Everybody Loves Debra
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Oscar Dante

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A fan fiction story that parodies 'Everybody Loves Raymond' that is set ten years after the end of the show. It shows what the show could have been like had there been no censorship. The usual disclaimers apply.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   mt/mt   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Double Penetration  

The Opening Credits

Opening: Debra is in front of her house in shorts and a halter-top that shows off her cleavage, thin to reveal her dark round nipples. "Hello, I'm Debra Barone and I live with my husband Ray, he rolls by in the back reading a folded up newspaper, my kids, cute kids roll by with Allie toking on a joint, across the street lives my mother-in-law Marie, she goes by grinning, my father-in-law, Frank, he goes by staring at Debra's ass as he crosses the screen, and my brother-in-law, Robert, who lives with them. Robert has an enormous erection in his pants, and he rubs her ass as he passes and says, "Everybody Does Debra." She gives him a glowing grin and the credits roll.

Episode One Act I Scene One

Debra Barone is looking into her dressing mirror. She is wearing a back bustier, garter belt, and stockings. She adjusts her generous bosom in the bustier until a small hint of brown peeks over the cup.

Her cell phone rings. "Hey, Robbie ... Almost ... I'm so fucking wet for you..." She turns sideways slips a finger into her pussy and stirs her juices. "I know you're horny, Robbie ... We've only got an hour so you need to get here ... No panties ... not even a skirt ... you'll see it when you get here ... Yeah, Ray's at work ... Amy's just coming in ... I hear her down stairs ... I'll tell her ... she's a little nervous ... I'll tell her ... See you soon ... Love ya."

Scene Two Her bedroom door opens and Amy enters. She's wearing a tank top with no bra, and a red leather miniskirt. Her small breasts make sharp points in the tank top.

"Debra, when does he get here?" Amy asks excitedly.

"He should be here soon." Debra sits in front of her makeup mirror and draws on eyeliner. "He just called me."

"I'm so nervous, Debra. I've never been in a threesome." Amy walks behind Debra and looks in the mirror. She tweaks her nipples to make them look bigger.

"Don't worry, Amy. Robert and I have done a few of them. Once we get started you'll be fine." Debra stands up.

Amy caresses her bare ass. "I hope so. I don't want to look stupid."

Debra kisses her on the lips. "Don't worry. Robbie told me he's looking forward to fucking you ... Did you see these? Robert bought them for me." She puts on a very expensive pair of shoes.

"Wow, does he do that a lot?" Amy asks.

"Now and then. I think he does it to make Ray look cheap. He buys me expensive shoes and Ray comes back from trips with a commemorative coffee cup for me."

Debra stands up and turns to Amy. "Should I have shaved?" She rubs her pussy.

Amy leans down and looks. "No, you're fine." She gives her friend's pussy a rub also. Debra gives off a little moan.

Debra looks over at the window. "Fuck! Franks is across the street with his binoculars. The fucking pervert."

Amy shuts the drapes. Shaking her head. "We left them open one time six months ago and he's still trying to see us lezzing out."

"Fuck him. We'll forget all about him when Robert sticks that big dick of his in us." Debra puts on an earing.

Amy blushed, "I hope so. I need a cock that's got some weight to it. I want to feel it the next day. With Gianni I don't even feel it when it's in me."

"I know, I let Gianni fuck me at a party and I hardly noticed, it wasn't like Robbie's pussy breaker.

Scene Three

Across the street, Marie Barone is vacuuming her living room carpet. Her mind isn't on her work. She looks over as her husband hurries into the room and sits down an turns on the television.

Frank, there's something funny going on over at Raymond's."

"I thought Raymond was at work."

"He is, but I went over there yesterday and I smelled something unusual." She vacuums under the sofa.

"Debra was cooking?"

"No, it wasn't cooking. It reminded me of the boy's room smell when they were in puberty."

"You mean when they were jerking off ten times a day." He laughed.

"Frank, don't be crude. But it was a similar smell. Like it was mixed with a little perfume."

Marie runs over the vacuum cord and it gets sucked up into the unit.

