Doctor Brandle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A cosmetic surgeon who no longer can perform cosmetic surgery moves to a small town to become a doctor there. While there is sex in the story it is slow to develop. This is not intended to be a Stroke story.

Driving north on Interstate 5 with the top down in his new red Corvette convertible had the wind blowing through his hair on this bright sunny day. Doctor Steven Brandle thought this was where he had chosen to go but he couldn’t help but wonder if his decision to move to Lake Lancer, California was the right decision he had made to move here. He had time during this drive to think about what had happened leading up to him making this decision.

Up until three months ago he was happy with his life and his medical practice as a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. Steve was six foot two inches tall and one hundred and ninety five pounds. He was single and had been told by many of his friends that he was a handsome guy. He was never hurting for female companionship and did have live-in companions along with numerous affairs. Unfortunately he just hadn’t found the one woman who he wanted to commit to for a lifetime.

The LA Times had done a feature on him in their Sunday supplement and coined him the “Surgeon to the Stars.” They had speculated on whom some of his patients were and had correctly named quite a number of them but Steve wouldn’t confirm their speculation. There were a number of movie stars and television personalities on this speculated list. Yes, he thought as he drove to his office, today it was going to be either looking at some women’s breasts for enlargement or improving the looks of some noses kind of a day for him. Life for him couldn’t get any better he thought and he was right, it didn’t.

The downturn came as he was doing a rhinoplasty procedure on a young female patient. He was just into the procedure when his right hand started to shake. He couldn’t control the shaking not that it was overly violent but it was such that he couldn’t continue the procedure. Ted Bylek one of his partners in this practice was available and Steve had him come in to complete the procedure after he briefed him on what the desired outcome was.

Steve immediately called his personal physician and fellow school classmate Vic Branch who told Steve to come right over to his office. Steve did and after some tests and a referral to another doctor who specialized in neuro muscular disorders, Steve was given the shocking news of what their diagnosis was.

The diagnosis was that Steve had developed a minor form of dystonia which is an involuntary muscle spasm. Medicine could be given to somewhat control the muscle spasm but the medicine wouldn’t completely control and eliminate this periodic spasm which could occur at any time. Needless to say the requirement of having steady hands all the time in doing surgical procedures was something that Steve no longer had. It caused him to face the fact that his days as a cosmetic surgeon were at an end.

Steve did not take this news well. He turned to alcohol to drown the shock of this news. Waking up in the morning with a splitting headache caused him to realize that this wasn’t the thing to do but what to do with his life now was something he didn’t have an answer for. He did know that at age forty five he didn’t want to retire although with his investments he knew he could afford to do that if he wanted to. While he couldn’t live the affluent life style he had been leading, he could live comfortably on the income generated from his investments and from what the downsizing of his condo would add to his investments.

Steve was in the lounge of his country club on late afternoon nursing his third gin and tonic when Connie Bristol who was a member of the country club and a former patient of his came in after a round of golf. Connie was a good looking lady who was just short of thirty years of age with a very nice figure which drew the looks of the men in the lounge.

She came up to Steve and said, “What’s this I hear that you are no longer are doing surgery?”

Steve who prided himself on being honest with people told her about having dystonia and its effects which now prevented him from doing surgery. While he was telling her this he couldn’t help but stare at the open V in her blouse which exposed the sides and tops of her two very fine breasts.

When he was finished answering her question she said, “I am sorry to hear that but why are you starring at my breasts? You have seen them before when you enlarged them.”

Steve had done breast implants on Connie and said, “I was just admiring my work and you must admit that I do good work.”

“Yes you do and I am happy with what you did and so is my husband judging by the attention he gives them. He can’t keep his hands off them and constantly wants to fondle them. But getting back to you, what are you going to be doing now that you no longer will be doing surgery?”

“I honestly don’t know and while I have been thinking about it I haven’t come up with an answer. I will give it more thought but can I buy you a drink?”

“No thanks I need to be going. Take care of yourself and maybe you should have some coffee instead of another drink.”

Steve watched walk away and had the thought that while her breasts may have needed some enlarging there was no reason to tinker with her fine ass.

It was about one week later when Steve who was having his second cup of coffee and reading the paper heard his phone ring.

In answering the phone he heard, “Doctor Steven Brandle, my name is Troy Kane, I am the Senior Director of the John Wilkinsing foundation and would like to meet you for lunch to discuss an opportunity with you.”

Steve knew that John Wilkinsing was a social media internet wizard who about one year ago became a multi-billionaire when he went public with a stock offering for his company. He also knew that John Wilkinsing in seeing him do some television interviews had donated two billion dollars of his fortune to setting up a foundation whose purpose he said was to “Give back to the community.” Steve wondered what this opportunity was that Troy was talking about and his curiosity got the best of him.

“Where would you like to meet?’

“Any place you want, you pick the place.”

Steve thought about it for a few seconds and didn’t feel like dressing up to go to one of the very fine restaurants in LA so he said, “How about Geno’s Italian Beef on 4th Street. I haven’t had one of their Italian Beef sandwiches with the sweeten sauerkraut in a while. Is twelve okay with you?”

Troy said it was.

After parking his car Steve walked to the restaurant and saw a young man who looked less than thirty years of age wearing a suit standing by the entrance. In seeing Steve the young man put his hand out and introduced himself as Troy Kane. In the restaurant they went up to the counter and they each ordered a hot beef wet with kraut, fries and a diet soda. Taking their orders to a booth they sat and started eating.

