A. King and His Queen
Chapter 1: Powdered Donuts

Copyright© 2015 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: Powdered Donuts - A mishap with a box of powdered donuts sets Andrew on a path to a life of luxury, but he's soon bored. He starts his own company to make a new computer game. His snoopy secretary discovers a second project (Project GML) buried in his files. While he's working on the game, she's working to make Project GML (Get Myself Laid) a reality. Andrew soon finds that he is living in Nerd Paradise. (Note: rape occurs off screen and is only discussed)

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Analingus   Slow   Prostitution  

In order to understand what happened, a little background on each of the primary players in this little drama is necessary. It will place into context why each person behaved in the manner they did and how events unfolded as they did.

Andrew King had three major passions in his life.

The first passion of his was watching sci-fi television programs and movies. He not only watched a dozen shows every week, he recorded them and watched them multiple times. He memorized arcane details and some of the wittier exchanges of dialog. He researched episodes on the web to get information about who appeared in each particular episode or if anything interesting happened during its filming. He wasn't the kind of guy who would show up at a sci-fi convention dressed up like a character out of a show, but he was about as close to it as one could be.

The second passion of Andrew was playing computer games. It didn't even matter to him what kind of game it was. Whenever a game caught his eye, he bought it and played it until he won. He played them for hours at a single sitting. Weekends were devoted to playing games. He would become obsessed about any game that was challenging enough to keep him from winning immediately.

The third great passion of Andrew's life was, as one might easily guess, pornography. If there was a naked picture of a woman doing anything even remotely sexual, Andrew would study it. He found a dozen sites that provided free movies portraying every sexual act known to mankind and a few that were probably impossible. There were enough videos on the web that he could play them twenty-four hours a day, every day, and never see them all. That didn't stop him from trying to watch them all.

As suggested by his passions, Andrew was a NERD (capitalization required to convey just how big of a nerd he was).

He looked like a nerd. He had short black hair, glasses with thick black frames, and ears that stuck out like those on a Mr. Potato Head. He had an Adam's Apple that was rather prominent and hard to ignore. He was tall and skinny, with almost no musculature.

He acted like a nerd. He could, and would, if given the least opportunity, spout details about every episode of nearly every cult sci-fi program ever broadcast. He would get excited about something and talk about it until his audience was bored to death. He couldn't walk past a new gadget without stopping to check it out to save his life. His laugh had been compared to the braying of a donkey.

He dressed like a nerd. He wore white shirts, ill-fitting black pants, black leather shoes, and white socks. His shirt pocket was always filled with pens and a pad of paper. The only pants he could find long enough for his legs would bunch up around his waist and pants that fit around his waist would stop several inches short of his ankles. He wore his cell phone on his hip like it was some kind of six shooter. If there had been a GQ for nerds, he would have been man of the year.

He thought like a nerd. He had a clever mind, loved puzzles of every kind, and found humor in things that just confused others. When fascinated by something, he could focus on it with an intensity that would make the most dysfunctional Obsessive Compulsive proud.

He was obsessed with sex, like every other nerd on the planet. And like other nerds, Andrew had never been a great success with women. All though high school he had suffered the jibes and jeers of attractive young women who had felt that they were well outside his reach. That didn't prevent him from sitting on the sidelines at football games dreaming of having one of the cheerleaders, driven to a state of pure lust as a result of his rugged good looks, fall to her knees in front of him, where upon she would have continuous orgasms just from sucking his throbbing piece of manhood. It was a fantasy with about as much chance of happening as world peace.

In college he hadn't fared any better with women. He was laughed at upon asking them out on dates. He was humiliated at parties when trying to chat up women so drunk they could barely stand. He was totally ignored in the classroom. He kept lowering his sights thinking that he would eventually find a girl to say yes, but he graduated without it ever happening.

Upon getting employed at ABC Software Company, Andrew tried the bar scene. Much to his consternation, the bouncers at the front door wouldn't even let him in the place. Large men with bulging muscles, small minds, and limited humor prevented him from convincing young attractive women that he was the man of their dreams. Even money didn't seem to sway those men from blocking his every attempt to get laid.

Like more than one young desperate virgin with absolutely no sex appeal to members of the opposite gender, Andrew ended up hiring a call girl. His first time was disappointing. He felt that it was over too quickly and she felt it had lasted too long. His subsequent times to visit women of that profession weren't much better.

In short, Andrew was a horny nerd.

In order to understand what happened, it is also necessary to know a bit about Sue Ellen, the woman who was to become Andrew's secretary.

Sue Ellen was curious about people. She wanted to understand people down to all of the nitty-gritty details that most folks weren't willing to disclose or discuss. She was the kind of person who would snoop through the medicine cabinet in someone's home when she visited their bathroom. Her job in personnel at ABC Software Company helped fulfill her curiosity since they often had to deal with employee situations that made it to the rumor mill, but without all of the half-truths.

She watched out the windows at home just to see what people were doing. She noticed what stores people shopped at by checking out the labels on the shopping bags. She listened to gossip, but didn't contribute to it. She listened and learned, but she didn't talk about what she learned until after it was public knowledge. It was a habit that allowed a lot of people to confide in her things that they wouldn't tell anyone else. She treated anything anyone told her in confidence as if it was top secret and people knew that.