Frank sits and watches a sports event.

Marie shuts off the vacuum.

"Well, fix it, Frank."

"What the fuck, Marie. You keep running over this damn cord." Frank gets out of the chair and on his hands and knees. He turns the vacuum over.

"Watch your language, Frank, and just fix it." She peeks through the front window toward Ray's house. No sign of life. "Frank, I think something's wrong at Raymond's."

"Marie, Debra's probably taking a nap." He worked on untangling the cord.

"I'm going over to see." She pulls the spare key from the wall hook. Marie knew Ray's house was always unlocked, but also knew at mysterious times the door would be locked.

Scene Four Debra walks into the kitchen. She can feel the heat in her loins as she peeks out the window over her sink into the alley. Amy nudges her so she could look out the window also. "Is he here yet?" Amy rests her hand on Debra's bare ass.

"Debra!" Her mother-in-law's voice fills the house.

"Holy Fuck!" Debra groans. "I forgot to lock the fucking door and set that new chain we bought."

"What are we going to do?" Amy says in a panic.

"Debra!" She hears the voice moving toward the kitchen.

"Shit!" The semi-naked housewife grabs a coffee cup from the sink and quickly slips into a chair on the backside of the kitchen table. Amy grabs a dirty cup and sits down to try and shield Debra's pussy from view. Debra pulls up on her top to minimize the deep cleavage. She is pretending to sip her coffee when Marie walks into the kitchen.

"Debra." She sounds confused. "I was calling for you."

"Oh, Marie, the dishwasher was running." She extemporizes.

"You run the dishwasher, how amusing." Marie smirks.

"Yes, Marie, Ray taught me last night." Debra tries to control her tongue.

"Amy? What are you doing here? I thought you were at your parent's house today."

"Mom and Dad had to go to a funeral." Amy says blushing.

The backdoor opens and Robert walks in wearing his police uniform. "Deb ... Ma?" He stops dead with the door still open. His hand goes to his holster and he pops open the snap.

"Oh, Robert? What brings you by?" Marie looks at his flushed face.

"Uh ... ah ... oh ... uh ... mmm..." He is lost for an answer.

"I called him, Marie, I thought I heard a prowler."

"A prowler! Oh Robbie! Debra! Amy! Where did you hear the prowler?" She runs for the phone and starts dialing.

"Ma, who are you calling?" Robert looks over and does a double-take when he sees she's naked from the waist down. Amy gives him a week wave as she pretends to sip her coffee. He looks at his mother and back at his sister-in-law.

"I'm calling 911."

Robert rolls his eyes. "Ma, they're going to send the police. I'm already here. Hang up."

"Then I'm calling your Father to bring over his shotgun." Marie barks.

"Shotgun?" Robert gulps. "Ma, we don't need any shotguns. I have my police-issue revolver." He puts his hand on it and snaps the holster shut.

"Oh Robert, you can't be shooting at prowlers it's much too dangerous. Let your Father go after them. He's more expendable." She puts the receiver to her mouth, "Frank, get your lazy butt over here and bring your shotgun, Debra has prowlers." She hangs up.

"Marie, I don't think we need Frank." Debra looks at Robert for help.

"Ma, why don't we go into the living room? We could watch better from there?" He gives Debra a head fake to the back stairs.

"The living room! And leave Debra alone with prowlers and rapists." Marie shouts at Robert.

"Rapists?" Frank walks into the room. From his angle he too sees that Debra is half-naked. He leers at her. "Why would you have rapists here? Looks pretty consensual from here."

"Frank, you're not making sense, now take your gun and search downstairs." Marie seethes at her imbecile husband. Frank doesn't want to go until Marie picks up a large wooden spoon and throws it at him.

He winks at Debra as he goes downstairs.

"Ma, we need to check the living room." Robert persists.

"Not without Debra. I'm not leaving her alone to be attacked by rapists." Marie insists.

"Marie, I'll be right behind you. Let me get a butcher knife for protection." Debra says desperately.

