Claudia's Condition and the Retrospective Murders
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Tear Jerker, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All Claudia ever wanted was to be happy and successful. Now she has it all, the perfect loving husband, her dream job at WZAX TV Station and a new marvelous home. Soon the bullets from a killer's gun will shatter the happiness in her world.( second story in the series.)

The clicking sounds of a woman’s high heels on the cement sidewalk announced the hurried steps of Julia Bennett as she moved quickly in the low-lit darkness to reach her car. The last business day of March was celebrated well into the late evening as the company she worked for celebrated another successful fiscal year. Her decent sized breasts swayed with her steps but turned into a perky bounce as she quickened her pace.

She was wary of her steps and anyone nearby. She felt nervous, wishing now she had accepted a co worker’s offer to escort her to her car. Two women had been reported missing the past several weeks from Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida. The Tampa Police warned women to be cautious of travelling alone at night.

Two parked cars ahead on the left, she noticed a van with its hood up, “Okay, try it again!” a man yelled.

“Still nothing, dead as can be,” was the response.

“Try the battery cable again,” was the command from the driver’s seat.

As Julia walked passed, she barely glanced at the man looking at the engine. “Excuse me, do you have a cell phone I could use? It seems the battery in my van is dead and I need to call a friend for a boost,” the man asked.

“Sorry, I don’t have a cell phone,” she lied and continued on. Julia increased her pace and pointed her key fob at her car and the four-way flashers blinked indicating it was now unlocked.

The man’s soft footsteps caught up to her just as she reached for the door handle. He pushed Julia back into a darkened alley, knocking her to the ground.

“Sure you have a cell phone. I’ve seen you using it before,” was the gruff reply. As Julia’s hands tried to brace her fall, her car keys fell from her grasp and down a ventilation grate.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll give all my money!” she pleaded her right hand up as a shield.

“Stand up!” he ordered. Julia hesitated, “I said, stand the fuck up!” he repeated grabbing her roughly by the arm.

He pressed her against the brick wall, covered her mouth with his left hand and held the pointed end of a hunting knife under her chin. He smiled gazing up and down her slim body.

“Say a fucking word and I’ll gut you like a fish, understand?”

Julia nervously nodded, yes. Her eyes widened with fright. Her heavy breathing inhaled his stenchy breath.

“You don’t remember me, do you!” he challenged.

“Uhh, uhh,” she muttered under his rough hand. The florescent light above them buzzed and flickered, giving them an eerie blue colour. He turned his head, the overhead light revealing his sullen features.

“Well I sure remember you!” he grinned feeling her left tit.

He switched the knife to his left hand and grabbed the front of her blouse. He pulled hard at the opening, ripping it, buttons sent flying. He kicked the fallen buttons into the square grate patterned cover to join her fallen keys. Her assailant spied her well filled out, low cut bra as her chest heaved with fear fed adrenalin. His knife cut the remaining material leaving it barely on her shoulders.

Julia’s attacker turned the knife on her skin and slid the dull side against her chest. The sharp blade cut the front of her bra. It sprang open revealing cream coloured, full sized breasts. The blade brushed aside the torn cups and he roughly grabbed her left tit. “Great fucking tits, what size bra do you wear?”

“36D,” she muttered.

“Yes, you’ll do perfectly!”

He grabbed her mid knee lengthen skirt and the point punctured it. He ripped it from hem to waist. “Nice fucking legs, too!”

His right hand found the elastic band of her panties and he shoved his hand roughly down inside. “Pussy bush, I’ll shave that off you later tonight,” he grumbled. He forcefully thrust two fingers inside her pussy fucking it hard.

“It was hard finding you but you will find it hard fucking your little cunt and asshole,” he leered.

He peered both ways on the sidewalk as the van stopped for him. He pushed her against it, slid the side door open, quickly pushed her in and swiftly closed it behind him. The driver sped off, their prize safely obtained.

