Sir Robert's Adventures in the Holy Land
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A time of struggle and strife. A time of the Crusades.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Torture   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Clergy   Violent   Military   War  

My name is Robert of Upper Weston on Avon and I was born in a year of great sorrow and pestilence in our blessed land.

When I was old enough to understand the heavy burdens on our family and the common folk of our shire caused by the loss of our monarch and the destitution of our people, I resolved to never allow myself to feel pity for our foes in battle and to strip them of their wealth and dignity at every opportunity.

Eventually, our family was able to reconstitute our fortune with the sound principles of the marketplace and several hired managers who made our farms and stables prosper and return ever greater levels of profit to our coffers. I was tutored in both the Latin and Greek languages by pasty-faced academics who spoke the words of greatness with faltering confidence in their manly abilities. I became a disciple of Master swordsman Alphonse D'Maupassant who took great pains in assuring my left hand was as skilled as my right. I became proficient in all categories of weapons and he drove me to distraction with his constant endeavor to surprise me with some new trick to catch me off guard.

I was a lad of eighteen winters when I mounted my first conquest in the stable of my father as a bet between graduating squires with the poacher's daughter as the prize. I had no interest in the poor girl and knew her father to be a bit of a drinking man with no common sense when it came to ownership of land or the animals thereon. It was probably good fortune for the girl that I was the winner of the game because I took her virginity with no devious attempt to rob her of her dignity in front of witnesses. I entered her fair and square and plucked her innocent cherry knowing it was her father's fault and not mine.

She tried her best not to squeal in panic or despair and I respected her for that because I was fairly in total ignorance about such matters as well. We got into a respectable rhythm and brought the affair to a hasty ending as I sprayed her inner legs with the seeds of my hastily withdrawn cock. I had no intent to burden the young girl with an infant in her tender years before she had a chance to find a suitable partner to take her to his bed and hearth.

I gazed at her cum-covered flanks and allowed her to cover herself with as much dignity as she could muster in such circumstances. I pronounced her father absolved of his poaching sins and it kept him from the gallows at the entrance of the farm. That was the only penalty that seemed to work in times of great hunger and in all honesty, the current time was certainly not that. It must have just been the man's sheer laziness and dishonesty that led him down the path of criminal activity to steal from the hand of his benefactor.

I noted that the girl was not brimming with tears and seemed relatively calm.

I pressed a coin of dubious origin into her palm and she disappeared it into her bosom.

"Thank you, kind sir, for not using me too harshly and for releasing my father from his penalty. My mother will thank you allowing us to keep him a while longer to feed his family by legal means and not be a poaching in the future."

Her name was Elizabeth and she had impressive hair and a stance that spoke of finer breeding. If I had met her under different circumstances, I am certain I would have sued for her pleasure and rewarded her nicely for her cooperation. She was not of my circle but could have fit in with the proper clothes and perhaps more education to improve her common speech.

Her younger sister Mary kicked me in my shin when I wasn't looking and I saw she was only a young child and far too young to be witnessing such matters. I instructed the man and his elder daughter to remove her from the stable and keep her away from gentlemen with foul intent. I wondered if the mother was mistress to some nobleman on another estate because both daughters were fair of face and carried their delightfully designed female bodies in a manner that bespoke of a class much higher than mere common folk.

The following spring, I was fitted out in full armor and given a pair of fine mounts to ride into battle against the heathen hordes that endangered our beloved pilgrims to the Holy Lands in adoration of the Son of Christ. The tales of butchered pilgrims and raped nuns and female worshipers were widely touted about the shire and across the land like vicious tentacles of evil incarnate requiring our attention to duty and firm resolve.

We entered into the Holy Land from the land of the Greeks hopping along the coastline like so many frogs going into a strange and distant territory. I was fortunate enough to have a pair of squires with me who were fairly skilled with the longbow and had some knowledge of sword fighting but only enough to put up a spirited defense. I had progressed to the point that I was able to cut through ten or twenty foes with little difficulty working up an appetite and a sweat that flooded my boots. The squires kept well to the rear and only us knights with our heavy armor and sharp blades decimated the lines of heathen opponents like strands of wheat ready for the harvest.