Marie's concern was apparent. "You're not going to use the one my mother gave you, are you? I don't want it tainted with human blood. I don't see how we could ever use it again at Thanksgiving."

"Don't worry, Marie, I'll use the one I got on the Home Shopping Network."

"Oh, that's right dear, you do spend Raymond's money there, don't you?" She says slyly.

Marie looks at her son. "Alright, but I'm coming right back if Debra takes too long." She marches out of the kitchen in to the living room.

"God damn it, Robert." Debra groans as her bottom makes a ripping sound as it comes free from the plastic on the chair. She grimaces from the pain.

Robert gives her a leering look as she turns to examine her red bottom.

She sees him looking, "Don't you even think of it. I'm going upstairs, and you get rid of your mother!" Debra runs for the stairs, but Robert waits until she is at the top before he loosens his holster on his service revolver and follows Marie into the living room.

Robert stares at the woman that ruined his afternoon rendezvous. He slowly snaps the holster back tight. Marie sees his action and says. "Do you need a new snap? I have some at home. It'll just take a minute. You don't want your gun falling out and accidentally going off."

Robert whispers, "Accidentally going off?" He shakes his head. "No, Ma, it's okay. I'll get a new one at the station."

She smiles from her seat on the coach. "We don't want any accidents do we, Robbie?"

"No, Ma, we don't." He agrees.

Scene Five Frank walks into Debra's bedroom as she was searching for a pair of panties. "So, Debra, that was quite a little scene downstairs."

She turns and faces her father-in-law still bottomless. "So Frank, did you get an eyeful?" Standing before him he is getting his eyeful.

"Pretty good, Debra. For a broad with three kids." His eyes memorizes her thighs and the thick fur covering her pussy. "I might need some bribery, though. So I could forget what I'm seeing."

Debra walks up to the old man and sees his pants bulging. "Damn Frank. What are you, sixteen? I thought men your age had trouble getting it up." She rubs his bulge. "So what's it gonna take? A hand job?" She squeezes his prick.

"For starters," he moans.

Debra swiftly unzips him to find a cock almost the size of Robert's. "Frank, you're quite the man here." She strokes his erection. His eyes bulges as her warm hand caresses his wrinkled cock.

"Damn, this is good, almost as good as Marie's lasagna." He huffs.

Debra smiles at the compliment. "Frank, I never realized you had such a big dick."

He gloats, "Marie's never complained." Debra picks a pair of old panties from her drawer and wraps them around Frank's erection. He grins, "Marie always did that. She couldn't stand cum stains on her carpet."

Debra grins, "I was just using them to get you off, Frank. This is my solution to no mess." She leans down and wraps her lips around Frank's dick and swallows every drop he shoots into her mouth. "Oh Fuck," He groans as she drains him.

Ray's wife swallows his father's semen and grins. "Not bad at all."

Frank beams, "Not bad? It was fucking great."

Debra pulls out another pair of panties and slips them on, and then the leather miniskirt she didn't wear for Robert's visit. She looks in the mirror and adjusts her cleavage and exits the bedroom.

Act Two Scene One

Ray, Robert and Gianni are at Nemo's. No longer a pizza joint, it is a strip club. A heavy set bleach-blonde with enormous fake tits is dancing in the background.

Ray takes a long drink from his beer and slams it down. "I know she's cheating on me." He gives the stripper a good look. Robert looks nervous. "I know she is."

Gianni laughs, "God, I'd sure fuck her if I had the chance."

Ray growls, "Hey, she's not your wife."

His buddy pokes him in the ribs, "What's up, Ray? Not taking care of business at home?" He turns to Robert. "You see anything funny going on at Ray's?"

Robert nervously says, "Nah, nothing, of course not. Debra's a saint. She's not playing around on you Ray."

A topless waitress stops at the table. Robert looks up at the huge natural tits waiving in his face. "Stephania! We'll have another round." He circles his finger.

The other two stare at the finest set of tits this side of Italy. Gianni asks, "When are you dancing?"