“She was easier to take than the last one,” was the comment from the driver. He grinned seeing her naked tits beneath her shredded clothes and her spread legs revealed her panties to him.

“Shut up and drive, Arnie!” The first one said. He took a roll of silver duct tape, tore off a strip and covered her mouth and then he bound her hands together.

Julia breathed heavily, mumbling, trying to talk to her captors.

“Don’t cover her nose, Chuck. We need her alive for now,” the driver said in the mirror.

Julia looked at the interior of the van. Various tools and rolls of wire hung on the walls and swayed to the road movement of the van. The streetlights soon faded to darkness and Julia cried, helpless and fearing for her life. She’d look out the side window not recognizing anything in her view.

“Cooperate and we won’t hurt you,” he lied to reassure her. He felt her ankle and moved his hand up her right leg. She shook her knee trying to keep his hand away. Further up her thigh, it went and between her legs. He grasped the elastic of her panty leg and cut it. He pulled hard ripping her panties off.

“You won’t need those anymore,” he sniffed the crotch and stuffed them in his pocket.

Her assailant moved up closer. “Hi Julia I’m Chuck,” he grinned with bad breath and decaying teeth.

Julia could smell old cigarettes and the stale odour of alcohol on his breath. His hair was lengthened and scruffy and his face had several days’ worth of whisker growth. He pushed her legs opened and began to finger fuck her, “I’ll have you wet for fucking in no time!” he growled.

She tried to close her legs but he kept them open, “Fight all you want, no one will find you. Soon I’ll have you tied so spread open, your cunt lips will be able to whistle!”

Julia cried as she felt the roughness of his fingers inside her pussy.

How long had they been driving? She didn’t know. Time had now lost its value to her. Chuck placed a pillow case over her head so she couldn’t recognize any of her surroundings.

Julia felt the van stop and shut off. She was grabbed roughly by the arm and escorted inside a building where her hood was removed. She was too scared to notice any sounds that might help her later. Julia fretted for her husband and kids who would be wondering where she was. As if on cue, her cell phone chirped. Chuck opened her purse and checked the caller.

“Do you want me to answer it and tell your husband you’ll be a few days late getting home? That you’re out having a great time being fucked by several horny guys?” he teased. Chuck shut off her phone and took the battery out.

Inside the building, her eyes adjusted to the new light. She was taken up a flight of metal stairs down a darkened hallway and into a small ten by ten room. There was an old bed, a chair, sink and makeshift toilet. Two bare light bulbs lit the sullen room and plywood covered the small window in the room.

She now scanned her second captor. “Hi Julia I’m Arnie,” Arnie was an identical twin except for long, curly hair and a different facial expression.

Arnie locked the door as Chuck cut her bindings. He stripped her shredded clothes from her and Julia instinctively tried to cover up her breasts and pussy from their view. The air was damp and felt cool to her skin. Arnie tossed her a grey nightie that she hurriedly slipped over her head. It barely covered her full tits and hung just a few inches below her pussy.

“On the bed!” she was ordered.

“I need a pee,” she countered.

“Over there!” Arnie pointed. The toilet was in the open and Julia sat nervously relieving herself.

They watched her come to the bed. She noticed a faded, wrinkled white bed sheet, stained from previous use and no pillow.

“Take off all your jewellery,” she was ordered. She pulled out her earring studs and slipped off her bracelet and watch. “And your rings too,” Julia reluctantly removed her wedding and family rings, handing them all to him.

“Now take off your nightie,” he grinned. She slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and stood, her gown falling to the floor.

“On the bed!” she was told. She sat facing them. “Lie down!” she was sternly ordered.

Julia lay trying to cover herself again. “Soon, you’ll be begging me to stop fucking you!” Chuck taunted.

Arnie placed handcuffs around her wrists and closed the other cuffs to the bed post. He spread her legs and she fought, trying to kick him. Chuck came over and they each cuffed an ankle to the bottom posts.