Sue Ellen had been around unusual men her entire life. She had a father who was a bit of an absent minded professor type. He was extremely educated, but quite forgetful. He was far more observant than most people gave him credit for being. At parties, he might sit there apparently staring off into space, but then would shock people with some deep insightful comment about whatever was the current topic of conversation.

She had a brother who was just as much of a nerd as Andrew. He spent all of his time in his room playing computer games or cruising the internet searching out the perfect pornographic video. A lot of people thought he was lazy, but all sign of laziness would disappear when he found something that interested him, then it was get out of his way or get run over.

She had a husband, Dave, who she adored. He was handsome, strong, moral, intelligent, funny, and exceptionally giving. She had once heard him described as a real man's man. When he was home, she felt like the luckiest woman alive. When he was away, her heart was filled with a longing to be held in his arms.

At the moment, he was stationed halfway around the world protecting the country from those who meant it ill. Every night before going to bed, she would get down on her knees by the side of her bed and pray to God for his safety. At night, she would dream of being with him. During the day, the hours dragged while she hoped to receive an email from him.

Sue Ellen took her wedding vows seriously. Unlike some wives and girlfriends of servicemen, Sue Ellen was never tempted to cheat on him. She couldn't imagine meeting a man who would temp her in any way and, even if she did meet such a man, she would never risk what she had in her husband over some cheap thrill. Nothing angered her more than learning that some wife or girlfriend had an affair while her husband or boyfriend was facing danger. She felt, in a rather deep way, that such an act was almost the equivalent of attempted murder since men upon learning of it in the field often took unnecessary risks.

Sue Ellen believed that she understood men much better than any other women she had ever met. In a way, it was true. She did understand men pretty well. She was honest in her appraisal of men without the kind of judgment that would make her an 'old biddy.' Understanding that men thought, operated, and emoted in a different way than women, she accepted those differences as a matter of fact rather than as character flaws that had to be corrected or eliminated.

In short, Sue Ellen was a snoop, but not a gossip.

The third player in this story is Dave, Sue Ellen's husband.

Dave had two years of college under his belt. He had been planning on getting a degree in business, but the money ran out. He had gotten a job at a factory in parts management, meaning that he made sure that parts showed up where they were needed when they were needed. It was a good job that paid well for someone with his level of education.

He had married Sue Ellen shortly after getting his job there. Dave loved her more than life itself. She was attractive, smart, kind, and caring. Everyone who knew the two of them agreed that she was his soul mate and he was hers. To him, she was the perfect woman. He knew she had a few flaws, but they weren't the kinds of things that bothered him.

For one, he knew that Sue Ellen was a snoop. When someone did something that Dave thought was unexpected, she would explain why he should have expected it in terms of things she had noticed or heard about that person. Of course, Jim was having to get treated for prescription drug abuse. He had prescriptions from two different doctors for the same drugs. Of course, Sue was getting divorced. She had been going out with the girls to a variety of nightclubs that weren't fit for a married woman and then started coming home later and later each week.

Often Dave would ask her for her opinion about a coworker or neighbor. She gave very thorough assessments of people that were really quite insightful. When a coworker had said that he was going to his mother's funeral and wanted Dave to cover his shift, Sue Ellen had known he was lying. The man's mother had died five years ago. The man was rather embarrassed when his lie was pointed out to him by a very indignant Dave.

For a while, life looked great and he entertained thoughts of returning to school. He and Sue Ellen discussed the matter. They weighed the pros and cons. It was true they might have to postpone having a child for another three years or so. On the other hand, with a college degree he could earn enough so that she would be able to stay home and take care of the children. They had decided he would return to school, but the economy took a turn for the worse, he was laid off, and all of their plans were for naught. After getting laid off from his job, Dave gave up on returning to college.

He looked for six months without finding any kind of employment. After discussing the lack of job opportunities with Sue Ellen, Dave joined the army. It wasn't an easy decision for them to make. The country was at war and serving in the military wasn't exactly a safe occupation. He didn't like the idea of being separated from his wife for extended periods of time. She didn't like the idea of him being in harms way. On the other hand, they both knew that there just weren't any jobs available. He decided that getting paid to serve his country was better than drawing unemployment doing nothing.

Sue Ellen had stood by him when he had been laid off and supported him in his decision to join the Army.

As a lowly enlisted man in the US Army, Dave was currently on the front line attempting to eliminate enemies of the country and build a lasting peace in a region of the world that had never known peace. He personally considered where he was a 'shit-hole' and questioned the wisdom of what they were doing there. His personal opinion, and one that was shared among many of his comrades in arms, was that the world would be much better off if they just built a fence around that region of the world and kept the locals in and the outsiders out.

The ideals he had in going into the Army were rapidly being eroded while listening to news from home, particularly when coupled with his experiences on the battlefield. He listened in dismay at the kinds of political decisions that were being made by elected officials, particularly those that directly affected the war effort. After hearing that the military budget was being cut while his friends were dying for the country, he decided that there wasn't a single person in the capital he would trust to watch a turnip grow.