She grins at the stubby Italian. "Ten minutes," and then to Robert, "can I talk to you in the back?"

Scene Two

The manager's office and Robert sitting on the couch with the lushly figured Stephania riding his dick her skirt pulled up exposing her ass and Robert's big dick. "Oh, Roberto, you have such a beeg deek." She cries out in her thick Italian accent. Her big Italian ass slaps his thighs as she drives her pussy down hard on his cock. Loud slurping sounds fill the office. They intently fuck for a couple of minutes before she cums loudly and his semen leaks from her pussy.

She kisses him, "Thank you, Roberto, you have not been by much. Is Debra taking up all your energy?" She wipes up the mess and begins to put on her schoolgirl outfit for her dance.

"I missed out today. Ma was at Debra's when I showed up." He says mournfully.

"So you come to Nemo's to fuck Stephania instead?" Her voice angry.

"No, honey, I came to watch you dance too." He's trying to calm her.

She giggles, "Eet's okay, I love your beeg deek too much to get pissed." She adjusts her bra to settle in her tits. "You come by anytime and I fuck you."

Robert rejoins Ray and Gianni as they are trying to figure out who could be fucking Debra. Robert's flushed look leads Ray to say, "You just fucked Stephania, didn't you?"

Robert grins and nods. "And she's just as good as you dream she is Ray."

"You should be ashamed knocking off a piece in the back of a strip club." Ray says with great envy. "You're disgusting." Ray downs his beer. "I'm going to stop by the house and see if she's really dusting the shelves." Gianni gets up to go with him.

Robert picks up his cell phone and calls Debra. "He's on his way."

She says, "Thanks," and hangs up the phone. "Fuck!" She spits out, shuts off her vibrator and pulls up her underwear. "Can't a girl get fucked without all these interruptions?"

Scene Three

A doorbell rings and a smartly dressed woman in her early sixties answers the door. Frank stands outside holding a toolbox. He grins, "Hi, Rose."

She looks around him for any sign of neighborly snooping. "Get in here, Frank."

He steps in and she locks the door. The toolbox drops to the floor with a solid thud. Rose Caputo takes him by the arm. "Henry's down at the lodge, so we don't have much time."

"Damn, Rose, then let's get to it." Frank unzips his pants and Rose turns her back for Frank to lower her dress zipper.

"I'm needing it Frank. You missed last week and I'm needy, Frank, very needy." She removed her dress and displayed her body to Frank.

"Rose, you're still as hot as you were when we moved into the neighborhood."

"Frank, your dick better be harder than that soft tongue of yours." Rose pulled off her bra and dropped it on the couch.

Frank dropped his pants and shoved down his boxers. His cock was half-hard already. "Not bad for a man in his seventies." He tells Rose.

Rose pulls down her panties and lies back on the couch. "Get me warmed up, Frank." She spreads her legs giving Frank a full view of her long drooping pussy lips.

He dives in and gives Rose a good licking. Rose puts her hands on Frank's bald head and shoves his face into her horny cunt. "Eat me, Frank. Suck my clit. Get it all wet. I need you to fuck me before Henry gets home. I need your big dick, Frank."

Soon Frank moves up on top of Rose and aims his big dick into his old lover's hairy pussy. "You hot bitch, such a tight cunt after all these years."

Rose is huffing and puffing as Frank nails her to the sofa. They both cum together and Frank fills up Rose's cunt with his sperm. It trickles out on own on the plastic cover that protects the couch from Frank's cum stains.

Scene Four Over at the Barone house Henry Caputo sneaks into the back door.

Marie meets Henry at the back door with her dress bodice unbuttoned showing off her 38DD bra. Henry gives her a big kiss and takes her big titties into his hands and caresses them through the white cotton bra. "Marie, a week seems so long. I wish there was some way we could get Rose and Frank to run off together and let us live the life we want."

Marie set out two cups and poured coffee. "I know, but no matter how shitty I treat Frank he always comes back for more." Marie tucks her hand into her bra cup and pulls out one of her big tits. She aims the nipple at the cup and squeezes out a long stream of milk.

