The Treehouse

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Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Prologue - Tim plans to use his treehouse to seduce the new neighbors but in the end, who seduced whom?

We moved into our house when I was eleven years old. The house stood on a large corner lot with a spacious back yard. We had three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a living room, kitchen and a family room. The house suited our family perfectly because I had no siblings. My parents had a bedroom with a master bath. I had a bedroom for myself. That left the remaining bedroom for guests. I shared a bath with any occasional guests.

The house had a driveway with a detached two-car garage to one side. The garage had a large back section with its own separate entrance. It appeared that the back of the garage had been designed for a workshop. In fact, I think the workshop served as a major influence in my father's decision to purchase this house.

An enormous, old oak tree dominated the back yard shading the back of the house as well as a considerable portion of the yard. You might even describe the tree as stately. Its powerful trunk split about ten feet off the ground into three large branches that further developed into a substantial canopy. To an eleven-year-old kid, it loomed as a climbing tree, a challenge to the adventurous. My father saw it differently.

By the time we had settled in and I had celebrated my twelfth birthday, my father had decided that we would build a tree house. He worked as a civil engineer. I think that the tree house project provided a means for him to teach me what he did for a living. Even more than that, he wanted to introduce me to his passion for building. Of course, I looked up to my father. To me he represented everything a dad should be. I wanted to know what he knew and to learn how to do what he could do. I remain convinced that he wanted the same; that is, he wanted me to understand his love of building things and he wanted to teach me to use tools well. He had all kinds of tools: hand tools, power tools, woodworking tools, mechanics tools and electrical tools.

The tree house served as a perfect project. First we measured the tree both vertically and horizontally. I think Dad tried to teach me the importance of planning and design. Then we drew up plans. Dad had a computer with several kinds of design programs some of which we used to draw plans for the tree house. My Dad involved me in every step of the process. I even learned how to use the main design program, at least a little.

Then we visited salvage yards where one could buy almost any kind of building materials for a fraction of the cost of a lumberyard or big box do-it-yourself store. We bought all of the wood, the windows and many of the special fittings. The only things we bought new were nails, screws, drywall and roofing material.

In the end we built a relatively small structure. The inside dimensions were about ten by twelve feet. The bottom was about fifteen feet above the ground. We entered through a pull-down staircase like those often used to access an attic. The housing for the stairs hung below the floor of the tree house. We included a trap door that could be closed. Once you had entered the tree house, the trap door covered the entrance.

Since the pull down stairs weren't long enough to reach the ground, we built a platform at the base of the tree under the stairs about six feet high with steps up to the platform. Dad also designed a clever hand-cranked mechanism that could lower and raise the stairs. The crank was housed in a box with a lockable door fastened to the side of the tree. A sheath protected the mechanism connecting the crank to the stairs. That meant that only someone with a key to the box could lower the door to get into the tree house from the outside.

We did not build a bare-bones tree house. Three of the walls had real windows that could open and close. The walls were about seven feet high. We finished the trussed roof with real roofing material and asphalt shingles. We put linoleum tiles on the floor adding a couple of area rugs that we bought at a thrift shop.

Dad ran a fifty-amp cable to a substation box in the tree house so we could have lights and outlets. We bought a cheap TV to play video games and watch DVDs. We even installed a ceiling fan in the rafters that made a real difference in hot weather.

We used Dad's workshop to build a futon frame with drawers under it. We actually hauled the frame up into the tree house in pieces and assembled it there. It was great to sit on as a sofa while watching movies or playing video games. It also served as a bed when folded down.

We built a couple of small bookcases that I used to store games and some of my favorite books. Dad found an apartment size refrigerator and a small countertop microwave oven on Craigslist. We took almost a year to design and complete the tree house. Our home had a wireless phone with multiple stations that included an intercom feature. When we finished construction, Dad bought an additional station for the tree house so we could use the intercom to talk between the house and the tree house.

By the time I had celebrated my thirteenth birthday, we had created the perfect hide-away. Over the next year my Dad and I spent a lot of time there together as did my friends and I. In warm weather I often slept in the tree house.

During this time my Dad gave me "The Talk;" you know, the one about sex. While my parents were socially liberal, they believed very strongly in personal responsibility. My father explained responsibility with respect to sex as my obligation to protect my partners and myself. He emphasized that if a girl says 'No' it means no and that I should go no further.

He admitted that some girls might say 'no' when they meant 'try harder to show me you really want me.' He advised me that in such a situation the girl was not yet mature enough to make a decision to have sex. He added that I should just walk away until the girl grew up enough to behave as an adult.