At one time, he considered himself a patriot. He truly believed that the United States of America was the greatest country in the world. After all, it had put a man on the moon and no other country in the world could make that claim even after forty years had passed since that day. Like a lot of Americans, he believed that all of the wars the country had engaged in during the last century were wars to keep the peace and not as a means of economic gain. He felt that democracy was the finest form of government in existence.

Unfortunately, recent events, as reported in the newspapers, had convinced him that everyone was out for themselves. When it appeared that illegal aliens got special treatment over citizens, he fumed. When newspapers blamed people like himself for all of the world's problems, he got angry. He wasn't out risking his life on behalf of the country to be blamed for bankers robbing the country blind, beggars sucking up resources that could used to build an infrastructure, and people working the system so that they wouldn't have to work. He was giving while others were taking.

Dave had a well organized and structured view of the world. First there was God, then Family, then Community, then Country, and, finally, everyone else. He knew there were a lot of folks in the world who thought his priorities were reversed from how they thought it should be. He didn't care. He wasn't about to put the welfare of some asshole who lived in a bumfuck backwater country above his country, community, family, or God. He cared more about his family than a bunch of strangers who believed that he was an infidel and deserved to die.

With God having top spot in his view of the world, one might think that he was a Bible thumper. He wasn't. He was a religious man, but he wasn't radical about it and wasn't out to convert the world to his beliefs. He figured that, in the grand scheme of things, he would spend a lot more time dead than alive. Angering God during that short period of time when he was alive just wasn't a smart thing to do. Atheists might have a different take on the matter, but he wasn't about to risk it.

Although he went to church and tried to keep the ten commandments, he didn't believe that God lived only in a church, but was everywhere. God wasn't the property of an organized religion. He didn't believe that the description of God that appeared in the Bible was all that accurate. The Bible was just one artifact that attempted to convey a small part of the truth about God, just as a sunrise or sunset was a different piece of evidence for the existence of God.

He wasn't a hypocrite about the relationships between men and women. After having witnessed firsthand, how the view of man as master and woman as chattel operated, he wasn't about to fall into that macho trap. He viewed husband and wife as being partners in raising a family. It wasn't about fixed roles within the family, but more a matter of each person doing whatever it took to raise children with good values. If the wife had to work and the husband had to stay home with the kids, then so be it. The family was what was important. He liked to think that he was confident enough in his masculinity to deal with any negative or crude comments that lesser men might make to him.

Sue Ellen had come into the marriage an experienced woman. He hadn't expected or demanded of her that she be a virgin. In high school and college, he had sown lots of wild oats. The times today were different from those of Biblical times. Keeping chaste was easy when a woman was married off at fourteen or fifteen. It was impractical when women didn't get married until they were in their late twenties or early thirties.

He also didn't have a problem with watching and enjoying pornographic videos. He did have a problem with the exploitation experienced by some of the women involved in their production. He knew that there were women in the industry by their own free choice. He knew there were women in the industry who were there just for the money. It was the stories about women who were forced into it by greedy boyfriends hoping to make money off of them that bothered him.

He did believe in monogamy. There was a sacred bond between husband and wife that little lusts of the moment shouldn't jeopardize. Despite being stationed in places where sex was readily available for a small amount of cash, he had always kept his cock in his trousers. He trusted his wife enough to believe that she felt the same way.

Dave's father had been a real man in the old style. He believed that a man raised his sons knowing how to fix things, put meat on the table, and tackle adversity. Dave's first car was a 1960's era pickup truck that he had restored. He had rebuilt the engine, transmission, brakes, and fixed up the body. His father said that a man had to know how to do those kinds of things. He learned how to hunt from his father and killed his first deer at the age of fourteen. He had field dressed it, butchered it, and cooked it under his father's watchful supervision.

His father had drilled into him a work ethic based on the idea that a man who worked hardest on the job and did the best work got paid the most. Getting laid off because he was the newest man on the job had taken a little of the shine out of that statement. In some places, time on the job meant more than quality of work. Listening to what his wife said went on in modern companies, he knew that getting rewarded for hard work wasn't true any more. It seemed that striving for mediocrity and ducking responsibility in the workplace was valued more than excellence. He might be wrong, but it sure seemed that way. He wasn't sure that he was looking forward to returning home and getting a regular job.

When Dave had been in high school, he had been active in sports. He had played football and baseball. He had held the position of tight end on the football team and had scored several touchdowns during his high school career. He had played center fielder for the baseball team and had been one of the best men at bat.

Dave was fast on his feet, an A student, and well muscled compared to his high school peers who were often slow, average students, and pudgy from a life spent in front of computers. He was popular, but didn't let it go to his head.

Unlike a lot of athletes who looked down on non-athletes or others who were socially inept, he accepted that people fit different niches in society and that all had a role to play. He was smart enough to know that the nerd who was stuffed into a trashcan in high school might well become the boss of the person who did the stuffing. His father had drilled into him that the power dynamics of life often shifted so that those who were on top today could very well end up at the bottom tomorrow. As a result, Dave had friends in about every social class in high school.