Julia laid helpless, spread eagle on the thin mattress. Chuck came to her side and undid his pants, letting them join her nightie. He placed the knife on the floor and showed her his 9 mm gun. He took the magazine out and showed her the bullets. Replacing the mag cocked the action and placed the safety on. His underwear followed and she saw a hairy beer belly that protruded and partially covering his cock made semi-hard by a Viagra taken earlier. Chuck began to stroke his cock eyeing his next conquest.

He crawled on the bed and licked his way from her knees to her pussy. She tried to wriggle and turn from him but it was useless. His fingers parted her matted hairs, her lips were revealed. Julia turned her head and cringed as she felt him begin to tongue her. He lapped and tasted her stale odour.

“Soon I’ll have you cumming so many times, you’ll be begging me to stop,” he promised.

She furrowed her brow as he moved up her flat stomach, his tongue circling her navel. He nibbled on her ribs then moved to her tits. “I love your fucking tits!” he panted pushing them together and sucking on both nipples at the same time. “And I’m going to enjoy fucking your tits too!” he promised.

She couldn’t help watching Chuck suck on her nipples. He’d pull them up and they’d stretch between his lips. She hated that he had made her nipples hard. He then moved down and grunted as he again tongued and ate her pussy.

Satisfied with a short meal, Chuck stood by her head. He placed the gun to her temple. “You are going to suck me off and if you bite my cock, I’ll blow your fucking head off,” he promised.

“No, no, please no!” she protested as he came closer to her head.

“You can yell and scream all you want, no one can hear you in here,” Arnie grinned taking off his pants.

“No, no, please don’t!” her protest was useless.

“Open your mouth!” Chuck demanded.

Further complaining was stifled as Chuck forced his cock into her mouth, “Suck me off, bitch. And remember, bite my cock and you’ll be sucking on the end of my gun before I blow your fucking brains out!” he threatened. “Now suck on my cock!”

Julia slowly began to suck not for pleasure but to save her life, “Come on, you know you can do better. Show me that you are a good cock sucker!” She reluctantly put more effort into sucking on him and she hated the feeling of it growing harder in her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth making her choke and gasp for air.

She could feel the movement of the bed as Arnie came up between her legs. She wrinkled her brow in disgust as she felt him begin to eat her pussy. He devoured it like a starving animal, moaning his pleasure. His tongue touched her clit making her body jolt and several fingers fucked her roughly.

“I knew you’d like me eating your cunt!” he gruffed and returned to pleasing himself. His day’s old whisker stubble burned her sensitive pussy flesh as he continued on. Another lick of her button made her react. Julia hated that her body betrayed a desire she didn’t want.

She cowered, still sucking on Chuck, as Arnie moved up her body and she felt his cock probing for her hole. He separated her lips and she felt his hardening cock shoved into her. He grunted as he began to fuck her, “Ha, ha, Viagra will keep us hard for hours and hours of fucking you!”

His breath was stale to her nose as he exhaled deeply. He too made her nipples grow hard. “Over the next few days, we are going to make you cum so many times you’ll be begging us to stop fucking you! And you know how we’ll be able to tell if you’re faking your cum like a porn star? Because we’ll be taking your pulse and you cannot fake a rapid pulse when you cum!” Arnie grinned showing crooked teeth.

Arnie pulled Chuck’s cock out of her mouth and kissed her roughly. He sucked on his brother’s cock a few strokes then put it back in her mouth and Julia continued sucking.

“Bet you like having two cocks at the same time don’t you!” Chuck said, “Don’t you!” he repeated louder.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“Say it again but mean it!”

“Yes, I like having a cock to suck off and another cock fucking me,” she reluctantly agreed. They each felt a tit keeping her nipples hard.

It seemed to take forever for her two captors to satisfy themselves. Julia had to take several pauses sucking on Chuck. “Come on bitch, this isn’t a holiday, suck on my cock like you mean it! Suck my cock and make me cum and then swallow every, last, fucking, drop!” he grinned.