He gave me other advice including how to get a girl's attention and interest in a positive way. Most of that had to do with treating her respectfully and being a good listener. Above all else he advised that I should treat all my friends with respect. He added that I should expect respect from my friends. That advice has served me well my entire life. I found it especially valuable during the awkward years of teenage development.

More than advice on how to handle social relationships with the opposite sex, he also provided specifics on the physical aspects of sex. He described how to be a great kisser. He talked about erogenous zones and how to use them to stimulate a girl. He warned me of the consequences of unprotected sex with respect to both disease and pregnancy, the latter posing the greater risk for the girls I would likely become involved with.

To that end, he bought a box of a dozen lubricated Trojans to leave in one of the drawers under the futon. He said that he did not want to encourage me to have sex but that he wanted to be sure that protection was available if circumstances warranted. He told me that if I needed more, I had only to ask. Of course I felt very grateful for his advice and I told him so. I also felt grateful to have a father with whom I could be so open.

Both my parents were role models, particularly models of a healthy romantic relationship between a man and a woman. They made it obvious from the way they treated each other and talked with each other that they still loved each other very much after nearly twenty years of marriage. Mom worked as an actuary at a large insurance company. Though I felt closer to my father, I felt comfortable discussing almost anything with my mother. There were some things that I was reluctant to bring to her attention, but if she asked, I would always answer her questions honestly.

When I turned fourteen, I started earning money by helping neighbors with yard work in warm weather and with snow removal in the winter. Of course I still had to do my own chores at home, but the extra money supplemented my allowance. My parents made it clear that I had to save half of my earnings. That still left me enough money to buy a few video games and to enjoy the occasional movie or fast food burger.

Of course I began to develop interest in girls about the same time. The year that followed was a growth year for me. I started high school with all the challenges and drama that the changed school environment imposed. My parents and the faculty expected high academic achievement from me. That came as no surprise considering that both my parents had earned college degrees and had demonstrated high achievement themselves.

My participation on the wrestling team helped me avoid the labels of nerd or geek. Despite my small size at the beginning of the year, I beat my opponents for the starting position in my weight class. By the end of the year, I struggled to maintain weight because of a growth spurt. Nevertheless I had a good season winning more matches than I lost. As soon as the season ended, I no longer had to control my weight. I quickly gained just over twenty pounds leaving me more in line with my height of five feet, six inches."

A year later as I completed my sophomore year in high school, two unexpected developments changed everything. First my Dad's company sent him to Africa to work on a major construction project as the lead engineer. He expected to be gone for at least six months and possibly for up to a year. He couldn't take his family with him because of the primitive location and the uncertain timeline.

Mom dreaded such a long separation from Dad. I promised Dad that I would be the man of the house while he was gone and would do all the household chores he normally did. That wasn't a problem for me since I already helped a lot with the yard work.

Just before Dad departed at the end of June, new neighbors moved in across the street. The older couple that had lived across the street from us had retired and had moved to Arizona. By the time of my sixteenth birthday, the third week of June, a new family moved in. At first glance it seemed that they had three teenaged daughters although a couple of them looked even younger to me. Mom gave them a couple of days to unpack before she baked a cake and dragged me along to meet the new neighbors.

They seemed like a very nice family. Geoff Taylor worked as an international management consultant. His wife, Amelie, came from France and still spoke with a noticeable accent. We later learned that she worked as a graphic designer who did most of her work from home.

Their daughters were Lisette, fourteen, Nicole, fifteen, and Gabriele, sixteen. I quickly learned that they answered to their nicknames, Lisa, Nikki and Gabi. Like their mother, the girls were all petite and slender. Their beauty stunned me. I resolved to myself that I would do everything possible to seduce at least one if not all three of them. I had no idea of how to achieve that goal but I felt determined to give it a try.

I first offered to mow their lawn and take care of the yard work. I would have done that anyway since I had done it for the older couple from whom they bought the house. They quickly accepted the offer because of Mr. Taylor's frequent travels.

I agreed to mow their lawn every Saturday and to take care of any necessary edging, pruning and trimming. In addition to making money, providing their lawn care would give me the opportunity to spend time around the Taylor girls. I planned to do their yard work on Saturday mornings as the last customer of the day thinking that I might have an opportunity to spend time with one or more of the girls afterwards. I had no clue about how to pursue seduction or whom to pursue first. As it turned out, I didn't have to worry about it. My targets had as much interest in me as I had in them.

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