Dealing with individuals at a personal level rather than as a member of a social group was a habit that he kept to this day. Even in the Army, men liked and respected him. He tried to deal honestly with everyone. He was quick with a joke or a ready smile when someone was down. He was the first with praise when someone did something right.

In short, Dave was a good honest hardworking family man.

It all started with a large box of small powdered donuts. Unable to figure out how to properly open the box so that it could be resealed, Andrew ended up spilling half of the donuts all over his desk. White powder covered his keyboard like some CIS team had dusted it for fingerprints. His pants looked like a coke whore who, rather than snorting her payment, had sneezed and covered his crotch with the illicit substance.

After suffering through an afternoon of vicious teasing by coworkers, Andrew headed home after stopping at a grocery store and purchasing five more boxes of small powdered donuts. A similar result to what had happened in the office occurred with the first box he opened. Powdered donuts flew everywhere and his pants were now covered with a second layer of white powder. He looked like a coke addict with a serious inability to properly snort his cocaine.

Andrew then spent the next three hours carefully taking apart the remaining four boxes, using a razor blade to cut them apart. He studied the boxes and came to the conclusion that there was no way to open them with less than an explosion of white powder short of the surgical strategy he had just employed. He knew there had to be a better way to package items of that nature.

After taking three days off from work to tackle the problem of exploding doughnut boxes, Andrew managed to design a box that was easy to open, would keep the donuts fresh until opened, and was resealable once it had been opened. After searching the patent office website to see if there were any others who had patented his packaging design, he downloaded a patent application on the web and proceeded to write up his design. He sent it off with the filling fee wondering if he'd ever hear back on it.

Months passed before a letter showed up in his mailbox informing him that his patent application was now in a state of pending. He read the letter with some degree of interest and pondered what his next step should be. He decided to make a couple boxes, fill them with powdered donuts, paste a fake label on the box, and ship them to the president of the company that made the donuts. The label would have the name of the company that made the donuts and a note explaining that his packaging concept was how the company should be delivering powdered donuts to its customers. With the thought came the action, and it was only a couple of hours later that he was in line at the post office.

It was with some amusement when, during his late morning commute to his office, he heard on the radio that the corporate headquarters of a large company had been evacuated as a result of anthrax scare. It seemed that boxes of what appeared to be powdered donuts had been delivered to the president of the company after he had received hundreds of threatening letters complaining about exploding doughnut boxes.

His amusement was short-lived. It came to a quick end when police showed up at the workplace with instructions to take him to the station where they would detain him while the suspicious packages of powdered donuts were being analyzed. Andrew found the entire experience less than pleasant and regretted the approach he had taken in introducing his packaging design to a company that clearly needed it.

After his release from jail, Andrew returned to work less than happy with his experience while in the custody of the police. It wasn't that he had been abused or anything, it was just that being locked up with a bunch drunks wasn't his idea of a proper way to spend a day.

The teasing reception by his colleagues quickly reached a level well beyond insulting. After getting asked repeatedly whether he enjoyed being butt buddies with Bubba, Andrew lost his temper. He picked up a small paperweight threw it across the room where it lodged in the wall. That was event that began the end of his job as a programmer at the ABC Software Company.

Of course, no bureaucracy in a company can move with great speed even when it comes to firing an employee who has been accused of acting violently in the workplace. He ended up sitting in a chair next to the secretary to the director of the human resources department while various and assorted bigwigs debated his fate. The lawyers were there to assure that everything was done in a manner that would prevent him from suing the company; his boss and his boss' boss were there to assure that his removal wouldn't created a problem with delivery schedules; and the HR director was there to fill out all of the papers. Of course, the secretary would end up filling out the papers, but that was only after the meetings came to an end.

Andrew watched the secretary, a rather nice and attractive woman by the name of Sue Ellen, fill out the forms that would dismiss him from his employment. She was a sympathetic woman and stated several times that it was completely understandable why he had lost his temper. She assured him that she was convinced that he was being railroaded and that his dismissal was totally unjustified. Of course, she admitted that she was just a secretary and what did she know. Andrew appreciated her sympathy and her candor about how much her opinion was worth.

It was nearly quitting time before Andrew, carrying a small box of his personal belongings, was escorted from the building by two burly guards, both of whom could have used a lesson in the proper use, and application of underarm deodorants. Disheartened, Andrew loaded his box of possessions into the trunk of his eight year old car. After taking one last look at the building that had once been his place of employment, he got into the car and headed home.

He pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex within which he lived. Coming home early, he expected to find the parking lot empty of cars. Much to his disappointment, there were three high priced cars parked in the spaces right in front of his apartment. He parked halfway across the parking lot and trudged towards his apartment.

Just as he was about to reach his apartment door, men boiled out of the fancy cars that were parked in front of his apartment. One of the men asked him for his name. Looking at the suits the men were wearing, Andrew decided that it was the FBI's turn to abuse him. He told them his name and held out his hands as if to receive handcuffs. After a short exchange, he found himself sitting in the back of a black sedan on his way to the headquarters of Junk Food International (JFI). Upon his arrival there, he was joined by the president of the company and taken to the headquarters of Big Box Maker, Incorporated, (BBM, Inc.) which was the primary producer of packaging materials for JFI.