Troy said “Let me tell you a little about the Wilkinsing foundation which you may or may not know. John donated two billion dollars initially to setup the foundation with the proviso that all the income generated from these funds in a given year would be used to help people or improve communities. I am the Senior Director of the foundation and while we do have a Board of Directors usually my recommendations on how we should dispense these funds the Board approves. Each of the five members of the Board as one vote and John who is also a Board member has one hundred votes.”

He chuckled as he made this comment about John and his voting power.

“We have excellent investment managers who sold most of the stock John donated and reinvested those funds which now generate a considerable amount of income while at the same time increasing the total fund’s value. You would think that dispensing these funds would be easy but it isn’t and I must admit that sometime it is a challenge. We give grants primarily to improve the quality of life. Hospitals, medical research, clinics and childcare are the primary beneficiaries of these funds.”

“John’s mother who is a widow has moved to Lake Lancer, California which is a small town in northern California with a population of around forty five hundred. John in growing up spent some of his summers there with his aunt and liked the town especially the lake. His mother moved there to live with her widowed sister and has complained to John that there isn’t good medical care there. There is only one Doctor who is elderly and not in good health. He has decided to retire and move to Texas to be near his only son and his son’s family. Between you and me I think the high California taxes were another factor in precipitating his move. Because of that John has asked me to establish and staff a clinic in Lake Lancer which gives and dispenses exceptional medical care. We are in the process of building and staffing a quality medical clinic there. We don’t intend it to be a state of the art hospital, only an excellent clinic as an excellent University’s hospital is forty five minutes away and would be available for services the clinic is not equipped to provide.”

“This is where you come in. I don’t know if you are aware but Connie Bristol’s sorority sister at college was Janet Wilson who is now Janet Wilkinsing, John’s wife. Connie told her about you no longer doing cosmetic surgery who told John who told me and they thought that working at the clinic might be something you would be interested in doing. We did check on your background and would like you to be one of the two staff doctors we think we need at the clinic. Besides the doctors we will have nurses, a receptionist, a lab technician for the lab on premises, an x-ray technician for x-rays and CT scans, an accounting clerk, and two ambulance drivers EMT’s for the ambulance that will be there You can see that this is not going to be a small town one doctor operation as we are talking about but a full service clinic. John’s instructions were to do this right so we are. Oh yes, your compensation will be what you made last year plus five percent.”

Steve was quiet for a while and thought about the offer that had just been made. After some time he said. “What you are doing sounds very interesting and I am flattered by the offer you have made me. I am however a big city boy and I don’t think living in a small town is my cup of tea. I will miss my country club, golfing with my friends and view I have of the city from my condo.”

“Let me say that my investigation indicates there is a fine country club not that far from the University’s hospital whose golf course Golf Digest has rated as one of the top one hundred golf courses in America. I am told the view from a house looking on to Lake Lancer at night is different than looking at the smog of LA and is said to be very beautiful.”

“Well let me think about it but I think my answer would be to say no.”

They shook hands after Troy give Steve a business card and told Steve to seriously think about the offer as they left the restaurant.

Over the next two days Steve did think about the offer but thought he had made the right decision to turn it down.

The following day he was sitting on his stool at the end of the bar in his club’s lounge when he heard a woman scream for help and turned to see a man collapsed at a table.

Steve went to the man and with his hands under the man’s shoulders pulled him from his chair and laid him down on the floor. He could see that the man was non-responsive. Steve ripped open the man’s shirt and put his ear to the man’s chest and could hear a very irregular heartbeat. Steve did not have any medicine to treat what he thought was the arterial fibrillation the man who was passed out was experiencing. Because of not having the proper medicine Steve shouted to the bartender to check with the office to see if they had a portable defibrillator. He also asked a lady patron who was watching what was happening to call 911 and ask for an ambulance.

The bartender in less than a minute was running back carrying what looked like a small briefcase. Steve opened the case and extracted the paddles and after turning on the defibrillator and seeing it was charged applied it to the man and shocked him. The man jerked when he did this and Steve in listening to his chest using the stethoscope that was in the briefcase heard a regular heartbeat. He told this to the woman who seemed to be the man’s wife and he could see the joy in her face as she heard the news. The patrons who had been watching what was going on broke into a round of applause much to Steve’s embarrassment.

The ambulance arrived about five minutes later and the EMT’s took over and placed the man on a stretcher and took him to the hospital. Steve could not buy a drink after that as everyone there wanted to buy Steve a drink.

That evening Steve was on the phone with his mother and when she asked if anything interesting has happened he told her about the incident at the club.

When he was done relaying what had happened she said, “You know I never understood why you switched from being an internist and went into cosmetic surgery. As a kid you seemed the happiest when you could help someone. In telling me about what happened today I can hear in your voice you are happy. You know being a doctor is more than looking at women’s breasts and other parts of their bodies.”

Steve’s mother knew him and knew him well. What she just said was like someone had hit him in the head with a 2x4. He knew what now he wanted to do. After ending the call he reached for his wallet and took out Troy’s business card and phoned him. When Troy answered he asked if the offer was still on table and was told that it was. Steve accepted the offer to be a doctor in Lake Lancer.

His two partners in his medical practice made him a fair offer for Steve’s share when he said he wanted to sell. His condo was put up for sale and sold in less than three days for more than he was asking. Financially Steve was secure. Now in driving to Lake Lancer he could only wonder what the future held in store for him.

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