"Marie, your cream tastes so good in a cup of coffee." He reaches out and swipes a stray drop off the tip of her nipple and licks it. "Your milk is so sweet."

"The boys still love it after all these years. I use it to make butter, when I bake cookies, and to flavor their coffee. Cookies made with mother's milk have a taste that can't be described. A boy will never wander far from his mother's breast when she keeps him well fed with it."

Marie squirts a stream into her cup and left her massive tit hanging out to turn on Henry. Marie could see his pants bulging with his big ick. "Finish your coffee, Henry. My cunt's on fire."

Henry sipped his coffee with his right hand while his let his left slip under Marie's dress and his palm caresses the back of her thigh. Moving up until Marie widens her stance and lets Henry's hand caress her panty crotch.

"You're wet, Marie." He says as he presses the cotton cloth into her wet cunt lips.

"You always make me wet, Henry. Now hurry up. I want to fuck." She says with a tremor in her voice.

He downs his coffee and squeezes a fat cunt lip. "Let's go into your bedroom and mess up the sheets."

Marie giggles and takes his hand and guides Henry to their weekly rendezvous with lust.

Scene Five Shortly after Marie And Henry go into the bed room, the back door opens slowly and Debra steps in carrying Marie's big spoon that she had borrowed and forgot to return.

As she is hanging it on the kitchen wall she hears a loud moan. She stops and listens. "Suck my dick, Marie!" A male voice demands.

Debra knows it's not Frank. She had sucked his dick earlier and that wasn't Frank's voice. Debra takes off her stiletto heels and softly tiptoes to Marie and Frank's bedroom door. Her hand goes to her mouth as she sees Marie sitting on the side of the bed sucking Henry Caputo's cock. Debra jumps back in shock. She recovers her senses and leans forward again watching her mother-in-law commit adultery. Debra takes out her phone and sets it to take video and presses record. For the next fifteen minutes Debra records Marie stripping naked and letting Henry eat her out, and then he mounts her and they fuck with great enthusiasm. She gets a great shot of Marie's climax and Henry pulling out and cumming on Maries face. Debra presses stop and silently exits the kitchen.

Scene Six Henry is out the door and Marie walks naked into the kitchen. She immediately notices that the big spoon is back in its place. She gets a worried look on her face. She takes a bottle from a cabinet and pours herself a Scotch and downs it. If she had a house guest she was sure to hear about it soon.

Scene Seven

Debra is naked on top of her husband Ray and he's making moaning sounds. She looks into the camera and speaks as she rocks on him. "You might wonder how an upper middle class girl gets mixed up with this freak town family of Italians."

"My parents were always jetting to Baden-Baden for their weekend holidays, and left me alone. As you can guess, I became a real party girl. It was sex, drugs, and rock and roll, while they were gone. After a few years, I had run through my trust fund and was broke." Debra leans forward a little so Ray can suck on her tits. She still looks directly into the camera. "So I get this job at Macy's selling perfume, and this puppy dog guy comes in and wants something for his mother." She pauses on Ray, until he grunts at her and she starts fucking him again. "God, if I had only known ... So, I help him and he asks me out. Well, dinner at the restaurant was fine, but when he wanted to park, I should have known."

Scene Eight Scene shifts to a dark overlook. Ray and Debra are in his father's station wagon. Quiet music is playing on the radio. Debra's blouse is open showing off her cleavage pressed together by a black bra. Her hand is in his lap, and her arm is moving up and down, and Ray is moaning out his pleasure. He grunts and Debra looks down and watches him cum on her hand.

"So, now it's my turn?" Debra asks.

"Your turn? Ma says it's up to a woman to please her man. If Ma found out I was getting you off, she'd give me the business." Ray sounded frightened.

"That's okay, Ray, I can take care of myself when I get hoe." She said reassuring him.

Scene Nine Back to the bedroom and Debra continues. "I should have known about a man who was lodged so far up his mother's pussy, that he never saw sunlight. But, I didn't get it. I'd never met a man as messed up as Raymond."