That was the first of several trips to BBM, Inc. headquarters that Andrew was to make. Over a period of three weeks, Andrew was busy with negotiations concerning licensing of his packaging design. When all of the details had been worked out, Andrew had signed a contract that gave BBM, Inc exclusive rights to use his design for a period of three years for a substantial fee along with a penny for every box made to his design.

In terms of the substantial fee, it should be mentioned that Junk Food International had sales of several billion dollars a year with the majority of their products suitable for packaging using Andrew's design. BBM Inc. not only provided boxes for Junk Food International, but several other very large companies as well. For that large company, a thirty million fee was chump change, particularly when Junk Food International contributed a substantial portion of it to assure that none of its competitors would be able to use the design for at least three years.

Thus it was, that at the grand old age of twenty-seven, Andrew was a very wealthy man. Like any young man in his situation would do, he immediately bought a six bedroom McMansion, a luxury car, and an obscene amount of electronics for his house. About the only gadget he didn't have was an automated butt wiper in his toilet.

He began living a life of leisure, waking when the mood suited him, eating out, and going to bed when he was tired. Much to his credit for his dedication to live a life of leisure, it took him almost a month to become bored. By the end of his second month, he was ready to tear his hair out. He decided that there was only one thing to do, and that was to get a job.

He gathered a pad of paper and started writing down the musts, wants, and wishes about his ideal job. After looking at his list, he wrestled with the idea of what kind of place would give him the kind of job he wanted. It didn't take long for him to decide that he didn't want to work for someone. The only alternative was that he should work for himself.

Pleased at having a plan on how to fill his time, he put his mind to the task of identifying what kind of company he wanted to own. As a programmer and gaming enthusiast, there was only one choice that made sense. He was going to write the greatest computer game ever written. At least, that was his goal.

He went out to a local office building, rented a little place (four offices and a reception area), filled it with office furniture and equipment, and put up a sign on the door announcing his business as Computer Games. He went through the process of making it all legal and ended having to change the name of the company to Great Games since someone else already had a business named Computer Games.

After a few days of going into the office and accomplishing very little, Andrew decided that he needed an employee. He thought long and hard about what he wanted the employee to do. The most obvious position was that of secretary/receptionist. Then he had to figure out who might be willing to work for him. There was only one person who came to mind and that was Sue Ellen, the nice secretary from the Human Resources Department at ABC Software Company. She was, in point of fact, the only one at that company who had actually treated him like a human being. He called her at work, offered her the position, and she accepted.

When Andrew offered Sue Ellen the job as his secretary/personal assistant, she had expected that he would be trying, in that awkward manner that nerds employed, to get her naked and on the desk. After all, she was an attractive woman and men often came on to her. She accepted the job anyway; mainly because the money was just too good to ignore, and she figured he was the kind of guy who would try once, and then give up if shot down. Even if he persisted, she figured that a quick introduction to her husband on his next leave would put an end to it and she could handle Andrew until that time.

She was quite correct about Andrew in almost every detail except one. The only error in her characterization of him was that he didn't try to get her naked and spread out on his desk. For some reason, perhaps it was the thought that she didn't understand him as well as she thought, his failure to attempt to bed her bothered her. It bothered her a lot.

Some women, bothered by his failure to attempt to seduce her, would have turned it around and tried to seduce him, at least to the point of getting him to make an attempt at bedding her. Sue Ellen was different. Sue Ellen was a snoop. She sought to discover the reason by studying him to an even greater depth. There was something in his character that led him to behave in an unexpected way. She wanted to know what it was.

She knew that she was right about other things concerning Andrew. He made no attempt to hide his interest in sci-fi. He waxed poetic about the joys of a good computer game. It didn't take much snooping for her to find all of his links to pornographic sites, although he was very good about making sure that she would never see him looking at it. Based on the browser history, he had to be watching it almost the whole time he was in his office.

A lot of women would have been dismayed by how much time Andrew spent looking at pornography. She wasn't. Upon becoming his secretary, she had immediately figured out that Andrew was a nerd who loved sci-fi, computer games, and pornography. That didn't really bother her. Her brother was much the same way and was basically harmless.

Sue Ellen struggled to find out why he wasn't hitting on her. She'd give general hints about workplace harassment and he'd just nod his head like a bobble head doll. It was frustrating to say the least. In a manner consistent with her character, she decided that she would just have to dig a little deeper.

Unfortunately, Andrew's business had no customers. Actually, he didn't even have a product. He was locked in his office for hours trying to work out a game concept that would take the world by storm. In fact, there was actually no reason for him to have hired her.

What this meant was that Sue Ellen had nothing to do. There were no phone calls to answer, no memos to type, no letters to mail, and no folders to file. She sat idly at her desk all day long. She would have quit out of boredom, but he was paying her twice what she had been earning at ABC Software Company. With her husband overseas, the extra money was a major motivation.

Her long hours of boredom would occasionally be interrupted by Andrew's tales about a recent episode of some sci-fi show that she had never seen. After five minutes of listening to him, she'd yawn. About the tenth time she yawned, Andrew would realize he was boring her with his talk and disappear back into his office for several more hours.

