Adventures in Florida
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Double Penetration,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife and I go on vacation to Florida. While there I am able to meet an online friend, and she becomes my submissive little pet. When my wife finds out she decides to let her Dominant side appear, and my sub is a choice treat for us both.

Being a good boy for twenty years had become rather boring. I had never cheated on my wife. And I think she never even considered cheating on me. I considered it all the time. I was one horny bugger. Always had been. But I had never taken the chance to cross the line. I'm not sure I ever had prospects.

Some ladies would flirt with me, but I always assumed it was just that, a bit of sexually tinged teasing that would come to nothing. And there was the whole thing about getting caught. I knew for a fact that my ass would be out the door immediately if my wife ever found out I had cheated on her. She had made that abundantly clear over the years, just in normal conversations about the world around us. She never assumed that I would ever do it.I finally did.

We had decided to spend a week in Florida. My wife's sister and brother-in-law had a town home in a newer community near all of the parks. They used it for vacations only. It was over in the newer part of Kissimmee, to the west. Not in the older part of town. They spent lots of time there, but when they weren't using it they allowed friends and family to use a separate apartment area attached to the main part. This was our first time going there and using the place. We had been to Florida before, but this would be a new location for us.

My wife knew that I was online. I had Twitter, and Facebook, and Tumblr. And I had several email accounts with the capability of chatting. I also went to other internet sites where one could chat with accommodating people. She was even aware that I had formed many friendships over the few years I had been active online. I talked about most of them. She never suspected that some of those ladies online had become a little more than just friends. Some were cyber partners. I doubt if my wife even knew what cybering was. She was rather prudish, if you must know.

If you wanted to be technical, I suppose I had cheated online. I know many people think that online sex is the same thing as the real thing. It is the intention and the lying to ones partner that counts. That argument can get rather complicated. I didn't really care. I just enjoyed the cybering. But I was really anxious to try meeting someone in the flesh, so to speak. I was so damned horny, and the wife was never very interested anymore.

One of my friends online had become very important to me. She always called me her Master, and she wanted to be disciplined by me. I did what I could in our chats, and she always seemed to enjoy our sex play. I know I did. The main point for me was that she had just moved to Florida. She now lived in Tampa. That was only an hour or so from where we would stay. My thoughts had immediately turned to meeting her if I ever got back to Florida. Now the chance had arrived. We arrived in Florida and made ourselves comfortable in the small apartment attached to the larger town home.

Erica had been happy to hear that I was coming to Florida. We had talked about meeting many times before. She had lived in Brooklyn before, and I was never able to make a plan to meet her there. My wife would have been suspicious if I went alone, and she had never really wanted to visit New York. So when Erica moved to Florida it seemed that my luck had turned. She and I talked often before and after our sexual cybering. We made plans. I had her cell number and could reach her anytime. It was going to be a great adventure for me, if I could just pull it off.

When we arrived at the complex we found our apartment for the next week and settled in. My wife decided to take a shower. It was late afternoon. While she was in the shower I called Erica. It was great to hear her voice again. We had chatted online with both audio and video. We both knew what the other sounded like and looked like. I was always pleased with Erica. She seemed pleased with me. She was in her mid thirties, and I was about ten years older. And she wanted me to be her Master. I was glad to oblige.

We were not able to talk long, but we could always chat more online because I had my computer with me. After my wife went to sleep we could talk all we wanted. But I wanted to meet. I wanted to touch my Erica. She begged me to meet her somehow. I had been thinking about it intensely.

"Don't worry, little slut. Master will find a way to see you, sweetie."

"I know Master. I know you will. I trust you. Please make it soon. I want you so badly, Master."

"Listen, babe. Tomorrow we're going to the aquarium in Tampa and then to Clearwater Beach. We'll spend the afternoon there. We can hook up there sweetie."

I told her exactly where we would be. We would eat at a restaurant right there on the beach. First I would be soaking up some sun. My wife was not a sun person. She would be sitting in a shady spot while I was down getting wet and then laying on the beach. It would be easy for Erica to sit near me, and we could see each other up close for the first time, and talk. With all the crowds my wife would

never notice anything.