Raymond moans and cums in Debra. "Good thing I'm on the Pill. I sure don't need any more ungrateful kids."

Act III Scene One Allie Barone is lying in the backseat of her brother Michael's car. She is topless and smoking a joint. She is sitting on Michael's lap. He is wearing a pair of boxer brief's and waiting for a hit off the joint. She passes the joint to her younger brother and wiggles her bottom on his big dick that is rock hard inside his shorts.

"You know, Mom's fucking Uncle Robert." She says to her brother.

He tries to hold the smoke in a long time, but exhales with force as the smoke goes straight to his head. Michael's hand caresses his sister's D-cup tit and toys with the nipple. "No shit!" He gasps.

"Yeah, Uncle Robert has a big dick, not like Daddy." She rocks her ass on Michael's nearly as large cock. "I'm thinking about fucking Uncle Robert. I love big dicks." She moves on Michael's lap so she can rub his dick with her hand.

"I'm sure glad you like mine as much as you do." Michael twists Allie's nipple making her moan with pleasure as she takes back the joint and takes another hit.

As she exhales she says, "Michael, you are really getting me horny. Let's get these shorts off you and Ill suck your dick"

Her brother pushes down his boxer briefs and Allie slips to the floor of the old car and begins to suck her brother's dick.

The car door opens and Michael's twin brother slips in. He's naked. "I hate pissing in the woods." He reaches out his hand and fondles Michael's balls. He lifts them gauging their weight. "Let me have a fucking turn, Allie." His sister sits up and Jeffery leans over and picks up the blow job where Allie let off.

"Damn, Jeffery, I love how you suck my dick." Michael moans. Allie watches Jeffery blow his twin brother. He has no trouble taking all of his dick into his mouth.

Allie's unzips her miniskirt and pushes it and her thong down her thighs and tosses them in the front seat.

Jeffery sits up and takes a hit off the joint and lets Allie get back to blowing Michael. After Jeffery exhales he moves across his brother and sister and spreads her legs and gave his big sister oral sex. He prefers cock, but he adores pleasuring Allie.

Jeffery gets Allie close to an orgasm and then puts his big dick to her pussy and shoves it deep in her. Allie moans and begs Jeffery to fuck her hard as she sucks Michael's prick. She loves getting two cocks at once. She slides over on Jeffery's lap and lifts up and takes his cock from her pussy to her tight asshole. She sinks down on his cock and Michael gets between her legs and inserts his cock into his big sister's pussy. He and Jeffery love fucking Allie up both holes and they work her hard, wanting her to cum like the slut she is.

Allie's cries fill the woods as her brothers fuck the shit out of her. Michael loves how his balls bounce off his twin brother's. The trio fuck hard and soon cum begins spurting in both of Allie's holes and her cunt and ass came around her brothers' big dicks.

Jeffery slides off the side and a stream of white cream flows out of her ass. Allie falls off to the other and Michael's semen runs out of her cunt. "I love the way you boys fuck me."

"Sis, you're the fucking best." Michael says and they all start to dress.

"You boys make me cum so hard. I'll drop you off at the house. I need to get back to the sorority house."

Scene Two Amy and Debra are lying naked on Amy's bed with a laptop computer in front of them.

It's playing the Henry and Marie fuck movie.

Amy giggles, "I can't watch this enough, I can't believe it Marie Baron and Henry Caputo."

Debra nods. "I know, Marie's suspected that Rose and Frank were fucking, and it's Marie and Henry that are fucking."

Amy says, "That's the end. Let's watch it again."

"One more time, Amy. And then let's call Robert and show it to him."

"He's going to freak when he sees his saintly mother taking Henry Caputo's dick." Amy laughs.

Debra gazes into the distance. "Do you think Frank might beat her. I mean really pound the shit out of her?"

Amy laughs, "We can dream can't we?"

"Should we show it to Ray?" Debra asks. "He'll keep a copy to jerk off to or want to fuck me while we watch it."