Sue Ellen had been working for Andrew for three weeks. It was a normal business day with one exception, Andrew had taken the afternoon off to visit his dentist to have his teeth cleaned. He claimed that visiting the dentist always gave him a headache so he planned to go home and spend the afternoon taking a nap. That would leave Sue Ellen alone in the office for the entire afternoon and she planned to make the most of it.

She managed to wait for ten minutes after Andrew left for the dentist to begin going through his office. Although his office had nice furniture, the overall effect was somewhat ruined by the white board walls that lined his office. There were notes and drawings on almost every inch of the wall. It was actually a remarkable bit of work. Walking around the room, she could see almost the whole flow of the game he wanted to create. There were rough drawings of game areas with notes about the actions to take place in each game area. There was a hierarchy of character types with details about the characteristics of each. To her untrained eye, it looked impressive.

She opened every drawer in his desk and file cabinet. There were only a couple of folders in his desk and the file cabinet was completely empty. She returned to the desk and went through each folder, one at a time. There was a folder containing the paperwork establishing the company. There were a number of folders containing technical papers on subjects related to software games. The papers were heavily marked up with his personal notes. She looked it over and didn't understand any of it. There were a dozen folders with notes about the game he was creating. Like the technical papers, she didn't understand what was in the notes.

It wasn't until she reached the last folder stuffed into the rear of the drawer that she found anything that might give her a clue as to why he wasn't interested in her although she did not recognize that at first. The folder had 'Project GML' scrawled in the little tab. She had never heard of Project GML before. Curious, she opened the folder. She read the first line on the first page with wide eyes. He had written 'Project Get Myself Laid' across the top of the page with the first letter of the last three words underlined.

She rubbed her hands together in delight. Now she was going to discover something interesting. She took the folder over to the photocopy machine and copied the pages inside the folder without even looking at them. She wanted to get the office returned to how he had left it just in case he returned to the office after having his teeth cleaned. It didn't take long to photocopy the papers and return the office to its original state. She even remembered to close the history window on his browser

She returned to her desk and grabbed a folder to stuff the pages in. She then sat back to study the pages in detail. The first page basically was a statement of his problem which boiled down to the fact that he was horny, wanted to get laid, and had no luck picking up women. She was not surprised at all by what was on that page.

On the second page, he had written down an overview of what he wanted to experience. It wasn't just to get laid, but to experience all of the sexual acts he had watched in porn videos. He wanted to have sex with a large variety of women, bubble-headed blonds, sultry brunettes, fiery red heads, and black-haired beauties; white, Asians, Hispanics, blacks, and exotic blends of them all; as well as women who were hairy down below and women who were shaved bare.

Sue Ellen grinned on reading that married women were out of the question. He even gave a few reasons for avoiding them. The first reason was that it was ethically wrong. Considering that the whole project was about getting laid by lots of women, she knew his moral stance was kind of contradictory. However, it was the kind of contradiction that was possessed often by men. A single woman was a free agent while a married woman was not. Another reason he listed was that it was a crime against God. The commandment about not committing adultery, in his opinion, placed the sin on the married individual rather than the lover. He took the line of the marriage vow, 'what God has joined together, let not man put asunder, ' as an addendum to the commandment. He viewed it as a warning that God would be displeased by anyone who would try to interfere in the marriage. He had also included in his list of reasons that having sex with a married woman was a good way to get clobbered by an angry husband.

The third page covered all of the places where he could find women. He had annotated the entry on picking them up in a bar with the comment that with his luck at picking up women he would be a thousand years old before he found ten women willing to go home with him. He had annotated the entry on picking them up at work with the comment that one just didn't do that. Sue Ellen grinned upon reading that since it, and the comment about avoiding married women, satisfied her initial curiosity about why he wasn't hitting on her. He had an entry for swingers clubs, but had annotated it that he'd had no luck joining one since he was required to bring a female partner. The last entry was prostitutes. He had commented that it was a lot of money for disappointing results.

The next page was a listing of the pros and cons of visiting prostitutes. There were a lot of negatives identified on that page including disease, poor performance, delays in finding the woman, and the general illegality of it all. There were a few positives, he would get laid, there would be no commitments, almost no limits on what he could do, and he could experience a lot of variety in the women. Still it was obvious that the negative far outweighed the positives.

Then there were a couple of pages with the names of a number of women. It took her a few minutes to realize that these women were escorts. He had the amount of money paid beside each name, a sex act, and a rating. For escorts he had used several times, there were repeated entries by their names. Much to her surprise, he didn't rate any of the escorts all that highly. She had figured that a professional would know tricks of which regular women, like herself, didn't even dream.

She read the page describing the resources that he had available for this project. The amount was quite surprising to her. He had written down that he could afford to budget a little less than half of a million dollars a year on it if he could find a way to avoid paying taxes on that money. She read that line several times trying to make sense of it. She was not aware that he was all that wealthy, particularly since his business wasn't doing any real business.

