eventually, Hilda became quite skilled in the use of anal coupling to satisfy a male's need for satisfaction and she put a smile on any client's face that subscribed to her services.

It was in the early spring after the debacle at Stalingrad that her mother was booked for a weekend of unspecified orgy entertainment at the barracks that overlooked the smaller town on the edge of a large city in the exact center of Nazi Germany. Citizens of a non-military nature seldom ventured into the stone fortress which was reputed to bear some sort of special merit for the inner circle of local Nazi party members. For some reason the city had been overlooked in the bombing agenda of the Allies and the citizens woke up each morning shocked to discover they had escaped obliteration yet again. Hilda and her mother felt reasonably safe because their house was on the other side of a wide river outside the city and there was no target for allied bombs anywhere near their home.

Because the girls on call for the entertainment program were short-staffed, Hilda's mother volunteered her daughter as a last minute fill-in for the opening with the thought that it would double her earnings for the frantic weekend.

When they arrived at the barracks, the women from the city discovered that there was another contingent of females already present and ready for duty in the two day orgy. These females were all prisoners of some type. They were mostly from outside Germany. Some of them were unable to speak German and conversed in a language Hilda had never heard before. Her mother told her the girls were all "political" prisoners for crimes against the Third Reich and that they should try to avoid them because their fate was almost certain to stay incarcerated for the remainder of the war.

The orgy weekend started off fairly decent with Hilda getting it repeatedly from a pair of blond Airmen who had been recently returned from the Eastern front. They alternated in all her openings keeping her constantly on her toes wondering what they were going to do to her next. It seemed so strange to her that the two boys had so much cum stored up inside their skinny bodies. She wondered how long it had been since they had been able to shoot their loads into a decent German female. In a sense, she looked at the whole affair as an opportunity for her to support the front-line troops in the fight against the enemies of the Fatherland. If that meant a sore bottom for taking it all the way in back there, she was prepared to do her duty for the Reich.

In the middle of the night, she heard a lot of screaming from the basement of the barracks and wandered down to see what was happening. The sight was like a vision of "Dante's Inferno" with the foreign girls all being used in the most shameful manner with no respect for their dignity or sensitivity. The peek at the degrading performance was an eye-opener for her because she saw that there was love, there was sex or lust, and then, there was this ... this abomination of female humiliation. She scurried away with her heart beating in fear and anticipation wondering if she would be treated in such a manner if she were ever taken prisoner by the Russians, the British or even the Americans. The French she didn't worry about because the visitors from that country had been humping her female relatives long before the war and were generally a romantic rather than a barbaric people.

She snuggled in the bed between the two blond airmen and reached to touch their cocks as if to reassure her that they were real and not like the brutes in the basement who seemed more related to the devil than to mortal man.

Hilda was wise enough to keep her mouth shut and not make a stink about the scene in the basement. Unfortunately, one of the German widows from her neighborhood who was jealous of her mother's success in attracting the available married men reported that she had seen Hilda sneaking into the basement in the middle of the night. It was because of this reason that she was hauled down to the basement to be interrogated by a certain slimy-looking man with the look of evil written in his every delicate movement. He was a member of the dreaded "Gestapo" and even the officers seemed a bit nervous in his presence.

His name was Leamus and she wondered where he ever got such a silly name. In fact, it was worse than Hildegard. He played with the needle-nosed pliers on his desk and she immediately got of picture of him pulling out fingernails with the terrifying instrument. Suddenly she was frightened and she had a terrible urge to pee right in her pants sitting in the chair in front of the evil little man.

After a few questions, the Gestapo agent stood up at the side of Hilda and turned her head so she could take his cock in her mouth whilst still sitting. In a way, she was so relieved that she almost broke out in tears. His cock in her mouth was a victory in her estimation because it meant he had other things on his mind than her loyalty to the Reich. She did her best for him and was surprised to find his cum was sweet and fresh tasting. It was such a contradiction that she swallowed it all down and smiled up at him in her most submissive manner electing not to ask any questions.

The air-raid sirens started to blast and they all hunkered down closing the steel window shutters and being joined by others from above. The bombs were scattered in random patterns across the fields and houses alike and several were right on top and around the barracks but it was obvious it was just sheer luck and not intent. Some parts of the upper floors crashed into the basement crushing most of the occupants but Hilda, the Gestapo agent called Leamus and several other survivors, mostly female, managed to make it to the outside well after the planes had passed.

Her mother was not a survivor and she was strangely thrown in with the other foreign females without any proper treatment for her being female citizen and loyal follower of the Third Reich. Still, it was a lot better than being back in the rubble and she accepted the fact that her hand was handcuffed to the metal cot just like all the others and that she was now officially a prisoner with duties to attend to the needs of the soldiers needing female companionship of the obedient type.

The months went by and she was not subjected to harsh treatment other than the use of her body for the soldiers but she knew she would have done that even if she was not placed in the position of being a prisoner. The food was not all that bad and she was allowed to wash as often as she wished which was an absolute necessity for her peace of mind.

Early on a Sunday morning, the first jeeps of the allied forces started to whiz by outside the brick building of their confinement like little bees looking for hiding soldiers left behind to harass their movements. Soon, the entire town and the adjoining city were completely overrun with the Allied forces, mostly British and American troops. It was a great relief to Hilda but a lot of the other women were disappointed it was not the Russians because they wanted desperately to have revenge on all of the German captors who had subjected them to gross indignities whilst a prisoner of war. She was sort of an odd case because she was German and a loyal follower of Herr Hitler despite her ill treatment. Due to the circumstances, Hilda decided that was a bit of information she would keep to her own counsel because there was a search for war criminals and she did not want to get in with that bunch either.

A young British Captain by the name of Donald told her that he thought she was "Super" and that he wanted to bring her home to show her the pretty canals near his home next to Cambridge. It all seemed like a fairy tale to her but she rewarded him with her tongue and her still-tight cunt just because he had the decency to ask and not just take like so many other men recently.

The ending of the war was a Godsend and soon Hilda found that she was being taken by ship to the processing center for "War Brides" like sheep being herded for the annual shearing.

The only thing that she greatly hated was the way all the civilians were looking at her with looks of hate as if she was the one who manufactured the bomb and rockets dropped on their heads for so many years. In retrospect, she began to think it would have been better to have married an American even though they were so naïve and foolish and far too lacking in serious thought for her liking.

Her husband had a terrible housekeeper who made her life a hell with constant sarcasm. The only thing that made it bearable was the fact she was still hesitant in the use of English and often didn't understand what the woman was going on about.

Now she was pregnant and walking more like a duck than a proper human being. Her "Donald" was off into London on a trip to find either employment or financial backing for operational expenses as his trust was quite rigid on not dipping into capital. That didn't put bread and jam on the kitchen table and she accepted a position at the local library to organize the clutter of books ill-treated by the consumers of the written word and suffering from lack of discipline. Being German, she was well-suited to the task and by the time the baby was born, all was in order.

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