Debra starts the clip again, "Amy, eat me out while I watch. I want to get off again." She leans back against the headboard and Amy moves between her thighs and licks her best friend's pussy. Debra plays with her big tits, twisting the nipples as Amy fingers her pussy. The scene fades as Debra is climaxing loudly.

Scene Three Ray enters his mother's house through the kitchen door without knocking.

"Ma ... Ma..." He calls out.

"Raymond, I've been wanting to talk to you."

"Oh what's up, Ma?"

"I think Debra cheating on you." She says firmly.

"What? I was thinking the same thing. Even Gianni and Robert think she is."

What are you going to do about it? Are you hiring a private detective?" Marie questions him.

"No, Ma. It's too expensive. Those guys charge a fortune."

Marie comes up to Raymond and puts her hand on his cheek. "Raymond, why don't you realize that I can take her place. You should divorce her and let me move into your house to care for you and your children."

"Mom, you can't do that. You have to look after Dad."

She waves her hand in front of her face. "Oh, fuck him. He can get by on his own. It's my darling Raymond I love and want to care about."

"Ma, I like having a wife. She's good for sex."

Marie cuddles up to Raymond. "I could be good for sex. I enjoy sex."

Raymond whines, "MA? What are you saying?"

"Honey, if you dump Debra, I can take her place." She cups Raymond's crotch.

"MA!" He backs up suddenly and falls over the back of the couch and disappears.

She follows him over the back and we hear. "Raymond, sweetie, let Mommy give you a blow job and show you, that you don't need Debra."

Scene Four Debra hugs Amy's arm that hangs over her shoulder. Amy is nuzzling Debra's neck. Robert walks into Amy's apartment.

The women look up from the laptop and smiles. "Hi, Sweetie." Debra says.

"Hey, Babes." He kisses Amy then Debra. Amy gives his crotch a gentle rub.

Amy grins, "We've got the bitch, Robbie!"

"You got Ma? How?" He looks over Debra's shoulder. And groans. "Holy Shit! That's Ma! And she's fucking Henry Caputo! How did you get this?" He pushes Debra out of the seat and she falls to the floor as his eyes are glued to the screen.

"She's fucking Henry Caputo!" He repeats. "Wow. How did you get this, Debra?" He looks down on the floor as she tries to get up and exposes her shaved vagina.

"I was sneaking back the big spoon when I heard them. I peaked into her room and I took the video on my phone."

"So what's your plan?" Robert asks.

"I was going to email this to her and tell her if she ever sets foot in my house again, I'll send this to Rose Caputo."

"You think it will work?" Robert says doubtfully.

"It has to, or else I'm going to kill her." Debra said in a depressed voice.

Robert reflexively unsnaps his holster then snaps it again.

"Okay, let's try this." He said.

Debra gives him a soft look. "Do you have to go?"

Robert gives her a knowing look. "No I have some time."

"Then I want you to do to me what you did to Stephania at lunch." She throws her leg over his lap.

"How did you know?" Robert gasps.

"I didn't until now." She grins at him.

"I'm sorry, but she was going to tell Nemo if I didn't."

Debra unzips his pants, and opens them pulling his dick out. "Listen Robbie, Amy and I don't care if you fuck that Italian bitch, as long you fuck us."

Amy nods. "Yeah, you have to fuck us, too." She pulls off her blouse and shows off her A-cup tits to him.

Debra sinks own on his dick and moans. "Fuck me, Robbie. Fuck Raymond's wife. Make me cheat on him. Make him go to his mother for sex."

"Ma? Raymond's fucking Ma!" Robbie says in disgust.

"Robbie, I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Fuck me with that big dick."

Amy kissed Debra and rubs her ass. "Fuck him, Debra. I'm next."

Scene Five Marie was scrubbing Michael with a soapy sponge. "Now, Michael, sit still so Grandma can wash you up."

"Granma, we're too old for you to give us a bath." He says.

"You're mother doesn't care about your cleanliness. She should be bathing you every night." Marie chides her grandchild.

Jeffery whines, "Grandma, you're not supposed to be washing my dick. That's an inappropriate touch."