She carefully read the rest of the page discovering that he was going to use the penny for each box to finance Project GML. There were some calculations off to the side that initially didn't make much sense to her. There was a formula stating that there were twenty-six products with average sales of two million units per product per year leading to fifty-two million boxes, which at one cent each was a nice half million per year. It took her a minute to realize that he was essentially guaranteed a sizable income for the future and that he could easily afford to fund Project GML.

The last page was a list of concerns that he had about the project. It was clear from his notes that the only option he saw was to continue to use prostitutes, but that option held real dangers. This included things like diseases, arrest, exposure, and being victimized. It was also something that he couldn't do everyday, but he wanted to get some form of sexual relief each day.

There was a real sense of frustration conveyed on that page. In the porn videos, the men did not wear condoms, but going without a condom when dealing with prostitutes was a quick way to get a deadly disease. In the porn videos, the women looked enthusiastically at the male co-stars while the prostitutes he had experienced exhibited the least amount of interest required to get him off. He wanted a porn experience and he got lukewarm sex instead.

Sue Ellen closed the folder and hid it away in her desk. One might think that reading such a thing would disgust her, but the opposite was the case. It intrigued her. There were so many little details that she hadn't really considered in terms of a man seeking sex. She wondered about the women and how they felt about getting paid to have sex with strange men. She wondered about Andrew and how he felt after each experience with a paid escort.

She played out a hundred little scenarios in her head detailing how she might be able to meet the women with whom he had sex. She tried to imagine how to get information from him about the experience from his perspective. It was a nice little challenging problem to her.

She worried over the problem for the next couple of weeks. Every scenario she played out in her head failed. In all cases, the scenarios were too much of a fantasy to happen. Real people wouldn't sit down and explain everything they were feeling all at once. One has to get the details out a little at time, but that takes time. Prostitutes leave the moment the transaction is over.

Sue Ellen was beginning to get frustrated. She revisited his drawer to see if he had made any additional notes in his Project GML folder. New entries on the page documenting the prostitutes he visited showed up from time to time. It was obvious that his frustration level was rising.

One day a note on the last page showed up that sparked an idea on her part. The note simply said that he wanted to fuck a porn star. She wondered why he didn't. Then she realized that he probably didn't know how to go about it. For that matter, she didn't know what was involved either.

After thinking long and hard about the matter, she realized that the most obvious way for him to have a porn star experience was to be one of the stars in a porn video. He would be having sex with an actress rather than a prostitute which was a legal activity rather than an illegal activity. It made sense to her. There was one problem, he probably wouldn't want to star in a sex video that anyone could see. He was a respectable businessman. The only way to star in a sex video that no one would see would be to make his own video.

The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. Andrew would become a star in his own video and would have porn sex with various actresses who would pretend for the camera (and him) that she was having the best time of her life. She could see where Andrew would go for it. The one remaining question was how to go about setting up a video porn studio and hire women to have sex with Andrew.

She looked at her computer and thought about all the information that was accessible on the web. If one could find a recipe for cooking blackbird pie, couldn't one find guides on how to make a porn video? She looked around the room considering the matter, and then started searching the web. Much to her dismay, the internet wasn't very helpful.

The main problem was that there were lots of articles on the web peripherally associated with what she wanted to know. The search engine was returning those articles, but not one that provided her with an answer to what she needed to know. She wasn't interested in articles about how to position cameras for a video. She wasn't interested in articles on how to make money on porn websites. She wasn't interested in articles on how to talk a girlfriend into making an explicit video since Andrew didn't have a girlfriend. She wanted to know, step by step what had to be done to make porn videos legally.

It was going to take a bit more effort to find out how to go about hiring a woman to star in a porn video and what legal constraints they would have to know. Then she ran into a link describing the record keeping requirements for producing pornographic video as specified in 18 US 2257. Reading that article set her back a little. There were jail terms established if things weren't done in just the right way. She decided that she was going to have to think about this.

Without realizing it, Sue Ellen had taken over Project GML and Andrew was completely unaware of what she was doing. The boring hours at her desk had morphed into an excited period of time spent solving a problem. At the end of the day, she often left work wondering where the time had gone.

As the weeks passed, Sue Ellen ferreted out all of the details concerning what would be required for Andrew to go into the video pornography business legally. The fact that he would be the main star was immaterial to her, but would probably be important to him. Her joy was in having found all of the details.

It wasn't long before she had a whole plan mapped out on how to make it a reality. The only thing missing was who would be the front person of the effort. There were some tricky nuances to the laws that required a separate agent to do the actual hiring of the actresses to prevent it from being prostitution. At least, that was her understanding of the issue.

She went over the plan several times looking for any flaws. Now that she had the plan, the question was what to do with it. She was curious if it would work, she wanted to find out what the women would think, and she was dying to know how Andrew would act after getting access to sex of the kind he wanted. She wondered how to go about informing Andrew that Project GML was a go.

She waited, hoping for a perfect time, but a perfect time never arose. Finally, she arbitrarily marked a day on the calendar as her personal deadline for telling him about what she had done. Day after day passed without her working up the nerve to talk to him. Her deadline approached and she started getting increasingly more nervous to the point where she basically snapped at him when he said anything to her.