So the next day my wife and I went to Tampa. We left around nine in the morning and by 10:30 we were at the aquarium. We spent a few hours there and then drove up to Clearwater Beach. We went to the restaurant there and had something to drink, after we had changed into our bathing gear. My wife slathered lots of lotion on and stayed in the shade of an umbrella on the seaside deck of the restaurant. I chatted with her as I finished my drink, then I told her I was going down to get some Gulf of Mexico water on me. After that I was going to sit on the beach for awhile.

She didn't mind. She had a book and was enjoying herself, just reading and staying out of the sun, while feeling the sea breezes. I did go into the water for a few minutes, but then came out and sat on the beach. I saw quite a few pretty women around me. At last I glanced over and thought I recognized Erica sitting about five feet away on a large towel. She smiled at me. It was her. Looking out to sea we could talk and no one would notice, especially the wife.

I was so glad to see her that I immediately got a hard on. She knew it. She was close enough to see that. Erica was wearing a bikini that left very little to the imagination. Her nipples were hard too, I could see. She was slowly stroking her pussy through her bikini bottom. I began to stroke my peter. But we couldn't really do that out here in the open. If anyone noticed and drew attention my wife would find out. She was just up the beach.

Letting myself slowly get soft again I finally arose and started strolling down the beach toward the pilings holding up a large pier that was used for entertainment purposes. But under the pier it was dark and one could go there and not really be seen. I walked to one piling in the center under the pier and waited. She was there quickly.I was leaning against the piling as Erica approached.

"It's about time you little slut. Get over here and get on your knees. Now!"

She was immediately on her knees before me, and looking up at me for further orders. She was my little slave in person, finally. My prick was as hard as stone now.

"Take out my cock, little cunt. Suck your fucking Master's cock. You've wanted this a long time. Do it now slut."

My dick was out and she was gobbling it in seconds. I could hear her moaning and slobbering as she licked and sucked the dick she had dreamt of for months. Master was finally here. I told her to finger fuck herself, and her hand went to her snatch and diddled it as she sucked my prick until it was getting purple. One hand was using her drool to stroke me as she chewed on my cock head and continued stuffing it into her mouth. I rammed it into her throat to make her gag and to let her know I was in charge. She took it and looked up with loving eyes. I stroked her hair and face to let her know that Master did really love her.

I was fucking her mouth and face with a slow tempo at first. I was savoring this first time with a submissive and I was relishing the feeling of being the Master. She placed a finger on my ass hole and looked up at me, as if to ask for permission. I nodded and she slowly inserted a finger into my ass. I continued fucking her drooling mouth and I felt her caressing my hole with her finger. She fucked my ass gently and it was enough to bring me to the edge. Then I let loose a spurt of spunk for her to swallow. She whimpered when she thought she might not get it all, but she managed to swallow everything I had for her.

"That was perfect, little slave. You're doing so well for Master. Did you come? I hope so. I want your bikini to show the world that you're a whore. Give me a kiss now and I'll call you later."

"Thank you Master. It was everything I dreamed of. Really Master. I love you so much. Please let me see you again, please."

"We will my dear. You're mine now. I'll have more of you. I need that pussy. I need to fuck you. Run along now. I have to get back. Go on!"

I slowly walked back up the shoreline, letting my cock shrink as I went. I could see Erica gathering her towel and other things and quickly moving toward the parking area. She was leaving, but I would see her again soon. I had enjoyed my first taste of cheating. I wanted more. I saw my wife looking around on the deck and her eyes settled on me. I waved to her and she waved back. It was time to eat and then go back to Kissimmee.

We arrived back at our apartment. As I said, it was just sort of a mother-in-law apartment attached to the main town home. There was a door between the two living areas, but it was locked from the other side. My sister-in-law kept her part of the town home for herself and her husband. I decided to test something. My wife was showering the lotion and sand off of herself, so I took the key to the apartment and went out and around to the main part of the unit. I was happy to find that the key worked. I am not sure my sister-in-law realized that the key worked in both doors. Perhaps no one had tried that before, but it gave me ideas. I called Erica and gave her some orders.

That evening, after we had spent time watching a movie on DVD, my wife and I went to bed. After an hour I arose. My wife was a heavy sleeper. I dressed and took the apartment key around to the other unit. As I walked around on the sidewalk I spotted my little sub in a car at the curb. She got out and scampered over to hug me. I allowed it. I was happy to see her too. We went into the town home and into the bedroom.