Julia raised her head a little, taking his cock in quicker, deeper strokes.

“That’s it my lovely fucking bitch, that’s it, yes, yes, yes, uhmp, umph ... umph ... umph!” he grunted his cum into her mouth. “Suck it good! Suck it hard, you fucking bitch!” he demanded.

Julia felt his warm liquid filling her mouth. She couldn’t delay the inevitable and cringed, swallowing his load. “That’s it, bitch, swallow, suck and swallow!” It tasted bitter to her tongue and he pumped her mouth.

His lust temporarily satisfied, he stepped back. Julia was helpless to wipe her mouth as his cum dripped down her chin. She made some saliva mixed with his cum and spit at him.

“Why you fucking bitch!” he exclaimed, slapping her across the face. He wiped his arm on her tit and pressed the muzzle of the gun to her temple. “You want this, you fucking bitch?” he pressed hard. She heard the metal click of him pulling back the hammer on his gun. It left a round ring at her temple as he spat in her face.

Chuck put on his clothes as Arnie continued fucking her. “Hey Arnie, you’re learning to last longer when you fuck our girls,” he praised. He placed a small plastic cover over her index finger to measure her heart rate.

“I was out of practise until a few weeks ago. I like it when we take brunettes because I get to fuck them first. At least Julia is a better fuck than that Claire was. She fought too often when we fucked her. Julia just lays here and takes it like she should because you like it, don’t you Julia! You like me fucking you!”

Julia’s eyes widened with the realization that she wasn’t their first victim. She then remembered the news story about a woman who went missing from St. Petersburg about three weeks ago and another one from Tampa a few days back. Neither one has been found.

“Tell me you like me fucking you, Julia, tell me!” she hesitated and he gripped her throat.

“I like you fucking me Arnie,” she consented.

“And?” he asked wanting to hear more.

“And I want you to fuck me again and again. I want to suck you off too and swallow your cum!” she figured that would appease him.

“See, I knew you’d like me!” he smiled kissing her hard.

“Yuck, how could he kiss my after his brother just came in my mouth!” she thought.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” Chuck said, closing the door behind him.

“I could love you better if you’d free my arms and hands,” she asked. “I want to rub and feel your strong back as you fuck me, Arnie,” she lied.

“Nice try!” he grunted. “I may be a little stupid but you’d just try to escape.” He returned to her nipples and she couldn’t help watching him making them say hard.

Julia lay, emptying her feelings. Chuck and Arnie spoke of the other woman as if she was dead. She wondered the fate of the missing women and if she would meet the same ending. Her body couldn’t help giving way to his thrusts and a feeling she didn’t want began to rush over her. She tried to fight it but human nature took over.

Despite being restrained her back arched, “Uhhh ... uhhh ... uhhh ... uhhh!” her body betrayed its pleasure as she experienced a strong cum. She moved against his cock, strangely wanting all she could get from him.

“Fuck me hard!” she embarrassedly whispered. Julia began to cry, ashamed that this thing had made her cum so easily and that it felt so good! He squeezed her full tits together and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

“Mmm, that’s what I like to hear!” he smiled. “And now it’s my turn,” Arnie said slipping his hands under her small ass and began to pump faster. She hated the smell of his exhaling breath into her shoulder.

“Come on will you and get it over with!” she pleaded silently.

He pounded her pussy mercilessly. Surely no woman would enjoy him fucking her this way! After a few more minutes, “Umph ... umph ... umph ... umph!” he grunted.

Julia could hear the clicky sounds of his cum and hers. He continued to pound her cunt another minute. She wrinkled her brow, disgusted and ashamed she’d been fucked by these animals.

Satisfied and spent, he rolled off and lay beside her. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you a lot,” he smiled.