Andrew had chalked her odd moods swings to female issues. He kept his head down wondering how long a woman's period was. He hoped that he could survive it. It dawned on him that it was likely to be a monthly problem and that kind of depressed him. Still, she was a good worker who showed up to work every day, seemed to stay busy, and, most of the time, wasn't too difficult to get along with.

The day before her deadline, Andrew left the office to run some personal errands. Sue Ellen took advantage of his absence to double-check what he had been putting in his version of the Project GML folder. Not much had changed except that there were a few more entries on the page with prostitutes. It wasn't until she got to the end of the folder that she saw one notation that set back her plans. He had written that he wanted to get laid daily. Now that little line had been on the original copy she had taken, but for some reason it hadn't really registered in her mind.

Her plans had essentially evolved to where Andrew would be making a porn movie every weekend. There were several websites where he could post an ad looking for amateur female actors for roles in a private adult film. He was to have interviews and auditions once a month with the women who responded to the ad. She had even come up with a checklist of sex acts that the aspiring actresses could fill out regarding what they would and wouldn't do. He could then hire the women he liked, schedule the sessions as fitted his schedule, experience the sex he wanted, and still have time left over to create his game.

She put the folder back and returned to her desk. She went through her folder. Once again she was struck by the fact that he wanted a solution that included getting laid every day. Frustrated, she decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. She almost tore up her notes, but common sense overruled her anger.

Blissfully unaware of Sue Ellen's activities, Andrew was busy creating his computer game. He was making pretty good progress on it, having fleshed out a full game concept. He was now addressing some of the more technical issues associated with a large computer game. Despite everything, his life went on like normal – he worked on his game, played other computer games, watched sci-fi shows, and continued to watch porn every second he could. Occasionally, he would call up an escort and get the edge taken off his libido, but it was never all of that great of an experience.

One might wonder if Sue Ellen was pursuing Andrew's Project GML because she was interested in having sex with him or out of sexual frustration because her husband was out of the country. She wasn't interested in having sex with Andrew. The thought cheating on her husband never even occurred to her. She was just curious about how a man would behave if he was allowed to experience all of his sexual fantasies. Would he be happy? Would he be disappointed? Would he get bored with it all?

It was true that she was a bit frustrated sexually because her husband was gone, but she had that little problem well in hand. She spent many evenings with her good vibrating friend, Mr. Rabbit.

Life for Sue Ellen was a bit more tumultuous than appearances would suggest. Her husband had been assigned duties in a region where the fighting was extremely intense. Young men were returning home missing limbs from roadside bombs or dead at record numbers. Just about every e-mail she received from him included a comment about having lost someone that week. She was worried, but kept her concerns to herself. In a way, Project GML was a nice distraction from her concerns for her husband.

Sue Ellen had been working for Andrew for six months when she received the kind of news that family members of service men dread to hear. Her husband had been seriously wounded and had been evacuated to a medical facility in Germany.

The morning after getting the news about her husband, Sue Ellen walked into Andrew's office. It was immediately obvious to Andrew that she was upset about something. He looked guiltily at his screen hoping that she hadn't discovered his private hobby that was best not mentioned publicly.

"What's the matter?" Andrew asked.

"I just learned that Dave was wounded in battle yesterday. He's been evacuated to a hospital in Germany," Sue Ellen answered.

Andrew nodded his head thoughtfully as if this was a problem that required a solution. She stood waiting for his reaction well aware that he wouldn't immediately think of expressing his sympathy.

After an agonizingly long period of time, Andrew said, "I should probably escort you."

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused about his mention of escorting her. It almost sounded like he was going to take her to a dance or something.

"You're going to him, aren't you?"

"I would like to, but ... What about my job?"

Andrew snorted. "Job? Your husband is hurt. Who the hell would expect you to care about your job at a time like this? I don't. Your job is safe until your husband has recovered."

"Thank you," Sue Ellen said finding his reaction to be a surprise despite the fact that she had expected him to be understanding.

Andrew frowned and then said, "We've got a lot to do if you're going to help your husband. First, we need to find out where he is. Then, we need to get tickets to go there. We'll need hotel reservations and transportation while you're there. We'll probably want to use a cab since he's in Germany. That will require some money, so I better go to the bank and get some."

"You're going?"

"Sure. You are probably distraught and not thinking clearly. You need someone to help you," Andrew said.

"I guess I do," she said.

She had been crying nonstop since getting informed about Dave's injury. She hadn't really been able to think about much beyond being worried about him. It was true that she longed to be with him, but that had seemed an impossibility.

"Well, you better find out where he is," Andrew said making a shooing motion towards the door.

Forty-eight hours later, Sue Ellen was the proud owner of a brand new passport, had flown first class to Germany, and was walking up to the entrance of the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to see her husband. She had no idea how much Andrew had paid to make it happen, but she was there, and that was all that mattered to her.

She paused at the door of the hospital to watch the cab pull away from the curb. The cab was taking her boss to the hotel with their luggage. He was to return in a couple of hours after taking care of everything at the hotel.

With tears in her eyes and a quaver in her voice, she said, "Thank you, Mr. Andrew King."

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