Chapter 1: Fractured family, friends and caretakers

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Fractured family, friends and caretakers - The adventures of a young man guided through life by the legacies, moral and ethical traits instilled by family members.

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At birth I was turned over to my grandparents as joint guardians with control over every aspect of my life. I did not know who my parents were. My grandparents were never married despite numerous proposals by my grandfather but maintained a continuing exclusive relationship with benefits but with adjacent separate households. I resided with my grandmother but with frequent visits by my grandfather.

My grandmother was a glamorous exchange student from Russia attending the University of Texas when she was courted and seduced by my wealthy grandfather who was totally smitten with her beauty and grace. That relationship produced a daughter, my mother. She rebuffed his pleas for marriage but accepted his offers of financial security for all expenses to obtain her doctorate, a palatal home and car. He further assured her that through political contributions and contacts she could enjoy a position as a tenured professor immediately upon earning her doctorate. With her Ph.D. in hand she insisted on being referred to as Doctor by everyone.

Grandfather, a graduate of the university in petroleum engineering, through innate intelligence and hard work created a wholly owned highly respected drilling and heavy construction firm. During the Gulf Wars, he was called to active duty in the Marine Corps to deal with the numerous oil well fires. His highly successful actions in this role resulted in promotion to General before release from active duty. Subsequently he was generally referred to by all as General.

Frequently an uncle appeared on the scene and was referred to as Captain since he wholly owned a major oil field related boat construction and leasing along with helicopter leasing firm. He at one time expressed the opinion that he and the General needed to consolidate their holdings to make it easier for me to control in the future. I gave this little thought at the time.

The Doctor's home was staffed by exchange students that chose to stay in the US upon completion of their studies. These included a Chinese housekeeper and a Latin American cook.

An executive in the General's company accumulated serial trophy wives. Unfortunately one became pregnant, produced a daughter, decided that motherhood was not her style and departed to further her career. Again, the good Doctor accepted the child into her home. She was born only one month after I was. She was named Shandal and became my shadow from crawler stage on. This earned her the nick name Sha. Fortunately she was extremely intelligent and was able to develop as rapidly as I. She quickly became my playmate, friend, companion and confidant.

The Doctor insisted that we be homeschooled by university students majoring in the subjects to be covered at the graduate or post graduate level. This excluded elementary majors which she held in contempt. Our rate of achievement was astounding according to all reports. At the earliest possible level we started accumulating advance placement status in each of the courses of study.

Languages were in general left to the household help, who spoke to us only in their native language. This was supplemented by students of the Mid East, who again spoke to us only in their native tongue. This initially created a dilemma but in time gave us the ability to respond in the appropriate language. The Doctor demanded that we develop the ability to correctly speak, read and write in each of the languages to which we were exposed.

Our physical activity was initiated at a very early age in soccer, martial arts, running, weights and swimming in our private Olympic size pool with large hot tub. Sha and I thoroughly enjoyed and excelled participating in these activities. Nudity was generally accepted in our in home activities.

Our circle of friends was limited to martial arts students and soccer team members. Included were twin female trainers retained to assure our wellbeing. My best friend was my mentor in soccer. He was currently the quarterback and kicker for the high school team. Based on his recommendation to the football coach I was recruited to be the team kicker but only after consulting with the General and his lengthy debate with the Doctor did I acquiesce and agree to join the team. I was convinced that I had more productive and interesting use of my time than kick a football around. As a new guy on the team and only being a kicker, much to my chagrin, I was not held in high esteem by other members of the team.

As we approached the limits of home schooling, the General demanded that we spend at least one semester in public schools. This demand was met with some resistance by the Doctor but she acquiesced and we were enrolled in public schools as last semester seniors based on our test scores and advanced placement course status. This also permitted us to commence taking university courses part time.

We immediately proceeded to the university to enroll full time at the end of the semester. Sha in accounting, finance and prelaw and me in geology and petroleum engineering. This would equip us to handle the positions in the General's company that we mutually agreed would be appropriate. Our advanced placement status permitted us to be classified as university juniors. Again complying with the General's advice I signed up and was sworn into senior Naval ROTC with a commitment to the Marines.

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