Grandma slaps his face. "There's no such thing when your Grandma is touching you. Now stand up so I can wash your cock."

Jeffery stands up and Marie takes a soapy hand to his cock. She spreads the soap up and down his big dick.

"Stand up, Michael." He stands and with her other hand she soaps up his cock.

"Boys! Stand still. You're getting water on my blouse." She releases their cocks and unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. Reaching behind she unfastens her bra and tosses it aside.

"Wow, Grandma. You got big titties." Jeffery commented.

"Yeah, Grandma. Your knockers are bigger than Mom's."

Grandma lifts her tits and shows them off to her grandsons. "They're yours, boys. You can touch them if you like."

The boys instantly covered her breasts with their wet hands. Michael steps in front of Jeffery and puts his erection between her tits and presses them together and fucks them.

Jeffery watches. "Mom never does this for us."

Marie looks at him. "You mother needs to be replaced."

Jeffery asks, "Who's gonna replace her?"

Marie turns her head while Michael is fucking her tits, "I will boys."

"Wow, Grandma." Marie takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it while she titty fucks Michel.

Soon Jeffry blows a load in Marie's mouth and Michael unloads over her tits.

"Remember boys, you get this every night if we can get rid of your mother."

"Fuck Mom." The boys say in unison.

Scene Six Debra returns home late from Amy's. She peeks into her bedroom and sees Raymond in bed. She shuts the door and goes down the hall to the boys' room. She enters the room lit by the night light. She strips off her blouse and bra and dumps them into hamper. Stripping off her panties she sniffs them and licks the crotch and whispers, "Robbie." She drops them into the hamper and slips into bed between the boys naked.

Mihael stirs, "Mom?" His arm goes around her and cups her breast.

"Yes, Honey?" She snuggles against him.

"Grandma's doing crazy shit again." He whispers.


"She gave Jeffery and me a bath tonight and she took off her clothes and let me titty fuck her and she blew Jeffery. She said she would do this every night if we got rid of you."

Debra's voice goes cold. "She did?"

"Yeah. She won't fuck us like you do will she?"

"No, Sweetie. No one will fuck you like your mother will." Debra says in a loving voice. "Why don't you fuck me right now?" She raises her leg and we can see Michael enter her from behind.

"Your cunt feels so good Mommy." He moans.

"I know, Baby. Your dick feels good too in Mommy's pussy. Fuck me. Grandma will never bother you again."

"No? She does give us good blow jobs, Mom." He's pumping faster.

Jeffery wakes up and slips up the bed and rubs his dick on Debra's mouth. "Suck my cock, Mom." She takes it in her mouth and the boys enjoy their mother's body until they spurt their cum in her mouth and cunt.

Then all go to sleep.

Scene Seven Marie is sitting on the living room couch with her laptop in her lap. There's a ding.

Frank snaps at her, "What the fuck is all this dinging? How can I watch the game with all the fucking dinging?"

Marie opens the email and clicks on the attachment. On her screen appears the video of Henry Caputo fucking her doggy style in her bedroom. The speaker blares loudly. "Fuck me Henry. Fuck me hard. Nail my cunt with your big hammer."

Frank picks up the remote and turns off the TV as Marie desperately tries to silence the sound.

"What the fuck is that?" He roars and quickly moves behind Marie as she is still trying to silence the video.

"You fucking slut, you're fucking Henry Caputo! You fucking slut." He looks around. "Where's my fucking baseball bat. I'll kill you."

Marie dumps the computer on the floor and runs out the front door as Frank finds the bat and tears off after her.

Scene Eight Marie comes running in the front door. Robert is on the couch with his pants around his ankles, and Debra is naked giving him a blow job. He looks up to see his hysterical mother. Debra jumps to her feet.

His father follows waving the baseball bat. Robert, propelled by years of training pulls out his service revolver and raises it. He pulls the trigger, and his mother falls dead to the floor with a bullet in her head.

Debra stands naked and screams.

Note to director: Every show ends with Debra naked and Marie dead. No exceptions.

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