Our first major battle was close to the coast and the supply of our ships. We went through the almost deserted port town expecting some resistance but finding only empty houses. A few kilometers inland we found the enemy waiting in ambush but curiously absent skilled fighters to defend their group. We later discovered the young bloodthirsty males had all joined with the killers of the Christian pilgrims and gloried in the bloodshed of the "infidels" on their sacred land. The stories of the raped females were apparently all true because we saw their severed heads sitting on the town walls like monuments of evil. What they had done with the shattered bodies I had no idea and was content not to find them for fear it would instill in me a ferocity that would lead to my downfall as I took ever riskier exploits to increase my successes in killing the enemy.

I estimated the enemy force to be only about one hundred and fifty men and we wiped them out in less than ten minutes of intense fighting. Blood drenched and excited we fell back into the town and discovered the hiding females who would never see their men again. They ranged in age from just past puberty to almost grandmothers but we gave no thought to their ages as we introduced them to western revenge for the rape of the pilgrim females. It was not a pretty sight and I did my best to stay aloof from the dirty business but I had to participate somewhat just to show the men that I was in agreement with their humiliating treatment of the heathen women as "an eye for an eye" retribution. They saved me a mother-daughter combination of superior quality with pleasing hips and bottoms that looked identical when viewed from the rear and bent over a wooden table in the tavern. I honestly could not tell which was mother and which was daughter in that position and even after entering and testing their relative tightness, the answer still escaped me much to my chagrin. After a few satisfying entries, I began to suspect the mother was the one who tended to fall into quick joyful responses as I let my cock swim happily in her liquids and I listened to the music of her shout as I severely pounded her buttocks with my bloodstained hands.

I registered that guess with my squires and was rewarded by the revealing of the older woman underneath with tears in her eyes from the constant pounding. The young daughter was more composed and showed me a frown that proved her hatred for my ministrations. Since she was only about eighteen summers, I turned her instruction over to my two squires and the soon trained her in the trick of taking both their cocks at either end at the same time giving them equal benefit of her soft skin and juicy flesh. I watched them switching from end to end like schoolboys having some fun on the playground.

Our force stayed in that town for the entire next week waiting for the entire convoy to catch up to our lead element. By the end of that time, I had become quite familiar with both mother and daughter and constantly flooded their slits with my Christian seeds with little pity or remorse. We allowed them to go bury their dead in accordance with their rituals and they seemed grateful for the small favor.

The daughter was surly with me on one occasion and I found it necessary to whip her bottom with my strap to teach her proper respect. I found that she seemed to take to this degrading action and she begged me to do it harder and longer and when I was almost exhausted, she weakly pleaded for me to ram my cock up her rear portal just like her father had apparently done to her for years without the mother's knowledge.

It was a strange thing for me to do because I was not in favor of such animalistic coupling but after a fumbling first start, I grew used to it and did it to the mother as well. They both watched me doing to each other and I could see they were much attuned to the practice and I guess it was addictive in sort of a strange and kinky way.

When it was time to move on, several of the lords and others wanted to take the lives of all the captive women but I thought it would make us too much like our hated enemy and told them all to flood the female's slits with their seed laden spunk giving them a new generation of half-Christian offspring to carry on their heathen practices. There was no chance of diverting them from their evil non-Christian ways but at least they would have an entire town of blue-eyed blond-haired offspring to explain to their Imam.

We moved inland and discovered the main route to the pathways of the Holy Land.

A small settlement much too small to even be called a town had several pilgrim women collared as slaves and they toiled all day in the fields like beasts of burden and in the evening they provided the males of the settlement entertainment mounted repeatedly like dogs in the dirt, degraded and humiliated beyond belief with not a shred of dignity remaining to their name. I took one of those unfortunates under my wing. Her name was Agnes and she was a small girl with almost no tits to speak of and with a backside that showed the evidence of repeated whippings by mean-spirited men with no pity for her size or her submissive nature. Each evening I would cover her buttocks with the healing salve and work it in with my gentle fingers taking time to test the tightness of her tortured real portal. She seemed well disposed to such gentle treatment and begged me to do the same to her maidenly slit which had seen many months of ill use. I was even gentler with her up there and only entered enough to make her fall into a sort of happy movement to allow her juices to flow once again with little fear of ridicule or disgraceful treatment. Eventually, she showed me how skilled she had become with her mouth and tongue under the training of the heathen and I had no recourse but to allow her to service me with her heathen talent drawing my milk with her butterfly winged tongue.

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