Julia began to cry. How could she ever face her husband again? How could he ever forgive her? She never had sex with another man since they married twenty-two years ago. She turned her head and wept at her repulsion.

Arnie rested a moment, sucking on her nipples then dressed to join Chuck. Julia looked around her prison cell. The walls were a drab brownish-grey and faded with lighter square marks from hanging pictures long gone. There was a small rectangle cut into the metal door that could be slid open to observe her and the only window had plywood nailed over it. She noticed cream coloured squares stuck in each corner of the ceiling and floor and around the door. The squares were attached to a long, thin yellow wire. Listening to the silence, she thought she could hear the faint noise of a jet plane.

Chuck and Arnie returned in thirty minutes, uncuffing her legs, her hands were then cuffed behind her. As she was led down a hallway she glanced in every open room for any sign of other life, any hint of where she might be. One room appeared to be their main headquarters with two army cots and sleeping bags along with a TV and radio, a small fridge and microwave oven. She also noticed several guns, military-style assault rifles, several boxes of ammo and two bulletproof vests.

They took her into another room that had a shower unit. They sat her on a chair in the shower stall and turned on the water. The temperature was adjusted to be warm through the long hose and Arnie spread her legs. Chuck proceed to spray her pussy in preparation to shave her bare.

“Told you, you’d be shaved tonight!” he grinned. “Now we can do this the hard way and we tie your legs apart or the easy way and you spread them for us.”

Julia hesitated a moment then slowly spread her legs to reveal her matted, cum drenched pussy hairs. Her midsection was soaked and he knelt down. He applied a thick layer of shaving cream, teasing her pussy with several fingers. He touched her clit making her body jolt.

“You’re ready for more fucking so soon? This is always fun, shaving a woman’s pussy bare, just like the day she was born,” Arnie grinned licking his lips.

Chuck began to shave her. She had to watch, she didn’t want her pussy cut by the sharp blade. The razor would clear a path of cream and they could hear the scratchy sound of the blade over her skin, shearing off her curly hairs.

On and on he continued the hair and cream going down the drain. He’d tighten her skin for a better shave making her pussy, face smooth. He adjusted the force of the shower head shooting a harder stream inside her.

“There now, doesn’t that look beautiful?” Chuck asked of his newly created masterpiece.

“We want your cunt nice and fresh for more fun,” he smiled. He moved closer, sliding two fingers into her. His thumb rubbed her clit and her body betrayed her again. He knelt and licked her pussy a moment causing her to jolt again. Arnie dried her off and she was led naked to another room.

Julia was uncuffed and knelt on a narrow padded bench. Her legs were spread and bent at the knees. Her arms were then cuffed under the bench. Chuck lay on his back and scooted his head under her. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks for support and began to eat her pussy.

“That tastes better. I love eating fresh cunt! Do you use a dildo on your cunt?” he asked.

“Yes,” she softly confessed. Chuck looked to Arnie.

“Be right back,” he disappeared.

Chuck continued to eat her pussy, enjoying his meal. Her body couldn’t help to produce fresh juices with a nice flavour.

Arnie returned and she felt a sudden pressure against her pussy. He urged the head of a giant dildo into her. He began to gently thrust and turn the cock making it slick with her juices. Julia fought to resist pushing against the cock.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked feeling it going deeper and deeper. She winced, feeling her pussy being filled in so much, “It hurts a little.”

Chuck didn’t care and began a steady fucking motion with the dildo. He worked it in still deeper. “How big is it?” she asked.

“Twelve inches,” Chuck smiled shoving the last three inches to the hilt. She moaned her pain being filled like she never had before.

“This is only the beginning, we have a few more surprises in store for you,” he hinted. Chuck increased the pace of fucking her pussy. Julia moaned but not in pleasure.

“I won’t take too much longer, you have a very, very busy day tomorrow and you’ll need your rest.”

Chuck would lick her clit as he fucked her with the giant dildo. Her body would react to being pleased and she detested herself again.