"Master, this is so nice. We're alone. What should I do for you?"

"The first thing you can do, little slut, is take off your clothes. I'm going to sit here on this bed and watch. I know you'll arouse me, won't you pet? Please me. Please Master. Take your time. I want to remember this my naughty little sub."

She started a slow disrobing act for me. I could tell she was enjoying it by the smile upon her face. She truly loved pleasing her Master. I was finally here in the flesh, and she was going to show me the flesh she had for me to use. My prick was getting tight inside my slacks, so I released him and began to stroke him. My pre-cum was slowly seeping out of my cock. I rubbed it into my shaft to ease the jerking. My pet was letting me see that she had arrived without underwear of any kind. Her breasts were not large, but were juicy looking. They needed to be sucked. Her pussy was waxed and shining in the dim light from the one lamp I had turned on. Her labia were glistening from the moisture her cunt produced for me.

"Do I please you Master? Am I your little slut? Master I want you so much. Can I have that cock, please?"

As she said this she was caressing her breasts and nipples that had hardened with her striptease. A hand wanted to move to her pussy, but she was under orders to never please herself that way unless I told her to do so. I was stroking slowly and savoring her body. It was time to use her.

"Come here to me little one. Master wants you. I want you very much my pet. Kneel and lick my prick. It needs to be lubricated. Understand pet? Come to me now."

She got on her knees before me and crawled to her place beneath my gaze as I stood up and looked down into her eyes. The blueness was perfect as tears formed. She was crying with happiness that Master was here. I touched her long hair as she licked the length of my cock, paying attention to my balls. My whole genital area was wet from her ministrations, and it was time to use her cunt. I had wanted to fuck her for so many months now.

"Get up on the bed, little slut. You're going to get fucked. Lie down and watch my face as I screw you. Quick now!"

She scrambled up on the bed with her head on a pillow and I got between her legs. Then I pressed her legs up with her knees against her tits. I entered her, holding my cock in one hand. Then I looked into her eyes again, and rammed my prick into her moist pussy. Her groan of lust pleased me and I began fucking my little pet faster and faster. I was grunting with passion myself, and I felt my cock reaching the depths of her cunt. It was so good. I was loving cheating. I hadn't fucked like this in years. This was perfect fucking and I could hear my Erica grunting with each thrust. Her face contorted into the face of sex pleasure that seemed to show pain, but was actually pleasure of the deepest kind.

Fucking her was what she had wanted and needed from me. It made me the perfect master to her. However, I had to keep her quiet. My wife could possibly hear us here. I placed a hand over the slut's mouth and kept screwing her snatch with thrusts so forceful that her body was trembling as she came. Her juices were making the fucking so easy and pleasing. God, her cunt was tight for me. So damned tight, as I rammed into her, shaking her more and more.

I had to come. I needed to fill her cunt with my seed. I was fixed, so I had no worries about impregnating her. I was going to give her all the come she could hold in her tight little pussy. I grunted with satisfaction as I felt my spunk jetting out and giving me the best feeling in the world. The feeling of come shooting out of a cock into a hot, wet pussy. God, it was so good. I humped her with force and she cried out.

"Master. Fuck. Do it Master. Ahhh, damn. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee!"

I kept spurting my hot juices into her cunny and only wished I had more to give her. She was a great little slut. She would need more come in the future. For now we needed to finish this. My wife could wake up any time and start wondering where I was. I pulled out and my little slut moaned. She wanted more.

"Now's your chance, cunt. Get down there and lick that come off of my balls and my cock. Do it quick, babe. Suck me clean now. Oh yes, lick it pet, lick it clean. It's so sensitive. God, you're the perfect little sub."

She was busily licking everything off of my prick and my balls. She loved her Master now. Perfect. It was time to get dressed and leave this place. But first I raised her up and kissed her lips and hugged her tight. She deserved to know that Master adored his little pet. She wrapped her arms about me and started crying. I knew how she felt, but we had to part now. Soon we would be together again, if I had anything to do about it.

I would go back later and clean up the bedroom. For now I walked Erica out and put her in her car. I kissed her goodbye and told her she was a good little pet. She smiled and then slowly drove away. I returned to the apartment, washed up to get the odor of pussy juices off of me, and climbed into bed with my wife.

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