“I bet you like getting fucked up the ass!” Arnie grinned.

“No, no, please no!” she pleaded.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” he mocked her.

Chuck slid the dildo out of her pussy and he continued to eat her. Arnie spat on her butt hole and place the head on her round ring. He began to turn the dildo in semi-circles as he applied pressure.

Julia grimaced in pain as she felt her hole being expanded, “It hurts!”

“Oh, she wants it deeper!” Arnie sneered. He applied more pressure working it in half way. “Relax, let your asshole love your cock.” Chuck moved his hands up and down her sides then kept her nipples hard.

“That’s it, just relax,” Arnie said softer. In and out, in and out the rubber cock thrust. Chuck’s tongue could feel the thrusting of the dildo in the next hole. He licked her clit causing another immediate reaction.

“Mmm, mmm,” she regretted moaning. She put her face on the padded seat and couldn’t help beginning to hump Chuck’s face. She couldn’t fight the urge, the need to cum. The dildo was causing different feelings inside her and she began to cry in disgust because the sex felt good again.

“I told you she’d love a cock up her ass,” Arnie grinned. “You just wait until it’s a real cock!” Julia couldn’t resist what her body needed and she began humping his face more rapidly. Her breathing came heavily, her pulse rapid.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, “Uhhh, umph, uhhh, umph!” she announced her climax. Julia cried freely, ashamed that her body again, had betrayed her unwanted lust.

Chucked moaned his pleasure at the tiny stream of cum juice she released and eagerly lapped it up like a thirsty dog. She pushed the dildo out of her ass and Chuck moved to her side, “Suck on it a few minutes but this time and don’t make me cum.” She opened her mouth and sucked on him feeling his cock grow hard.

“I need my rest too but I’ve got help to fuck you,” he said getting up. He kissed and licked her ass teasing her butt hole.

He uncuffed Julia returning her to her room. Both hands were cuffed to the bed post and she was left to cry, disgusted for cumming again and wondered her fate.

“Could I have a bed sheet or a blanket? I’m so cold!”

“What do you think this is a fucking hotel? I’ll see what there is,” Chuck grumbled.

A few minutes later Arnie returned with a bed sheet, “Can you cover me please?” she asked.

“You want this?” he asked clutching the sheet, “Then you have to earn it!” He unzipped his fly, taking his cock out, “Suck me off and you get the sheet.”

“I’d sooner freeze,” she bent her knees to her chest. Her bare pussy showed under her short nightie.

“It doesn’t fucking matter to me,” he picked up the sheet, turning to leave.

“Okay, okay, I’ll suck you off!”

“I knew you would,” he grinned moving to her head. “And remember, if you bite my cock, the barrel of my gun is the last thing you’ll ever suck on again!” He placed the 9mm on the sheet and leaned closer.

Julia reluctantly began sucking on his cock. Again she hated the feeling of it growing hard in her mouth.

“Suck me good and I won’t keep your hands cuffed to the headboard,” he said. Arnie grunted several times as she sucked on him. A number of minutes passed and then without warning, he grunted his cum into her mouth, “Mmm, that’s it, suck me good and swallow every drop! Your husband will wonder how you’ve become such a good cock sucker staying with us.”

Julia let his cock slip out of her mouth and lowered her head in embarrassment. Arnie uncuffed her hands from the headboard and re-cuffed them if front of her. He let her have another pee then attached a thick leather dog collar around her neck. It was secured with a padlock and chain and attached to the bed rail.

“Just in case you get any ideas,” he justified the collar. He tossed her the promised bed sheet, closed the door and padlocked her in the room.

Julia covered her cold, shivering body and hugged herself in the fetal position. She began to weep at the realization that for the first time in her twenty-two year marriage, another man has now fucked her besides her husband, Rob. And what would he think of her betrayal? How could he possibly ever forgive her, ever lover her again? She wept for him and her children who must be frantic at her sudden disappearance.

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